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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. catastrophic flooding. deadly storms pummeling the south. >> oh my god. oh, my god. >> this jeep washed down a river. the driver escapes just seconds before. homes and businesses complet underwater. thousands forced to evacuate. this bridge destroyed by a surging river and a tornado tear as part this apartment complex as more severe storms take aim this morning. rip current alert. dangerous rip currents from coast to coast. one person drowning and 130 rescued around daytona beach. the warning before you go into the water this memorial day. scary skydive. take a look at this. he slams into power lines tangled into wires before falling to the ground and hundreds watching. the skydiver somehow survives. the investigation right now into
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what went wrong. wild ride. a crash-filled indy 500 after a dangerous week on the track. drivers colliding just seconds in. cars ripped to shreds. even an accident on pit road. >> and the winner of the indianapolis 500 is juan pablo montoya. and the heart-pounding end to the greatest spectacle in racing. and good morning, america. from all of us on this memorial day, we want to join in honoring our troops this morning. those who have sacrificed everything for our country. >> that's right. in fact we want to take a live look there at arlington national cemetery. president obama will be there later this morninglaying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> and bob woodruff will be here. thousands forced to
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evacuate. dozens rescued from raging water waters and abc's phillip mena is in one of the hardest hit areas, wimberley, texas. >> reporter: this was completely submerged. floodwaters were this high and rushed with so much force that they ripped these homes right from their foundation. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: across texas and oklahoma deadly rain leading to catastrophic flooding. >> stay back. stay back. >> reporter: outside san antonio, this jeep cherokee getting washed down a river. miraculously the driver was able to crawl out the window of the suv before it was completely submerged. two others rescued by this black hawk helicopter near the blanco river. >> i kept calling them over and over and he was like i don't know if i'm going to make it. >> reporter: that river rising 26 feet in just one hour cresting at 40 feet triple its
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flood stage destroying this concrete bridge. in texas, over 2,000 people forced to evacuate have their homes. >> what we thought was a rescue boat coming down the river was a car. >> reporter: in oklahoma widespread flooding swamped homes and businesses. >> this little town has been hit hard before but this is nothing like ever. >> reporter: near tulsa, firefighters jason farley lost his life trying to help others. >> we suspect he drowned, got caught in a storm drain itself. >> reporter: in oklahoma city record rainfall. they've had 28 inches so far this year. in all of 2014, just 4 inches. outside houston, an ef-1 tornado packing winds of 100 miles an hour touching down. demolishing this apartment complex. red cross shelters set up across the region to help those displaced. search and rescue crews are out here this morning racing to find survivors before the next round of storms hit. george. >> okay let's get more on that.
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thank you, phillip. from rob marciano. these dangerous storms on the move. >> we'll get another round today. the past two weeks, we've been seeing this severe weather and heavy rainfall and finally the ground couldn't take it anymore. this is blanco, texas, one of several bridges not only in texas but oklahoma that were destroyed and this one is concrete. just downstream from that in wimberley we're talking about the devastated homes there. the river gauge rose to 43 feet. a record by 7 feet and that's before the record gauge was broken because -- so it could have went higher. thankfully it's receding somewhat. more in the way of flood warnings. oklahoma eastern half of the state in flood warning. we've got another batch of rain coming today. another 2 to 4 on top of the areas already flooded. that plus severe weather and talk more about that throughout the program. >> thank you, rob. thousand to a different kind of danger this memorial day. deadly rip currents. one person drowning and dozens of others rescued from the heavy surf over the weekend. abc's gio benitez is at the beach in far rockaway new york. good morning gio.
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>> reporter: amy, good morning to you. those people were just trying to enjoy the holiday weekend but right now if you're by the water, chances are a rip current warning is in effect right now. this morning, dangerous rip currents crippling waters from coast to coast. in florida on sunday more than 130 rescues, in volusia county alone, one person drowning after he was pulled from the surf in daytona beach right in front of an unguarded lifeguard tower. beachgoers trying to revive him. >> trying to keep his head up and got him out and started doing chest compressions. >> reporter: rescuers in jacksonville spending the last two days combing waters by boat and helicopter. looking for a missing 11-year-old caught in the currents. the search has been called off. >> what they do have are warning signs which tell you not to go wading or swimming out here. >> reporter: waters across the country under a rip current advisory from gulf shores all the way to san diego so how do rip currents form? watch when waves break fiercely at the shoreline, a stream of
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water moving away from the beach can form taking a swimmer with it. so what should you look for? if there's a change in the water color or a line of foam or seaweed. those may be signs of a rip current and warning to stay out of the water. and the biggest mistake that some of those swimmers over the weekend made is that they were swimming near empty lifeguard stations. so you want to make sure that someone is on duty before you jump out into that water, amy. >> what else should people know about riptides gio? >> reporter: you want to make sure to swim parallel to the shore if you're caught in one. you don't want to swim against that current. you want to make sure you're swimming sideways until you're out of that rip current and then you can come to the shore. >> okay gio, thanks very much. there are a few more hours left on this holiday weekend and today is the busiest memorial day day on the road in years. millions will be jamming the highways and linsey davis on the road in westchester county, new york. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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george. you might want to wake up the kids and pack up the car right now. look at this. roads wide open although travel experts warn that the worst time for traffic on this memorial day monday is going to be smack dab in the middle of the day talking about the hours between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. an estimated 33 million americans hitting the rooads. some good news gas a dollar lower than where it was this time last year with the national average hovering right around 2.7 $2.75. listen up those who try to extend this and squeeze every last drop out of your vacation travel experts also warn that traffic on tuesday is going to be a lot worse than many expect. happy driving, george. >> okay. guess i'm glad i'm already here. >> me too, george. we move on to the city of cleveland this morning. it's on edge angering in the streets of a white police officer was cleared in the fatal shooting of a black couple. dozens of demonstrators were
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arrested and police are bracing for more and abc's alex perez is in cleveland with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: the cries for justice are far from over. many here saying they will not let this verdict define this city. >> find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: two words sending crowds of protesters on to the streets. over the weekend more than 70 demonstrators arrested. after a judge cleared cleveland police officer michael brelo of manslaughter saturday determining his use of deadly force was reasonable in the shooting deaths of timothy russell and malissa williams. >> it's a tragedy because nobody is being held accountable. >> reporter: russell and williams were killed in 2012 after leading police on a nearly 25-minute car chase involving more than 60 squad cars and 100 officers. police say they thought they were being shot at. several officers firing and brelo jumping on the hood firing 15 shots right into the
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windshield. we would get shot and be killed. >> reporter: but investigators processing the scene discovering russell and williams were unarmed. on sunday in cleveland, calm. but some are bracing for more possible outrage as the city awaits a decision in the case of tamir rice. the 12-year-old ohio boy who was holding a toy gun when he was shot and killed by police in 2014. the governor of ohio praising the city's response so far on this week. >> i think the people of cleveland have handled this -- i mean they should be so proud of themselves and we should look at cleveland as a model. >> reporter: and the justice department says they will be reviewing the judge's decision. brelo could still face administrative charges from the police department. amy. >> all right, alex thanks for the latest on that. we'd like to welcome abc's tom llamas to the news desk with the morning's other top stories. you start with a scare at the u.s. capitol. >> good morning, amy and george. we begin with that dramatic scene playing out in the nation's capital. the bomb squad blowing up a
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pressure cooker found in a car on the national mall. thousands of people were gathering for a memorial day concert at the time. it appears police also pulled a propane tank from the vehicle. the driver was arrested but police insist there was no public -- no threat to the public. a body pulled from new york's hudson river has been identified as missing kayaker vincent viafor. his fiancee remains behind bars. she tampered with his kayak and watched as he struggled to stay afloat after his insurance money. her attorney says she's innocent. nearly 700 people have been putting 12-hour shifts to clean up that oil spill in the california coast. officials say the hard work is paying off. two beaches may open on june 4th. meanwhile, take a look at this. seaworld has rescued several oil soaked sea lions and birds. animals have been coming into shore covered in oil as far as 50 miles away from the spill. new video of a small plane that crashed on to an atlanta highway bursting into flames and
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killing a family on their way to a college graduation. a police dash cam captured the terrifying final moments. it killed his father, two sons and a fiancee of one of the sons. the crash is under investigation. a loss of power is being blamed for stranding six people on a roller coaster in cincinnati. the three adults and three children were stuck 35 feet in the air. firefighters got all back to the ground safely andunhurt. actress and comedian anne meara has died. she was one-half of stiller and meara with her husband jerry stiller. but she had a thriving acting career as well on stage and tv meara had a recurring role on "all my children" and "the king of queens." just to name a few. she is also the mother of actor and director ben stiller and writer amy stiller. no word yet on the cause of death. anne meara was 85 years old. finally a gold glove catch at a minor league baseball game and it happened in the stands. check this out, the batter loses his bat.
