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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 28, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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>> researchers are recommending people limit daily caffeine to 400 milligrams. >> how much is that? >> four cups of coffee or eight cups of tea. >> how many have you had today. >> i just had to ask alex who runs the teleprompter for a caffeine pill. >> i wanted to out you on national television. >> one caffeine pill is that one cup of coffee? it's just one. i'm good. i'm good. >> all it takes is one. you don't drink much coffee. people. three countries, denmark, germany and the netherlands regularly exceeded the recommended amount. the 400 milligram limit is in line with what the fda recommends herhome. four cups of coffee eight cups can of tea. >> or one caffeine pill. >> oh boy. a connecticut woman was rushed to the hospital in severe pain after eating a hamburger because along with the hamburger she swallowed a thin piece of metal from a grill brush. it's only about as tall as a
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quarter. it do have been life-threatening if you know detected. the nba finals set. golden state against cleveland. the warrior points from the league pl vp steve curry. they beat houston 104-90. curry had no lingering effects from the nasty fall he t in game four of the series. the team's 40-year wait to get back to the finals is over. curry said it felt great. he got upstaged by riley. >> it's a proud moment for everybody in the bay area to be four wins away from our goal. and that's a special feeling we've got to take a week. >> da da, help me. >> that's little riley there. had some fun behind the dad. dad the rest of the warriors and the cavaliers have a week to get ready for the nba finals to start next friday. as adorable this started all kinds of talk and controversy, if you will about kids being at the post-game press conferences.
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had you a lot of reporters complaining that hey, i'm here to make deadline. i know it's cute with your child but this is a workplace and the kid shouldn't be there. several guys do do this every once in awhile. this started a huge and nasty back and forth. >> i think it makes them seem more real. humanizes them. it's nice to see their kids. >> nba loves it as much bad press as sometimes athletes get for stuff that goes on off the court to see them being dads and the nba probably loves this. but she's adorable. >> she's gorgeous. >> well, the last wednesday in may marks national senior health and fitness day. if you keep on moving you keep on improving. >> in order to make that point, a group of seniors organized a flash mob at the food court. you know had what song we're talking about. if you thought that he would be dancing to oldies no, they choreographed that routine. it's all about the latest tunes
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for this group. you probably won't catch their moves on dancing with the stars " >> why not? they all look eligible to me. i hope we're recruiting. i hope you're watching abc. >> for dancing with the stars? "? >> in the hat right there on the right with the glasses. come on. have you seen dancing with the stars"? >> so glad you are not recruiting. >> some of the people that get kicked off early they couldn't have done that in a flash blob. >> the embattled duggar family and the latest companies to pull ads from the show. >> first another controversial family. the free range parents, our exclusive interview with them. why they stand by their decision to let their children roam free. >> the beautiful and powerful images almost will lost forever until the camera was found on top of a mountain. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. for residents age 50 to 85.
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plenty of smoke over san diego. this was late yesterday. a fire broke out at a popular waterside restaurant. firefighter were able to get it out in about 15 minutes. it was blamed on grease. no reports of injuries here. >> reduced chars for a woman who dropped her 2-year-old son into the cheat at that time pit at the cleveland zoo. witnesses say michelle schwab was dangling her son over the exhibit when he lunged from her grasp and broke her leg. schwab and her husband pulled the boy out. she was initially charged with child endangerment. she will be sentenced next month. >> is this one of those things bad decision making? just bad decision making by the parent? you're trying to let the kid see. >> you don't dangle your kid over that. no. >> turning to another couple of parents stirring up fresh controversy. this maryland couple at the center of this free range
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parenting firestorm. >> charged with neglect for letting their children walk home alone from the playground. is it nurture or neglect? here's david wright. >> meet the may teevs it of silver spring maryland a family that's had lots of unwanted attention because of how much freedom they gave their kids. >> the so-called free range parents under fire. >> parents accused of child neglect after allowing the two kids to walk home alone. >> earlier this year after they allowed their kids ages 6 and 10 to walk home from a local park unsupervised maryland child protective services accused them of child neglect. they fought back their case making national headlines. then this week without explanation, the authorities caved. >> you must be relieved. >> very much so. >> does this mean you're in the clear now? >> we're hopeful or cautiously optimistic this means they've changed the policy or changed their minds. and that we will be in the
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clear. >> they are what's known as free range parents. allowing their children to wander outside the parental safety net. a controversial approach. >> if you give a kid too much freedom, he may not learn how to socialize. and there's also the very real possibility that too little supervision can be lead to actual danger. >> but the may teevs insist it's their call. >> our rights were violated. the constitution clearly protects parents' rights to raise their kids the way they see fit. >> state and county officials won't comment on their case. they're not completely in the clear. the kids picked up a second time in april and held for five hours. >> you've still got another one hanging over your head. >> we're not 100% sure what will happen if somebody calls the police again. >> rafi and devora were excited to start wandering again. >> what happens when you see a police car, what do you think. >> better hide. >> perhaps an understandable
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lesson given the family's experience the parents and the kids now hoping to be left alone. david wright abc news silver spring. >> wow. poor kid. he's got to hide from the cops because he's worried his parents will get in trouble. >> i know. passionate people both sides of this argument feel very strongly about this one. >> absolutely. we'll see if they face another charge. coming up another family under a media microscope. different reason. >> absolutely different reason. duggar family of "19 kids and counting what we're hearing now about the therapist. the therapy josh duggar received after his parents learned of his alleged sexual abuse. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now"tt2wút3n@/4 bt@qx
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tt4wút3n@/4 " hnt& é68 tt4wút3n@/4 " iztq 6ó@ tt4wút3n@/4 " jntq $/ tt4wút3n@/4 " lzt& > sponsors are butting out of their show not supporting the show anymore. we're learning new details of the therapy that josh duggar was given, as well. tom llamas. >> we're the duggars. >> the fate of one of tlc's highest rated shows looks bleak as the list of major advertisers yanking their commercials from "19 kids and counting grows. retail giants walgreens and payless and choice hotels all telling abc news they're pulling the plug on their ads from future episodes.
