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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now abc 7 news at noon on your time. >> data for 4 million current and former federal workers now at risk. if all is a data breach at the office of personnel management. the u.s. suspects china is behind the latest hacking. more on the latest breach and what is being done to protect those workers. >> government computers are under attack once again. the u.s. is saying the breach is in the office of personnel
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management which does all background checks on federal employees. >> the estimates are at least 4 million violations. my guess is it might be bigger than that. >> compromising the sensitive information of current and federal employees. government officials blame the chinese for the cybertek to -- for the cybertek. >> is it state-sponsored or are these private hackers? >> a chinese spokesman dismissing the actions, saying that china is still the victims of hacking attacks. >> are we doing some version of that to the chinese? quite probably we are. it is quite a cat and mouse game. >> iris computers work optimized along the state and white house computers last fall. >> these cyber threats are challenged to our national security. >> president obama said that public and private companies can work together on cyber security
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threats, but that did not stop this latest hack. millions of workers are being offered credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. horace: we are learning more this noon about the d.c. mansion murders investigation including what was found in jordan wallace's car. this is video from when i interviewed wallace back in 2013 where he managed to go cart track. maryland police released what was in his car, including a checkbook, a mac laptop, an external hard drive into backpacks. details of the $40,000 drop off on the day of the home of the murders has not been charged. people say good by. they are all writing for -- riding dirt bikes. she was shot last wednesday and
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easy. the billet was not intended for her. if you have any information about the people in this video, contact d.c. delays police and do it right away. a d.c. teacher charged with sex abuse will be in court. giovanni kenya works at the bilingual school in northwest d.c.. court documents show that a student can forward alleging that he touched him inappropriately when he was a fourth grader last year. police say that pain yet admitted to touching the boy and sending inappropriate messages via snapshot. residents are surveying the damage left by lats nights tornadoes and flooding in colorado and kansas and more severe weather could be on the way. tornadoes came down with torrential rain with dozens of homes and farms destroyed. authorities in denver trying to figure out if it played a role in a deep sinkhole.
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everyone managed to get out safely. around here, crews are working to clear a downed tree and fairfax county. the road is expected to be closed for several hours just south of georgetown pipe. no word yet on what caused the tree to collapse. still pretty gray outside right now. sunshine may finally make an appearance. we hear later on today. devon lucie is here with our first check of the forecast. devon: i can tell you firsthand that at 11:23 that a little son was trying to peek out. we will go with a live look outside. national harbor still has all that cloud cover there. even pockets of drizzle there. central rain is pretty much done. we see a few pockets of drizzle which shows up on the radar. you go back over northern virginia and arlington has a few patches of drizzle.
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even parts of montgomery county and pushing into howard county as well. the temperature up to about 65. it is going to need some son. it is closer to 70. celebrate fairfax kicks off tonight and fairfax obviously. it should be around 70 with a little bit of sun to bleed on through. the rest of our weekend forecast is endorsed in a suite. a lot more sunshine with temperatures on the way back up. there is a slight chance for isley dead shower and a possible thunderstorm saturday. the likeliest storm chance is there and we will discuss that coming up in a few more defendants -- minutes. horace: the search continues for a swimmer who they believe drowned in great falls. they identified the man as marco rao sanchez. he was pulled out into the river by a strong current wednesday and then disappeared downstream. the other swimmer made out safely. they enter the water from the virginia shoreline near sandy landing.
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developing now, we are learning new details about the allegations against former speaker of the house dennis hastert. an exclusive interview with abc news montana woman said hastert had a sexual relationship with her brother when he was a wrestling coach. here are the details. >> dennis hastert has been in hiding since sexual abuse allegations came out last week. now the sister of one the alleged victims is speaking out exclusively to abc news. >> he damaged him more than any of us will ever know. >> jolene says her brother steve was the equipment manager when hastert coached the high school wrestling team. he wasshe told us that he said he was gay and 78 and that hastert was his first homosexual relationship. >> i said, why didn't you tell me?
