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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> we've got to get back to normal. we have to get people down here. kellye: a first step towards recovery, the signs of healing already visible in baltimore as the curfew has lifted. and a d.c. legend lost. a fiery crash and words of remembrance after a pioneer is killed. plus, search dogs in the rubble at the watergate. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. kellye: the breaking news from texas, where the police and a dallas suburb killed two gunmen after they opened fire outside of an exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed.
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the police responded and people ran for safety. city leaders say that a security guard was wounded. the exhibit was placed on lockdown. the authorities say it's too early to know the affiliation of the shooters. baltimore tonight with the weight off its shoulders, the 10:00 p.m. curfew lifted after an unexpected announcement from the mayor this morning. jeff goldberg is live in baltimore. people are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. jeff: no question, a lot of joy and relief. a lot of people still partying long after 10:00, cooped up all week. lots of music still happening all over town. all the foot traffic and smiles cannot erase what has been for some bars and fells point the worst week they have ever known.
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>> we have taken a substantial hit. jeff: but this manager said lifting the 10:00 p.m. curfew was a big step forward financially and symbolically. >> we are ecstatic. we are hoping business will pick back up. jeff: and baltimore residents -- >> there is a lot of soul in the city. >> i think the sense of normalcy is starting to return. jeff: while the arrest of six officers brought some sense of ca;m to the city, a great deal of damage has been done. 200 businesses destroyed in looting, hundreds in losses according to larry hogan who spent the morning at st. peter's catholic church after calling for prayer in peace. >> it has been a rough week. let's get back to normal and get back to work. jeff: the members of the
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maryland national guard have begun the process of moving out of statcity. but outside city hall, calls for change. >> right now, everybody is coming together. jeff: the arrests in freddie gray's death are just the beginning. >> we are going to get justice. that's what's going to happen. jeff: baltimore is open for business, that is with the bandleader just said. it could take about 72 hours for the national guard to completely get out of the city. the turnaround will take time, but as one bar manager said to me today we will weather that. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kellye: jeff, thank you. another sign of normalcy in baltimore, the mall is open. it was closed last monday after looters tore through the shops.
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mayor: it is such a dramatic difference from where it was monday. i'm so grateful because it shows the resiliency of our city. kellye: not every store has reopened. some have been heavily damaged. no timeline on when all the stores will reopen. earlier, atf agents were investigating baltimore's burned-out cvs pharmacy that was looted and set on fire last monday. the building has been condemned and police tape is still around the site. the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for information about the multiple fires that were set during the riots. baltimore police arrested nearly 500 people in the past week. 486 people were arrested for looting and breaking curfew. police said 100 13 officers were injured responding to the protests and riots.
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while the extent of the injuries is not known come a few days ago they said that 13 officers were heard to the extent they could not work. abc 7 is your station for complete coverage of baltimore's steps towards healing. find the latest on-air and online at as well as our facebook and twitter pages. tonight, the interview you will only see on 7. after a devastating wreck in charles county, two people were killed after their motorcycle rear-ended a pickup truck sending up a huge plume of smoke. one of the victims is this man who managed d.c.'s popular junkyard band. roz plater spoke with a musician who knew him well. roz: the junkyard band was started by kids as young as eight years old. tonight, one of the pioneers is gone. this is cell phone video from
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the horrible crash. it happened in waldorf on route 301 southbound sunday afternoon. maryland state police say it appears that the driver of the motorcycle struck the rear end of a truck, sparking a fire. driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene, his passenger later dead at the hospital. the driver of the motorcycle was 47-year-old derrick, a well-known musician in the d.c. area. duane moore said that derek helped him get his start. >> is just shocking. everybody at the go-go club is at a loss for words. roz: he played bass guitar and was manager of the legendary junkyard band, which got its start in southeast d.c. in the 1980's. he is considered a pioneer in the local go-go community. >> everybody knows junkyard and everybody in the go-go community is at a loss right now. roz: the motorcycle passenger
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who died in the crash was a 34-year-old woman from white plains, maryland. investigators believe that's beat was a factor but still want to talk with witnesses. roz plater, abc 7 news. -- a believe that speed was a factor, that they still want to talk to witnesses. kellye: devon lucie joins us right now. it was quite a gorgeous day today. devon: yes kellye, spurring, or was it summer, into the 80's? we did not have the humidity. 84 washington at reagan national. the air is so dry that the temperatures are falling quickly. some spots mid-50's. gaithersburg 60, dulles 65. in comparison, real-time temps the temperatures were even
