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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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's get right to doug hill. what is the word? doug: bumpy right now over central in southeast virginia. cloudy and rather comfortable. let's show you the severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. it affects part of our areas. a large chunk of central and southern virginia all the way into north carolina. watching showers across western maryland, west virginia. the heavy-duty storms are still across virginia. the rain will move eastward and i think we'll see areas of rain tonight. it could become heavier tonight as a warm front to the south that is causing the thunderstorms moves northward. you are seeing on stormscan it is moving west to east get we could see showers and storms closer to the metro area and then those will move from west to east combined with the other rate and give us the potential of heavy downpours. humid air to the south pushes
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into the evening so expect rain tonight. we could see some storm's. a lot more to say about this coming up in a couple of minutes. leon: you can count on the stormwatch to keep you updated. the storm watch weather app. maureen: another major victory for the obama administration. in a six ivan through ruling today the supreme court upheld controversial tax breaks for millions of americans regardless of where they live. the challenge is to the health care law may not be over. scott thuman is live at the supreme court to explain. reporter: it may not be completely over. we will explain why in just a bit but it is the second major victory that this court as i handed the obama administration. the president boasting this morning after the announcement. saying that the aca, or
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obamacare, is here to stay. >> no! reporter: it is the victory chant of those supporting the health care law that say their fight is essentially over. >> there are still some challenges that the aca is experiencing, but they are minor. >> they will make sure they take care of their families. reporter: the justices looked beyond the technical wording that said subsidies should only sign up -- go to those signing up for stated changes -- exchanges. millions would've lost an average of $270 a month to help pay for insurance. president obama: many would've become uninsured again. america would've gone backwards. that is that we do. that is not what america does. we move forward. reporter: republicans bristled. >> the affordable care act is
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not affordable. it is to radically raise abms. -- premiums. reporter: maybe not some of the right argue, insisting they will try to repeal and replace. especially if they can elect a republican president. >> we have got to find a way to get these rates down our nobody will be able to afford it. reporter: you could argue in some way that ironically there is a small victory for the gop in all of this. the candidates running for office can now continue to run on that very platform to undo the law. and energize the base in the meantime. it will be an interesting usage of this law a into the fall. tomorrow another busy day. we will be awaiting what could be a ruling on another huge issue, gay marriage. we will have live reports rapid a. -- throughout the day. maureen: abc 7 news has extended
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coverage of the health care ruling today, including the presidents rose guard statement about it on leon: other controversies brewing today on the hill. the irs said it it race records of e-mails. russell george testified today before the house oversight coittee and said that workers erase backup tapes with thousands of e-mails to and from former iris employee lois lerner. that was after the fbi discovered e-mails were missing. the iris says that was a mistake. republicans say that defies logic. maureen: a new push for d.c. statehood is underway. tom carper has introduced legislation to give ec residents full boarding representation in congress. the bill designates the areas around the white house, the
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capitol, supreme court, and the national mall as the seat of the federal government. the rest of the city would become the 51st state and called "new columbia." leon: green light for the purple line. governor larry hogan says he supports the line. the project has been a polarizing one. steven tschida is live with a response in the changes the governor made. ellis about it. -- tell us about it. reporter: this is where the proposed line would run. take out a lot of these trees you see behind me but that is not what is drawn the most controversy. it is the price tag. $2.5 billion. among the greatest comic governor larry hogan who said it was too expensive. today he said he would support it if it was cheaper for the state. larry hogan ran out of platform of reduced spending. today he announced he supported
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a big ticket item. >> i never said i was opposed to it, just that it was too expensive. reporter: it/is the chunk the state -- state kicks in to $168 million. the two counties will contribute more money. the purple i would run from new carrollton to bethesda in montgomery county. along the route construction would alter the landscape. >> if i lose my job, i do not know where i would go. reporter: workers have been informed that it will require this property. >> i will need to look for an opportunity and another job and that will be hard. >> the future of the economy is in her suburbs and cities. reporter: many believe it will increase economic development. >> it is crucial for jobs in transportation. reporter: this bill is far from a done deal.
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the governor's proposal calls from a covering and prince george's county to kick in more money. he did not say how much money he expects. just about three minutes ago a runner rent passes and said keep the trail, no rail. pointing out that there are still some hurdles for the purple line to overcome. steven tschida, abc 7 news. leon: that will be a waste to come. the purple line was part of the $2 billion transportation plan the governor hogan unveiled today. to find a complete listing of projects right now on maureen: coming up at 6:00, swimmers ordered out of the water at ocean city after multiple shark sightings. the silver lining for those headed to the beach. leon: hundreds of police dashboard cams malfunctioning. what one county is doing through -- two repaired the technology. maureen:
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maureen: and intentionally set fire in north carolina is under investigation has a possible hate crime. someone said fire to brier creek road baptist church in charlotte early yesterday. that was one week after a shooting in an historic
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african-american church in charleston that left nine people dead. no one was hurt in the charlotte fire. the family of a man charged with a church shooting in charlton -- charlotte says they'll defined answers to many questions to. their statement comes the same day as this first victims were laid to rest. ♪ maureen: services were held today. the funeral for the church pastor clementa pinckney will be tomorrow. president obama will deliver the eulogy. leon: a man shot to death by baltimore county police early this morning was unarmed. three officers opened fire on spencer mccain after they say he took a defensive position and appeared to have a weapon. they were called to a house for a domestic situation. investigators say a protective order barred mccain from the home .
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused -- claimed the life of a construction worker this morning . a tractor-trailer into the construction zone and it -- struck two vehicles in one of those hit the man. he was pronounced dead. the accident backed up traffic for miles. maureen: nexus 6:00, reporter: they are a key tool for the prince george's county police department. how they are -- how many are working and how their training of the rest back online. leon: a potentially bumpy night when the rain moves in.
