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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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police transport van. she said they knew freddie gray was ok when he got in the van and wasn't when he got out. now we know a little bit more from our law enforcement sources as to why they believe that to be the case. according to our law enforcement sources, an autopsy found on freddie gray's head a mark on the top of his head that matched a place on the back of the police transport van, specifically a bolt. they described freddie gray as having handcuffs behind his back and legs in shackles the theory is he was in the back of the van very low head room standing over like this and for some reason went flying in the van. that's what caused his injuries. now, this is all preliminary and this is from police. we've asked the office of the medical examiner to comment on this this afternoon and they're saying they cannot comment on ongoing investigations and they don't do preliminary reports. but, the police are telling us
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that their file is now over with the state's attorney. the state's attorney says the investigation from her end is now under way and a decision will be made down the road as to whether or not the officers involved will be charged. clearly, the focus is on the police officer who was driving the van that day. now, we're near the new shilo baptist church where the funeral was held for freddie gray. a little while ago there was a summit. reverend al sharpton and stephanie rawlings-blake. she says whatever happens, justice will be done. >> we will get justice for freddie gray. believe you me we're going to get justice. we're going to do it because we're going to work together. brad: they're going to work together. i want to give you a live scene. west baltimore is a pretty night, cooled down a little bit and we see absolutely no sign of any problems. a very peaceful very normal evening in baltimore. back to you.
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alison: that's good to hear, brad. protesters are on the streets of baltimore again peacefully. we have this live picture from news chopper 7 as they march along pennsylvania avenue to city hall. two protests are planned for this weekend in baltimore as well. one march and rally is set to start at city hall at 2:00 p.m. organizers say they will make their way through the city until about 7:00. but they have not specified a route. then on sunday another march is planned at 3:00. organizers of that say they're not sure yet where they'll start but they plan to end at the city jail. leon? leon: alison, owners of stores across baltimore are hoping for some sort of justice after scenes like this one that you saw play out earlier in the week. but the owner of this particular store says that she'd even settle for just the looters feeling badly about what they did. horace holmes is live in the city in crisis and has her story. horace? horace: this is hey kim's store
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here in east baltimore and the looters just pride open the security fence right here and busted the window and went out. talked to miss kim earlier today and she said the surveillance video was rolling in there. she wants the people who came inside to see themselves because she wants them to think about what they did. when she first saw this surveillance video from her beauty supply store tuesday morning, she bowed her head and cried. >> i felt so bad. horace: kim grew up in this east baltimore store that her parents opened up 28 years ago. she's taking over the business from them. >> with my family i really felt comfortable here. horace: monday night that feeling of community and family was destroyed when hundreds of looters broke through her store security gate smashed a window and came pouring in. for the next several hours, they carried off the life bread of a proud family and an important staple to this community. >> where else are we going to go? this is so convenient.
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y'all look out for us. horace: everyone knows the kims here. today, customers neighbors stopped by to voice their outrage and offer their help. police also stopped by to finish filing reports and gather the security video. authorities hope some of those responsible, those seen here can be found and arrested. she doesn't hold that hope. but she does want these images seen. >> so people can realize what have i done? i don't want to hold grudges or anything. i want to forgive. horace: and there are five businesses not just the kims in this strip mall. down this row that were opened up by looters who went inside and took goods. talked to all of the store owners they are not seeking any revenge or justice. they just want an opportunity to rebuild. in east baltimore, horace holmes, abc 7 news.
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>> found out who they really are! [inaudible] leon: familiar frame and familiar voice there. ray lewis joined some of his former coaches and teammates to speak at two baltimore schools today. several students at frederick douglas high school were involved in monday's riots. coach john harbaugh says he and lewis spoke earlier in the week about trying to help the city regain a sense of normalcy. we'll keep an eye on events in baltimore throughout this hour and coming up at 5:30 just ahead here, a closer look at what businesses are looking at as they head into what normally might be a busy spring weekend. alison: to the weather now and abc 7 is on storm watch tonight after some hail fell in the area this afternoon. chief meteorologist doug hill in the storm watch weather center with some details. hi doug.
