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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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relations center of the government and conducts a lot of the security and background and clearances for people. possibly some highly sensitive information. i have talked to people in reached out to the opm and the fbi, but the fbi is conducting an investigation. a person at opm says that all their media relations -- liaisons are meeting with the director. it is significant that the administration's friend figure out how badly the damage has been and what to do next. i would imagine it's going to meet offering some sort of protection for federal employees and all their data. last thing, we know that at least one report, this is through the "washington post" is that cchina is behind this. we know the administration is suspects in -- suspects them in
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other attacks in the past. maureen: more breaking news tonight from the fairfax county courthouse where the accuser and jesse matthew's assault case just took the stand. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg just left the courtroom and he is live with what she had to say about matthew. reporter: that victim was on the stand earlier today. she said she was not influenced in any way shape or form by any prosecutors or members a law enforcement as to whether or not to look at jesse matthew picture online. the defense saying she should not be allowed to personally identify human person in court because her influence -- her perception of his face was influenced by the state prosecutors. the judge ruled that is not the case. she did go online and see the picture of him. she told the detective recently that his face looked familiar,
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although his hair is different. the judge ruled that she was not in any way influenced by the state. she will be allowed to identify him in court. she just got off the plane from india and flew back here for this trial. she said she was sleeping earlier today. the judge asked prosecutors to bring her to the courtroom to go through with this motion hearing. the other issue discussed in court was the defense tried to delay this trial. the judge denying the motion to delay the trial. it will go on monday morning as scheduled. the prosecutor was annoyed for the situation, saying the motion to delay the trial was "a desire to inconvenience and further harass the victim." certainly some emotions running high in the court. during her testimony, the victim never once made eye contact with jesse matthew. that trial begins monday morning inax county. maureen: another big story
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tonight is the big shift in the investigation into the killing of four people inside a northwest washington mansion. tom roussey breaks down what we are learning from search warrant's just unsealed. reporter: the bombshell revelation involves jordan wallace, savvas savopoulos' assistant to a dinner five himself about -- talking about raising. his bmw was found about a block away from the savopoulos'family home the day of the fire he told police he dropped off $40,000 at savopoulos'request what they do not know is why he did not drive of the neighborhood. what they do say is the day after the fire, police say they had probable cause to believe that evidence inside wallace's car would make it to the crime.
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wallace admitted to lying to police twice when they questioned him about the delivery of the cash to the home. he also allegedly told them he then asked by savopoulos to get the money the day of the fire when it back even asked the night before. maureen: abc 7 news is making all documents in the mansion birders an investigation available to you on the man convicted of killing washington intern chandra leavy will get a new trial. a judge granted a retrial. his lawyers argued a key witness gave false or misleading testimony in his 2010 trial. that case attracted widespread attention because levy was romantically linked to california congress and gary condit. he was ruled out as a suspect. a front running person in the republican nomination of 2012
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hope civil our name the nomination. >> it is time for reset. time for a reset and the relationship between government and citizens. our country's best days lie ahead. there is nothing wrong in america today that a change in leadership will not make happen. maureen: that is rick perry, the tempora public and to declare himself a candidate. he is far from the last candidate to join the crowded field. former governor jeb bush is excited to announce his plan on june 15. for other republicans -- could follow the announcement. hillary clinton is calling for an expansion of voting rights. she denounced voting restrictions in florida, north carolina, texas, and wisconsin. she also called for a national standard of a minimum of 20 days of early voting to include evening and weekend voting. beau biden is being remembered
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in delaware. the former attorney general and sunna vice president joe biden laid in honor this afternoon at the state capital. he died of rain cancer on saturday. a viewing is planned for tomorrow in wilmington, delaware and that will be followed by biden's funeral mass in burial on saturday. president obama will deliver a eulogy. a major announcement or leading health center in the district. whitman walker health announces it is teaming up with a rockville firm to redevelop its elizabeth taylor medical center. that centers on 14th street in northwest d.c. no formal word on what the development will be but the company says it is not ruling out a next commercial and residential properties. still ahead at 6:00, what is being done to clear up the confusion about where you can park and what you cannot ark in the district. plus, a new connection between
