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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 14, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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cannot see a trace of re-moores on his face. but the defense shot back saying he has potential for redemption and shown signs of remorse, reminding jurors friends and family described him as a gentle little boy and friendly teenager led the defense says into jihad by a radical older brother. his attorney arguing against the death penalty saying there's no punishment not even a death sentence that would balance the scales. >> many of the victims and family members were at the courthouse and they are split. some want the death penalty, others life in prison. if he does get the death penalty at 21 he would it be the youngest person on federal death row. tom llamas are abc news boston. >> over in britain, a decade long legal battle is finally over with the release of previously secret letters written by prince charles. those were written top top british government officials including former prime minister tony blair that show prince charles' views onicious from defense spending to the environment. the release zillions
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controversial because senior royals are supposed to avoid being involved in any sort of politics. >> new details on the incident in front of the white house involving two secret service agents back in march. the men were "more likely than not impaired by alcohol when they drove through the barricade." it found they spent five hours at a bar after being at a party. the findings prompted the secret service to place the two on leave. one of the agents announced he will retire. now to the chilling confession police say a woman made after killing her boyfriend. police in goshen new york say angelika gross wald told them she will tampered with the victim's kayak and told them "it felt good knowing he would guy." she at first claimed her he boyfriend disappeared while they were kayaking on the river. his body still not found. >> a frightening scene on an internet in louisiana. it's caught on dashcam. okay tractor-trailer.
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here. rv towing a pickup truck coming up alongside and the rv veers into the median. it rolls over. you see this the front driver's side tire blew out here causing the accident. nobody inside was seriously hurt. the small cable barrier in that median is credited with stopping the rv from heading into oncoming traffic. >> wow. rainfall totals in much of texas are now more than double the tomorrow for the month of may. we're not even halfway through the month. that's triggered massive flooding across the state. in the north, officials are taking the unusual step of it releasing water from swollen lakes which is starting to swamp nearby neighborhoods. residents are warned that they might have to evacuate. and, of course all that rain is creating problems on the roads. raging flash flood picked up this car and swept it down stream. the driver was lucky, managed to get out of the car and make her way to safety. >> unfortunately storms over texas aren't over yet.
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another 2 to 5 inches expected with more flooding. upper midwest will get wet today and much needed rain is finally falling in california. >> mid to high 80s across the south. and a beautiful spring day here in the east with highs in the mid-70s. >> all right. we've got to give you a heads-up here what you're about to see, the guy is absolutely fine. all right? this happened a couple years ago. we're getting a look now. the headline landscaper hit in the eye with a flying nail. there's the proof of what i'm talking about. >> he was hit with that nail. he hit the nail actually with a weed whacker, flew up got embedded in his eye. >> ow. >> doctors at boston mass general were able to remove it. we're told the guy is just fine. we don't know if he's still in the landscaping business. but the guy is okay. >> that's a rough one. >> i did not tell you he was okay. i start offed the story with that marci. >> it grosses me out.
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all right. health headline this morning. advice for smokers looking to quit. put some money on the line. a study shows smokers with $150 of their own money at stake were far more likely to quit than smokes who didn't have to wager on outcome of their attempt. the catch though few smokers who were offered the chance to bet on themselves actually took the bet. >> that's pretty good. anybody out there knows the dutch love their cycling. the country completely flat. that's great for r50iding a bike. >> some of that cycling has been done on an experimental solar road. they say it's generating much more energy than first anticipateded. >> 70 yard stretch glows at night because of the energy it's storing. . the energy it has created so far would be enough to power a household for a full year. that's the future. coming up in a sec, we return to our top story. the details continue to come in
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now that we're zoom 24 plus hours past the accident there in philadelphia. every victim now has a story. we're hearing more of them. >> outrage as the drive of a here's carrying an american war veteran to a plermal makes a coffee stop. the viral video and the search for answers. >> and later, the 6-year-old girl who demanded that her head be shaved. is this a hairdo for a little girl or is hair don't? you are watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by the united health care. don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about 80% of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans they could help save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. taking informed steps really
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♪ music throughout ♪ unlike ordinary diapers, pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier. so your baby can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers recapping our top story, the breakneck speed of that amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia. 106 miles an hour in a 50-mile-an-hour zone. engineer now saying he has no recollection of the crash. death toll remains at seven. ten people are still in critical
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condition. >> we're learning more about those who lost their lives during what was supposed to be a routine and train ride. >> five of the seven victims have been identified. most of them on their way home to their families. more from from abc's david wright. >> among the dead justin zemser just two months past his 20th birthday his mother's pride and joy. >> he was his high school valedictorian and was just finishing up his second year as mid shipman at the united states naval academy. >> he played football for navy wide receiver and was headed home to rockaway beach at the end of the school year. his journey home cut short. so many people take that train. thousands every day. moms and dads daughters ansons. more people missing. bob gilder sleeve senior passing out flyers a smiling picture of his son. >> and bobby is 6'4” it, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. >> the family of 39-year-old rachel jacobs confirmed what they called an unthinkable
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tragedy. she was ceo of a philadelphia tech startup, commuting twice a beck from new york where the couple has a 2-year-old son. jacobs texted her husband she had just caught the train home the last message she sent. wells fargo confirmed a senior vice president, an bead gillani died on the track and 48-year-old jim gaines a married father of two in d.c. for a quick trip for work at the associated press, i job he did with contagious passion. the a.p. recently named him geek of the month. gaines was the patient who died here at temple university hospital, one of five area hospitals treating the wounded from this crash. at this hour 23 people remain hospitalized here but the doctors now say they're optimistic all of them will pull through. david wright abc news, philadelphia. >> we're back in a moment.
