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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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one eastbound and one westbound lane closed. 60,000 vehicles a day use the bridge. it's showing the wear and tear of eight decades of travel. it's what is on the other side of the bridge causing what is going on here. another lane of the 83-year-old memorial bridge closed. federal engineers have found structural problems with the iconic span. >> they identified some steel beams that corroded quicker than we thought they were going to corrode. we found problems with the decking. the concrete surface of the bridge. >> one lane was closed ten days ago. a second last night. what that means is a ten-ton weight limit is in effect indefinitely. forcing the metro to the key rezvelt or 14 street bridge -- roosevelt or 14 street bridges. word hasn't gotten out as the buses continue to cross the bridge this afternoon. bob hill has been driving tour buses for four decades and he says the new policy could cost him $30 a day in additional
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fuel. >> you get six miles a gallon. >> if you have to go 15 miles out of your way, that adds up quickly. especially if you do it two or three times a day. suzanne: delegate norton says this is about the infrastructure throughout the country. she says it's time for congress to fund long-term transportation measure. >> if you needed a poignant similarrable of the infrastructure -- similarrable of the infrastructure crisis we have one now. suzanne: a $3 million project will get underway and will be estimated to six to nine months. they will open all six lanes but only to the automotive traffic. weight restrictions will stay in place indefinitely. reporting live suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: the last major
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inspection of the bridge started in february 2013. two months later, the bridge was at the end of the lifecycle. we'll probably need to ban truck and bus action unless drastic action is taken. rebecca cooper has more on the bridge's history. rebecca? rebecca: memorial bridge was built to symbolize american strength and unity. from the beginning it has come to symbolize washington squabbling. first proposed in 1886 as part of the solution to major flooding downtown. this being washington, political squabbles over everything from the design to the name delay construction until 1922. originally planned as a memorial to both president lincoln and general grant the compromise in congress doubled
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the memorial bridge. without taking sides for the north and the south because it was to symbolize connecting the south and virginia to the north and to the north d.c. the bridge has seen plenty of wear and tear ever since. 68,000 vehicles cross memorial bridge every day. despite the inspectors declaring the bridge structurally deficient. the 2013 infection warned of the severe corrosion and the numerous other problems due to age use and neglect of repairs while congress battles over funding. the 2013 report says that inspectors don't think the bridge is in danger of collapsing entirely but they did say it is in danger of dropping a full 15 inches suddenly in the center of the bridge. inspectors warn it poses a danger to public safety. reporting live in the newsroom rebecca cooper. abc7 news.
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alison: down the street the national park service is set to begin work on another bridge next week. it carries traffic from independence avenue. forthbound lane will close after monday morning rush hour for rehabilitation. once work in the lane is done, the other lanes will close for three weeks at a time. let's turn to the weather. at least one severe thunderstorm warning popped up in the area. leon: chief meteorologist doug hill live in the weather center that is tracking for us this evening. what are you seeing? doug: that thunderstorm warning well to the south of culpeper. everything is shooting up to the north and west. still on live doppler radar we have a similar pattern from the last couple of hours. heavy storms and downpours stationary on the eastern shore to the bay bridge. fredericksburg to the area are
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seeing the storms. but most is going to stay south and west or east of the metro area. it shows a lot of action out there and heavy storms. but thigh are scattered and they are drifting north and northwest with the heat and the humidity. there will be chances of isolated showers or storms in the metro area. 8 a -- 85 degrees in reagan airport. we have isolated showers west and southwest. otherwise partly cloudy and muggy. we will look at the beach outlook and more in a couple of minutes. leon: you saw allegation against a former substitute teacher in montgomery county first on 7. and today, jose pineda learned his fate. we have more. reporter: he will spend five
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years behind bars and judge sus pended him to additional five years. the prosecutors say he will be under strict pro base. in april he pleaded guilty to fondaling three girls. once those cases came to light, another woman came forward saying that he did the same thing to her ten years earlier in 2004. school authorities never contacted police. he was moved on from the school to school. >> finally after all the years i am happy that justice was served. >> we are trying to work with and we have been asked to work with them in developing better policies with training the 20,000 plus employees.