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doug: still a little hail in spots. had it in the city. last report of a little hail falling not far from the american legion bridge in montgomery county. so it's interesting weather day here watching everything. right now, outside of the belfort furniture weather center, just cloudy but take a look at what's happening in barriville virginia right now at clark county high school they've had some hail and lightning and thunder, and some rain. still raining there with dark skies. there's one area of storminess developing just to the northwest of downtown washington. we'll zoom in real quick and see now for potomac and east of mclean over towards the river, there's heavy downpours developing there. more through centreville and clifton. more as you travel farther west out towards the blue ridge and slightly beyond. continue to see the possibility of showers, couple of rumbles of thunder and maybe a little hail through the evening. pattern should generally improve tomorrow. 74 right now warm spot at reagan national. everybody else pretty much in the 60's and through the evening, there will be showers, temperatures will eventually fall late tonight, wake up to temperatures between 45 and 53 in the morning and we'll leave with the futurecast here showing
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there will be an improvement in this whole pattern as we move through the day tomorrow and eventually will set the stage for a warmup and clearing trend for the weekend. give you those details coming up in a couple of minutes. alison? alison: now to a developing story out of prince george's county where police tell abc 7 news they are investigating the rape of a nun. it happened along 16th avenue in chillum. not far from lasalle park. jennifer donelan joins us with details. jennifer: adding to this disturbing case of violence we have detailed information tonight about the man who is now facing rape and assault charges in this case. this court order shows that he was just released from the custody of d.c. authorities which included time at a psychiatric facility and a halfway house just 15 days ago. 27-year-old juan randolph of d.c. is back behind bars tonight accused of breaking into the home of a nun and raping her. after the horrifying crime last
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night in prince george's county d.c. police sources tell abc 7 news randolph went right back to his home on 51st street in northeast. the investigation overnight led officers there this morning. and that's where they say they found randolph hiding underneath a sink. prince george's county detectives are now in the midst of piecing together exactly what happened last night at the nun's apartment on 16th avenue in chillum. sources explain that randolph broke through an apartment through an unlocked sliding glass door and attacked the nun who we're told is in her 50's. randolph admitted he was responsible. this is far from randolph's first alleged encounter with violent crime. there are a number of domestic abuse arrests on his record. in an exclusive story last november, abc 7 was the first to report when randolph was arrested for secretly videotaping a woman on his cell phone inside a woman's bathroom at the martin luther king jr. public library downtown.
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>> could never think of that happening. in this library. jennifer: sources said during a search of his apartment back then, he repeatedly said to officers "he had a problem" and again confessed. we count at least seven court cases against randolph for that alleged domestic abuse. reading here right here it says this last one was dismissed but this past february a d.c. court ruled that for the safety of the community, he needed to be held at st. elizabeth's for a psychiatric assessment. again, that case dropped and he's back out on the streets. back to you. leon: good work. thank you for that. abc 7 has obtained new warrants today in the murder of an arlington mother. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has been monitoring his story and joins us now live with the new information he's uncovered. jeff? jeff: leon in this search warrant filed this afternoon, you get some idea of the detailed work that arlington police have conducted at the home of bonnie black, the
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42-year-old woman killed here nearly two weeks ago. friends and neighbors continue to honor and remember her. one of the first details revealed in the search warrant is also one of the most disturbing. the children advise that their mother was dead inside their home meaning that bonnie black's children just 3 and 5 years old were the ones to make the gruesome discovery of her body in the upstairs bedroom on april 17th stabbed to death with a large wound to her neck area. >> right now, you know, our hearts go out to them. reporter: arlington police spent more than a week and a half collecting more than 600 pieces of evidence including broken glass, strands of hair along with dusting for shoe impressions and suspected fingerprints. investigators also discovered a tuft of hair in bonnie black's hand. >> that is a key piece of evidence potential. reporter: now being tested for d.n.a. >> as soon as we get the results back on that the individual whose hair belongs to got some explaining to do. reporter: a warrant filed earlier this week puts the focus
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on black's estranged husband david black. according to court papers he had violated a protective order and had repeatedly threatened her as the two were in the middle of a divorce. a friend of bonnie's told police david's attorney told bonnie's attorney that the only way david was going to win this case is if bonnie dropped dead. >> anything like this is horrifying. reporter: arlington resident dorothy arnold believes police are taking the right approach. >> they have to be precise and need to get the right person. reporter: david black has not been arrested and he has been cooperative with police. his attorney says that david black had nothing to do with the murder of bonnie black. the children meanwhile, remain in the custody of child protective services. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: and coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 big boost for smithsonian. find out how the museums are getting some help for their bottom line. leon: and the next step after this week's special election in d.c. that is still too close to call. alison: and then a little bit