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in the wake of allegations josh duggar molested five underage girls when he was 14 and 15 years old. >> if the show is canceled the family stands to lose rather a lot of money. >> according to police reports obtained by intouch magazine before alerting a state trooper parents jim bob and michele learned of the problem in 2002 and shortly thereafter they sent josh to a christian treatment center in arkansas where "people" magazine reports he began therapy with a family friend that included manual labor and intenseiveeive prayer. >> his mother later admitted the counselor was not a certified counselor. >> the founder of this facility bill gothard late iraccused of sexual harassment. >> we have for everyone of you the answer. >> he resigned his position at the institute last year saying in a statement published on his website "my actions of holdiding of hands, hugs and touching of feet or hair with young ladies crossed the boundaries of
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discretion and were wrong," adding i never kissed a girl nor have i touched a girl immorley or with sexual intent. people also reporting police only got involved after a tipster contacted the oprah winfrey show in 2006 with the allegations against josh. the show the contacting the department of human services. while josh duggar the 27-year-old married father of three has apologized saying that as a teenager he acted inexcusably for which i am extremely sorry, he was never arrested or charged with a crime. the police report now expunged. with every pair circle. >> let's all hold hands. >> and every courtship. >> no sex before marriage. >> the family put their conservative christian values in the spotlight, now finding themselves under its harsh glare. >> tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> story far from over there. >> aye yi yi. >> coming up finding a needle in a haystack. >> or a camera on themondside?
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♪ all right. here's one of those stories that you just think, what are the chances of this really happening? >> it all started when a camera disappeared in the cascade mountains and along with it the images of a lifetime. along comes a hiker and social media. alisa aftere from our seattle station has the story. >> way off course. >> descending mt. st. helen's, greg lynch spotted an object out of place. >> there's something glimmering. i went and picked it up. >> he and his girlfriend found a camera in its case too whoa wait a second here.
2:56 am
this is actually from the earthquake. >> their discovery launched a facebook search for the mystery owner. someone who had just photographed destruction in nepal. >> what's their story? why were they on st. helens. >> i've carried that camera all over the world. >> kerry shields survived the deadly quake in nepal. shields thought she had lost her camera forever and the pictures of her first cascade summit. >> i was very sadat the thought of losing those. >> but that wouldn't be the picture perfect ending to the tale of two hikers on st. helens. we connected the camera's finder. >> are you excited. >> so excited. >> to its owner. >> the pictures range from argentina to mt. st. helens. >> all right. i think i have something that belongs to you. >> oh. >> the two the have more than the camera in zmoon oh so you're a winemaker. >> talk about pairing. lynch has a background as executive chef and he grew up near shields. >> he's frommia ca ma.
2:57 am
>> no way. >> they'll have plenty to talk about when they tackle a climb together. >> i've not done adams. >> i'm doing add dals? july. >> let's talk about it. >> we should talk about it. >> it wasn't just a need in a haystack but a camera in the cascades lost in a huge world that suddenly seemed smaller. in seattle, alisa aftere koo 4 news. >> you can put anything online and you will find the owner. i mean you could throw your shoe into the hudson river and i could put the picture of your shoe online. >> that's going a little far. there's a lot of stuff in the hudson. >> esthere's a whole lot of stuff in the hudson. their own website, hudson river find >> are you serious right now. >> because things wash up. owner to owner. >> some stuff floating in the hudson you don't want to be plugging out of there.
