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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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we have breaking news tonight. straight from the fbi. the terror threat. the fbi just now warning there are hundreds of isis followers here in the united states right now, being told to quote, kill kill americans. fresh off that deadly gun fire in texas. pierre thomas standing by. the scare in the sky tonight. the flight taking off from the south, headed to new york city. smoke the cabin. you can hear the alarms. the severe weather threat tonight. major storms. >> oh my we're getting hit so hard. >> deadly or the nay domes already. 48 reported twisters. firing back tonight. tom brady, his agent calling it a sting. his own father calling it framegate. and the intruder caught on video. the man following this middle school student home right into her house. she fights back and now, the manhunt tonight.
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good evening. and we have several breaking stories. the severe weather coming tonight. but first, the urgent warning from the fbi. we have known of the threat from isis but never have we heard this before. hundreds if not more than 1,000 isis follow earls right here in the united states and right now, being urged to kill. this comes after that dramatic terror attack we saw in texas. the two gunmen who drove all the way from phoenix, picking up to that event and opening fire. a traffic cop somehow able to take them down. images of the aftermath, that burned-out car, the gunmen inspired by isis. and tonight, the fbi revealing hundreds more. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas just back after meeting with the director of the fbi tonight. >> reporter: he's the newest face of homegrown terror. and elton simpson, the man behind the texas terrortack is now what the fbi director says is an urgent threat to the homeland. james comey said the terror group has launched an unprecedented social media
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campaign aimed at hundreds if not more than a thousand followers here in the united states. the followers are being bombarded daily with two primary messages. "come join the islamic state in syria and iraq." and if you can't, the message is to quote, "kill, kill kill, wherever they are." isis radicals and sympathizers are constantly messaging followers and providing them videos, pictures and audio files. intelligence officials estimate that isis and its supporters are issuing at least 90,000 postings a day worldwide. >> isis has really surpassed any other terrorist group in how it's used propaganda and particularly social media. >> pierre thomas with us live in washington. i wanted to get bam to simpson. we're learning that the fbi warned local texas authorities before the attack? >> reporter: yes, david. comey said about three hours before the attack the fbi sent information to texas authorities that simpson was following the controversial cartoon contest
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about the prophet humam mad and could end up there. >> bee yarp thomaspierre thomas, thank you. now, to the severe storm threat. 17 million in the path. a state of emergency in oklahoma. deadly or the nay domes already. severe storm and flash flood watches across five states tonight after a terrifying 24 hours. just listen. ferocious winds in oklahoma. and this number tonight. 48 reported tornadoes in just 24 hours. and look at this. one family's storm shelter in oklahoma pulled right from the ground. abc's ryan owens from oklahoma tonight. >> reporter: good evening, david. i want to show you this house. it's one about 50 in this area with severe damage. this place is a total loss. but the family that lives here they are safe and sound tonight, and here's why. they rode out the storm in this underground shelter. >> tornado is on the ground. you can see the winds beginning to pick up. >> wow! >> reporter: as tornadoes bear down on communities near
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oklahoma city josh longest grabs his wife and three kids and heads to this underground shelter that tonight still has water inside. >> the rain was just coming in, filling up really fast. it's cold the kids were freaking out. i was scared. >> reporter: his family huddles in here for two hours as the storm destroys the home just above them. >> i was letting them know it's going to be okay we're protected. >> reporter: here's the new view from his master bedroom. but at least his family made it out alive. a 42-year-old oklahoma city woman drowned, trapped in her storm shelter. this area got more than seven inches of rain wednesday, a new record. the ground so saturated, this storm shelter popped right out of the earth. >> tornado crossing the highway right now. >> reporter: in all, more than 40 tornadoes reported across the plains wednesday. more than a dozen people were injured when a tornado hit this rv park south of oklahoma city. >> right when it came over us it came right through the park and then just destroyed everything.
