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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 8, 2015 2:30am-4:01am EDT

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mersenaries. >> we have seen them be effective which is part of the califade under islamic state b i think we need special forces boots on the grounds. we need to work with the suny tribes in the past that we have worked with to keep the islamic state and keep the rise of iran and this is terrible strategicc part that i think to help the iranians. i was told that we got yesterday american special forces units working with hezbela in syria now. this is of course part of this enterprise. we have got to be clear. we face dangers from gihidas and
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it's personfied by the regime. i think there are special united states forces that don't want these outcos as we do. >> we have a few more mininutes here and then i'll wrap. isis seems to do a very good job of understanding our weaknesses. why don't we exploit theirs? >> it's a very good point. i thin we are trying but i don't think w are doing a very good job. isis is proving to be a very effective enemy because there are a bunch of guys that used to work for sadam hussein so you have to look at this as not just an extremist army but a very conservative army that more
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efeffectively will work on countering their propganda. the united states hasn't seen this in forever and we don't know how to respond to an enemy that is this crafty and clever. >> we got to be clear with who the enemy is. when you fail to recognize what is being done here is in fact, being done in the name of an authority rendering of sheria, you fail to be able to wage a counterlogal campaign. this is what is appealed to so many in the muslim world. they think this is the real deal. we need to continue to go back at that. as the president said, the islamic state has nothing to do with iran. > james matthews, mr. mcginnisis.
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i always appreciate your incitefulness. we will be back as we discuss mentorship.
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. >> welcome back to the show.
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artur it's a long time since i have seen you. long time. you know we talk about mentoring in so many ways but what i wouould like for us to do in the first few minutes is you know that i was on a serious show last week and we have this young teenage that join us every wednesday and friday. he opened my eyes to something i was beingshocked by. he said a lot of these young boys eight and nine years old are given guns used as drug mules for adults knowing that the kids wonon't be arrested. i said given guns? he was telling us about that 10-year-old that was killing left and right and was causing so much trouble for the gang members that the they gang to
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kill them. where are the parents. how do the kids eight and nine years old get involved in such a tragic life? >> i can speak for baltimore. many of the homes are being run by single women. there are many missing fathers and many young mothers try to become friends with that young man and they are able to stay out later. >> we are not talking about 14-year-olds we are talking about 8, if you're going to do it at 8, you're going to start it at 6. it seems like the child is running the household. >> like you said, the streets are more powerful than the household. the streets are more powererful and they have more influence. it's almost like mcdonalds. it's like some people say i
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would never eat at mcdonalds anymore but mcdonalds is right down the street and it's convenient and available. so whatever is available people will do it without even thinking about it. >> think about it many of our young people want the latest jordans and wnt the latest outfit and many of these kids don't think they are going to live past a certain age. i am not going to liveo 21 and they want to experience everything that they wouldn't have been experiencing otherwise. having dough and having women and that impresses people. i think everything is so messed up to the african american community. that's why we need positive people to show them to take them places and consistent. my yes has to be yes and my no has to be no. when you do something wrong. mr. williams, give me 25 push
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ups. will is no dcipline in many of our homes and many of the young peop get into the behavior that you're speaking of. >> we're going to take and come back. i never thought that i would ever think that a young man being raised by the wrong single mother could be in one of those dangerous places in america. >> yes, sir. >> if she is not raising that child or doesn't know how to instill discipline. it shows some of us firsthand the real impact of a father not being in that household. off baby yoyou have babies 7 and 8 out there shooting too. you wonder why the community is in
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>> artur and kevin are still with us. these kids at that age as they grow grow more angrier and become more of a menus to society the parents and the community is afraid of them. you're creating -- i mean you arereating weapons that need to be weaponized. >> that's hy we need to reach
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them at an earlier age. we should be in the elementary schools. i work with the male and female population. in maryyland i work with the young ladies. we need to be firm and discipline them and they need to learn that they need to stand for somethin or fall for anything. it's not all young people. we have a gat deal of young people that are trying to be positive and trying to full themselves up but they need some assistance. >> we work with the parents. a lot of parents don't know how to deal with the kids. without the father, they are afraid of the system. they are afraid o disciplining their kid. theyre going to lose -- they will be reported by child services. so we teach the mother how to deal with the kids because when you're talking about mentoring,
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we are talking about coacaching. we got to go and coach the mother. call us up 24/7 if you got an issue with your kid. the other thing, the other point is the television. there are all the shows about violence. that's all they see is violence 24/7. and the tv used to go off. you remember you would hear the music. man stays on 24 hours. >> and sub liminal messages are very powerful in the lyrics. shoot em up, bang bang, things that shouldn't be happening. that's why we need a mentoring program. let's talk about the games for a minute. many of the computer games are being spent on for 7 or 8 hours and the games are teaching them
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to kill. mentoring is key. positive mentoring is key. taking young men out on trips. taking them out on the city. mentoring male teams in the hood, we expose them to positive role models; black, white male and female. they are going to have to work hard. nobody owes them anything and nobodys going to give them anything. if they work hard they are going to go to harvard yale, maryland state. i think they need to be exposed to different kinds of things. let's remember, many of the young men are crying out in hurt because they are angry because their father is missing in action and they hate they have not had an opportunity to have a relationship with their father. the drug dealers become their