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this morning on "world news now," relentless waters. the epic rainfall in texas continues to devastate with more flooding forecast for today. the frantic search for the missing as the deadly storms continue their path of destruction. acan cue weather tells us what lies ahead. >> the global soccer scandal that may have robbed the u.s. of the world cup. more fallout as the u.s. indicts some of the biggest leaders on the planet. >> and burger power. the summer's favorite food getting its own holiday today. but if you feel guilty for skipping breakfast and going right for the beef pattie well, we've got the solution. how about breakfast on your burger? grab that special sauce and oh, yeah the and the acid. insomniac kitchen on this thursday, may 28th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
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>> from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> good morning. happy friday eve. >> wow. you can't wait. >> weekend almost here. >> you can't wait. >> looking forward to this weekend. >> what you doing this weekend? >> well, not sure. >> just you ain't here next to me. i know feeling, reena. >> oh teej. oh. >> no, i'm kidding. reunited as you say and it feels so good. we hasn't been working together a lot lately it seems. you've been there, i've been here and everything else. >> so lots of weather stories this week. i mean -- >> it's that season. >> it is that season. >> this is a little over the top here. >> heart breaking too. >> talking about what's going on in the plains. it seems no relief is coming. millions bracing for more of the soaking rain. we're talking flooding and tornados to go along with the stuff. >> a dozen twisters touching down yesterday.
3:02 am
this one hitting a gras gas drilling rig in the texas panhandle injuries three workers. the storms now being blamed or at least 21 deaths in oklahoma and 11 people still missing. brandy hit is there. >> as the water recedes in texas, the death toll is rising. the national guard joining search and rescue teams on the move recovering bodies of those killed by raging floodwaters includeing 43-year-old michele carrey charba. >> thousands of homes damaged. some totally la ustd. >> she was among three families vacationing inside one home swept away by the blanco river. laura mccomb and her children remain missing >> going to be dark days but there's still that glimmer of hope. >> with more rain on the way, there's concern this dam near dallas could also burst as water spills over edge. in houston, flash flooding turned highways into rivers forcing families to abandon
3:03 am
their cars. >> it came up fast. and it wasn't pretty. >> the severe weather continuing with the threat of tornadoes. strong winds and large hail, as well. after several twisters have already left behind miles of damage this past week from texas top ohio. in fact one tornado was just spotted ten miles from this flood ravaged neighborhood. you can see the home behind me. it was ripped from its foundation. the homeowner's now here trying to salvage what they can. brandy hit abc news wimberley, texas. >> after ten days of storms there's no relief in sight for the southern plains. >> let's get more what we can expect today. justin paveking >> thanks and good morning. another active afternoon over the south plains. oklahoma city dallas high rick for more flash flooding in addition. large hail damaging winds and tornadoes especially along and west of interstate 35. these are the same hard hit areas we've been talking about for the past couple weeks.
3:04 am
over the southeast, spotty thunderstorms. some of those packing a punch with down power fwrz greensboro north carolina south and west toward atlanta. back to you. >> justin thank you so much. we turn now to government investigators looking into shipments of live anthrax. that the utah military sent to labs in nine states and overseas. it wasn't supposed to be live anthrax, folks. the pentagon calls those inadvertent. the lab that received them expected to receive dead anthrax spores. the cdc says as of right now, no risk to the general public. >> the largest sponsors of soccer's international governing body are coming under increasing pressure as the world's most popular sports faces its biggest scandal ever. charged in the u.s. with taking $150 million in bribes and payoffs. prosecutors say that money went to buy the officials' votes. on where major soccer tournaments would be played and who would broadcast them.
3:05 am
>> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest. and to protect the integrity of the game. instead, they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. >> one person not named in the case is world soccer's top official fifa president sepp blatter. european soccer officials are calling for that vote to be postponed. at least one of them says blatter should step down because of the scandal. >> the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray are trying to get the case moved out of the city. attorneys say it is impossible for them to receive a fair trial in baltimore. they argue the residents were prejudiced by the rioting that followed the death. charges include second degree murder assault and reckless endangerment. >> more of a look inside the mind of shooting suspect james holmes. a notebook full of writings and
3:06 am
stick figure drawings has been made public. clayton sandell reports. >> prosecutors seeking the death penalty say the notebook shows careful planning. here he considers target agairport, ruling it out because of substantial security. he diagrams several auditoriums but notes to avoid theater one, too many exits. he estimates police would arrive in three minutes. on the other side his attorneys pursuing an insanity defense point to this long list of mental problems holmes claims he suffers including schizophrenia. >> my mind period. it is broken. i tried to fix it. >> holmes describes having an obsession to kill since childhood and seems to suggest that when a psychiatrist prescribed antidepressants, he will no more fear of launching his attack. writing research firearms laws and mental illness. nearly eight pages are filled with just one word. why. that is the question that still haunts families of the 12 people
3:07 am
killed. >> i can only deal with everything day by day. >> and dozens injured like jarell brooks shot in the leg. >> there's still some things we're dealing with. >> in addition to the writings in the notebook theres are video. 22 hours of holmes talking to a psychiatrist after the massacre clayton sandell, abc news los angelesings. >> penn state university shut down the fraternity linked to a private facebook page on which naked photos of women were posted. kappa delta rho will not be allowed back on campus for three years. the investigation turned up evidence of sexual harassment hazing and a climate of humiliation for several women. >> tracy morgan settled his lawsuit against walmart over a highway crash that killed one man and left morgan and two friends injured. the truck slammed into the back of a limo van last june. morgan still recovering from his injuries.