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>> reporter: also a scare at this zoo. when storms slammed "tiger safari," the owner thought some big cats might have escaped. fortunate fortunately, he was wrong. tonight, those animals are safe. so much here to clean up and so little time. tonight, the oklahoma city area under a severe thunderstorm watch and more tornadoes are possible this weekend. david? >> under a watch again tonight. ryan thank you. and another remarkable moment. this one from norman oklahoma, tonight. storm chasers, their cameras romming and watch the lefthand side of your screen there that light pole no match for the tornado that actually circles them. meteorologist rob marciano with the new storm track now and those pictures. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: stormchaser chance coldiron behind the wheel, reporting live for local tv. already, they're too close. >> get in! get in! it's on the ground right here. >> reporter: throwing it in reverse, the tornado following them. >> car behind you. car behind you. >> tornado behind us.
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>> it's going to hit us. it's going to hit us. >> reporter: they park near a church as the massive cloud lowers. >> it's hitting me right now. i have debris. i have major debris. we're getting hit so hard right now. >> chance, are you there? >> yeah i'm here, just pray. >> it's not over. circulation a mile wide. >> reporter: they finally run into the church the camera stick roll still rolling. >> they're lucky tonight. rob is with us now. tracking this all day and these folks can't chasm a break. the same region again tonight. >> reporter: tonight is going to be -- i don't think we'll see big storms like that as far as tar know tornadoes go. oklahoma city flash flood watches are up. going to get heavy rain. tomorrow this region is going to see some red. that's never good. moderate risk for severe weather. large hail a few tornadoes and strong winds. on saturday even stronger risk of seeing large tornadoes possibly long track destructive ones and sunday's no picnic either. we are watching this what could be a tropical system off the coast of the carolinas. hurricane hunters investigating
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today. we'll continue to hit the coastline of the car lies right through the weekend. >> rob, thup. we're going to turn now to the fast-moving developments from the nfl and tom brady tonight, about to break his silence about deflategate. these shots right now. brady arriving for a speech in massachusetts. he has yet to react to tin vest game but his agent has, and so has his father. they say it was a sting, they're calling it framegate. abc's ryan smith tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an embattled tom brady arriving by helicopter this evening for a speaking engagement planned before the deflategate scandal broke. he's one of football's most famous quarterbacks. the toast of the nfl, tom brady. a four-time super bowl champ, married to a supermodel with a picture-perfect family. but tonight, facing fallout. the scandal at the afc championship game against the indianapolis colts. the nfl allegedly received an e-mail from the colts' general manager, expressing concern
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about the game balls' air pressure. his agent on the offensive, attacking the nfl itself, alleging it likely conducted a "sting operation" against brady and the patriots. an issue he says is buried in a footnote on page 46. quote, "what does it say about the league when it allows one team to tip it off to an issue and no league officials or game officials notified the patriots?" but the report states there was no sting, no change in "inspection protocols." the report, implicating brady as "more likely that not" aware of deflated balls, quoting text messages from an annoyed locker room attendant to a patriots equipment assistant. "tom sucks, i'm going to make the next ball an expletive balloon balloon." even threatening to over inflate the ball if he doesn't receive gifts in kind, saying, "better be surrounded by cash and new kicks." still, brady's father tom bracy sr., coming to his son's defense in an interview with "usa today."
