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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 4, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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hey may try one last desperate tactic cutting the ship in half. there are still air pockets inside this 65-year-old woman pulled from the water spent hours in one. more than 450 people were on board. the captain survived. he's under arrest and he told chinese media his ship foundered in a fierce sudden storm. these eerie images from a security camera on shore are the last pictures that have doomed boat heading into heavy weather. relatives are clinging to hope looking for answers and many heading to the banks of the river. cruising on that river, the yanging zee has become a multibillion dollar business and there have been safety concerns. but this could be the worst disaster in 70 years. the government worried about the bad publicity is cracking down on media coverage of the scene. terry moran, abc news london. >> another southern california beach closed because of tar balls washing ashore. the icky sticky mess starred
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showing up in long beach. investigators say that took place along a badly corroded section of pipeline that had worn away to a fraction of an inch in thickness. the flight attendant who refused to serve a muslim chaplain an unopened can of soda will no longer be working with the public. the flight attendantent told the passenger she couldn't have an unopened can of diet coke because she might use it as a weapon. many people threatened to boycott account airline. >> in our health headlines, alcohol abuse. researchers now say problem drinking affects about one in three americans and most never get treatment. they found what doctors now call alcohol use disorder increased more than 40% since 2002 yet the vast majority are never treated. they encourage those who struggle to seek treatment saying it works in many case if
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not most. confusion now in britain about ray medical collectup for queen. the 89-year-old, well, did in fact have her annual checkup at a london hospital yesterday. the confusion stemmed by a couple of tweets sent out by a journalist. they were mistakenly sent out during the queen's obituary broadcast. they've been deleted. >> bbc, that's no small outlet. to say the queen was dead whoo. give you today's forecast now. severe weather threatens iowa and minnesota. rainy in the rockies. downpours down to south florida and showers in northern california and nevada. >> of 70s along much of the west coast and in detroit and denver 80s in albuquerque, dallas minneapolis, miami 60s much of the northeast. >> coming up here what is this this is a state deal? >> the pizza in the house. >> pizza in the house.
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okay. >> right. i mean, we have details to share with you. they're calling it a mouthwatering deal. >> owner of a pitz za place in portland oregon was helping her son negotiate the price of a house. he offered 26 grand over the asking price. >> that should be enough. >> mom got creative with this thing. >> she offered the buyer one pizza every month for life. it would all be three from her pizzeria. apparently that sealed the deal. they say in a housing market everybody is selling quick. they bought it sight unseen. when you're offering that much over the asking price? >> unlimited toppings. >> what if it's just a cheese pizza. >> is it delivered? >> coming up here we've got an aspiring teen dancer facing challenges now getting the surprise of her life. >> also ahead the school lunch
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lunch lady who says she was fired for giving away food away to students who were broke and hungry. the outrage and the school district's response to that one. >> expectant moms in experiencing dark moments during a joyful time in their lives. you are watching "world news now." s "world news now" weather brought to you by megared omega-3 krill oil.
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an attorney representing the parents of the children who had injuries said most had cuts and bruises after being. one boy will a fractured hand. officials at the camp say they take the allegations seriously. >> also a serious issue for a lot of women out there, doo he pregs during pregnancy. by one estimate it affected up to 20% of expecting mothers. >> yeah but because of misconceptions and mental health stigmas, many women suffer in secret. juju change with the story. >> it's supposed to be one of the happiest times in a woman's life but for some pregnancy is more like this from what to expect when you're expecting. >> pregnancy sucks. >> i have no control over my body or my emotions. >> for some expectant moms the bliss of being with child can be overshadowed by a crippling and little talked about depression that occurs during pregnancy. >> i was desperate for help. i didn't understand what was going on and why i felt the way i did. >> like 50% of all postpartum depression wendy's began during
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pregnancy. it often goes untreated. after her first baby wendy author of "nobody told me" decided to stay on antidepressants for her second baby after close consideration with her doctors. >> the benefits outweighed the odds. mommy's got to be happy. >> anti-nasal depression leads to post natal depression. they tend to be irritable. >> andrew solomon focuses on the complex ways people cope with depression releasing a new chapter to the book in "new york times" magazine. >> that is part of the lingering stigma with pregnancy that you're pregnant you should be happy and angel lick and maternal. >> some women felt better they are so high on the hormones and some women feel worse. >> antidepressants may pose a risk to fetuses and perhaps to babies later in life.