3:08 am
details not made public. >> dustin diamond, you know that name? you probably know the name screech. he played screech on "saved by the bell". he's gone on trial for a stabbing during a bar fight charged with a second degree felony. he's pleaded not guilty. he says the stabbing was an accident. >> the fbi investigating a medical device for women linked to the spread of a certain type of cancer. investigators want to know if the makers of the device doctors and hospitals broke the law by not reporting the problems with it. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> a medical device that canning put women at greater risk of deadly uterine cancer is the subject of an fbi investigation. including what the largest maker of the device johnson & johnson knew about the risks and when they knew it. johnson & johnson first alerted to the possible risks in 2006 by a pathologist. soon others in the medical community started sounding the alarm and johnson & johnson removed from the market last july. the fda implementing its most
3:09 am
serious warning on the device last november. the surgical device, the power morcellator breaks down growths in the uterus so they can be removed. in up to 1 in 350 cases an unknown cancer hiding and in these cases it can spray the cancer cells within the uterus spreading and potentially worsening the disease which is what dr. amy reed and her husband say happened in her case. >> disrupt the mass. it's like a bee's hive. if you chop it up the bees civil all over the place. >> we reached out to johnson & johnson. they have not been contacted by the fbi they say adding so far, they're the only manufacturer to pull the device from the market. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> some alarming new numbers about increasing rates of sexually transmitted diseases as health officials really worried about now. they say the use of social media to arrange casual and anonymous sexual encounters could be the
3:10 am
cause of a drastic rise in these stds. these numbers are only from one state, rhode island, but still they have seen hiv rates rise 33% over the past two years. gonorrhea cases up 38%, syphilis up 679% all evidence of a shifting attitude about casual sex. >> sick with those emojis maybe. >> just saying. >> newly discovered in apple's software can cause iphones to shut down when they receive certain text messages a message with a specific string of characters can cause the phones to crash. to make matters worse, some pranksters figured out how to use details about that glitch to deliberately crash other people's phones. apple says it is working as fast as it can on a fix. you don't get sexually transmitted diseases if your phone. >> i don't want to single out
3:11 am
one, the tinder. >> yes. >> one where you find people that are local. you look if they're cute or not and whatever. some of those numbers are shocking >> very shocking >> let's turn now to the third jewel in the horse racing's tripping crown run a week from sated. american pharoah enters the belmont stakes a chance to make history. >> one horse not running is jay d. he lives in new jersey. he celebrated a birthday this week. he got a cake. he blew out the candles and looked pleased with himself. look at that. he's laughing. look at those teeth. can we queue that up and see that again? >> we've got to see this again. they say happy birthday to him and then. >> j.d. >> happy birthday to you. >> look at that. he just doesn't -- >> look at his face. >> just wonderful.
3:12 am
>> that's right. good going, jay d. thank you guys. coming up in the mix". you love that one. didn't you? coming up the weirdest and perhaps best baby names of the past year. but first, the major surprise in the sky. how both of a plane's engines just gave out mid flight and how far they dropped until the pilot coz recover. >> and later, beef are it's what's for dinner and for breakfast. we've got a burger to be enjoyed anytime of day. also check out our behind the scenes pictures on instagram at abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind medicare only covers about eighty percent
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all right. we've got a dashcam rolling here when a wisconsin sheriff's deputy rushed to a burning car, and he has to pull a guy to safety out of that. the car engulfed as you see there in flames when the deputy arrived. the driver sitting inside was refusing to get out. with the seconds to spare, an is the deputy dragged him away. the man was just dead weight. driver was arrested for drunk driving. good lord. turning to overseas more frightening moments at 39,000 feet when a passenger jet lost both engines at the same time. >> adding to the mystery is the fact the airline is the virtually brand-new. here's abc's david car lay.