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it goes flying into the crowd but a guy grabs it one-handed. watch the slo-mo here. he actually backhands it. his beer is also in his other hand. he did not spill a drop. okay, he is wearing a harvard jacket to a minor league baseball game. he's that guy but with those ninja skills he can wear whatever he wants. and the funniest part about all this, the guy does this -- he saves women and children by capturing that bat he has to give the bat back because it's a minor league game. they don't have enough bats. >> did he get the keep the beer? >> yeah. he enjoyed that. >> maybe a free one after that. now to the greatest spectacle in racing it was a thrilling finish to the indianapolis 500 but not before some wild crashes and abc's t.j. holmes is here with all the excite many. good morning, t.j. >> yeah when we talk about these cars flying around the track. we don't mean that in the literal sense. there was particular concern that we would see a number of these cars going airborne after
7:13 am
a series of spectacular crashes during qualifying. but we can report everything stayed grounded yesterday and we had a fantastic race. >> and the winner of the indianapolis 500 is juan pablo montoya. >> reporter: an adrenaline activating nail-biting finish. juan pablo montoya celebrating inside his car winning the indy 500 for the second time in his career. >> oh my god. it was awesome. >> reporter: but it was a rough start for the 39-year-old. his back fender even flying off early in the race and he only led a total of nine of the 200 laps. >> this is not a piece you can run without. >> reporter: the 500-mile race heart pounding from the start to the finish. countless crashes on the track, even on pit road. >> oh a crash. >> reporter: just 12 seconds in composite colliding. later on that same turn one car ripped to shreds. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> reporter: here in the green car ed carpenter spinning out of
7:14 am
control. this his second wreck in just seven days. carpenter first going airborne during last week's preliminaries along with three other drivers including james hinchcliffe who was critically injured after this fireball wreck missing the 500 instagramming from his hospital bed sunday "kills me not being there". >> it's always great coming to the indianapolis 500 regardless of what the week was like but the week was crazy. >> reporter: off the track a star-studded affair david letterman making a post-retirement trip. mcdreamy himself patrick dempsey starting the race waving the green flag but back on the track for montoya, a day he will never forget. well guy, the cars are using new aerodynamic kits which can maybe have an impact on some of the crashes. also indy allowed to make adjustments so they could speed up the cars after the crashes they made the adjustmentsing ba the other direction so it slowed the cars down from going from 230 to 225 so not much of an adjustment but a few miles per
7:15 am
hour here or there can make a difference. >> okay t.j. thanks very much. and today we honor americans who gave their lives for their country. there you're looking at arlington national cemetery. it's memorial day morning and the final resting place for so many who served. tonight bob woodruff is hosting a two-hour special on pbs about what happens when the troops return to their families called "the home front" and bob here with a preview. >> good morning. we don't hear the story enough and there is something brand-new really about the families engaged in the current wars. iraq and afghanistan. they have lasted longer than any other war in our history which means service members go to war, then home then back again while their kids and their spouses are trying to adjust. we got a very rare opportunity to meet them and tell their stories. >> it's definitely true the whole family serves. you're asking kids to move frequently. you're asking kids and spouses to be without their other spouse for long periods of time. the deployments of the last 14
7:16 am
years have really been tough on families. >> this is the first generation of military kids that has grown up experiencing mom or dad being gone for multiple deployments. and we're working hard to understand what the implications of this lifestyle is for children. but we're not likely to really fully understand until, you know they grow. >> we are engaged in the longest sustained combat operation in the history of our country and it is being done for the first time in our history with an all volunteer professional military force. and that does take a great toll on our families. it's been a struggle. >> i mean every day you wake up. you know that the person you love is in harm's way and there's a lot of praying going on. >> bob joins us now. you know you gave a preview of it right there. you've got these multiple redeployments for families. you'll take a real deep look for what it means for the kids. >> yeah but there's never been
7:17 am
solid studies about it. the data is not completely out. more than 1 years which is true but relatively brand-new but in the previous wars you didn't have any of your kids until after you came back from the war. now you have the kids because voluntary and back and forth. as i said before these kids are certainly affected by it because they're just seeing their dad or mom overseas. >> so many of us are so removed from the reality of this war. the number of people serving less than 0.5% of americans. >> it's less than 1%. more like 0.4% yeah of americans serving so we got to get that thinger. one of the reasons for the piece we're doing. make sure those of us in the civilian world get to those those in the military because you'll realize we're all pretty much the same. >> bob woodruff thanks for coming in. the damage from those severe storms and rob marciano. >> talk about the flooding earlier but there was severe weather that came along. damaging wind as cross arkansas and several reports of tornadoes. check it out. the transformers down the trees
7:18 am
down. people without power there. over 100 severe weather reports yesterday and as mentioned a couple dozen of those were tornadoes. but i think a lot of those reports came out of this tornado across southwest kansas. plains, kansas specifically. strong wedge tornado that did mild damage luckily in a fairly rural area. but here's where we expect the severe storms to pop again. another piece of energy coming into texas where they don't need it. dallas back through houston, san antonio and austin under the gun for large hail damaging winds and maybe a few tornadoes.