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the april riots in baltimore and the surge and violence that followed. halley cbs factors into it all. steve: moderate range of their right now. but what we can be expected as the to the end of the weekend into the upcoming weekend. a seven day outlook you do not want to mi
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alison:maureen: a looted cbs drugstore my bid -- cvs might be at the center of violence in baltimore. another 100 hurt in shootings. police say partly to blame is the growing drug trade you'll buy prescription medications stolen from that cvs and other pharmacies. >> there are enough narcotics on the streets of baltimore to keep it intoxicated for a year. >> everybody knows they have more stuff now. maureen: the police commissioner says that 175,000 doses of narcotics were stolen. he wants federal help to combat the violence. i judge postponed the trial of heather cook until september. she is charged with killing a cyclist in a hit-and-run crash in baltimore last december. prosecutors say he was drunken
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texting. she has since resigned her position in the episcopal church. a woman found dead inside her home yesterday was a homicide victim. gloria watson was found inside her condo in the 400 block of heather ridge drive. police say her death was apparently the result of an assault inside the home. investigators have not read if they have recovered a weapon from the scene or if this might've been a random attack or whether she knew her killer. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- reporter: the red top meter program is once again the focus of the d.c. council. how members of d.c.'s disabled community says legislation is not enough. maureen: steve rudin tells us when the sun will finally break through those clouds. reporter: after 53 games,
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anthony rendon is back. we spoke with him today and we will preview the nba finals. that much more when abc 7 news there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch
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maureen: there has been a lot of confusion over disabled parking lots and recently installed red top meters. much of it is caused by legislation meant to fix the parking program. reporter: after discovering some drivers were taken advantage of d.c. disabled parking lots using fraudulent placards debacle day for free, they launched the red top meter program. after a lot of criticism and complaints, the district stopped in horsing the meter program eating at least for now, anyone can park your. disabled drivers conducive for free, but to avoid a ticket able-bodied drivers must pay. >> i probably has a bloody good parking spots here . reporter: they install 1200 more meters. all of this predating the
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current director. >> the meters were installed before that was a statutory authority to enforce the program. reporter: these meters meant for the disabled replaced next to tree boxes and other obstacles. >> they were installed and an encumbrance or manner without any. rhyme or reason. -- without any rhyme or reason. reporter: washingtonians insist more are needed. >> is a for people with disabilities are people who cannot ark and reserved spaces. reporter: the bill is meant to help the disabled, increasing the illegal parking fine to $1000. he's also willing to give them -- maureen: 7 is on your side it after the confusion over d.c. parking regulations. we spoke to the guide to parking in the district on.
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larry hogan is making a push for private high-speed rail. today he announced the state has applied for a $27 million at old grant to support a high-speed train from washington to baltimore. the announcement came after the governor road a high-speed train outside of tokyo. that train travels at more than 300 miles per hour. governor hogan said he made the agreement with japanese prime minister shinzo abe to develop high-speed real technology. governor hogan did not comment on the proposed purple line, which would connect bethesda and new carrollton. he has been spec -- skeptical about the $2 billion price tag. the weather today was more reminiscent of a day in london. foggy, foggy day. there was a case of florida in the district today. experience can semi--- kiss
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immi brought an alligator on to the river. they are there to promote tourism for florida. that i present -- pronounce that properly? steve: an alligator with its mouth taped shut? i would not want to be holding it. it is wet out there and a lot of folks might be planning a going out to the baseball game. you might want to reconsider. it starts five minutes after 7:00 and a lot of rain is on the way. 65 degrees are high so far today. we will see your average readings as we move into the upcoming weekend. 64 at the airport right now. a live picture overlooking the airport. it is raining and cloudy in jury out there. it will stay that way for the next several hours. looking at satellite and radar. look at all the moisture pushing and from the south. this will stay with us and we
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can look for moderate to heavy rains across the district and to montgomery county as a moving to the next hour and a half to two hours. areas shaded in yellow are the heaviest of the rainfall at this time. doppler radar heading in closer to you. inside the capital beltway at 395, the springfield axing bowl -- mixing bowl, that is where we have heavier rain at this time. eventually, silver springs friendship heights, bethesda rockville and the potomac, you will see the heavier rains. you will see that rain continuing for the next hour to an hour and a half. all of this will eventually left on outta here as we head through the overnight hours. then we will look for brighter skies for the day tomorrow. 61 degrees. marshall at 63. not a whole lot of warmth south of here. the further west you go, that is where the warmer air is look dated at this time.
