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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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d put me in the backseat of a car and rolled me around. brad: the anger and distrust made clear in last week's rioting is prompting new attorney general loretta lynch to take action beyond the ongoing federal investigation in the death of freddie gray. loretta: the department of justice is opening an investigation whether the baltimore police department has a pattern and practice of violation of the constitution or federal law. brad: the investigations are not uncommon. the prince george county police were under federal scrutiny from 2000-2009. today the county executive baker says it made a difference. >> executive baker: it helped us retrain look at how we were doing training for the police department and community policing. more importantly, you are not going to arrest your way out of this. brad: baker says they learned economic development plays a huge role in urban renewal and crime fighting and why he came to baltimore today. montgomery county executive to
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have lunch with baltimore mayor and urge others to visit as well. >> our tourist industry cannot suffer. brad: the mayor says tourism is one of baltimore top five industries. if you look out this afternoon the mayor hopes the crowd return to the town. they are making an appeal to the community much like the president did after 9/11 for people to come back to new york. county executives baker, and the mayor say please come back to baltimore. in baltimore brad bell, abc7 news. alison: meanwhile police week kicks off in district this sunday. one of the big events there is changing because of what has been going on there in baltimore. participants in this year's unity ride had to take buses through parts of maryland and virginia to get to r.f.k. stadium this morning. once they were there they rode en masse to the national law enforcement officer's
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memorial. scott: nice day for a bike ride in fact. but a bit south. carolinas are bracing for possible tropical storm in the second week of may. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center and tracking ana tonight. doug: travel south. a like look on the weather bug network from the weather camera. that is the atlanta lodge looking live. some tropical looking skies but a little bit of a breeze. in the next 48 hours that part of southern north carolina beach and westward toward the border with south carolina toward north myrtle beach, that area could get heavy rain and winds from subtropical storm ana. the circulation is pretty sad right now with most of the storminess, cloudiness over the ocean. the computer model suggests it will make a move toward the beach over the weekend. then accelerate and be fairly weak. perhaps the lower chesapeake bay and eastern shore could
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get some effect of rain and showers but it won't be until later in the day on monday. in the meantime, we expect just kind of a hazy weekend. warm and humid partly cloudy. same for mom's day but scattered storms for sunday as well. more what to expect for the weekend and beyond coming up in a few minutes. scott? scott: thousand of people spent their lunch hour outside looking at the skies. they were there to see dozen of world war ii era planes fly over the national mall. the event marking the 70th anniversary of v.e. day when nazi surrendered to the allies during world war ii. our stephen tschida was near the air and space museum along the national mall and joins us with the reaction. quite a sight in the sky today. stephen: incredible. they were watching the world
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war ii era planes fly over the mall. they got a good look at them. bomber fighter planes and even transport planes. everybody here saying the aircraft did not disappoint. out of history and over the national mall. they swooped in from the west. >> those are my favorite so far. stephen: majestic celebratory flight seven decades after victory. >> loss of fire power. 21-meter gun and .50 caliber machine guns on the nose. stephen: below the procession of the planes thousands packed the mall. some in awe of the aircraft. >> pretty good! stephen: which played a crucial role in world war ii. >> seeing this many airplanes in one place is spectacular. stephen: also in the crowd, war buts, spell bound watching the vintage flying machines in action again. >> this is a thrill for an
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avenueiation nut to see this at -- aviation nut to see this at all. stephen: she brought a study guide to help her. the image of the antique air power dazzled those on the mall -- >> only in d.c. right? stephen: it reminded some of the pride that surged through the country 70 years ago today. >> my dad served world war ii. he would have loved this. stephen: bringing up the rears one of the star of the air show the b-29 superfortress. the only one still flying. if you want to get a closer look at the world war ii era aircraft, head out to the air and space museum facility in virginia this weekend. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. scott: you didn't have to be down on the mall to see the show. abc7 crews found cars pulled over all over the place. this is the g.w. parkway where folks trying to get a glimpse
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from the show. the planes came in and followed the potomac down the national mall. that meant no flights took off or landed at reagan national airport between 12:00 and 1:15. alison: however this plane did come in for a landing despite restrictions at reagan national. part of a formation when the pilot of the vintage aircraft noticed a problem. suzanne kennedy picks up the team coverage with more on what happened there and the impact it had at the airport. suzanne: well, alison it was quite a sight here midday at the reagan national airport. the vintage aircraft on the runway next to the modern aircraft. i was there for an hour and had a significant impact on the air travel in the capital. listen closely to hear the sounds of the world war ii era plane in distress. sputtering aircraft was one of