7:19 am
>> partly must -- partly to mostly sunny or at home today breezy, 82 today upper 80's, wind out of the south southwest at 10 to 15. through the evening temperates ba in the 60's tomorrow, best chance for a storm will be morrow afternoonith most of the action being north and west of town ihigh eletions with humidity to the end of the week andhe best chance for showers and storms coming wednesday, thursday, >> looking ahead to the severe weather threat tomorrow north texas, southern oklahoma and also pushing to the east into parts of tennessee and the ohio river valley. guys. >> that time of year. >> thank you. so much still to come on "gma." new clues in the brutal mansion murder. police now searching for possible accomplices. caught on camera. that dramatic skydiving accident. an experienced jumper slamming
7:20 am
into power lines. how he survived. nfl legend joe namath speaking out about the head injuries on the feel and the experimental treatment he claims is helping his memory. advice to the graduates. robert de niro's shocking graduation speech. wait until you hear what he has to say.
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>> good morning. we want to start with a check on the forecast right now on this memorial day holiday. brian: outside this morning you want to start with a shop on the beach. a lot of folks maybe taking about the beach right now. 63 at ocean city. no one is marking the spot just yet. maybe it is just a little too will out there.
7:27 am
mid to upper 60's downtown and through the day the temperatures will climb through any outdoor plants with no issues for showers and storms, breezy and muggy, dry all afternoon long, do not forget your spf. jamie: goodness, no, we don't have any delays, even if we have a little bit of sun glare. rolling road closures in place basically we will start at 11 a.m. to the arlington national cemetery, the president will lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. moving now, take a look, it is so light, 55 miles per hour and on 66 getting into the d.c. area take a live look at maryland the commute right now, not bad at all. closer to clarksburg we are clear. a really nice drive for you right now. jummy: top stories this memorial
7:28 am
day, president obama will leah wreath at the tomb of the unknown. the memorial day parade begins at 2:00 this afternoon, going down constitution avenue northwest to 17th street. there will be marching bands and veterans unit from all 50 states. you can get more weather traffic from all 50 states on "news." see you back here
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, we're tracking that catastrophic flooding. more storms take aim at the south this morning after at least five people killed over the weekend. right now new clues in those brutal washington mansion murders. the suspect behind bars and police now searching for possible accomplices. and investigators trying to figure out what caused this scary skydiving accident. an experienced skydiver survives after getting tangled in power lines. as we say good morning, america, a lot of people enjoying the long holiday weekend and that means shopping for a lot of people as well. surprising new research. paired up the gopro cameras to see what shopping does to your brain. i guess it actually makes you happy. >> i don't have to guess that. i know that. i think most women don't need this research but nevertheless i look forward to the story coming up. >> depends who's paying. >> good point, rob. we begin this half hour with the latest on those brutal
7:31 am
murders at a washington mansion, a family and their housekeeper killed. daron wint is behind bars and authorities are still searching for anyone who may have helped him. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: this morning, new details in the investigation into what happened inside this d.c. mansion leaving four people brutally murdered. abc news has learned authorities believe 34-year-old daron wint the man charged with first degree murder in connection with the four deaths had help. a criminal complaint revealing investigators believe the murders of businessman savvas savopoulos his wife amy, their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> they're talking up to almost 24 hours in the house. how do you confine, control four people under duress. it's almost impossible. >> reporter: the complaint offering crucial details leading investigators to believe wint
7:32 am
might have had an accomplice like a neon green construction vest found in the family's porsche found burning after the house was set ablaze. several more neon vests found in the family's garage. went's lawyer says it's circumstantial and there is nothing directly linking him to the murders. and according to a witness, the day of the fire the porsche was seen driven erratically by a black male wearing a neon green vest with short well-groomed hair. that description far different from wint's long dreadlocked look in court friday. wint is now being held without bond. and while investigators are still combing through the rubble of the mansion daron wint's case moves forward. he faces charges of first degree murder while armed and is due in court for his next hearing on june 23rd. george. >> okay ryan thanks very much. we turn now to a florida dentist facing horrifying allegations of abuse. parents claim dr. howard schneider tortured their children slapping and choking them while performing
7:33 am
unnecessary painful procedures. he's now agreed to stop practicing medicine as police investigate the claims. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, this dentist under attack literally and also legally. a group of florida parents alleging dr. howard schneider assaulted their kids. >> after three hours they came and got me and said there has been an accident. >> reporter: brandy says she took her 6-year-old for a routine single tooth extraction. >> when i go back there i notice she's bloody and has marked all over her face. >> reporter: she said she had to rush her to the hospital. her mouth gushing, bruises on her neck and head. motley went to the police but they didn't file a report so she took to facebook. another angry mom saw it and posted this video. she says this is her 3-year-old son zion strapped on to schneider's restraining board. >> i pretty much told him why is he screaming? why are you being so rough with him. >> reporter: christopher said he needed one metal cap. after three sessions his records show he implanted 13.
7:34 am
christopher says she is now going to sue and she's not alone. >> we currently represent 50 children. >> reporter: schneider has faced similar allegations. in 1996 this mother settled a malpractice suit against him out of court after she claimed he unnecessarily placed 16 crowns in her 3-year-old son's mouth. >> fitting in 50 to 60 kids doing every possible service on teeth to maximize profit because medicaid pays per procedure per tooth. >> reporter: law enforcement is investigating allegations of physical abuse and the florida state attorney general's office is now investigating schneider for possible medicaid fraud. schneider has never been charged with any crime and told affiliate -- >> i'm not worried about the allegations because allegations aren't true. >> reporter: over the weekend schneider voluntarily gave up his medical license. for "good morning america" matt gutman abc news miami. >> that is shocking stuff. >> horrible story.
