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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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in an update of where those are. we get a picture from belle haven country club. the rain is getting ready to come through this portion arlington right now. a little bit south and west of the district toward prince william county. it is moving east southeast. inside the beltway over the west side of town, some very heavy rain and downpour. a second line behind it looks like it will follow part. -- fall apart. maureen: now to breaking news in the kidnapping and murder of hannah graham, a university for virginia student. in the past hours prosecutors have announced they will seek
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the death penalty against jesse matthew in case the case goes to trial. what can you tell us? >> it is certainly a decision that got the attention of everybody in court, not necessarily what we acted. but the commonwealth attorney saying that there was new evidence came to light, new forensic evidence that came to light in february that compelled her office to upgrade this for my first degree murder case to a capital murder case. she would not give any details as to what the evidence is, only saying that jesse matthew was served the indictment this morning, and this was evident that came forward. forensic evidence came and propel case to move forward. he had been facing first-degree murder charges after hannah graham's disappearance in charles phil.
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her remains were found five weeks later in october in a rural part of the county. he was arrested a few days after. he was arrested in galveston texas. talk about this new texas, if the question as to why this question decision was made. here's what she said went into the decision-making process. >> if i did not believe this case were worth capital charges, if i did not think mr. matthew were someone that would be appropriate for this ultimate penalty, then we would not be standing are having this conversation. >> jesse matthew's defense attorney is a capital defense attorney of richmond. he had no comment after the hearing. they asked him what kind of evidence could have compelled this change. to update from first-degree to m witnesses went need some depravity
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or violent circumstances that would upgraded to show depravity of heart. that is what we're going to show when the evidence comes to trial if it does go to trial. the next court date is set for june 25. >> thank you. information about the baltimore police officers arrested and charged in the death of freddie gray. one of those officers has filed a court motion saying that the charge of unlawful arrest should be thrown out. they contend the rest was legal because the knife ray was carrying is illegal in baltimore. he is one of six officers arrested last friday and is charged with second-degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. attorney general loretta lynch met privately with the family of freddie gray in baltimore today.
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she held meetings with the family, city leadership, and congressional officers. >> and looking at the hardest working police officers in america today, and i know their difficulties. i know that we have struggled. we have come here to help you work through those struggles. maureen: she has lost the civil rights investigation into freddie gray's death. she will improve community relations. cbs will result in the stores damaged by rioters next week. they say the 45 employees remain on the payroll among most have been temporarily transferred to other locations in the city. big changes on d.c. -- in a d.c. agency to reports of a spoke
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in a metro tunnel. today, abc seven has confirmed that the director of d.c.'s office of unified communications with handles and what one calls has resigned. we are live tonight with what city leaders have to say to change >>. >> i'm outside the 911 center, and what was clear was that city leaders no longer have confidence in the director who resigned yesterday. they thought that a number of the high-profile failures involving fire ems started here. last january during the smoke and fire incident took six minutes from the time calls for made before firetrucks were rolling. those when the city standard is 90 seconds. today the woman in charge of d.c. dispatch is gone.
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in a council hearing -- >> we need to look at the standards, and talk about it over the course of the year that we need to change or update our policy. >> today the council chair says he is not surprised by her exit. >> if you do not have internal standards for me need to be go standards. >> we have had several months to evaluate the operation they are and we really needed a new beginning. >> this comes as the new fire chief took over this week and the mayor wants to and issues of late ambulances. the 911 center faces scrutiny over the agency sent help from a fire station a mile away when there was help just blocks .
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the mayor says she wants someone who is more tech savvy. >> she has been replaced by an interim director who is also the director of d.c. homeland security and emergency management these. maureen: coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m., what a pizza delivery driver is saying after being carjacked and stabbed.
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maureen: a federal magistrate has ordered a psychiatric a violation for next fbi agent roasted at cia headquarters. they have been charged with interference. he reached for his gun and threatened to bomb cia. president obama has nominated supreme court general -- marine corps general to the next
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joint chiefs of staff chair. if confirmed by the chair from a he would succeed general martin dempsey. he is retiring later this year after 41 years with the army. not to the race for the white house, former arkansas open or mike huckabee is seeking the republican nomination for a second time. huckabee becomes the sixth republican to declare. if warmer fox news host 18 primaries in his unsuccessful 2008 campaign. he made the nasa from hope arkansas. >> we were promised hope, it was just talk. now we need the kind of change that really could get america from hope to higher ground. maureen: more republican candidates are expected to announce the cant of the season next week. they include wisconsin governor scott walker and former florida
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governor jeb bush. of course abc 7 is committed to bring you all the big stories in the race for the white house. you can sign up to receive abc 7's breaking news alert right on your own. abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. the warning from police after bikes are stalling and it is caught on video -- stolen and it is caught on video.