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so it can't happen again. >> the family did not want to speak to us outside the courtroom. he continued house behavior for so many years. prosecutors say they spoke at length with the victim and their families and they decided to accept the plea because it was in one respect would not subject victims to further traumatization. alison: tonight police are looking for the other vehicle in the deadly shooting along 295 in d.c. yesterday morning. but pedro alvarado's family says they have no idea why someone started shooting at the 50-year-old s.u.v. near laboratory road. jeff goldberg spoke with the family today and he joins us live from alexandria where the surviving shooting victim just got home from the hospital. right, jeff? jeff: that is right. miguel rodriguez coming home
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no the apartment in the complex of the alexandria of fairfax county. family members telling us he is doing okay, resting. under medication. obviously doing trying to get better as best as can be expected. we spoke to his son miguel rodriguez junior. he was a passenger in the suv and he leaped back to avoid the gunfire and that could have saved his life. >> coming from the widespread violence of el salvador to the relative safety of the united states the family of 50 pedro alvarado never expected this could happen. >> i know this is an open society. but more secure. >> the nephew of pedro killed in the shooting in 295 in southwest washington. rodriguez's father miguel is recovering from a gunshot wound to ear and cheek area.
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>> it's a tough loss because we are losing a loved one that we value and care about. thank god my dad is alive but he is in a condition that is not good. >> he crossed the wilson bridge on the way to work in maryland and got on to 295 north in d.c. and noticed a vehicle passing them and driving closely separate times. at 8:50 a.m. rodriguez says the vehicle with four or five men inside pulled up next to them and started shooting. >> it was a mistake. the suspect got the wrong car and confused them with someone else. wi are asking authorities to please find those who did this because they took the life of a very special person. jeff: d.c. police are investigating a mote i in the case. they say they have received plenty of tips but they need help from witnesses to try and catch the suspect.
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pedro alvarado leaves by hind a wife and three children. live jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: a close call for a driver this morning. it crashed in a pole off route 50 and trapped the driver inside. the driver is expected to be okay. the crews warned that neighbors may lose power when they go to replace the pole. leon: coming up on five -- "abc7 news at 5:00" -- residents told us they worried what would happen when it started to get warmer. find out why their concerns may be well-founded. alison: plus -- >> we got equi lent, they have the manpower. >> getting ready for anything as the rivers continue to rise. >> do you ever send an e-mail you wish you hadn't? i'm chris papst. we tell you how the prince
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george's school district sent the e-mail to
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alison: "7 on your side" with an update tonight. a prince george's county mother who pull her child out of school who said mold in the building was making her
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daughter sick might have been right. this is a story you first saw abc7 friday. now chris papst obtained a document that the district accidently released explaining how mold could possibly have been in the school. tell us about it chris. chris: in the age of spreadsheet and word documents it's easy to see how someone could send the wrong attachment in an e-mail. in this case, the wrong attachment included information that the prince george's school district did not want public. >> for now, all the 8-year-old can do is talk to her friends. through a fence. >> for the last two weeks the second grader remained at home. her mother will not allow her back inside samuel chase elementary school after the young girl kept getting sick inside the building with headaches, dizziness and elevated heart rates.