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but women on antidepressants shouldn't go off without careful supervision. juju change abc news new york. >> important story to highlight. >> i didn't realize they had a whole chapter on the book. straight ahead outrage over a simple act of kindness. >> lunch lady lost her job. why? she gave away food to kids in need. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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♪ he said if it wasn't for the lunch lady ♪ ♪ should be shaking her hand and saying pleased to meet you ♪ she gives can you a purpose and she gives you a goal. >> we all love the lunch lady. >> absolutely. >> i mean everybody from your school days you always remember the lunch lady. a classic clip from adam sandler from snl. we're playing this for a reason because we're talking about lunch ladies but this story is going to rub some the wrong way. >> certainly.
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so this woman nothing like chris farley. not that the that wasn't fantastic. but she did decide to give out free lunches to some first graders who had no money. and that ended up costing her her job. abc's clayton san dil has more on that story. >> della knew she could be fired but she did anyway. >> i was let go for giving away free food. >> she says she lost her job at this colorado elementary school for giving a pass to kids who didn't have enough money to pay for lunch. >> i hated to seafood thrown away that could have been giventon children that are hungry that could use it. >> after three warnings -- >> i would have kids start crying when i told them they didn't have money in their account. >> district policy says no more hot meals just a cheese or turkey sandwich. >> there are kids going hungry because they're too embarrassed so they don't come through the line. >> the district says no child ever goes hungry. they won't give much detail about the firing but will say.
2:51 am
>> she was fired for violating the district policy around how food is distributed. if an employee is concerned about a family then had he are obligated to bring that to our attention. >> curry says she is just beginning to fight against a policy she believes needs to change. >> doing what is right is not what is easy. >> clayton sandell, abc news aurora colorado. >> sounds like that could have been worked out. that was a conversation that could have taken place. >> maybe a little paperwork, as well. >> so the kids still get a different lunch. they can get a cold lunch. some embarrassed to go through the line. the kids had an option. they're not going to go hungry. still she makes an argument about that policy. this is one of those things we could have talked about this. >> and the policy and who qualifies for the policy. >> without having to fire the lunch lady. seriously? >> sounds like she knew she was going to get fired like that was part of her point. >> we might not have the attention on this issue had this
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♪ >> this is a good story. it's a "dancing with the stars" surprise. young girl who basically lives to dance had already overcome a whole lot in her young life and got the chance to meet one of her idols. >> gee anna shepler, what a surprise. abc's rachel smith shows it to us. >> it's a tale of two champions. one you may recognize professional dancer val chermkovsky. >> dancing with the stars. >> the other an up and coming tap star who is about to get the surprise of a lifetime.
2:56 am
>> meet 14-year-old gee anna shepler, dancing since first grade. until she started passing out during her vigorous tap routines at age 11. >> the condition ha that she has is the second commonist cause of sudden death among young had people when they exercise. she had had a small heart attack. >> after doctors discovered a malfunction in her heart, she underwent complex open heart surgery at a medical center in long island in march of 2014. >> what were her first words after surgery. >> can i dance. >> within four months, she was back on the dance floor. >> she's amazing >> even winning a national championship. >> to see such a courageous young lady go through the struggle and defeat it with the strength of dance is awesome. >> i'm gee and that. >> she thinks she's at val's studio for a press conference to separate her recovery and perform.
2:57 am
>> she's right outside. >> little does she know this pro is about to bust through that door. >> gee anna. mwah. hi. >> hi. >> i'm val. >> i'm gee anna. >> a hug. >> how amazing is she. >> showing us it takes two to tap. >> what do you make of this surprise? >> i can't explain it. like everybody i've been through makes everything worth it. >> that's fantastic. you know what? kids shouldn't have to go through some things. she made it through a great story but a kid that age age should not have to go through the heart attacks and surgery. we do so many stories about kids overcoming. it's heart wrej wrenching to see kids go through that. she's dancing her little butt out. >> it's finding out what's wrong with them. >> good story.
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\3>> this morning on "world news now," highway horrors. bus passengers killed on busy american roads. >> it was just havoc. there was people covered in blood and just mayhem everywhere just a mess. >> the powerful impact at two crash scenend the rush to rescue >> the developments in the boston terror investigation. what we're learning about the suspect, his weapon and why he may have been planning to target a woman in new york. >> later speaking out. members of josh duggar's family made famous by their tv show offering strong reactions to the allegations of sexual abuse. >> josh has done some very bad things. >> new details about the victims as we hear from the head of the family known for "19 kids and counting . it's thursday, june 4th.
