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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news alert. leon: in baltimore, lingering anger and finance of the citywide curfew in effect right now. at the same time, calls for a peaceful recovery. what a difference 24 hours mix. we are standing near the intersection of so much attention yesterday as flames broke out, businesses up-and-down pennsylvania avenue. the police are in place and governor larry hogan who has promised will be be sin quiet on the streets -- who promised there will be peace and quiet on the streets come so far that has been the case. up until the curfew went into effect at 10:00, there were questions whether it would be honored. there were people laying in the street, challenging the police to arrest them, some of them telling the police to use their tear gas. we did not see that happen.
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the helicopters came out circled the skies, and warned people to begin leaving the area and slowly but surely that happen. behind me, we happened to see some tear gas and smoke bombs deployed. at this point, things have calmed down. to be police officers have been wounded in baltimore, hundreds of people arrested during yesterday's riots. all of this was centered around the death of freddie gray in police custody, everybody knows that story, but so many tense moments on the streets of baltimore through the evening and things appear to be calling down. we have a team of reporters scattered around the city. i want to get started right now with tom roussey, who was about 200 yards behind me in the middle of that tear gas and smoke about 20 minutes ago, tom? tom: that's right, within the last half-hour, things got crazy, but right now things have calmed down.
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the police line behind me has advanced over the past hour quite a bit from where they were before. you basically had a situation where things were being thrown at the police, fire crackers, and eventually they fired back. this is what they fired back, teargas canisters into the crowd. here is video that was going on with the past half hour. initially bottles were being thrown, a lot of them plastic some of them glass. then many guys with their faces covered threw firecrackers at the police. soon after the tear gas started coming into the crowd. not long after that, a lot of the crowd th things at the police dispersed. it is been a very unusual, surreal night. we have seen a mixture of a lot of things, one of them being a street party. >> this is far from over. tom: there are 2000 national guard troops and 1000 police
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office from all over maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, and new jersey. mayor: this combined force will not tolerate violence or looting. tom: today, residents began to understand the full damage of the riots. this is the inside of the cvs that was looted. there were some outbursts and more arrests. but it was nothing like what we saw monday. before the curfew set in, city marching bands came near the scene of son of -- some of monday's unrest, sending a message. >> baltimore is not what they say it is. >> everybody out here is not bad. >> this is baltimore right here, confident black men and young ladies. tom: a mixture of protests, the police, or lookers, and street parties. but reminders of what happened monday were never far away. there is no timeline for how
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long the national guard will stay. >> our job is to stay as long as we are needed. tom: again, right now, at least near north in pennsylvania were a lot of things went down yesterday, most of the folks that you see our media, so the street is largely clear here. the calm has been restored here after the wild scene earlier the police line holding a. at least for now, things have calmed down, but in the last half hour they were getting very, very dicey. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: the city of baltimore is under a curfew right now. everyone was ordered to be inside at 10:00, just over an hour ago. right now, the streets are being controlled by the national guard. richard reeve continues our coverage from what was the epicenter of the chaos. rich?
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richard: that was the big question, leon would people obey the curfew or not. apparently, a lot of folks did not. we are looking east, live. this is west north avenue, and the police are still out here. a lot of media in the street now, more media than protesters. but as tom roussey mentioned, we did have the teargas issue launching teargas in the last 45 minutes or so, and people very quickly dispersed. as we've said, they have had about 2000 national guard troops out in force. that appeared to make some difference. we also had some arrests by the local police and we also had people who took part in what they called a unity line. they were acting as buffers between the police and protesters. a long night, indeed, but a lot of folks pretty upset this evening. >> a lot of these young men do
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not have anywhere else to the anger and upset. and i fear if provoked by the national guard, things could get worse. >> this is a barrier between the protesters and the police force, to assist them, to keep people off of them, stop trouble or prevent trouble. >> i guess we can get our point across by doing this peacefully. but this just shows we can come together as a neighborhood and have a peaceful respect. richard: just wanted to show the opposite direction of where some of the protests were occurring. look at the streets, virtually empty right now. it appears the teargas has had an effect, but the police -- lets look around again, the police are still there with their riot gear.