7:35 am
all right, matt. thank you for that. to a frightening skydiving accident. it was caught on camera. a memorial day tribute going horribly wrong in tennessee when a skydiver hit power lines before slamming into the ground. abc's reena ninan has that story. >> oh. >> reporter: this morning police and the ntsb are investigating this dramatic skydiving accident caught on tape. watch as 27-year-old john pitts slams into power lines during a vietnam memorial day event in tennessee saturday. from another angle you can see pitts, an experienced skydiver with over 1,000 jumps under his belt get tangled in before falling to the ground hundreds watching. >> everybody around us started praying. it was very scary. >> reporter: derek slade was jumping out of the same plane and saw the accident play out a thousand feet below him. >> could have been very catastrophic. he's very lucky it turned out the way it did. >> reporter: this isn't the only
7:36 am
recent sky dive gone wrong. 22 christopher jones' dive almost turned deadly when he suddenly fell unconscious suffering from a seizure midair. and just last year 25-year-old james lee, knocked unconscious by another jumper. hisehow launching his parachute for him. lee regaining consciousness just in the nick of time. >> reporter: as for pitts, a married father of two, he was airlifted to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries. this morning he seems to be doing just fine. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> glad he's okay. >> lucky man. >> that's why i don't jump out of planes. rob has rising temperatures in the northeast? >> yeah. >> we've talked about just about everything. want to start you off with a little snow before we talk about the heat. >> what? >> yes. caribou, maine, in garfield but caribou had 0.3 inches of snow. this is going away as is the
7:37 am
frost in meadville, pennsylvania because we're turning on the memorial day furnace thankfully. the unofficial start of summer and we're going to be warming up across the east coast. get that classic southwest flow. something we see in july or august. temperatures in the 80s. 90s on tuesday and wednesday for philadelphia and d.c. >> on this memorial day here we are l looking at heat d humidity, building the breeze out of the south uerer 80' should be e ive for all outdoor activities thahat you ha got >> this weathercast brought to you by capital one. a little west coast love for you. san diego, there's the naval station there. "uss midway." happy memorial day. a nice place to visit on day like today. joe namath speaks out about head injuries and the experimental injury he claims is helping memory after all those hard hits. a d victory for "gossip girl" star kelly
7:38 am
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we're back now with nfl hall of famer joe namath weighing in on the crisis of brain injuries for former football players. he helped open a neurological research center and now claims an experiment treatment is helping to improve his memory. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: joe namath was good in the theater of football. famously guaranteeing a victory in super bowl iii. he was also good at taking hits. he still remembers some of the worst ones. >> it was a hard hit and a gold flash, man, i never will forget that. >> did you know you had a concussion? >> no absolutely not. i don't know about concussions, but i had a lot of smelling salts. >> reporter: all those hits took on new meaning for him after the suicides of football greats
7:43 am
including junior seau. he says he suffered from forgetfulness so he had himself tested where they diagnosed him with traumatic brain injury. >> you can see here's the right temporal lobe. >> there's huge asymmetry. >> reporter: you can see here how this section of namath's brain is dark. dr. lee fox says it's because it lacks blood flow. namath tells abc news that like others he had bouts of the blues. did you ever think of suicide? >> i've thought about that but i don't plan on doing that. no. >> joe, how many times do you think you've been in one of these chambers. >> 120. >> reporter: instead he started hyperbaric oxygen treatments at jupiter. they know that this compressed pure oxygen can heal wounds by creating new blood vessels and improving circulation. doctors here hoped it would increase blood flow in the brain. doctors placed namath in these
7:44 am
pressurized glass tubes 120 times over a seven--month period. each time he breathed in 60 minutes of 100% pure oxygen and found an improvement in flood flow in the brain and his cognitive abilities. were you surprised that it's -- >> certainly this is a very dramatic improvement. an area that was sleeping and dore perhaps has now woken up so to speak. >> reporter: now jupiter has an early face clinical trial looking at hyperbaric oxygen and brain injury at the newly named joe namath neurological research center but doctors note this is uncharted territory in the prevention of degenerative brain diseases in athletes. >> joe namath may have increased blood flow in the brain but we don't know that that means he won't develop cte. i understand people are looking for hope here but the data on hyperbaric oxygen doesn't show that it really works. >> people shouldn't be spending their money on this. >> reporter: the trial costs up to $70,000 per person. the hospital says it's raising
7:45 am
funds to cover that cost and hopes it can replicate namath's results in others. but broadway joe says his memory has improved and counts on being around for awhile. he guarantees it. for "good morning america," matt gutman abc news miami. >> and next up on our "gma" "the speed feed" oscar winner robert de niro's surprising message to graduates. got to be the commencement address of the year. >> can't wait for that. your brain on shopping. new research i was supposed to say surprising new research but i don't think it is. the question is are you actually on a high? i'm an overprotective parent. this is a table cover, just in case she clunks her head. every house has hidden dangers. this is her safety vest, which she wears whenever she is outside. and worst of all, fleas and ticks. fortunately, petsmart has lots of flea and tick products. and they can help you find the right one for your pet. did you know flea babies eat their mom's poop? my... before pethood gets itchy, petsmart has k9 advantix ii for up to 10 dollars off. for every six-pack purchased at petsmart, bayer will donate a treatment to petsmart charities.
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7:49 am
♪ time now to head to sara in the social square with "the speed feed." sara. >> if there's social media in 1976, this would have trended everywhere. >> you talking to me? you talking to me? >> now you know him. that's robert de niro from "taxi driver." a great scene and this weekend the graduates of tisch school of the arts at new york university were probably saying the same thing when they heard his commencement speech. take a listen. >> you're a dancer a singer a choreographer, musician filmmaker, a writer
7:50 am
photographer a director a producer an actor, an artist. yeah you're [ bleep ]. he went on to talk about the rejection they would face even when trying to get jobs as waiters and bartenders. the grads loved the straight talk from the oscar winner who gave them a real picture of what life will be like after graduation. >> you're here to pause and celebrate your accomplishments so far as you move on to a rich and challenging future. and, me i'm here to hand out my pictures and resumes to the directing and producing graduates. [ laughter and applause ] >> i don't know about you guys but i kind of appreciate the straight talk. >> yeah. >> i would have loved that one. >> he hit the mark that most commencement addresses miss. he was memorable. >> well the thing no one warns you about you come out of college always rising to the next grade and then the 20s, you stop moving for a long time and no one tells you this is normal. it's okay. >> robert de niro just did. >> yeah. >> you're never too old to network. >> a little encouragement there.
7:51 am
>> i said it like it is in it was short, two words. you're bleeped. >> we all know what bleeped is. so much for ahead on "gma." actress jennifer garner opening up go her marriage with ben and how they keep their kids out of the spotlight. messy paint cans the worst. make holes around the rim to keep them clean. tap in a few holes and the paint drains back into the can. so see more go on on yahoo! a painful, blistering, rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. well i had to go to the eye doctor last week and i have to go back today. the doctor's worried its so close to her eye. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
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jummy: good morning. happy monday. we want to start with a check on the weather right now. here is brian van de graaff. brian: temperatures warming up a bit across the area, 50's and 60's across the board, 57 and -- in frederick. jumping up downtown, 56 in manassas. sunshine and temperatures climbing through the afternoon in the north and northwest temperatures in the upper 80's with a touch of humidity in the atmosphere. how about the roads? jamie: the roads are not too bad at all, which is nice for us. getting out there right now this is the pace that you will be at, very light and an easy
7:57 am
drive on 270. moving to the maps and giving you an idea of the capital beltway, top side and bottom side we are quiet. 56, 46 miles per hour working your way to fairfax. very very light right now, i want to show you this again, not bad. we have got some glare coming closer and nutley street. jummy: all right, thank you. top stories right now the d.c. annual memorial day parade begins this afternoon and goes along, too should avenue northwest from 7th street to 17th street. other memorial day events going on today, the ride to recovering memorial challenge kicks off today with injured veterans in folders starting a five-day ride to virginia each. the freedom bell will be at the entrance to the world war ii memorial, people are excited to
7:58 am
ring the bell as a tribute. the alexandria memorial day jazz festival begins in old town. more
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wake me up ♪ good morning, america. kelly rutherford's bitter battle for her children and a turning point. a judge grants her custody over her ex. are her young kids finally coming home? the science behind your shopping habits. are you actually on a high when you're shopping? >> finding a good deal makes me really happy. >> what our gopro footage reveals. ♪ what's the secret to raising kids in the spotlight? jennifer garner opens up about parenting, keeping her kids humble and how marriage to ben has changed them both. ♪ all that and the script live in times square this morning as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ all your life ♪ >> the script there they are in times square this morning signing autographs. this is the kickoff to the u.s.
