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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a d.c. firefighters who died in the line of duty. >> the fire house can be a tough place and he made it better every day. >> searching for a sexual assault suspect. plus tornadoes leaving a path of destruction. and questions about police accountability. >> there is a lot of concern about the idea of the police investigating themselves. >> the solutions being suggested. next. now, abc 7 news at 11. on your side. >> a d.c. firefighters dies in the line of duty. kevin mcrea died in the line of duty. >> and tonight peek -- people are speashing up about the man they call a hero. jay? >> allison, the black bunting still remains here at engine six where lieutenant mcrea worked. everyone i spoke with her --
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here today who knew him and worked with him closely had towering praise for him, said he was a compassionate friend, fabulous at what he did and a mentor to all. the firefighters gathered to grieve the loss of lieutenant kevin mcrea. >> a guy that cared about his community, a guy that treated everybody with the jut most respect and brought you together in the firehouse. lindsay: the 24- -- leon: the 24-year veteran was one of the first on the scene at this highize on seventh street northwest. mcrea collapsed soon after making it outside. co-workers trited but con save his life. he died later at the hospital. later in the day, scores of firefighters lined up and saluted as mcrea's body was taken away. >> these people say after
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rushing out of the burning building they ran into mcrea. he and his sister were having trouble breathing and mcrea insisted they go to the hospital. they did and it turned out fine. they later found out he had died. >> i was so hurt because he had just saved my son and my sister's life. so i came down here to show condolences. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation lieutenant mcrea is survived by his wife and three children. leon: the last firefighter to die here in the line of duty in washington was mcrea's cousin james mcrea, who dived a heart attack in 2007.
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allison: severe storms hit some areas tonight. this video from centreville. at this hour the storms are gone with -- paving the way for good news ahead. we had hail today, steve. >> yeah, we did. but the good news -- all right. we're going to take a look at what's going on outside now. we'll head over to the weather graphic and show you what the doppler radar looks like. a few showers remain, nothing that is going to become sever. tomorrow waking up 7:00, a good deal of sunshine. partly sunny skies and a little bit of patchy fog. we will talk about the rest of the week and mothers day weekend coming up in a few minutes. leon? leon: a wild night in the plains as tornadoes touched down from nebraska to texas. this word just coming in --
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that a tiger safari in oklahoma was hit by the tornado and wild animals are on the loose and people are being told to stay in their homes. the tornado destroyed dozens of homes west of kansas city. >> it just came right off the tail. it actually flung the basement doors open and threw tree deb bris and stuff down in the basement. just glad we were able to stop and find a safe place. . leon: baseball-sized hail and flash flooding have been reported in several states. the good news, no serious injuries or deaths are reported in these storms. al i slon: police are back out on the streets trying to track down a sexual assault suspect. last week a woman was attacked in mitch he willville and that's where officers are tonight hoping to find includes. tom is live with details of the investigation and a sketch of
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the suspect. tom? tom:allison, it was exactly one week ago early in the morning that a teenage victim was walking down lake arbor way when a man approached her, forced her into that field over there, indicated he had a gun and then sexually assaulted her. this is video of tonight police hitting the lake arbrosh neighborhood going door to door trying to solve this case. they showed folks a picture of a flyer showing what they believe the suspect looks like. and this has unnerved a lot of folks. this kind of thick is unheard of around here. >> i heard about it the day it happened and i was really surprised because this is a very quiet a, a neighborhood you would not expect something like this to happen in. >> we have a composite sketch we can actually show the residents here. giving them something tangible, it actually helps.
