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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 30, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america, breaking overnight. flooding disaster. rivers rising. threatening new homes. new evacuations overnight. highways impassable. the rescues by hovercraft drones senching for victims as the death toll rises. plus close calls from lightning. our coverage from the heart of the danger zone as more extreme weather moves in. twin shark attacks. two young women bitten in shallow water. witnesses rushing to help. >> t a first, she was a little freaked out. >> the new concerns about ocean dangers as millions get ready to hit the water. actress' anguish. kelly ruderford dealt a major setback. her hopes dashed. >> not being able to take them
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to school pick them up from school dress them smell them. when will she see her children again. the latest twist in her long-running legal battle. and cowabunga, dog. the courageous canines putting their best paw forward. riding the waves and loving it. hey, good morning. let's get straight to our top stories. the soggy nightmare in texas and the surrounding areas. we do have good news. the rain is almost over. >> we do have bad news as well. of 36 hours of fierce storms to get through. look at the flood watches posted for today. all of the major cities in texas. little rock and st. louis in the cross hairs. >> a jarring bit of perspective.
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check out this map. the downpours have been heaviest here. the darker the cloer, the heavier rain fall. in some spots, 16 inches of rain in a week. >> millions brace for more rains, floods high winds, and mandatory evacuations the. rob is right there. good morning, rob. >> good morning, paula. just 24 hours ago, this city in dallas in chaos. the trinity river, it hasn't been this high in 25 years. a bit of a break yesterday afternoon. sort of drying out. but more storms fired late day. they're right on our doorstep. overnight, rain hail and lightning continuing in the southern plains. heat sensing drones with infrared cameras searching for any additional victims. 24 deaths so far in texas. 80 residences evacuated due to severe flooding. this month, texas has seen enough rain to cover the entire
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state eight inches deep. vehicles stuck. as the water rises, so does the tension. dramatic moments caught on camera. rescuers deploying a hovercraft. this texas bar owner says the flooding will cost him $1 million. >> we'll just pray we don't get another three feet of water. >> reporter: and in mississippi watch as this dash cam captures a vieolent bolt of lightning striking down. listen as a tornado siren sounds. [ siren blaring ] just over the texas border a tornado touching down in dora mexico. >> wow. so awesome. >> yes! i mean i know we're far away but come on that's awesome. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: flash flood warning up for dallas county. storms about to pour three. they could dump rainfall rates of up to an inch an hour.
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some cases, as little as half an hour in 15 minutes. dallas has been preparing the for this by unloading all the water in the dams and the lakes upstream. all that water comes down through the trinity river. luckily, they have big levees here to protect the city itself. they have pumps to try to get water outside the levees into the river. the pumps have been overwhelmed. there's been reverse 911 calls not too far from here. just down the road of ruth 12 for people getting ready to evacuate. let's go over the forecast. the front that's going to push through later today. that's bringing the heavier rain. there sit in the big picture. as this drives to the south and's, the flood watches will remain up. the rivers the flood warnings will remain up until they crest, subside. that will take days in some cases. locally, over two inches of rain in a short period of time. houston, boy, you're saturated.
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your rivers are swollen. i'm worried about you later today. as the storm moves off to the east that cluster will push across to the mississippi river. we'll see a bit of a break after that thankfully. as you mentioned earlier, dan, we still have about 36 hours of tense times here in the southern plains. back to you. >> rob, thank you. we know you'll cover the story throughout the day. we want to move on to the other big story. the shocking new ail gagss against man who was once one of the most powerful players in washington. this morning we're hearing from a friend of the former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. he says he's spoken to hastert. there are allegations about what happened. jon karl good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. has
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hastert has said nothing publicly. he told his old friend that he's baffled by these charges. new details emerging about the allegations against dennis hastert. once the most powerful man in congress. sources briefed on the investigation tell abc news the alleged past misconduct mentioned in the indictment is sexual misconduct. involving a male during the time he was a teacher and wrestling coach at yorkville high school in illinois. hastert allegedly agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to this individual. overnight, hastert reacted to the charges on a call with a close friend and political mentor. >> under the circumstances, he's doing okay. he's a little baffled by it. maybe it will all work out in long run, i don't know. >> reporter: one of his old wrestling stars told abc news he was shocked by the allegations. >> not one time over the last 45 years have i heard anything neg dive against him. >> reporter: according to the indictment hastert attracted