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later -- >> now they start calling me the blinking lady. they know me not because of my blinking lights. alison: a burned out streetlight forced residents to be creative to
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leon: more than 70 aftershocks have hit the himalayan region since last weekend's earthquake in nepal. in china, the climbing has been shut down for the rest of the spring season. at least 6,130 people died in that quake and in the avalanche. nearly 14,000 others were injured. suzanne kennedy is at the live desk and has a look at the role that fairfax county's task force one played in a dramatic rescue just this morning. suzanne? suzanne: leon this elite team has conducted search and rescue operations in places such as japan and haiti but now they are in nepal and five days into their deployment, the successful rescue of a young man. through the streets of kathmandu, a rescue team is rushed to medical care pulled from the rubble weekend earthquake by members of fairfax county's urban search & rescue
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team. >> he had been trapped for five days in a very tight space. a piece of concrete was supported by a motorcycle that turned over. that motorcycle prevented that concrete from crushing him. reporter: the team was trapped under a seven story building. it shows the boy being carried out on a stretcher his face covered in dust. later, in the hospital the 15-year-old described the quake saying -- first i was eating my lunch with my friend and there was an earthquake and i started to go downstairs. all the walls started to crack and the ceiling fell in. virginia task force one deployed on saturday flying 20 hours into nepal. 57 members of the team are helping the search and rescue efforts in the wake of saturday's quake. days are long and work methodical. >> one of the largest breaks we use to tunnel through concrete. reporter: this captain is a member of the team with first-hand experience with rescues like the one his colleagues performed today.
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>> it's our form of surgery. we actually have to be very delicate removing material and getting to the individual and getting them out because if you think about it it's a very unstable structure. reporter: the team is expected to be in nepal for a total of two weeks. live in the newsroom suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: thanks suzanne. just imagine that. alison: isn't that incredible? rewarding for them to travel that far and make that rescue. doug: absolutely. worth it. absolutely. alison: weatherwise, crazy afternoon. doug: busy. still lots of showers and thunder and lightning and a little bit of hail. most of the action right now is west of downtown washington. this is live doppler radar and on this presentation when you see those areas of red, that indicates the areas with the heaviest rain and sometimes, we'll see a little color scheme a little purple color indicating the possibility of some hail forming. what we have right now is mostly a few heavy downpours. we've noticed during the afternoon they form to the bay and then travel kind of from east to west. kind of the opposite direction travel that you used to seeing.
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get a little farther west and start to hit the higher terrain and get a little extra added lift. prety good downpours. you can see the motion in animation form you can see the direction that travel from o west-northwest in that direction. there's a lot more off the west in that area. the line between southern pennsylvania and hagerstown and snakes its way into down to virginia. that's the story. whole area is kind of rotating in response to low pressure and as that eventually consolidates off shore tomorrow and tomorrow night, it will pull most of the moisture out of here and get us in a pretty good position to see a clearing trend over the weekend and definitely a warming trend to go along. 64 degrees in rockville and 57 in centreville. 59 degrees in bethesda and when you get the heavy downpours, it fills up the rain gauge in a hurry. third of an inch reported in centreville. temperatures are mild. seasonal averages right now about 70 or so. areas that get the heavier rain
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temperatures start to fall off some like in martinsburg. 57 right now. we'll see the temperatures getting in cooler tonight as the winds turn more to the north to northeast. showers becoming more widely scattered throughout the area. northeasterly winds 10 to 15. pocket of very chilly air over parts of the midwest and great lakes. 49 in chicago right now and 56 degrees in detroit. this is part of that circulation. it will take a while. take through probably saturday midday to get all the circulation out of here and allow us to start to clear out and warm up. that kind of air mass will move in here starting sunday and through next week. our satellite and radar gives you the big perspective here. everything all tied together with a couple of low pressure centers. one at the surface and one overhead. periods of rain and a little thunder. maybe a little hail at times and get through the night. it should taper off and settle down tomorrow and through tomorrow morning, 7:00 areas of rain could impact the morning rush and then through the day things will break up a little bit. maybe a few peeks of sunshine.