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leon: a tool designed to protect you and police officers during a traffic stop my not be there when you need it. prince george's county police are that hundreds of the dashboard cameras do not work. leanne carter pfizer -- find out why. reporter: -- camera video from a police cruiser showing a collision with an atv. video like this is critical
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tools for officers when it comes to investigations, training, and transparency. >> it shows completely unbiased picture of exactly happened. reporter: according to results of an internal audit 30% of the 1048 cameras in county police cruisers are my functioning. -- malfunctioning. -- was off duty at the time was attempting a traffic stop in his card beard off the road. the -- camera was not working. >> in addition to the overriding factor, the primary driver was how may cameras to we have that canopy were payor. -- repaired. reporter: older models in dvd and new or models on hard drives. those that are not working on the older models in the department is looking at ways to repair them even though the parts are not always available. the department plans to replace 100 of those cruisers by the end
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of the year. leaving about 150 malfunctioning cameras in the fleet. >> 70% if that is all we can get today, we should -- >> the way things are going nowadays they should. and things like -- seems like every thing is going to social media. reporter: there was also possibly a pilot program in the works for body cameras here in prince george's county. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: learning this inspired us to figure out how the county sex of the area police departments it fairfax county has 580-650 dashboard cameras at one time. montgomery county has 562. maureen: beachgoers in ocean city are being warned to watch out for sharks. that was after several reported
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shark sightings close to shore. authorities think it is the same shark in each case and that the animal, hammerhead, later beached itself. experts consider them. file and say they usually only attack when provoked. in ocean city leader wants a piece of infrastructure to become a landmark for the beach town. hal atkins says a just approved water tower should be painted to look like a beach ball. that would add about $10,000 to the project's $4.9 million cost. a design will be finalized in coming months. it should be completed by 2017. leon: if they just showers the couple of high school boys to get up there. maureen:ability involved in that. doug: a quiet night locally. later tonight maybe some heavy rains could move into our area.
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maureen: what a shock. doug: this is woodbridge, virginia and it is been cloudy all day there. temperatures are warming up a little bit because of the movement of a warm front heading in our direction. lots of sunshine early on today and in the clouds moved in. it is cap the atmosphere rather stable and that is why we did not develop storms this afternoon and they did further south for their was pointy of sunshine and hot and humid air. 84 for us. 73 in hagerstown. the warm front is on the move. it is starting to move to the north. 87 for the high. that is the average height. 69 is the average low for this time of year. showers and storms continue to break out and get heavy. the warm front will move northward tonight as the rain moves overhead. it's possible the warm front
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moves north tonight we could have thunderstorms developing closer to the metro area. then the commendation of the rain and storms could give us a kind of late, rainy night into the early morning hours. then things quickly calm down. the ares shaded in pink, a severe thunderstorm watch. the upper-level wind bringing in waste air over top of the front. as that inches northward the ingredients are there to get more rain and heavier downpours in spots later tonight. it will all move offshore in the morning. fairly quiet whether we expect. maybe some afternoon thunderstorms but looking like saturday will be the day with a much stronger storm center approach -- supported by a lot of energy in the atmosphere. still a big push of all the tropical moisture from the south . i think we are set for a very rainy saturday, especially nighttime and overnight hours. there could be excessive rainfall. this computer model, don't go crazy with all the colors, this
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model says that by sunday when it all comes to the end there could be areas in purple. that could be in excess of 5-6 inches in a few spots could be closer to seven inches. this is a computer estimate but it shows how moisture-rich the system will be. the potential for this much rain means flooding is a possibility. sunday, it improves a bit. the hot, humid weather returns for the middle of next week. leon: we are sitting over here trying to read the tea leaves about the nba draft. robert: i'm glad they do not have to pick early. that means we can wait around and see with the wizards have done. they have had high picks to build a nucleus. this year, they're just looking for, metairie parts. at 49th and 19. the rest of the
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>> and now between the sports desk rocky by your local toyota dealerships. robert: we can talk about the other things the wizards will do the off-season later but tonight let's celebrate that the team is not in the lottery. that means the previous season did not stink. do they go after point in shooting guard help? or do they go after forward help?
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here are some of the names that may be around for the wizards at 19. and what the experts, espn, has of picking montrezl harrell. cbs has them taking jer mian garnt. as tricky as the nationals have been, you know the good times will not last forever. enjoy the current streak now. they have won five straight in working on a sixpack and a sweep of the braves. the bottom of the third, up 3-0. clint robinson singles to center it the throw was too late. 4-0, nats. ian desmond cranks went to right-center and goes for a to run jack. 6-0, nats in the eighth
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inning. j.j. hardy with the stake in his hand. remember when the green monster did not have anything on it? now it has signage all over it. chris davis tries to score from first. here comes the throw. it's davis. he is safe. orioles went by a score of 8-6. congratulations to the university of virginia for winning the first ever call it -- college world series title. it is party time in charlottesville. kimberly:maureen: not so much around here tonight. doug: we have showers moving into the area tonight. chances for thunderstorms. steve will be tracking all that really don't about the threat tonight at 11:00 and how much rain for the weekend. maureen: more to come.
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tonight, cheers and anger after the supreme court decision on obama care. the race to read the decision the conservative chief justice helping to save obamacare for a second time. millions will keep their insurance. some presidential candidates tonight vowing to repeal it. breaking news tonight in the case of the escaped killers. a second prison worker arrested. accused of smuggling items and allowing the convicts to rewire their prison cells. horrific driving and an ef-1 tornado just confirmed. the system moving east to d.c. arson. authorities investigating two churches set on fire in two separate states. the pastor who says he's redady to forgive. and falling from the sky. the block of ice and part of the landing gear both dropping from separate planes crashing into homes.


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