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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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again for the same area because it's widened out. there is still heavy rain and lightning and hail pockets. most of the action has shifted farther north and west where a new severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 4:45 centered over northern fredwick county, virginia, winchester, teaches city area. this area will drop south at 10 miles per hour. heavy rain hail, could have wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour in a few spots. again, a day that is similar looking on radar to what we experienced yesterday as we have several lines and waves of storms developing. the general motion coming from northwest to southeast today. here you see the current line across the potomac to southern sections of montgomery county. an active afternoon for the next few hours. more shower, storms, a lot of lightning and wind gusts as well. a few representative areas so far and some of the storms. temperatures drop from the 80s to the 60s.
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we are on storm watch and keep an eye on everything to let you know if the warnings come our way in the next few minutes. back to you. leon: thank you, doug. friends, family and colleagues remember a d.c. firefighter who died after battling a fire. 44-year-old kevin mcrae collapsed after putting out an apartment on seventh street and now condolences are pouring in from across the community for the husband and father of three. sam ford is in northwest washington with a look at how he is being remembered. sam? sam: leon, as you can see people have been coming here from around the city today. with condolences for the fire lieutenant who lost his life today at a fire a few blocks away from here. firefighters and e.m.t.'s lined up as his body was removed from met star washington hospital center. doctors said they tried to revive him, but they could
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not. he was in charge of engine six. the first unit to arrive at a high-rise fire at 7th and northwest and flames jumped out of a ninth story window. officials said as he left the building, he collapsed. and his team left and they had actually put out the fire. here at the firehouse, his colleagues put out bunting and also according to a union representative, they had people here to relieve them of stress. particularly, the members who weren't in this fire house and might be close to him. we heard from joe chisholm. joe: this is his home station so everybody is coming back to sit with the guys who fought the fire. also all members of the engine six and truck four would be debriefed by a stress debriefing team, just to see if anybody needs to talk. sam: the mayor called him a hero. there were a number of young
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people from dunbar high school that is right across the street who came over here to express their condolences. because as it turns out, he has a son that is a senior at dunbar high school who learned about that as he was at school today. some of the students and the principal game over here. we will have more on that coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. what a story there. stay with abc7 and as the community remembers this fallen firefighter. our coverage continues on "abc7 news at 5:00". alison? alison: meanwhile, leon, more progress in baltimore. earlier today, governor larry hogan announced the state of emergency has been lifted, a little more than a week after the riots that rocked the city. maryland bureau chief brad bell has more from the governor and from the mayor today. brad? brad: yeah alison, and visual proof of a return to normal. we are at city hall. this has been a major media
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camp. a gathering point for protesters and a place that has looked like an armed fortress. today it looks like city hall. almost everybody in the national media has left town. now we can show, you mentioned that the governor lifted the state of emergency. we can show you some video of what the governor was up to today to try to show the town is back to normal. he visited lexington market. one of the great city landmarks here. talked to people, said thanks for coming in and spending your money. thanks for being here. and working and getting the city turned back to normal. the governor did lift that state of emergency, announcing that all of the national guard troops that had come to town, 3,000 nearly had pulled out. all of state police, the extra forces that were brought to town have also left. so you are not going to see them around town anymore. now the focus turns to the police department. the mayor asking the federal department of justice to do a pattern and practice investigation of the police
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department. so that they can move ahead and convince the public that they are no longer the enemy they are perceived to be. mayor: i'm asking the department of justice to ask if the police department engaged in a pattern of practice of stop, searches or arrest that violate the fourth amendment. brad: when we come back at 5:00 to talk more about the story, you will hear about a number of people who live in town. they offer their opinions on what the governor is saying, and what the mayor is saying. they say it is peaceful here now. they want it to stay that way. but they say lasting change is required. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: all right, thanks brad. tickets to see prince in baltimore go on sale in less than an hour from now. the artist is holding a rally for peace concert on sunday at the royal farms arena. attendees are encouraged to wear the color gray as a tribute to those recently lost
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in violence. he recently recorded a song about the death of freddie gray and the arrests in baltimore. alison: chilling new details in the germanwings crash investigation. from a black box that wasn't even on that plane. french officials now say a different flight recording shows andreas lubitz practiced crashing that airbus a-320. he was copilotting a morning flight from germany to spain and he appears to have put that plane into a controlled descent but didn't crash it. later he took the same plane and he crashed it on the return flight the same afternoon. leon: a teacher goes from a classroom to a jail cell. alison: he has been charged with sexually assaulting a student. kellye lynn has the story. kellye: the person we are talk about is a teacher in landover.