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three times she was rushed to the hospital. it could be a mold allergy. it's a lot. >> they make me feel like i'm doing something wrong. who would be comfortable sending a child back there like that. chris: despite the picture jackson took of water damage the district maintained there is no known health hazard but it may not be the real story. this was e-mailed by the district chief of operation seen here on linkedin. in the e-mail she mistakenly included the unedited version. whoever corrected the document wanted this entire paragraph taken out. it explains how the environment for mold to grow was found in the school in january of this year. but it doesn't say when the problem was fixed. >> i was shocked. something is going on. i just don't know what it is yet. but i'm not going to stop until we figure out what it is. >> jackson said her daughter's
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doctor will be issuing a statement and a note. medical excuse for her not to go inside the building anymore. 30 minutes ago the prince george county school district admitted to us it mistakenly sent the e-mail with the wrong attachment but there was no malicious involved in what they were taking out and editing. it said they had inspectors inside the building and they cannot find any surface mold. live in temple hills, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: okay, chris. thank you. let us know how 7 can be on your side. call the hotline. 866-236-3401. or send the story ideas to leon: police in new jersey from a message for parents this summer. stop threatening your kids when they're bad. specifically, they are asking parents to stop telling the kids they will get arrested for bad behavior. the chief of police said seaside town, the children shouldn't be afraid if they need help so they have the signs on the boardwalk to show
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the smiling police officers with a message they want children to run to the officers if they are scared not to be scared of the officers. alison: speaking of the beach, will it be a good weekend to go there? doug: i think so. the biggest concern is metro about west. strong cold front will bring the widespread storms through monday. until then we have a couple out there. early this morning for early riser you know the deck of clouds around. they started to lift up and the sun came out. more clouds. that is what happens when you have a powerful sun and hot and humid air. we develop a lot of clouds. from the clouds, triggers in the atmosphere. pop off showers and storms. we have seen those and we will see more. the rainfall totals a couple of examples. light in elk wood virginia in culpeper county. .2 of an inch of rain. same in indian head and la
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plata. where the rains fell recently, lower 70's. other places with sunshine in the 80's now. this is well south of washington south of fredericksburg. it's drifting southeast to caroline county. that is the deal for the next hour or two. the heavy rain is the biggest threat. slow-moving heavy rain at that. that is a power. there could be isolated strong wind gusts but wind is the biggest factor and the system. 83 in baltimore washington dulles. 85 at reagan airport. the dew point chart is back up. 70 plus the dew point combine with the temperatures in the 80's makes it feel humid. oppressively so. that is the story. tomorrow, the humid levels might be lower but the temperatures are closer to 90. pollen count. race is on. coming up on the inside is grass pollen by one length in the higher range. even else in the moderate
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range. for aggravating pollen and mold. big picture, shower and storms to the west. kansas city, eastern iowa and western illinois. the storms will develop ahead of a strong cold front headed here. the front slows down or stops crossing the area. anything before that is isolated storm wise tomorrow afternoon. in fact, the pattern looks good for the weekend. here rapid the beaches until sunday afternoon. 85 for us. 81 in syracuse. 86 in raleigh. warm and system temperatures through the eastern part of the country. the future cast shows storms popping tomorrow afternoon. to the west. as we get to tomorrow night it is far west and when we get later in the weekend, cold front is here and that is an issue. send you away with a look at the weekend beach forecast.
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gorgeous. sunshine. isolated thunderstorm at the beaches. late sunday afternoon to sunday night. temperatures are upper 70's to lore 80's. watch for the storm sunday and evening. better chance monday. we will cool out and be cooler and less humid tuesday to thursday. alison: refreshing. doug: something to look forward to. alison: thank you. leon: flooding concerns growing across the state of arkansas. the arkansas river is expected to crest at more than 44 feet today. but the worst iso come some believe. in the island harbor estates neighborhood in pine bluff, residents have been preparing since tuesday. more than 10000 sandbags were delivered. >> we are paying attention. a slow rise. we are above the stage at van buren. we will be at a flood stage dark now. day after that to little rock day after that it will get to pine bluff and to the mississippi river. leon: cleaning up the garbage and the damage left behind can take two or three months.