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suspicions three years ago, after making 15 separate withdrawals of $50,000 from his bank. after he was questioned about that he started taking out smaller amounts. more than 100 withdrawals of just under $10,000 each. allegedly to avoid detection. according to the indictment hastert told the fbi he took the money out because he didn't think the banking system was safe saying, quote, i kept the cash. he's now charged with bank fraud, and lying to the fbi about the money. if he's con viktd on both counts he faces up to ten years in prison. and a fine of a half million dollars. now, dan, hastert has nonbeen arrested yet. the u.s. attorney's office says it's because they don't consider him a flight risk. >> he's been charged with bank fraud and lying to the fbi. what about the person to whom he
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allegedly gave the money. any charges of blackmail or extortion? >> there's no mention of extortion or blackmail. the past victim who hastert paid all the money to is not charged with with with anything to this point. it's interesting. the person he spoke to last night, the old friend he said that in his view this is a clear case of plaque mail and extortion. which may be a little bit of a window into h hastert is seeing this. >> he was seen as i remember, as a calming force. how is washington overall greeting this new this is morning? >> reporter: well with shock and disbelief. i mean as you remember he came in replacing robert livingston who was chased out with his own sex scandal. livingston had replaced newt gingrich who had his own sex
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scandal as well. hastert was seen as a relatively boring guy with no skeletons in his closet. >> that may not prove true. thank you, jon. now to major air scare in the skies. a passenger plane was preparing to land at one of the country's busiest airports. a drone came frighteningly close to the plane. the faa sin vest gating. linzie janis is at laguardia with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, paula. luckily, the pilot of the delta shuttle coming in to land here at la gar yaaguardia saw the drone and was able to avert disaster. the chances of a drone colliding with a passenger jet is not meata matter of if but when. just as flight 2708 was coming in to land friday morning,
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officials say the crew spotted a drone in its path. the pilot pulling the plane up 200 feet the avoid hitting it. according to the faa, the remote controlled aircraft was soaring at an altitude of nearly 3,000 feet in the area over a brooklyn park. >> the reason we don't want a drone close to commercial airliners is because of the possibility of one being ingested into an engine. >> reporter: the fearnear miss the third at laaguardia this month. on may 5th a drone spotted outside a window. ten minutes later, the pilot of a united airlines flight report reported the same unmanned aircraft in restricted air space. in each case, the drone flying at roughly 1,000 feet. government regulators are struggling to keep up with the pace of drone technology. the faa currently working on new rules. for right now, it advises anyone
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operating a drone to a stay below 400 feet and five miles from any airport. >> a lot of what we have seen so far is just pure ignorance. people that don't realize they're getting into the possible flight path of an airplane. >> reporter: the latest drone scare after another more potentially dangerous threat. thursday night rkts five commercial airliners coming in to land at jfk reported coming under attack by lasers. they can blind pilots. this morning, authorities are searching for those responsible. dan? >> lasers an ongoing scourge. from the skies to the beaches. where there are fresh krps about sharks this morning. two young women, both in shallow water attacked by sharks in two separate spots in florida. these are just the latest incidents where w the shark population on the rise. tai hernandez is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, dan. shark attacks are rare. that's important to point out. swimmers should be aware it can happen not just in the deep but
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the shallow end of the water. as you said. some of the latest shark encounters prove that. two more shark bites on florida beaches on a single day. one in waist-deep water. a 19-year-old woman bitten on the foot. >> at first, she was freaked out. i think her friends more were worried than she was. once we started treating her, she relaxed the. >> reporter: then another attack just hours later. a 14-year-old girl bitten on a nearby beach. her injuries not life-threatening. these two attacks the latest raising concerns as beechgoers hit the waters this summer. beachgoers on both coasts on high alert. concerns that the threat of shark encounters are taking place in shallower waters. marine experts say this is a juvenile great white swimming alongside a sheriff's boat on patrol in california on monday. >> this is the first time we