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even into the day on saturday, still an isolated shower possible and the clearing skies will move in saturday night and in good shape for sunday and beyond. here we go with the express forecast for friday the 1st day of may. partly cloudy and 51. clouds will brighten through the day. as we head through the next several days warm up it to 72. maybe a sprinkle on saturday. mostly sunny skies developing sunday and jump into the upper 70's. monday and tuesday, lower to mid 80's. still around 80 on wednesday and thursday of next week. alison: all right. very may-like. by the way if you want to be the first to know when severe weather is heading into our area, always sign up for a text alert from the storm watch 7 team. you just have to log on to and sign up right there. leon: ok going from long island to the manhattan island. preview as the caps shift to another part of new york for round two of the playoffs.
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alison: plus -- president obama: like the harry potter books are cool, too. alison: the president takes part in a virtual field trip in his own backyard. reporter: it's time to book the hotel for the summer holidays. beware, the hotel booking look alike sites. i'm kimberly suiters with the report coming up. leon: here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc.
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alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now. ford has issued its third recall this week for its 2014 ford fusion cars. the first involves a latch that can cause a door to open without warning. the second involves the fuel pump that can stall the car while being driven. a steering gear motor problem that could result in the loss of power steering. leon: check this out. in time for the summer holiday's bad hotel booking. alison: you think you booked your room on line and then surprise, the hotel doesn't even know who you are when you show up. well, consumer investigator kimberly suiters joins us live with this "7 on your side" consumer alert. hi kimberly. kimberly: welcome to the reservation desk. which reservation desk are you signing up for? you don't really know when you book on line. take a look at these. this is one of the websites here that is under scrutiny right
5:25 pm
now. third party travel sites are trying to pass themselves off as the actual hotel that you want to book. this is happening to 2.5 million bookings. misleading consumers every year. bad bookings accounting for $220 million. now, this week five members of congress jumped in and they sent this letter to the department of justice and also to the f.t.c. saying that the trend is causing substantial business office and consumer confusion. the association that represents the hotel industry is basically asking for more enforcement and prosecution. >> we think that in addition to educating consumers that we're engaged in doing, the federal trade commission and the department of justice should start cracking down on some of the bad guys engaged in these practices. kimberly: when can you do to make sure your hotel booking is actually legit? first piece of advice. check before you click. if something feels wrong, it probably is. and that's when you want to make sure you're on the right website for the hotel.
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and that might mean calling the hotel directly. we know that's a pain. but that's one of the only ways to know for sure. now, if you do experience a bad booking, contact the f.t.c. to investigators can build a case. reporting live in the newsroom, kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. leon: thanks kimberly. coming up at 5:00 get ready for streets to close on the national mall. we'll tell you exactly where. alison: then a little later. >> this person proportionally could have been everything in his or her pocket. alison: well they say a little can go a long way. find out why one church donation is touching the hearts of people around the world. kevin: i'm kevin lewis live in baltimore. after the break, the curfew that is slashing profits and making bar owners mad.