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21 people are dead. others are still missing. another round of rain dumped seven inches on a water logged region in texas overnight. thousands of people evacuated. 91 twisters have been reported across the plains. alison: earlier this week we told you about a text message that can shut down your iphone. still ahead we will tell you about apple tetch rare fix. leon: new details what dennis hastert was paying for after being indicted for violating the banking laws. alison: but now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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leon: former speaker of the house dennis hastert is now under federal indictment for allegedly paying out $3.5 million in what is called hush money and then lying to the f.b.i. about it. according to the indictment, the payments were to cover up past misconducts. but as abc mary bruce reports the nature of the misconduct is not quite clear. mary: astonishing fall from grace. dennis hastert once the most powerful man in congress now accused o covering up a dark past. indietment after he allegedly
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promised to pay an unknown person from his past $3.5 million in hush money to conceal sexual misconduct. sources tell abc no one saw it coming. >> utter shock that dennis hastert would be found to have had this secret f his time in congress. just astounding. amazing turn of events that changes his legacy forever. mary: today more questions than answers about the former speaker of the house who had a squeaky clean reputation. it doesn't say what he was trying to hide or who received the payment but hint that the time spent teaching and coaching wrestling in yorkville, illinois from 1965-1981. residents there are shocked. >> we are very surprised. very surprised. mary: hastert has been charged with bank fraud and lying to the f.b.i. the indictment alleges he tried to skirt the currency reporting requirements taking out just under $10,000 each
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time in 100 separate transactions. when asked about it, he told the f.b.i. yeah, i kept the cash. that is what i'm doing. hastert hasn't commented or been seen publicly. he hasn't been arrested because authorities don't believe he poses a flight risk. if convicted he faces up to ten years in prison. reporting in northwest, mary bruce, abc7 news. alison: this sunday is the last time that veteran anchor bob schieffer asks the guests to "face the nation." he has hosted the sunday morning talk show for 24 years. he started reporting 58 years ago getting his big break by accidentally walking in on someone else's interview. now at 78 he says he is ready to retire. he says he is looking forward to having the summer off. leon: he has earned more than a summer off. he has had one of the most incredible and admiral careers. we will miss him. alison: class act. legend. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the happiest place on earth ready to shine in a new way.
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alison: talk about being in the right place at the right time. we will explain what is going on here. a suspect in a fatal shooting this week was possibly riding a dirt bike. coming up how the illegal mode of transportation in the district is bringing a big we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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leon: time now for a look at the top stories. the memorial bridge will be partially closed for six
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months to allow for repairs. curb side lanes will be closed around a ten-ton weight limit will be imposed in tour buses and similar vehicles. they will have to find alternate routes around the area. engineers found structural deficiencies on the underside of the 83-year-old bridge. alison: a former montgomery county substitute teacher accused of sexually assaulting students is heading to prison. today a judge sentenced jose pineda to ten years behind bars with five years suspended. he was convicted of assaulting at least four sixth and seventh grade girls. leon: the washington monument is open once again. i was closed down due to a power failure wednesday night and it reopened at noon today. officials don't believe the elevator system is subject to similar failure. however, the technicians will be on site until closing time tonight. alison: metro is doing work on five of the six rail lines this weekend. but the capital greenbelt will be closed to trains on the green line.
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riders can take shuttles from there to the college park station. only the yellow line will be operating normally. you can expect delays on the rest. leon: check for delays on the roads right now. jamie sullivan is watching cameras for us. jamie: we definitely have delays this afternoon. i want to start off by giving you an idea of what the beltway is like. this is on the inner and the outer loop which are seeing slowing. some stops are at a stop-and-go pace. we move to show you the congestion. we got it through montgomery county on the inner loop working close toward college park. continuing south toward greenbelt. we zoom in on the heavy red stretch over here seven miles per hour. that is the average. getting past the toll bridge. crossing the american legion bridge. in virginia heavy for you outbound on 66. it will take you half an hour to get from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. we are still jammed working your way closer to
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centreville. we have slow traffic. accidents not much to worry about. heads up for you traveling to d.c. the memorial bridge one lane blocked off in east direction. the right lane. if you are heading to the beach, take a look. the memorial bridge we have a -- the severn river bridge we have a mile and a half to two-mile backup. heavy approaching the bay bridge. back to you. alison: thank you. have a good weekend. one man owes a wisconsin sheriff deputy his life. the brown county sheriff office says one of the officers responded wednesday to a vehicle on fire. you can see this right here. it was in a ditch. when he got there, he found a motionless driver inside the burning car. the driver was dazed. refused to get out. the deputy eventually grabbed him by the belt and pulled him out. the driver was taken into custody on drunk driving car. leon: investigators revealed
5:33 pm
this week the suspect was possibly riding a dirt bike. as mike conneen reports, police are seeing more and more dirt bikes and a.t.v. on district streets and they are causing a lot of problems and debate. >> noisy for me. scares me. >> in this exclusive video, dirt bike, illegal but the driver gets away. >> i have seen themuising in and out of traffic. >> i want them to legislate penalties for the driver and wants them to change the pursuit policy. >> we do not pursue them. we only pursue for the violent felonies that recently occurred. >> law enforcement say hikes are a problem across the area. >> legality of dirt bikes and a.t.v.'s in the district getting new attention.