3:17 am
>> with 194 people on board, it was a wide body airbus a-330 like this one that suddenly lost power to both engines. it was cruising more than three hours into its flight from singapore to shanghai when the engines shut down. no power. the jet would lose 13,000 feet in altitude before pilots were able to get both the engines working >> when you've got a highly computerized airplane maybe this was a glitch in the software. whatever it was, on a new airplane it's highly unusual. >> singapore airlines tells us the first engine restarted almost immediately, procedures call for the pilots to descend, keeping speed up and then turn the engine's start switch to try and reignite the engine. it worked. the jet landed safely and mechanics found nothing unusual on the week's old jetliner. >> this happened over the weekend. we don't note if the passengers were even aware. singapore airlines dlrks
3:18 am
rolls-royce still trying to figure out why both engines shut down. >> reagan washington airport. >> interesting story. coming up later in the show it's a type of theft that's on the rise across america. smash and grab robberies at jewelry stores. what many stores are now using to protect themselves. >> but first, it's national hamburger day. a new twist on an american fied icon straight ahead in our insomniac kitchen. senator "world news now
3:19 am
♪ >> all right. may 28th the most important national food holiday we have. it is, yes, national hamburger da i. >> this morning for those of us night owl who's tend to eat breakfast all day long a new ist on the american classic. genevieve takes us into the
3:20 am
insomniac kitchen. >> i loveburgers but the hardest part about being a burger lover is that you often have to wait till lunchtime to eat one. not anymore. wait till you see what i found out at new york city's burger phi. it's breakfast in a burger. for people who wake up and literally cannot wait for lunch to have a burger, this is the burger. >> this is the one. >> whether it's it's 1:00 in the morning, it's the ultimate breakfast sandwich. >> walk me through this. >> very important you've got to toast the bun. we start off with a little ketchup. we do a nice swirl from the outside in. so every bite has a little bit of ketchup. caramelized onions. >> those look great. >> lovely homemade hash browns. simple ida ho potato toes. single patty with chinese. >> this meat earlier, what's so special about that.
3:21 am
>> no antibiotics, no hormones no steroids. >> bottom line, good quality meat. >> the best. >> what's next? >> breakfast. here's the egg. >> that looks so good. >> fried to order egg. beautiful crispy smoky bacon. drizzle the bacon with a touch of maple syrup. >> look at how the yolk from the egg runs down just so. that is going to taste amazing. that is so good. that is absolutely delicious. i had a few concerns about the maple syrup with the ketchup. it works. it totally works. cheers and happy national burger day. >> cheers. >> burger day. this is one of the better ones we've had. >> totally. she's right. it's fantastic. what do you have on yours? >> bacon and egg. there's breakfast on theburger. >> are you going to try it. >> let's go ahead. >> dig in. big bite teej.
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and now it's time for "the mix." there are very interesting names for babies this year. >> yeah. >> according to name berry, about 1400 unique kind of names. seems like action packed genre is very important this year. bullet caliber, dagger renegade. >> bullet? >> those are all names that people gave some of their boys. >> sounds like a violent child in the making >> legendary. legendary holmes? >> it flows though. >> it does. >> it flows. >> that could be your next baby's name. >> you know you're on to something now. >> t.j. and lh. legendary holmes. >> doesn't it flow a little bit. >> sure does. >> bullet holmes doesn't work. >> that does not work. but for the women, it's royalty
3:26 am
royal, prince charles that's a woman's name is prince charles? >> that's one word. >> prince charles. and king anthony and king michael. so people like -- >> those are girls' names? >> i'm not so sure those are girls names. >> but they combined them as one. >> rocket is also another name for a girl. gunner and kenyon and blaze. we like our action. >> blaze neenen rocket neenen? >> rocket reena. we've lost it here. hopefully we don't have any more kids. they're in trouble. next up here researchers saying this something maybe helpful for us. >> we're struggling this morning. >> we are. >> reena and i looking for all kinds of caffeine around here. they say looking at greenery for a little while can boost your concentration, a study out of the university of melbourne. they tested 150 people gave them a task. some of them they let look out of a window for 40 seconds at a
3:27 am
green pats tour. the others they gave looking out the wall at concrete. those who looked at green pastures had better concentration and did better on the task moving forward. this suggests that maybe greenery is good for a city. a city like new york. put a little green around. it could be more productive. people need to look at it for 40 seconds. it boosts your concentration. >> i believe that. the green was so lush. >> for the rest of the mix," put that green patch up. we're just going to stare at that. >> oh. we've got 30 seconds left to stare at this. take to us commercial break. okay. maybe not. >> but i believe in that power. how about a baby bear next. >> okay. >> big bear wrestling. take a look at this. this is really real video. rough and it upable there. take on a trip near yosemite park in the summer of 2007 going viral now. a couple saw
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," biological blunder. the u.s. military shipping potentially lethal samples of anthrax completely by mistake. so how could this happen? >> deadly floods. waters receding in some areas getting out of control in others. the unpredictable rivers of destruction posing major threats like this dam on the brink of failing and the forecast calling for even more rain. >> major developments overnight after this los angeles inferno destroyed a $30 million apartment community. the result of an intense six-month investigation. >> and iggy azalea might be battling more than just with her rhymes. the thousands of music fans protesting her big win at the why they say she should never have even been in the running. it's thursday, may 28th.