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fathers and that causes them to act out. >> you are talking about mental illnesses too. >> again because of the environment they are . the environment have a lot to do, you know, you used to say you are a product of your environment. that's what we are seeing. the environment is corrupt. the environment is what t they see is what they do. as i mentioned when we get involved with a young person we don't just do it for one year every day. we got some guys thahat we mentioned from the gang intervention in nineteen ninety six that are still in contact with them. >> absolutely we started in 1996 with five young men a now we have served any 3,000. any saturday you come babyy by we have many yng men. one tt started in 1996 last
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week he graduated from a university and we are very proud of him. >> and also why don't blacks value their lives and just want to kill each other? that's all they know. >> it's about exposure. >> if they don't have the exposure they will continue doing it. you got to show them the right way. >> that's anothther thing. we try to -- we have had our doors open so a person can come by drop by. what happened to these programs to come and then they don't fund them anymore and they are all gone. so what does the kid go to for that support? >> we need to fund for programs for young people that live in desolate areas. in baltimore near the area of
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freddie gray, they enterdon't -- don't even have a supermarket. when you put the stadiums and not put the financial resources in that neighborhood. the young people see what's going on. they want to live and be big time. they're like i dropped out of school so how can i get what i want and do it out here illegally? >> more of us have got to get in the weeds rather than the tent house. >> we will come back with one minute of
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>> how does one become a mentor? >> you got to be committed. you got to be committed. you got to be willing to give time and you got to know what you're talking about. your yes has to be yes and your
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no has to be no. young people need to know that you're real. you must have a good word. >> most of my mentors, we have guys that are ex offenders who have been lockeup and one of the thing that motivates them is that they don't want you to go through what you have gone through. that's why we were talking about getting paid. they get paid for the hours and they will even still do it after hours. >> what's the age group of the young people you are mentoring? >> i work with young men between the age of 8 and 18 wit young men in the baltimore area. most of them come from the city but others from surrounding counties. >> one young man we worked with from 14 to 28. this person even had the mentality of a young person even
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past 21 years old. >> so these kids are damaged? >> yeah, the kids that are 28 are sometimes thinking the way of an a kid who is 14. >> we have to reach out to these young people when they are younger. >> we all have to. we cannot thank you -- your information is on the screen -- we cannot thank you enough for joining us. we are going to do more. we have to do more. thank you for joining us for us for this edition of thehe show. save the kids of the futur good day.
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all right. what this. >> look at it i'm trying to figure out the top movies i didn't recognize one of them. >> which one? >> i don't know the lead movie. >> "spy"? we've been promoting this left and right. >> am i in trouble? >> it's not a disney movie but it might as well be. okay. this half hour minneapolis/st. paul we call them the twin cities. lamar high school in the dallas area, it is the twin high school. >> big-time. eight sets of twins are graduating together. even triplets. as you imagine, the class of 2015, tight-knit group. >> reporter: there have been plenty of graduations at lamar high school in arlington.
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but few, if any, have had the genetic makeup like the class of 2015. >> it's truly a unique class. >> reporter: not because of what they do in the classroom or even on the field. i'm sure they're great at both. what makes this the class so unique is this group of 19 students. well they're siblings first. not one or two. three, even four. but nine. yeah nine sets of multiples. all graduating at the same time. >> it's weird but it's nice. >> we've only been away from each other four five days. >> so sweet. >> reporter: twins like janay and janaya rolls. and the triplets jansen tory, and brad russell. some of them are alike, others very different. >> we touch each other every day. >> i'm a vegetarian and she's not. >> reporter: what they have in common -- >> we're about to graduate! >> reporter: is the same thing that makes this the a bittersweet week. >> we're going to cry on monday. >> i'm leaving monday.
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>> reporter: this fall they're off to college. different schools will separate many of them for the first time. >> i don't know what they're going to do without me. >> i'm used to waking up beside him, going places with him all the time it's going to be real different. >> reporter: that's months away. they still have graduation this sunday and they know nothing can duplicate that last all-important high school memory together. >> we were born together and you're any life partner. >> reporter: in arlington, philip townsend, channel 8 news. >> nice. that, and you could mess with your teachers. no teacher's going to keep eight different sets of twins straight. >> no. i would -- what would you do? if i had a twin man. >> they'd be showing up for this shift and you could sleep a little longer. >> that would be trouble. that's the news for this half hour. >> of course follow us on facebook and
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this morning on "world news now," intense manhunt. two convicted killers escaping from a maximum security prison. how they did it and why they're so dangerous. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> the unprecedented reward offered and the search growing more urgent by the minute. rescuing refugees. desperate people fleeing the wars. the conditions so crowded and so urgent on this ship. we're getting an exclusive look. later celebrating a champion. triple crown winner american pharoah racing into history. now fans cannot wait to get up close and personal with this extraordinary horse. >> it's all about now the fans, and this belongs to history. >> what's next after a legendary victory? it's monday, june 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world
3:01 am
news now." >> the tie is a little too tight? did you get a cough? >> i'm just choked up i'm so excited that you're here. >> oh my goodness. t.j. holmes. are you kidding me? >> brandi hitt. that's what i've been telling people all weekend. >> this is going to be a fun week. >> a week? >> you get me for a whole week be prepared. >> everybody, can we get some love for brandi hitt? >> it's very sweet. oh, there's a couple of claps at this hour thank you, is nice to be back. >> now wait a minute. this is unprecedented. >> yeah? >> usually people get the slow clap. they gave you applause. >> i love them. this is the best shift. are you kidding me? this is so much fun. i love everyone. i also bribed them with cookies. >> okay. it was more than cookies involved from that applause. brandi hitt, you know her well she's based in l.a. but with us this week. it as joy to have you here. >> thank you so much. and new york city is awesome. the energy here, the people the hours. did you sleep at all? do you sleep?