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tt0w!tñ!hn! %4@-w7< tt0w!tñ!hn! el@-]0p tt0w!tñ!hn! ed@-[24 tt0w!tñ!hn% )8h-;lh tt0w!tñ!hn% kzh- tt0w!tñ!hn% n-h-sj8 tt0w!tñ!hn% 0ph-m- tt0w!tñ!hn% s"h-]ó@ tt0w!tñ!hn% ueh-í=0 tt0w!tñ!hn% 7hh-b?d we've seen these recent cases of stolen valor, people impersonating veterans for financial gain. this next story causing the same outrage but the offense here was stopping for coffee. >> a pair of drivers were caught stopping at a dunkin' donuts on the way to a veterans funeral.
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our tampa station has the story. >> a new port richey amman couldn't believe what he saw parked outside a popular doughnut shop. >> guys stopped at dunkin' donuts. >> the body of veteran lieutenant colonel jessie coleman was on the way for a service when a driver and a funeral director decided to make a stop. >> what could they have been thinking? i haven't got the foggiest idea. >> the president of veterans funeral care says his core business is honoring vets and in this pit stop for a cup of joe goes against that is. >> that's absolutely terrible. it's not what we do. absolutely. total lack of respect. >> this picture went viable when the photographer shared had his video with a veteran service group. >> that is one of my brothers or sisters. >> lauren price says whether he she saw the picture, she called the the fub ral home herself. i was physically ill when i saw that and very upset. >> especially because her own
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service included funeral detail. >> i've been on funerals where we had to travel for four hours in full uniform in the dead of summer in florida. we didn't stop for coffee we didn't stop for bathroom breaks. you don't do that. >> it's understood. if a car is headed to a service, if there's more than two people it doesn't pull over. >> because of this both employees have been let go. >> i think if they had the ability to turn their day back they would do things differently. >> she said it right. it makes you physically ill. how disrespectful can you be. >> we've been sitting here with our jaws dropped watch this. can't wrap my head around that. how that would ever sound like a good idea. >> good for the guy for coming out and doing the interview and firing the two employees. my goodness gracious. all right, folks. coming up here we have a debate going on among parents. should a mom have let her 6-year-old daughter shave her head oo, reggie the daughter's
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this is an interesting question. what would you do if your 6-year-old daughter turns to you and asks if she can shave her head. >> well, she apparently just wanted to look like her daddy. what did mommy have to say about it? here now abc's paula faris. >> daddy, i'm shaving my hair today. >> it's the haircut making headlines. this ohio 6-year-old begging her parents to allow her to shave her head. a huge decision to shave or not to shave. >> she wanted to be like daddy. during the haircut when i asked her, she said it was so no one
2:56 am
would have to brush her hair anymore. >> the mother writing about her daughter's new style in her blog. this wasn't a hard decision or even a big deal to her. i really, really, really wanted to talk her out of it. i wanted to fawn over how beautiful her hair is but lucas said the choice was clear-cut. >> i thought maybe she might forget about it but the next day she still wanted it. she was excited. >> then it was finally time for the big buzz. her father chopping her hair from a bob to a long mohawk and then the perfect buzz cut. >> when it was over, smiling. >> while the decision got backlash online. >> a lot of parents were hesitant to give a child the freedom to shave off their hair. >> most people support their decision. >> before you give in to something like this you have to make sure this child is ready for looking different. >> and this mother of three says
2:57 am
as long as her daughter's happy with her new do so is she. >> i think she's just the bravest little girl. she does it like this is me with a big smile. >> paula faris, abc news new york. >> and she looks so happy. right? >> what do you do? it seems extreme. we want to tell kids to blend in look like everybody else? okay. i don't know who made out worse in this one. >> that is a great look. >> who made out worse? >> i actually am thinking i could rock that look. i might do that whole demi moore shaved head thing. >> that does work for you a little bit. >> it looks like i should have on tight pants and a guitar. >> yeah. just leave that out. >> right. give me a guitar and some tight shiny pants and i will -- il head to some neighborhoods here in new york and make a living. >> fantastic.
