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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  April 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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4'1" head room inside that van, they found an injury on the top of freddie gray's head that they didn't know was there until they did the autopsy. that matched a spot on the back of the van. a bolt to be specific. scenario is that freddie gray is believed to have been standing but bent over at the waist in the van and somehow or another went flying into the back of the van. his head getting that mark from the bolt and somehow his neck getting broken in the process. now, this does not say police are ready to charge anybody and not saying what caused him to go flying. we can tell you that the driver of the police van, a police officer is the only police officer involved that day who has not given a statement to authorities. so all of this information now goes to the baltimore city's state attorney and the investigation will continue. if more information comes in
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then it will be added to the case file. and just today, police announced that they found that the van with freddie gray inside made a stop that police hadn't been aware of before. hear someone walking behind us and give a sense of what they believe in the city. she's yelling they killed freddie gray. that remains to be determined. the state attorney will be going through this and deciding whether or not any charges will be filed and that could take days or even weeks. in baltimore, brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: ok. thank you very much for that breaking news. riot stemming from frustration over this case led to a strict curfew, of course, in the city of baltimore and now there are questions about how this citywide bedtime could hurt businesses on what's expected to be a busy weekend there. kevin lewis live in baltimore with reaction from business owners today. kevin? kevin: hi there, alison.
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hull street cafe here in baltimore on locust point certainly feeling the financial pinch here. the owner here says about 50% of his business happens after sunset. needless to say many taps inside haven't been pouring many libations. it gets worse. a handful of bars in downtown baltimore purchased airing rights to the manny paquio vs. floyd mayweather boxing match. it isn't expected to start until 11:30 saturday night well after baltimore's 10:00 p.m. curfew. one bar shelled out 6 grand to air the match. a number of weddings have been canceled. one couple was going to say "i do" at the swanky waterfront kitchen at the inner harbor but called things off on tuesday. despite thousands of dollars lost the owners in fells point is looking at the citywide 10:00 p.m. curtain call with his pint half full. >> i'm doing whatever i can to make everybody happy. you know neighborhood wise
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employee wise we have to grin and bear it for a week. it's only a week. kevin: on a normal thursday night, the final call here at the hull street cafe comes at 1:30 a.m. tonight, and into next week final call 9:00 p.m. live in baltimore, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: the freddie gray investigation is still developing, of course, by the minute. stay with abc 7 and for any new information. leon: in other news, a problem on a u.s. air force helicopter forced it to land near an elementary school this morning. it happened at william ramsay elementary school. officials at joint base andrews say the pilot landed at the safest closest location after a light indicated something was wrong. no one was hurt. the school used this as a learning opportunity, though. >> the kids were pretty
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excited. luckily, the principal and teachers kind of held them back until they were ready. few came out and talked to them and managed to take a few pictures with them and hopefully give them some encouragement to stay in school and do good things. leon: they are going to make repairs and take it back to joint case andrews. alison: a maryland case has confirmed the conviction in the lulu lemon case. she is the lulu lemon employee convicted of killing her co-worker dana murray inside that store in bethesda. according to "the washington post," norwood's lawyer filed an appeal claiming police did not read her her miranda rights. leon: a montgomery county judge handed down a harsher sentence than recommended for a convicted rapist. he put him away for 60 years citing the vicious nature of the attack. stephen tschida has more. stephen: one year ago, a brutal and gruesome rape on the
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northwest branch trail in silver spring left a young woman shattered. 25-year-old joaquim torres plead pleaded guilty and got 60 years today. the judge went beyond sentencing guidelines since torres pulled a knife. when the woman broke free he tackled, punched and kicked her. the judge reviewed the victim's description of the attack. she told torres she was a virgin and asked "would you do this to your sister" and "are you a man of god"? a few days later while police combed the scene for evidence torres returned to the wooded area looking for a backpack he had ditched. he wore the same necklace and cross as described by the victim. >> it was terrifying. this was a young girl who was -- had a knife placed to her neck. she was beaten. she was bruised. stephen: when arguing for a harder sentence the prosecutor cited the pain inflicted on the victim and her family and referred how the crime affected the entire community. >> you have to be afraid and you want to exercise and you