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>> no, no, let's not do the sleep thing, let's not talk about sleep. welcome in. you need to keep an eye out, everybody in new york has been told to keep an eye out right now. this escape this prison break we've been talking about this weekend, happened in upstate new york. but people all over this area have been told to keep a lookout. we're talking about two convicted killers, little to lose, were discovered missing on saturday morning. now there's an all-out search for these guys. money is being offered is they never been offered before. this is something that's really unprecedented. >> big manhunt, hundreds of agents have joined in this search the reward you mentioned, the state police commander admitting these notorious murderers could be anywhere. not necessarily just here but by anywhere, possibly. >> reporter: police have widened their dragnet for two convicted mufshders who broke out of this maximum security prison in upstate new york. two fugitives who seem to have vanished into thin air. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: on the ground and
3:03 am
in the air. more than 250 law officers are trying to pick up the trail of the two fugitives. officers with guns drawn made a sweep of nearby schools. >> do you feel safe senting your kids to school mom? >> i would rather know that my child is home in the house, with the door locked. >> reporter: traffic stops and door-to-door searches have turned up no trace of the missing killers. richard matt convicted of kidnapping and beating a man to death, then dismembering him. david sweat was behind bars for killing a sheriff's deputy shooting him 22 times. new york governor andrew cuomo retraced an elaborate escape route. they somehow had power tools to cut through concrete and steel, scaling down pipes six stories high, and made their getaway through this manhole. their only trace, this taunting cartoon saying have a nice day. >> it's almost impossible to think that this was done without help from someone, both inside
3:04 am
and in particular outside the prison. >> reporter: the state now offering a reward of $50,000 each for the men's recapture. two teenagers from ohio who have been called the modern-day bonnie and clyde surrendered. they were wanted in a series of crimes including armed robbery, car theft, and fleeing from police. relatives though downplayed the bon they and clyde comparison saying they were just a couple of scared kids. suburban dallas police officer has been placed on administrative leave after this video surfaced. >> on your face! >> a seven-minute video posted online shows the officer shoving a teenager to the ground and pulling her hair. that teenager in a bikini apparently attending a pool party.
3:05 am
he also pointed his gun when other kids tried to help the girl. it happened after police officers in mckinney responded to reports of a disturbance at a pool party. this was friday night. the police chief says internal affairs has launched an investigation. >> they will interview those involved they will interview the officer himself, the other officers on the scene. virtually we're talking to everybody that we can come in contact who was out there or involved in this incident. >> aclu called on the police department to release the entire incident report and recordings of the 911 calls. there was yet another shark attack in florida, and this time a young boy was hurt. he was bitten at least twice in the leg while swimming in waist-deep water at cocoa beach. it is the ninth attack in the state this year. just a few weeks ago there were two shark attacks on florida beaches on the same day. the boy was treated by lifeguards before he was put on a helicopter and flown to the hospital. >> it is one of the worst ones that we've seen out here in recent years. are fairly common in florida.