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this morning on "world news now," new details in the high speed train tragedy in philadelphia. more victims are identified as investigators race to uncover why the train was going nearly full notal instead of slowing down. >> it takes a long time to decelerate a train. >> as we learn more about the amtrak engineer and his alleged actions during those critical moments. full coverage ahead. >> a wild scene in one of the busiest areas of new york. the fast acting police officers opening fire at a man accused of attacking people with a hammer. >> and later, not driving. it used to be a rite of passage for teens getting driver's licenses and a taste of independence as soon as possible. i didn't really care about getting my driver's license. >> but now why many young americans are no hurry to take
3:01 am
the wheel. it's thursday, may 14th. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news this is "world news now." >> good morning on this busy thursday. i'm marci gonzales. >> i'm t.j. holmes. busy once again because we've got details throughout the day yesterday. here we are some 24 plus hours after that tragedy on the track essentially shocking new details behind this amtrak disaster that happened in philly. investigates are revealing the train was actually flying down the tracks topping 100 miles an hour. >> more than twice as fast as it should have been going on the curve where it derailed killing 7 people. the engineer at the helm is not saying much but letting his lawyer do the talking. abc's karen can traverse has the latest. good morning, karen. >> good morning, marci and t.j. that lawyer tells abc news his sclint is injured and
3:02 am
distraught. he says bastion has norection of the accident or anything usual. investigators say it's a top priority to sit down with bastion and the rest of the crew to piece together exactly what happened before that train derailed. speed appears to be a factor in tuesday's deadly amtrak accident. >> when the engineer induced brake application was applied. the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. >> the engineer is identified as 32-year-old brandon bastion of queens new york. his lawyer told abc news he suffered injuries 14 staples in his head and stitches in his leg. he says bastion spoke to police while he was in the hospital receiving treatment and submit the a blood sample for testing >> i asked him if he had nel medical issues. he said he had no none. he's on no medications. he said he had -- he has no health issues to speak of. and just has no explanation. >> the rail line's north of
3:03 am
philadelphia's 30th street station are straight with a speed limit of 0 miles per hour but approaching the frankford neighborhood a left corner. the speed is cut to 50 miles per hour. when amtrak train 188 got to that spot it was traveling more than twice that speed. bastion applied the emergency brake but it was too late. >> in the next three or four seconds the speed of the train could only decrease to 102. it takes a long time and distance to decelerate a train. >> the train jumps the tracks and leaves them twisted from the force. the 1-year-old hi-tech engine came to rest upright in the dirt. behind it it the first passenger car twisted and mangled. the next three car on their side. the last three still standing. five of the seven fatalities have been identified. but officials have not given details about the others. rescue crews have expanded their search area and now using dogs in case there are any potential
3:04 am
victims that may have been thrown from the wreckage. t.j. marci. >> the priority right now, the friends, family of those victims. we have at least seven killed hundreds more injured. but at the same time this is the busiest rail line in the country. what are we talking about here in terms of disruptions over next couple days even into the weeks? >> very significant disruptions t.j. there was no service yesterday between philadelphia and new york city on amtrak lines, the same for today thursday. there was service between washington, d.c. and philadelphia but it was limited and, of course, there were cancellations and a lot of delays. this is the busiest stretch of amtrak rail in the country. on any different day between boston and washington, d.c., 2200 trains are in service. it's a very big deal and officials say that this is going to be a very thorough investigation but they're also dealing with very mangled tracks and a lot of debris and this could take awhile and service could take a long time to get back up to normal. >> abc's karen travers live in
3:05 am
philadelphia. thank you, karen. we're also learning more about the five victims identified so far jim gaines a married father of two, worked for the associated press. dr. derek griffith was a dean at medgar evers college in brooklyn. justin zes mer was heading home to queens after his second year at the naval academy. rachel leaving behind a husband and 2-year-old and wells far goes executive abid gilani. >> we have suffered a tremendous loss today. he will be sorely missed and he was really a wonderful person. >> maryland businessman bob gildersleeve is still missing and officials are not saying how many others are unaccounted for. >> just hours after the tragedy unfolded in philadelphia republicans on capitol hill voted to cut funding for amtrak
3:06 am
by 15%. democrats on a key committee tried to boost the funds by a billion . that effort failed though. this however just a preliminary vote. full house and senate would have to approve any cuts that would take place. you stay with abc news as we cover the amtrak disaster. we'll take you live again to philadelphia in our next half hour as we continue to update this investigation. >> we're learning more about the six marines board that helicopter that vanished in nepal. family and friends identified the pilot as captain chris nor gren from wichita, kansas describing him as a born leader who would do anything to save his crew. each of those crew members would have had an emergency beacon and radio with them. >> that is capable of transmitting both on satellite frequencies as well as civilian emergency frequencies. >> the crew would have had to turn the beacon or radio on themselves. so far searchers have not heard anything. >> jurors resumed deliberations