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want to be free and you can't be free anymore. you have to be careful. stephen: after the judge sentenced torres, the victim left the courtroom with her family where they huddled and sobbed. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. alison: a judge has barred sweet briar college from selling any assets for at least six months. but declined to grant a temporary injunction requiring the private women's college to stay open. this decision came in a lawsuit that's been filed by students parents and alumni trying to stop sweet briar's closure. the college is scheduled to close at the end of august. leon: so much for a coronation. hillary clinton has official competition. bernie sanders announces today he is running for democrat. -- president. he favors tax the rich and help the poor politics. sanders blasted what he says is a billionaire class that has too much influence over politicians. >> i wonder now in this day and age whether it is possible for any candidate who is not a
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billionaire or who is not beholden to the billionaire class to be able to run successful campaigns. leon: a recent abc news/"washington post" poll of democratic voters found that bernie sanders has about 5% support. hillary clinton has 66% support. alison: all right. let's turn our attention to the weather now. it started out pretty nice out there. got to keep the umbrella handy as you head out this weekend. this evening, sorry. leon: hopefully not this weekend. alison: i'm thinking about the weekend already. leon: you started on tuesday. all right. not alone either. chief meteorologist doug hill here now with a look at how long this rain will be sticking around tonight, doug? doug: it looks like kind of tonight and taper off tomorrow and the weekend. right now, it's cloudy and threatening outside of the belfort furniture weather center. give you a look right now from the rooftop camera and plenty of dark clouds over the city. doppler radar is showing some pretty good rain to the west of the metro area and if you look closely at doppler radar, we've got some right in the city of washington. you'll see right over downtown
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a little hot spot of heavy rain. there's thunder, there's lightning and lightning continues to be the story and maybe even some more small hailstones have been reported during the afternoon. the storm that you see right now is parked right over washington and just across the key bridge from our studios here in arlington. watch for showers and storms at times through the evening hours. they will continue and i think the chances of rain will diminish later this evening a bit and especially as we head through the overnight hours with a few patchy showers and temperatures near 50 degrees. look ahead to tomorrow and the weekend coming up in a few minutes for you, alison? alison: ok, doug. thank you very much. plenty of nfl fans will be glued to their tv screens tonight. leon: because we're talking about the nfl draft. we'll see which teams score the biggest with their picks or some make some major fumbles or make major moves tonight. tim brandt joins us with a preview. tim: this has become a monster night in the nfl for all fans. the chance for all 32 teams to improve their ballclubs. here are the cliff notes. this is the 80th annual nfl
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draft. there are seven rounds and tampa bay has the first selection because the buccaneers had the worst record in all of football. tonight's draft will be held in chicago for the very first time. and that's a big deal to pull it out of new york city. but it's an effort to grow the game. nfl commissioner roger goodell thought it best to move it out of new york. now, robert burton is at the draft in chicago. how do the fans like it in the windy city, robert? robert: well, tim, let's just say the fans are going to have a good time here at the nfl draft. right now i'm in what you call draft town. take a look at this. have you ever raced a professional football player in a 40 yard dash. right here fans will get to line up in the start line and a football player will pop up in this monitor and you get to race them. that's not the only thing. you can kick field goals. fans are going to have a good time. it's day one of the nfl draft and chicago is on the clock. >> yeah! go, bears!
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chicago, baby! robert: you guys are bears fans. what do you want to see in the draft? >> obviously being an oregon fan, i'd love to see mariota come here. >> is there anything better than this? >> getting to see the redskins in the super bowl would be pretty. robert: the skins faith were few and far between but we found them. >> i'm looking around and i don't see a lot of redskins fans. >> you know what that means? that means when the fifth pick comes, we're going to have nfl network and espn all converging on me. robert: for die hards like chris corden who wants to see a little help on that defensive line. >> i'd like to see them draft pawler. we need some help. we need help out my man here. you know, on the line. robert: ok so you can test out your 40 yard dash, kick field goals and i'm going to check out my vert right here. check me out. i don't usually do this in dress shoes. check this out. here we go. all right.