8:01 am
leg of their gigantic tour. first stop right here in times square. we're looking forward to that coming up in just a little bit. of course, it is memorial day, as well and you're looking at a live shot of arlington national cemetery in virginia right across the potomac from washington as we honor those who served our nation on this memorial day. >> that's right, so many men and women to thank on this memorial day and this holiday weekend is also the unofficial start to summer. so many people picnicking and barbecuing today and we have some great tips for your memorial day celebration coming up. >> just a little bit of last-minute tips. it can be helpful. now to tom llamas with "the morning run down." >> good morning, everyone. the big story on this memorial day, those killer storms hammering the plains triggering historic flash floods and violent tornadoes. the worst of it in texas. check this out. in oklahoma where at least five people are dead and several remain missing. raging floodwaters washing away cars leading to dozens of rescues. homes submerged and thousands
8:02 am
forced to evacuate. entire bridges washed out as rivers rise above flood stage. for some cities it's thought the wettest may on record. now to the tragic loss of the nobel prize winning mathematician john nash. nis life inspired an oscar winning movie, a film that chronicled his work and struggles with mental illness. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning the man behind "a beautiful mind" -- >> eager young minds of tomorrow. >> reporter: -- is being mourned. john nash and his wife alicia killed saturday while in a taxi on the new jersey turnpike just weeks shy of his 87th birthday. the nobel prize winner was played by russell crowe in the oscar-winning film documents his genius. >> i cannot waste time. >> reporter: and at times matness. >> been injected with a cloaking serum. >> reporter: 1959 diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia he was committed to several mental institutions for treatment. the decades-long descent into
8:03 am
mental illness featured in the 2001 film. along with the at times tumultuous love story of john and alicia. >> going to slap me now. >> reporter: though they divorced they later remarried and he says he simply recovered from his mental illness crediting aging. now he's remembered for his genius russell crowe tweeting "stunned. beautiful minds, beautiful hearts." for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> and we thank mara for that story. caught on camera a wild highway chase from the northwest. watch the left shoulder a car roaring past topping 100 miles an hour. a moment later an officer coming right behind in that car and we'll see it now inside of the car, two men and a toddler were found un -- a toddle found unrestrained in 9 backseat. the men were arrested on drug and other charges. this image going viral. the young daughter of a white house visitor throwing a temper
8:04 am
tantrum in the red room. you see her there. she threw herself on the ground pounding out her frustrations in front of the commander in chief. i feel for her parents so much but we have all been there. finally, a touching moment from a weekend high school graduation in alabama. a great story. the class of 2015 getting their diplomas but one grad had a lot more waiting for him on stage. steven turner yan's mother surprised her son. she's in the navy and look at that. had been on a nine-month tour serving at guantanamo bay. steven getting the best graduation present he could have ever imagined. guy, this is so funny, steven was a little worried because they pulled him out of the lineup for the graduation because the school was in on it. he was worried he didn't graduate or they had forgotten him. yeah. but he got the best graduation gift. mom has served 16 years in the navy so we salute her this morning. >> that was great. great story. "pop news" and weather coming up. amy in the social square.
8:05 am
>> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." kelly rutherford's bitter battle for her kids could finally be at an end. the latest on her fight to bring them home. then the science behind shopping. why it can really make you happy. and actress jennifer garner opening up about parenting in hollywood. how she keeps her kids grounded and marriage to ben. all of that and you hear the screaming. we have the script here live right here in times square. nice to see you. hello. nice to see you. >> i was back there with my phone. [ cheers and applause ]
8:06 am
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8:10 am
the bridge? >> you've got this. >> why he's not giving up that branch. though way. >> definitely a monday. >> wait a second. did he? did he? >> come on. >> oh he had the right -- >> oh. oh. >> yay! >> that dog is so much smarter than my dogs. >> they would have been there all day. they wouldn't even have lifted the stick. too much work. >> time for the "heat index" and today's hot button huge win for kelly rutherford and her bitter custody battle. over the weekend she was awarded temporary legal custody of her children. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: after six years in and out of court, one actress' personal drama might be coming to an end. >> i got a message our kids are in some kind of trouble. >> reporter: on tri a california judge siding with kelly
8:11 am
rutherford in a custody dispute awarding her sole and legal temporary custody of her 8 and 5-year-olds. allowing her to retain their u.s. passports so they can return from europe where they've been living with their german former husband since 2012. rutherford filed for divorce in 2009. the former couple was supposed to share custody of their children. but when his u.s. visa was revoked they ruled they should reside with their father. rutherford had to fly abroad to visit hem. >> i know it's not right. everyone knows it's not right. >> reporter: but the 46-year-old mother says when she arrived in france he would not allow her to see them until she handed over their passports. >> what kelly rutherford will do is take that california court ruling and take it to a monaco court and say, you guys have to abide by this. if the court says no then you have a serious possibility of an
8:12 am
international incident. >> reporter: rutherford first took it to federal court where her request was denied. i sat down with her last month just days after that ruling. how does it feel at this point? are you more frustrated or angry or sad? >> i could sit here and tell you how often i cry. i can tell you how it feels to leave my kids this a foreign country to go see them after not seeing them for weeks on end, not being able to take them to school pick them up from school. dress them. smell them. hug them. >> reporter: the actress now hopes those moments aren't far off traveling to monaco this week to retrieve her children telling abc news she is optimistic that mr. giersch after reviewing the order will cooperate fully. gie giersch has not returned our request for a comment. >> steven thanks for joining
8:13 am
out. a pretty big shift in the case over the weekend giving her sole custody. what's the reasoning behind it? >> this is a big win for kelly, clearly, but the reasoning behind it is they went in ex-parte which means they didn't give the other side notice. they went in explained to the court there's a lot going on here in terms of whether or not daniel giersch is actually complying with the court orders and the judge said i want to take a look at it. >> what do you think we'll see happen in the immedia future with her children? where will they live? >> well where they're going to live is going to be one big question. what we'll see in the immediate future is they're going to be on a plane flying to california to meet with this judge on june 15th. >> so they'll be coming to california and how likely is it that this custody arrangement will actually become permanent and kelly will be able to maintain sole custody? >> well that's a good question. the big issue in california is always which parent is best able to share? obviously these are international children.