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prince george's county police say the 39-year-old sexually abused one of his student at the school. the 9-year-old boy's mother alerted police in february. the son says the teacher inappropriately touched him on several occasions. starting in september of 2014. >> the boy said that the teacher had asked if he wanted to come into a classroom with the teacher and help him clean up some stuff in the classroom. as a reward for helping the teacher, the teacher said the boy could get on the internet and play computer games. well, during that game time, the student says the teacher leaned over and kissed the boy on the lips. tuesday they arrested macnaye. he is in the custody of department of corrections. if anyone has information, call the prince george's police.
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leon? leon: thank you. alison: let's check back in with doug hill. new weather alert to tell us about? doug: new severe thunderstorm warning. this is in effect until 4:45 for a portion of fairfax county and montgomery county. look at the live super doppler radar. you can see an area that we will zoom in on. gray and black squiggly area called a hail core. a pretty good size hailstones here, perhaps the size of quarters. it's centered over the portion of fairfax county. it is going to move slowly, drifting slowly 3-4 miles per hour to north/northeast to hit the ajis sant section of -- adjacent section to montgomery county. i will move with lightning and thunder and rain and hail. until 4:45. we have numerous other clusters of storms across the area at this hour. but this is the only severe area close to metro washington.
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we have those in frederick in effect. we'll update you with new warnings. but electric active afternoon. lightning and rain and hail across the viewing area. back in a couple of minutes with more for you. alison: we'll see you then, doug. thank you. so the nfl is breathing some new life now into the scandal we all were talking about a while ago. known as "deflategate." leon: the league released details on the investigation surrounding the deflated footballs used by the new england patriots. sports director tim brant is here with the new info that came out. tim: there has been a lot of hot air throughout the whole thing. the investigation has been ongoing and the nfl found it's probable the new england patriots employees deliberatery deflated footballs in the a.f.c. championship game in january. hello! the report goes on to say that quarterback tom brady was at least generally aware of the rules violation. the findings were released today in a 243-page report by ted wells. he is the league-appointed attorney in charge of the investigation. the report says it is more
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probable than not that new england locker room assistant jim mcnally and john jastremski participated in a deliberate effort to release air from the patriots game balls after the balls had been checked by the game officials and approved by the referee. the report included text messages where tom brady indicated he preferred softer footballs and that he had previously not been happy with the game balls. the report found no evidence that head coach bill belichick knew anything about it. now the nfl will decide what steps will be taken if any in light of this report. leon: will any? tim: i don't think they will. don't forget the caps-rangers play in the phone booth tonight in game four in the best of seven series. i will take you there live. and in baseball, monster game by bryce harper this afternoon. three home runs. monster shots. that is all coming up later in sports. do i think there will be done anything done here? yes, minimally. it will not be a big deal. did it make any difference in the game? 45-7 game? absolutely not.
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alison: okay tim. thank you. but we know a certain raiders fan -- tim: i know. you and i discussed it. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a magazine cover featuring the material girl striking the wrong cord with two local women and why they want the magazine removed from stores here. alison: it is the video that has outraged parents. school bus driver refusing to let children off the bus. look at what led to the tense moments. leon: as we enter the warm weather months. many families will take part in yard sales. how do you know if what you are planning to sell is worth a lot more?
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don'tould get kids channels sports...
