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this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: first this noon, breaking news, a major ruling by the u.s. supreme court. it will allow president obama's health care plan to continue as is. senior political reporter scott is outside the courtroom this noon. scott? scott: well, it can be argued it is anything but -- it is not anything other than a resounding
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victory for the obama administration. upholding the law and making sure that tax breaks would stay in place for the federal subsidies for millions of americans. in that 900 plus page law, the words "established by the state" were the big hangup. it was written that only those using the exchange, in other words getting their health care through an exchange that was established by the state, said they would get those federal subsidies. if not, then millions would lose . that was the government standpoint, that you can't let those four words -- the justices agreed, at least in part without argument. the president today making an argument as a resounding celebration must have been underway over at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he said doing anything else, had this love and chains, with have been moving backwards. president obama: in america
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health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. today, after more than 50 votes in congress to repeal this law after a presidential election based in part on repealing this law, after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay. scott: the president saying it is here to stay, although you can ask some lawmakers on the right and they would argue that the case, despite the ruling, is not over. in fact, we heard from the speaker of the house, john boehner, said they will continue their efforts to work around this law. and those who would like to take the president's job from the republican party saying if they get their seat in the white house, they will do everything they can to repeal it. the average may look very daunting, but it is not necessarily over. for more reaction, let's go to reporter john gonzalez who is
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also at the supreme court today. john: this truly is an historic day. from the side of the supreme court, you can really get a sense of how important this day is. aca is here to stand. that is the chance, the popular chant that has been going on all morning -- chant, the popular chant that has been going on all morning long. about 100 obama supporters, maybe a little more, cheered loudly when the ruling came down at around 10:00 this morning. some of them are still here this afternoon. well, they are still celebrating this afternoon. this was all over stipulation about the writing and the law. many saying they were 90 venture if the ruling would come down today. -- they were not even sure if the ruling would come down today. the justices believed health insurance should be affordable and available to all. we have not seen many opponents here today, those who are
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against the law that give the tax credits to the non-marketplace states. about 34 states currently. but this afternoon, 6.4 million americans who were in danger of losing their health coverage breathe a sigh of relief. >> i work with an organization that helps young people get access to health care coverage and the affordable care act has been really important for our generation. people who have never been able to afford coverage before finally cut. -- could. john: a huge victory not only for the affordable care act, but for the entire obama administration. now that this huge really has come down, it clears the way for the same-sex marriage ruling. many here believe that will happen if not tomorrow, at the latest monday. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc seven news. jummy: john, thank you so much. if you look outside right now
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we are on storm watch this afternoon. the heat and humidity returning this afternoon. let's head over to chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at the first forecast. doug: we are on storm watch. the severe weather alert, i think will be right back into that territory later today and tonight. skies look rather threatening right now, but it is exley very pleasant. temperatures in the0's to lower 80's. we are looking live in alexandria. it is just beautiful right now looking across the river. things will change later in the day. 83, fredericksburg. 82 at reagan national. a warm front to the south will head our way. highs in the mid to upper 80's. then we will start seeing the chances of showers and thunderstorms increase. but it will be late this afternoon, or than likely this evening and tonight. we are still in the slight risk for severe weather. we are pretty stable now.
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but as we get to the afternoon evening, we expect that to change with an area of low pressure coming along the front and even a stronger one coming in late tomorrow and saturday. the first best of rain in the evening hours pushing through. as we get into tomorrow morning things settle down. but late into the day tomorrow, and saturday, a stronger system moving in our direction could give quite a bit of rain. the biggest threat here will be flooding. jummy: doug, you will see you then. right now, all lanes of i-95 northbound are back open after a deadly crash early this morning killing a construction worker and backed up traffic for miles. our sam sweeney is there to tell us what happened. sam: it was just after 1:30 this morning that this tractor-trailer plowed into a construction site, hitting two vehicles and hitting a 51-year-old construction workers. on one of the busiest sections
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approaching the intercounty connector, authorities halted traffic for hours during the hectic rush-hour commute. by 5:00 a.m. the backup stretched more than four miles. state police say the 43-year-old tractor-trailer driver hit two construction vehicles and then a road worker. first responders had to rip the door off to rescue him. state police say the construction worker killed was 61-year-old randy, from halifax pennsylvania. seven hours after the crash, investigators opened all lanes of northbound i-95. but the bumper-to-bumper traffic continued for much of the morning. at this hour, traffic is back to normal. maryland state police tell us they are still investigating the cause of this accident. jummy: we head to montgomery county now where hazmat crews are working on cleaning up a fuel spill.