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have had a confirmed sighting of a white shark in 25 years. >> reporter: that shark wasn't alone. a fly-by of the same area spotting six more sharks in the water. some up the six feet long. last year saw 53 shark attacks. in year before summer starts there have been eight. one of them fatal in maui. the first shark-related death in the u.s. since 2013. no need to panic. good to be aware. >> worth amplifying the point you made these are rare. >> yes, they are rare. >> tai, appreciate it. >> great to have you in studio. always great to have ron claiborne in studio. >> thank you. good morning to you, paula and dan, and tai. good morning, everybody. we begin with the u.s. army's mishandling of live anthrax widening. the sending of live spoers was more widespread than initially reported. now officials are saying 24 labs
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in 11 states are under investigation. internationally, they sent the live samples to australia in addition to south korea. all those who may have been exposed are receiving medical treatment. manhunt under way after two seemingly random shootings have been linked to the same suspect. john jacoby was shot and killed last week while riding his bike. in april, a girl was shot in the neck. since then other drivers have reported having their car windows blown out. it's not clear if that all happened because of gunfire or was related to the same suspect now at large. despite the massive corruption and fraud scandal rocking the world of soccer the head of fifa has been re-elected. sep sepp blatter has been
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re-elected. earlier this week top fifa officials were charged in a $150 million bribery case. here in the u.s. blatter was not among those accused. some republicans are blsting the decision by the obama administration to remove cuba from a blacklist. house speaker john boehner says the president gave the castro regime in his words, a significant political victory. a win in return for nothing. the u.s. trade embargo against cuba remains in place. talks to establish diplomatic relations including exchange of embassies are stalled. a newly released lapel video this morning of a police shooting in albuquerque, new mexico. >> stop. hands up. hands up! >> officers who cornered this suv opened fire. the suspect takes off, nearly
7:16 am
running down the officer in the car. three women and a child, the driver of the car is still at large. the officer son paid administrative leave. now to this story. an ohio judge defending an unusual punishment he gave a woman convicted of person spraying a worker at a burger king. the woman wielding the spray captured on video. when it was time for sentencing. the judge gave her the option of 30 days in jail or getting pepper prayed by the victim. she chose being pepper sprayed. the spray turned out the be salt water. the judge said he did it for the scare factor. a a deter rent. not the only out of the ordinary punishment he handed down that day. he sentenced a woman who had not paid her cab fare to walk 30 miles. >> i like that style. >> you do? we have more news withfor you. don't mess with man and his
7:17 am
bingo seat. he take his revenge by allegedly slashing her tyrus. i guess we can say he slashed the tyrus. >> there's no allegedly. got it on tape ron. >> the revenge caught on the camera there. police say smith stormed out of the bingo hall and stook an ice pick to the 88-year-old woman's car tyrus. he admitted the crime. we don't have to say allegedly. ordered to pay nearly $50 in damages and restitution or be person-prayed. he chose to pay his fine. >> or never play bingo again. >> wow, bingo is tough stuff. >> don't take man's bingo seat. don't fight with a bear. i told you that last week. >> and don't swim in salt water. >> life lessons from uncle ron. >> i got more. >> i know. we're going to try to protect the viewers. we turn now the a different competition. this one involve dogs and
7:18 am
surfboards. >> this is a serious news story. canines of all shapes and sizes showing off amazeing skills. who will get a leg up on the competition? sara has been tracking this story. >> or we can say a paw up. >> yes. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, sara. >> it doesn't get any better than this for me. i'm working on the basics for my babies. you won't see them here. these pups are the best of the best and the only thing topping their cuteness is their talent. it's not even summer. but the dog days are here. and these great dogs found a way to stay cool. ♪ boxers labradors, friend bullench bulldogs and more. canines of all kinds saying surf's up and hitting those dog gone waves. this 13-year-old chihuahua mix
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snows how the sanding those swells like a pro. all these incredible pooches hanging ten at the purina pro plan incredible dog challenge in huntingdon beach, california. >> this is an olympic style event. dogs doing amazing things. >> reporter: in addition to surfing, they compete in the high-flying disk catch, agility courses, and dog diving. >> this is our 18th year. the idea so to find ways to get people more involved with training their dog but also build a better relationship with them. >> reporter: the top dog will be crowned later today. as they say, it's always the owner's fault when the dog is not trained. so i'm at fault for my dogs' lack of skills. this is such a cool show case. i'm sure cats are similar. >> cats can't swim. >> they can. >> can they?
