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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 27, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, closing in. police in hot pursuit tracking that prison escapee, the convicted killer. will he make it to the border? the other one killed in a hail of gunfire after three weeks on the run. the partial sigh of relief. >> we have one guy down. >> yay! >> how they hunted him down. marriage for all. the supreme court's historic ruling allowing gays to marry in all 50 states. the celebrations the tears of joy. the rainbow splashed white house and the rush to the ail tore but in some states the fight not quite over. triple terror attacks. the beach turned bloody. a gunman mowing down tourists
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running for their lives. dozens dead and now the concerns here at home ahead of the july 4th celebrations. and amazing moment. the president's spiritual song. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> emotional funeral for the pastor killed with eight other worshipers in south carolina. a message to the nation delivered sermon style. hey good morning. we are waking up to a changed america this morning in the wake of that historic supreme court ruling on gay marriage. two of the country's most famous buildings lit up overnight. >> this is the spire of the one
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world trade center right here in new york city commemorating the court's decision the white house also splashed with rainbow colors an image that's gone extremely viral this morning. >> so many tweeting the picture overnight. much more coming up, including the resistance in some states. the intensifying hunt for the convicted killer david sweat on the run and now on his own. >> on his own after his fellow escapee richard matt was shot and killed by law enforcement officials. matt's own half brother expressing relief this morning and abc's linzie janis is in malone new york where matt went down. linzie. >> reporter: good morning, dan. authorities taking him out, hot on his trail for hours finding a camp and candy wrappers he left behind and then a desperate move for matt leading officers right to him. overnight, the dramatic 21-day manhunt for two prison escapees.
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>> hold the line. >> reporter: coming closer than ever to an end. >> they got one guy down. [ cheers ] >> reporter: a border patrol agent shooting and killing richard matt after a brief standoff on friday afternoon. >> the customs and border patrol tactical team helicoptered in and engaged mr. matt who was armed and mr. matt was shot and killed. >> reporter: no shots fired by matt. but police say that the escaped double murderer was armed with a 20 gauge shotgun when the border patrol s.w.a.t. team closed in south of malone new york 40 miles from the clinton correctional facility where the prisoners broke out on june 6th. >> as we were doing the ground search in the area, there was movement detected by officers on the ground. >> reporter: that fatal encounter, the end of a day-long frenzied pursuit that kicked off after campers reported a possible carjacking, discovering
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their trailer had been shot at. >> they drove on about eight miles and realized that there was a bullet hole through the back of the camper. >> reporter: officers swarming that area entering a vacant cabin. police say thick with the scent of gunpowder. s.w.a.t. teams helicoptered in. then that border agent spotting matt in the woods. overnight, the fugitive's brother happy he's dead. >> i can only think of the man that threatened to kill me and has killed other people and escaped. >> reporter: telling wkbw he's been concerned about him escaping for years. >> there wasn't a night i wasn't worried. >> reporter: about 2:00 a.m. friday morning a woman here in the town of malone getting a suspicious knock on her door. she called police who raced to the scene. their dogs picking up matt's scent, eventually leading to his demise. paula. >> all right, police are not finished. thank you. the other escapee david sweat is a vibed cop killer and
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he remains on the loose this morning. law enforcement agencies are using high-tech thermal imaging to find him in rough, thick, terrain. 3d printer is there-- phillip mena is there with more. >> reporter: the search is intensifying in new york. the manhunt now solely focused on david sweat after fellow escapee richard matt was shot and killed just a few miles from here and police say they have no reason to believe that the two were not traveling together. so all night and into this morning police using spotlights canines, atvs and helicopters thoroughly canvassing this area. roads are blocked off and a tight perimeter has been established. residents we spoke with say they are extremely worried as police say that sweat may be armed, dangerous and more desperate than ever.