3:01 am
>> from abc news this is "world news now." >> so strange because thursdays are my absolute favorite day. >> why your favorite? >> because it's close to friday. i don't know. i love it. tj hates thursdays. >> this is the worst day of the week for me. our viewers, many of you know this people say hump day. thursday is the day. this is when the lack of sleep catches up to me and i am a mess. i'm sorry you have to be here for it. >> it's okay. thursday is attached to friday everybody. we've got a lot to talk about. >> it will be fine. hello to you all on this thursday morning. i couldn't believe some of the e-mails that were flying around in the abc e-mails that were around about bus crash. i thought it was deja vu. these things that were going on on the nation's highways. absolute horror really. buss and trucks collideing with some all of consequences yesterday that we were seeing >> happening all too often, as well. in all five people killed nearly two dozen injured including italian tourists
3:02 am
headed to niagara falls. linsey davis has more on this one from eastern pennsylvania. >> it happened so fast, there was nowhere to turn. >> just chaos. i heard a lot of screaming. >> reporter: tractor-trailer crossing the median and slamming head on into a bus full of italian an tourists. >> it was havoc. people covered in blood and mayhem everywhere. just a mess. >> the crash brought interstate 3 0 in pennsylvania to a standstill. other drivers jumping out of their cars to pull people from the wreckage. >> walked right up to help out right away. there was people saying get me out of here. me and another guy helped a few people down. >> 17 people on board the bus leaded from new york to niagara falls. choppers landed on the scene to move the most injured but it was too late for the bus driver and two others. >> the driver of the truck was taken up here. he was not that serious according to state police. >> the crash so powerful it for the tractor trailer in half.
3:03 am
shredding the metal, ripping the truck's cab right off. >> the rear axels of the tractor are completely off truck and it's upside down in the woods. >> it's been a deadly 24 hours on roads for buses outside houston, look at the front of this passenger bus. all mangled metal an after it col collided with a tractor-trailer killing two people. linsey davis, abc news pennsylvania. >> the pentagon has admitted sent anthrax to even more labs than previously acknowledges. officials have revealed the possibly live spores went to 51 labs in the u.s. and three foreign countries. they say right now it looks like human error was involved and not terrorism. >> there's absolutely no indication that this was -- this happened as a result of somebody deliberately doing this at this point. >> you have to keep in mind the number of labs could even myer as the pentagon looks to shipments dating back to 2006.
3:04 am
the pentagon says there's no risk to public health but 31 people are now taking antibiotic is as precution. >> but details about the boston terror investigation that led to one man being killed and another taken into custody. sources telling us now the original plan of the man who was killed on tuesday was to come to new york and find pamela geller. you might not recognize the face. this was the woman that organized the recent muhammad drawing contest in texas. the security guard foiled the plan. the whole plan change the and the plan was then to attack police. abc's marci gonzalez picks up this story for us. >> this man, david wright accuses of wanting to take up the isis call to kill members of law enforcement faced a judge in boston. >> i would urge the government the fbi, and law enforcement to be as transparent as possible. we have serious concerns about
3:05 am
that already. >> police believe he conspired with the terror suspect killed by officers outside of this cvs in boston. >> shots fire senator investigators say u saw ma rahim was under around the clock surveillance. officers wanted to question him after he talked about wanting to stab or behead officers. when task force members approached him, police say he came at them with this military style knife. the officers reportedly backed up ordering him to drop the weapon. when he refused and got dangerously close, he was shot three times. surveillance video of the deadly confrontation was shown to community and religious leaders in boston. >> that at least dispels some of the rumors some of the tensions that might build. >> those who watched it including this imam says the video disproves claims by rahim's brother on social media. >> he wasn't shot in the back.
3:06 am
there's no detail clear on the video to tell us vacation exactly what happened. >> the video will be made public once the family views it. >> marci, thank you. turning to investigation into the death of tamir rice. the 12-year-old shot by a white police officer while holding a fake gun. the sheriff's office has turned it over its findings to the prosecutors. they're expected to present the case to a grand jury to determine if criminal charges should beified against the officers involved. rice was shot in november. they say just two seconds after the police officer tul but pulled up in his cruise ear. >> a mads son, wisconsin officer has been cleared by his department. an investigation found matt kenny did not violate its deadly force policy in the shoot ago of an unarmed black man. he feared he would take his gun. prosecutors had already declined to file charges so kenny will be free to return to work. >> the flight attendant who
3:07 am
refused to serve a muslim woman an unopened can of soda will no longer be working for the public. the attendant told amad she might use it as a weapon. amad said this was not a case of poor customer service as unitesed originally claimed. >> it was about prejudice, stereotypes which leads to bigotry which should not be accepted. >> united says its employees will continue to undergo training on cultural awareness but this was part of an afill adequate flight called shuttle america. the woman was serving a united customer at the time. they wanted to make sure anybody serving a united customer has proper training >> southwest airlines 72-hour airfare sale so popular it jammed the website. customers were greeted by a