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or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. leon: a lot of big action out there weather wise tonight. alison: very active weather day, doug. another alert now? doug: another severe thunderstorm warning that brings the count to three in effect until 4:45 for another half hour. go to the live doppler radar. the three areas, number one is the win chester area -- winchester area. that is the warning area. hail gusty winds. move closer to the metro area for areas two and three. first is the area across great falls, and across potomac
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river to bethesda. large hail and gusty winds. the newest warning issued has been issued over portion of prince william county. severe thunderstorm indication on doppler that it could be hailstones to the size of half dollars. those are big hailstones. here is the deal. these things are only moving at 5 miles per hour. they are drifting so they are going to have to rain themselves out. literally hail themselves out from the hail and the rain. will there be more? possibly. we will keep you up to date. that is the latest. three severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the next 30 minutes. leon: all right. you got it. we'll get back to you in a bit. the 50th anniversary issue of popular magazine raising eyebrows tonight. alison: a sexy photograph of madonna and it has some wondering if the magazine has gone too far and whether it should be pulled from store shelves. suzanne kennedy joins us with why two local women are on a mission against the cover. suzanne: under my hand is the
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controversial cover that some say shouldn't be seen. but we're going to show it to you. it's a provocative picture that has some people uncomfortable. the may issue of "cosmopolitan" magazine feature madonna. some covers look like this and others show the pop superstar in a highly suggestive pose. there she is. right next to jesus on the newsstand. this resident was shocked. they started a two-person crusade to remove the magazine from local retailers. >> i think it's clearly being suggestively provocative so that people will wonder and stop and it will be detrimental to kids and teens. suzanne: the magazine has been fulled from this cvs and a giant grocery store. they are lodging complaint
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with safeway and target. there are four versions of the magazine. harris says the more racy one should be taken off the shelves or put behind the register. we showed the cover to shoppers outside cvs to get their take. provocative? >> i'm not bothered by it. >> it's outstanding. >> it's just the way to grab people's opinion. suzanne: we reached out to "coz mow" and they didn't have a comment. several of them had this photo but had this one in the back. suzanne kennedy. leon: she has done world health organization than that. alison: i think so. leon: well, we posted the madonna cover on the facebook page. we asked if you folks out there thought it was too provocative. this is what we got from kathy. "she needs to stop. how embarrassing for her kids." alison: natalie posted, "if you have to ask, you know the answer."
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leon: freida wrote this. "please, 30 years ago we wouldn't have batted an eye." she is right about that. you can join in on the conversation going to the facebook page. let us know what you think about it. alison: meanwhile, prince william and the duchess of cambridge are taking their first trip as a family of four. the royal couple packed up their newborn princess charlotte and the 21-year-old son prince george for a stay at their country home. they are expected to stay there for several weeks as they get used to taking care of a toddler and an infant. hopefully they will share their instructions with me after they figure it out. leon: good luck. don't hold your breath. you may have noticed more children on bicycles outside this morning because today is the fourth annual national bike to school day. there were several bicycle events today to bring attention to safety and to promote physical activity and build a sense of neighborhood. time for a check of the traffic situation this
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evening. for a cyclist and drivers as well. jamie sullivan is here now. jamie: it's a wet one on 66. that's where i want to begin. giving you a gad idea of what you will get out there and working your way through fairfax and closer to gainesville. let's move to show you spots on average. 35 miles per hour inside the beltway. so you are okay. as we move a little bit closer to head outbound, well, 66 will take you 35 minutes now at this point just to get a little bit closer to the fairfax county parkway. we are very congested. as we talk about the beltway so we will move closer to the top side. averaging about 13 never. on the interloop approaching connecticut avenue. we don't have accidents. we had an earlier car fire. that was quickly put out and that was on 66 near fairfax drive. moving now again to give you an idea of what you will see visibility lower in some
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spots. this is 66 working your way through gainesville. make sure you turn the headlines on this afternoon. especially in virginia. look at traffic. back to you. leon: it is getting worse. and there is a temporary ground stop for dulles and reagan airport. alison: doesn't surprise you probably. doug: no. torrential rain and the local cross winds because of the winds and the storms. we will get you updated. get you to the map to tell you what to expect. a lot of time on doppler radar. this is what the action is all about. the clusters, very slow moving heavy thunderstorms with torrential downpour. large hailstones and strong and gusty winds. severe thunderstorm warning until 4:45 in all the areas i'm going to describe. first, along the potomac river. fairfax, montgomery county side. that potential of hail. also heavy rain. it looks weaker now than it was ten minutes ago. next area, to the south and west of metro washington
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through portions of prince william county portion of northeast county from hay market farther south. we see heavy rain. gray and the darker areas are the possible hail cores where there could be quarter-size hailstones. the storm is drifting at 5 miles per hour. the third area is more north and west in the winchester area. once more to the areas of storms that are slowly drifting to the south. so we will keep an eye on that. a very busy day. electrically in the atmosphere with all the lightning. there is a second line coming in here. a little farther north and west through pennsylvania. i think for the next few hours they will continue to generate and then slowly drop through the area. so don't be surprised if we don't have more warnings. one of the features of this has been the hailstones. we got this one sent in from on twitter a while ago for some hailstones in chantilly. this is what we're looking at
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and the afternoon we'll wind up with. areas that are warm and humid. we feel the humidity levels rise. all the conditions are right with a cold front acting as the trigger in the atmosphere to pull up the locally heavy downpours with hail, lightning and torrential rain. the temperatures will cool off a bit this evening. but it will stay warm and muggy. but later tonight after we clear out some and get the storms out of the picture by 10:00 tonight we will see the temperatures of 55-60 degrees with nothing as well. now check out the next seven days for you. it will stay warm but dry out tomorrow and friday with more, no worries about storms but warm may weather. we get over the weekend and things start to change in another way. warmup become more humid. partly cloudy saturday sunday monday, tuesday warm and humid in the mid-80s with the storms and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. alison: you'll keep us posted. still to come on "abc7 news at
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4:00" -- soon you could see tractor-trailers on the road without a driver behind the wheel. how the new technology works. leon: make sure that you sign up to receive text alerts about the weather and traffic and breaking news. go to to enter your cell phone number and we'll keep you informed there. alison: in addition to the local storms here, we are watching this. this is severe weather in oklahoma. a live picture from just outside of oklahoma city. "abc7 news at 4:00" continues in a moment. we'll be right back.