3:07 am
this morning in boston deciding whether dzhokhar tsarnaev should be sentenced to death or life in prison. they worked behind closed doors yesterday for about 45 minutes without reaching a verdict. in their closing arguments, prosecutors called for a death sentence saying tsarnaev wanted to cause as much physical pain as possible for the victims. but a defense attorney claimed life behind bar would deny tsarnaev martyrdom. >> police drama playing out near new york's busy penn street. a hammer wielding man was shot by police after attacking an officer. linsey davis with these had details. >> it all happened so fast. surveillance video capturing the moment a man wielding a hammer runs after a female new york city police officer right into a busy intersection hitting her several times. her partner shooting the suspect, credited with possibly saving her life. >> i just saw a guy get shot. >> innocent bystanders instantly made eyewitnesss in the heart of
3:08 am
midtown manhattan in the middle of the day. police had been on the lookout for the 30-year-old allegedly involved in at least four hammer attacks in manhattan on monday. when these twos officers recognized and then confronted him, police say the suspect immediately pulled out this hammer. >> he violently attacked them unprovoked. >> police say the suspect known for a history of psychological problems has at least eight prior arrests. that suspect is now in critical but stable condition in the hospital. as for the female officer, she sustained injuries to her back and back of her head. >> a massachusetts dad is trying to recover from what he calls one of the worst days of his life. accidentally leaving had i toddler in the back seat of his car. he parked in a commuter lot and was on the train when he suddenly realized what he had done. he made a franticall to police who found the baby okay inside the car. pair are medics say the baby was
3:09 am
just fine but the dad so distraught, they were earned concerned about his well-being. >> you hear these stories. some some end tragically as we know. some end in charges for the parents. some end in death for the child but it's amazing to think how easy this is. even well intentioned people can make this mistaking >> exactly. >> an honest mistake. >> i can't imagine the panic. >> this worked out. this one worked out. want to turn to south carolina now. this is the scene, sometime -- you've got to go to taco bell. it's 3:00 in the morning. >> we've all been there. >> i'm sure some of you can relate. sounds like a good idea. >> we have an unwelcome visitor had to make a run for the border here. >> this guy right here. that big alligator they had to call a trapper in to capture it. said to be at least six feet long a couple hundred pounds. >> police say it was just hanging out in a furniture store
3:10 am
before making its way to the taco bell. what do you do here? do you feed the thing? >> he's hungry. >> he's got to go to taco bell. it's time. >> delicious. >> we've got "the mix" coming your way. we told but this story earlier this week. a mom with 12 boys pregnant. is she going to have a 13th boy or finally going to get a little girl? we have the answer now. >> also ahead, teens have no desire to learn how to learn to drive. why some people are waiting and waiting to take lessons and get their licenses. >> a little later, the futuristic foodie. ibm's supercomputer watson can't even taste but he's inspired a brand-new cookbook. >> check out our behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to thousands of bacteria.
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recapping our top story now, federal investigators say the amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia was going 106 miles an lawyer on a curve where the speed limit was 50 miles an hour. the engineer you're seeinging there sururvived but says he has no recollection of the incident. five of the seven people dead have been identified including a 20-year-old on leave from the naval academy. we turn now to folks getting behind the wheel. you want to avoid an accident when you're driving around.
3:15 am
but particularly a concern for inexperienced drivers. >> it is. but more and more these days young people who could be getting their driver's licenses are choosing not to. >> for decades, getting a license has been a rite of passage and first taste of freedom for teenagers. fast forward to today and research shows a growing number of teens just don't have the drive to drive. >> i didn't really care about getting my driver's license. >> chris sandoval finally has her learn's permit but at 23 still no license. she's not alone. a study found that fewer than half of teens get their driver's license within a year of reaching the minimum age. a similar study by the university of michigan looks at why they're in no rush. >> they told us that they were too busy or didn't have enough time to do it. >> the studies found the cost of vehicles gas and insurance have a lot to do with it. plus it's just easiest to get
3:16 am