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the driver ended up and underneath the truck. emergency responders were able to pull him out and they rushed him to baltimore, with serious injuries. today, maryland governor larry hogan is expected to make an announcement regarding the proposed purple line. this will be his first public appearance since announcing he has cancer earlier this week. the project is expected to create jobs and bolster economic development, but the $2.4 billion price tag is one of the reasons he has not fully supported the plan in the past. he has said he would make a decision about whether to move forward with the line by the end of the month. make sure you stay tuned right here. an accused serial killer is back in court today. a motions hearing was held today. he is accused of murdering three
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alexandria residents. earlier this week, a judge denied his lawyer's request to sever the case and hold a separate trial for the 2003 murder. also in court today, a hearing is scheduled this afternoon for jesse matthew. he is stretch of first-degree murder in the disappearance and death of uva student hannah graham. the defense is seeking -- mathews lawyers are concerned because her daughter is a uva student and hagan said a family member attended a vigil for graham shortly after her disappearance. a crime alert, prince george's county police believe a distinctive mark on an armed robbery subsector. -- suspect may help track him down. this happened at a capital one bag -- bank. the robber can be seen pointing a gun at a man's car. eventually, the suspect makes
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off with the victim's property. >> terrifying. and he is going to make me be very careful and aware of my surroundings. jummy: the robbery took place around 2:00 in the afternoon last wednesday. police hope that smiley face tattoo on his right arm helps lead to his arrest. we turn now to the latest on the charleston church shooting. emotional goodbyes beginning today i made heavy security. funerals for two of the nine victims are being held. services for ethel got underway just under an hour ago. sure rhonda will be laid to rest a little later this afternoon. a viewing for the state senator and pastor will be today. president obama will deliver his eulogy tomorrow. right now, the charleston police department holding a news conference. these are live pictures.
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they are trying to clarify information regarding the funeral for the reverend. we will have an update tonight on the story at 4:00 and 5:00. this afternoon, a second prison guard is now under arrest in connection to the prison break in new york state. it comes as the search for david's wet and richard matt -- david sweat and richard matt intensifies. reporter: another prison worker charged, accused of helping the two inmates who escaped. corrections officer gene palmer was seen leaving court overnight , who delivered frozen hamburger to the inmate with tools hidden inside. >> the allegation is that he provide a screwdriver to the inmates. he would take sweat or matt in the catwalks behind ourselves. reporter: investigators believe palm accepted gifts in exchange for his help.
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>> at palmers residents, -- polymer costs residents -- palmer's residence, he actually burned some of the art. reporter: palmer pleaded not guilty overnight and is out on bond. >> he had no knowledge that joyce mitchell had hidden contraband inside of the meat. reporter: mitchell has pleaded not guilty for her responsibilities in the escape. >> she would bring him things like food, art supplies. reporter: meanwhile, the search for the fugitives is focused about 20 miles from the prison. that is where investigators say they found the killers'dna. jummy: coming up, keep your eyes peeled. details on a shark sighting in
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jummy: the fbi rushing to a small town in ohio this afternoon, where they think a serial killer could be on the loose. six women have disappeared in the past year, and at least four of them are now dead. the most recent victim was found the sunday. the circumstances are all slightly different, but their stories are similar women who had fallen on hard times and possibly involved in prostitution. out in california, officials are calling this the worst wildfire season on record. they have been more than 800 fires this year.