3:31 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> one of those days. one of those days. >> happy friday eve to you. >> happy friday eve to you. >> weekend's almost here. >> almost, almost. >> adrian we've got a live show going on here. live show. >> is there something you'd like to tell us? >> let's stop everything. one of our producers apparently has something to tell us. go ahead, adrian. >> the burgers are good. >> it's national burger day. >> glad we stopped the top of the show, adrian. thank you. >> it happens. nobody can tell when we're working or not because we always look like we're not working. good morning to you. thanks for spending some of your thursday here with us. >> we're going to begin this half hour with that major mistake. how did this happen? how is this possible? the u.s. military sending live anthrax spores to government and commercial labs. we're not making this up. those labs actually expected to receive dead samples. >> yes four people in three of
3:32 am
those labs worked with the anthrax and the cdc has recommended antibiotics for them. let's get to abc's pierre thomas with the latest on this one. >> and state health departments are racing to make sure no one has been contaminated by anthrax accidentally shipped from a military weapons facility and the centers for disease control is on the ground in utah working to find out how and why the pentagon shipped commercially some live anthrax spores from a facility in utah to labs in nine states and another in south korea. so far health officials say the risk for exposure to the deadly biological agent is low, but health and research officials have fanned out to all those labs to see how the material was handled and if personnel were exposed. the defense department normally ships live anthrax at high levels of biosecurity but in this case they were shipped at a lower level because the spores were thought to be dead. anthrax is considered a potential biological weapon as the nation saw in a nightmare that unfolded soon after the
3:33 am
9/11 attacks when five people were killed and 17 were infected. no signs of illness at the labs in those nine states but the scientist who's worked with the anthrax with being offered antibiotics as a precaution. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> the rising death toll in the southern plains, drenching rain in the forecast again even as the search intensifies for more victims. residents across houston are struggling to clean up their waterlogged homes now, much of their belongings ruined. at least 21 people have died across texas, oklahoma 11 still missing swept away in raging floodwater floodwaters. another day of wild weather on tap after as many as a dozen tornadoes touched down. this one you're seeing here as it struck a gas drilling rig early in the texas panhandle. three injured there. the rig was badly damaged. >> officials are keeping a close eye on a dam near dallas in danger of giving way under the weight of those floods. residents have been told to be ready to evacuate. if the dam breaks, dozens of homes could be destroyed. abc's phillip mena is there.
3:34 am
>> a flood emergency waiting to happen. engineers racing to stop this dam southwest of dallas from breaching. >> workers placing heavy equipment right on top of the dam, pushing 15,000 gallons of water per minute from swollen lake padera as fast as they can. officials warning residents to prepare for the worst after days of record-breaking rains across the region, all that water draining into lakes and bayous. the fear other dams will soon reach maximum height. there are over 7300 just in texas. according to a recent study, more than 200 aging dams are vulnerable. this dam in bastrup state park burst monday, more than 35 million gallons of water sent barreling down the creek. workers here are placing sandbags all across the overflow area to keep the water at bay. but with 2 to 4 inches of rain expected in the area in the coming days, this dam along with so many others in the state dangerously vulnerable. phillip mena, abc news, midlothian, texas.
3:35 am
>> that dam is holding for now but the weather is not cooperating >> accuweather meteorologist justin pavek has the forecast. hey, justin, good morning. >> t.j. and reena, thanks and good morning. we'll track more dangerous showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. this go-round more so along interstate 95 corridor, boston, new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, d.c. all at risk at some point during the afternoon that you'll get caught under a heavy downpour. the interior northeast is going to be drying back out. no rest for the weary over the south plains. more severe weather and more flash flooding. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> u.s. prosecutors say more top soccer officials could be charged as their investigation of bribery at the highest levels of the game moves forward. nine current and former officials along with five others are charged with taking $150 million in bribes and kickbacks. that money was meant to secure votes which decided where major tournaments including the world cup would be played.
3:36 am
major sponsors are calling on fifa to clean up its act. one of those sponsors vee sa an says if that doesn't happen it will reconsider its sponsorship. >> for the second time in three days, that guy, pro footballer ray mcdonald has been arrested. the former 49ers and bears defensive end accused of violating a restraining order issued this past monday after his arrest on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. this latest arrest led to the bears releasing him. san francisco 49ers let him go back in december. >> lawmakers in the traditionally conservative state of nebraska abolished the death penalty in a landmark override vote. it was pushed through with unusual backing from conservatives who defied the republican governor's veto. nebraska joins 18 other states and the district of columbia in banning executions. >> politics now and another republican joining the race for president. rick santorum, conservative former seminar from pennsylvania back on the campaign trail and talking first to abc news.