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there are choppers still flying so this may be a long night. live in baltimore, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, rich. it may be a long night, but will we just saw for the first time in hours, the police over here actually putting down their riot gear and taking a seat. perhaps they are getting a sense things are calling down. for the business owners, many of them were looted. for them the big question is what happens next? jay korff looks at will be a long and difficult rebuilding process. jay? jay: leon, it has been an awful and difficult day for a lot of business owners. storefronts are boarded up, in some cases down, the city trying to put itself back together. >> this is terrible. they should not have done this. jay: baltimore still reeling
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trying to redeem itself. but desolation and destruction still defined parts of charm city. >> riot server chilly unheard but what is the message that is conveyed? jay: scores of business owners are cleaning up and assessing what it will take to restore what took so long to rebuild. this man said he worked tirelessly for three years delivering pizzas, saving every penny so he could open a pizza and sub shop of his own, which he did only months ago. >> i invested my money into a business. everything went down the drain. jay: rioters torched the pond shop next door, then stole what they could. he said his building was severely damaged by the fire, so much so he does not have the resources to go on. >> i guess i'm going to have to
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do something else. jay: baltimore will bounce back, but it will take time to heal from just one day of rage. the state recently launched a website. if you want to help with your time or money, helping rebuild baltimore, you can. go to live in baltimore, jay korff abc 7 news. leon: thank you jay. outrage sometimes can be contagious. right now, the demonstrations are not just limited to baltimore. here is video from chicago tonight. thousands are gathering in protests, peaceful protests come in support of baltimore. tonight, they are gathering in washington, d.c., near the verizon center. background also calling for justice after the death of freddie gray. roz plater has the latest from northwest. roz: about three dozen
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protesters showed up. many that we saw all months ago during the ferguson protests, shutting down major intersections. they began that here tonight in chinatown. they have not been active in a wild, but tonight they were standing in solidarity with the people of baltimore demanding answers in the police custody death of freddie gray. a emphasize the protest would be peaceful. they block the intersection, chanted, then walked to the white house, where security is very tight tonight because of a state dinner. they could not get on to the plaza or lafayette park, so they staged a sit in on the street near the treasury building. lots of d.c. police and secret service nearby. they said there will be more protests tomorrow near mount vernon square. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: thank you roz.
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the curfew is an effect in baltimore. we may not have a collective sigh of relief until 5 a.m. when it ends. until then, we will keep you start or what happens. alison, back to you. alison: thank you, leon. still to come -- a bright future interrupted. >> she had lots of dreams of what her future would look like and it was nothing like this. alison: the chilling letter found years after the disappearance of a young woman. inside a cold case.
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alison: tonight, amanda berry and gina dejsusesus spoke about their life while being hostage by ariel castro for nearly eight a decade. they just -- for nearly a decade. they just wrote a book together. >> it was amazing because she was so quiet. she was the most beautiful thing. alison: the third kidnapping
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victim did not take part in the "20/20" interview. ariel castro pled guilty to nearly 1000 charges, including kidnapping, rape, and torture. he killed himself in prison a few months later. a mystery in loudoun county, a young woman gone missing for years ago without a trace. the newest twist, a bone chilling letter from the woman arriving five years after she wrote it, one of many shocking turns from the case. jennifer donelan takes us on the hunt. jennifer: bethany decker wrote a letter to her future self when she was 19 years old. all of her plans were there, in black and white. get married, have a child, start a career, go to europe. >> she had lots of dreams of
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what her future would look like, and it was nothing like this. jennifer: decker has been gone without a trace since 2011. sources say that her husband will not talk to detectives anymore. her boyfriend was and is a person of interest still. and there was a three-week delay from the last time she was seen in the first call to 911. >> a lot of evidence, a lot of leads, they evaporate. jennifer: at the time, decker was 21 and married. she had a young son. she was taking classes at george mason university and working at a restaurant. ronald, a coworker with whom decker began an affair while her husband was serving in afghanistan. ronald moved into her apartment in ashburn. the family said it went bad. >> he was physically abusive. jennifer: at the time of her
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disappearance, decker was three months pregnant. her husband knew about the affair but still travel to hawaii with her to try to patch things up. however, bethany did not show up days later when he redeployed to afghanistan. >> she has dropped off the face of the europe. jennifer: just months ago, her boyfriend was arrested in north carolina in the brutal beating and shooting of another live-in girlfriend who had heart pounding information. >> he said he could make people disappear. jennifer: loudoun county detectives immediately visited him in jail. while the fed active's -- while the detectives fear the worst her mother hope she is in hiding. >> i hope that she is in a safe place. jennifer: the lawyer for the boyfriend would not return phone calls. the husband's attorney said he is willing to talk to detectives only of counsel is present. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. alison: switching gears to talk