7:20 am
>> but they opt not to. >> they choose not to. let's get back to texas. another look at the weather with rob. hey, rob. >> hey, dan. i haven't seen kalts dipping their toes in the trinity river here. this is typically a park behind me. a month ago, the size of the river was 50 yards. now it look like the mississippi. that stop sign showing you how high the water is now. let's talk about the northeast. temperatures there in the upper 80s today. 88 in philadelphia. hot and humid but look at the cold front. temperatures falling off drastically. in the 40s tonight in chicago. but being very warm and muggy through the new york area. we go from the 80s and 90s today to the 70s, even 50s in syracuse as we go through tomorrow and monday. meanwhile, out in the southwest we're looking at warm and dry conditions. that's a quick check on the
7:21 am
>> go morning. you can see all that fog out there in western maryland and frostburg.g. that will be burning up. high pressure today, chance a thundersrstorm. down at the beaches,0 deees less. heading to the latter part of the weekend, 70 tonight. and i am like a cat right now. though i have the waders because there is lightning in the area i opt not to dip my toes in the river. >> and you have cat-like reflexes. >> and nine lives. >> and nine lives. also coming up here on "gma," the mansion murder defense. the suspect's lawyer in the
7:22 am
shocking quadruple murder speaking out this morning. is he revealing clues about how he'll defend his client. and the surprise twist in the custody battle between kelly rutherford and her ex. ready for a closeup. reports about the nebs step bruce jenner may be taking. up ahead in "pop news." carpools, conferences, microwave dinners. they blur one into the next. we lose ourselves in the fog of everyday life and drift away from what matters. but like a beacon in the night, it finds us. the light of more than 100 lighthouses, burning through that fog, and beckoning us back to what's real and true. this light shines for us all. this light is pure michigan. your trip begins at introducing light & fit protein shakes the new way to help make temptations
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>> good morning. it is a hoand sultry m morning out there. temperatures i in the e upper 60's and lower 70's. 72 already at reagan national aiort. a fair amount of fog out there wewestern maryland, a beauful shot. you can see the sun streamingg
7:28 am
through but look at all t that fog at the prospered campus. -- frostburg campus. there isis some e relief as we head into june. today, a about0 degrees,ostlyy sunny skies. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm asas we head d down to the beaches, about 10 degrees cooler. water tetemperatures in the 60's. tonight, 72. tomorrow,
7:29 am
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♪ all the sipgle ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies snoets all the single ladies ♪ sara is spazzing out here. you're on camera sara. yep, there she is. this is beyonce doing her killer dance moves. now that video and her others are exploding on the internet with some wild video mashups proves she's always on beat. as is sara haines. we'll show you what may be the funnyiest of them all coming up. >> i consider it one of the luckiest aspects of my life that i get to sit next to sara haines on saturday and sunday mornings. >> i thought you were going the say you put a ring on it with your wife. >> it is our sixth anniversary. happy anniversary, bianca. also coming up actress
7:31 am
kelly rutherford in the headlines. the latest twist in her custody battle coming up. first, we may be getting a sneak peek in the possible defense of the d.c. mansion murder mystery. >> we learn more about what happened where four people were brutally killed. the suspect's family hired a lawyer to defend him. the lawyer is speaking out. gloria riviera has the latest. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. more than two weeks into this investigation and still just one suspect daron wint in custody. and in real information on a possibly motive. now a lawyer tells abc he'll meet with wint today. he says he hopes to get wipt's version of what went on inside this home that fateful day. overnight rkts dae fence attorney hired by d a ron wint's family speaking out. telling and that he believes the
7:32 am
the police have blinders on. >> they believe perhaps honestly that they have the man but, as a result of that they're not looking elsewhere. >> reporter: robin ficker who has represented the former marine recruit in past, unrelated cases, says so foor he's only been hired to get wint's side of the story. >> his mother is distraught. she can't believe he would have done anything like this at all. he's not capable of lifting his hand with a knife and sticking it repeatedly in another person. >> reporter: ficker says he plans to meet with wint for the first time today. he's being held in jail accused of killing savvas savopoulos his wife, amy, their 10-year-old son and the family's
7:33 am
housekeeper, vera figueroa. >> reporter: there haveare massive amounts of evidence. police say the pizza box first linked daron wint to the crime scene. >> he doesn't eat pizza. if he was hungry he wouldn't order pizza. >> reporter: wint due in court is the only named suspect. police say they believe the killings required the killing ingpresence and assistance of more than one person. the savopoulos family will be remembered at a wake this week end. the funeral service is on monday. we want to go back to ronald claiborne with more. >> so formal. >> good morning to you, paula faris, dan harris and sara haines.
7:34 am
the irrepressible sara haines. new dell tas about the allegations against dennis hastert. the alleged past misconduct stems from sexual misconduct between hastert and a male during his time as a high school teacher. and dustin diamond, better known as screech from "saved by the bell" will be facing more than detention after being convicted of two misdemeaners. he could serve up to a year in prison when he's sentenced in coming weeks. take a look at this double derek save. a crowd of people rushing to save a unicyclist trapped under the bus in london. the bystanders managed to lift the bus. the man listed in serious but stable condition. the weight of the bus? 12 understand the. >> incredible. zblmts finally from florida, where the bizarre is routine.