3:37 am
here now abc's karen travers. >> rick santorum wants another shot at the white house. >> i think i know why i'm here. you're ready to do this again. >> i'm ready to do this again. >> in an exclusive interview with abc's george steven pop loss, santorum made his case for why he can win the republican nomination. >> to reconnect to what i grew up with and understood to be an america that worked and worked for middle income families. >> later he held a campaign kickoff rally in his hometown in western pennsylvania. >> to announce that i am running for president of the united states. >> four years ago, santorum outlasted a crowded republican field to be the last man standing against mitt romney. he's a fierce advocate for conservative family values. aides an say this campaign will also focus heavily on fighting for american workers but this year the republican field is
3:38 am
larger and packed with social conservatives. >> the first republican debate will feature ten presidential candidates. on today's polling, on today's evidence, he wouldn't even make that stage. >> a challenge for the republican contenders will be distinguishing themselves. kentucky senator rand paul's leading the way in that category, throwing out this accusation against his fellow republicans on msnbc. >> i grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately. >> rick santorum had this response. >> i don't expect to hear that from someone running for the republican nomination. >> with each new candidate who jumps in, the republican race heats up even more. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. >> a federal judge has ordered the state department to release batches of hillary clinton's e-mails every 30 days and this starts next month. clinton who was campaigning yesterday in south carolina said she wanted them released as soon as possible. the judge gave the state department till january to release all the e-mails. also campaigning in south carolina carly fiorina, the only woman running on the gop side right now. while clinton was giving a
3:39 am
speech inside the hotel, she set up a press conference outside of it. she claimed it was a coincidence claiming she had the event set up for weeks. do you believe that? just a coincidence she happened to be outside clinton. just happened to be. >> what are you trying to say? stir the pot. >> i'm not trying to say anything. it's a heck of a coincidence. >> moving on. don't be surprised if you see this little girl we're about to introduce you to on a cooking show in a few years. >> there she is. her name is elle. she's a third grader from san jose. she's the winner of this year's future chefs healthy after school snack challenge. that's a heck of a title. her recipe was super fun apple nachos. >> that recipe includes peanut butter, strawberries, coconut as well as apples. no actual nachos. everyone in the school got a chance to try them to celebrate her victory. and i wouldn't be surprised if you see her on a cooking show. she was saying what's next for her, do more cooking contests and maybe be on my favorite show
3:40 am
"master chef." she won a laptop and tickets to an amusement park and cooking gear. >> that's the cutest thing in the world to see kids in a chef outfit. >> healthy snacks. looks like a healthy dish "master chef" has a kid version. >> they do. >> congrats, young lady. coming up, just in time. lindsay lohan finishing her required community service before the deadline. who she lended a helping hand to and why this could spell freedom for the once troubled star. >> the but first, smash and grab. thieves busting into a jewelry store and surprised when the woman behind the counter fights back with a giant pole. the daring robbery just ahead. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by megared omega 3 krill oil. 3g krill oil. weather, brought to you by megared omega 3g krill oil.
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an unforgettable scene in downtown los angeles where an apartment building and office tower under construction went up in flames back in december. the inferno seen for miles causing up to $30 million in damage so intense windows shattered around the neighborhood. this morning the result of a six-month investigation, l.a. detectives and feds busting a 56-year-old man accusing him of arson. his motive unknown. he's held on $1 million bail. they always find you. >> you know what? >> they always find you. >> i remember that scene. so sad. that thing was under construction. could have really done great things for downtown and they very to start over here now. turning now to a crime on the rise across the country.
3:45 am
the so-called smash and grab jobs. and oftentimes, surveillance video is everywhere and the video is incredible. >> thieves increasingly finding it's a quick way to scoop up a lot of loot with no effort and jewelry stores virtually powerless to stop it. here's abc's linsey davis. >> this violent and coordinated jewelry heist in florida caught on tape. the first person in smashing the showcase with a hammer. at least seven people grabbing for gold while the store owner does what most advise you should not do. she comes out swinging. >> at the time, i didn't even know i did it. >> in the last year, an increase in these smash and grabs with blatant disregard for surveillance cameras. making some store owners feel increasingly vulnerable to these flagrant attacks. thieves at this louis vuitton store in suburban chicago last year so brazen they drive a car right into the store, making off with $120,000 in merchandise. according to the jeweler's security alliance, smash and grab robberies are up 77% in just one year. prompting some jewelers to install new laminated glass which is harder for thieves to
3:46 am
break, something this store owner might find more effective than a metal stick. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> they're saying a lot of these stores in malls don't have the buzzers anymore and so that's partially a problem because not a problem but you know, it's not much of a barrier there. >> it takes so little time. >> that's exactly the point. >> it's happening at these crowded malls. why would anybody go in there? well they think that's secure frankly, because so many people are around. all right. we come back. the wrong number of music fans got a problem with iggy azalea and want her to be stripped of one of her recent awards. >> an oscar winner's surprising advice to harvard graduates. "the skinny" up next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc statio