3:08 am
message saying sale is causing high demand. try again soon. if you tried to book by phone, even worst. some waited an hour just to get through. the sale continues till 1159 tonight and includes can one-way fares as low as 49 bucks. >> incriminating admission from the scandal that is rocking the world of soccer right now. it comes from that guy. he's a former top official. chuck blazer at a hearing a couple years ago, he admitted he and others on fifa's executive committee agreed to receive bribes in exchange for voting for which country would host the world cup. those tournaments were held in france and south africa. he pleaded guilty to other charges at the same hearing. now to some sports not tainteded in scandal. stanley cup final it started really well for the lightning. had this thing under control. they took the lead last night with a goal from an incredible
3:09 am
angle. you'll see this shot over and over. it was a highlight that was wasted. they held the lead till deep into the third period. that's when chicago scored two goals in a short span. then holding on to win 2-1. the winner of game one has won the cup an overwhelming majority of the time. game two is saturday but the chicago blackhawks should be arrested for this. they went in there and stole something, tampa just tried to hold on to the lead. they took their foot off the gas. they were in control of this game for three quarters of the game. and gave it away. you all should be ashame add of yourselves. >> it's game one. there's a lot of hockey -- >> right? they took their foot off the gas. hold on for this. we'll win and look what happens. >> there's a lot of hockey a lot of hockey to be played. rangers. >> ouch. >> i'm not a hockey guy and i'm
3:10 am
upset. >> were you as upset at this kid at the a's, detroit game. >> love this kid. >> he was so upset. of course, it was the tigers and oakland. he's a true fan. one of the a's smashing a grand slam home run. 8-year-old caught the ball. i just caught a ball here. but he was upset when he realized what it really meant. >> it meant that it was a grand slam and that they scored four runs and it was 5-3 at that moment. >> how did that make you feel. >> sad, have he very sad. >> j.d. a big tigers fans. they live in shanghai. the highlight of their trip home was tuesday's game. he said he's giving the ball to his cousin. he doesn't even want it. good job. coming up, we've got "the mix." what would you do if you went looking for your long lost father and found an elvis impersonator? >> awesome. >> also ahead, revelations from
3:11 am
the "19 kids and counting family. the josh duggar sex abuse allegations. the victims and speaking out. >> details about the american woman the victim of a lion attack on her dream trip to africa. >> and remember to check out our pictures on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns effect over one million households in the u.s. each year. septic back-ups can cost about $13,000 in expense. thankfully there's rid-x. rid-x costs less than $7. and the advanced natural bacteria generates powerful enzymes which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month, and help save yourself from disaster. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try new head & shoulders instant
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♪ the six marines killed while
3:15 am
helping with earthquake relief in nepal were honored at camp pendleton, california. they kied when the helicopter crashed into the mountain side may 12th. wreckage found three days later. the oldest was just 32 years old. we're learning more about the american woman killed by a lion in south africa and the tour guide who tried to save her. >> the family of catherine chappelle says she was a dedicated animal lover and hoped to make a movie about poaching. >> catherine came to johannesburg to work as a volunteer on wildlife projects. instead the 29-year-old with big plans for world travel was killed about i one of the animals she so wanted to help. in a statement, the tour guide who was in the car with her says they were not ignoring the countless warnings to keep windows closed but that chappelle had of her own accord rolled down the passenger window
3:16 am
to take pictures. >> she could have been clapping at it. that could have irritated her. >> the guide sustained serious injuries fending off lion even reportedly suffering a heart attack. he claims a park employee then refused to help. abc news tracked down that employee who says his immediate task was to move the lions away putting them in the night enclosure allowing save an passage for paramedics. >> they've got their windows down. >> tourists here still seem tempted to take the risks. abc news understands there are pictures of this attack taken by other tourists inside the lion camp at the time. that evidence is now in the hands of police. and will clearly form a crucial part of this investigation. hamish macdonald south africa. >> coming up next here the duggar family speaking out after the explosive sexual abuse allegations regarding their children.
3:17 am
the devoutly religious tv family is opening up. >> also ahead in our next half hour, struck by lightning. a woman driving down the highway gets a major jolt. the surprisingly common occurrence and what you need to know to stay safe. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
3:18 am
♪ well, the bug gar family has been in the middle of this big controversy ever since those stunning allegations of sexual abuse involving their son josh came to light. >> last night the parents from their hit reality show broke their silence. for more up au night line with abc's juju chang. >> josh has done some very bad things. and he's -- he's very sorry.