7:35 am
this man wrapped his house in aluminum foil as well as some trees on his property. he's taking his love of silver art on the road heading to chicago to wrap another house in aluminum foil. the house in florida was a rental. no word on what the owner things. the owner probably doesn't matter as lop long as it's removed. >> can owe message the reflection of the sun in florida off the aluminum foil. at least the home stays cool. i would imagine it's very eco-friendly? >> very bizarre. >> i can't think of any good reasons to do it. but i appreciate your attempts to do so. >> it's art. >> much of art is. rob, let's get to you in dallas. a big weather day. yet again. and a busy busy week end for you. what's up? >> it's coming down right now. we're under a flash flood warning. surrounded by storms. some have dumped two inches of
7:36 am
rainfall inless than an hour just south of ft. worth. here it goes. the trinity river behind me very, very high. everything is trying to pour into that right now. let's talk about the flood warnings and watches remaining up across much of texas. dallas to houston to san antonio and austin. let's not forget about st. louis and little rock. once we get through today, the southern plains get a break for a bit. the rain gets to where it's needed. the north let's. it's a bit of a drought up there. it will rain over the weekend, more so tomorrow. you'll take the rain any which way you can get it. across parts of florida, we'll be okay. the upper midwest, chilly conditions this cold finally changes pattern. it will bring chillier air. >> good morning.
7:37 am
a hot and ststicky day. 88 degrees. temperatures at the beaches, 10 degrees cooler.. tomorrow, temperatures in the >> this weather cast brought to you by next guard. and, we could use some guarding rite now, guys. to it back to you. >> yes, i could imagine this would be a good place to be wrapped in tip foil right now. it's a little nasty there. >> tinfoil does not float. >> the lightning might be a problem. rob, thank you for your coverage. you'll continue to cover this developing story all day long here on abc news and coming up next on "gma," the surprise twist in the custody battle involving actress kelly rutherford. a judge's brand. new ruling. can she bring her son and daughter finally back here to america. and romance on the basketball court. how a little one on one turned into a surprise proposal up
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soe have major new development this morning to tell you about in the pro longed
7:42 am
child custody battle with kelly rutherford and her ex-husba. >> just days ago, it looked like kelly was getting her wish. that just hit a big snag in the form of a jumg's ruling. one of our newest correspondents kayna whitworth joins us with more. >> reporter: like you said kelly roth you areford seemingly had caught a break. this morning, her two children ages 5 and 8, are still living with their german-born father in monaco, folging an emergency hearing. a setback in kelly ruterford's battle for her children. a california judge halting the court order that would have brought the "gossip girl" and "melrose place" star's children back to the united states. the court in monaco has jurs diagnosis over the children. >> right now, it's a question of jurisdiction. who has the right to make som determination about the custody of her two children. >> reporter: just a week ago
7:43 am
sherks was celebrating a surprise victory. the kr kr court dpranting her temporary sole custody. dae six made after the actress accused her ex-husband of preventer her from seeing them unless she sur recommendered the chirp's passports. something he denies. in a statement, his attorney said that quote daniel will continue to not comment on court orders on proceedings in order to protect them. this morning, her battle for her children continues. >> it would not surprise me if further appeals are not made for the state department the prez department or her elected officials to get involved angel. her return her children to the united states. >> reporter: on june 11th, a judge in los angeles and a judge in monaco will discuss the case. deciding which court will have jurs digs in the legal battle spans six years and 6,000 miles. for now, rutherford is ol thinking about one thing, as she
7:44 am
told "gma" last month. >> i can sit here and tell you how often i cry. i can tell you how it feels to leave my kids in a foreign country. to go see them after not seeing them for weeks on end. not being able to take them to school pick them up from school dress them, smell them. >> reporter: so if it's decided that the monaco court has jurs jurisdiction over the children she would have to go there to again file for custody. dan and paula, back to you. >> so hard not the sympathize with her. >> we do want to say, kayna, welcome very much to the abc news family. sure you're getting acclimated for the extraordinarily early hours. >> it is early. i was not given a heads up that i needed to lrn the beyonce dance moves. sara has to help. >> sara always has that covered. >> anything really really
7:45 am
embarrassing sara will do. don't worry. big congratulations to you. we know you're a newlywed. thank you again and welcome. >> thank you very much guys. >> great to have her. coming up on "good morning america," a simple question or is it? what color is this woman's hair? it looks purple? or is it blue? the great debate in "pop news" with the one, the only sara haines. attention. did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets and packing? the garlock bankruptcy may affect your rights even if you do not presently have an asbestos-related disease. garlock's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. certain personal injury claims must be filed by october 6, 2015. you may have a right to vote on garlock's plan to reorganize and pay claims. call 844-garlock or go to new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack.
