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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news from baltimore tonight. the secret police stop we never knew about. caught on a surveillance camera the suspect in leg irons in that police van. and now, a witness in the van reveals what he heard. and the protests from baltimore to philadelphia nearly 100 police officers now injured. ahorities believe a deadly shark attack on an american beach. a 65-year-old woman swimming. and the new warnings up tonight. where they haven't seen great whites in 25 years. the manhunt. the shooter on an american highway. you'll hear from the driver who called 911, not realizing she'd been shot. the volcano erupting at this hour. our team, flying you right over it. and the tiger on the loose in the heartland. the american zoo and the scare today.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with several major developments from baltimore. authorities telling our abc station in d.c. there is evidence that freddie gray the suspect arrested and put in that police van, suffered a massive injury to the back of the head. what's unclear, was it self-inflicted was it caused by that police ride? meantime protests under way tonight. let's get right to the pictures. first from philadelphia. a massive crowd gathering to protest the arrest of freddie gray and what's followed. to baltimore tonight. hours before the curfew at 10:00 and protests there again this evening. since this all began nearly 100 police officers have now been injured in that city. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila leading us off from baltimore. jim? >> reporter: tonight, david, the community continues to ask questions about why freddie gray died and perhaps tonight, an answer. as baltimore police investigators today privately reported their findings in the death of freddie gray to the state's attorney abc affiliate
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wjla quotes law enforcement sources saying the report contains medical evidence that grail suffered a massive injury to the back of his head while riding inside the police van. that closely matches a bolt located in the back of the police van. the police commissioner would not comment. >> we will take all our directions from the state attorney. because it is now their case. >> reporter: in fact police today revealed only one new piece of information. telling reporters they discovered that the van carrying gray made four stops not three, as previously claimed by police. >> we are much more suspicious than before in light of that 0 milted information. >> reporter: here is the van's trail on that crucial sunday morning. after gray was chased down by cops on bicycles he's loaded into a van. his legs appear limp. six minutes later, the van stops and police apply leg irons. gray allegedly acting irate. this is what's new. police revealing the van also stopped here at this corner.
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the reason for this stop, unknown. but it isded on these private surveillance cameras at the intersection. less than five minutes later, the van stops a third time where officers check on gray's condition in the back. next they respond to another call loading a second prisoner in the van. that second passenger in the van was picked up on the last stop. today, he spoke publicly for the first time. >> when i got in the van, i didn't hear nothing. it was a smooth ride. we went straight to the police station. all i heard was like a little banging for about four seconds. >> reporter: the peaceful protests continue as the family, police and prosecutors ask the community to be patient and trust the investigation. david? >> jim avila leading us off again tonight. jim, thank you. as police work the streets in several cities where there are protests again this evening, the numbers for you. more than 100 arrests in new york city alone overnight. and then the officers the injuries. tonight, baltimore police reminding their communities that their officers lives are at stake too, here.
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abc's steve osunsami in baltimore tonight. >> reporter: tonight, baltimore police are reminding everyone that cops are people, too. that the violence in the streets is sending officers home to their families with serious wounds. so far, 98 officers hurt. 43 needing emergency or hospital treatment. 13 wounded so badly, they've had to take medical leave from work. >> meaning that they are unable to come into work at all. >> reporter: the heaviest riot gear is no match for bottles and bricks thrown just the right way. knocking these police to the ground. >> they have broken bones. one of them is unresponsive. this is not okay. >> reporter: authorities explained to david this week how after one officer was hit, he didn't know where he was. >> he was in and out of consciousness, having difficulty remembering his first name. >> reporter: the message tonight, as police load up on school and city buses to keep calm on the streets, they hope to come home in one piece. on the streets tonight, there's little sympathy for the safety
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concerns of police and the officers know that. but we've seen officers dressed in riot gear show their uniforms to little children and share laughs with teenagers and that's encouraging. david? >> steve osunsami in baltimore for us. thank you. we're going to turn now to the miracle in nepal tonight. five days after the earthquake this image. a 15-year-old boy somehow surviving more than 120 hours. he'd be buried beneath the rubble wearing a yankees t-shirt, revealing what he ate to survive. and this view from above drone footage tonight of rescuers across kathmandu hoping for even more miracles. er the fifing video of the moment the earthquake hit coming to light now. children returning there as the earth shakes. and you can see the buildings, the structures beginning to tumble down. abc's alex marquardt with that teenager what he did, what he it a to live. >> reporter: tonight, the stunning new video.