3:19 am
>> the duggar family speaking out for the first time about the secret that has haunted their family for more than a decade. >> he was crying. and he had just turned 14. and he said that he had actually improperly touched some of our daughters. >> jim bob and michele sitting down with fox news megan kelly about their oldest child josh duggar now 27 who they say confessed to them as a teenager about inappropriate sexual contact with as many as five underaged girls including two younger sisters. >> he was still a kid and he was still a juvenile. he wasn't an adult. this was not rape or anything like that. this was like touching somebody over their clothes. there were a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes but it was like a few seconds. >> the parents stressing that the touching was improper. but that their daughters were either asleep or didn't understand they were being molested. >> they weren't even aware. it was like you know it wasn't
3:20 am
to them they didn't probably even understand that it was improper touch. >> the disturbing details in sharp contrast to the family's squeaky clean image. >> this is the story of my family. we're the duggars. >> for years they have been portrayed on their show show "19 kids and counting as a conservative christian fame who prayed and played together. >> his heart was still soft. >> it's the latest in a bottom shell scandal that broke last week when intouch magazine released the first of two leaked police reports which said he was investigated but never charged. >> if the authorities had investigated this earlier, the parents could have been charged, as well. >> the statute of limitations will expired. no charges filed. josh duggar himself did not sit down for an interview and only released this statement last week on twitter and facebook. i acted inexcuse bybly for which i deeply regret.
3:21 am
i hurt others including my family and others. dr. robi ludwig says the duggar family environment may have played a role. >> if you live in an environment where you're an adolescent and somehow taught or led to believe that your sexual impulses are bad or animalistic, what do you do with those? i think that's exactly what happened with josh. >> the duggars say everyone in their family received counseling from accredited therapists and once again they're turning to their faith for guidance. >> what josh did was inexcusable but it was not unforgivable. >> juju chang, abc news new york. >> also the two young girls that were molested they're speaking out, as well. they spoke with megan kelly and they will release the rest of that interview this week, as well. so you'll learn from them. >> we will be right back with the mix," switch things up here.
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okay. everybody, it is time for the mix". we've will several of these stories, people reuniting their families using facebook and the internet. this time it has an interesting twist. this woman after 47 years decides she's a social media expert and needs to find her dad. she uses the #find -- her dad. it's such a common name in the netherlands which is where she's born. she had his age, as well. like you'll never find them. good thing she did because he's an elvis impersonator living in thailand. there he is dad. >> that's kind of cool. >> he's just rocking. like the beach elvis. so apparently he lives in a mansion in thailand and has two other children by the way. their names, elvis.
3:26 am
>> i love it. >> nice family. >> yes. i love it. i'm a big elvis guy. he's one of my top three artists of all time. >> really? >> you look surprised. >> i was born and raised in west memphis. my mother's due date was august 16th 1977. that ended up being the day he died. i was born three days later. i kid you not. love elvis. you looked shocked when i said that. >> good for you. i love it. learn something new every day. >> you all don't know the this but kayna does her own makeup. we need to give our ladies in makeup all the credit. >> i have a team of magicians. >> a lot of women do their makeup on their own. sometimes you've got put it on without looking in the mirror. some women are able to do this but if you put people on camera, here are women. this website i do not know what that is.
3:27 am
here they are trying to put makeup on without using a mirror. you should be able to do it instinctively without using a mirror. >> the faces is what we've been laughing at. the faces we make while doing our makeup. eyelash curlers. >> like she was growing a beard. >> that must have been a bronze other something. her face lip liner no way. >> they do okay for the most part. we've got time for one more. >> we'll do one more. how kate middleton's daughter will look. they think this is what the baby will look like at age 137. they just a specialist in age progression to do this. that's her by age 12. no doubt she's going to grow up to be
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3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror plot. what we're learning overnight about the boston man killed by police. what federal agents are now saying about his weapon, his targets and his time line. >> bigger mistake. the live anthrax shipped out across the country and across the world. what the pentagon is now admitting and the increasing concerns about safety. >> taking action, restaurant workers caught on camera wasting to time in stopping a threat. what led to that dramatic scene. >> a little later our first look at caitlyn jenner's latest tv show and the money making offers she's getting after making her transition in a very public way that is in "the skinny"" on this thursday, june 4th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and good morning. it is thursday morning. i'm kayna whitworth. i'm in for reena ninan. >> again want to say to those of
3:31 am