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warmer and the planes. getting back to school and work the cooler spots at sunrise come into the 50's. may need a jacket, but it will warm quickly. monday is very warm, up to 85 low humidity. tuesday, southwest wind, strong, could be closer to 90. more humidity, storm chances wednesday. the complete forecast coming up. kellye: new information on friday's collapse of a parking garage at the watergate complex. today, crews did a primary search of the area. a k-9 dog return no evidence of anybody trapped in the rubble. residents are still without air-conditioning, hot water, and answers. >> we are standing here venting about the fact we are not getting a lot of information. kellye: all watergate employees
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and construction workers are accounted for. some businesses including a pharmacy, remain closed. right now, d.c. police are looking for four people in connection with an attempted sexual assault in northwest early this morning on 18th street, about a block away from the bars and adams morgan. a woman said a man attacked her and tried to sexually assault her -- a group of men attacked her and try to sexually assault her. if you know anything about this, please call the police. a montgomery county classroom is closed after a fire damage this former classroom. officials say the deking, railings and post on the inside of the classroom caught fire doing about $10000 of damage. the cause is under investigation. five children are in trouble after police in pennsylvania say they stole dozens of guns.
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investigators say the teens took 60 weapons and ammunition from a vacant house. officers were tipped off when a neighbor reported a burglary. among the items recovered an ak-47 in a thompson machine gun. the homeowner is a 93-year-old collector who has been in the hospital several years. coming up -- the gop field for 2016 got wider. we are bringing you an interview with ben carson. why he says now is the time for him to enter the race for president. first, a headache in the making. what is changing when you you take metro to work tomorrow.
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: a big construction project will get underway at the venice metro station red line. they will be installing new escalators at the van ness metro
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station. the 35-year-old escalators will be replaced one at a time to keep the station open. the project will take about three years to complete. the republican field of candidates continues to widen. retired neurosurgeon ben carson sat down with jeff barnes in this exclusive interview come suggesting he is in the race for the white house in 2018. mr,.. carson: i'm willing to be part of that equation and i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. jeff: he rose from poverty in detroit, to the head of pediatric surgery at johns hopkins in baltimore. he is retired from medicine. mr. carson: many people have suggested to me i should run for president, even though i'm not a politician. jeff: his political star rose at
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the national prayer breakfast two years ago when he admonished president obama for several things, including obamacare. mr. carson: i said where people clamoring for me to do this? i represent a lot of the same thoughts they have. i'm not 100% sure that politics as usual is going to save us. jeff: his own words at times have called controversy recently come involving obamacare and homosexuality. now that you have announced you are running for president of the united states, have you learned from those things? mr. carson: don't wander off into extraneous areas that can be exploited. and you must have enough
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humility to work with others and recognize you are not necessarily the expert in everything but you can, with very good advice, make very good decision. jeff: polls place him above other established republicans including chris christie and marco rubio, but behind rand paul and jeb bush. kellye: abc 7 has extended an invitation for a one-on-one interview with any of the candidates who have announced their run for the presidential nomination and we will continue to do that as others announce their intentions. it was the perfect day to get outside and go for a walk, especially for a good cause. the avon 39 walk to end breast cancer was completed today. they walked 39.3 miles over three days, inching up on to the washington monument grounds. 2000 participants raised more than $4.6 million for the ca
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use, and the weather could not be any better. devon: that is almost a marathon , two days in a row. kellye: have you ever walked anything like that? devon: i actually ran a couple of marathons -- when i was much younger. we have beautiful weather. i want to thank the march for dimes for allowing me to post. it was a great day for that as well. walking, jogging, just enjoying the day, it was 71 at 10:00. the high temperatures up and down the east coast boston 17 degrees above where they were. we were warmer than charleston south carolina. how often are we as warm as jackson, mississippi? not too often. that is six ackley what we are going to do, tapping the warmth
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-- that is exactly what we are going to do, tapping the warmth of the few days. we have thunderstorms along with the cold front, which has a ways to go until it gets here. we have a bubble of warm air that will close in. that bubble of warm air and the high pressure will keep the front away, continuing to build temperatures and warmer air. it might even be hot tuesday especially southwest winds. we have a chance of a storm is the front nears. wednesday, the front over spreads the region, storms possible. may be a bit cooler in some areas, but fairly mild and others. overnight areas it will be warmer. by the afternoon, be prepared, shorts and t-shirt weather. still, something to keep cool, because everybody is over 80.