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and he said, who in this town is ever going to believe me? >> as a member of an explorer true, steve was a member of the group of men taken to the bahamas. hes a photo of the boys and hastert relaxing together. >> here's the mentor and the man who is basically his friends abusing him. >> steve reinhold died of aids. his sister said that hastert showed up at the funeral. and she confronted him with this message. >> i know. >> she says that the fbi came to the door asking about steve and that hastert was about to be indicted on federal charges. >> he will be in court next week on charges of bank fraud and lying to cover up the allegations. horace: hundreds of people this noon are gathering to pay respects to former delaware attorney general beau biden.
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a viewing is being held all day at saint anthony of ottawa church. joe biden's oldest son died saturday after a battle with brain cancer. the funeral will be tomorrow and president obama will deliver the yields a. martin morales died in 2001. he left behind a wife and children, including an infant daughter. today, the daughter is backed in d.c.. john gonzalez gonzales was there as she learns more about her father sacrifice. >> the end of watch for officer martin morales was june 13 2001. his daughter was only 15 days old. almost exactly 14 years later, she brought her family and the entire eighth-grade class from illinois to d.c. to stand next to these are teaming grade letters that tell a story of the ultimate sacrifice. >> a lot of people take this wall as a shortcut. a lot of people do not know the names and what that wall means.
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it is something to family members. >> too emotional to speak to us, megan rows was at the site were huhere her father's name will be edged in. >> he dedicated his life to pull the -- public service. he was a gulf war veteran. and he was murdered a short time later. >> a lesson at the nation's capital like no other. >> it was just a few blocks away from this wall of remembrance for officer morales confronted that in better -- invader. the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the face and then stole his service weapon. he was later found and arrested in philadelphia. >> it is incredible to see what she is actually missing. she is actually missing her father. >> it is the photos that she
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hold onto and 13 letters that she will never be far from. >> i can imagine that she sees her father in a uniform. >> northwest washington, john gonzales, abc seven news. horace: guilty on two counts, we just got off the phone with our brad bell. he says that charles smith was just convicted in the death of his four-year-old son. the jury found smith guilty of net budget -- negligent homicide while operating a vehicle in 2013. he crashed his car with his son inside. his son was unsecured and a car seat and smith was high on pcp. we are waiting to hear what he will be sentenced. coming up on abc seven news at noon, a mysterious murder and colorado town and white tribute linked to a serial shooter. a warning to realtors. a string of robberies is on the loose. the disturbing details that has
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police on edge. cracking down on school zone speeders. the new weapon that will hopefully slow more people down and be fine -- the fine if they don't. devon lucie is back when when
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>> you are watching abc seven news at new. -- news at noon. horace: a mysterious murder and police are racing to figure out whether this is the work of a serial killer. a 65-year-old man who is a grandfather of six was shot and killed walking near his home in loveland, colorado. it happened in an area where a serial shooter is on the was.
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two people near there has already been shot. one was killed while riding a bicycle. a terrified call to 911 and now police are on the hunt. >> i'm a realtor and someone has just robbed me. horace: that someone police say is this man. he is accused of robbing two separate realtors near tampa, pulling guns on them while they were showing him homes. and even more disturbing is the amount of planning that went into these crimes, evidenced by this voicemail is suspect left under a fake name. >> hi, i'm calling about a property you have listed. >> there is a level of planning that went into these crimes and that is what causes concern that he will strike again. horace: police are under an urgent time crunch to catch them. with all these publicity's, he may knew to a new area -- may move to a new area. police have a new weapon with
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catching school zone speeders. how it works and where will be used. >> speeding has long been a problem in school zones and you have probably seen these big speeding cameras trying to catch my latest in the act. instead of those big heavy devices, you can now get used to seeing these laser guns that do the same job. drivers know it is the law to slow down when approaching a school zone, but it does not mean they always do it. that is why prince george's county police are unveiling a 30 day pilot program for the handheld photo laser guns. it reports the speed of the car and captures a photo of the tech. that driver will get a $40 ticket in the mail. if there is no interaction between the driver and the officer. with over 100 designated school zones and the county, they just cannot be anywhere -- everywhere. it is called a much needed force multiplier. >> it gives us a different type
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of deployment, especially on smaller streets where there is not the landscape that we could put a trail or a box in somebody's front yard. >> they speed. they go through lights. they almost run over the crossing guards. it doesn't help because people in paying a lot of money. >> it may help you they may stop by the camera and then start speeding in. >> the money will not be coming anytime soon. at least for 30 days because that is when the pilot program starts. after that, if you are caught speeding, you can expect a $40 ticket in the mail. horace: the bottom line is the slowdown. devon: you're not going to be able to see that. we are hoping to see some sunshine back in this forecast. a little bit is peeking out, but it will come out this weekend.