8:14 am
their dad is german. their mother american. they have to live somewhere. they have to go to school somewhere. the court is going to be acutely aware of which parent is best facilitating communication between the children and the parents and between each other. >> haven't the courts already determined this? >> absolutely. the court absolutely determined that since he can't come to the united states, it's in the children's best interest to be with him and force kelly to do the commuting. what she is saying is i want the children to live in states go to school in the united states and force him to do the commuting. but we know he can't do the commuting. >> what options does the father have to fight this? >> well at this point we haven't heard from him. this is all about her. she went to court. she didn't even give the other side notice which is highly unusual in california. so now what's going to happen is the judge is going to get a good look at this on june 15th. may or may not make changes but clearly this is a wake-up call for daniel giersch. the judge is telling him, absolutely unequivocally pay
8:15 am
attention, follow my orders and you won't have any trouble. >> okay steven mindel. >> thank you. >> next in the "heat index," the science of shopping. new research finds we get a powerful high from shopping. you won't believe what it can do to your brain. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> finding a good deal makes me really happy. >> reporter: what woman doesn't love to shop but what if we told you shopping can give you the same pleasure as sex? >> i love this. >> reporter: to find out how that's possible we mounted a gopro on 30-year-old alex roberts. >> i'm excited to be shop to be honest. >> reporter: to see what's going on inside her brain as she hits the stores. >> i love this. this is amazing. >> reporter: according to analysis provided by the facial tracking company inviso she is on a shopping eye. her eyes are wide and alert. mouth slightly open. these are all signs that the pleasure center in her brain is
8:16 am
lighting up which experts at the university of michigan say is comparable to the joy felt after having sex. they were also surprised to learn something else. >> there's this pain that's associated with spending and to the best we could tell there seems to be this trade-off. it's a weighing of pleasure versus pain. >> reporter: was that the case for alex? >> i need a denim shirt. >> reporter: alex's quick tightening of the lips and scanning items indicates she's disappointed and feeling stress according to facial tracking experts. >> all right. your receipt is in the bag. >> reporter: the facial tracking results show a higher stress level indicating she may have felt compelled to buy the clothes because they were cheap. retailers use dozens of tricks that lure customers to buy more. >> these stores are set up to set off your brain in the pleasure center. they're hitting something in our human behavior that gets you to want to buy. we call it here buying yourself happy. >> okay i'm in love with this
8:17 am
but it's an extra small so we'll see if this fits. >> the lights the music, immersing yourself in the feel good experience. >> reporter: but alex says learning the science behind her shopping habits won't deter her from getting that fashion fix. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> there's a reason why they call it retail therapy, right? >> there you go. >> i guess. >> but there is a guilt afterwards, i agree. sometimes -- there's a fine line -- >> you get the high and crash with the low. >> trying all these connections. >> i think a lot of guys saw the headline shopping is as good as sex and running to the mall. next up on our "heat index." "twilight" star nikki reed opens up about growing up with a single mom and how it's helping her shape others. >> reporter: nikki reed tying the knot to "vampire diary"
8:18 am
heartthrob ian somerhalder but this new hollywood it couple going beyond their on screen vampire films to promote healthy eating to families in need. it's a cause that hits close to home. >> how different is some of the food we see here compared to what you grew up eating? >> some -- a totally different world. >> reporter: she says as a child she grew up eating mostly fast food. >> i had a single mom. single mom who made 15 to $17,000 a year raising two kids in los angeles. it was hard. we ate a lot of fast food and a lot of what came off the dollar menu. >> reporter: she says for her mom buying fresh food was too expensive. >> i worked in the cafeteria in exchange for free lunch. >> reporter: it was her challenging past she says that now motivates her to make a positive difference in other people's lives. >> association now if you try to eat healthy it's too expensive so it's a misconception sort of right, because there are other options.
8:19 am
>> reporter: she says one option is thrive market. an online marketplace that sells all natural foods at 25% to 50% less than the retail price. here's how it works. members of thrive market order organic foods online which are then delivered to your home free of charge making healthy food affordable and easy to get. and for every $5 a month membership there's a free membership give ton a family in need. >> they make it easy. >> they do make it easy. my family growing up this, is definitely something that my mother would have loved. >> reporter: in just six months since its launch thrive market says it's already provided tens of thousands of americans access to healthy foods. >> i wanted to create my own future and destiny yrt she is hopeful her efforts will make a difference and help more families get a fresh start. >> if my mom had something like thrive market as an option for her then it would have been a whole different ball game. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.
8:20 am
>> good for her to be working on this. outside to rob. >> hey, guy, it is memorial day. we have william and krisel greating their anniversary. how long have you been married. >> five years. >> are you going to take her shopping to celebrate. >> yes, i am. >> good plan of attack. san antonio, that record flooding deluge. this is the riverwalk. look at that. just pouring out of that tourist attraction where all the bars and restaurants are. people just getting out of the way of that water and that was the theme all weekend long across texas and oklahoma. the rain today i think the heaviest will be across parts of the northern tier through the western great lakes. storms fire up in texas. we're already starting to see that. some could be strong and temperatures ahead in the mild side. 70s and 80s. beautiful across the northeast and dry across the west coast. >> partly must -- partly to mostly sunny or at home today breezy, 82 today upper 80's,
8:21 am
wind out of the south southwest at 10 to 15. through the evening temperatures back in the 's tomorrow, best chance for a storm will be tomorrow afternoon with most of the action being north and west of town in higher elevations with humidity to the end of the best chance for showers and storms s coming wedn >> oh yeah god ble america. sailors from the naval station in norfolk. we appreciate your service. we'll toss it back inside. >> "pop news" time? >> we got another george. amal and george touching down in tokyo hand in hand. amal stunning as usual and blissfully in love by the looks of these photos. isn't that always the case with them stopping to sign autographs and share selfie love. the couple arriving in japan to promote his new moved "tomorrowland." hollywood's it couple revealing they plan on spending most of their time in their man more house in england once it's renovated but for now he's keeping his promise and not spending more than a week away from his new wife.
8:22 am
how realistic is that. you go away on assignment for months. >> months? >> remember that one year you weren't here at all? >> my kids keep reminding me about that. >> do you have deals like that. >> initially it's a nice thing to do. >> we make it happen. i have to be here every morning. >> george you're so cute. >> my parents credit their 40-year marriage on spending week as part. >> i think it's healthy. >> at times. >> when you have little kids you have to be there. >> and dogs. >> yeah. >> same thing. jennifer garner revealing exclusively in yahoo! parenting her secret to raising kids in hollywood. it's all about keeping her three children humble. ben and jen work hard to teach them just because their dad is batman doesn't mean they're more important than anyone else. how parenting changes marriage she adds it's all about going on a ride together saying quote, you just have to hang in there while you figure it out and have a lot of patience for each other. >> there's truth in there. >> yeah. >> any other tips?
8:23 am
you guys are all parents. >> my drned to speak and went from saying to no to saying no way jose in the matter of a week. >> and at 2 it's still cute. 12, no. >> i think the patience thing is key. they say you got two individuals trying to do it -- get a good result by going at it two different ways.ot good at that and we don't have kids. are we in trouble. >> you will learn. >> the hashtag beyonce always on b beat -- i still can't quite figure it out. always killing it with her sweet moves and on point instagram games. with a little from apps i don't even know how to say that. george look at that word. >> yeah. >> photo and that's photto. "gma" decided to channel our own
8:24 am
inner bey for a little memorial day action. >> that's great. >> we got the script to do single ladies. either i'm really convincing or these guys are some of the best most playful -- >> how did you get them to do it? >> when did you do it? >> i haven't been at set all morning, guys. did no one notice? >> no these guys are a lot of fun. we asked them once. i said i want to do "single ladies." clearly not ladies. you'd never do that with your right hand. a good friend jimmy kimmel returns for eighth consecutive year to be nba finals with his jimmy kimmel live game night specials featuring hilarious gets with amy poehler and the cast of "magic mike xxl" every night of the finals beginning with game one june 4th on abc. >> wow. we'll find out who is in there. how about lebron james last night. did you see that? >> no. >> i was going to add something
8:25 am
and, no. >> he's calling for it and go for the finals again. incredible game last night. sara, thank you. coming up almost time to fire up the grill for that summer barbecue. got all the tips you need to master your memorial day party.