5:34 pm
after wednesday night they shot and killed milton. >> investigators describe the suspect as a young man in the late teens with a dark complexion and long dreadlocks on a dirt bike. >> most are not violent criminals but they will launch a program to report. >> one way to get at it is to attack it. >> to pursue vehicles puts others at risk. that is a difficult strategy. >> residents argue criminalizing the bike they should build a dirt track. >> potentially the young people particularly for the young people. maybe more laws and make more laws. why not just lock them all up? then everybody will feel what? safe? >> in southeast washington, mike conneen, abc7 news. leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and a fix for a
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glitch that can disable your iphone. we told you earlier about the text message with the arabic characters that can cause your phone to crash. apples is it has a temporary fix. if you get locked out ask siri to read unread messages and then ask her to reply to the malicious message. once you get back in you delete the message conversation. alison: mickey mouse is going to put the ears to good use. duke energy is going to build a solar farm near walt disney world in florida. it will provide power to the park. the 48000-panel array will be shaped like mickey mouse's head. it should be in service by the end of the year. only fitting. leon: yeah. it works. all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- on the move. >> find out why the lighthouse needs to shift. alison: plus, going for the repeat. meet this week's working woman and the team makes a splash at the world canoe championship.
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leon: then new at 6:00 -- another court case for the man who admitted to jumping the white house fence and running inside the executive mansion.
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leon: one of the most endangered historic land marks in the u.s. is slowly being moved to safety. the 162-year-old lighthouse in martha's vineyard sits on an eroding cliff. the 52-foot high structure is being moved 135 feet southeast. it's moving five feet at a time. crews say once it's in the final space the lighthouse and the land will be completely restored. alison: in a few weeks a group of d.c. women will compete in a rigorous race on the water. they won the race last year out of 15 teams from the world. i took them to the world canoe championship in hawaii. tonight's working woman pamela and her team are making waves in a sport that is long reserved for men. pamela is a world class athlete who made history at the 2000 national championships by becoming the first woman to compete in canoe against the men and won gold and bronze medal.
5:40 pm
last year, her team from the washington canoe club won the liberty challenge in new york. >> we put together most magical crew that i have raced with. for outrigging canoe racing. we beat the hawaiians finally and won by 15 minutes. alison: they hope to defend their title. the team is made up of women between 29 and 55. they are architects public health officials and service members. pamela works for the department of defense. after winning the new york race last year they went to hawaii for the big race. the women's world championship for outrigger canoeing. >> i like to consider myself a tough girl but i was milding freaking out. alison: a 41-mile relay lasting six to eight hours. the biggest challenge for the east coast team is one of the most tush leapt channel -- turbulent channel of the hawaiian islands. >> having to wade in water
5:41 pm
that could or could not have sharks. alison: they practiced on the flat potomac. faking waves. they were the first place east coast crew and they finished in the top third against mostly hawaiian teams. >> this is considered a spiritual journey. and a test of resilience. a test of the mental and physical fortitude. alison: a bonding experience with the 700 other women doing the race. >> we are competitors but we're also sisters because we will suffer for the next eight hours together. >> suffer indeed. that team is hard at work now practicing for the big race in new york coming up june 20. they hope to defend their title. then maybe go back to hawaii for the world championship. leon: look ahead. at 6:00 -- new details about the cost to replace the memorial bridge as it's shut down for tour buses.
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former governor martin o'malley prepares to enter the race for the white house. the two big challenges he has to overcome. protests that has organizers telling those in attendance to come armed. we have more tonight at "abc7 news at 6:00". coming up next of the "abc7 news at 5:00" -- blowing his top. see what it looked like when the volcano decided it was decided to go. log on to sign up for the text alerts. you can get weather, traffic and breaking news alerts sent right to your phone.