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about the weather, what a gorgeous day today. steve: it was pretty today, and tomorrow looks even better. then clouds and rain thursday. outside right now, the high temperature 72 degrees. the record, not even close 91 back in 1974. if your allergies are still bothering you, like mine are the trees are still on the high category, grasses. my allergies are driving me crazy. the grass is low, but that will increase through the coming days. 53 martinsburg 54 frederick, 57 andrews, lexington park 55. low temperature in the upper 40's, low 50's. the skies mainly clear, stays cool, the wind out of the northwest at five. the satellite radar, it is quiet and dry around the mid-atlantic for stop further south and west that you go, this is the
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moisture that will eventually make its way to our area. it will take another 24 hours and then you will notice the difference. clouds increase this time tomorrow night. the low-pressure rides up the coast. the best news of all with this it will bring rain late tomorrow night into the day thursday. all of this is out of here by midday friday. then the skies begin to clear. high pressure builds in, and a really nice weekend ahead. temperatures well above average this time of year. the forecast tomorrow, bring the sunglasses, 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies. the wind out of the west that 3 to 8. 66 with rain thursday. it will not be a washout. it will be cool and very, same friday morning, about 10 degrees below average this time of year. but feast your eyes on the weekend, saturday and sunday, high temperatures of 70 to 76
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degrees, nighttime lows in the 50's. i would not be surprised by sunday where we may even bump those temperatures closer to 80 degrees. alison: wow look at the weekend! cannot wait to get there. meanwhile, a lot of interesting stuff in baseball. tim: wild and crazy. the chaos in baltimore has caused major problems for the orioles and the entire city. ray lewis speaks out about the issues. ♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: baseball, the nats-braves in atlanta, a wild one. turner field, the nationals were down 9-1 after two winnings. dan uggla, deep left field, gone. the nationals had the very improbable win, 13-12, the largest comeback in the history of the nationals. the orioles will lock the gates at camden yards tomorrow. the orioles will play the white sox, but no fans will be allowed in the yard. not only that an even worse, the week and series against tampa bay has been shifted to tampa. instead of all those fans enjoying the inner harbor and camden yards friday through
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sunday, that business will now all go to florida. the baltimore community is cannibalizing itself chasing businesses away, and former linebacker ray lewis is not happy about it. >> we know what the issue is. there are enough of us in the streets trying to change with going on. baltimore, get off the streets! kids, go home, stay home! tim: the caps open against the new york rangers. the schedule is now set. madison square garden saturday afternoon, 12:30 before coming back to the phone booth monday and wednesday. alison: still ahead -- a citywide curfew in effect right now in baltimore.
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alison: today, voters in ward's four and eight cast ballots in the special election. it appears that brandon todd will fill the former seat of muriel bowser. he has 42% of the vote. may is leading the race in the seat left vacant after marion barry's death. let's go back to baltimore and check with the leon. leon, what's going on? leon: it's hard to believe the
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mayhem that we saw playing loud on the streets 24 hours ago. what a difference a day makes. yesterday, we saw expressions of anger, burning, looting, rocks thrown. tonight, the street has been pretty much cleaned up by the people who live here and disappointed in what they saw yesterday. now they are taking it back. just an hour ago, what a difference the hour has made. an hour ago, the curfew was in place half an hour in many people were still milling in the streets, some of them openly challenging the police. the police held their lines come in some places advances towards the protesters and demonstrators in the streets. we saw tear gas, smoke bombs. there is even a report of a fire that was set in a library, but that was distinguished quickly. just a matter of 35, 45 minutes later, the people here listen to the orders to dispersers
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issued by helicopters in the air. now the streets are quiet. the police have even begun to stand down, the shields lowered some of them taking a seat. it seems as though things have calmed down. the only sounds right now are perhaps the air chopper looking over the streets and the diesel engines from these tactical vehicles that will be here through the night. the curfew was in place until 5 a.m. then a new day in baltimore begins. we will see what happens.
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alison: another nice day tomorrow? steve: another pretty day, daytime highs near 70. thursday, clouds, rain. the rain continues until midday friday. in the skies clear. the weekend looks fantastic.
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lots of sunshine, 70 to 76 degrees. tim brant, what are you doing this weekend? alison: cannot wait to get to the weekend. thanks f [ female announcer ]
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tim mcgraw and from "the middle", patricia heaton with cleto and the cletones and now, by the way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for watching.


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