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♪ it's everybody's favorite part of the show. we get a full blast of sara haines. hainesy, what's happening? >> i made him say that.
7:49 am
bruce general sir ready to take another step. "people" magazine and others are reporting that jenner will vase the cover of "vanity fair" magazine as his female identity. jenner has graced the covers of many magazines over the years, including "sports illustrated." good for him. >> absolutely. >> that will be great to see. >> great that he got annie liebowitz. >> that's the only person to get. the hash tag beyonce always on beat is making big strides. she keeps in perfect time to almost any sonk. check this out. ♪ do you recognize it? ♪ life is like a hurricane ♪ >> do you remember that? >> is that duck tales?
7:50 am
>> it is duck tales. it worked. >> is this the only song they did? >> no this is the one that's getting a lot of atepgs because it's a -- funny -- >> they all work. >> the once that -- they're not going to put one that doesn't. it literally almost works with everything. good friends podcast put together this on-point duck tales meets single lady mashup. this fueling our dreams for the duck tales reboot launching on disney xd in 2017. >> what about van halen? dan's going to want to know that. >> yeah can she dance with panama. >> do you want to try it? >> can we get it cued up by the end of "pop news "? >> i think we can. remember the dress. white and gold blue and black. the world couldn't decide. this morning, another color conundrum. this is sara.
7:51 am
she died her hair. her boyfriend couldn't tell what the new color was. purple? blue? some people see pipg. she's enjoying the confusion. spoiler alert. what do you think? >> it changes from blue to purple purple. >> i see purple. >> it's different shades of purple. >> i think it's because most men are color plipd. >> and you're always right. on to one of my favorite types of stories. a love one. all is fair in love and basketball. alex johnson challenged his long-time girlfriend to a little game of one on one. he takes a fall. pretepids he's hurt. his bud zis rush over to help him out. someone sneaks him something on the side. >> i know where this is going. >> is it giving you ideas, ron? >> he rolls over. he's down on one knee. she didn't see it coming. >> files a lawsuit. >> and she said yes. a match made in basketball
7:52 am
heaven. >> he scored. >> that's great. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. ere crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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7:56 am
hey, see you tomorrow, everybody. thanks for watching. >> now an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. checking our top stories this morning. just when you think there isn't room for another name, we're adding one more to the 2016 roster of presidential hopefuls and he's a local. today former maryland governor martin o'malley set to announce he's planning to run for the white house. o'malley is set to speak at 10:00 at federal hill park in baltimore. tune in to our sister station news channel 8 to casm the
7:57 am
announcement live. one man dead and another hurt after an overnight car crash in prince george's county. police say a honda struck a mazda along indian head highway along farmington road. the driver the mazda was killed but the other driver is expected to be ok. a traffic alert out of alexandria. there's a water main break at king street. alexandria police said traffic is being diverted and one lane is open on eastbound king street. now a check of your forecast. >> we continue with the heat and humidity we've had all month long in ocean city, 65 degrees and they're headed for the upper 70's. for us, though, temperatures in the 70's already out there mid 70's at the national airport and those dew points continue to be sultry out there in the 60's and low 70's. that means today you had another hot and humid day, high pressure overhead that's slowly going to make its way out and tomorrow late in the day, some salvation. 88 today to the 0 -- 90 mostly
7:58 am
sunny skies and the beaches near the upper 70's heading towards the latter part of the weekend, again about 86 degrees. showers and thunderstorms and by the time we get to monday temperatures only in the 70's. it's going to feel like a new season out there. >> all right. sounds good to me. thanks for that, dave. thanks for watching. have a great saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi,i, everyone. i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." our human noses are good for smelling. you see there? but other species use their noses to flirt... look at that nose. fight... what is happening back here? uh-oh. and shower. >> let's just be careful of these fellows. they are coming in quite close. >> and guess which creatures can smell with no nose at all. t believe this. look at this. plus, the blooper of the week, starring my daughter kathleen. you go like this. >> man. [coughing] >> feeling nosey? then i got 7 stories you won't want to miss on today's "wild countdown."


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