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that is the best news. its slim chance of an isolated shower and storm. the clouds are out here today. really the rain as they and we are pretty much done with it. it is pretty much what we are showing you right now. a few bouts of isolated sprinkle activity or drizzle. it is wrapping around an upper-level system that is heading out to sea. the live doppler radar will confirm that what we have got going on is that it is not much, but it is still leaving areas with drizzle drops. maybe around laurel with sprinkles there. sensitivity on doppler is really turned up. as a little in a blue near montgomery county and arlington. there's a little bit of drizzle activity as well. it seems to be centered right on washington. farther west into virginia, we are done with the rain coming down. still cool and chilly for this time of the year. 81 as a average high and we are below that. just to show that we not getting help from the winds here today.
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we have a little bit stronger when flow and we could have broken up more sunshine. weekend beach plans for you -- a little bit of sunshine comes through. people will be walking the beaches here. in ocean city, some cloudy skies, but a lot more sunshine. you look just west where the sun is out in full force, up to 80 degrees. 79 in charleston. 80 in indianapolis. we still have that east northeast low in washington. it is a very light nature. it is coupled with week upper-level systems. we still have this cloud cover and it is starting to fade. the winds are really starting to let up. the nationals are in action tonight. is a four-game series against the cubs. you will not need the rain gear tonight, something to keep warm and maybe a slight jacket. saturday during the afternoon we are going to be looking for a cold front to come through. 82 degrees with a slim chance of isolated showers and storms.
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here's a look at sunday. we have a lot more sunshine to come back out. this is most likely the sunniest day. it will also be mild. not quite the 82, but that slight chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. about 80 degrees with upper 70's for high temperatures around on sunday. through the weekend forecast, the cloud cover will break out with a little more sun saturday. not to say it is completely sunny. there will still be cloud cover around, but at least more sun is coming on through. the slightest chance of the isolated shower. sunday is slightly cooler with 79 for the high. cannot forget that reston town center has the tour de cure and it will have an award ceremony afterwards. horace: coming up on abc seven news at noon, the big policy change the air forces concerning
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puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricanare us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three d a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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horace: right now, crews are working to save more than 130 people trapped on the mountain. those climbers were stranded after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck malaysia. their climbing route is blocked by boulders loosened in the quake. helicopters cannot land due to bad weather and the high altitude. part rangers and mountain guys are trying to help the climbers down. the u.s. air force is making a change with discharging transgender service members. doctors in unit commanders would discharge members with gender dysphoria or those who it identified as transgender based
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on medical grounds. now they are saying that high-level officers will review those decisions. star trek actress michelle nichols is recovering after a mild stroke. nichols is awaiting test results at a los angeles hospital and is doing well. she is best known for her role as lieutenant uhura in the original series and films. she is considered one of the first african-american actors to hold a prominent role on american television. some good news for the economy this friday. the labor department reports that u.s. employers added a solid to to an 80,000 jobs. the economist says that the healthy job growth suggest that the economy is getting back on track for starting off 2015 in a bit of a slump. we are going to take a break and come back with a final look at the forecast in just a moment.
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horace: the day has been set for the christening of prisons -- princess charlotte. the private ceremony will take place july 5. kensington palace issued a short statement saying that the princess would be christened by the archbishops of canterbury. charlotte is the couple's second child and forth in line to the throne. make sure you grab a jonah -- doughnut to know with your
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>> yo! ahh! hey! i am terry crews and i guarantee we're gonna have some fun today right here on millionaire! [cheers and applause] our returning contestant is a dedicated father who is determined to make a difference in this world for the sake of his daughter. from orem, utah, please welcome josh tenney! [cheers and applause] good to see you again, josh. >> thank you. >> great to have you here again. >> thank you. >> now, sir, what is it you want to do for your daughter? >> well, my daughter has a rare condition. one in a million have it.


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