3:06 am
there were 28 attacks there last year. and the shark population is increasing nationwide. of an estimated 42% over the last 15 years. the federal government is looking into whether private citizens were also impacted by that cyber attack revealed last week. personal information of 4 million former and current government workers was put at risk by the attack which was blamed on the chinese. sources telling abc news that investigators want to know if hackers had access to security clearance forms submitted for background checks which included information about friends and relatives of federal employees. president obama wakes up in the german alps today for the second day of the annual g7 summit addressing global issues. the leaders of the world's seven biggest economies shared a working dinner sunday evening. this is the second summit without russia which was ejected over its actions in ukraine. today the president will focus on terrorism, including a meeting with iraq's prime minister. the crisis of migrants and refugees crossing the
3:07 am
mediterranean sea is growing worse. over the weekend european military ships rescued nearly 6,000 people in 30 separate operations. hundreds of those rescues from smugglers' boats in distress arrived in italy on sunday. >> reporter: this is the back upper deck of the "phoenix," a unique independent rescue ship. the people you see here are some of the 372 migrants and refugees on board rescued in an extraordinary rescue operation. the men here on the upper deck from there the eastern african country of eritrea. the women and children are below as we make our way to sicily. this past weekend there was a huge wave of boats leaving the coles for north africa crossing the mediterranean. i got below deck on one of those small boats and got a look at the squalid, cramped conditions. we're told this is where 250 people made the journey. it's a very small space. they would have been crammed in here like cattle with very
3:08 am
little air. there's a strong odor. it's dirty. there are bottles of urine everywhere and water coming up through the boards. absolutely miserable conditions. these migrants and refugees telling us they got in those boats before dawn pushed into the sea by smugglers that they paid thousands of dollars to for the chance at a better life in europe. and that really goes to the heart of this issue, which has become a full-blown crisis. almost 2,000 people dying in the mediterranean this year trying to make that crossing. everyone here telling me that deadly risk is worth taking for the chance at a better life for themselves and their children. >> abc's alex marquardt on the mediterranean sea. look for more of his exclusive reporting from the rescue ship this week on "nightline." a newly signed member of the super bowl champion new england patriots has a lot of questions to answer. brandon spikes was re-signed by the team lalast month and he played for the pats between 2010 and 2015. a mercedes reg jerred to him was
3:09 am
found with front-end damage and abandoned in boston. police responded to another car that was rear-ended but the people inside didn't see the vehicle that hit them. authorities want to know if there's any connection between these incidents. a woman who was hit by a broken bad the fenway park on friday night remains in serious condition. take a look at this. tanya carpenter had surgery after the incident. her friends describe her as lucid. they've set up an online fund-raising page for carpenter, who they call a hard-working single mom. the nba finals game two, cleveland/golden state, it did not disappoint once again we went into overtime again. first time in nba finals history that we've seen the first two games going to overtime. steph curry tied the game with 7 seconds to go on a lay-up versus a three-pointer which we're used to seeing him shoot. he wasn't his sharp-shooting self in this game. he had 19 points but had an off shooti lebron james led with 37 points
3:10 am
the man was a stud. cavs won on the road 95-93. game three tomorrow night in cleveland. you can see it where else right here on abc. i have to let you all know i met brandi hitt for the first time this evening a few hours ago. and it wasn't pleasant in a lot of ways. >> screaming at the television? >> she's a golden state fan. >> i am a sacramento kings fan and i know they haven't been close to a friendship -- >> they're laughing at home. >> i'm pulling for the california team. i am. and everyone loved lebron over here. >> what do you mean over here? >> over here. i think lebron -- >> people love cleveland, we're pulling for cleveland. the man lost kevin love. >> still, lebron's been to the championship so many times. >> not -- hasn't won one for cleveland. we could do this all night long. >> stay tuned tomorrow. we'll see what happens. okay listen to this. an athlete from orlando hoping to become the first woman to row across the pacific ocean alone.
3:11 am
>> yeah this is sonia baumstein. she set off yesterday from japan on her way to san francisco hopes to make the 6,000-mile journey by september, rowing up to 16 hours a day. >> she'll be wearing the golden state jersey when she arrives. she chose not to be followed by a support bows bought it would cost too much and waste too much fuel. no support boat you're doing this on your own. oh my goodness, good luck. >> will we be fighting about this -- you're going to make me a cleveland fan. we've got a festival so exclusive, tickets cost $200,000 apiece. >> lebron could probably afford those. the superstar race horse going down in history and celebrated for the unforgettable triple crown race this weekend. fans can't wait to get up close and personal with american pharoah. also nanny cam used to keep
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morning to make room for what else? nothing fancy, a parking lot. we turn now, families install nanny cams they're concerned about the safety of the children when the parents aren't at home. >> many of those hidden cameras are doing double duty helping fight crime by catching what respect in the act. >> reporter: police in riverside, california are looking for this man. caught on this baby mop for video rummaging through a baby's room. the infant wasn't in there but watch the thief walking around with his empty loot bag. frightening scenes like this are now being recorded in more and more homes as tiny cameras designed to keep an eye on your infants, pets and valuables are turning into security cameras, catching intruders in the act. >> when it's shared on social media, it really gives everyone a chance to see the person's face, know what's going on in their neighborhood, and kind of act as almost an extra set of eyes and ears for the police department. >> reporter: watch as this nanny cam captures an intruder
3:17 am
attacking a new jersey mom in front of her 3-year-old daughter. police later captured the alleged intruder sean kostas who pleaded not guilty. this would-be burglar bustedby a live stream set up by an arizona woman to keep an eye on her dogs. >> yes, i'm watching on my surveillance camera from work. >> reporter: the alleged thief even stopping to give out doggie treats as he treats himself to her home. >> my dogs are there. he was giving my dogs dog treats. >> reporter: police surrounded the home and took the 22-year-old man, aaron white, into custody. he later pleaded guilty. now security cameras can even stream to your mobile devices. from the safety of her bedroom, heidi watched in horror as 16 cameras streamed right to her ipad captured every move this home invader makes. >> i can hear him rattling around. i'm telling 911, he's in the room next to me. and i was trying to whisper. and i was trying to tell them, i just kept telling them please hurry. >> reporter: police are still searching for a suspect but say footage like this will help nab
3:18 am
