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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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shooting, a father of three and the brother-in-law of rodriguez senior. we spoke this morning to rodriguez 23's son, also miguel. he said his father and uncle crossed the wilson bridge yesterday morning on the way to maryland and got on 295 north in d.c. where they noticed a vehicle passing them and driving close separate times. at 8:50 a.m. rodriguez junior says the vehicle with four or five men inside pulled up next to them and started shooting. he believes the suspect mistaken his uncle and father for someone else because they don't have any enemies. >> he was a very friendly person. he was sweet to everyone. people would gravitate toward him. he never had any trouble with anyone. i hope they find the people who did this and that they pay for what they've done. >> rodriguez jr. tells us that his father leaned the seat back at the time that the shooting happened and he believes that likely saved his
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life. the family mourning the loss of pedro alvarado. d.c. police are asking anyone with information about the case to come forward. live in the alexandria section of fairfax county jeffs abc7 news. alison: meanwhile, d.c. police released the names of two men arrested after a chase and shooting yesterday. officers say beatleman and david smith were inside a vehicle that were wanted for a robbery in southeast. the men drove off leading to a chase and smith, the driver tried to strike one of the officers with a car. that is when the officer fired his gun, but no one was hit. it ended in suitland were both were charged with armed robbery. leon: developing now scary moments for a delta shuttle flight from d.c. after it had to climb 200 feet to avoid a drone. i happened this morning as it prepared to land at laguardia in new york. we're following this from the capitol hill bureau.
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scott thuman, what have you learned? scott: this has long been a debate on the hill about the possibility of drones getting in the way accidental or intentionally of commercial flights and causing tragic consequences. what we know is the fight operated by delta going from washington, d.c. to new york. only 2700 feet right over brooklyn when the crew became aware that the drone was in the path. it had to climb another 200 feet. when you are that low that is a significant difference. all of that to avoid the drone. fortunately there was no sort of problems. however, it has as i said drawn quick reaction because people here are concerned. here is what one senior lawmaker said moments ago. >> you could build in the drone that no drone can fly within five miles of an airport or within five miles of the white house or five miles of the pentagon. and that is easily doable.
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scott: senator schumer says there is a maker, manufacturer right now that is willing and able to make sure that device is attached to every drone going in the united states from that end. on top of that, the f.a.a. as you can imagine investigating looking for the drone operator and help try to make sure it doesn't happen again. live on capitol hill scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: that wasn't the only problem at new york city airports today. alison: pilots on five commercial planes say they were hit by lasers after leaving j.f.k. airport last night. the consequences of blinding a pilot in cockpit could be catastrophic. >> you wouldn't think a laser could bring down a plane but you could kill 400 people. alison: it was traced to park
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in long island. so far no arrest. leon: good news for visitors. the washington monument opened at noon. it had been closed down since yesterday because electrical problems with the elevator. the electrical problems have been fixed but as a precaution the technicians will remain on site until it closes at 10:00 tonight. alison: traffic alert for anyone using the memorial bridge from arlington to the district, a lot of people. two curb-side lanes are shut down in both directions. portions of the sidewalk are closed because of severe coercion. as sam sweeney explains it could cause traffic headaches for six to nine months. sam: no vehicles over six on thes can cross the memorial bridge starting today. i spoke with the national park service. they will allow a grace period before they enforce it.