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more than 50 planes celebrating v.e. day with a midday flyover of the nation's capital. along the route, the pilot detected a hydraulic problem and pulled off from the formation over the lincoln memorial. the aircraft landed on runway 119 at reagan national airport. >> we saw the people pulling the plane off of the runway. suzanne: the two women were trying to board a southwest plane to new hampshire when the avenger touched down. >> it was a gray world war ii small plane pushed around by several crews that work here. it was actually really cool to see. suzanne: the unexpected arrival forced already in place hour-long ground stop to be extend and the plane was towed from the tarmac. >> it's delayed for 20 minutes. suzanne: air traveler mayry meyer was delayed and she was already spectacle about the plane's ability to make the flyover. >> i was amazed that so many 70-year-old planes could fly
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still. suzanne: flying u.s. airways to a meeting in new england one he wasn't sure he was going to make it to on time. >> i have a 4:30 appoint in the boston. it is going to be very tight now. suzanne: the plane was returned to the airport from which it took off this morning. there were no injuries. reporting live at reagan national airport, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: of course today's flyover commemorates the end of world war ii. coming up at 5:45 meet a local veteran helping bring the history to life for elementary school students. at 6:00 tonight, watch the reaction of some of the veterans as the planes took to the sky. scott? scott: developing now. a new court ruling allows passengers to keep using cell phones during take-offs and landings. today the u.s. court of appeals in d.c. threw out a lawsuit filed by the nation's largest flight attendant union. that group said the f.a.a. did not take the proper legal steps when changing the rules back in 2013 but the court
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ruled that the f.a.a. acted within its authority. today the u.s. military raised the threat level at bases across america. at most it went from a baseline level a to a level b. other installations like the pentagon were already at a higher level. the department of defense says there isn't a specific threat but rather a generally tightened one after the attack on a cartoon contest in texas. alison: well, this just in. from d.c. police today. video of two people wanted in connection with a pair of armed robberies in georgetown. investigators say this man and this woman you see right here are considered persons of interest after the robberies wednesday night. one was on the campus of georgetown university. the other about an hour and a half later near 31st and m street. if you recognize either of these people please call police. now to a developing story out of montgomery county where police are trying to figure out what happened to a
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1-month-old baby. a police officer found the child unconscious with her mother in the parking lot of the white oak shopping center last night. brianne carter is at the shopping center with a look at what the officer did to save the baby's life. brianne: the officer has been a part of the montgomery county police department since 2001. he was here patrolling along new hampshire aver. that is when according to police he came in to patrol the shopping center something he does routinely. he stopped at this intersection when he says a man alerted him that someone might need help. he stepped in to save a child's life. officer david reed is being called a hero tonight by his fellow officers for saving the life of a 1-month-old little girl lying unconscious in her mother's arms. >> there was a life saved. >> officer reed patrolled the shopping mall when he was told
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the infant -- a woman was crying. he noticed a little girl who wasn't breathing. >> the baby had no movement at all. >> the officer took the infant in his arms and began to save her life. >> restrict the back of the baby between the shoulder blades and at that time the baby took a deep breath began to cry. >> the child was taken to the hospital and is now with family members. the baby's mother is in the hospital. >> police at this hour aren't releasing any information on why the baby mother was hysterical or the little girl wasn't breathing. >> investigators are looking at all the circumstances to see if anything arises. >> officer reefed a father of two was -- officer reed a father of two, was humbled saying he did what any other officer would do to save the girl's life. >> big beautiful brown eyes looking at you at the hospital. i was very thankful to be part of that. >> now the little girl is
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expected to make a full recovery from this incident. we do understand according to police the baby's father was also here in the parking lot and came back to the car as he saw the police there arriving. we do understand the investigation into how this all happened continues. reporting live brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 "7 on your side" after a viewer spent months trying to get a refund from a local dental practice. find out why the owner of the practice is facing federal charges. scott: plus, flames on the freeway but not from a car. find out what happened to cause this problem in rush hour in one of theation's busiest cities. alison: then a little later -- i couldn't believe what i was watching. alison: find out what they found when they were out of the boat. scott: and hail, rain, tornadoes. they all tear through the plain states. we will look at the damage and show you what is left over
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a roar of thunder, like a steam engine. i could hear the rumble on the ground even though we were in the basement. scott: another night of storm
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leave people across the plains cleaning up. dozens of tornadoes have been reported in the past two days. the midwest isn't out of the woods yet with more storms expected this weekend. elizabeth hur has a look at the impact so far. elizabeth: the race is on to clear the debris and the mangled mess out of the area before mother nature strikes again. >> we have worked hard for the last five years to build this business. and then it's just gone. elizabeth: this at a welding somebody in oklahoma lending a hand. volunteers from the local churches and schools. >> picking up debris putting it in trucks and having it loaded. elizabeth: in texas heartbreak and anguish for this couple left homeless. >> where do we start? we have been here 20-plus years and we have never had to replace a roof from a storm. never.