the accused thieves. experts say more and more people are setting up cameras in their home. an extra pair of digital eyes watching your home when you're away. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> there are cameras everywhere now. coming up in our next half hour, your real estate danger. agents preyed upon lured into potential deadly situations as the search for the latest suspect in a string of cases targeting female sellers intensifies. triple crown winner american pharoah. what do you do after you pull off one of the most difficult feats in sports history? find out next for this most important of american champions next on "world news now." >> "world news now"
3:19 am
we got a lebron situation going on here. >> we're still talking what bron. there was history made this weekend. american pharoah became the first horse to win the triple
3:20 am
crown. >> he raked in about $3 million for this sweep. a lot more money expected to come in. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: american pharoah spent the morning meeting the american public. a handful of lucky fans who got up close and very personal with the new triple crown winner. >> you are the best! >> he's a people horse. he just loves to be around people. people petting him and loving on him. he's just a really sweet horse. >> and american pharoah! >> reporter: and people love him. all the more since his rousing, commanding win at the belmont. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> reporter: the 3-year-old flew back home to kentucky to rest. but his team announced he will resume racing as soon as late july. >> my genuine desire as a fan, somebody who loves horses is to race him as long as i possibly could. >> reporter: but there's a risk in him returning to the track. that he could be severely
3:21 am
injured. who can forget the horrific leg injury at the preakness that ultimately killed barbaro in 2006. and the really big money will not come from racing american pharoah, but from breeding him. with a pedigree that includes a belmont-winning grandfather, now the triple crown, some expect his foals could fetch $150 thousand each, meaning annual earnings up to $15 million for at least the next few years. but for now, that can wait. >> it's all about now the fans and this belongs to history. >> reporter: but american pharoah's owner says it is important that people have a chance to see this latest people's champion race again before he is retired for good most likely at the end of this year. ron claiborne, abc news belmont park in elmont new york. >> there are going to be a lot of mares seeing american pharoah the next several years. >> i didn't know the numbers. >> that's a lot of money. >> don't put that horse on the track again. >> exactly. he could get hurt.
3:22 am
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i missed that sound. >> what's that? >> the "the mix." >> most people complain about the music when they come by. no, seriously, they do. you like it? i'm not sure what that says about you. it's time for "the mix." you want to go to a party? >> yeah, let's go you have cash on you, you buying my ticket? >> um -- >> it's a lot of money to go to this party. >> this party. i'm trying to think of a different festival i could take you to. we had the governors ball over the weekend which was nice the ticket wasn't very expensive. but this festival is different. the world's most expensive festival. why is it the most expensive? it happens in iceland. it's the one that's billed as the only one that is held inside a glacier. all right? it goes on for several days here. this is in rec yeah vehicle in iceland.
3:26 am
you get $200,000 for two. before you get upset, the two tickets, $200,000 gets you two first-class tickets to iceland, it gets you your own five-bedroom luxury villa. it gets you a personal chef for every meal you request. you get two personal assistants. you get a private car. you get a chauffeur. 24/7 24/7. you get all of this. you get a lot out of it. >> they look like they're having fun. >> this is the place the sun doesn't go down. all the days of this festival. two first-class tickets, anywhere on earth you are, they will fly you in. >> maybe they'll play this music. have you ever thought about hip-hop maybe to orchestra? >> not really. >> take a listen. >> okay, i'm listening. ♪ >> this is the polish national radio symphony orchestra.
3:27 am
they do "crazy in love," they stake requests. "get your freak on," "in the club," and your favorite the thong song. >> what do you mean it's my favorite? >> the thong song? >> what do you mean? that's my nafrt? favorite? >> i'm learning more about you. i assumed you might like the thong song. >> you made an assumption the thong song might be my favorite? literally, brandi hitt and i have known each other about an hour. >> two seconds. >> about an hour. there is time for this last one here. this young lady a teenager used a homemade prom dress as a message for girls' rights. 18-year-old, erin paisley, from british columbia canada. she's using this here she's raising the cause here 62 million girls barred from school simply because of gender. she is
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," urgent search. two convicted murderers escape. the unprecedd reward to find them and why police believe they could be anywhere. concert chaos. tension, anger and violence overnight at a major stadium where chris brown was performing. why police had to use tear gas and what led to all the anger here. brotherly bond. a teenager walks 57 miles carrying his younger brother. the distance they are going to inspires others and make a point. and later, broadway's best shining a spotlight on the biggest stars on stage getting national attention for their performances and the fashion. the major winners at last night's tony awards in "the skinny" on this monday, june 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so you're kind of torn. it was the tonys and it was the
3:31 am
big nba finals. >> i wasn't torn. >> you're like, finals. >> yeah. you just assumed it was the finals? you didn't assume i was a tony guy? >> i said either or. t.j. and i have known each other for like maybe an hour. and i was screaming at the television. and were you watching quietly and cheering? >> yes, i was watching the tony awards upstairs. >> no, i'm talking about the game. he's a happy camper this morning after that game. >> it was great -- i don't have a dog in the fight. >> yeah. it was a good game. overtime. it's tense. >> you have a dog in the fight. >> no dog in the fight would be the sacramento kings. golden state warriors? they're kind of just -- >> it's going to be a long week. >> it is. >> going to be a long week. brandi hitt. everybody, from l.a., here with us this week. >> bringing l.a. sun and you have the water. we appreciate that. there's one clap. see? i got one. two. >> thanks, jack. >> it's the guilt. >> that's sympathy there. >> the guilt. >> but we know and love brandi hitt. everybody who watches this show we love us some brandi hitt
3:32 am
around here. it's good to see you. >> nice to be back. we begin this half hour with a prison break. this is something out of the movies. two convicted killers pulling off an elaborate scheme involving decoy dummies, power tools and tunnels. >> sounds like something from "shawshank redemption" almost. this is the first-ever escape from that maximum security facility in new york state, it opened in 1845. first time. here's philip mena. >> reporter: more than 250 officers on a desperate search for those two escaped killers. >> they could be literally anywhere. we're leaving no stone unturned. but they will be found and apprehended. >> reporter: police searching schools in the area, concerned that fugitives may be hiding out this. >> do you feel safe sending your kids to school, mom? >> i have mixed feelings about that. i would rather know that my child is home, in the house, with the door locked, than away at school. >> reporter: officers going house to house and car to car, looking for any information that will lead to their capture. richard matt, convicted of kidnapping and beating a man to death, then dismembering him.