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>> and prince george's county police are offering a $25,000 reward in this case. reporting live in mitch he willville, abc 7. leon: new at 11:00 loved ones gathered to remember anthony armstrong, killed in a motorcycle crash saturday when an s.u.v. collided with his bike while he was making a turn. he was heading home after a night escorting teens to the prom. those chose to -- close to him said their primary concern is his young daughter the >> sleighs going to need all of us right now. her dad was a great person. he was a libra. he was a good person the leon: the crash happened at shaw drive in brandywine. >> parents in prince george's county are upset about the set
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of -- rest of an elementary school teacher. the 39-year-old is accused of inappropriately touch willing a 9-year-old boy. parents want to make sure the district is doing enough. >> i'm glad they did arrest him but the school needs to be more careful who they have nowadays. >> he is charged with sex abuse of a minor. leon: this just in, fairfax police have released dash cam video of a deadly officer involved shooting in 2009. david mcmaster was shot. tonight a knew view of the moments just before the gun fire. >> get your hands up! leon: according to the investigation, the officer thought masters was driving a stolen car and reaching a stolen gun and had run over
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another officer. turns -- turns out though, that none of that was true. the officer was eventually fired but not charged. all investigations have been completed. six baltimore police officers charged in the delegate of freddie fray and -- gray and now the state of emergency is lifted in that city but there is continuing troferingse -- controversy about police accountability the richard, tell us about the debate. >> that meeting taking place in a church and a lot of folks talking about the freddie gray case and the yuck -- a.c.l.u. discussion its investigation into 109 police-involved deaths of marylanders the last years. they hope to lower that. >> there will be another freddie gray and another freddie gray until we actually get some police reform.
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>> the police policing themselves is never a good idea. >> you could hear him screaming as they was dragging him to the paddy wagon. >> and coonlt and oversight of officers in the wake of the freddie gray case. >> i was devastated because freddie gray could be any of us. >> the aclu says 17 accountability birblingss including one to establish an independent office to investigate officer misconduct failed in the legislateure. >> it's just human nateure to have an outside pair of eyes is just better in terms of transparency and accountability. >> she said the idea was vetted by both policend lawmakers but the attorney and prosecutors opposed the idea. >> they didn't feel adequately handle -- staffed to handle that. >> what is missing is the trust between the community and law enforcement and without it things are going to continue to occur.
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>> supporters of tougher police oversight say they believe the gray case will give them momentum with lawmakers next time around. leon: thanks, rich. now a different kind of momentum. happening now, an exciting flight for caps fans much they've got all kinds of momentum now. they won game four in the verizon center beating the rangers 2-1. >> when the caps and rangers get together it's usually normally well played and very physical. the net minding has been sensational and this has been one of those deals where the scoring it -- is at a premium and tonight it was times twosm the caps outlast the rangers again and lead the best of seven series 3-1. back to the phone booth, where the noise was deafening the all tied up through two periods. unshall then burrofsky the
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20-year-old rookie, he had two goals including the game winner. the caps now lead 3-1. secondary scoring for the caps has been the key. game five friday night in new york city. i said earlier tonight that this was the key game in the series. if the caps lost it would be 2-2 and going back to new york but this bin means -- win means washington controls it. reaction coming up later in sports. leon: love it. still ahead on abc 7 tonight pentagon workers misusing money. coming up next. allison: plus, ordering a pizza may have saved their lives. how a dramatic hostage situation
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exclusively at new york and company. leon: update now for a story we first brought you last night. a sigher that overflowed in forest heights has been fixed. neighbors in the neighborhood of north huron drive had complained about the smell since sunday. 15,000 gallons of sewage had
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leaked there. tonight the leak is stopped and the ssc says the drinking water was not affected the new tonight politicico says pentagon workers used government credit cards for adult entertain mentd. the detailed findings are fpt -- expected to be made public in coming weeks. stay with abc 7 for any updates the >> and a claim that isil has traped soldiers in 15 different states including in america. the f.b.i. says it's following people with ties in almost every state in the union. the u.s. hozz now identified the top four leaders of the terrorist group gand -- and $20
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for help no find them. chilling news about that germanwings plane. on an earlier flight the pilot altered the flight plan and locked the pilot out. >> and police say a woman's boyfriend held her family hostage at knifepoint. unable to call for help, she ordered pizza for the children and included in the app was a desperate pleament >> the order comes through and she had edited her ticket. on the bottom it said hostage you, help and on the top, please help, get 99 -- 911. >> the woman used the commotion to grab one of her children and run outside much the boyfriend
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later surrendered. happening right now in california historic sweeping rules on water use. the state is suffering from one of the worst droughts on record and each city is compared to cut water use by 36% compared to 2014. homeowners are being encouraged to let their lawns die. farmers are being told to try to find alternate ways to save their livelyhoods now. tough out in there california the >> wow the and we told you about the scary moments whether that tornado hit a tiger safari. we have just learned all the animals are accounted for so there is no danger to the public. >> you want the definition of your worst nightmare? a tornado and a tiger. >> i know. running around loose. at the same time.