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elizabeth: tornado after tornado tore through texas lightning sparked fires. >> oh, my god a fire. elizabeth: nerves rattled by a 4.0 earthquake near dallas. hail pounded parts of colorado and seven inches of rain drenched nebraska the state's worst natural disaster. with more severe weather in the forecast despite losing their home and businesses some are taking it all in stride. >> oklahoma has a great attitude toward caring for their people. but so does the nation. the nation really comes together when something like this happens. elizabeth: they are confident they will bounce back from this. for now they say they will prepare for the worst and hope for the best. in oklahoma, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. alison: tough situation out there. scott: and this afternoon/evening widespread area of the northern texas panhandle, western oklahoma under tornado watches and a
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better chance tomorrow. just nasty. here it will be warm and humid. that is about it. alison: i can deal with that. doug: absolutely. get started and give you a look at what it look like at bellhane country club in alexandria. a beautiful afternoon. the golfers out there. am i ten feet from the pin? nine feet? they will figure it out. 78 degrees right now. beautiful. 81 degrees is the current report in the district campus of george washington university. 81 degrees in arlington. 82 in kensington. the temperatures at this hour continue very warm. 82 at reagan normal. 83 in fredericksburg. 82 in winchester. not just the local area. there is a large area of warm air across the midatlantic, northeast. part of the midwest and carolinas. with the light winds we will see the temperatures drop in the overnight hours maybe as
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cool as 59 in suburbs. 64 downtown. with a light southeasterly breeze fog is an issue but it will burn off. it's 87 in burlington vermont. 88 in nashville. we are staying above average temperatures for a while. what is average? the average high is 72. we beat that for a long shot. 90 in charleston, west virginia. plenty of warm air. to go along with a warm air there is a cold front. this is on the leading edge of the next batch of cooler temperatures and that is pinned to the west for a while. high pressure sprawling high pressure controls our area. bottom side of the high there is an area of low pressure spinning up well south of the south carolina coast. this is the system that has been dubbed "subtropical storm ana" top winds of 40-45 miles per hour. most of the circulation is out
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to sea. you can see the rotation, the circulation here, but there is not a lot on the western side. some of the winds are chewing it up. hurricane models continue to expect this to drift north and northwest. not get stronger, just become more consolidated with the showers and the thundershowers in the next couple of days. once we get later in the weekend there indications it will make a turn and head north and east pretty good pace. but that is not until monday afternoon when it gets near southeast virginia. then it will clear out. maybe showers across the lower bay. otherwise don't think it has much impact at all. the weekend forecast looks good. 84 tomorrow. sunday muggy and partly sunny. chance of afternoon thunderstorms on sunday and evening. in the next seven days better chance monday afternoon and evening. south and east of the city. hot, hot hot on tuesday. maybe close to 90 here. plenty of sun. then it will turn cooler. alison: okay. almost 90.