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i don't know exactly what that means. but any advice to scott mcclewan, i wouldn't draft me. tim: what's the name of that movie? weekend jump. hey, it's great. what a night coming up. this is going to be fun. the redskins are hoping that they get 10 picks maybe in the first round. maybe look for a little wheeling and dealing. alison: ok. tim: more on this coming up later. alison: robert will be jumping. leon: working on. it all right. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 the story behind this unbelievable video showing a gas station pump engulfed in flames and just wait until you hear why police say this woman set the fire. alison: hope amid the rubble in nepal. more of the amazing survival stories after a devastating earthquake. leon: find out why the penalty trial for the boston bomber was suspended today. alison: be sure to sign up to receive those text alerts about the weather, traffic, breaking news just go to and enter your cell phone
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leon: we have breaking news coming in from prince george's county where a man was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a nun. police say the crime happened on
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16th avenue in chillam. 27-year-old juan randolph is accused of breaking into the victim's home and raping her there inside. we'll have more on randolph's criminal history coming up here at 5:00. alison? alison: take a look at this surveillance video from a gas station in jerusalem. a woman is arrested after she is seen setting a gas pump on fire. israeli police say the woman did it in retaliation after the man that was pumping the gas there refused to give her a cigarette. gas station workers put the fire out. no one was hurt. a judge has ordered that woman now to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. leon: the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial has been suspended for the day. a jury has a temporary illness and the jury is expected to be back on monday for the next regularly scheduled court session. dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing the death penalty for the attack. chilling testimony today in a colorado court. aurora police officer said that he was responding to a call of a
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shooting and realized when he arrived that he was standing just 20 feet away from the alleged shooter, james holmes. he says that he first thought holmes was another officer because he wore a gas mask and a helmet but he knew something was off when he said holmes was standing by a car looking relaxed. he's charged with killing 12 people and hurting 70 more in the shootings. alison: there are some encouraging scenes today days after that huge earthquake devastated parts of nepal leaving thousands of people dead. as abc's karen traverse shows us rescuers are finding survivors still in the rubble. reporter: an incredible scene in nepal's capital of kathmandu. cheers rang out amid the rubble and despair. nepalese and american crews pulled out a 15-year-old boy who had been trapped in this collapsed nine story building for five days. searchers heard a voice among the debris. teams from fairfax, virginia and los angeles worked with local
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crews to locate the boy and pull him to safety. >> and i assured him that we are here to rescue you don't worry. and be safe and calm. we'll rescue you. reporter: huge cheers as the young boy was carried away from the rubble. >> he was a quiet one. it was a miracle. reporter: abc news's alex marquart was on the scene for this amazing discovery. >> he was wedged in this hole next to this motorcycle. a tiny dark space. smaller than a coffin. more than 140 hours. reporter: we also learned today of another remarkable rescue. this baby boy pulled out of the rubble on sunday after 22 hours. officials fear as many as 10,000 are dead. a number of americans are still unaccounted for. abc news spoke to two americans on a climbing trip at mt. everest when the quake hit. >> we both feel, you know, very fortunate that neither of us was hurt in the earthquake or anyone
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in our group. reporter: there have been more than 70 aftershocks since saturday's quake. supplies are starting to reach the hardest hit areas but there are still major shortages of food and water. karen traverse, abc news, washington. leon: some of the people taking part in the rescues are from here in northern virginia. suzanne kennedy has a preview of what you'll see tonight here at 5:00. suzanne: fairfax county's elite virginia task force one is in nepal helping with those search and rescues. they left over the weekend. they will be in country for two weeks. i'm suzanne kennedy. i'll have more on their efforts there coming up at 5:00. leon: look forward to that. alison: in the meantime let's talk about the weather and just as you said yesterday, we got the rain in here today. doug: we have rain. we have a little hail downtown a little bit ago and other areas and some heavy downpours and some lightning and thunder. so it will settle down here tomorrow and the weekend is looking better so we're all good. get started and go to the live rooftop camera. we're looking in the distance
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and we're looking, just get over the wall here. show you where we're looking at. we'll move this for you and look at the sky a bit. you're looking at right here at the whitehurst freeway and georgetown as we pan to the east and southeast, look at the blue sky and some dark clouds and basically, we'll look down river over the bridges and into the city. that's the way it's been. the wind has been moving this way. kind of the opposite direction of travel for most showers and storms around our area. and at this moment that is an area of heavy rain that's had some hail just northwest of the city in the northwest washington eventually getting into montgomery county, southern montgomery county. and there have been more of these. most, in fact are pretty much developing over the metro area and then getting a little stronger as they head to the north and west of the metro area. we're looking at now is images of hail in old towne a little bit earlier from one of these systems covering ground. almost looks like a little ice or snow as small hailstones gathered that fell pretty quickly. we have a very dynamic weather