around now in part because of car services like uber. while texting and social media are often associated with problems behind the wheel, it turns out they may be part of the reason teens are less interested in driving >> they have other ways of staying connected with their friends now. >> experts say there are risks to this trend. most states have restrictions for 16 and 17-year-old drivers that older first time drivers get to avoid. >> for the past decade we've seen teen driver deaths come down by almost 50% as a result primarily of those drivers licenses restrictions. we're concerned if many of the teenagers wait to get their licenses and don't take advantage of the benefits. >> sandoval says safety is one of the reasons she's glad she put the brakes on driving till now. >> learning to drive and getting my driver's license as an adult i'm moral cautious about what i do on the road because i understand the consequence of the my actions. >> i thought it was really interesting because kids are on social media they don't feel
3:17 am
like they have to hang out. >> come on. let's hop in the car and raise havoc. look at that. let's go for a ride after the show here. >> that's cruising. i don't know about this. this is a terrible idea. >> look like i just kidnapped you actually. that's not a good look. coming up a little later in the show, taking you inside a hidden world where ginger zee is to give you a never before seen.look at some of the most secluded areas on the planet. >> first out of this world food pairings dreamt up by famed super computer watson. can he cook dinner? apparently so. ize wildly weird and surprisingly wonderful pairings coming up in our insomniac kitchen. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
>> all right. chefs out there, the key to
3:19 am
success in the kitchen is improvisation. but some ingredients like strawberries mushrooms don't go together. they don't go the together right? >> apparently they do. ibm teamed up with chefs at the institute of culinary education for a cooking experiment. trina trinh found out what happens when a computer makes dinner. >> if a computer can win "jeopardy!" could it also be the next top chef? that's the question ibm engineers set out to answer was watson the cognitive computing system. >> we thought it would be interesting to see if watson could help human beings come up with new ideas never seen before. >> that includes new ideas in the kitchen. what do you get when watson says you can make something with beef, chocolate and edamame? first, it helps to understand how cognitive computing systems would. >> systems aren't necessarily programmed as much as they are taught. they learn from interactions
3:20 am
with people. they read text. they read natural language just like you or i do. >> watson read recipes thousands of them. >> that taught the system about what ingredients are commonly used together. we gave it information about the underlying chemistry of those ingredients. it knows about the flavor compounds and how we might respond to them. >> watson came up with totally new ingredient pafrgs that real life chefs ran with. >> we're in the k with chef james. we're going to make austrian chocolate burrito. this is kind of crazy. you have beef chocolate, in a burrito together. >> with oranges, apricot, vanilla. >> and edamame. >> two different types of cheeses. >> i'm going to trust you with this one. >> we'll get our beef going. >> once the meat starts to get some color, we'll make our first unexpected step with a bit of cinnamon. >> are you serious? wow. >> this was one of watson's
3:21 am
ideas. >> i would never think to add cinnamon to beef. that's so cool. >> for the sauce, how about melted chocolate with pureed and pri could thes and vanilla bean. it may not be your typical buffer rit toe, but that's the point. >> he came up with the ideas for all these wonderful ingredients. without james, all you would have is a pile of ingredients. >> a collaboration with delicious results. >> all right. what have we got going on here? >> i brought burritos in for you guys to try. >> it smells good. >> i promise you it is not what you would expect but it's still pretty good. >> what are some of these other combinations? >> so some really crazy combinations here which are not expected. but end up tasting pretty good in this official cookbook. this is the cognitive cookbook with chef watson. >> this is pretty good. right? >> i can't place it. it's not bad. >> i like it. >> tina thank you so much. >> we'll be right back.
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all right. time now for "the mix." we've been talking about this couple who already have 12 sons. the woman was pregnant again, was due over the weekend. finally had number 13. >> got a girl. >> had baby number 13. didn't find out ahead of time. it's another boy. another boy. so we don't know what his name is yet. they're going to make the announcement this morning on gma. but they said they really didn't care either way. that's what parties parents always say as long as it's healthy. they had no expectation. the mom is 40 years old and said i've spent half of my life being pregnant. it's very neat and special. >> 13 boys. >> 13 boyce. they could start a team. >> they've got a squad. we look forward to hearing from them later this morning.
3:26 am
oh, yes, we've got -- we have fashion week. seems like it's every other week here in new york. there's a fashion week going on in silicon valley. where else would you have a fashion week without models. you see the clothes but there's no model wearing it. what do you have? you have, of course, a drone. >> people are obsessed. >> with drones. yes, so now drones are now replacing models. they're mod did heing the clothes. what you need is just display the clothing. so these drones flying over the people there in the audience to attend that particular show this is an idea of a ceo a bate brand thought this was the way 0 go for silicon valley fashion week and you know. >> you can't picture what the clothing how it would look on a person. it looks like a blowup things outside of a used car lot. doesn't make me want to buy the outfit. >> some would argue those models aren't realistic bodies anyway.