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they have to inform the tour buses. i could be several weeks before they start enforcing it. the root stems from here, center portion of the bridge. this is the drawbridge section that hasn't risen since 1969. >> the structure has been the focus of intention inspections and been identified as many bridges that needs a complete overhaul. the money simply isn't there. experts say it would cost $50 million to picks. some of the bus drivers impacted by this complained. >> it will be a hassle going from d.c. to arlington or iwo jima or any of the places. we have to go 66 or 395. which is obviously going to add more congestion. between 66 a pain in the butt to get around. sam: the national park service will do a patch job on the bridge focusing on the worst
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parts of it just to keep it open. that project won't begin until july. it is expected to last between six and nine months. during correction, the lane and the weight restrictions will remain in place. reporting near the memorial bridge, i'm sam sweeney abc7 news. alison: still to come at 5:00 tonight, abc7's suzanne kennedy will have more on the impact of the lane closures of course, which other bridges could see more traffic. leon: i hate to see the bridge, you know not in play there. it's the most beautiful bridge we have in town. alison: really beautiful. we'll see what happens. leon: turn to the weather. another day of possible thunderstorms to talk about now. alison: all right. will the weekend be a wash-out? chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: no, it will not be a wash out but there will be thunderstorm chances. partly cloudy. live look at what is happening outside the area right now. doppler radar shows a number of things. storming popping today. not so much in metro
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washington but stafford to faquier county. the storms are moving north. eastern shore and delaware, heavy storms. if you are getting ready to leave home soon across route 50 and by a bridge, taking 50 to maryland beaches or the 404 to delaware beaches you may encounter downforce and the thunderstorms in those areas. otherwise big picture shows most of the stuff west of the metro area. should settle down sometime after sunset. showers and thunderstorms through the evening. partly sunny and warm. they will taper off. decent weather day tomorrow. sunday big storms could move in the afternoon. a lot to share coming up. leon: you got it. we move on now to an update in loudoun county involving the s.a.t. answer sheets missing for arrest month. the district has surveillance video showing a ups driver with four packages, three containing test booklets
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delivered safely to new jersey. school officials believe the fourth package may be the one with the test answers in them and it may be in the austin texas, area. students from the high school who took the s.a.t.'s will do a makeup exam next month. alison: a construction accident sent a worker to the hospital. the person was working in a hole in the 1000 block of s street when the dirt began caving in. video was posting to twitter. this was right after the emergency rescue. the worker weer a told is expected to be okay. leon: another name entering the race for the white house. martin o'malley expected to announce his presidential bid tomorrow. brad bell expects what we can expect from the governor. brad: that is the setup for martin o'malley's announcement tomorrow. they're being coy about what it is, but he will be announcing he is running for president. he went so far to release a video this morning on youtube.
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it shows him tuning up a guitar. listen to this music he does play. ♪ ♪ brad: it's "hail to the chief." he will stand with the baltimore skyline in the background and talk about his accomplishments and offer himself as an alternative to hillary clinton in the race. he has problems, he is polling very low. 1-2%. but some of the staffers say it's not a concern at this point. >> history shows us if you focus on polls you will have a dumb down conversation. the democratic party is one that wants a lively conversation. we are a big tent. we have a lot of ideas. they all should be represented. brad: when we come back at 6:00 we will have more on the announcement tomorrow including words of voters.
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what they think martin o'malley's chances are to become president of the united states. in baltimore, brad bell abc7 news. leon: launch live coverage on the sister station newschallenge -- newschannel 8. alison: we will also learn next month if donald trump is running for president. that is june 16. then he heads to new hampshire. at this point his camp is not revealing any other details about the announcement. leon: for him a major announcement could mean "the apprentice." alison: a lot of things. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- d.c. leaders throwing around the idea of a gondola to connect georgetown to rosslyn. we look at the potential cost. alison: the controversial vote concerning leadership for the troubled organization. leon: a photo discovers a
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voted to keep sepp blatter as president for the fifth term despite the latest corruption scandal. 14 people including nine top fifa officials were arrested and charged with racketeering wire fraud, money laundering. blatter was not charged although the scandal developed and blossomed under his leadership. he promised to overcome the scandal and restore fifa's reputation. sepp: i'm not perfect. nobody's perfect. we will do a good job i'm sure. leon: he beat out prince ali of jordan who withdrew after it went to second vote after losing by more than 40 votes. several people including british prime minister cameron called for blatter to resign. alison: the observetary at one world trade center is open to public 14 years after 9/11. a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held this morning. guests are able to view new york city and the most iconic site from 1250 feet.