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pattern. these aren't the sort of systems that are going to turn severe and get really strong wind. maybe 25 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts in some of them. definitely heavy rain, lightning and hail. temperatures barely warm in the low 70's upper 60's a little cooler to the west. again, the way the weather is being produced it's developing the moisture from the atlantic. developing over land and especially as it gets north and west into some of the higher elevations, that's where we're going to see a continuation of heavier downpours. futurecast shows at 8:00 most of the rain is in fact west of the metro area as it moves in forms up from the atlantic and moves to the west. more of that will happen late tonight and overnight. by tomorrow morning, some rain especially south of the metro area. eventually during the day, the wind direction changes and things start to clear out a bit. still a lingering shower possible through tomorrow night. things should brighten up as we head through the upcoming weekend. look at what's happening as we get rid of the weather pattern over the next few days. very impressive warmup. for tomorrow it will stay cloudy and cooler. mid 60's. 30% chance of a couple of
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showers. maybe a sprinkle on saturday and otherwise a little bit of sunshine. 72. close to 80 in the sunshine sunday. monday and tuesday, low to mid 80's with sunshine. it will stay warm for the balance of next week. alison: it will be like summer. doug: feel like may. alison: it will be may. all right. thank you. leon: right now it feels like rush hour. check to see how the roads look at this hour with jamie sullivan. what are you looking at? jamie: we'll start in the d.c. area. i want to focus on where we're seeing the red. definitely a lot of congestion mainly on the freeway and it's going to be heading westbound that we see where we're down to nine miles per hour. and we've got a couple of lanes blocked. that's why it's a little bit extra congestion, we'll say. as we move now to bethesda we have an accident for you old georgetown road at bells mill road. e.m.s. on scene. police there. but you are able to get by. it's not closed. we're seeing a lot of red otherwise. inner loop delays congestion for you working your way from virginia getting a little bit closer into maryland but this is
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typical. so we don't really have any interstate access right now as we move to talk about what we're seeing as far as congestion. virginia heading southbound on 395, a live look will show you some of that congestion heading out of the city. h.o.v. lanes were clear. you can see in the main lanes, the heavy traffic right near duke street. and then heading outbound on 66 near the vienna metro, same thing. lot of congestion working your way out of the city. that's a look at traffic. back to you. leon: thanks. more than a dozen high school seniors were recognized today for their leadership and work with the community and i was very proud to serve as a speaker at the joe riley youth leadership awards luncheon. the kiwanis club honored them with laptops and cash scholarships, awards that these kids are going to take on. these are some amazing kids i guarantee you that all of us will be working for one of these kids at some point down the road. alison: bright young people in that crowd. leon: very bright kids. very impressive.
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congratulations, way to go. nice work. alison: very nice. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- a local mother charged in the disappearance of her two children. appeared in court today. we're going to tell you how things got emotional outside of the courtroom. reporter: in her 80's, the wife of walter fontroy spoke to us today about how difficult life is when your husband hasn't been home for three years. i'm sam ford. that story is coming up on abc 7 when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small thingso do every day. d appointments... orders... deadlines... every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer.
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leon: this evening we're hearing from the wife of the district of the first congressional delegate. she's wondering when her husband will return home. alison: walter fontroy traveled overseas three years ago and hasn't returned. sam ford has the interview. >> he's a loving husband, father grandfather. sam: dorothy fontroy describing walter who she married 48 years ago, civil rights leader pictured here between her and martin luther king. her husband went to the middle east three years ago and hasn't come back. >> oh, i'll be home next month. next month came. and no walter. sam: she said she last spoke to him by phone in february. friends say he's in dubai on a mission for world hunger and
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world peace. though there are reports he's facing criminal charges over a $55,000 bad check he wrote to pay for an obama inaugural event that went bust dorothy had to file for bankruptcy because of debt he made and is living on social security and the stipend from the church that fontroy once pastored. >> are you going to be angry with him once he gets here? >> no uh-uh. no. >> what are you going to say to him? >> it's about time! sam: friends have organized a fundraising campaign to try to help dorothy fontroy save the family home of 53 years where martin luther king used to visit. as for when her husband is coming back -- >> the church people miss him also because they always asking me, when is he coming home? when is he coming home? well, i don't know when he gets ready, i guess? sam: dorothy is 80 and her husband is 82. >> i'm sure there are some wives that would really say i'm sorry, you got to go. but i'm not like that.