3:33 am
he has a history of breaking out. escaping from jail in 1986 and fleeing to mexico before trial in 2007. david sweat was behind bars for killing a sheriff's deputy. shooting him 22 times, sentenced to life in prison. the escape from new york's largest maximum security prison, stunning. the men cutting their way through concrete walls and steel grates using contraband power tools, scaling down six stories of prison pipes before emerging from a city sewer outside prison walls. the prison only 20 miles from the canadian border. and growing concern the inmates may no longer be in the area. >> it's almost impossible to think that this was done without help from someone both inside and in particular outside the prison. >> reporter: governor cuomo is asking the public to help find these two escaped convicts.
3:34 am
the state now offering $100,000 reward to help get them back. philip mena, abc news, new york. police in riot gear clashed with would-be concertgoers outside new jersey's metlife stadium last night. according to promoters it started with people without tickets trying to get in by climbing over the fence and forcing their way through security. that's when state troopers were called and armored state police vehicles began blasting a piercing loud noise to try to disperse the crowd and later used tear gas. >> you had your bad apples and scuffles and people acting up. at the same time that shouldn't ban everyone who paid a lot of money to get in. >> some people paid $200 to get in and they didn't get in. >> some of those folks paid hundreds of dollars for tickets to try to see the performers including chris brown. they were not able to get in. they have been promised a refund. several hundred bikers protested outside a texas courthouse over the jailing of more than 100 bikers after a deadly shoot-out. the deadly shoot-out in waco was nearly three weeks ago. the protesters claim many of
3:35 am
those who are being held are innocent. they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> not every biker's bad. you can't take that just because a few bad ones showed up don't mean the rest of them were bad. >> nine people were killed and more than a dozen injured in a shooting at the twin peaks restaurant. a young boy recovering after being attacked by a shark at a popular beach in florida. he was in the water near his mother when lifeguards spotted him in distress. this happened at this beach before. >> reporter: a 10-year-old florida boy is recovering after a day at the beach took a terrifying turn. >> trauma alert from a shark bite. >> reporter: attacked by a shark while swimming in waist-deep water at cocoa beach, one of the country country's top summer spots, bitten at least twice on the leg. >> it is one of the worst ones we've seen here in recent years. >> reporter: the child treated right on the beach before being airlifted to a hospital. >> the kid handled it as best he
3:36 am
could. he did great. i think the family did great. >> reporter: florida is the shark attack capital of the world. just last month, two shark attacks on florida beaches in the same day. one of them also on cocoa beach. the shark population up an estimated 42% over the last 15 years. while shark bites and fatalities are rare, in hawaii this spring the first deadly attack in u.s. waters since 2013. and sightings becoming increasingly common on both coasts. take a look at these six sharks spotted swimming off the coast of california last month. some up to six feet long. >> this is the first time in the last 25 years we've had a confirmed sighting of a white shark. >> reporter: florida beach where that attack happened has reopened. swimmers returning to the water. mara 65 voe campo, abc news, new york. we turn to the pacific now, what used to be a category 4 hurricane, blanca, has weakened to a tropical storm churning up the surf around the baja peninsula.