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a tourist's camera capturing ancient temples, crumbling around terrified sightseers. swarms of birds taking to the skies. from just one minute of shaking, almost 6,000 dead. but today, there was a glimmer of hope as american rescue dogs prowled the rubble searching for signs of life. a call coming in for the american rescue teams, racing to a nine-story guest house that had completely collapsed. >> we were told that there's voices heard in a void space. >> reporter: working with nepalese police, they pull out a 15-year-old boy wearing a yankees t-shirt. rescuers shielding his eyes from the harsh sun. this is the hole he was wedged in, the rescuers think it was part of a parking garage. you can see this motorcycle right here. the space, tiny dark, smaller than a coffin. he was in there for 120 hours. the rescue a rare moment of joy amid so much pain. how rare is it for someone to be
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pulled out of rubble five days after the fact unscathed? >> it's a miracle. it's a miracle. >> reporter: the boy, pemba tamang, rushed by ambulance to the hospital. >> slow down. slow. go slow. >> reporter: there, he said he survived on containers of butter that he found in the debris. "sometimes i felt aftershocks," he said "and i could hear the sound of bull douzers." david, those american rescue teams working out of these tents in this u.s. compound are just getting started, a lot of work ahead of them which they hope will include more miracles like today's. david? >> just incredible work by those rescue teams. alex, thank you. to a new development tonight, from the pentagon involving u.s. ships in the persian gulf. there is word tonight four u.s. navy vessels will escort american flag ships through the strait of hormuz. this in reaction to the rising tensions with iran and the seizure of a maersk ship by iranian patrol boats earlier this week. we're going to turn now to that volcano erupting tonight. ash and smoke timing the skies
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over chile. the third eruption at the ancient volcano in two weeks. plumes of ash 2 1/2 miles in the air. flous of thousands of flights diverted tonight. our own matt gutman flies out right over the volcano, amid fears a larger eruption could still come. >> reporter: chile's calbuco volcano, again tonight breathing fire. the mountain belching smoke and ash miles into the air. thousands of flights have been disrupted since this moment last week -- a hiker capturing the mountain blowing its top. that black plume stretching over 1,000 miles. a second eruption the next day even triggering its own lightning storm. so far, 4,500 people have been evacuated. scientists say it was an eruption without warning. >> it was a surprise. it was incredible. >> reporter: after the volcano thundered to life, we flew over the destruction. from the chopper, we could see the floes literally boiling
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rivers and dumping ash and gravel three feet deep. and then we soared up towards the volcano. these geologists here are using that inferred camera you see right there to try to get better readings of what's going on behind all of that smoke and that ash, to better forecast what this volcano might do. while they expect another eruption scientists concede they don't know if it's hours or months away. matt gutman abc news, miami. >> matt thank you. meantime tonight, another volcano in the headlines. this one closer to home on hawaii's big island. the kilauea volcano, a lava lake tonight overflowing and you can hear it. crackling there in the distance. crowds gathering to get a look. it looks and sounds ferocious, but officials say right now, those pictures pose no risk. now to the warning in the waters tonight, also in hawaii. ward of the first deadly shark attack in many years. authorities believe a 65-year-old woman snorkeling was attacked and killed.