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alison: all right. well prepare for a big night on the ice at the verizon center. the caps hoping, of course, for another win against the rangers. leon: we're not just hoping. we're not just hoping. they are going to make it happen. you know that, don't you? tim: i do. as a matter of fact if they are hoping they have to win they have a long night coming. this is not a good thing. they can't hope to win against the rangers. this is the biggest game in the series. in my eyes if the caps win they completely control the series. if they lose, the hard-fought win monday night, well, it was for naught. now robert burton is in the phone booth. home crowd should be a key right? robert: could there be a better situation? caps up 2-1, game four in verizon with the crowd. however, it's the playoffs and crazy things happen during the playoffs. enough to get the fans nervous. overall, excited about the
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situation. >> we are down here early. robert: it's safe to say the capital fans are amped about game fior. >> it will get loud tonight. i have been to a few of these before. it will get loud. robert: for tonight's players -- >> a big opportunity. important game. sometimes we're too relaxed. robert: caps lead the series 2-1 and have the momentum but when it comes to the playoffs there is always caution ahead. >> every game is a huge game. >> we had chances to score and we were bailed out by great goaltending. if we want to win the series, we have to be better. robert: how excited are you right now? >> so excited! >> unbelievable. >> very, very excited. robert: fans are excited. easier said than done. if you win tonight all you have to do is one win more. as i said it's the playoffs.
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it's funny how something so small can make or break the days or the weeks for thousands of fans. tim, back to you. tim: robert, by the end of the night the caps will lead the series 3-1, large and in charge, or it will be tied at two heading back to new york. leon: okay. tim: i think they are up against it. i said i think they will win the series but it will go seven games. i think rangers get it tonight. i hope i'm wrong too. how many times have i said that? leon: we got to talk about that later. want to see him shaving his head. if he does, i will. we want to see that! you do want to see that. we will continue on storm watch here. doug will join us with the latest track of the storms and the rain. all hitting parts of our area now. >> a maintenance man accused of child sex abuse. what he told us when we visited his rockville
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00" on your side. leon: right now let's get to the weather. get the latest now on a storm watch. alison: earlier we received reports of hail in parts of our viewing area like chantilly. our meteorologist doug hill following all of this for us. doug? doug: it's been a slow-moving cold front that has been the trigger in the atmosphere to form up the showers and the thunderstorms. they are slow moving, a lot of lightning and heavy rain and
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hail. good news the national weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm warning that happened around potomac and on the virginia side in great falls and canceled the one out of winchester. the only one left until 4:45 is this one that is drifting toward haymarket area now. there is hail and heavy rain. every time one area of rain and storm fizzles out, a new one seems to form back up. we have several more active hours especially with prince william county and hail and rain. we have more in a few minutes. back to you. leon: you got it, doug. now a prestigious montgomery county private school is on edge tonight after police arrest a maintenance worker on charges of child sex abuse. alison: now detectives are urging any other potential victims to speak up. abc7's kevin lewis spoke with the accused and has the story you'll see only on 7. kevin: concern at the charles e. smith jewish day school in rockville. police say you inappropriately touched your niece.