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alison: residents on an island in southern japan is ordered to evacuate because a volcano is erupting. mount shindake started to send ash clouds in the sky. no injuries reported. 140 people live on the island. the coast guard dispatched a ship to help them evacuate. leon: that's pretty scary looking stuff. alison: it is. leon: boy going crazy outside! floods here and volcanos there. alison: not so much here. fairly calm. we have a few storms to deal with. >> i'm afraid to ask doug what
5:46 pm
is going on here. doug: it's sunshine outside the belfort furniture center. very nice. across the bay the showers are so she i have, it is starting to diminish. a time lapse for 30 minutes. look at the cumulus clouds billowing up. 30-minute time. but watch what happens, they collapse and dissipate. that illustrates how short a life span the cumulus clouds have. just behind them and above them, the clouds caused the storms over the shore. but even those are starting to diminish. a few showers in the denton area and that is about it. heavy rain continues in fredericksburg. non-severe and the shower and the downpour. more north of romney west virginia. most of the afternoon is in the process of ending for the evening in the metro and the viewing area. but farther west and southwest the showers and the storms continue until sunset. cold front on the weather map won't have much effect tomorrow. there could be a power play shower west. but most tomorrow should be
5:47 pm
hot and partly sunny. but the cold front is getting closer. sunday afternoon and evening through the day on monday that front and that low pressure center is likely to bring widespread showers and thunderstorms. the weekend looks like this. partly sunny, hot 89 tomorrow. 88 sunday with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. the beaches look fine. it will be cool water and the temperatures. upper 70's at the be of maryland, delaware new jersey. lower 80's virginia beach southward. that is the latest for you. leon harris. leon: oh man. we are here having one of our hopefully not last laughs with our own tim brant. tim: don't talk about it. i'll cry. i'm irish. let's do sports. nats won 18 of the last 24 ballgames and they are on the field in cincinnati getting ready to start a weekend story with the reds. spotlight continues to be on not leon harris but bryce harper. 18 home runs. 13 in the month of may. the most in major league history. that team knows they will have
5:48 pm
to play without jayson werth until august. stephen strasburg is on the mound, 2-5 trying to find himself again. all in all the nats are winning through all of this. the reds have been a stock market team. up and down, mostly down. had a team meeting. game time at 7:10. we start with golf. because of the flooding they shortened the par 14 from 400 to 100 yards. par three. gary williams. thank you. what a shot by gary woodland. >> how about the ball boy at the a's game. selling out. making the catch of the day. saving the chairs in the bullpen. go get it! go to war miss agnes. give that guy a contract. give him a contract anyway. international soccer. this guy gets a red card.
5:49 pm
gets ejected. goes to take out his frustration. kicks a wall. down on his arm. his arm stays safe. get up and walk away. like nothing happened! are you serious? if you buy nachos look for prince fielder, the foul ball. that didn't come out right. nacho cheese. she has a chip on her shoulder. it's friday. nacho cheese nacho. foul ball. variety of sports on friday. t.g.i.f. leon: you clearly know prince fielder better than we do. [laughter] tim: i want to say i love you. i want to say to these people i love you and thank you for supporting me all these years. leon: we are not letting you off that easy. speaking of prince fielder. not letting you off that easy. we are not letting you out of here without us looking back.
5:50 pm
tim: oh my. leon: take a look at this. >> tim brant only on abc7. >> whether he was under the lights at his alma mater, covering an amazing run to the final four. >> come over here. how is this? >> taking it all in. leon: or on the road at the super bowl. >> this is a tough job but somebody has to do it. leon: tim brant spanned the globe of washington sport. >> knowing you as long as i've known you this is what i want to ask you -- leon: his hometown near and dear the his heart. >> thank you for what you have done to help sports grow. you're admired and you will be missed. leon: the interview with the biggest legend. >> a heck of a run. did you how fast the years went by? >> the first three years took 25 years. >> like chat between old friends. it was like yesterday you were beating my brains in.