you who haven't been noticing kayna whitworth with us from l.a., just joined abc news not long ago. here with us all week. good to have you back. this is your second round. >> it's my second round. t.j. even shared his fruit snacks today. huge. big deal. >> you all don't tell reena. we're going to start this half hour in boston. we're getting new details about a terror case there. the suspects said to have changed their plans hours before a deadly confrontation with police. >> i feel like this gets scarier the more details that we learn. one suspect dead, another taken into custody. tom llamas has more. >> we're learning just how close usaama rahim may have been to attacking even beheading police officers here in boston. 25-year-old david wright ra heap's nephew charged with conspiracy. the fbi says wright aided rahim who was killed by officers in this boston parking lot, rahim
3:32 am
allegedly lunging at members of a military task force with this military style knife when they tried questioning him. according to the complaint, rahim told wright about the knife in a cell phone conversation allegedly say agi just got myself a nice little tool. good for carving. wright later telling rahim something was like thinking with your head on your chest as both men laughed, a reference the fbi believes to beheading propaganda videos like the ones made by isis. the fbi tracking the men 24/7. they say just two hours before he died, rahim called wright telling him he was about to go after the boys in blue. rahim's original plan was to head to new york and find pamela geer, the organizer of that muhammad drawing contest that took place in texas. agents listening in on the wiretaps felt the threat was imminent. one of his brothers did not want to comment but another claimed rahim was shot in the back on a cell phone. in an effort to be trabs parent
3:33 am
police showed surveillance video of rahim's deadly confrontation to about two dozen civic and religious leaders. >> the individual was not on the cell phone. the individual was not shot in the back. >> we know why agents considered rahim armed and dangerous. they intercepted a package sent to his home and x-rayed it and when they looked inside they saw that military style knife. tom llamas, abc news, boston. >> we turn to two tragic crashes in two states leaving buses an trucks mangled on the highway. three people were killed in eastern pennsylvania when a tractor-trailer crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a charter bus. impact so powerful the truck sheered in half. with an axel torn off. >> i walked right up to help out light away because there was people saying get me out of here. me and another guy helped a few people down. >> the passengers were italian tourists headed to niagara falls. more than a dozen people were injured. four of them critically. >> another deadly crash west of houston. two people killed ten injured in a bus crash that slammed into a
3:34 am
back of a flatbed trailer. witnesses say it happened in a construction area. traffic just came to a stop. the bus going from texas to north carolina. the bus driver in both crashes were among the dead. >> also the stormy weather caused a chain reaction crash. this is south of st. joseph, missouri. it started when a big rig ran off the road and ended with five cars colliding into each other. one person seriously injured, police say that she was the only accident weapon not wearing a seat belt. >> let's turn to some weather for today. rainy in the northern rockies to the western great lakes. wet day in northern california and nevada. the threat of severe weather from des moines to minneapolis. downpours from south florida all the way up to the carolinas. >> but it's 80s in albuquerque, dallas, chicago and miami. 70s in detroit, denver and los angeles. 60s in washington, d.c., new york. and boston and how about that nice 100. in phoenix. >> we turn to oregon now where a man is being held for trying to rob a restaurant. how did he do it? he was making a bomb threat. that was the attempt.
3:35 am
you're seeing surveillance video showing hip walk in, he was carrying a box. he asked for the manager. manager not there so he left. he returned minutes later and put the box on the counter telling the worker it's a bomb and demands cash. another worker you're seeing there breaks up the intent, takes the guy down. they called police. arrested the guy. detonated the box. it turned out to be a hoax. the guy facing several felony charges. >> the pentagon admitting it sent possibly live anthrax to even more labs than it initially revealed. it the anthrax spores were sent from an army testing facility in utah to at least 51 labs in the u.s. and three foreign kruntz. countries. with more, here's abc's karen travers. >> the pentagon admitted that the live anthrax that was accidentally slipped around the untry and overseas was a far bigger problem than first believed. >> 51 laboratories in 17 states, one in the district of columbia
3:36 am
and three foreign countries, we expect this number may rise. >> the pentagon insists this potentially deadly mistake posed no risk to the general public. >> these concentrations are so low as they would be below the level that would normally we would expect to cause any infection. >> this anthrax scare began at the dugway proving ground in utah last march when a batch of anthrax was treated to kill live spores but some survived. >> those sterility tests did not detect the presence of live anthrax. we need to know why. >> over the next year shipments of that batch thought to be safe were sent to locations around the country via fedex. one vial sent to a lab at stanford was opened last summer. >> centers for disease control has let us know that even if there were to be spores in the sample they would be at a very, very minute level. >> in south korea, nearly two dozen american military personal started taking antibiotics last
3:37 am
week after possible exposure to potentially deadly anthrax spores. they unknowingly used live anthrax in a training exercise late last month. the pentagon says for now, nobody is showing any signs of sickness at the bases overseas or the labs here in the u.s. tj, kayna. >> karen thank you so much. >> a couple of new hats in the presidential ring. seems like we get them every day. we start with forrer rhode island governor lincoln chafee, the former republican turned independent announced yesterday he's seeking the democratic nomination. did you follow all that? during his speech he refused to rule out talks with isis. called for the u.s. to have an open minded approach to drug trafficking and saying we need to go bold. his bold idea we need to switch to the metric system. yes, the metric system is a campaign issue and you can't get any bolder than that. he said this would put us on a better footing with the world. most of the world uses the metric system. he said this is a part of a symbolic integration. to say we're not going at it alone. we're with you, the rest of the