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sam: interview over. she had a question for me. >> if you did that to your wife what would you say? >> i like you! sam: in northwest washington sam ford abc 7 news. alison: what an interesting interview. leon: i'm telling you. bless her heart. all right, still ahead here at 4:00, how a sheriff's office in tulsa, oklahoma is making changes after a reserve deputy
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alison: the maryland woman charged in the disappearance of her two children appeared in court today. she has been in a mental health facility undergoing treatment. leon: and the search continues for her children. they've been missing since september. jeanette reyes was there for the court hearing. jeanette: it was supposed to be another day in court for the case. and inside of the courtroom, it was that way. but outside emotions ran high. this morning's status hearing was short. the district judge asking for an update on her mental competency. seven months after her toddlers went missing, her attorneys say doctors believe she is still not competent to stand trial although she is showing signs of improvement. the prosecution and defense attorneys did spend much of the time going back and forth about evidence that has not yet been provided by the state. the children were hardly mentioned. outside, troy turner the father of the children expressed
4:32 pm
frustration. he believes even in her current mental state, she knows where their children are and he's not given up hope that they may be alive. >> i don't feel like it's just her. i feel like there's three people there that have information. two of them have kids and are fathers and i don't understand how you move forward with this the way that they are. >> and i have no idea why the family would believe that. i don't even know she knows the whereabouts of her children. jeanette: there is another status hearing set for july 10th. the judge repeatedly said if she is found competent at any time between now and then a trial date will be set. meanwhile, the father is continuing search efforts for his children. reporting in montgomery county jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. leon: how many times can a person be arrested for drinking and driving? critics argue that you can be arrested a lot if you're in maryland. >> they can't even really walk let alone drive a motorcycle that's 3,000 or 4,000 pounds. leon: abc 7 fighting back
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against crime reporter jennifer donelan was there when state troopers arrested alleged drunk drivers and tonight, she takes us from the streets to the maryland legislature in a search for answers in the criticism that the state's drunk driving laws aren't tough enough and she also has the story of a heart broken family of a maryland student killed by a repeat drunk driver last year. >> sometimes you feel like you're functioning normal and there's moments that you're not. leon: our special report "drunk and still driving" airs tonight at 1 is 1:00 here on abc 7. alison? alison: tonight, you're getting your first chance to hear about one of the newest proposed metro stops. a public hearing on the potomac yard stop will kick off in just about two hours. the transit agency will be talking about its plans for the station as well as talking about that station's environmental impact. an open house kicks off at 6:30 at the cora county recreation center in alexandria and the formal hearing will begin at 7:00. leon: checking weather now, we have some rain drops affecting
4:34 pm
our environmental and making their own little impacts and we may have to dodge them for a bit this evening. alison: and some hail too right? doug: we've had some hail and have hail right now in a few spots. interesting weather pattern. we've got one batch of rain in the southeast as we've been telling you would happen and most of the rest to the west and a large part of the area being left out of the equation for the moment. take a look right now at the live doppler radar. plenty of heavy downpours and lightning and some hail especially west of the metro area. these systems, little storms and cells are developing over the bay. one south of annapolis and one over northwest washington and pushing westward towards the blue ridge and i-81 corridor. that process will continue. here's another one coming on shore a little stronger now south of annapolis. bigger picture shows in more detail one system of rain moving to the southeast and another one forming up pretty much overhead and pushing west. it's all kind of turning and headed back to the metro area sooner or later this evening. we don't expect any severe weather or damaging winds. but rightening downpours and hail all possible in this pattern. 72 degrees right now reagan
4:35 pm
national airport. our futurecast shows this pattern of moisture moving in from the atlantic. we'll continue through tonight and through the day tomorrow. but eeventually during the day tomorrow we'll pivot and head to the south and southeast. the chance of rain will diminish during the day and we'll be in shape for the weekend. here's a quick look for the day tomorrow. some showers especially in the morning with a little afternoon sun. partly sunny and 72 on saturday. bright sunshine approaching 80 degrees on sunday. see you in the studio in a few minutes. alison? alison: see you then doug. thank you. plans are in the works to build a memorial for a volunteer firefighter killed in a crash in charles county. 20-year-old autumn jenkins was struck head on by another vehicle on route 425. diane cho shows us how the young woman is being remembered. >> very hard to put it in the back of your mind. diane: before they got to the scene, the volunteer firefighters knew it was bad. but as soon as they got there they were dealt a crushing blow when they realized it was one of
