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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  May 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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kellye: today in baltimore, life getting one step closer to normal. mayor stephanie rollins blake lifted the city's curfew and reopened a later -- a major landmark shut down by riots. kevin lewis is live in baltimore tonight. a lot of people you have spoken with were waiting to hear this news. [no audio] announcer: now, abc seven news at x: 30 -- on your side. kellye: as we were telling you we are getting back to peace in baltimore. things are getting back to normal and we have kevin lewis standing by live with the latest.
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kevin: everyone from bar owners to everyday citizens certainly happy to have their freedom reinstated now that the curfew has been lifted. the mall here reopened for the first time since rioting rep did and we learned the national guard will be out in full by tuesday. today, we started our day at 10:30 in the morning. we met with other members of the media and governor hogan that a catholic church on the west side of baltimore. we met there because governor hogan wanted to have a day of prayer, a day were baltimore the state, and the country could pray for peace to come over the city and continue. there was a 90 minute church service. the governor his wife and
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daughter attended the service. the archbishop of baltimore, the archdiocese of baltimore william lori, spoke at the service and said the big challenge year will be when the media leaves and baltimore is no longer in national headlines that the citizens and police for that matter do not return to what he calls business as usual. he said this is a time that the barriers had been broken down but the community and police will have to chip away at the barriers so there is a sense of overall community in baltimore. the mayor of baltimore held a press conference in this very parking lot around noon today. the press conference was held here at the mall because this is where the rioting first erected just on the other side of the mall here. this is a central economic cornerstone of this part of
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baltimore and it has reopened today. the national guard is expected to leave by tuesday in full and at that point, the state of emergency will be lifted. live tonight in baltimore, kevin lewis, abc seven. kellye: a little over an hour ago, police gave an update on the number of injuries and arrest this past week. >> last saturday, we had a total of 113 officers that have been injured during these activities will stop during the same time, from last thursday, the 23rd, through today, we have had 486 arrests. kellye: last night, 46 arrests were made. today, atf agents are back at baltimore's burned out cvs, the pharmacy was looted and set on fire during the riot. the building has been officially
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condemned. the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for any information about the multiple fires. today was another day of protests in baltimore. ♪ kellye: the day began with an interface service. hundreds of people were led from city hall to the city jail. the pastor has been broken -- has been vocal about the need for reform, greater educational lock -- greater educational opportunities. a be say at -- abc seven is in baltimore all night long as the city spent its first night without a curfew. as we round out a gorgeous spring weekend, we are just a few days away from our first case of summer. devon lucy joins us in the weather center. what a beautiful day.
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devon: there is a shot of the southwest winds coming in -- we could come closer to 90 with one of these days coming up. a live look outside the nation's capital. back to that temperatures here high of 84. 80 degrees in gaithersburg. baltimore right at 80. real-time temperatures stepping back to the 70's. the air is not that humid, so the dew point is showing a more light feel. the dew point is 40 and we will have really dry air in place. the warmth continues all the way up through the rocky mountains into the planes. the bus stop forecast for the kids, just a light jacket. for the rest of us, a strong enough when in the mix and
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temperatures close to 90. we could be tracking showers and storms and something tropical like in our forecast. kellye: round two of the playoffs and your washington wizards are looking like a team on fire. >> what was the word you said last week? desperation. they like to play well for game number one on the road. a rally in the second half with game one on the road against atlanta. as many as 12 in the second half -- look at radley -- giving the wizards and 85-83 lead. down the stretch and a pass. putting washington up six. wizards become the first team to win the opening game of the season on the road for four
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consecutive series will stop three more to go. if you think they can do it tweet me. i want to hear what you have to say. kellye: you were not surprised by the win, but you would be surprised by a sweep? robert: definitely. kellye: d.c. police are looking for people in connection with a potential sexual assault. this is only about one block away -- the woman said two men attacked her and tried to sexually assault her before they got away. they also robbed her while it was happening for top if you know anything about this case, please call police. three people are recovering after a shooting in late berg. two people were treated and released, a third needed surgery. investigators believe
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investigators were walking from the parking lot to this street when the ago approach them and someone opened fire. another day of searching and still no answers in the investigation of the collapse that they water gate. reporter: these are photos taking after three stories of the parking garage collapsed. ed walsh says the firefighter took her down there to check on her sisters suv. >> her car is right on the edge of the hole. reporter: d.c. firefighters say they are waiting for construction workers to finish shoring up the area. >> there is concern about concrete that is hanging, so they want to remove that. reporter: fire officials say cadaver dogs made a possible hit on friday but no one has been reported missing and all
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building workers and construction workers have been accounted for. these residents all live in the watergate west building. eight of that -- they say they do not have air or water in their unit. >> we are venting about the fact that we're not getting a lot of information about what is going on. reporter: with businesses close others are worried about how i can impact other residents. >> there are people in her 80's and 90's who don't have access to cars. reporter: firefighters say they won't know with 100% certainty if anyone may have been trapped under the rubble until the area is completely excavated. that could take another day or two. it's not clear when the businesses will be allowed to reopen. kellye: a big construction progress -- big construction