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dan. >> phillip, thank you. we will stay on the story here at abc news around the clock. we want to turn now to the reverberations from that historic decision by the supreme court on gay marriage. look at the front page a america this morning. "the new york times" with the headline "equal dignity." the front page of "the dallas morning news" reads "i do for all" and "san francisco chronicle" declares quite simply "we do" but while many are celebrating not everybody is and abc's terry moran has the latest from outside the supreme court. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the issue of marriage equality of gay marriage remains controversial across the country but as a matter of constitutional law, the debate is over and as happened so many times in this court for so many people over so many years, equality won. [ cheers and applause ] after years of struggle setbacks and activism a gay rights triumph. the supreme court declaring gay
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marriage is constitutionally protected and legal in all 50 states. 46 years ago in front of the stonewall inn in new york city a riot ushered in the modern gay rights movement. today, in that spot a celebration. >> congratulations, everyone. >> reporter: gay couples and same-sex couples and the lgbt community are finally being treated as equals. >> reporter: the president calling the man would started it all lead plaintiff in the case jim obergefell who challenged ohio's ban on same-sex marriage. >> i just want to say congratulations. >> thank you so much sir. >> reporter: and across the country excitement in san francisco. in michigan tears of joy. and in nashville these women, some of the first to be married on this historic day in tennessee. but the fight for gay rights is far from over. >> there are still quite a number of policy issues still up
7:08 am
for discussion. >> reporter: the supreme court decision is binding on state officials but some states so far still not providing same-sex marriage licseses. >> the decision is not immediate immediately effective in this city. >> reporter: still, a victory for gay americans with many more to come. because the struggle for equality will continue and the thing about the opinion handed down here it's so sweeping in its language so affirming of the equal dignity under law of gay and lesbian americans that it is hard to see how any kind of discrimination in employment in housing, in family issues adoption and the like could withstand what was said here yesterday echoing what the words that appear over the courthouse equal justice under law. paula. >> all right, terry, thank you. we want to move now to homeland security. they are warning americans of potential attacks here in the u.s. over the upcoming fourth of
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july holiday. they sent out a bulletin urging vigilance, this after three separate terror attacks left dozens dead in france kuwait and the most fatal on a beach in tunisia. that's where a lone gunman massacred tourists on the beach of a popular hotel and abc's bob woodruff is in tunisia with the aftermath. >> reporter: this is the place where this massacre happened here on this beach and we have new witnesses this morning who told us that not only did this killer come in and open fire he laughed when he did it. this morning the world on high alert after multiple attackers carried out three separate acts of terrorism ending the lives of 70 within hours of each other. isis claiming responsibility for two of the three attacks calling it a successful blow and a bloody message. along this beach in tunisia the deadliest took place at a popular resort packed with british and german tourists the menacing gunman seen here in this photo we now know is abu yahya al qayrawani wearing swim
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gear hiding his kalashnikov before the bloodbath ensued. witnesses told us this morning recalling him laughing as he slaughtered the innocent. >> it's a gunshot. let's go. >> reporter: listen as one survivor captures the terrifying moment tourists screaming running for their lives as the gun pane turned his sights to vacationers on the beach killing at least 39 people and wounding 39 more before being shot to deat the first attack came at this industrial chemical plant in france yassine salhi beheading his boss and leaving behind two flags with a muslim profession of faith written on them. two hours later in kuwait as hundreds flocked to the largest mosque in the country for friday prayer a suicide bomb detonated leaving 27 dead. now, back here in tunisia, more witnesses told us this morning that this killer not only brought a rifle, he also brought three self-made bombs, three of