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leon: back with the latest on the city in crisis. about 2 1/2 hours ago abc 7 maryland bureau chief brad bell broke the news that according to his sources, freddie gray suffered a head injury inside the police transport van. today, maryland's attorney general announced her office has received the police report into gray's death and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake conceded that there will be justice for gray's family. it may not come soon. kevin lewis now live in baltimore with a look at the
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impact this week's unrest is having on local businesses. what are you hearing, kevin? kevin: hi there, leon. it's hard to find one business along this skyline that hasn't taken some sort of financial hit and the vast majority are at least in part tied to that strict 10:00 p.m. curfew. last call at the cafe normally comes at 1:30 a.m. tonight, bartenders will pour the final drink at 9:00. >> tough business to make ends meet as it is. kevin: the owner wishes the city would exempt certain neighborhoods from its citywide curfew. >> it has just been very difficult to keep the lights on when 50% of is not coming in the front door. kevin: and it gets worse. a number of bars that purchase extensive airing rights to the manny paquioa-flied mayweather boxing match. it isn't expected to start until
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11:30 saturday, well after the curfew. a number of weddings and proms have been canceled. one couple was going to say "i do" at the swanky waterfront kitchen on the inner harbor. on tuesday, they called it off. >> it's for the best you know it's to keep people safe. kevin: but tom rivers is looking at the 10:00 p.m. curfew with his pint half full and a handgun for protection stashed behind the bar. >> i'm doing whatever i can to make everybody happy. neighborhood wise. employee wise. we have to grin and bear it for a week. it's only a week. kevin: and the baltimore convention center isn't immune either. so far two events have canceled. a third has rescheduled. live in baltimore tonight, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, kevin. see what the weekend brings there. let's check tonight's other top stories now. police in prince george's county at this hour are investigating the rape of a nun. it happened along 16th avenue in
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chillum not far from lasalle park. 27-year-old juan randolph of d.c. is back behind bars accused of the attack. he has a history of violent crimes. alison: and abc 7 has obtained new warrants in the murder of an arlington mother. they collected more than 600 pieces of evidence from bonnie black's home including a tuft of hair in her hand that's being tested for d.n.a. a warrant filed earlier this week put the focus on black's estranged husband david black who reportedly violated a protective order and threatened her in the middle of the divorce. leon: and vermont senator bernie sanders added his name for the list of candidates vying for the white house in 2016. the independent says he's running as a democrat. what this addition means to the race coming up tonight at 6:00. alison: we have new information tonight about the undecided race for the district's ward eight council seat. today, the board of elections told abc 7 it plans to count provisional ballots in that race.
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they both visited the board of elections today. they learned that people who voted by provisional ballot have 10 days to report to the board and provide a proof of residency in order for those votes to be counted. leon: president obama wants to give low income children better access to books. the president participated in a virtual field trip to the anacostia library in southeast washington today. middle school students from around the country joined in the experience by asking him questions. the president also announced two new reading programs. >> what -- president obama: what i really want to talk about is how we can harness and take advantage of the amazing technological revolution that's taking place to help young people learn, to help young people succeed and r help young people read. leon: the first part of his plan is making digital readers more accessible and the second is
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putting a library card in every child's hand making sure they have access to not onl but public internet. the japanese prime minister announced a major gift to two smithsonian art museums. the prime minister said the japanese government will give $1 million to the gallery of art and the sacler gallery. it will support the japanese art programs. they announced that the museum's director will be awarded the order of the rising sun. one of japan's most prestigious honors. alison: get ready for streets to close as part of the work on the newest estest smithsonian museum between constitution avenue and jefferson drive. it's part of the work on the national museum of african-american history and culture. that street will stay closed until tuesday. then on tuesday madison drive will close between 14th and 15th streets and that will stay closed through the end of next week. and after a bit of a delay, work finally started on washington boulevard near the pentagon overnight.
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crews will be replacing the 74-year-old bridge that's over route 110 and this is going to take the next few years. that means drivers will only have two lanes in each direction through that part of arlington. 74 years, jamie, i think it's probably time we got a new bridge there, huh? jamie: oh, it definitely is. you know this morning we really saw a lot of congestion just for you if you typically travel through arlington heading northbound on that washington boulevard bridge you're going to see more congestion than what you're used to for about the next week while everybody gets used to the change. take a look right now heading outbound on 66. very dark for you. and wet roads. i wanted to start off by giving you an idea of what to expect. some roads where you'll definitely have and even though it's still light out, make sure you turn those headlights on. when the raining or drizzling, that's your best option. heading outbound on 66 it will take you over 25 minutes to get from the beltway continuing out towards the fairfax county parkway so we are pretty heavy. moving into the d.c. area 12 miles per hour both directions on the freeway.