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saying -- "this was framegate right from the beginning." and "i don't have any doubt about my son's integrity." >> reporter: still behind me thousands have been waiting online for hours, waiting to get in to hear tom brady speak. many wondering if he'll address the report whose findings threaten to put his reputation on the line, david. >> ryan smith live in salem, massachusetts, tonight. ryan thank you. we're going to turn now to some frightening moments on a delta flight from ft. lauderdale, bound for new york. forced to make an emergency landing. smoke timing the cabin, the alarms going off. abc's david kerley with the images and the passengers tonight. >> reporter: smoke and smoke alarms on a delta md-88. the cabin filling fast. when maria aliva awoke from a nap, she had no idea what was happening. >> oh my god, the plane's on fire. we're going to die. that's what i first thought. >> reporter: there was no panic, but passengers were told to put their heads between their legs to limit the amount of smoke they inhaled. >> i was really scared, because i don't know what's going on. the plane is full of smoke. i could barely breathe. >> reporter: it was an engine
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problem that created the smoke. it cleared in five minutes. the ft. lauderdale flight to new york, diverted to charleston where it made a safe landing, and firfighters were waiting. one passenger tweeted, "thanks, pilots. never a dull day." delta is working to get the passengers to new york and the faa is investigating that engine problem and smoky cabin. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thanks. and this evening, a stunning revelation from the pentagon. hundreds in trouble. allegedly using their pentagon issued credit cards for gambling strip clubs, wracking up staggering bills. government credit cards. it's your money, and we ask, have they paid it back? here tonight, abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: from las vegas to atlantic city and casinos in between. pentagon employees have been using their government credit cards to wrack up charges on gambling and adult entertainment like strip clubs. in just one year a pentagon audit found more than 5,000 such
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transactions. the cost? nearly $1 million spent at gambling establishments and close to $100,000 charged at those adult venues. there has already been disciplinary action in 364 of the cases. the pentagon says the employees themselves paid these added expenses not taxpayers. >> seven a winner! >> this is going to get a lot of people's attention. martha why would they use these credit cards, and how can we be sure they paid all the money back? >> reporter: well david, there's speculation that the employees were trying to hide the charges from a spouse or hide a gambling addiction. the pentagon says the employees did not seek reimbursement from the charges. they paid them out of pocket. i guess, hoping no one would notice, david. >> martha raddatz live in washington. martha, thank you. we're going to turn now to the big legal blow tonight to the government's domestic spy program. an appeals court ruling it illegal. the nsa collecting millions of american phone records every day. the court today saying the program goes too far.
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exceeding the guidelines of the patriot act. congress and the white house now deciding how the program will be charged. and here in new york this evening, a sea of blue at the funeral for nypd officer brian moore. the 25-year-old, shot in the head in an unmarked car last weekend. tonight, thousands of fellow officers from across the country and from canada paying their respects. moore is one of 40 police officers killed in the line of duty in this country so far this year. we turn now to the manhunt under way in northern california at this hour. for this man. caught on camera trailing a 13-year-old girl on her way home from school pushing his way inside in broad daylight they say. he was trying to assault her. that girl fighting back and now the manhunt. abc's aditi roy right there in san jose tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a sexual predator at large in northern california. his latest attack caught on home surveillance camera. watch, as he follows this 13-year-old girl home from school then forcing his way through the girl's front door. police say he attempts to sexually assault her right there
6:43 pm
and then. but she fights back, pushing him away. the suspect then flees. today, the teenager speaking out. her family asked that we not show her face. >> i was just trying to get him off me. so i pushed him back and at one point, i slammed my flat palm into his face and i think that's what scared him off. >> reporter: after he leaves, she says she hid in the closet and texted her father, "daddy come home now. some guy tried to rape me." police say the same suspect followed a woman into a grocery store restroom last month and attempted to sexually assault her. releasing these surveillance photos from that incident. do you believe he'll hit again? >> without a doubt. these guys are predators. >> reporter: aditi roy, abc news, san jose california. >> incredible images. we're going to turn now to that number. more than 600,000 frozen 'em bly owes in the united states alone. a lot of couples watching this very public battle play out. tonight, sofia vergara, right here, saying this is the last
6:44 pm
time she is going to talk about this saying she's going to win this case. here's abc's amy robach with the interview. >> reporter: just hours ago, sofia vergara with her new fiance, getting her star on the hollywood walk of fame. but make no mistake, she is saying enough is enough, this is the last time she'll talk about that battle over frozen embryos. >> there's papers signed. there's a court day. he shouldn't be creating something so ugly out of nothing. >> reporter: she says her ex-fiance is using her star power in the fight and the bottom line they had a signed agreement. that ex nick loeb, making his case in "the new york times," and on tv just today on cnn. >> these are lives that have already been created. >> reporter: he says he wants to raise a family on his own. she says it's simple. they signed not one, but two contracts with the fertility clinic. and she says adds something more, those embryos were made when they were together and happy, what a baby deserves. >> more than a mother, it needs a loving relationship of
6:45 pm
parents, you know, that get along. >> reporter: hurt? embarrassed? angry? >> no. i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself. >> and amy is with us now. we heard that number there at the top. 600,000 frozen embryos here in america. a lot of couples affected by this. what does sofia think is going to happen? >> reporter: she believes the validity of the contracts will be upheld in a court of law and, frankly, she's just ready to move on. she's very excited about her upcoming nuptials later this year. >> if anyone deserves a happy wednesdaying it's her. amy, thank you. still to come on "world news tonight" this thursday. the headline we couldn't believe tonight. authorities suggesting you put your keys in your freezer. car thefts on the rise and they say there's something your freezer does to disarm the thieves from stealing from your car right in the driveway. also breaking tonight, the popular home improvement company, suspending sales of flooring from china now amid a
6:46 pm
federal investigation into the possible chemicals being used. we'll have much more. and then watch this. the moment the played out on live television. you're -- that is shaq right there, unbelievable. he says they set him up. but in good humor, the contest tonight. you're chance to win 500 bucks. when we come back. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day.