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them exploded. we don't know how many people were killed or wounded because of that. dan. >> horrible story, bob, thank you for your reporting this morning. back here at home so many talking about an extraordinary moment involving president obama who delivered the eulogy for the pastor who was killed in that church massacre in charleston, south carolina. the president surprising everybody by breaking into "amazing grace" and abc's byron pitts was right there. ♪ glory glory ♪ ♪ glory glory ♪ >> reporter: it was a day of song and solidarity in charleston. the line starting forming before 6:00. at one point ten blocks lines. >> a lot loved him and supported him. >> lift up your voices. >> reporter: inside the arena more than 5,000 strong for state senator and pastor clementa pinckney. president obama here as the nation's comforter in chief. what a good man. you don't have to be of high station to be a good man. >> reporter: a good man gunned down with eight others inside
7:12 am
mother emanuel ame church during midweek bible study. >> blinded by hatred the alleged killer could not see the grace surround reverend pinckney and that bible study group. >> reporter: in his speech delivered like a sermon the president spoke of the nation's long struggle with race and the south seismic shift regarding the confederate flag. >> for too long we were blind to the pain that the confederate flag stirred in too many of our citizens. must be emanuel for how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. a roadway toward a better world. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ that saved a retch like me ♪
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>> incredible. incredible moment there. our thanks to byron pitts for his reporting this morning. look we're 6 1/2 years into the presidency and i think that's going to be seen as one of his signature moments. >> just a reminder that there is more that unites this country that divides and what a unifying moment. i once was lost but now i'm found. i don't think any of us will forget that. we do want to turn now to the coast of north carolina where there has been yet another shark attack. it happened in waist deep water, this man is the fifth victim in that area in just the last couple of weeks. here's abc's reena ninan. >> shark out there. >> reporter: a 47-year-old father may have the battle scars from a shark attack off a beach in avon north carolina. brights to his right leg and lower back. >> he starts screaming shark, shark then he runs back to shore and his body was bit up.
7:14 am
>> reporter: he waded out to waist deep water after spotting a school of dolphins. as he warned others that's when he was attacked. >> he got his child and the other kids out of the water and that was just pretty impressive. >> reporter: a good samaritan couple rushing to his aid treating his wounds and keeping pressure on until rescuers arrived. >> one victim multiple bites, he is stable. >> reporter: transported by helicopter to the hospital where this morning he is reportedly in stable condition. this is the fifth shark attack along the north carolina coastline in just two weeks. >> i think it's a little too paranoid. everyone is kind of on edge right now. >> reporter: two teens attacked on the same day on june 14th. abc news speaking exclusively with 16-year-old hunter treschl who lost his arm that day. >> i saw the shark on my left arm. it was halfway up my bicep kind of just attached then it wasn't attached anymore. it's not a life-changing thing to lose an arm.
7:15 am
>> reporter: well shark attacks still extremely rare. your odds of being bitten 1 in 3.7 million. the population of great whites are surging so they're swimming closer to the shore than ever before. you know it's not a bad time to remind people that building sand castles isn't a bad idea. >> you said that there were children that were in that particular area of the water. >> there were children. there certainly were. it was because of the father that acted so quickly spotted the dolphins and then pulled the kids off. >> brave dad. reena, thank you. great to have you. a lot of other news overnight. let's turn for a look at the other developing stories to mr. ron claiborne. sinkholes. >> in florida, a florida community, dan and paula, on edge after several sinkholes opening up in just one neighborhood. this 15-foot deep sinkhole appeared friday in the city of port richey just the latest to occur. in that same area in all ten homes evacuated. one had three sinkholes on the property. no idea when the sinkholes will stop because the ground there is
7:16 am
getting increasingly unstable. in philadelphia transit police officer is under fire for allegedly confronting a passenger who was holding his infant daughter in his arms. the incident caught on security cameras showing the officer allegedly grabbing the man by the neck pushing him against the wall while the baby is still in the passenger's arms. the officer says he confronted the man because he had boarded the train without paying his fare. an internal affairs investigation now under way. no one injured in that scuffle. crews in alaska will resume the recovery bodies of nine in a sightseeing plane crash and they identified all of the victims. the eight passengers were on an excursion from the holland america cruise plus the pilot of that aircraft ntsb is investigating the cause of that mishap. now, to the search for a former member of the u.s. olympic sailing team missing off the coast of miami, florida. they have found trevor moore's inflatable boat drifting in the waters of biscayne bay. his wallet cell phone and life jacket were on board.