5:51 pm
>> many times that's what they were. >> we came to the vacation home to talk about college football with mr. college football. >> even if i watch you on television i feel like i'm sitting next to you. >> i will write you a letter. >> you know i love you. leon: tim's energy and his enthusiasm. >> his love of sports and life and people. well, he brought all of the above at 5:00 6:00 and 11:00 every day. >> hello again everybody. leon: washington sports wouldn't be washington sports without tim brant. take it from me abc7 won't be the same without him. >> so long, everybody. enjoy the season. tim: a very good party. i know you don't believe that when you hear it in this business but it is. i am ready to move on. the one constant in life is change. it's not the first change in my life. i'm exci i am excited. leon: we're not. alison: no we're not. leon: i'll say it out loud.
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we are not excited to see you go. you know how we feel about you. tim: i feel that way back. leon: i have been sitting in a chair like this for almost three decades and i never worked with or sat next to a better teammate, a better person. no matter how we feel or how good or bad we feel every day you bring it and make us happy to be here and sit next to you. tim: i love you. leon: i love you. tim: what do i tell you. my brother from a different mother. alison: i just want to say, you know you may not realize tim is a new grandfather. two new granddaughters, another one on the way. tim: i have eva. alison: you are everybody's dad, grand dad and friend. 'm glad for you to have more time with the grand babies. it's special. tim: making it hard. doug: going to miss you. i am used to this every day. every day. every day. you don't want to be here just go. [laughter] tim: i love you, guys. leon: i love you. tim: thank you, washington, for being a major part of my
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life. leon will appreciate it. don't you love it when the ladies come up and say i go to bed with you every night andtheir hullses are standing there -- husbands are standing there. 11:00 news! leon: but we have a void to fill. who will come up with the bad or the differenty jokes we get every night at 11:27. you can text those in. father john only kidding. i'll see you in the booth on saturday. alison: we will miss you. leon: never been one like you and won't be another. tim: love you. you know that. i'm not going anywhere. >> feeling is mutual. alison: stay in touch. we want to hear what is going on.
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alison: in wake of the criminal cagainst fifa, soccer's worldwide governing body re-elected its president. leon: that's right. sepp blatter was re-elected to the fifth term as fifa's president and as abc marcy gonzalez reports the scandal developed under liss watch. marcy: controversial déjà vu for fifa. today, the organization's president was re-elected. >> let's go fifa. >> let's go fifa! thank you. thank you so much. marcy: sepp blatter who was not among the executives indicted on the federal corruption charges this week winning out against prince ali of jordan who withdrew before it went to a second vote. blatter promising to restore
5:58 pm
fifa reputation. >> i'm not perfect. nobody is perfect. we can do a good job together i'm sure. marcy: the vote happening after a bomb threat led to the temporary evacuation of one part of the fifa conference in switzerland. and demonstrators gathered outside protesting against blatter who some feel should take part of the game for the year of corruption under his watch. he has run the organization for 17 years nearly the entire time the f.b.i. and the justice department say the fifa executives took more than $150 million in bribes which they claim determined in part were world cup would be held. of sepp blatter accept's victory was announced some of them walked out. it could cost fifa with some of the biggest sponsors saying they may reassess the relationship with the organization. marcy gonzalez, abc7 news.
5:59 pm
leon: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: right now at 6:00 -- >> a pain in the butt to get around. alison: buses banned from a d.c. bridge. the new concerns about the memorial bridge's safety and its future. leon: plus, the two big challenges that maryland's former governor could face if he gears up for a white house run. and -- >> that is not dialogue. that's procation. alison: protest organizers tell their supporters to come armed to a demonstration outside a muslim center. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side." maureen: the weekend is getting off to a rough start for those headed out of town. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with a look at the pop-up storm on top of i-95. doug: outside the belfort furniture weather center in arlington it's partly sunny. but you head 45 minutes south in the traffic area which is
6:00 pm
always heavy on friday. especially on a weekend, the heavy rain is stationary from stafford south of 95 through fredericksburg. the rain is not moving far. lightning strikes there. it will improve later. 64 to 70 degrees. a quick snapshot of the weekend calls for hot temperatures, more showers in storms return on sunday. some will be heavy. we talk about that in more detail with the beach forecast in a few minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. stay ahead of the storms with abc7 text alerts. go to sign up to get severe weather warnings on the mobile phone. right now at 6:00 -- fears about the safety of one of the four br


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