3:27 am
>> shiny suit. >> okay. that is me. >> totally. >> okay. so far we've seen airlines getting more creative with those inflight safety videos. some try to be funny. new zealand is trying to do a little marketing. people are already on their way to new zealand. in i don't know why they've got to sell them. add a little sex appeal. showing the beaches. showing surfers, kind of giving you the whole new zealand feel. they are making it sexy on air new zealand. a little extra entertainment. to your next story now. >> woman's 102nd birthday. she's going to blow out the candles. go for it it, granny. >> yep, you saw that right. dentures come flying right out. she laughs it off. she has i an good time with it. let's see that in regular speed. can we see it one more time? that is just fantastic. only got six seconds. come on
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," amtrak disaster. details emerging overnight about that deadly crash in philadelphia, including new information about the engineer and what was happening aboard that speeding train. >> survival stories. strangers helping strangers in the middle of wreckage and chaos. the human side of this disaster. stay tuned for extended coverage from philadelphia. >> a texas emergency. homeowners ready to evacuate as flood wear thes rise and the downpours continue to drench the region. the scary scenes and the nonstop rain. >> and later in "the skinny," controversial celebration. the party plans by kim kardashian and kanye west that could close the eiffel tower in paris to the general public. it's thursday, may 14th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and hello to you on this thursday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm marci gonzales. reena ninan is on assignment. we begin with the focus on speed as investigators try to get to the bottom of that deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. >> we now know the speed of that train. it was going over 100 miles an hour. thing is, it was in a 50-mile-an-hour zone at the time. that's when all seven cars jumped the tracks. now the engineer says he doesn't remember a thing about the crash. we get the very latest now from abc's david wright. >> this is what's left of northeast regional amtrak 188, seven cars tangled on the tracks killing at least seven people, injuring hundreds more. we learned the name of the engineer, 32-year-old brandon bastion of queens, new york, an amtrak engineer for the past five years. police and federal investigators are already questioning him. the question top most on their minds, how come the train clocked 106 miles an hour?
3:32 am
>> we're saying that the speed limit through the curve is 50 miles an hour. >> the attorney representing the engineer said police grilled his client for six hours, but his client has no recollection of the crash. >> he remembers driving the train. he remembers going to that area generally. has absolutely no recollection of the incident or anything unusual. the next thing he recalls is being thrown around coming to, finding his bag, getting his cell phone and dialing 911. >> some passengers were simply beyond help. mostly because the trauma to their heads or their chests was too severe to save them. their stories are heart wrenching. among them, justin zemser. two months past his 20th birthday. >> he was his high school valedictorian and just finishing up his second year as midshipman at the united states naval academy. >> 39-year-old rachel jacobs had tested her husband at 8:45
3:33 am
telling him she had just caught the train. ceo of a philadelphia tech startup commuting from her home in new york. jim gaines worked for the associated press doing digital video. wells fargo confirmed abid gilani is also among the dead. the number of deaths is likely to climb. train safety experts say the technology exists for a failsafe able to slow a train down even if the operator does not hit the brakes soon enough. >> positive train control is that backup system that will step in and take over and protect all of the passengers. >> how can we prevent this from ever happening again? we won't know until we have all the answers. i'm david wright in philadelphia. >> as we continue to look for answers, investigators, we want to continue our live coverage in philadelphia. >> abc's karen travers is there. what's going on with investigators there at the scene? >> as you can see from behind me, there still is a heavy police presence here in this area. cars are blocked off from getting anywhere near the crash
3:34 am
site which is just over there in that direction. the flood lights were on as soon as it got dark as investigators continued to comb through the wreckage and the debris looking for clues. there was a crane on site moving some of the cars, and ntsb officials say the goal is to eventually move them out of the way completely and take them to a secure location where they can be further investigated. >> karen, there were 250 people on board. what do we know about some of the victims? a lot of injuries involved. we know seven dead, of course, but a lot of injuries. what are we hearing more about the victims? >> seven dead and five have been identified right now. officials have not offered details about the other two that we don't know their names just yet. mayor nutter yesterday, the mayor, said it was incredible, given the vast expanse of wreckage and debris. he said the site was truly awful. he said it was incredible that so many people about 200 were actually able to walk away from the crash scene. a lot of people were treated for injuries and doctors say a lot
3:35 am
of them are fractures and broken bones, but nothing that will have permanent damage necessarily. it is remarkable given the video that you see in those pictures of the train cars on their side that called the walking wounded for sure. a lot of people were dazed, upset but were relatively okay. t.j., marci. >> karen travers for us live there in philadelphia. thank you as always, karen. our coverage of the crash continues. we have more stories of survival and strangers who turned into heroes. 'll have that later for you is half hour. >> an american is among the five people killed in an attack on a guesthouse in kabul, afghanistan. the u.s. embassy in kabul did not provide any information about that american. police say gunmen stormed the guesthouse as it hosted a party for foreigners. the taliban has now claimed responsibility. a top isis leader has reportedly been killed in a u.s.-led air strike. the iraqi defense ministry said
3:36 am
the second in command was at a mosque along with dozens of other isis members when they were hit. the ministry released this image of the air strike. the pentagon is not confirming the report but the military does say that no mosque was struck. dozens of workers are dead after a factory fire in the philippines apparently ignited by sparks from welding work being done at the factory's main innocence door. sparks triggered an explosion of the chemicals used to make plastic slip persons one relative whose family members are missing said the second floor windows were covered by iron grills covered by wire so that not even a cat could escape. meanwhile, officials in nepal say there's still no sign of a marine helicopter missing since tuesday that was delivering rice and other supplies to earthquake victims when it lost contact. the pilot identified as chris norgren who is from wichita, kansas. >> back here at home three killed when their suv crashed into a dallas apartment. witnesses say the driver was going close to 100 miles an hour when he apparently lost control and hit another car.