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is that true? last week, parents and staff learned this man julio cruz, a long-time school maintenance worker stands accused of child sex abuse. according to police cruz molested a female relative inside his home and car. that girl was only ten years old. what was your reaction when police arrested you? cruz invited us inside his rockville home and sat with us on the living room couch but refused to answer our questions. do you agree with what police are saying in this paperwork? >> detectives attempted to speak with him. he invoked his constitutional right to a lawyer. kevin: detectives call the allegations horrific. >> it's a horrific crime. especially with a child involved. that hits home with a lot of people. kevin: in a letter home to parents the charles e. smith jewish day school said in part given the nature of the charges we felt it was important to make you aware of the situation and added that mr. cruz is no longer
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permitted on campus. julio cruz worked at this private jewish school for 14 years. again the alleged abuse happened off-campus but police want any other potential victim to come forward. in rockville i'm kevin lewis abc7 news. leon: d.c. police need your help to identify a suspect in a pick pocket robbery. this is surveillance video of a suspect getting on a bus after the incident happened wearing a green and black coat and black hat. this happened on the 400 block of michigan avenue in northeast on april 25. police are offering up to a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. a laurel man faces charges after allegedly carjacking two people at gun point. deputies say savoy and another person approached two people in a car, pulled a gun on them and forced them to lie on the ground. that is when they say they robbed the victims and then drove off in their car. savoy was arrested after deputies tracked him to a house. the homeowner let them in and
4:35 pm
they found him hiding in an upstairs shower. alison: "7 on your side" now with an alert for parents thinking about enrolling your child in a summer camp or maybe a summer sport. are the people entrusted with your child being properly vetted? in recent months, police arrested a number of teachers and coaches on sexually-related crimes against children. and now some leading experts in the area on this issue are speaking out, hoping parents know what to look for before putting their child in the care of a stranger. >> all parents should learn to develop a very healthy suspicion of anyone they leave their children in contact with. alison: experts say there is no need, though, to be paranoid. just make sure that coaches teachers and camp counselors have proper background checks and training. for more on what you need to know watch tonight at 5:00. still to come here at 4:00 -- chaos on a school bus and it was all caught on camera. why the drivers refused to let
4:36 pm
the students get off. >> i've been here 28 years. i have never, never seen nothing like that come through. leon: a woman being held hostage comes up with a creative way to get help. and it involves a pizza delivery
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leon: we are on storm watch right now. look at the live shot of doppler. the weather team tracking the storms and the rain moving through the region. doug hill has an eye on all of this and look for the update here in a few minutes. we'll keep you posted. alison: now we turn to the video that angered some parents. a school bus driver caught on camera refusing to let the children off the bus. leon: that happened even as the students' parents were standing outside begging for the kids to be released. reporter: this is a terrifying scenario no parent expects to encounter. watch this school bus driver about 30 miles outside phoenix. yelling at a group of elementary school children. allegedly trapping them inside their bus because he says they were misbehaving. >> the parents are going to be getting upset. not at me. they'll be upset with you. reporter: you can hear the
4:40 pm
children crying out for help. the screams too much for one father waiting outside. listen as he bangs on the side of the bus. another parent trying to pry the doors open. >> your kids will be off the bus when i'm done with them. reporter: watch as the driver takes off with the kids on board. the parents with no idea where they are taking them. calling 911. the driver finally brought the kids back to school where police were waiting. the school district telling abc7 news the driver was placed on live leave and has since resigned. lindsay janice abc news, new york. leon: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- consumer alert for anyone preparing for a yard sale. tips to determine if what you are going to sell is worth more than you expected. alison: a special meeting off
4:41 pm
the basketball court. look at that. for the harlem globetrotters. what the players are saying about meeting the pope. leon: and we are tracking storms moving through the area. doug has the forecast coming up next. don't go away. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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leon: back now with a live look at the roads. i have rain and storms moving through the area. i-22 near gainesville in virginia. you can see right now it's just really wet out there right now. doug will have an updated forecast in a few minutes. alison: look at this heart-stopping video this afternoon. a tree right there comes crashing down on two young boys in the middle of a playground just outside boston. one of those boys was seriously hurt. his skull cracked. his family though says he is speaking and responding to them. the park was recently renovated. today it's closed because officials are inspecting every tree to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. leon: that is crazy. all right now this looks like any other semi truck that you may see on the roads. but this freight liner inspiration is missing one
4:45 pm
thing. a driver. the truck has a camera linked to radar to allow it to stay in its lane, avoid collision and control its own speed. so once the driver gets it out, the truck can drive itself. >> we want to do everything to make the life of a driver better and safer. leon: the driver is still required to control the truck entering and exiting the highway as well on local roads and docking for delivery. but in the meantime all by itself. alison: amazing. leon: scary to me. alison: it is. leon: that does not comfort me. knowing a computer is behind the wheel does not comfort me. alison: i agree. the month of may, which we are now in marks the start of summer yard sale season. but before you put something out for sale, how do you know if it's worth $2 or $2,000? leon: consumer reporter has new ways to show us what it's worth.