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there is also concern tonight on the california coastline. that's seal beach you're looking at. a surfer and also the shark. tonight, authorities warning swimmers to be on alert. the first double sighting on that beach in 25 years. abc's kdis gibson on that warning and on the attack in hawaii. >> reporter: tonight, close encounters with sharks appearing to turn deadly. a popular maui beach closed off following the death of margaret kruse. the 65-year-old reportedly accept rated from two friends while out snorkeling. she was later found unresponsive, floating face-down only 200 yards offshore. officials saying her injuries were consistent with a shark attack. if confirmed, it's the first fatal shark attack in the u.s. since 2013. here in southern california sharks also have this community on edge. several great white sightings offshore prompting these warning signs. you can see from the air, boarders getting uncomfortably close to them. >> wakes you up a little bit. >> get out of the water!
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>> reporter: while deaths are rare e counters are not. and two-thirds take place in the u.s. in september, eye day parker and christian ore were kayaking when a great white attacked. they made this 911 call. >> was there a seal? >> no no. there's something in the water. >> reporter: those bite marks a reminder that we share the water with some powerful predators. kendis gibson abc news, los angeles. to georgia tonight, and a new development in that cheating scandal. teachers and schooled a min tray torps sentenced to prison. the three with the stiffest penalties, seven years behind bars their sentences reduced down to three years now in an unusual move. the judge taking action on his own. now, to chicago, and the big night for the nfl, draft day. 32 teams selecting the best players in college football. but all eyes on florida state quarterback jameis winston. the coveted star despite his history of legal problems. abc's linziesey davis tonight.
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>> reporter: known for his arm strength on the gridiron and some headline-grabbing controversial moves off the field. tonight, jameis winston, the all-american heisman trophy winning quarterback, just moments away from being a newly minted millionaire. >> he looks like he's capable of winning a super bowl. >> reporter: the florida state star is highly anticipated to be tonight's number one draft pick. expected to sign with the tampa baybuccaneers. >> anyone that wants to take that chance on me the people that want to touch me you know they're going to be lucky. >> reporter: but he won't be donning the jersey at the draft in chicago. like this epic throwback thursday picture winston posted own instagram today, he'll be at home in alabama. a woman accused him of rape while at florida state. winston has maintained that the sex was consensual. and while the state attorney decided not to press charges, his accuser has filed a civil suit against him and florida state. and has spoken out in the document rip "the hunting
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ground." >> i kind of just want to know, like -- why me? >> reporter: winston's also been sidelined for making lewd comments and received a civil citation for allegedly stealing crab legs from a florida grocery store. something he called a mistake. >> all my mistakes made me a better person. >> how much could jameis winston make. >> reporter: the nfl player's association tells us he'll make $24 million guaranteed for his first four years. >> linsey davis with us tonight. thank you. now, to the race for 2016 and a new contender tonight. vermont senator bernie sanders saying he's running for the democratic nomination, vowing to press hillary clinton over climate change campaign finance reform and income inequality in the middle class. clinton saying the focus must be on the middle class, welcoming him to the race tonight. we move to a very personal battle playing out involving a star from "modern family." this battle could be playing out among couples across this country.