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one world trade center is the tallest sky scraper in the western hemisphere. leon: the u.s. removed cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. this is part of the process to normalize relations. officials from both countries will hash out the details going forward to restore full diplomatic relations. alison: lawmakers are running out of time to reach a deal and restore programs. patriot act provisions expire midnight on monday. that includes the program allowing the n.s.a. to collect and store phone data on millions of americans. the house passed a bill to reauthorize the program weeks ago but it has failed in the senate by three votes. alison: without action from senate we'll experience a lapse in the ability to protect the american people. >> the forefathers would be aghast. alison: congress has until 4:00 p.m. sunday to act but even if they reach a compromise this weekend there
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are no plans for the house to come back to work before that deadline has already passed. leon: how about folks heading home from work today. get a check of the traffic with jamie sullivan. hey! jamie: a little bit of a rough ride if you are heading outbound on rock creek parkway. before connecticut aver a crash. right lane is blocked. stay to the left-hand side. it is going to get backed up to georgetown shortly. again, with this accident hopefully they will clear it out. we pull out a little bit to look at the beltway. we have heavy traffic working your way on the outer loop a little bit closer from axen hill to landover. what you are seeing on the top is congestion and heavier on the inner loop than we have been. 11 miles per hour is the average approaching an accident. it's just before the g.w. parkway. this is mixed in with the already slow traffic. we have a lane blocked there as well. if we look here, slow traffic to the beach. we have the congestion. 10 miles per hour you have approaching to severn river
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bridge. we are in the 40's closer to the by bay bridge but going to see heavy traffic. live look in the area to give you an idea what we've got. this is beltway congestion approaching the accident near the g.w. parkway. this is the slowing and gives you a good idea how congested we are. at least this is nice. people going to the beach. leon: now go to texas. water rescues continuing there as the state continues to deal with the flooding there. it's ravished the whole state >> it's responsible for several deaths and property damage. bradi hitt has more. brandi: the south under siege again. >> i have nerve seen this much rain in my life. brandi: more rain pounding oklahoma and texas with floodwaters crippling dallas. golf courses under water and
4:18 pm
kayakers tour the damage. >> there is an 18-wheeler stuck here. brandi: interstate 31 flooded looking like a parking lot. angry drivers here stranded for hours. >> i'm pretty much stuck on the freaking freeway. five feet of water. >> i'm not getting to work today. brandi: this officer trapped in his s.u.v. had to be air lifted out of the deep water. >> that is rising water coming very fast, very hard. there is nothing that we can do to stop that other than stay out of its way. brandi: rescue teams responded to more than 250 calls since midnight. >> we have two more trapped in high water. brandi: the severe weather bringing the threat of more tornadoes as families across the lone star state living near rising rivers and pack up belongs before it's too late.
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brandi: the blanco river is also rising and they continue to look for several people missing for more than a week now. more weather could impact the search. bradi hitt abc7 news. leon: give kudos to the washington folks. they had a great graphic online with the amount that hit texas. enough rain has fall on the cover the entire state of road island. ten feet of water. doug: too much in places that don't need it and not in the places that do. it will even out some. hopefully their barrage in texas will end in the next few rain with a strong cold front passing through. we will feel the effect sunday and monday. for the moment we have the daily pop-up varieties. we are looking at a time lapse from bell haven in alexandria. a lot of clouds. not way in the way of rain. brief sprinkle in the metro area. but most everything is contained rain wise. we have a sprinkle now. literally a sprinkle. most of the rain to the west
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and southwest. if you are thinking to go to the beaches check this out. live look at the board watch. this is busy on a friday. nice clear skies but only 64 degrees. chilly. nice and warm in the sun. beaches look okay. late sunday and monday the days are stormy with a strong cold front. the deal on current storms. d.c. metro sprinkle only. if you get to manassas and the pennsylvania county the shower s and the heaviest in the eastern shore. we'll track it for you. 82 at reagan national airport. not as warm as yesterday. the humidity levels are up. you can feel it. we will pull back satellite and radar. you think how widespread the areas of showers and storms. enough stability we're not
4:21 pm