4:46 pm
reporter: the recent news that this could be worth tens of thousands of dollars has people wondering if they are sitting on something worth a small fortune. we want to know what you should look for and where to find the real value. could your princess diana beanny baby be worth $10,000 or more? >> i need to pay for my college. reporter: she is like most, they are worth $25. where should you turn to find out? this time of year, traveling road shows set up in hotel ballrooms promising to buy your collectibles but seller beware. >> if anyone is telling you what the object is worth should not have an interest in buying it. period. reporter: the executive producer of "antique road show" says if a traveling show is offering to buy the collectible, they may under value it greatly. she says to call the local antique and the auction houses to ask who can give an appraisal. >> historical society, auction houses, museum and all do appraisal fairs. reporter: we went shopping with an antiques expert,
4:47 pm
professor brian hackis. >> this is a vintage record player. reporter: true an tech furniture will have original knobs, not replacements and old fashioned dove tails in the drawers. true collectible are correctly marked. reproductions are worthless. >> make sure they have the proper mark. reporter: if you are checking ebay, it mother it buy it now. check to see what it finally sold for to find a real value so you don't waste your money. alison: just in time for summer, shoe company toms is launching a new campaign. it's encouraging you to kick off your shoes. they are asking fans to instagram their bare feet with the #withoutshoes. for every picture it will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. the campaign runs through may 21. tom's founder says the goal is to give away 1 million pairs of shoes. leon: the harlem globetrotters
4:48 pm
lived up to their name today traveling to vatican city to meet the pope. leon: this visit by the globetrotters was part of a promotional push for the upcoming 90th anniversary. it also marked the eighth time that the club met with the pope. >> i just met the pope. leon: they made him an honorary globetrotter and presented him with a framed number 90 jersey with his name and said to teach the pope a ball trick. i think he has a bigger and better coach. he probably doesn't need their help. alison: that is very funny. all right. so what is in a name? well, for the kardashian-jenner family, the answer is money. no surprise there for most people. kylie and kendall jenner applied to trademark their
4:49 pm
first game. according to tmz 17-year-old kylie filed application for global computer work. her 19-year-old model sister kendall is said to have done the same thing. leon: all right. unexpected visitor in the emergency room. alison: take a look at what the surveillance video captured right there. a kuala wandering in the e.r. this is in australia. it didn't need medical treatment. it's just poking around. staffers say the little guy sniffed around for three minutes or so and then strolled right back out the same way he came in. leon: we have obamacare. they have kualacarrie. you know what i mean? alison: doug is here to talk about the weather. he had dulles and reagan on ground stop but now it's just reagan. doug: we have pockets of slow-moving thunderstorms that rain themselves out and takes a while. we have a new set of warnings to get you to.
4:50 pm
get you to the weather maps and table. first up, live look right now in barryville. clark county high school. skies are darkening quickly throughout the area. that is because the storms are moving through the region. we've got now a couple warnings in effect until 5:15 this afternoon. for faquier county. let's show you where we are. this is until 5:15. you get west of the metro area, west through the loudoun county and middleberg and beyond. all of this area under severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15. for another 25 minutes. you know the drill. hail strong winds, a lot of lightning. very slowly drifting to the southeast. and then we have a second warning now. a little bit closer over the portions of faquier county. this is issued in north faquier county until 5:15 as well. just north of marshall. it's a busy afternoon. a lot of showers and storms in the area that will continue to go from northwest to southeast. fairly gently moving. again they have a tendency of
4:51 pm
raining themselves out. we had a number of report of hailstone with the system. we have had reports of wind gusts, maybe as high as 45-50 miles per hour. so it will take several more hours but the pattern will rain itself out later. 79 degrees right now in the nation's capital. 81 in menassis. 76 at quantico. dew point is high. we have a combination of heat and humidity. give a summary feel. we have dew point coming to the 60s. tonight, we get rid of the storms later tonight. that will clear out. we could have fog as we see some temperatures drop in the 50s. clearing overhead. could set the stage for areas of fog for the overnight/early portions of the day tomorrow. but beyond that, we brighten up considerably tomorrow. it will be less humid. we will have a lot of sunshine. upper 70s to lower 80s on friday. saturday looks good for outdoor weather.