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sofia vergara and her former fiance their public fight over their frozen embryos and who gets to decide what happens to them? tonight, he's taking a stand and here's abc's amy robach. >> reporter: the controversy about sofia vergara's frozen embryos heated up today. with this editorial in "the new york times" by her exfiance nick loeb, titled, our frozen 'em breep yoeps have a right to live. he writes he wants to start a family without her. in november of 2013 the couple used invitro fertilization. i spoke to vergara, one of the stars of abc's "modern family" about ivf. >> i'm 40 years old. nothing happens that naturally anymore. for nick he neefrs had a baby so i wanted to make sure i froze some eggs so i wanted to take advantage of science, why not? >> reporter: at the time they both signed an agreement that the embryos could only be brought to term with both
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parties consent. six months later, the couple accept rated and lobe now says the contractid not specify what would happen if they split up. today, he writes, "thatthat's why he wants that contract voided and wants custody of the embryos, saying does one person's desire to avoid biological parenthood outweigh another' religious bleaches in the sanctity of life and desire to be a parent? vergara told abc she has no comment. lobe is suing her in california. the battle about their 'em breep yoeps will soon see its day in court. >> she's had no comment before on this. >> reporter: she said she had no intention of destroys the embryos. she just wants to leave them where they are, according to her lawyer. >> amy robach great to see you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday the twom and the manhunt under way at this hour. she was shot while drivi on an american highway. she calls 911, not even realizing she's been hit in the neck. you will hear her story just
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ahead here. also tonight, the scare at the zoo in the heartland. you can see the workers there trying to get control of a tiger on the loose. and then listen to this tonight. the boy calling for help for his mother. he's just 5. >> my mom is -- i don't know what my mom is doing. i need help. >> we'll tell you why his mother was in trouble and how he saved her when we come back. my scalp hurts. my hair hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful, blistering, rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. well i had to go to the eye doctor last week and i have to go back today. the doctor's worried its so close to her eye. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip.
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cvs health, because health is everything. next tonight, the hunt for a gunman in colorado. the woman shot in the neck while simply driving home, calling 8 inging 911, not even realizing she'd be hit. speaking out tonight for the first time and here's abc's ryan owens. >> 911. what's the address of your emergency? >> i'm on the highway right now and somebody just hit me and i'm bleeding from my neck and i'm scared. >> reporter: the calm voice of a 20-year-old woman who didn't even realize she'd be shot on a highway north of denver. >> i thought that i had just been cut by glass. >> reporter: tonight, the face behind that voice. >> even like when i'm not thinking about it, i'm thinking about it.
6:49 pm
it's been difficult. >> reporter: cori romero just got out of the hospital. a week after a driver pulled up next to her car and shot her in the neck. >> if you cankcan, get a dry cloth or anything that you can place on the wound, okay? >> i'm trying yes, but it's on both sides of my neck. i'm just really scared. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is now investigating seven other shattered car windows in the last week on or near that interstate. so far, the only bullet they found is the one that hit romero. and her shooter is still on the loose. >> some people might see it as a trauma or tragedy, i just see it as a wakeup call and just spend more time with people that you love and do things that you want to do. >> reporter: ryan owens, abc news, dallas. when we come back here tonight, the medical headline. a simple shot to get rid of a double chin? also tonight, the tiger scare at the zoo in the heartland. the scramble to get the tiger back in the cage. and tonight, the nasa probe
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to the index tonight and a scare at the oklahoma city zoo. a tiger on the loose, escaping after it chewed through a fence. a code red declared. the zoo on lockdown for a time. visitors evacuated. the tiger captured and taken away on a stretcher there. to that nasa probe tonight. the messenger spacecraft intentionally smashed onto the rface of mercury today. the probe, out of fuel plunging down an 8,700 miles per hour. and nasa tonight sweeting this last picture, ending the nearly 11-year mission. and a fix for that double chin without surgery? tonight, the fda approving a new drug. researchers say an injection that dissolves fat cells around your neck. it could be available as early as june. when we come back here tonight, while every parent every grandparent will want to see this. why you should remind your child how to call 911. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it.
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finally tonight, theoy who knew something was wrong with his mother. his phone call proving at just 5, he's america strong. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: meet the incredible hulk. aka akaahydun byars. he saved his mother's life. >> hello? >> i don't know what mom is doing, but i need someone's help. >> reporter: his mom tara was having a diabetic shock. >> i called 911. >> is she sleeping? >> yeah she's sleeping but she just opens her eyes and she
6:58 pm
never answers me. she just kept looking and never responded. >> reporter: but just dialing that phone was tough. ayhdun's had ten surgeries. acting faster than a speeding bullet, he saved the day. do you have a super power? >> my super power is love and peanut butter. >> reporter: love and peanut butter. not even kryptonite beats that. clay son sandell, a bbc news colorado. >> thank you for watching tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good night.
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