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we're ready, i guess. scott: here we go. we better be. alison: okay. well we have some sad and disappointing news for "general hospital" fans. actor anthony geary best known for his character luke spencer is leaving abc's number one show. he said it was his decision to leave after three decades. his last episode will end later this summer. his marriage to laura was the biggest moment daytime television history. scott: he has put in his time. three decades. alison: amazing. scott: impressive. still ahead on the "abc7 news at 5:00" -- finished in five. the caps have a chance to knock rangers out of the playoffs. we are live in new york. we have a preview. alison: plus, 70 years ago the headlines were all about the german surrender. coming up how a local veteran is helping teach the next generation about the greatest one. scott: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on
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abc --
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alison: a developing out of atlanta. it could be a few hours before investigators know what caused a plane to crash. chris papst has more. chris: investigators say they have to reconstruct the plane to figure out what caused it
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to go down. that could take some time. the small single engine plane ran into trouble this morning shortly after taking off from a georgia airport. 12 miles northwest of atlanta. i crashed in a busy median along the highway. there were four people and a pet on board and none survived. identified a father his two adult sons and a woman who was engaged to one of those sons. it could take upwards of two weeks to reconstruct the plane and six months to a year to figure out what caused the crash. as of now the investigators don't know if the pilot made any emergency calls can after taking off. that crash did leave major traffic backups all throughout northeast atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. >> we're going to look at everything. laundry list of items i'm going to look at the maintenance that was last done on the aircraft. from what we understand the airport just fueled over at peach tree dekalb. we will look at the pilot's experience. chris: the family from north
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carolina was heading to ole miss to see a relative's graduation from college. no one on the ground was injured. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- hit the road. a look at how many of us may be doing that to start the summer. scott: plus, -- >> i don't want to hear anything else. next question. next question. scott: find out what made the wizards' coach so angry today. alison: "7 on your side" getting answers for a d.c. woman who spent months trying to get a refund from a dental clinic in the district. we discover her money may be lost but the owner
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when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things t to do every day. appointments...
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scott: investigator joce sterman determined that a view're's money may be lost as the owner of the clinic faces federal charges. >> does it surprise you that we showed up here? i'm shocked. joce: the "7 on your side" paying attention to a local dentist after we unravel a mystery. she is not the target of an investigation but she is wrapped up in one that the feds say is center around the owner of the d.c. dental clinic where she used to work.
5:30 pm
>> after a month i was there, i saw a few things i wasn't comfortable with. joce: one year ago she was working for the dental arts group, a clinic inside this building in northwest d.c. in her short time there, she says she saw red flags with how the practice's finances were handled so she reported it to authorities a as whistle blower. >> i wrote them a check for $395 that day. joce: d.c. dental patient devora mccoy had problems too, and she contacted "7 on your side" after spending months trying to get a refund from dental arts group which she says made them pay hundreds up front and kept a reinforcement check sent to clinic with her insurance company. >> thankfully i'm not in a financial crisis where i really need that money but if i was, i was would be out of luck. joce: it appears that the luck has started to run out for this woman nancy, the owner of dental arts group. "7 on your side" has learned she has been hit with federal for allegedly submitting fraudulent bills
5:31 pm
stealing the identities of licensed dentists and defrauding patients like my coy who had no idea she was behind the whole business. >> everything seemed legitimate. joce: we could not find a number for nancy and she lives in a secure build something we couldn't ask her to personally comment on the case but i spoke to her attorney, her public defender and he had no comment. in the newsroom joce sterman abc7. alison: thank you. other stories today the justice department is taking a closer look at the relationship between some police department and their community. this comes in the wake of freddie gray's death. the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch will look into whether the baltimore police department engaged in a pattern of violations of the constitution or federal law. scott: tonight a 1-month-old girl safe thanks to a montgomery county police officer. police officer david reed found the girl's mother crying hysterically cradling the unconscious child.
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reed revived her and both the girl and mother are in the hospital. police at this hour aren't saying exactly what happened. alison: and a memorial to our country's greatest generation. in the skies right over d.c. today. dozens of world war ii era planes flew over the national mall. the event was to mark the 70th anniversary of v.e. or victory in europe day where the nazis surrendered to the allies in world war ii. scott: triple-a expects more than 3 million americans will travel for memorial day this year. that is the most travel since 2005. americans taking a trip of 50 miles or more will go up nearly 5% over the holiday weekend. estimated 33 million will drive to their destination making for crowded highways. triple-a says the number of people flying should rise 2.5%. speaking of travel jamie sullivan is here to tell us what it is like on the roadway. jamie: it's a typical afternoon for us with congestion.