3:37 am
the vehicles came to rest just inches from a baby's crib. thankfully, no one was home. it is amazing race car driver helio castroneves was not hurt in this spectacular crash look at that it happened during practice for the upcoming indy 500. castroneves got out and walked to an emergency vehicle. he was checked out by doctors and cleared. by the end of the practice session, he was back behind the wheel hitting speeds more than 225 miles an hour. incredible. >> those cars are amazing. the way they design them to protect those drivers whose heads are sticking out the top of the car. not just survive that. he walked out. >> get back into the car and keep on racing. >> that's incredible. we turn to weather now. heavy rain lashing much of texas is causing widespread flooding testing the limits of drainage and holding facilities. in the northern part of the state, officials are taking the unusual step of releasing water from swollen lakes. the problem is that opening those floodgates is starting to
3:38 am
submerge nearby neighborhoods. >> we're still hoping for the best but it doesn't come to our house and destroy everything we have. >> national weather service says much of that area was hit with between 9 and 11 inches of rain in just three hours tuesday night, something that may happen only once every 500 years. all the rain making driving treacherous. not much driving going on right there. raging flash flood picked up this car, swept it down stream. driver managed to get out and scramble to safety. >> and unfortunately, the forecast for that area is not improving anytime soon. another 2 to 5 inches of flooding rain is expected in texas today. expect very wet conditions in the upper midwest and much needed rain is finally falling in california. >> temperatures will hit the mid to high 80s across the south, 50s and 60s in the upper midwest and a beautiful spring day here in the east with highs in the mid-70s. seems like there's going to be some rain in wisconsin today. bad news for a lucky lady who
3:39 am
needs to get in some pitching practice. the woman we're talking about here is 102-year-old gladys holbrooke. >> she needs her practice because in a couple weeks, gladys will be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at a milwaukee brewers game. a friend submitted her name to the team and they picked her. >> she made the front page of the local paper when word got out that she will be getting onto the field at miller park. asked for advice for living a long life, she kept it simple and said "just keep breathing." well -- >> that is keeping it simple. >> that's it. >> my goodness. good for her. love it. >> congrats. coming up in "the skinny," another diva makes it official taking her act to las vegas. new competition for mariah and britney. >> a trip to a hidden world on the other side of the globe. enjoy the trip as we search for buried treasure in an exotic location. you're watching "world news now."
3:40 am
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harrowing moments before the crash in philadelphia. investigators say the train was going 106 miles an hour when it hit a sharp curve. that is more than double the speed limit at that spot. too early to tell if speed was the only factor though. the engineer you're seeing there says he has no recollection of the crash now blamed for at least seven deaths. >> so many americans have been touched by this tragedy. just a few miles from the crash site, the philadelphia phillies paid tribute observing a moment of silence for those who lost their lives tuesday night. and we are getting harrowing stories of survival and bravery
3:44 am
from those who walked away from the crash. and those who helped them to safety. >> more now from abc's david muir. >> reporter: they call philadelphia the city of brotherly love and we were moved by all of the acts of kindness that husband and father trapped in the train who told me he remembers waiting for help and the officer who calmly head his hand. leonard later told me something else that his 5-year-old son saw him on the news. >> looked at the news and said there's daddy, he's missing his hat, his glasses and his smile. he wants his boy to know he's smiling again. so many stories of passengers helping strangers who were trapped with them. >> helping people and then the car kind of filled with smoke and people were like it's time to get out. >> and then there was the nurse, joan, a passenger, even within fractured rips, she was helping everyone else. >> i tried to help anybody who was -- there's many injured people on the train and they're very, very upset. >> and at the crash site, one
3:45 am
more act of kindness. a passenger who lost her shoes during impact, they were blown off her feet and the unexpected gift. >> someone told me i'd been delirious and that they had carried me off. shoes, my shoes are not my shoes. somewhere i lost my shoes. and a lady gave me her shoes. >> a gift from a complete stranger who got her through. >> david muir, abc news, philadelphia. >> it never fails, right, after a tragedy like that. these stories start coming out. you see the best in people. that's something else. >> coming up, one of the world's biggest power couples renewing their vows at a scenic location. >> also, mariah carey has got some competition out in vegas. we'll tell you the latest celeb that's moving to the strip. "the skinny" next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> kim and kanye. they made it a year. last marriage what, 72 days? thank you, jack. ja, this is worthy. >> a slow clap. >> really this superstar couple they've been together a year now and apparently the marriage is going really well. >> so well they'll celebrate their first anniversary later this month getting married again. >> love it. >> according to u.s. weekly, the pausch couple known as kimye
3:48 am
renew their vows in paris. the source says they'll make an appearance at the cannes film festival and head to the city of love afterwards to once again say i do. how do you say that in french? >> what is it -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> this time a year ago, the family had dinner at the palace of versaille. they're going big they are time. we're showing you the eiffel tower. reportedly they're trying to rent this out. we didn't know the you could do this. we did a google search. that's the extent of our capacity here at abc news to -- sorry, bk. our producer. this is our producer. we don't know if you can rent this thing out, how much it would cost. but a pair of tickets would cost you $35. i assume it would cost more than that. they're apparently going to do it there. i love this. >> if anyone can rent out the eiffel tower, it's kimye. >> these two. congratulations to them. we give them a hard time. i'm a fan of love and marriage. if this thing is working -- >> from the city of love to the city of sin, las vegas, of course, and its newest resident j.lo.