3:37 am
will be packing powerful winds and rain for the rest of the day. property owners have been boarding up windows in the los cabos resorts, virtual ghost towns right now. in louisiana, national guard troops have been activated to help with what could be some of the worst flooding in 70 years. red river forecast to crest today at 37 feet around shreveport, expected to last until wednesday at least. extreme weather will be taking a toll in the northeast. accuweather's paul williams has the latest. hello to you, paul. >> thanks a lot, t.j., brandi. we have one cold front that's going to be in an ornery mood creating scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the entire northeast and even the threat of severe weather in some places. for example, cincinnati, charleston, pittsburgh, we're concerned about hail, damaging wind, and blinding downpours. but that's not the only big story in weather. the other big story is blanca, now a tropical storm, will continue to track to the north on monday and then tuesday downgraded to a tropical
3:38 am
depression. and that's not the time to all of a sudden become relaxed because we're concerned about drenchinrain and the greatest possibility of flooding throughout a good portion of the gulf of california. so much rain some animals might line up two by two. back to you, t.j., brandi. >> paul, thank you so much. okay, get ready for it -- t.j. loves paul. >> i like me some paul. >> he's got energy. >> i love him. >> he's got good at this stuff. >> accuweather, thank you for sending me paul williams. get ready for this, apple is reportedly set to unveil its paid streaming service for music today. as expected to cost about $10 a month after a three-month free trial. it will provide users unlimited access to tens of millions of songs. ceo tim cook is expected to show off new features in apple's operating software for your iphone, ipad, and macintosh computers. last week we told you about taco bell adding booze to the menu. they don't need to add anything else ever again. >> are you serious? they've had the, what was it,
3:39 am
the dorito taco, that was a huge hit for them. >> that's fine and dandy. once you add booze your menu is complete. >> after you have a few drinks you may want to try this, may. this is the cap'n crunch delight. okay, that looks pretty gross. it's a doughnut hole. >> wow. >> yeah. don't need that cream filling. >> oh! >> this small, warm doughnut with sweet milk icing -- i don't know about that. they've been a big hit in market tests though. >> you will not see brandi hitt as the spokesperson for the sweet taco bell menu. >> do you really need that? >> people love it. they said it did well in the testing. you have to be patient at this point. they won't be availauntil july 2nd. but this is a good way to start the independence day. people looking for new treats, so on and so forth. >> that's what america does well. like that. >> sorry, taco bell, we didn't know. >> i like a bean burrito, but come on. >> she likes the burrito but
3:40 am
she's not doing the cap'n crunch thingamajiggy. all right, "the skinny" coming your way. big performances and winning stars from last night's tony awards. the teenager who hit the road walking 57 miles carrying his younger brother. it may make you cry because they have an inspiring message, still ahead. real estate agents being targeted by criminals. new video now and the latest leads. you are watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by tide turbo. brought to you by tide turbo. 30 minutes ago this he washing machine said 7 minutes. now, every spin is a laugh in his face. you're in laundry limbo pal. and you're here because your machine is overwhelmed by the suds of your detergent. next time, wash with tide he turbo. he turbo smart suds collapse faster... to save up to 25 minutes a wash. is that magic? yes, turbo magic. new tide he turbo. saves up to 25 minutes a wash. ♪
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now there's a razor that swirls and swerves... ... as every blade adjusts to your curves. new venus swirl. with contour blades that have six times more flexibility. plus a flexiball. flawless shaving bones, bends, and all. new venus swirl. a shattered car window is fraying nerves in colorado. why? because many people fear a serial shooter is at large. two people were driving on i-25
3:44 am
when the window blew out. the same road where a bullet grazed a driver in the neck, and near where gunshots killed a bicyclist. investigators are looking at the death of a third man shot while out walking. police say this scare is not, however, linked to the shootings. there are some new leads this morning in the hunt for a man who may be targeting real estate agents in florida. >> the suspect has been posing as a potential buyer, luring agents to vacant homes. abc's aditi roy reports on the important new clues now. >> reporter: new footage of a man south florida police say is a person of interest in the robberies of two realtors in st. petersburg. take a look as he walks through a local walmart store just days before the attacks. police aren't saying whether it's the same person driving this suv, or the man in this composite sketch, both released in connection to the case. but they are now releasing this voice mail they say is the assailant calling a victim. >> i'm calling about a property you just listed. >> reporter: in the first
3:45 am
attack, police say the assailant bound the victim's hands and feet and called her husband, demanding a ransom. she managed to escape. >> someone just robbed me. >> reporter: an hour later, the assailant held a second realtor at gunpoint at another home. still scared, the realtor said what happened but didn't want to show her face. >> he put his briefcase on the floor, grabbed the gun, and pointed to me and said, get on the floor. >> reporter: another realtor knocked on the door and the gunman got away. more than 20 realtors have been murdered on the job in the last decade. david delaney says realtors and homeowners selling their own homes need to take precautions. >> one of the things we tried to do is maintain at least two agents at all times. if for some reason we can only have a single agent on staff at an open house, what we want to do is make sure they're near the front of the house. >> reporter: whether you're showing your home or someone else's, try to find a buddy so you're not home alone. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. coming up, the huge dogs taking home tony awards.
3:46 am
>> why j. lo's booty is too much for one country to handle. oh, yeah. "the skinny" is next. >> not this country, though. >> no, not here.
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ you really do like the music here. >> i like the show. >> we'll get you a soundtrack. >> thank you.
3:48 am
>> "the skinny." broadway's biggest and brightest stars. >> they were all out, the tony awards an elaborate show with many memorable performances. let's start off with the night's top prize, best musical going to "fun home." she is so cute. a story based on a graphic novel about a young lesbian's relationship with their gay father. it won best book, best original score, best lead actor, let's just say they took home a lot. >> they did well. "the king and i" won for best musical revival. the cast performed the numbers "getting to know you" and "shall we dance." snapping a losing streak that had her on the verge of becoming the susan lucci of broadway, that's not a good thing. >> no. beautiful tonight. also helen mirren. one of my favorites. she won best lead actress in the play for the audience bringing her one step closer to joining the exclusive egot club. if you don't know egot it stands for winning an emmy grammy, oscar, tony.