5:36 pm
heading outbound on 295, congestion as well. and then your commute on the b.w. parkway towards laurel, slow. 95. still that crash blocking the left lane near 198. and a last look outside, we'll show you what we've got right now slowing for you on 270 working your way outbound much that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. leon: thanks jamie. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> couldn't really walk let alone travel in another vehicle that's 3,000 or 4,000 pounds. leon: "7 on your side" to fight back against repeat offenders who drink and drive. >> abc 7 news is the proud sponsor of the komen race for the cure. i'm mike conneen in old towne alexandria. how one local organization is working on breast cancer prevention and treatment in a community that faces many barriers. alison: and then at 6:00 tonight, a brutal beatings caught on video and tonight, the breakthrough in the search for the teen who attacked a man on a metro escalator. and how you can help find him.
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leon: that's followed by abc "world news tonight" with david muir. what are you working on tonight? >> breaking news from baltimore. we're on the scene, the police report, the mystery police stop we never knew about. the suspect in the van in leg irons, the stop caught on surveillance camera. tonight, the deadly shark attack on a popular american beach. the man hunt for the shooter on the highway. you'll hear from the driver that called 911 not realizing she had been shot and the volcano erupting tonight. we'll fly you right over it
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alison: how many times can you get caught drinking and driving before you face serious consequences? leon: question is if you're in maryland, the answer is critics argue it can happen over and over again. abc 7 on your side launched a special investigation drunk and still driving. here now fighting back against crime, investigator jennifer donelan. jennifer: tonight, we're hitting the streetsz with the elite d.u.i. enforcement team of maryland state police. >> i've been getting a lot of repeat offenders. jennifer: we wanted to see up close the all out fight to keep the roads safe. >> already been drinking. jennifer: because critics argue after the arrest maryland makes it too easy for drivers to stay
5:41 pm
behind the wheel. despite arrest after arrest. >> how would you like to share the harbor tunnel with an oncoming repeat offender? doesn't have to happen. jennifer: the "7 on your side" team combed through d.u.i. arrests. of 476 people put in handcuffs for drinking and driving in october of 2013 25% of them have multiple d.u.i. arrests. of those, 36 have three or more arrests for boozing and getting behind the wheel. tonight, we're searching for repeat offenders. >> do you worry about his safety? >> i worry about anybody's safety. jennifer: or chasing down state lawmakers. >> don't you have to explain this to people? jennifer: and listening to the family of a university of maryland student run over and killed while crossing the street last year. by a repeat drunk driver. >> scary how often it happens. >> and a lot of it because they have gotten away from it how many times before.
5:42 pm
that they just feel invincible. jennifer: so maryland is one of only five states that does not have a felony d.u.i. statute. nor does d.c. what if anything can be done to curb the drunk drivers in maryland? the full report airs tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. alison: we just saw that video of you in annapolis. what have they done there to fight this issue? jennifer: they just tried to pass an ignition interlock bill on the first d.u.i. conviction so basically, it's that breathalyzer that you stick in the car and if you're sober, the car will start. if you're drunk, not going anywhere. 24 more than half of the committee, judiciary committee said we're in. it's the chairman yep nixed it. didn't bring it out of his desk. whatever you want to say. we tried to get answers from him, didn't happen. alison: interesting. more on that. leon: wonnedder what the motivation
5:43 pm
is there. the clock is about to start ticking. alison: that's right. still ahead, we'll take you live to chicago as the redskins get ready for the big nfl draft. reporter: a burnt out streetlight and residents tired of complaining about it. i'm chris papst. coming up we'll tell you what recently happened right here behind me that has people saying th
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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leon: the "7 on your side" team is looking into a burned out streetlight that's prompting residents on the d.c. prince george's county line to get a little creative in order to stay safe there. their problem at branch avenue and suitland parkway is a simple one. a streetlight needs to be repaired. but as "7 on your side"'s chris papst explains, that simple fix has become a little complicated. chris: standing right here in the daylight this road behind me which is branch avenue at suitland parkway doesn't appear to be too big of a problem. if you talk with people who live in this area they say when the sun goes down this road gets very dangerous. because that streetlight, the only one in the area has been out for months. with the flashlight in hand and