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at least the humidity will be low. cutting the grass the first couple warm days of the year are the ones to prepare for and make sure that you are hydrated and dressed for them. storm chances tuesday. southwest wind at 10 to 20, could be close to 90. into the 70 outlook -- into the seven day outlook, chance of storms tuesday. wednesday, the front washes out and we have scattered showers, possible thunderstorms. the storm chances midweek. kind of towards the weekend, we have a tropical-like system off the southeastern u.s. coming in. that may increase the rain chances next weekend. something we will have to monitor. eileen whelan will keep us updated on that in the morning. kellye: if we get rain, can we
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complain? devon: not at all. kellye: it has been so nice lately. robert: the wiz making it rain, speaking of. the wizards take game one in atlanta.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wizards against atlanta, the dominant team this season. this is the playoffs, so none of that matters. scary moment, john wall gets the steal, goes to the basket, comes down hard on his wrist. turned out to be a sprained wrist, but he stayed in the game. seems painful to me. wiz trailed by as many as 12 in
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the second half. bradley beal hits the long two giving the wizards the lead. later, beal gets injured as well as a rolls over his ankle on the jumpshot, sprained ankle. the wiz play through. down the stretch, wall gets to the basket, throws the lob pass to martin gortat. wiz take game one, but quite a scary one. >> that's probably the worst i've ever turned it, honestly. i cannot let my team down. even if i'm not a threat, i can still be a decoy. >> as long as it's not broke, we are going to compete. he came out there and gave it the best he could. just to see him come back gives us momentum and motivation. robert: western semis
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warriors-grizzly. seth curry makes it look easy. knocks down the three. he led all scorers with 22. the warriors take game one. the nats have a hot streak going, series finale with the mets today. top of the first, no score, ryan zimmerman it's a broken bat blooper to write. falls in. jayson werth will score. top four zim at the plate again, deep left. this looks good, but michael cuddyer leaps up and robbed him of a homer. bottom eight still 1-0 nats. cuddyer chases the pitch out of the zone. nats win 1-0.
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coach: we understand that we have to play well to win. carpeting has been fantastic the last two games. it does not matter -- are pitching has been fantastic the last two games. it does not matter how we get it done, as long as we get it done. robert: o's and rays in tampa. adam jones smacks this shot, manny machado scores. the real take the series with the 4-2 win. for the nascar fans, the geico 500 at talladega. here comes the big 1, 15 cars involved in this, including harvick, danica patrick, lots of damage. check out the grand slams asked the crowd was going wild. that's because nobody was catching dale earnhardt junior.
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and golden state warrior guard steph curry may be named m.v.p. kellye: he is quite deserving. robert: he is a bad guy. he can do it all. kellye: a high-profile rant caught on camera.
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kellye: a former star of the highest-rated show on tv has apologized for an outburst on the new york city subway. >> [screaming] kellye: chad coleman blamed his three-minute rant on built-up frustration on the situation in baltimore. he recently starred on "the walking dead" and "the wire." mccarron air force base reminded people to arrive extra early for flights today. they were so busy because of the mayweather-pacquiao fight. so many celebrities came at the
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airport came out of space to park their private jets. among those robert the new row, ben affleck, clint eastwood
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devon: it has been a great summer day. 85 tomorrow 86. we are well above the average is 72. rain chances tuesday evening more like it on wednesday. first, we are tracking the heat and the potential rain chances with eileen whelan bright and early with "good morning washington." kellye: thank you very much for watching.
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kellye: two men are dead after they opened fire at an art event that dip did -- that depicted the prophet mohammed. ryan owens is in texas. ryan: people run for their lives when gunfire breaks out outside of dallas. the police with guns drawn swarm the scene. >> there were multiple gunshots and then cops everywhere. ryan:a a group called american defense initiative was holding a contest for the best cartoon depicting the prophet mohammed. a statement from the city of garland said that two men drove up to the front of the building and began shooting at a security officer. the officer was shot in the leg and already out of the hospital. the


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