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the commute into the d.c. area using 395 may be a little more congested. crash near the 14th street bridge. everything seems to have been moved over to the side. they should clear that out soon. you can see here we have a little bit of congestion. everything was over to the side. now as we move to look back at the map. so your commute on the beltway is a slow-go on the outer loop working your way to river road. you will start to see the heaviest traffic near the 270 spur. crash has the lane blocked. the inner loop where you see the solid red line that is the congestion from tyson's corner working your way closer to bethesda. we have a crash in virginia, route 50. arlington boulevard heading westbound. tractor-trailer involved there. working your way outbound on 66, it is going to take you 30 minutes to get from the beltway and continue close to the fairfax county parkway. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you, jamie. tomorrow morning we want to remind you that metro will open early for this year's
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susan g. komen race for the cure. if you heading downtown for the festivities you will be able to start taking that train at 5:00 a.m. the abc7 is proud to be a sponsor of this year's race for the cure. you can learn anything you want to know about the event at scott: we know it to be true. live tt go on. no matter what. now one anchor in texas knows it atoo well. the anchor matt garcia got more than he asked for while hosting a segment about adoptable pets. apparently thistle, the puppy was nervous and had a bit of an accident. >> he is a rottweiler and sheppard mix. and he peed all over me. >> poor thing. scott: well afterward, garcia said the possibility of this happening at all was a co of course now it is a reality. alison: more thing.
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nervous. the things that happen on live tv. scott: yeah. alison: all week we have been following for you the story of mary lee. she is the great white shark whose tracker put her off chickesea island. tonight the shark was pinged up near new jersey. another encounter with a great white. this one well, too close for comfort. a man was spear fishing when a shark swam up to him. he was feet from the 12-foot shark. a site he had never seen. instead of getting out of the water he and his friends had a different idea. >> he came off and said hand me the go-pro. there is a great white shark on the bottom. i said are you sure about this? my daughter was yelling and i was yelling.
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alison: the shark didn't hurt anyone and it's a rare sighting but fishermen are starting to see great whites more often. scott: get in a boat or get the camera? i'm getting in the boat. alison: me, too. me too. scott: coming up at 5:00 -- >> ambassador where they have a big open house tomorrow. more on that coming up. alison: but first giving special parents and their children a break from the rigors of the daily grind. scott: then all new at 6:00 -- a spiritual leader convicted of betraying those who trusted him. how lwó
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scott: abc7 wants to make sure that you have the latest news weather and traffic all at your fingertips. so long on to you can sign up for texts alerts on your phone. alison? alison: scott, tomorrow night scott andry looking forward to hosting a celebration of special children. it's for jill's house. jill's house is a place where parents with intellectually disabled children can get a much-needed break from rigorous care. and the children can have some fun. tonight's working woman helps
5:40 pm
special families find a second home at jill's house. friday night at jill's house is danna's favorite night at the week. there are hugs and laughter. she knows the children and their parents are all in for a treat. what jill's house provides is that gift of time. parents who care for children with severe disabilities rarely get respite. jill's house is set up so the children can spend the weekend with 24-hour care special facilities and other kids just like them. and their parents can spend time with each other. with the other children or just resting. >> that is two full nights they can have to sleep at home. and that they can do things like go to a movie. alison: things that many of us take for granted. she is the director of family support for jill's house. she practiced law and had four children. when she went back to work at jill's house she quickly related to the parents she met.