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maureen: traffic is moving again on the george washington parkway after a truck got wedged under the memorial bridge this afternoon. no one was hurt by bus traffic slowed to a crawl. the ultimately let the air out of the front tires to set it free.
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a warning tonight after two bicycles were they combined $10,000 worth point out of a home in chevy chase. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is there with the midday crime caught on video. >> this certainly not the first bike theft in chevy chase village history, but there are components that make his crime unique. it was caught on color surveillance video, and these bikes are not come cheap. the footage is crystal clear. a young man rolls up to the village driveway, walks into an open garage and in lives in professional road bike. then to male accomplices follow suit, snacking a second bicycle. their loot is worth 10 $10,000. >> she and her husband are
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papers, and they are a lovely woman. reporter: the police chief calls this crime to speckle will and urges residents to be alert. >> even if they are not worried about it, there is a social more that they are contributed to. they need to keep the food out of the way affairs, or they will keep coming back. >> those of us who have not had it happen, just hold her breath. >> it is so hd, you can say that is joey, billy, or sam. reporter: police are concerned that crime may be targeted toward garages. just last week a bethesda family have their locked garage broken into and to bikes stolen.
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maureen: a pizza delivery driver is becoming an internet sensation after he survived an attack and went on to deliver his pizza. he was stabbed in a back during a carjacking. he then delivered pizza to the hospital where it was ordered. he had a collapsed lung, but is in good spirits. he wrote on facebook that he did not get a good tip on that last delivery. i see that it is raining out in montgomery county. doug: it is coming. a live look at the rooftop camera.
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roosevelt bridge, memorial bridge, you can see the dark clouds just east of the city. showing up well on doppler radar. that is just across eastern, and that is where we are fighting the heavy downpours. this is the real action area, you have a little pale showing up. the district sees nothing is but it is all coming up over the next hour or two. temperatures drop into the 60's across the area of rain.
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58 to 65 will be the forecast range overnight. skies will clear, in the bit of patchy fog. some areas may see temperatures rise as the sun comes out. they will fall overnight with the patchy fog. we may replace whole pattern again tomorrow, with showers and thunderstorms across the metro area. but this area of high pressure to our east is going to push down and call things down and get rid of the chance of rain by tomorrow night. thursday friday will be bright and sunny, even a little bit cooler. tomorrow, we will climb to 81 maybe some more afternoon showers and storms and then through the next seven days, a little cooler and drier around thursday and friday. 80 degrees on friday, over the weekend temperatures start to creep up, with a 40% chance of
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showers and storms on sunday, monday and tuesday. maureen: this is a great time, everyone is winning. >> the wizards gear up and get ready for the hawks in atlanta tonight. the caps on don't have to celebrate last nights win over the rangers. it is time to make adjustments for tomorrow night. wasn't that wins we last night
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. >> i believe you're going to be able to find out a whole lot about the wizards tonight in the game against the hawks atlanta. it was an experience that kept him from advancing the pacers last spring, but how well they have matured. this is a key, a little game. it will not be easy. the hawks are extremely difficult to defend. >> they have so much stuff they try to play tricks. they try to mess with your head. it is a tricky team, there was keep you on your toes. they make you play defense. >> the caps have taken a two to one lead over the rangers, and that is the main topic of conversation around the water will are today.
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against the rangers, the goal was as big as you can get in a playoff game. they are known as the killer bees, and this was the door slammer. >> i enjoyed after the game, but this morning we wake up, and just have to stay even keel, and look for game four. >> manny pacquiao says he fought with a bomb soldier, and now he got fight for another 12 months. it affected his ability to throw punches, so why did he figh t? $120 million in the loss. they have filed a class-action lawsuit for concealing the injury. as a matter of fact, i will fight back you know the day
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after his surgery for half of his firs. purse. he says this past week has been brutal. the third is the anniversary of his father's death. doug: heavy rain just east of washington moving in prince george's county. a lot of down for now, and will they have he is a gets closer and closer to the chesapeake bay. but it will end later tonight. we will update the mother's day forecast tonight at 11:00 p.m. maureen: have a good night.
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breaking tonight. and abc news investigation. the hunt for a fugitive. the deadly terror attack in texas. the two gunmen dead. but tonight, this question. who was secretly messaging them beforehand? tonight, those messages, right here. brian ross standing by. breaking now. the fire burning north of new york city. the national guard blackhawks. the super soaker from canada. the evacuations, and the fire growing. the outrage. the big bank accused tonight of duping customers. opening accounts with fees for customers who had no idea. the scare in the public park. the tree falling, landing on children. the rescue. and now, the concern over aging trees in our parks. and fighting mad tonight, after millions bet on the big fight, the big reveal this evening about one of the fighters. did he hide something? the new lawsuit tonight.


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