4:52 pm
sunday and monday and tuesday. it will be partly sunny. warm and humid. showers and thunderstorm through the afternoon so it will feel more like june than early may as we head to early next week. leon: it already feels like it. alison: all right. thank you. let's sea how all of this is affecting traffic this afternoon. jamie sullivan has the details. jamie? jamie: the nice thing is it is affecting you in some spots but some spots it's not at all affecting you. take a look. this is near river road. typical commute. we don't have the rain coming down heavy and the visibility is not low. this is typical for the loop and outer loop of the beltway. we move to the maps and i want to give you an idea of what we're seeing. it will be wet. we pull out a little bit to give you an idea of what we are seeing. traffic is slow in some spots. here we go. this is an overview for you. on the freeway we have a crash that is near the 11th street bridge. keep in mind we'll see the
4:53 pm
heavy traffic eastbound. 395 outbound congested as well. this is the area we saw near river road at 9 miles per hour. we move to 66, this is where we see the most congested traffic this afternoon. it will take an hour to travel six-mile stretch from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. live look in gainesville. this will give you a better idea of what i'm talking about. low visibility and slow traffic. make sure the headlights are on. even if you're traveling somewhere that's not raining because you may get into it. that is a look at
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
alison: all right. looking live at the roads outside, we have a messy commute going with the rain and the storms moving through. a picture here of 29th. this is just wet right now. add extra time. doug is following it all and we'll have another report from him in a few minutes. leon: check this out.
4:57 pm
a florida mother being held hostage and unable to call 911 but she thinks of placing an order for help using an app on her phone. alison: as elizabeth hir reports, her quick thinking saved her and her children from potentially deadly situation. elizabeth: what seemed like just another order at a pizza hut in florida -- >> i have been with the company for 28 years. i have never seen that come through. elizabeth: a closer look at this order turned a day in one the workers would never forget. >> the order comes through and she had edited her ticket. on the bottom it said, "hostage help." on the top it said, "get 911. help." elizabeth: according to a police it came from a desperate mother held by her boyfriend at knife point. unable to use the phone, at one point she talked into letting her use the pizza app on her phone to order a pie
4:58 pm
for the kids. that is when the police say she sent this message for help. the mother escaped with one child but two children were inside. >> eventually he surrendered to a day that could have been worse. >> if we didn't have that, who is to say how she could have got out. elizabeth: at this time it appears it began over an argument over his drug use. he is now in jail facing serious charges including aggravated assault and kidnapping. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. leon: a hero's last mission. >> despite everything we did lieutenant kevin mcrae died today. leon: firefighters console each other after a devastating high-rise fighter. homeowners waiting and worrying. >> tight debris.
4:59 pm
my eyes would start to burn. >> i broke out in a rash. leon: they say the floor under their feet is making them sick. what the i-team reveals. plus concerns. >> the kids get in roles to win their trust. leon: schools do employee background checks but what about summer camps? now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. alison: strong storms moving through the area to bring hail to fairfax county. this video was shot an hour ago. our chief meteorologist is tracking the storm in the abc7 weather center. doug: we have had a number of severe thunderstorm warnings. we have one, actually two side by side. this is doppler radar to show what we are watching now. the area that we will zoom in on now over northern virginia, south and east of winchester through frederick county virginia and portions of loudoun county virginia, and
5:00 pm
through paris, northern sections of prince william county and the extreme northeastern faquier county. both of those areas with the red and the purple are active severe thunderstorm warning. lightning, heavy rain and pockets of hail. that has been a highlight of the slow-moving storms. pocket of hail up to nickel, dime size and some reported larger. the larger picture shows you that we have several lines of storms that every time they tend to just rain themselves out, a new one forms up now. we have a second line coming from the winchester area toward the potomac river. that is drifting into washington metro region as well. we will track those. temperatures are warm. the humidity levels are up. warm and muggy afternoon. so the atmosphere will support more storm. but later tonight, by 10:00 11:00, it should all be over. the skies may clear. we will have a little bit of fog. then we will be in a nice treat for a couple of days.


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