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. turn to "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, a growing number of music fans, thousands and thousands, they are hating on iggy azalea right now. >> the 24-year-old australian rapper facing new heat over her song "fancy" which won her a billboard music award for top rap song. ♪
3:49 am
♪ i'm so fancy ♪ >> more than 17,000 people, reena will not be among them if you could see her right now have signed an online petition for the award to be retracted saying the song was reed before this year's eligibility period. the song isn't even eligible for the award. >> a spokesman clarified the eligibility guidelines explains that the 12-month eligibility period is not based on a song's release date but on its chart and ad sales during that 12-month period. >> so let it go is what they're saying essentially. >> you had to bring in the disney one, didn't you? >> i didn't even think about it. >> it's subliminal. >> programmed. reena, that is so sad. >> there you go. >> how often does that happen around here. >> quite a bit. you don't even realize it. >> gosh. >> next, lindsay lohan has finally done it. >> yes the actress managed to
3:50 am
complete her 125 hours of community service just before the deadline. she has been posting photos of herself over the past several days including a shot of her at a women's shelter in new york. she's doing some gardening there. is that a gardening outfit? >> and a bra. lohan's on going community service stems from her car crash in san tab monica three years ago. santa monica, not santa fe monica. that would be a new home city which she did not create. it's a rough morning this morning. but the judge did approve later today that this will be the first time lohan has been officially off probation in seven years. that's a big milestone. >> we are struggling this morning. >> we are not. >> i thought that was a woman. santa fe monica. >> let's turn to another actress making headlines. natalie portman. we're going to nail this story here. this is the one. natalie portman sharing a bit of unusual wisdom with the
3:51 am
graduating class at harvard, her alma mater. >> that's right. the oscar-winning actress told graduates they should embrace their lack of knowledge and inexperience and use it to their advantage. in other words, fake it till you make it. >> portman admitted she was woefully unprepared to execute the dance moves for her role in "black swan .saying if she had known her limitations she wouldn't have taken the risk in the first place and going on to win the oscar for best actress. >> that's pretty good advice. >> embrace what, mediocrity? >> just go for it is what it is even if you don't feel like have you it all. >> fake it till you make it. we've been doing that for quite some time. >> finally to a woman who won an oscar, an emmy three golden globes and a whole lot of other accolades. >> cher, her latest starring role, she modeled for mark jacobs in this semi sheer pleated black dress topped off with an embellished jacket and finished with the gloves. >> believe it or not, the raven haired icon turned 69 years old may 20th.
3:52 am
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♪ >> well, with memorial day behind us, we've got a summer stretching out to the horizon. that means summer blockbuster season. >> yes but if you're of a certain age, generally over 35 the summer's box office might offer you more deja vu than brand-new plot lines. here now chris connelly. >> the surfing, sky diving, the bonding. any of this remind you of something? that's right. it's "point break"" again, barreling down remake mountain this christmas, more than 24 years after the late patrick sway ski and keanu reeves teamed up for the original. >> caught my first tube this morning. sir. >> with familiar franchises
3:56 am
getting reinvented, "mad max," "star wars" one look at a movie release schedule will tell you, hollywood has gone rebootilicious. dormant since jurassic park 3 in 2001 the franchise that t wretched the summer of '93 returns this summer with "jurassic world." and if you're counting. >> i'll be back. >> terminator genesis re-emerging with plenty of new occasionally human faces and arnold schwarzenegger once more as the t-800. >> used to be a "mad max" movie meant war is mel, gibson that is. 30 years after he teamed with tina turner this post apocalyptic series reconfigures with charlize theron and tom hardy. >> fans are very in touch with stars and with studios via twitter and social media. two-way dialogue with these people. that's driving this form of entertainment. >> the small screen has the remix it mind-set, too.
3:57 am
such '90s affairs as twin peaks, "the x files" and, of course, "fuller house," those girls grew up just great reimagination of that tgif favorite "full house." >> netflix said let's do 13 episodes. >> this is great. >> face it, who doesn't love comfort food served in a kicky new canister. all these projects setting the stage for the mother of all reboots this holiday season. >> chewy, we're home. >> chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> looking forward to that "star wars." >> that's great but it's disheartening because it kind of discourages original projects and new story lines because they don't seem to work, as well. i'd like a new good story. >> ferris buehler's day off". i wouldn't do a remix of that. that wouldn't work. we'll be back with more news. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- flooding aftermath. swollen rivers still causing concern for millions. the evacuations under way at this hour. etch as the murky water recedes. pilot arrested. the plane goes off the runway smashed into a building. was he drunk? daring rescue. blames and smoke surround a car. a police officer not wasting any time pull mang to safety. plus america's best and brightest. young spellers squaring off today. the preparation, the intensity, and those faces of the scripps national spelling bee. well good thursday morning to you all. we begin with this wild


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