5:41 pm
>> what an incredible privilege is it to be a parent and what a challenge it can be. and i feel very blessed that my children are healthy and typically developing. even so there were tames where i felt very overwhelmed. alison: she is constantly impressed by what the family goes through with such strength. >> how brave and courageous they are. they are amazing advocates and they are seeking out resources. they are looking to do the best they can do with the children. alison: after five years at jill's house, she still gets emotional saying the job has fundamentally changed her. >> it is a privilege. and to be part of the family's lives is an honor to know the children and to take the time to look them in the eye and talk to them. alison: so right now jill's house offers them quarterly respite. she says more than one couple told them that the service they provide saved their
5:42 pm
marriage. i look forward to introducing you to jill's house at the event tomorrow night. scott: i can't wait. great story. thank you alison. coming up next on the "abc7 news at 5:00" -- seeing history through the eyes of those who experienced it. countdown to the cup brought to you by 84 lumber, where your project is our
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alison: well, today u.s. secretary of state john kerry laid a wreath on the world war ii memorial in paris. this is the day they ended the war in europe. what came to be known as v.e. day was a watershed moment in american history. as jay korff reports, a local teacher took her students on a remarkable ride back in history with the help of a world war ii veteran. jay: this is the only german immersion program in the region. the german teacher returned from her mother's hometown to
5:46 pm
attend festivities, celebrating 70 years of democracy. the city nearly obliterated by allied bombs was considered a nazi stronghold in world war ii before the american g.i. liberated in april of 1945. >> i could tell the war was about over but i had sadness in my heart because of the people that might have been in those buildings and did not evacuate and lost their lives. >> to transform her trip the 91-year-old still fits in the uniform. she brought with her questions that her students posed to elderly germans who were children in the war. >> what was going through your mind and how did you feel when you first saw american soldier. >> he did one better. she videotaped for us the most emotional answers.
5:47 pm
>> don't worry. don't worry. they repeated that five or six times. my mom said what do they want here? here come the americans. >> myron so touched by his trip and handwritten cards that the students wrote thanking him for the military service he returned the favor. [applause] >> he went room to room answering questions. >> this girl had the first question. >> recounting bygone stories with children who shared in his latest journey. >> i try to impress on them that freedom is not free. that there is a cost of many lives. >> myron came to virginia knowing it may be the last time he has the energy to make such a whirlwind trip to be as the germans say a witness to time. >> it was priceless. the experience that they had.
5:48 pm
>> i'm glad that i could still be able to do it. jay korff, abc7 news. scott: how great is he? alison: so special. scott: yeah. alison: you know, he was able to share the story with the kids. scott: they appreciated everything he taught them. fascinating. alison: that was great. let's go ahead and move on to weather. doug is standing by as we head into the weekend. a little bit of a mixed bag right, doug? doug: a little bit. warm and humid. look at what we have outside now from the rooftop camera in rosalyn. a few clouds and warm and pleasant friday evening around the capital. it's 82 the at reagan national. 81 in gaithersburg. 89 in baltimore. through the evening we will be mild and muggy. we will drop to the 70's. eventually 59-64 for the range. the cooler temperatures tant clearer sky overnight patchy dense fog that will burn off quickly through the day tomorrow. through the afternoon partly sunday mid-80's.
5:49 pm
maybe showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening and a better chance monday. theron it will turn breezy, hot on tuesday. active weather mess. a active hop in kind of day for british empire this weekend. steve rudin is telling us they are getting ready for a big open house. steve: it's storm. i am joined by the british ambassador to the u.s. thank you for joining us. what can we expect at the homer house? peter: a wonderful time. some of the finest gardens in washington and chance to look at the inside of the iconic residence. the last couple of years we have had 10,000 people come to the house and the gardens. there will be a lot of british and a sign of a wonderful bell here a bit of a relish from world war ii. and the cooperation with the navies a lot going on. steve: doors at 10:00 to 4:00.
5:50 pm
can people line up early? peter: they can come early if they want to. we will do our best to keep it moving quickly but they are in for a great day at the embassies but ours is the best. steve: absolutely. for those who have been here 10,000 in the previous years. what is new this year? peter: well this is a special year because this is a big anniversary of v.e. day. we had celebration this morning. in the u.k. as well the politician and the royal family is celebrating that too. a little bit of a special bit of history. otherwise we have cookies for sale and bits of british memorabilia. this bell which is a bit of history. i won't talk about in great detail now it is new this year. i think people will find there is a lot more and different to see even those who have been here before. many tell me they want to come again. steve: beautiful. appreciate it. there you have it. 10 seven to 4:00 on massachusetts aver. easy to find.