7:17 am
he is an experienced sailor. competed in the 2012 olympics on the u.s. sailing team. and finally, the u.s. women's soccer team is headed to the world cup semifinals the women defeated china in a 1-0 or 1-nil friday score. their fourth consecutive shutout in the world cup. the second seeded americans will face off against top ranked deutschland, that's germany to you. >> thank you for that clarification. >> that's german more germany. >> german for germany. the usa is the only country to reach the semifinal in all seven women's world cups. paula. >> i'm headed to montreal for games tuesday but that's going to be a tough matchup against germany. >> neutral, you know. >> i'm not going to be -- >> no no. >> we believe. >> we believe that we -- >> we allegedly believe. >> we can win. if you're claustrophobic -- >> it'll get you. to the frantic efforts to save an escape artist from a magic trick that went terribly wrong. you're looking at what happened
7:18 am
when criss angel went scrambling to help the man inside lying motionless inside that tank. the magician now speaking out about what happened. abc's gio benitez has more. >> get him out. >> reporter: this morning superstar magician criss angel is speaking out about his harrowing caught on camera rescue of a fellow illusionist. >> he was going limp and as soon as i ran up there and looked at his eyes i could just tell it wasn't part of the show. >> reporter: inside spencer horsman motionless but alive. the rehearsal wednesday was for angel's new show "supernaturalists." horsman calls it a water torture cell. >> if i fail at a magic trick, the worst that's going to happen is i get booed. >> reporter: he says he blacked out fainting underwater. angel acting fast even with that scare in connecticut overnighthorseman performed that same act. >> something you don't know
7:19 am
about spencer, he has asthma. okay. he can't swim. that's another thing you don't know. >> anything can happen when you are performing live. >> reporter: and this time in front of an audience. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i'm spencer horsman. what you're look at behind me is a 30-inch steel reinforced cube filled with 100 gallons of water. >> reporter: restrained in that water tank he is supposed to get out on his own. >> the kids in the audience please do not try this. >> i believe that he would be okay but i was still really worried. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. >> and that's why i don't do magic. >> yeah there's some things i don't need to be told not to try at home. that is one of them. >> not just children don't try this at home. adults. how about nobody try this. rob, you don't try -- i know you're a daredevil. >> there's a quarter behind's ron's ear. no that's all i can get. here you go. thanks.
7:20 am
that's from my uncle. he was quite the magician. this is a rain heading across parts of kentucky. they had heavy rain last night. also some wind. this is an unusual storm for this time of year. it's packing some wind and some rain. it's a large rain shield and this wind in some cases downing trees. 90-mile-an-hour winds yesterday across parts of kentucky. check out this tree that went through a home just outside of louisville and we had heavy rain across parts of indiana as well. flash flood emergency just outside of munsey where there was 2 inches. severe weather threat. d.c. baltimore, back through richmond that's where we'll see potentially strong winds and maybe a tornado. meanwhile, out west very very hot. heat advisories through the will lamb >> good morning. a veryetay on tap. 1/10 of the nation of rain has fallen at the airportrt. flash flood watch until 2:000
7:21 am
a.m. tomrow, with ywhere from 1-3 inches of rain possible. storms this afternoon and could beevere and tornadic activity. >> it's a shame. i don't even carry change anymore. we're in that sort of world now. >> remember pay phones. >> you always had a quarter just in case. >> remember subway tokens. >> what? >> don't they still have those. >> i don't think they do. >> it's a non sequitur for the record. >> remember monopoly money. all right. >> yeah okay. >> stop. >> the trip down memory lane is now over. what's coming up fighting back. donald trump on the attack after univision canceled his miss usa telecast because of trump's comments about mexican immigrants. the popular latin singer dropping out of the show in protest. plus hideous hounds.