4:36 pm
their own. >> as soon as we pulled up i noticed that it was autumn's car. diane: the 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. she was a firefighter and e.m.t. and had been at the station for five years. the volunteer fire chief says her fiance was following in a separate vehicle behind her and witnessed the tragedy. >> it was horrific. both vehicles were smashed up. diane: maryland state troopers say jenkins was going southbound near tim's place around 9:00 tuesday night when they say a driver going in the opposite direction failed to stay in his lane and hit her nearly head on. troopers say they smelled alcohol but they're still waiting for those test results. >> we had a second squad that had shown up from the district volunteer fire department. they offered to help us with autumn and we're like no you know we got her. so we took care of her. diane: jenkins grew up in this fire station following in her father's footsteps. she put in the application to be a member as soon as she turned
4:37 pm
16. today, flags fly at half staff and black bunting is draped above the doors. and firefighters plan on placing a brick here bearing her name outside their fire station in the future. in the meantime a go fund me page has since been set up under her name to help raise money for her funeral expenses. in charles county diane cho, abc 7 news. alison: the tulsa county sheriff's office is temporarily limiting the duties of reserve deputies. this change includes prohibiting volunteer deputies from patrolling alone. that decision of course follows that talths shooting of an unarmed black man by reserve deputy robert gates. an ongoing audit is also reviewing the training records of about 123 other reserve deputies. leon: alaska airlines announced new direct flights from b.w.i. to los angeles. flights could leave from baltimore at 7:30 a.m. and the return trip is a red eye that leaves l.a. at 10:00 at night. service is slated to begin in
4:38 pm
september. flights could be delayed if a baggage handler is underneath. alison: hopefully not. coming up at 4:00, "7 on your side" with health matters including new guidelines for women being screened for cervical cancer. the changes recommended by doctors. reporter: next time you go shopping for home cleaning products, there's a new way you're going
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leon: consumer alert tonight to help protect loved ones in your home from harmful chemicals. alison: "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters is live in the newsroom to show you a brand new label we need to look out for. kimberly? kimberly: we need to see this when we go to the grocery store and shopping for home cleaning goods. we'll say what is that label? what exactly does that mean? this is what it's going to look like. you'll see it on thousands of products when you go shopping. and basically, it is a seal of approval from the e.p.a. to help you protect your children your pets, the environment, fish in public waters. basically, it means every single product you're about to buy has been tested by an e.t.a. scientist and it's considered less toxic. other thing that it also assures is that the product actually has
4:42 pm
a fairly good performance standard. a lot of consumers complain you take out of the chemicals and it doesn't perform as well. they'll be testing for that too. more than 2,000 products qualify for this standard. we've printed out every single one. you don't have to do that. it's 103 pages of material. you can go to and you can search for the products that are in your home to see if they've made it on this list. again, 2,000 products on the list. that list will be growing throughout the spring and summer. reporting live in the newsroom kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, kimberly. up next at 4:00 confusion for fans on royal baby watch. how social media created a false alarm. >> i don't know why. i need someone's help. alison: and you're going to see how a little boy overcame his own physical challenges to help his mother who went into
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alison: "7 on your side" now with health matters. there's a new reports that finds doctors are screening women for
4:46 pm
cervical cancer too early and too often. the american college of physicians released new recommendations and they include screening women older than 21 only once every three years. for women over 30 it goes to every five years. that's also when testing for h.p.v. will be added. >> cervical cancer is a preventable disease. no one has to die from this disease and we have the tools and resources to make sure that that doesn't happen. alison: researchers say the average time is takes cervical cancer to develop is 10 years so the guidelines allow plenty of time for detection and for treatment. leon: parents making big mistakes when it comes to installing child safety seats in their cars. montgomery county is doing its part to keep children safe on the road. john gonzalez joins us from one of the county's car seat inspection stations with what moms and dads need to know. john: did you know that a car accident is the number one killer of children under 15 years old and montgomery county