seeing much. 30% chance for the rest of the day for the metro area. slightly higher west and southwest in the city. by tomorrow morning partly cloudy. through the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. it's a nice day i think. but late in the afternoon, isolated showers along the mountains. but then come sunday afternoon the strong cold front will approach. showers and storms are widespread. it looks like the front will slow down or stop getting close to area. a high likelihood of storms sunday, monday monday afternoon. we have to keep an eye on how much rain will fall. slow-moving storms can add up quickly. side-by-side we are going through the 80's. see the shower and the storm probability increase notably by sunday. then more on monday. then we calm down and we are pleasant through the end to the middle of next week. leon: sounds like a deal. alison: thank you. coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we have an update on a woman who says a local bus company
4:22 pm
left her out in the cold and out of a lot of money. how "7 on your side" is getting results. leon: we started taking pictures and laughing and making it a game. we tried to capture it on video or camera. "saved by the bell" star dustin diamond takes the stand in the case on the charges
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leon: new information now on a story we brought you one week ago. a prince george's county woman says she shelled out money to rent a party bus on three different dates but it never showed up. alison: our "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes went digging for answers and has an update. >> all anita wanted was to throw a party on a specialized bus for her and 35 friends. the party bus she rented from global transportation of green belt left her and her party on nice not once but three separate occasions. she first respected in december the company canceled that trip and wouldn't refund the $500 rental fee so she rescheduled it for february. again, global canceled saying the bus wasn't available. so she rescheduled for her birthday two weeks ago. she and sher friends gathered in a shopping center parking lot to wait for bus but she
4:26 pm
says that the bus never showed up so she called "7 on your side." we went to get answers but we found that the company was moved. >> they had been gone for a couple of months. >> then we called and we left messages for global transportation officials but no one returned our call. earlier this week she received a call. >> i received a phone call from the president of the company saying he wanted to meet up with me. >> he handed her a letter saying be advised for mechanical reasons outside of our control, we will not fulfill the agreement. then inside the envelope was a check for $500. >> i am so grateful for "7 on your side." and you mr. holmes. i'm grateful, grateful. >> you got your money. >> i got my money. >> horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: there you go.
4:27 pm
perfect. leon: still ahead at 4:00 -- drawing attention to people in taxis, people not wearing seat belts in the backseat. how that could prove dangerous. >> so you may take care of your yard. what happens if you live next to this? i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. i will have a li
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
>> announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." leon: a desperate call for
4:30 pm
help to "7 on your side" after a woman says her neighbor moved out and left behind a pile of trash and a terrible stemple to go with it -- a terrible stench to go with it. kimberly suiters is live in southwest with the story. how long has it been going on out there? kimberly: the woman who owns this property says it has been going on for a month. she says when the neighbors left they left all this junk and calls this not just an eyesore but a health hazard. >> would you like for your mother to live in this condition? >> oh, no. by no means. kimberly: 83-year-old barbara hare forcing the department of public worker inspector to get moving on the property next door. not just see it, but smell it. what bothers you the most about this? >> the stench. kimberly: it could be trash or a dead animal. even human waste. >> do you smell it ma'am? it's a hazard.
4:31 pm
kimberly: the 83-year-old bought the house five decades ago on the day that president kennedy died. she prides herself on keeping her property clean. kimberly: neighbors moved out a month ago. inspectors stopped by ten days ago. shet wasn't want to wait -- she doesn't want to wait al minute. >> i should haven't to keep calling around. kimberly: so we called for her. how quickly can they get it cleaned up? and counselwoman mays office. the house next to her has ton of trash and stench in the backyard. and the landlord is in north carolina. in the meantime the d.p.w. inspector told her she could expect a clean-up by next weekend. though she is not entirely convinced. >> same old same old. kimberly: so if you see a nuance like this in any yard, in d.c., all you have to do is call 311. you don't have to call around to all the different agencies.
4:32 pm
although, when we did, we got results. they say based on "7 on your side"'s calls today they will send an inspector out on monday. of course we'll follow up next week to let you know what happened. reporting live in southwest, kimberly suiters, abc7 news. leon: time we learned about the story thanks to a tip to "7 on your side." if you have a story you want the team to investigate, send e-mail to or call the "7 on your side" hotline. 866-236-3401. alison: now we turn to the weather on a friday. once again this is just like repeat again. some areas seeing pop-up storms this evening. leon: let's look at the weekend. keeping our fingers crossed. chief meteorologist doug hill, what is the word? doug: most of the day tomorrow should be pretty good for the outdoor weather. any storm chances will be late afternoon and will be many less in number than we have seen in the past few days.