5:47 pm
homemade blinkers strapped to her arm -- >> start calling me the blinking lady. chris: every morning at 5:00 she walks down a very dark branch avenue towards the naylor road metro. six months ago, she said this streetlight burned out and hasn't been repaired. >> scary thing walking down the dark side of this road. >> feel a little bit more comfortable but however, let's say it's still dangerous. chris: "7 on your side" has learned the johnsons do have reason to worry. every morning she walks by the very spot where 19-year-old derek bradford as seen here on go fund me was killed. according to police reports on january 31st bradford was walking down branch avenue at night when a jeep swerved and hit him. "7 on your side" reached out to pepco and the maryland state highway administration. neither seemed to know which is responsible for the repairs. they're working to figure it out. in meantime johnson just hopes it gets fixed soon so she can
5:48 pm
ditch her blinking light. ditching that newfound nickname -->> the blinking lady. chris: may take a little longer which doesn't bother her husband. >> call her whatever they want to call her as long as she comes home safely. chris: chris papst abc 7 news. leon: speaking of lights, after four years in orbit nasa's messenger spacecraft crashed into the planet mercury this afternoon. now, it's not completely a disaster. it was actually a planned event. but before it crashed messages sent back one last set of images of the planet closest to the sun. check that out. messenger orbited mercury 405 times taking more than 277,000 pictures and four times on the planned link. got a lot out of that little boy. alison: look at how beautiful those pictures are. leon: love that. alison: weatherwise, we had some hail out there and lots of storms. how long is it going to last? doug: several more hours here. we have a fair amount of them west of the metro area.
5:49 pm
overtime, overnight tonight and tomorrow, the showers will diminish and their intensity will diminish as well. first off, let's give you a look at the time lapse. beautiful sunrise and we enjoyed some periods of sunshine during the day but those periods kind of got replaced by more of an overcast condition and showers moved through the area right now. you can see the clouds building up and the last image now on the right-hand side of the screen you can see a shower just to theeast and northeast of the high school there and that's kind of the direction we're looking for some of the heavier downpours and now you look on live doppler radar, heavy shower pretty much in fairfax, route 50 and the beltway, that intersection and then it spreads through fairfax city and pushes westward towards centreville and well beyond out on to loudoun county and beyond all the way to marshall. that's the direction from west to east. there will be more of them. it's a large area. it will diminish in time as low pressure forms off the coast. look for showers tonight. they'll diminish overnight. it will turn cooler too.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, we'll see a little sunshine and lingering chance of a shower here and there. 65. partly sunny. 72 on saturday and then mostly sunny skies. upper 70's for the day on sunday. a warming trend indeed is on the way. back to you. alison: thank you. leon: all right. finally, skins fans have been waiting a long time for tonight. tim: yeah doug is right, don't let this rain on their parade. this will be a great night, i think. here we go. the redskins enter the 2015 draft with the first perspective talent value waiter making the picks. if you don't remember those two guys they built teams that won three super bowls in washington. tonight, the skins have the fifth overall pick in the first round and the new general manager says he wants to wheel and deal. i'm expecting a trade or two and get maybe eight or nine, maybe 10 picks you out of this draft. r.g. iii was the second pick overall three years ago. we remember that. he led the skins to the nfc east title. injury change career and no value waiter can see that
5:51 pm
coming. you need some luck. robert burton has been with the redskins today. so robert has this package to tell us what to expect out of the redskins. robert: draft day is here and the pressure is on. expect g.m. scott mcclewan to take a laid back approach in the so-called war room. >> things are going to come at us, that's fine. we stay there and take the best football player available. robert: the big question will the skins take the fifth pick or trade down for more? if they do trade we might see new faces on that offensive line. >> big guys intelligent guys competitive guys. you know not the five guys but all five guys working together. robert: taking a quarterback with the fifth pick is still an option. >> in traffic, touchdown! >> like i said if we get to the fifth pick and the best player is a quarterback, we're taking the quarterback. tim: keep you posted on the
5:52 pm