4:47 pm
safety officials like emily crown here with the fire department well aware of that and we're trying to lower that number. give us a sense of what is the most important thing parents need to know when installing these car seats. >> they want to install them properly and use them correctly to secure their children. >> first, she's showing the father how to install the base of the car seat and you can see she's pulling on it to make sure it's snug and doesn't move more than an inch at the belt path where it's being installed and she's going to teach hem how to do this so he knows how to put in his car seat. john: what's the biggest, as you see parent after parent come in here to this inspection station, what's the biggest mistakes you're seeing parents make as they try to install these seats? >> probably the biggest mistake is probably not reading the instructions and installing them properly. not properly securing their child in them. >> i've been impressed by the education that i've got and it gives us a peace of mind to see the officials have seen the seats. it makes a big difference. >> you can go to the national
4:48 pm
highway safety traffic administration website or the website and put in your zip code and it will put in the closest inspection station next to you. alison: great information. thank you. meanwhile, how about this? a bit of royal confusion sparked a frenzy on twitter today because some royal baby watchers out there misinterpreted a throwback thursday tweet from kensington palace and it showed the duke and duchess of cambridge introducing prince george to the world for the first time. so some twitter followers jumped on that tweet thinking it was an announcement about the new baby who apparently is now overdue or at least believed to be. they got a little excited. but not so fast. leon: must be kind of comfy in that royal womb. hard time coming out, huh? we'll see what happens down the road. folks, be sure to tune into abc 7 and we're giving a chance to win a free trip to disneyland. alison: all this week watch "good morning washington" and you can learn the day's magical
4:49 pm
clue and log on to our facebook page to enter the contest and good luck. leon: all right. little rain outside? doug: lot of rain in some spots. lot of thunder and lightning and areas of hail developing up here. they don't have the strong winds to go with them. how complex the pattern is overhead and how cold the air is overhead. hailstones and kind of a wild looking day. let's show you where the action is right now. most of the heavy duty stuff highlighted in red with the heaviest downpours west of the metro area but there continues to be very one small but very intense downpour. very slowly drifting northwest ward out of the district. here it is just now moving through bethesda to potomac and just across the american legion bridge into fairfax county. meanwhile, the heavy duty stuff now out pushing towards the interstate 81 corridor slowly but surely from blue mont to north to charlestown and then the little further south through marshall and beyond. this has been the pattern we'll continue to be with the moisture kind of consolidated over the bay forming up these showers and
4:50 pm
down tors and heading towards the higher elevations and another added lift in the air pouring out some pretty heavy rain and few reports of small hail. big picture, plenty of rain south and east. plenty of rain to the north and west. everything if you look at the big picture, do a circulation like this. counter clockwise circulation indicating the low pressure that is in control of the pattern. take a little while but by this time tomorrow most of this should be out of here and we'll be beginning the process of drying things up a bit. setting the stage for a nice warmup that begins over the weekend. 67 right now in rockville. 60 in ashburn. 73 in alexandria. 58 degrees in hagerstown and some areas up to 1/2 inch of rain or so in this pattern. very mild air in metro area. rain cooler air to the west as we get through the next couple of days we'll see the pattern trying to make its move eventually to the southwest and clear it up as we head through the day tomorrow. fine shape in the next couple of days. rain and clouds, 72 degrees will
4:51 pm
be the temperature here and skies clear on saturday. close to 80 degrees on sunday and into the lower 80's. alison: thank you very much. leon: we have breaking news here. a scene coming out of baltimore. this is a spontaneous protest march and making its way towards city hall. this originated near that pennsylvania avenue and north avenue area which is where all the action has been with that burnt down c.v.s. so much attention has been focused there over the last few days. quite a few people there. excuse me looks like maybe 100 or so marching down i believe that may be pennsylvania avenue. i'm not sure. alison: keep an eye on the situation there in baltimore and let you know if anything develops. let's look at the roads here at home and check our traffic situation with jamie sullivan. hi there.