4:33 pm
saturday is good. but sunday it will change with the likelihood of the widespread storms. quick look at a glimpse of doppler radar. i shows a split on the east of washington and delaware. slow-moving downpours to the southwest and west of washington. slow-moving heavy downpours and very little in between. keep our fingers crossed it will stay that way. giving the weather pattern pop-up thunderstorms are possible in the next few hours. a live look. beautiful clouds across chesapeake bay from chesapeake beach. gusty winds. you can see the outringer orn the fishing -- on the fishing boat. it will calm down tomorrow. tomorrow, the outdoor weather should be nice until we get in late afternoon before we worry about the remote threat of showers and storms. cooler day. 82 in washington. 87 in richmond. 86 in hagerstown and pittsburgh. what is up next? we can look downstream to see showers and the storms. look at eastern kansas and
4:34 pm
northwest missouri. they are developing in front of a cold front. that is headed here sunday afternoon and the day for monday. here we go for the weekend. partly cloudy. warm and humid. only a slight chance of a storm tomorrow afternoon. 89. higher likelihood of showers and storms sunday afternoon. that's it for now. leon: big concerns tonight over what some call anti-islamic rally in arizona. there could be violence there is the fear. the event is in response of shooting in texas at a cartoon contest for prophet muhammad. we have more on that and how buses and trains are part of the debate. >> will the demonstrators around the community center tonight be peaceful or provoke action? the organizers say they will hold cartoon of the prophet muhammad for at least one but says it's not the point. >> the cartoon contest is
4:35 pm
stupid and ridiculous but it's what needs to take place to expose the true colors of islam. >> on this facebook page, encouraging the hundreds who say they will attend to utilize their second amendment right just in case their first amendment comes under a much anticipated attack. in other words, bring your gun. >> they will be loaded with guns today in front of families who are coming for their friday prayers. that is not dialogue. that's provocation. >> the doctor says this and the push to put the cartoon on washington d.c. buses and trains as ads are unnecessarily inflammatory. >> i think the american people need to see this cartoon. i think american people need to see this innocuous drawing. >> the folks who make the cartoon contests are going to go down in history next to the chapter with the country who say there should be segregation or those who said yes, there should be
4:36 pm
internment camps and all of those bigoted ideas. >> while he called the metro manager cowards for not running her ad, metro tells us it is suspending all issue-oriented advertising for the rest of the year to better analyze the safety and the legal issues involved. on capitol hill scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: three people are under arrest after a wild police chase and shooting in oklahoma and kansas. >> we have one patrol car that i can see upside down. alison: police say the suspect shot one officer in the head while leading police on a 50-mile chase overnight. two of the suspects were arrested after their car crashed. police say the third suspect alejandro garcia carjacked another vehicle shooting the driver. he was finally captured this morning. the injured officer is expected to be okay. leon: "saved by the bell" star dustin diamond took the stand today in his own defense. diamond is accused of stabbing a man on christmas day in wisconsin after a fight in a
4:37 pm
bar. members of the victim's family say the brawl broke out when diamond's fiancee amanda confronted the group of taking pictures of the actor and grabbed one of them. >> things started getting louder. a woman started butching into amanda numerous -- bumping into amanda numerous times. amanda moved to get out of the way of her. they started to take note of who we were who i was and started to take pictures and laughing and maybe a game to bump into us and catch it on video or camera. we sensed it was increasing. everybody's phones were coming out and we felt like we were being set up on video for antagonistic purposes. leon: he pleaded not guilty and if convicted he could face ten years in prison. alison: coming up at 4:00 -- reaction to a proposal to use a gondola to connect riders to georgetown and rosslyn. "7 on your side" investigating how much d.c. council is dedicating just to study this
4:38 pm
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leon: despite expected $250 million deficit, d.c. government officials want to spend $35000 on a feasibility study. alison: this is for a gondola to connect georgetown to rosslyn. abc7 watchdog investigator chris papst explains. chris: in the near future the skyline of georgetown could look a bit different if some city leaders get their way. a gondola will cut through the sky. >> i think it sounds awful. >> i think it would be perfect. chris: the proposed gondola would span the potomac river from georgetown to rosslyn. right now there is no metro stop in this part of the city. so the only way to get over there is by that bridge. so people who favor the gondola say it will make it a little bit easier and a little bit quicker to travel.