5:51 pm
parking, you can find it. get in line early. good time for all. head back to the news desk. alison: when will princess charlotte make her appearance? the royal baby! scott: surprise. maybe it's tomorrow. we don't know. alison: all right. scott: we need an appearance right now from robert burton who is up in the big apple. who knows the trouble he got into. alison: what is going on? robert: i will say this. the caps can do it one or two ways. win tonight in game five and close it out or they can move and it will come to d.c. and it is prolonged. either way you do it, it is hard. i guess you can say it you can do it the hard way or you can do it the hard way. >> he scores! robert: one more win tonight and the caps are off to the eastern conference finals. but winning one more especially at m.s.g. is much more easier said than done. >> it's just harder.
5:52 pm
we are okay with harder. the team has been that way all year. the harder it gets the better we seem to play. we are in a position and we are just going to keep the foot to the pedal and see if we can get that fourth win. robert: for the caps, every game this postseason win or loss has been a learning experience. >> learning for every situation, every mistake, every failure and every success. we said from day one we want to get better and better. and we still have a long ways to go. >> holding. he scores! robert: even though the caps lead 3-1 this series is far from over. >> we keep marching forward. we don't look apt the past. we don't, whether it's success or failure in the last game, we don't look at what just happened. we just prepare for the next one. robert: all right. now to the other team in the playoffs.
5:53 pm
the washington wizards, still no word so far if john wall will play in tomorrow's game three. however randy wittman is not a happy camper right now. today he responded to a report coming out of the "washington post" saying that wall is clashing with medical experts on his wrist. here randy whitman from today. randy: that is so far from the truth i've got to say something. our doctors that are busting their [bleep] to have something like that said. that's not right. i have to stand up for those people in there. i don't want to hear anything else. next question. >> you brought it up. randy: next question. robert: randy, i have never seen that side of you before. outside of m.s.g. for game five, caps lead 3-1. i have seen a lot of red, white and blue out here. not for the caps though. hopefully we will come across more cap fans as we get closer to game time.
5:54 pm
guys, back to you in the studio. alison: yeah. i hope you will. all right robert, thank you very much. scott: yes. caps caps caps. all right. still to come here at 5:00 -- >> a new construction site and an old building suddenly in danger of collapse. i'm stephen tschida. i will tell
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
scott: only on 7, tonight a big dig has an historic building in a dangerous predicament. alison: the district ordered the occupants out and halted work at 11th and m street in an effort to keep the old structure from actually falling in to the hole. stephen tschida has the story. stephen: the developer plans to surround this victorian home now an apartment building at 11th and m street in northwest d.c. with a great big apartment building. the moat around the old house intended for the foundation of the new apartment. but the builder apparently dug too deep and too close.
5:58 pm
>> something is broken. stephen: more like cracked and literally on the edge. alfredo came to do the laundry here but it's closed and he quickly figured out why. >> it's really dangerous. stephen: the drop is so sharp that the fear is the building will fall over and crash to the ground. >> the people living in the structure ajayse sabt to -- adjacent to the structure have been relocated. stephen: they evacuated the building and slapping a stop work order on the project. the only endeavors underway now are efforts to save the old building. >> i don't know how. stephen: for now they are piling dirt around the base of the house and installing support beams. no word when or whether construction will resume. stephen tschida, abc7 news. scott: that is it for "abc7
5:59 pm
news at 5:00". alison: but right now at 6:00, break's news from baltimore as the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray fight back against prosecutors. scott: plus, abc7 take a look at body camera. the safety features praised as an answer to police brutality. alison: and a few tense moments amidst an historic vent in the nation's capital. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. first at 6:00. the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray say the charges against them should be thrown out. the charges against the officers rain from misconduct to second-degree murder. they call for the baltimore state attorney to recuse
6:00 pm
herself from the case. this comes as the department of civil justice launches an investigation in the entire baltimore police department. that means the department of justice agents will examine whether baltimore police have a pattern of excessive force. constitutional violations or discrimination. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake requested the investigation. >> mayor rawlings-blake: our goal is to work with the community, public officials and law enforcement alike to create a stronger better baltimore. >> we have communities that want to be safe. we have police officers that want to do the right thing. we have to figure out a way to bridge that gap. >> a similar investigation in the ferguson missouri police department turned up widespread problems. baltimore police officers said he welcomes the investigation. cases like the death of freddie gray in baltimore and michael brown in ferguson fueled nationwide calls for all police to wear bo


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