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nighttime lows it -- wind will be out of the north at around four to eight miles per hour. tomorrow morning, waking up and grab an umbrella. especially if you have to walk. you will see scattered showers diminished and then by afternoon, brighter skies and more sunshine on the way on saturday into sunday. if you like the heat and humidity, you got it. monday and tuesday we're back near 90 degrees. this is our forecast for tomorrow. it will give way to clearing by the afternoon. the beach forecast is 76 degrees on added a and 71 in monday roshan eddie. -- ocean city. we are talking middle 70's with water temperatures around 70 degrees. 82 on saturday. upper 70's on sunday. nearing 90 on monday and tuesday and we will keep that trend going well into next week.
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i hope everyone enjoys the three days of nicer weather. maureen: thank you steve. it should be an exciting night tonight for lebron james. robert: i'm sure you will be part try to front of the tv, watching the game. nats ansa been waiting for this. anthony rendon back in the lineup. that is next in
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care
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for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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>> and now between a sports desk. -- toyota sports desk. reporter: anthony rendon is recovering from a left the strain and a left oblique strain. he is back after eight minor-league games hitting .250 for harrisburg. he said the weight has been way too long. >> especially when you are injured you are wondering why you're even at the clubhouse. being back in the lineup and being a part of the whole deal is awesome. >> we are excited for him. he is a great defensive player. it will be exciting to have him back. robert: we were also in college park today to see the turks offer their second straight to regional.
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they are heading to charlottesville to take on virginia. maybe some get back is in order. last year they play the cavaliers in the best-of-three series and virginia ended up advancing to the college world series. this comes after the turks took the l.a. regional, beating host ucla. the nba finals are here. cavs and four years is tonight on abc seven at 6:00. -- 7:00. we went one-on-one with espn's dalen rose. he says he is going with golden state in five games. he says the west's way tougher than the eccentric carry over into the finals. for the record, i told him cabs vs in the sex but don't tell anybody that. tiger woods having trouble at the memorial. four bogeys and a double bogey.
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he shot a 73, 1 over par. afterward he said physically he feels good that mentally he feels beat up. a final note. after losing five straight, the orioles beat the astros this afternoon, 3-2. maureen: got your bets going on over there. [laughter] steve: you will be up late watching us after the game. i hope it is not too late for you. it is wet out there. everyone will need an umbrella. the baseball game -- i don't know. i think it will be tough to get any of it in. if you are looking for better weather, it is on the way for the weekend. lower 80's on saturday and back to the 90's next week. maureen: back to normal.
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tonight, breaking news at this hour. the white house rushing to handle what could be a massive data breach potentially involving millions of americans. the fbi now i tonight. they're looking at every federal agency. the hackers and what they got their hands on. also tonight, the news conference the short time ago. the worries over a possible serial shooter. the driver shot in the neck. the man on the bike shot dead. and now a 65-year-old gunned down on a sidewalk. the white house fence jumper for the first time the arsenal. the guns the machete revealed. will it be a game-changer? a major decision today for viagra for women. and the duggar family backlash tonight. some accusing the parents of rationalizing the abuse. g


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