3:49 am
all she needs now is a grammy. just give her a recording deal let her sing some songs and win. she'd join audrey hepburn, whoopi goldberg. among a handful of others. >> whoopi's in that group? >> whoopi owns it, man. >> i did not -- whoopi, i am so sorry, i did not know she was in that group. >> helen mirren could be the next. >> all right, then. i love helen mirren as well. >> awesome. >> you can record. you can do like a book. >> you can. >> and get a grammy. okay. cohost kristen chenoweth. and alan cummings. a friendly crowd. it was a strange moment. yeah. >> it is weird. i'm sorry. >> this is "e.t." after the "fun home" performance with "phone home." you get the gag. i think it played fairly well. >> i don't know. >> it kind of worked. >> let's talk about fashion, not e.t. fashion. >> you can take this story. >> okay, let's do it. here's kristen chenoweth looking stunning. she's beautiful. the gown instead of that giant alien costume.
3:50 am
>> can i pull out of that outfit on the left? >> i think you can, we should do it tomorrow, hand me your pants now. >> shorts tux look. now, you don't know. i had an incident last week in which i was sitting here on the set without pants on. >> whoa. >> because of an issue. >> too much information. what is going on? >> wait, you all didn't know? stop, like you didn't know this. there was a spill, there was an accident, i was wearing a kilt or sarong? it was so wrong either way. >> so wrong. >> it was bad. >> we're getting the wrap. we need to move on. here's bernadette peters wearing oh, wow, a strapless green gown, that's pretty red hair also pulls it off. >> here is cheetah rivera, ravishing in red. your favorite again, helen mirren. >> she can do no wrong. >> a white number with a lot of detail. >> vanessa hudgens won a floral gown. jennifer lopez went to old hollywood glam i guess you would say, gown and sparkles. there's not a lot of skin showing this time around. >> that's j. lo? took me a second.
3:51 am
so then a faux pas from last night. ana and debra messing not coordinating. they look like they're wearing the same -- this is a bad -- people do not like to show up on the red carpet, even, looking like they have on the same dress. but they end up being presenters and they stepped on the stage not even realizing they were both wearing the same thing. >> i like the leather difference. that was cool. >> that was a little something. >> jennifer lopez being sued. >> what? >> yes. >> why am i getting hit for it? >> i'm saying it's a big deal. >> you got my attention. >> being sued, why? that, her booty. this is a concert in morocco. yeah. 160,000 people at the festival where she gave her usually sexy performance last month. not the first time she performed in morocco either. >> this is lawsuit-worthy? >> yes, apparently. >> tell me. >> it was the first time a concert actually broadcast in public television there. people are upset the booty was a little too much. and they're saying it violated the decency, public decency. >> she's never faked it in the united states. and she never will.
3:52 am
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♪ music throughout ♪ whatever wakes your baby at night pampers believes it should never be a wet diaper for up to 12 hours of protection pampers
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finally this half hour, it is a brotherly bond like no other. a high school student going a long journey across dozens of miles through michigan. >> and step by step his younger brother was strapped to his back. he's giving the little guy a lift while inspiring a whole lot of other folks. >> pretty sore right now.
3:56 am
>> reporter: if walking 57 miles sounds grueling enough, imagine doing it while carrying 60 pounds. that's what 15-year-old hunter gandy is doing. but the weight is not holding him back. it's what's pushing him forward. he's carrying his little brother braden in the special harness to bring awareness to the reason braden can't walk alone. the 8-year-old is living with cerebral palsy. [ i'm super excited right now. i've got everyone here. we're going to keep pushing on. >> reporter: pushing on in hopes it pushes more people to talk about cp. hunter's not pushing his body to the limit to raise funds, he just wants to raise awareness. >> things can be changed, things can be done for him to help him be able to walk. >> reporter: cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that primarily affects body movement and muscle coordination. the boy's mom says this walk is a lot like everyday life for the family. >> they've always been close.
3:57 am
whatever braden needs, hunter's been able to do it. he's been right there for him the whole time. >> reporter: their southeast michigan community has rallied around them. some taking the walk. others cheering everyone on. more importantly, talking about why they're all here. >> every person that we tell, you know, it just helps us reach our goal of spreading awareness that much further. >> look how happy his brother is. >> that's cool to see thatond. brotherly love. siblings and whatnot. still, they're bringing attention to something that we hear about but this is a story -- it makes the point. would we be talking about this otherwise? i don't know. >> and he's raised $200,000 to boot, congrats. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- manhunt. two convicted killers on the run. new details about their daring prison escape. cutting will you metal and concrete. and the s note they left behind. taunting authorities. caught on camera. a biki nirks-clad teen tossed to the ground by a police officer. a witness is speaking out this morning. smashed and abandoned. a damaged ultra luxury car discovered on the highway. the driver nowhere to be found. investigators focusing on the owner. another overtime. lebron james spiking the ball flexing his muscles at the end of a game two stunner.


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