3:49 am
>> j. lo, jenny from the block made it official releasing a short video teasing her new las vegas act at the planet hollywood. the #jlovegas was trending for time after the announcement but it confused some people because that same hashtag can read j love gas and there were no caps or anything like that. >> a little confusing. >> hashtags aside, you have to wait till january of next year to catch j.lo's jenny from the block party. she may have to compete against mariah carey who just launched her own vegas residency and perhaps britney spears who is currently performing at planet hollywood. you getting your tickets? >> you know what, the three of them could you only go to one, which one would you do? >> oh, gosh. i think i'd want to see all three together. i'd buy a ticket to that. >> that's too much. speaking of britney, she's been busy lately.
3:50 am
plenty of hype ahead of her new release in her collaboration with iggy azalea. >> the song is called "pretty girls" and borrows from the comedy earth girls are easy. it's got plenty of fashion from that totally neon decade. we also get a bit of iggy's alien acting chops. >> those are radical alien powers, yeah. >> let me call your friend. >> like totally. >> hello, girls. we're like totally like sadly coming over right now! >> god, that's annoying. >> what just happened? i don't know what just happened. the views for this video are piling up so fast youtube can't even keep up. it only says 301 plus views. what does that mean? >> oh wow. >> the counter broke. >> that means a lot? >> and the duo will perform the new song at the billboard music
3:51 am
awards sunday here on abc. i just heard the new song the other day. i like it. finally it is time to celebrate the anniversary of one of the greatest songs ever. and a half century later, it still rocks. ♪ >> that's that unmistakable guitar riff opening the rolling stones hit the universal anthem "i can't get no satisfaction." hard to believe it was recorded 50 years ago this week, number two on "rolling stone" magazine's list of 500 greatest songs of all time. mick jagger has said of the lyrics it was his view of the world. his frustration with everything. the song's been covered by about everybody. i fell in love with it from otis redding that's how i actually got familiar with the song. >> this is one of those songs no matter when it comes on you
3:52 am
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♪ all right. it's one of earth's most magnificent buried treasures deep inside a mountain in jungle on the other side of the globe. >> getting there not a simple task. as you're about to see with help from some drone footage, our ginger zee's rugged trek was definitely worth it. >> we entered through a claustrophobic crevice. >> you have to crawl to get into the biggest cave in the world. >> then it opens up and drops down and down. oh, sorry. >> this place does not look real. at the bottom, i feel like i've landed on another planet. a subterranean rushing river. >> yes. >> now i find myself in mother nature's sculpture garden filled with prehistoric boulders and stalagmites, gigantic columns
3:56 am
by the up from calcium deposited by dripping water. >> i'm way down here about 400 feet below the top of one of the world's largest caverns. it is inside a mountain in central vietnam and was only found a couple of decades ago. after a grueling hour, an illuminating light, 1,000 feet overhead. >> every turn, there's something else. this colossal sky light where the chamber ceiling collapsed is called a doe line breathing life into this underground world. it's a lush green oasis. our camp's white sand beaches lit up below. >> it looks like avatar in here. it doesn't feel real. >> this is that hidden world we've been chasing. mountain river cave. the planet's largest. >> sweating. >> we press on, and suddenly i'm in jungle under a second monster
3:57 am
skylight. not atop a mountain, but inside it. >> you don't usually get trees and jungle in caves. >> jungle plants and animals from above adapting to this unique subterranean netherworld. what a view from those drone cameras, breathtaking beauty like a fantasy world come to life. the punishing journey worth every ounce of sweat. if something this grandiose was just found, imagine what else is out there. >> ginger will find if. whatever's out there. >> with her drones, they will go out. >> she has an army of drones and a crew as crazy as she is. and she takes them all over the world. >> that is incredible, that video. >> that is awesome, ginger zee. that is fantastic. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. acs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making fews in america this morning -- deadly derailment. new surveillance video showing the amtrak train moments before the crash, traveling over 100 miles an hour. the investigation now turning to the engineer. another name added to the list of victims overnight. and the passenger still missing at this hour. and pit stop. a flag-draped coffin in the back of a hearse. the coffee shop stop going viral. brazen burglary. a group of thieves uses an sufficient to smash into a luxury store and they make off with a big score. and scary crash. an indycar hits a wall goes airborne flips upside down. how the driver walked away.


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