4:52 pm
jamie: alison we have heavy traffic. first, i want to begin with what doug was saying. some spots are seeing more rain. take a look here at the key bridge. this gives you a good idea of what you'll be getting out there. it's wet. road spray definitely a factor. when it rains it adds to the typical congestion. let's go ahead and take a look at the maps. moving to d.c. and you're averaging about 11 miles an hour heading westbound at the third street tunnel. everything is moved to the side. we have delays in the d.c. area but i want to focus now on maryland. so our commute for you heading towards baltimore, b.w. parkway pretty typical with congest towards nasa goddard. 95 pretty typical until you get a little closer to cherry hill where you're very heavy. crash near 198 really has you slow. a lane blocked there. as we move back to the live look, i want to show you some of the congestion. again, this is heading outbound on 95 right near the i.c.c. so definitely a slow one and a wet one this afternoon. back to you guys.
4:53 pm
leon: thanks jamie. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 a 5-year-old boy is being called a hero. how he overcame his own health ♪ deidre & the dark - classic
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alison: the marine mammal center in california is running tests on a sea lion pup that was safely captured right on the streets of san francisco. take a look at this. the male sea lion was found sitting under an s.u.v. this morning. it was in the marina and it took crews about half-hour to capture him. police say the sea lion had been treated at the center for pneumonia back in february. how about that? coming back for a visit? leon: must have made some friends there. exactly, strange sight. a 5-year-old boy in colorado, rather, is being called a super hero for calling 911 when his mother needed help. alison: the child managed to help even with his own physical challenges. >> hey, daddy.
4:57 pm
reporter: 5-year-old aidan is feeling pretty special and he should. >> what's the nature of your emergency? hello? reporter: listen to him on the phone with 911. >> mom is -- i don't know what mommy is doing. but i need someone's help. reporter: after finding his diabetic mom not responsive. >> opened your eyes. reporter: even in an emergency that would scare any adult, aidan as calm as could be on the phone. and while sitting and listening to the recording of the call for the first time with his mom he even shushes her so he could listen to himself. >> i was a little scared. reporter: he shows us how he ran down the hall following the instructions of the dispatcher. >> go into her room and yell her name. >> they said i did a very good job. >> he did it at the perfect time because if he would have waited
4:58 pm
i could have -- it's really scary. reporter: what you may have noticed that is that aidan is extra special. dialing doesn't come that easy for him. >> smaller and pick things up. reporter: aidan has had multiple surgeries in his five years and had to learn a few lot of things differently. getting help for his mom though -- >> she's not waking up. reporter: no superhero cape required. >> use your superpowers. and he said yeah, my super power is love! leon: only on 7 exclusive information about the injuries freddie gray sustained during his ride in a baltimore police van. according to the police the cell phone video of freddie's arrest does not tell the whole story. leon: fairfax task force one in earthquake ravaged nepal and doing what it does best. >> very rewarding when you find those individuals. leon: plus a man arrested and charged with rape. the victim a nun. this isn't the first time that
4:59 pm
abc 7 has encountered this suspect. alison: right now police in baltimore say they are monitoring social media for any calls for marches or protests into this evening. the city's curfew will go back into effect tonight at 10:00 p.m. nearly 100 officers have been injured since monday and today, maryland state attorney general marilyn mosby says she's received the file on freddie gray's death and her office has started its own independent investigation. we have team coverage from baltimore tonight with horace holmes and kevin lewis. let's start with maryland bureau chief brad bell and the exclusive details from the police report that you heard first here on 7 about two hours ago. brad, tell us about it. brad: a week and a half ago, we heard from mayor stephanie rawlings-blake here in no uncertain terms their focus is on what happened inside the
5:00 pm
police transport van. she said they knew freddie gray was ok when he got in the van and wasn't when he got out. now we know a little bit more from our law enforcement sources as to why they believe that to be the case. according to our law enforcement sources, an autopsy found on freddie gray's head a mark on the top of his head that matched a place on the back of the police transport van, specifically a bolt. they described freddie gray as having handcuffs behind his back and legs in shackles the theory is he was in the back of the van very low head room standing over like this and for some reason went flying in the van. that's what caused his injuries. now, this is all preliminary and this is from police. we've asked the office of the medical examiner to comment on this this afternoon and they're saying they cannot comment on ongoing investigations and they don't do preliminary reports.


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