redskins and what happens in the draft tonight. more coming up in sports at 6:00. for hockey fans, the annual spring attraction is back. caps and rangers meet in the playoffs for the fifth time in the last seven years and the last two series have gone to seven games with the new york rangers winning them both. that was 2012 and 2013. folks, these two clubs know each other well or do they? our team now is different than the teams that they faced in the past. we have some of the same personnel but i believe we are a different team. for them, they've acquired new people as well. a lot of the same faces. some new faces. let's see how it is. it's going to be a good opportunity and good challenge. tim: what a great night for washington. nfl draft. you have the caps playing the rangers. you have the nats and mets. it's good! leon: lots of potential. tim: i'll be back to see you in sports at 6:00. alison: see you then. listen to this story, here is proof when giving a gift it's the thought that really counts. a north carolina church is
5:53 pm
overjoyed tonight because of one little envelope carrying 18 cents. it was left in the donation plate last sunday. >> the note says please don't be mad. i don't have much. i'm homeless. god bless. alison: well no one knows who left that note or even where they were sitting at church but the church says it wants that person to know the nickel and the dime and the three pennies that they left there count for a lot more than just coins. leon: that's the story of a widow's might come to life. alison: really does. really nice. all right coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, helping race for the cure. leon: meet a local woman trying to help others survive
5:54 pm
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alison: we are just 10 days away now from the komen race for the cure that abc 7 is proud to once again sponsor. leon: today, our mike conneen spoke with one local survivor
5:57 pm
who became -- overcame a language barrier to get treatment and now, she's helping other women over that same bear wrer dare barrier. reporter: a breast cancer diagnosis is difficult enough. for someone like this who had no health insurance and english as a second language finding a lump can feel isolating and overwhelming. >> i was fighting very hard to have a mammogram. reporter: a friend later referred her to the local organization which connects clients to translated medic information, counselling and most important, free or reduced price mammograms and other health care. >> it was more easy for me because they were on my side. reporter: the offices are located here in old towne alexandria. but the organization reaches women across the washington region serving about 3500 each year. >> because we don't generally go for maintenance as much as other of our peers, we end up finding cancer in a later stage. stage three or stage four where
5:58 pm
it could very easily become metastatic. reporter: she relapsed in 2004 but today, she's healthy and happy. working as a patient navigator. >> i am cancer free 11 years, cancer free. reporter: now as a peer counselor, she's helping to save other lives. >> when i say why didn't you show up to the appointment? they have to support their family and i hear those stories many, many times. reporter: clients call her their angel with tough love and tough questions. >> if you're not healthy, how are you going to do for your family? mike: mike conneen, abc 7 news. alison: we want to remind you, the susan g. komen race for the cure will be held may 9 in d.c. you have time to register for the walk or you can donate. go to and we have all the details for you right there on our website. leon: so many amazing stories in that crowd of people that come out for that, too. alison: such an energy there. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00.
5:59 pm
leon: coming up right now at 6:00, major break into the investigation of freddie gray's death. what abc 7 has learned about gray's injuries and the one officer who has not spoken with investigators. >> people could realize what have i done? i want to forgive. alison: business owners look to move forward amidst questions of what happened to those who looted and destroyed? leon: and who police say is responsible for this brutal beating caught on camera. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now! maureen: his death sparked protests followed by riots and now a major revelation in the investigation into the death of freddie gray while in police custody. sources tell abc 7 gray's injuries occurred inside that baltimore police van after his arrest. this as we learned the van made
6:00 pm
a previously unreported stop while gray was in it. that detail was the only public part of a report police turned over to prosecutors this morning. abc 7's brad bell broke the news of gray's injuries first on 7. brad is live in baltimore with what happened inside the van. brad? brad: a week and a half ago, police told us that freddie gray died of spinal cord injuries. and they said at that point that they believe the injuries happened inside the van and not out on the sidewalk. and now we know more about why they believe that. the sources very familiar with the investigation told me today that injuries have been discovered on freddie gray's head consistent that matches up with a bolt in the back of the police transport van into which he was put after his arrest. now, they tell us


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