8:26 am
8:27 am
jummy: morning. happy memorial day. let's start with a check on the forecast right now. brian: that nice weather over the weekend continues into the week. a little bit hotter out there in the nation's midsection with high pressure parked right off the coast keeping a lot of us at a, but we are also looking at warmer weather nudging in here as we continue to go through the next few days. building in heat and humidity with shower storms getting a bit closer, until that point looking like a nice stretch. temperatures in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon it will be a bit breezy at times with winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour that make you feel a bit better. do not forget your spf towards the shore. sunshine and a bit of a breeze at the beach, cooler with water temperature over ocean city only in the low 60's, water
8:28 am
temperature in the 70's. back over to you. jummy: over to some top stories right now, metro a bit from today because of memorial day, service running until midnight with sunday schedules and off-peak fares in effect. preparations are underway right now for the d.c. annual memorial day parade that begins at 2:00 this afternoon from 7th street to 17th street, marching bands and veterans units from all 50 states. today is the spirit of liberty foundation freedom bell at the entrance of the world war ii memorial. everyone is invited to ring it as a tribute to veterans and troops. right now you can get more traffic and news live, we will see you back here in about 25 minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you can make things right ♪ ♪ learn to fly every day every hour ♪ ♪ you'll be working every day and night ♪ ♪ every day every night ♪ >> that is the script with their hit "superheroes." a lot more music from them rocking times square. a hard working band. >> that's right. coming up. we have ray liotta and bill paxton to talk about their new project and some of their most popular roles, the ones people stop them on the treat to ask about. >> that's not all that's here. also the "sesame street" gang. they'll show us easy and healthy recipes. there they are that kids and parents can make together. we have a sneak peek of tonight's "bachelorette." things turn explosive when one frustrated bachelor confronts kaitlyn about not getting the attention he feels he deserves.
8:31 am
sounds like drama. >> i got some time with kaitlyn. i said you know i haven't had the most -- best opportunity to talk to you before this moment. she wasn't even looking at me. she was looking down and which sucks, man. i flew like 3,000 miles to have a good shot. >> you don't have a quiet voice. i'll tell you that. >> i sure do not. i sure do not. >> i can tell you're upset. >> who am i -- >> you're clearly upset. it's all good. let's go. >> oh. find out what happens next tonight on "the bachelorette." watch an extended peek on on yahoo! that seemed a little it answer. >> we have a huge party in the park this friday. ed sheeran will be here and we want you to be there too. go to on yahoo! to learn how to get your tickets to see ed sheeran live and you will need a ticket for this one.
8:32 am
>> that is going to be a lot of fun, as well. right now time to yahoo! your day, quick and easy tips for memorial day barbecuing. reena ninan has what you need to know to throw the perfect pert. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> looking to spice up your memorial day gathering and start the summer with patriotic perfection. we caught up with katie brown, editor in chief of yahoo makers. happy memorial day. >> it's all about red, white and blue. >> reporter: quick and easy tablescape tips maker made. >> one thing to do take bowls and put your food in it and to keep it safe and to keep it from not spill, take a couple of them, put them together like that and put a couple of rubber bands around them. put in your paper plate, plastic napkins and a great to go container. drinks and don't want flies or bug, get yourself some cupcake holders that have a real deep full top and then you can just
8:33 am
take a straw, punch it right in. how cute is that. >> very cute. >> we took soap moles you can get at any craft store and all you do is pour your favorite cocktail in there and then put a little aluminum foil over it. push that in. put them in your freezer, pop them out and you've got raspberry. >> divine. >> talk to me about that. >> this is a fun thing to do. red, white and blue carnations until you have a string that's long enough to doll up your picnic table. i'm using a big embroidery needle so that it is not hard. give it a try. >> you just thread it through here. >> there you go. >> now pull it out gentle, slow give it a pull a tug. ah. >> i did it. >> oh, yes. >> ideas sure to make your next summer picnic a walk in the park. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. [ cheers and applause ] >> go to on yahoo! for strucks honor how
8:34 am
to do the crafts plus more. let's talk weather, rob. >> slide over here. this is not a moonwalk, all right. hey, where are y'all from. >> newport beach, california. >> newport beach. >> well said. you'll take us off because we'll be heating up. patriotic cities to share with you. first off, uh-huh. patriot, ohio you'll take it 84. soldier, kentucky, veteran, wyoming, america, oklahoma and washington, d.c. with a temperature expected of 88. pacific northwest, they are patriotic, as well. showers inland but for the most part dry in seattle. redding, 88 and nice across parts of the southwest. storms in texas watching them carefully. >> on this memorial d here we areooking a heat d humidi, building the breezee
8:35 am
out of theouth upper 80'ss should be e drive for all outdoor activities t thahat you ha got going >> oh, yeah. cover girls. look at this shirt. you are patriotic. do you know the constitution? we'll make you recite it a little later. amy with our special guest. >> our friends from "sesame street" have been stirring things up all morning long. elmo. retote that and grover. they'll show us how to make some dishes from their n called "sesame street: let's cook". >> good morning, how are you? >> doing so well especially because you brought food. special waffle breakfast sandwich. tell me about your recipe. >> this is a recipe that elmo's mommy taught elmo. put the waffle mix in. let it cook and throwugh the
8:36 am
magic of television we have waffles with some cheese and tomato. >> yum. so you put the cheese on the waffle like this. a tomato then you meld itting to like that. >> perfect. >> thank you, elmo. >> thank you. >> look, we have rowsitarosita. what are you cooking. >> corn corn cakes and with a salsa, delicious, because it has fruits and mango and pineapple. watermelon and the corn cakes are so delicious and i love tha they look like little pancakes. you can put anything you like on the top of the corn cakes. >> and put avocado on here too. >> very yummy and healthy. >> they're colorful and pretty and finger foods and vegetables and fruits. >> vegetables and fruits. you know what it makes you smarter, stronger and kinder because you have to share. you know that i like to share but i'd share because i love to
8:37 am
cook for my friends. >> chef rosita thank you very much. >> you are so beautiful. >> thank you. right back at you, rosita. thank you and i love this. fantastic. >> you know what everybody loves, grover they love cake and you brought some of your friends' recipes. >> yes. >> zoe. >> this is zoe's sweet and special birthday cake with chocolate and vanilla. you can make it with chocolate or vanilla frosting and ricotta cheese in the middle. >> that's really good. >> as little sugar as possible because we know that is not food good for to you have too much. >> always good to eat cake. >> we also have here -- oscar. >> oscar's green smoothie. >> wow. >> so that's a little scary. >> no no it has all sorts of yummy stuff in it avocado and kale and some banana and apple juice. >> oscar gave this recipe for you to share with all of us. that's so nice of him.
8:38 am
>> yes, yes, he's actually a nice guy, believe it or not. >> all right, everybody, "sesame street: let's cook" is available now. >> yes. >> coming up ray liotta and bill paxton opening up about their new project and two of the most iconic movies ever made. we also have the script performing live, stay with us. ♪ superheroes ♪
8:39 am
narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the othe50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington."