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>> with your house destroyed. scary situation. >> i know. terrifying. so have we got coming here? >> warmer weather tomorrow. not as hot as it was to do and it's going to stick round at least seven days. mothers day weekend i'll have answers on that coming up. 83 was our high today. 15 -- 10 degrees above average for this time of year. you can see what is going on just west of united states on radar. the few showers that remain, not going to amount to a lot. but we will be looking at the potential for some fog. this is what it looked like earlier today whether we had those thunder storms that rolled through fairfax county to loudoun county. this is from centreville, the hail he picked up on his porch. nothing like that on the way
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for tomorrow. fog beginning to develop, visibility of 4 to 5 miles around hagerstown and not so bad in the district and marched the but it should all be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow. leave a little extra time. winds will be out of the north and east, relatively light the this is what it looks like tomorrow. no problems at all. we will see a chance for a few showers around here, not tomorrow, not friday, not saturday but by mothers day on sunday. not going to be a washout bb -- but be prepared for popups and thunder storms the tomorrow, a break in the heat and humidity. partly cloudy skies. lower 80's on friday, the same saturday the mothers day a 30%
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authorize showers and thunderstorms. monday, looking nice, about a 40% chance for a few showers. middle 80's, 84 on tuesday. overall, that mild weather pattern, no end in sight. >> looks good. >> good, good, good. thank you. >> what you got? >> some caps. the caps, the nets. it's hump day in washington. the mid week picasso while everybody around them is bobbing and we'ving. the capital city ste
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and now, the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> as expected, the rangers and caps played game four. such a high level to showcase playoff hockey the and now it -- washington controls this baby as they head back to madison square garden the pick it up in the second period. caps trailing 1-0. burr ackofsky, the 20-year-old rookie, had his first-ever goal the then he grabbed another one, races home with the goal the 2-1, washington. the penalty on green. how about this? a penalty shot. the hottest goalie in the game, braden holtby, makes the save.
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2-1 bss caps and washington leads the series 2-1. robert was in the press box. what a game. robert, what are they saying? >> you are right about that and i think we know who the praise goes to. burakovsky. he's only a rookie. one goal shy of a hat trick in the postseason. we spoke with troy in the locker room and asked how big this was going into new york. >> it's big. you are playing two games at madison square garden, which is a very tough arena to play and now we have the 3-1 lead and a lot of confidence and momentum. we know game five is going to be the most difficult game we've played in a couple years.
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>> let me know, tim if this sounds too good to be true. all you have to do is win one more game and you are marching offer to the eastern conference finals. >> thanks, robert. and bryce harper had five r.b.i.'s before the fifth inning today. the first was almost 400 feet. in the third 442 feet. later in the game a tape measure shot, 450 feet! bryce harper, three home runs. 7-5, nats over the marlins. the wizards don't play the atlanta hawks until saturday, good news for john wall. wall will get another opinion on his sprained wrist and most likely an m.r. ix -- m.r.i., which he doesn't have yet because of the swelling the he said he's going to live in the
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treatment room and get treatment before saturday. >> wow, bet they don't have voices left with all that screaming! >> ahead
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>> an incredible story out of california. a young girl with a facial
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deformity spoke out about being bullied. that story got so much attention that the community came together to make her feel beautiful the briana got a full make rover and a photo shoot. she had to stop going to her school because of the bullying and this friday she will start at a new private school. she said today's pampering helped get, quote, a piece of happiness back the isn't that
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