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project will get underway tomorrow. workers will close the west entrance to install the first of four new escalators. there will only be accessed to the east entrance. to keep the station open, the escalators will be replaced one at a time and that of simultaneously. the project will take about three years to complete. coming up, and unexpected stop -- what stranded nearly 100 people at the zoo and how long they were stuck. and a new contender for the white house -- why a former johns hopkins surgeon is throwing his hat into the ring. but first, new protest -- the reason thousands of people rallied in the drastic measures
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. kellye: violent protests in tel ozen police officers injured. what been dan as a peaceful protests turned violent as demonstrators tried to break into government buildings. ethiopian jews claim they are treated like second-class citizens in israel. prime minister plans to meet with members of the ethiopian community tomorrow. the gop field for 2016 just got a little wider tonight with a retired neurosurgeon, dr. ben carson, telling us in an exclusive interview he is running for the white house. he rose from poverty it detroit to the head of the pediatric neurosurgery department in baltimore. the message of his campaign is our country is on life support. >> many people have suggested to me that i should run for president, even though i'm not a politician and you must have enough ability to be able to work with others to recognize
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you are not necessarily the expert and everything. but you can, with very good advice, make very good decisions. kellye: national polls lace him above established republicans like chris christie and marco rubio. abc seven has issued invitations to all the candidates running for president. a faulty fuse is blamed for stranding people i ride at the zoo. some 100 people were stuck in the aerial tram four an hour yesterday. passengers watched the animals roam below. the ride was shut off and inspected. a d.c. tradition, proving every dog has its day. the annual running of the wall was come up next. -- running of the chihuahuas
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kellye: the weather was perfect for the annual running of the chihuahuas. while only chihuahuas could run in the race, dogs of all kinds were welcomed. proceeds benefit world dog rescue. there is a super dog for you. devon: where their free talk goes involved? kellye: how was your benefit today? devon: it was great. got to meet all of you. it was a great event. i love being out there. beautiful weather about 71 by
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the time the walk picked off. well into the 80's with a lot of high temperatures today. showed you the high temperatures little earlier and right now starting to kick back -- if you have been out, it felt warm but at least there is no humidity to go along with it. i love these times -- you get reflecting colors and the sun is setting in the western sky. prince george's county, looking west, just a couple of clouds. here's the real-time temperature comparisons today. lower to mid 80's and mid to upper 80's, even near 90's and the planes. in the bigger picture you might even say it is near hot. the front fades as it pulls them, widely scattered, isolated showers possible tuesday
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evening. could be hot in some spots. the coolest spots, right around 50. light jackets easily show allowing you to stay cool. temperatures expected to top 80 but humidity is pretty low. low to mid 80's elsewhere and the combination of stronger southwest winds could come in bringing temperatures up. a shower and possible storm on tuesday evening. temperatures reaching 86 and closes their 90 again. seven day forecast with a chance of storms on tuesday. 80 degree temperatures still around and maybe a bit more humidity for more scattered showers and a possible thunderstorm.
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that could put something to enhance impossible rain chances. kellye: the wizards one today. robert: john the state in the game and they fought late in this one. they took the magic show on the road. we got
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robert: game one in atlanta, in the second quarter, a scary moment for john wall. comes up, gets the tip in, wall comes down hard on his left wrist. turns out to be a sprained wrist, but it was really
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painful. the wizards trailed by as many as 12 in the second half but come back in the fourth quarter. the wizards 84, 85 lead. check this out -- he rolls over his right ankle in a jump shot and suffered a sprained ankle. he would finish with 28. but the wizards played through down the steps. putting washington up six. >> he was standing. he didn't take bad shots and after the first quarter, our defense was pretty solid but other than that, we kept moving the ball. that got everyone else going and did a great job. robert: the nats tried to clinch
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their season after a one-zero when last night. top of the first, no score, ryan zimmerman hits a broken bat looper to write. that made it one nothing -- one, nothing, nats. they go on to take the series. it was the fight of the century last night, or was it? at least we know it was the social event of the century. tons of celebrities in the crowd -- tom brady, magic johnson just to name a few. manny pacquiao's best route was in the fourth. he got some combination in but he said he was nursing a shoulder injury since before the fight. mayweather did do much but won the fight on points. mayweather wins a unanimous decision and improve his record to 48-zero.
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lindsay vonn that says she and tiger woods have decided to end their three-year relationship. kellye: that is breaking news. what do you think of this? robert: that might be the reason but i'm thinking otherwise. i'm not going to speculate because that is not my job.
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bergeron: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we dare you not to laugh. [ clatter ] woman: patches, get out! 130 mile and nearly done. whoa! also -- [ laughter ] man: diagonal. aah! [ laughs ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of "afv"... tom bergeron! [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much! thank you, madison for that great intro.


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