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more than five times the average last year. the fire north of los angeles forced about 1000 people from their homes. at least one firefighter was injured. a north carolina teen making a stronger recovery. just two weeks ago hunter was on vacation at the beach when he was attacked by a shark. he was in waist deep water for barely more than a minute. the rest is a blur. >> i saw the shark on my left arm. it was halfway up my bicep, just attached. then it wasn't attached anymore. then i was laying on the beach. there is no pain, either. didn't feel anything. the high school junior who played the double bass is adjusting to a new way of life. he was born left-handed and is starting to use his right hand. he says he is not letting this change how he enjoys his life. a little bit of a scary setting a little closer to home.
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vacation early set sure that this video -- vacation or -- vacationer lisa shared this video with us. it is unusual to see sharks of any kind in ocean city in this shallow of water. this marks the second time in a few days that a hammerhead has ventured close to the shore. doug: i like pools. jummy: i don't mind the pool, either. doug: i have gotten over and have been a difficult -- different tropical waters. if i can see the bottom of the water, i will go in a little bit. for me, you just have to be really careful. jummy: and definitely cautious. doug: well, here is what we have for you. a lot of rain potentially in the forecast. i mean that literally. a lot of rain as possible, as if we haven't had enough. we are starting our new time coverage with a view from centreville, virginia.
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the clouds are increasing for a good reason. a warm front is to make a move on the area. it is still well to the south and west, but as it moves to the northeast today, southerly winds will take over. the chances of showers and storms will rise. and my blood pressure will probably go up, too. right now, it is comfortable. later today, we start working on two points in the upper 60's to around 70 -- on dew points in the upper 60's to around 70. we are thinking for the metro area, even the extended metro area, it will probably happen around 5:00 or after. 7:00 to 10:00 tonight, probably the better timeframe for storms. here is the depiction of the stationary front. it will become a more front -- a warm front today.
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it will provide more energy and lift in the atmosphere to squeeze out some showers and storms. this is another one of those clusters we have discussed, but it is weakening. everything in place for showers and storms late this afternoon and this evening at tonight. our futurecast kind of shows how this will work, as the moisture slides to the east. then tomorrow morning, a kind of slides south. then the setup is in place or the next stronger system. all that is going to slide in, give us the potential for even more rain from friday night through saturday night. this is just potential rainfall through saturday afternoon, one and a half inches. 2, 3, 4 inches to the south. even more rain coming in saturday night and sunday morning. i wasn't kidding when i said potentially a lot of rain. i think 87 today with increasing chances of showers and storms. 30% chance during the day tomorrow, but then increasing to mount night.
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through the day saturday, a good 70% chance of storms. clearing during the day sunday, then the heat and humidity and storm chances come back. we are slowly creeping up the list into a higher position of the wettest june on record. jummy: i am not crazy, that is what i thought. doug: but the grass is green. jummy: that is true. doug: we will be back. jummy: thank you. aaa predicts americans will be traveling in big numbers on the fourth of july weekend. the agency estimates nearly 42 million people will travel, up 1% from last year and the most traveled since 2007 read before the recession. coming up. on abc 7 news at noon, an update on bobbi kristina. and it is known as whole paycheck. this could be why. the investigation into the there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease.
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it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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jummy: welcome back. with a consumer alert this noon, after a mixup. the makers of wishbone salad dressing are voluntarily recalling thousands of its ranch bottles. that is because they may actually contain lucci is dressing instead. the blue cheese dressing contains eggs, which is not listed on the bottle. another consumer alert, whole foods. new york city investigators found eight whole foods locations have been overcharging customers. inspectors are calling it the worst case they have ever seen.
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whole foods says it disagrees and calls the allegations overreaching. bobbi kristina brown's family says her condition has worsened and her life is, quote "in god's hands now." the 22-year-old has been moved to hospice care. in january, bobbi kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her home. police said they are treating her case as a criminal investigation. meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed against her boyfriend. doug hill is
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jummy: you can't call them scaredy cats. these two cats faced off with a mountain line in a colorado home. the felines met at a sliding door. after some pawing and hissing the mountain line walked away. doug: whoa. don't think he wanted to play. jummy: that thing was scary. doug: we have more rain moving in this afternoon ahead of a warm front. some heavy thunderstorms tonight. the front gets through. 85 to 87. i will report back to today at 4:00. jummy: thanks for joining us at midday. have a great day.
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