3:38 am
world. if that is as bold of an idea as you are going to hear. let's turn to the republican side. rick perry, is expected to announce his second white house bid today. former texas governor ran in 2012. recently perry has been traveling to iowa other early voting states. his aides say today's events will be attended by wife of american sniper chris kyle. >> you can't make this up. taco bell is trying to one up fast food competitors. they are serving alcohol for the first time. the chain will add beer wine and mixed drinks to the menu at a new location opening in chicago this summer. they will come in special cups to set them apart from the regular soft drinks. alcohol is aimed at attracting tj. >> all of them? >> they're starting with one in chicago. just one in chicago, and then after you make it the most popular taco bell ever, i feel like taco bell was the place you went after you had -- >> we just start and end the night at taco bell. >> just go around in the drive
3:39 am
through line until you get your drinks when you park your car. >> is it just beer? >> no, there's beer, wine and mixed drinks. >> wow. that is the most dangerous idea i've heard since the metric system. >> we turn to the bachelorette. stay with me here. those watching this season will recall a guy named joshua making a metal rose gave it to bachelorette kaitlyn. he's got nothing on a woman from texas. the bachelorette has nothing to do with the story from texas but we got that promo in there. >> i think this is genius. she's making what she calls bacon flowers. the petals are made from bacon. can be eaten. the stems made of wood. don't eat those. >> she ships them in a vacuum sealed package. once opened it needs to be eaten or refrigerated within 24 hours. >> full disclosure, last valentine's day we didn't know what to get the men for valentine's day and she brought up the idea of a bacon bouquet.
3:40 am
we instead made whiskey bacon cupcakes. >> man, i like how you roll though. bacon whiskey. your mind's in the right place. >> it is. i don't know if my baking was. >> we've got "the skinny" coming up. janet jackson is doing something she has not done in seven years now. >> also ahead, a new movie celebrating the leader of the beach boys brian wilson and why success was not always full of the good vibrations. >> first a woman driving in a car gets a jolt of lightning. how do you exactly survive a lightning strike while you're on the road? you're watching "world news now." le you're on the road? you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by the lysol power and free. 's time to change the way we clean. and free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9%
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all right. can you make out what's happening there? that's not a house on an island. that's a house on the move. what you're seeing here, washington state couple, they wanted a house with some history and some character. they found it and bought it. it's a rescue home. it probably would have been torn down. the problem here is, they want to live in the house but don't want to live where the house is. they're going to take the house to where they live. this is a vintage house built in 1923 on the mainland in seattle. they live on bainbridge island so yes, you put the 500 ton building on a barge, it is set to arrive where they currently reside. their new home is coming. that's awesome. >> that's amazing. what's amazing for those home owners there's no rain in their forecast today. how often does that happen? >> we don't hear that for a lot of areas of the country right now. other parts of the country swamped by storms raising questions about what happens
3:45 am
when lightning strikes. a lot of lightning strikes out there. what if lightning strikes and you're in your car? are you safe? abc's gio benitez checking it out for us. >> shattered glass, burned steel and frantic 911 call. >> i can't breathe. i can't get out of my car. >> sheena easterday driving in her car hit by a bolt of lightning while on the road. >> i was doing 45 and all of a sudden my air bags just went off. >> it was like a bright white blinding light. >> she walked away without a scratch. her car not so much. it happens more often than you think. watch again, that lightning strike caught on dashcam in biloxi mississippi, this is the same storm that was in tuscaloosa. i saw the power of lightning firsthand covering storms in alabama. cars are designed to divert lightning around the shell of the car and down to the ground. while many think rubber tires protect against lightning strikes, experts say that's just
3:46 am
a myth. lightning can melt electrical systems and in some cases cause the car to burst into flames. so how do you protect yourself? experts told us first pull over on the side of the road and wait the storm out. second, don't touch radio or other electronics while in the car. and third, if you can get in a building, do so. gio benitez, abc news new york. >> coming up next, caitlyn jenner getting a show of her own. we've got the first look. >> steven colbert shares with us how he's getting ready to take over for letterman. "the skinny" is up next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all week, has "the skinny" started with caitlyn jenner? is this four out of four? this is. four out of four. i've gotten confirmation. caitlyn jenner upcoming documentary series called "i am cait." >> up till now, "vanity fair" photo shoot has been our only look at jenner as a transgender woman. but in a promo for the series, she addresses that very issue, society's emphasis on looks and the difficulties women especially face. >> start learning kind of the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance. >> maybe some day you'll be normal. just blend into society.