4:42 pm
>> a feasibility study for the gondola costing $200,000 has been proposed. in the latest $13 billion spending plan d.c. would pitch in $35000. the georgetown business improvement privately raised $130,000 from businesses on both sides of the river. the $200,000 figure is now within reach. >> it would make georgetown and arlington stand out. come and see how beautiful the city really is. chris: but any construction is still far off. the study would take a year to complete. >> we have influx of families and we need bigger schools and more schools. we could probably spend the money better elsewhere. chris: chris papst abc7 news. leon: up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- growing concerns about adults not buckling up while they are
4:43 pm
riding in backseats. some high profile cases are drawing attention to this issue. alison: many of us use coupons to save money. but are they worth it? the result of a new study may
4:44 pm
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alison: a number of high-profile crashes are drawing new attention to the dangers now of adults riding in the backseat without buckling up. leon: as jeanette reyes found out, many states including virginia don't require it. jeanette: it can happen at any moment. riding in the backseat of a taxi or car service when suddenly disaster. many of us have been there. choosing not to wear seat belts. >> oh, my gosh. jeanette: like this family, battered but luckily not seriously injured. watch again. this is how dangerous that decision can be. father and son flying in the blink of an eye. 22 states don't require adult passengers in the backseats to wear seat belts. >> people have the mind set when they get in the back of a
4:47 pm
cab they are somehow safer. that is absolutely not true. they are just as vulnerable. jeannine this morning, renewed fears after mathematician nash died in the taxi with his wife in the back. neither were wearing seat belts. half of those involve people not wearing the seat belt. you may hate to buckle for a quick trip it just might save your life. it is a transportation service responsibility to provide working seat belts. but it is ultimately the passenger's responsibility to wear them. reporting in the newsroom jeanette reyes, abc7 news. leon: okay. this is almost the dinner hour. so warn you before we tell you this. photo here that shows hamburger and hot dog buns stored in the bathroom of a sonic restroom in in topeka
4:48 pm
kansas. the video is going viral. alison: the restaurant is responding. a man found the buns wednesday night and posted disgust on social media. sonic told a delivery person to put the buns there. a manager immediately threw them out after realizing the error and a sonic corporate spokesman said workers at that place will undergo more food safety training. leon: floss after you eat there. you knew it was coming. alison: bad! a vermont woman was bit by a black widow spider and she is talking about the scary ordeal. leon: she says she was rinsing grapes in her sink when the spider crawled out of the bag and bit her on the arm. she was rushed to the hospital and brought the live spider for confirmation. >> i felt a sensation of being picked. leon: black widow bites are
4:49 pm
rarely lethal. the woman is expect toed be okay -- woman is expected to be okay. she is off of grapes for a while. the supermarket chain says it is called shaw produce and they say they are now inspecting all the produce. alison: well good idea. actor harrison ford back in the air flying for the first time since the plane crash in march. the 72-year-old crashed on a los angeles golf course shortly after take-off and he reported having engine trouble with a vintage world war ii plane. this time he threw his bell 407 helicopter. he had a copilot helping him out. ford recovering from head injuries as well as a broken pelvis and ankle. leon: michael jackson's former home neverland ranch is up for sale. they only want $100 million. the animals are gone. but the railroad tracks remain there as do the railroad track and the train station. it has two dozen buildings on
4:50 pm
it including a 12000 square foot mappings. the king of pop lived there for 15 years. alison: there is still time to enter a contest for aspiring singer and songwriters. clint black is looking for the next big act. upload a vid o'of you or your band performing an original song on the public website and clint black will narrow it down himself. people can vote for the favorite. you have until two second. the winner will be announced in july. go to we have the contest rules listed there. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- "7 on your side" has an update on the prince george's mother who says the school is making her daughter's sick. alison: bob schieffer isn't the only one leaving. we will sadly say goodbye to tim brant.
4:51 pm
we do that at 5:00. leon: hate to see him go. alison: oh man. so bummed. leon: he's the best. alison: he is the best. doug: the beaches look good. let's start with live picture out of maryland. i grew up in baltimore. we used to say hey, are we going to go down? there we go. gray sky and sunshine. gorgeous. 68 degrees right now on the boardwalk. plenty warm in the sun. you get in the shade. you feel a chill with the southerly wind. the weekend beach outlook for the ocean city and delaware southern jersey. a lot of sunshine. 78 degrees on saturday. 78 on sunday with the late day showers and storms. farther south virginia beach, lower 80's. sunny skies. looks good there as well. water temperature in the 60's. chilly. that is expected for this time of year. never warms up that much in the ocean water. update on the rain. metro area looks good. showers out west are
4:52 pm
diminishing. new ones toward 81. on the eastern shore if you are planning to get up and drive-time soon across the bay bridge you will run head long to the heavy storms. close to stevenville. get across the can on the narrows bridge -- canton narrows bridge. you will drive right through that stuff. this is what is next. we look at a change for the weekend. why it will be well west of washington tomorrow. it should be warm and 80's. slight chance of a storm. temperatures are the lower 80's most areas. a lot warmer tomorrow. sunday is usable for a while. sunday afternoon after midday sun 70% chance of the showers and storms. warm and humid. showers continuing. 80% chance on monday. when the cold front moves through, it will settle down tuesday, wednesday thursday.