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so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. next tonight here protecting the family car. the fbi says every 44 seconds, a vehicle is stolen here in america. but when we saw authorities suggesting you put your keys in your freezer, we asked abc's clayton sandell to find out why. >> reporter: watch this alleged thief walk up to this locked audi in sausalito, california, and press or the, the door suddenly unlocks. he gets away with a suitcase and a custom $15,000 bicycle. how did he do it? >> it is believed he used an electronic device or remote to open the car doors electronically. >> reporter: it could be a devits like this transmitting
6:49 pm
signals that mimic a key'scar's key fob. these are popping up from long beach, california, to chicago. another technique uses a radio amplifier to in theory unlock your car from much further away than normal say, after you've already gone inside. to help defeat this particular ruse the experts say you can keys in something metal to block the signal. like your freezer. >> the best prevention is to lock your car, take your valuables out of it park in a well-lit area. >> reporter: high crime going high tech. clayton sandell, abc news denver. when we come back here the grocery store known for its fresh food but high prices. sprices. also the home improvement company announcing a big change today, amid a federal investigation over possible chemicals used. >> and then that video tonight. so many reacting to this scene from "dirty dancing." did it go too far? we'll have the reaction, coming up next.
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to the index tonight. lumber liquidators suspending the sale of laminating flooring made in china. it comes after serious safety concerns following allegations the flooring contains high levels of chemicals. there is a federal investigation now. whole foods announcing they are opening a new lower priced chain next year aimed at millennials who want organic, but lower prices. tonight the cleveland cavaliers apologizing for this video played during last night's game being called tone deaf. a spoof of "dirty dancing." this woman appears to be thrown across the room because she's a bulls fan. the team tonight saying the video buzz not intended to be offensive, calling it a mistake. when we come back here tonight, your chance to win $500. that is shaq's promise, if you can make him laugh even more after this life moment on television last night. don't go away.
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at finally tonight here it is live television after all. and last night, millions were watching a lesson in good humor. being able to laugh at yourself. shaq sure did. it was the nba halftime show no one expecting this play. >> oh! >> oh! >> reporter: that's shaq on live tv all seven feet 325 pounds of him. >> oh! >> reporter: his shoe size 23 -- >> you set me up ernie. >> hey! >> what do you mean me? >> reporter: it was halftime after all. they were ready with the instant replay. >> look at this. >> oh, my gosh. oh -- >> what -- >> what are you doing?
6:58 pm
>> reporter: but shaq his sense of humor also in tact with a tweet. whoever makes me the best meme of me busting my wins $500 cash. they were off. shaq as smooth criminal. to the left there with michael jackson. shaq in gull verve's travels. losing to fly mayweather. and shaq with muhammad ali. stings like a bee. in the end, he picks himself up and picks up that shoe too. and he was off to find the person who will place first. which is why i am buckled into this seat. thank you for watching on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night.
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