3:49 am
>> you are normal. >> put it this way, i'm the new normal. >> so many people go through life. >> i was admiring caitlyn's sunglasses. you like them, by the way. the e! series will air in eight parts and premieres sunday july 26th. there is a chance we may be seeing jenner on another show, as well. >> eness reporting that caitlyn has been asked to visit the set of "transparent" by the creator, jill soloway which won the golden globe best comedy. based on her experiences with her father's transition into a transgender woman. soloway told variety she definitely wants to incorporate caitlyn's coming out into the new season. >> big news for music fans. janet jackson releasing a new album, her first in seven years >> haven't seen her in quite some time. >> the pop icon made the announcement noting the album is not yet titled and released on her own label, rhythm nation records. the youngest of the jackson
3:50 am
family has has an incredible award winning career. she's distinguished herself as a style icon, has a body of work. the new album we're expecting sometime in fall. >> it's been awhile since we've seen steven colbert. he stayed in the background as letterman was saying good-bye. his sendoff from the colbert report was a memorable one. but this is showbiz. things move quickly. people forget. that's why you got to stay relevant and let people know you still exist as he gets ready to take over for letterman. >> conan o'brien, colbert has spent his in between time growing a beard. that's him right there. it's something he addresses in his very first promo. >> as much as i enjoyed being incognito now that we're gearing up for the beginning of the late show, i need to be more cognito . plus cbs is making me shave it off because tom selleck's moustache has a noncompete claus. tom's a great guy, his mustache, such a bitch.
3:51 am
>> we can say that here? >> i didn't know the. >> i don't know if we can but he can. >> reluctantly he proceeded to shave off his beard but not without trying some other looks along the way including an amish style beer and the wolverine. >> he tried to start the show. he has three more months to go though. >> so finally, does everybody remember this? >> but wherever i go, there you are. >> so uncomfortable. >> brad pitt's epically strange commercial for chanel number 5. we now have someone who might top it. >> fellow actor johnny depp has been revealed the face of a brand-new men's fragrance by christian dior. so far this photo is all we're seeing as part of the ad campaign. >> it will debut in september. >> i love the brad pitt ads. >> i don't think you can outdo
3:52 am
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♪ i wish they all could be california girls ♪ ♪ i wish they all could be california girls ♪ >> california girls. you know, you're a colorado girl. >> i'm a colorado girl. >> who happens to live in california. not the same thing. >> no, it is not the same thing. >> we have a dedication this morning to the beach boys. >> we absolutely do. brian wilson actually wrote most of the beach boys sunny and cheerful hits but had a really rough life going through severe -- several dark times. >> he's the subject of a new movie. he sat down with abc's chris connelly to talk about his life and remarkable career. ♪ round round get around, yeah, get around ♪ >> we all grew up in california, brothers, dennis and brian. and carl. >> through the 1960s, brian wilson the brilliant emotionally
3:56 am
fragile leader of the beach boys dreamed up pure pop bliss songs that for millions defined the surf sand and sun allure of southern california. >> when you hear your music now, is there ever a time when you say hey, turn that up? >> yeah, like good vibrations. you know, i'm picking up good vibrations. that part. ♪ i'm picking up good vibrations, she's giving me excitations." dano, he uses two actors to chronicle two different acts in wilson's turbulent life. >> if you're going to make movies you want to have a chance to do something like this talking about a person with that much talent and creativity. >> how does that work? two bass lines in two different keys? >> it works in my head. >> his wondrous creativity would peak with the album "pet sounds," featuring timeless songs like "god only knows." ♪ god only knows what i'd be
3:57 am
without you ♪ >> what was that like to be totally in touch with your creativity at that period? >> it was the greatest part of my life. >> get around. >> anybody who was on this movie, you just look in each other's eyes we're not here for anything else. we're all in, right? this was like okay. >> yeah. >> let's try to make a film, a real film. >> anyone who loves his music and knows his story would ask the same thing. >> brian, are you happy? >> yes, very happy. i'm happy because we have a movie. >> i'm chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. ♪ good vibrations ♪ >> i forgot so many of those were their hits. >> as they were listing them off and you get to hear them. i like that music in the show. that's going to make you in a good mood on this thursday. >> it's going to take more. >> don't miss our updates on facebook.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, chilling plot. the boston terror suspects and their alleged plans to kill launching knife attacks against a woman and police officers. plus, new concerns about isis influencing americans. tracking a hurricane churning up the seas aiming right towards a tourist hub and heavy rain and hail in the heartland where the severe weather is right now. scandal. the duggars talking about their son josh opening up about his public confession that's threatening the family's reputation and their reality show. and major makeover for america's iconic doll. the newest barbie has a big change. look closely. can you spot it?


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