4:53 pm
pleasant weather here. alison: i love that. every time you break it out. never gets old. thank you. leon: thanks. alison: check in with jamie to see how the traffic looks for a friday. jamie: we have the congestion, of course. i want to start out with what you are seeing on the beltway. congested both directions. this is the inner loop and the outer loop, near seven locks road. the commute from virginia closer to maryland is the heaviest. let's move to the map to show you that structure approaching the american legion bridge. we are seeing the slowing. we drop down to six miles per hour in some spots. really heavy for you. outbound is congested today. it will take 35 minutes to get from the beltway continuing close to the fairfax county parkway. you can see the solid red line? we continue on the brakes working out closer to centreville and gainesville. i want to switch gears and
4:54 pm
talk about maryland. if you are headed to the beach, we have slowing. 11 miles per hour is the average getting to the severn river bridge. then we are on the brakes approaching the bay bridge. once you get to bay bridge smooth sailing. not much to worry about. this is eastbound. so far not bad of an afternoon.
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is there an elk in your bed? with
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sleep number now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry! ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. leon: the sunday newspaper used to be loaded with great grocery coupons but that has changed. alison: consumer reporter john matarese looks into why many coupons are not worth clipping these days so you don't waste your money. john: a few years back couponing was the rage in the d.c. area and spawned some reality shows. coupon use the now dropping off. one reason according to a new report is most of them are duds. you're not the only one frustrated by today's coupon offerings. a report from the money saving
4:58 pm
website credit donkey says they don't always save you money and can lead to unhealthy habits. many of today's coupons encourage junk food cravings. make you buy processed food. trigger impulse buys things you don't need. often make you buy two or three items when you just wanted one. unless you own a restaurant do you need three bottles of ketchup? but it doesn't list all the reason the coupon craze has been waning. coupon values are getting smaller and most coupons are for unpopular items. doesn't that stink? finally stores are limiting the number of coupons you can use per trip. sure you can still find some good coupons, like for laundry detergent but they are fewer and fewer. or for something you wouldn't buy otherwise. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese abc7 news. leon: an icon of the d.c. landscape in need of help. extension corrosion forces lengthy repairs. >> that will create a big
4:59 pm
hassle for us. leon: who will and won't be able to use the span. >> i hope they find the people who did this and make them pay for what they have done. leon: dramatic account of the deadly 295 shooting and the last-second decision that may have saved a man's life. a sneaky text that can crash your phone. a fix is in for a little while anyway. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." leon: it was the fastest opening drop when it opened in 1932. but after 83 years weather and traffic have take an toll on the memorial bridge over the potomac river. both curb side lanes are closed tonight and buses are limited after routine inspection found core rose on the bridge. we have team coverage with rebecca cooper and suzanne kennedy. let's start with sueson. -- suzanne. she is live on the bridge. suzanne: big changes on the bridge. you can look behind me and see
5:00 pm
one eastbound and one westbound lane closed. 60,000 vehicles a day use the bridge. it's showing the wear and tear of eight decades of travel. it's what is on the other side of the bridge causing what is going on here. another lane of the 83-year-old memorial bridge closed. federal engineers have found structural problems with the iconic span. >> they identified some steel beams that corroded quicker than we thought they were going to corrode. we found problems with the decking. the concrete surface of the bridge. >> one lane was closed ten days ago. a second last night. what that means is a ten-ton weight limit is in effect indefinitely. forcing the metro to the key rezvelt or 14 street bridge -- roosevelt or 14 street bridges. word hasn't gotten out as the buses continue to cross the bridge this afternoon. bob hill has been driving tour buses for four decades and he says the new policy could cost


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