8:40 am
man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washinington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
8:41 am
we all know the phrase remember the alamo, but how many of us actually do? well, you will after watching "texas rising," the history channel's new miniseries premiering tonight starring bill paxton and ray liotta picks up where the alamo left off showing us how the lone star state came into being and why you don't mess with texas. >> right. >> bill and ray, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> bill it's pretty remarkable all the connections you have to this miniseries. you are from texas. you're a history buff and there's a relation to your character. >> yeah. catch you later. >> i hate you for this. >> he never stops putting the needle in. sam houston and i share common grandparents six generations ago on my father's side which makes us second cousins four times removed. his mother's name was paxton. elizabeth paxton.
8:42 am
>> we actually have a clip that shows when sam houston meets ray's character, lorca a mountain man out for revenge. >> something like that. my family is massacred in front of me and i just want to get the bad guys so i just go nuts. >> take a look. >> this is war, not a crusade. >> aha, had you witnessed the abominations at the alamo you'd think differently. >> goliad? >> crazy [ bleep ]. speak plain. >> they're all dead. murdered. 300 slain, slaughtered after surrender. so much blood the air turned to a crimson mist. >> wow! powerful. and you all look very different now sitting here with me than you did in the miniseries. >> it was great not having to take a shower in the morning or at night. it was great -- >> no haircuts necessary. no shaving. >> oh yeah but the horses were a challenge.
8:43 am
>> they just weren't used to swords and the rifles and the noise so that really was a challenge. >> wow. and, bill you call the western the only true american genre. why do you think westerns are so popular. >> you see someone standing up for a cause that's maybe not popular but trying to do the right thing. you know we see men and women who really had a code who were principled. they're just great role models. great stories and just the western landscape is such a -- help me out here. >> it's big. >> it's big and -- thank you. [ laughter ] but, yeah i think it's just something that -- it just fires the imagination of people not just in this country but all over the world. the alamo made everyone in america at that time you know everybody became a texan after the alamo. >> you said big. speaking of big. we have big anniversaries coming up. do you know that it's almost -- next year the 20th anniversary of "titanic" and this year ray,
8:44 am
it's the 25th anniversary of idea goodfellas." >> oh. >> i want to know what lines -- people always quote your movies to you. what movie quotes to you doctor the most from fan. >> you're a funny guy and a lot of people -- when i said karen for some people everybody wants me to say karen. >> do you oblige when they ask? >> huh. no not really. it's silly but i get it i guess. karen. >> karen. >> see what happens. >> they love it. the people love karen. >> are you ready to go back to "titanic." no. >> bill and ray, thank you so much. "texas rising" premieres tonight on the history channel. >> just rising, yeah! >> coming up we have red hot band the script performing live.
8:45 am
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tomorrow what is it you can do right now to save big on your cell phone. not penny, hundreds. >> $700 in savings. >> you give us two minutes, we'll put money right back in your pocket. >> huge answer to a prayer for us. >> tomorrow. >> thanks "gma." >> "gma" is on the money. [ cheers and applause ] >> the script set to rock times square kicking off their u.s. tour for their fourth album, "no sound without silence." i'm here with danny o'donoghue great to have you guys here. kick off tomorrow in boston in that's correct. kick off tomorrow in boston. we're right in the middle of our world tour right now so we've been absolutely everywhere around the world, uk europe australia but now it's time to bring this to the states. >> you wrote this album the last time you guys were touring in america. how did it affect the tenor of the album? >> we ended up more of a live sound because you try to take that energy from stage. it's hard to bottle it up. you can do something
8:48 am
constructive or destructive. we chose constructive. >> you work so hard talking about this world tour. you won't be home in time to get an -- >> no. >> how many months you got on. >> eight months of the year, i would say. >> that's a lot. before we get to the song. man on a wire. the recent video you put out. 15 stories up. >> 15 stories in the air. that's correct. you can see it right there. so people -- some people like it for the art. no green screen involved. actually walked on a wire. i had one wire which is placed on the nape of my neck all the way up to a parallel rope on the top but rubbed those out but wanted to go for the shock value so you could see what it's like up on top of a building. seriously, kid, do not try this at home. >> do listen at home. "no good in good-bye ♪ >> thank you. ♪
8:49 am
♪ ♪ all the things that we've lost breaking up comes at a cost ♪ ♪ i know i'll miss this mistake because every word i try to choose ♪ ♪ either way i'm gonna lose can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ oh but as you walk away you don't hear me say ♪ ♪ ♪ where's the good in where's the nice in nice try ♪ where's the us in trust gone where's the soul in soldier on ♪ ♪ now i'm the low in lonely cause i don't own you only ♪ ♪ i can take this mistake but i
8:50 am
can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ no ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter how it falls apart there's an art in breaking hearts ♪ ♪ but there's no fair in farewell no ♪ ♪ and when i see you in the street i pray to god you don't see the silent hell in i wish you well ♪ ♪ oh but as you walk away you don't hear me say ♪ ♪ where's the good in good-bye where's the nice in nice try ♪ ♪ where's the us in trust gone where's the soul in soldier on ♪ ♪ now i'm the low in
8:51 am
lonely 'cause i doentsn't own you only ♪ ♪ i can take this mistake but i can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ no i can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ oh no i can't take the ache from heartbreak can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ no i can't take the ache from heartbreak whoa can't take the ache from heartbreak no can't take the ache take the take can't take the ache from heartbreak ♪ ♪ if i could turn back time then i would rewrite those lines ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
tomorrow should i say all right, all right, all right? >> matthew mcconaughey exclusionve with jesse palmer. >> all right. i like the sound of that. >> so what's matthew want you to know? >> that is is hard core. >> tomorrow he'll tell you. >> all right, all right, all right. >> on abc's "good morning america." "good morning america" is brought to you by aleve. all day strong all day long with 12-hour strength.
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may is foster care awareness month and disney abc television group is partnering with foster more and do to raise awareness for the more than 4,000 youth in foster care. take a look. >> i am amazing. i'm not a sad case or a broken kid. i want someone to see the best of who i am. you can make a difference for foster kids at >> and those groups help provide resources for anyone who wants to make a difference? we certainly hope a lot of you will. thank you to the script, by the way. [ cheers and applause ] >> ooh, ooh. >> have a great memorial day.
8:56 am
jummy: we want to start off with a check in the weather right now on this memorial day. here is meteorologist brian van de graaff. brian: we are seeing more heat and humidity doubling up, however it still remains in check in the upper 80's today.
8:57 am
hot and humid, there could be some afternoon storms to the west but i really think that for the most part there is no storminess. low to mid 80's by midday, mid to upper 80's definitely getting warmer with a bit more humidity in the atmosphere for sure. tomorrow, upper 80's, just a stray shower storms chance in the afternoon. when things become more widespread. storm chances repeat themselves. even by the weekend it is still a bit unsettled, but this is hit or miss daily. that is her look at the forecast. julie: top stories on this memorial day -- jummy: president obama will lay at tomb of the -- a wreath at the tomb of the unknown this memorial day.
8:58 am
beginning at 2:00 this afternoon, parade goes down constitution avenue northwest there will be marching bands and a separate unit from all 50 states. heads up, metro service is different today because of memorial day with service running until midnight and trains on a sunday schedule. parking is free today at all metro stations. thank you for joining there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for.
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