7:22 am
the competition downright ugly at this dog eat dog -- they're actually not eating one another. we'll have the freshly crowned world's ugliest pooch live. the very hairy hitchhiker. the bear who went looking for a ride coming up in "pop news." >> he was coming home for the world's ugliest dog contest. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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dave: good morning. a wet dayn tap. you can see the rain droplets on the lens. that will be the story throughoutut the day. you can see all e oyster throughout the mid-atlantic. we're going to see heavy rain and lighter rain. the heaviest rain is down to the southwest in the culpeper area.
7:28 am
we could have some torrential. downpours strong storms are possible this afternoon and tornadic activit alady .1 of an inch has fallen at ronald agan airport. /one morning untntil 2:00 tomorrow morning. high temperature today about 79 degrees and the wind will be out of the southeast. more showers and thunderstorms tonight, 60's. lots of sunshine
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♪ girl you don't want to want me ♪ >> oh. yes, adorable they are. little pooches strutting their stuff proving that you don't have to be pretty to be a winner. coming up we're live with the winner of the world's ugliest dog contest and our very own nick watt was one of the judges. can't wait to see which dog took the prize. i love it. illustration of beauty is on the inside. >> it truly is. >> channeling his inner simon cowell. >> we'll be good. also the sneak peek at kaitlyn jenner's new documentary series and the promise that she is now makingo her viewers but first here donald trump, a man who is no stranger to controversy refusing to back down now in his latest battle which all stems from some inflammatory comments he made about mexicans during his presidential announcement
7:31 am
speech. >> in fact he is firing a new salvo against univision, now dropping coverage of the miss usa pageant which the billionaire partly owns and the donald is coming back swinging. abc's tom llamas has been following the story from the beginning and joins us with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. donald trump tells me he's going to sue univision for violating a multimillion dollar broadcast deal but now he's making this personal with a letter to the network's boss telling him to stay off his golf course and resort which is very close to univision's headquarters. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, donald trump firing back at univision for refusing to broadcast his miss usa telecast. in a letter obtained by abc news trump tells univision's ceo he and all of his employees are banned from trump's luxurious golf course in doral, florida, this after america's largest spanish language tv network announced thursday they're cutting all ties with trump
7:32 am
because of comments he made about mexican immigrants. >> is donald trump anti-mexican? >> absolutely not. the mexican people. i have great respect for mexico. >> reporter: but this is what the republican candidate said when he announced his run for president. >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: overnight, abc news speaking with latino singer jay balvin who canceled his performance. >> i'm disappoints because what he said about latinos and what he said about the mexican people it took me not even a second to say we're not going to work with that guy. >> do you regret those comments. >> not at all. i said it about people all over. i said from people all over. >> reporter: the red of the rnc said trump's comments were not helpful. >> you have to look at every kate as a package and not everything is going to be i think 100% copacetic. >> reporter: univision called
7:33 am
trump's comments insulting. now, nbc still plans to run the miss usa pageant but says they do not agree with his position on a number of issues including his recent comments on immigration. guys august 6th is the first rnc debate. if donald trump is polling in the top ten in five polls which he's already doing he'll get a spot on that stage. >> it'll make an interesting night. to the nbc guys they can play golf at trump's resort. >> they're still allowed on the golf course. you, dan harris you want -- >> dan doesn't play golf. dan will drive the cart. >> or caddie. thank you very much tom. i appreciate it. we want to send it over to ron. >> good morning again to you, paula and dan. robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with the hot pursuit going on in upstate new york for fugitive inmate david sweat. sweat is on the run this morning after his fellow prison escapee richard matt was killed in a hail of gunfire on friday. police believe they are closing in on sweat near the canadian border. celebration and resistance for the supreme court's historic
7:34 am
same-sex marriage ruling. as cups around the country are lining up to say i do. opponents though states where same-sex marriage had been banned are till vowing to resist the law. and an activist scaled the pole outside the statehouse in south carolina and taken down the confederate flag there. earlier this week governor nicky haley said it is time to move the flag. the activist was arrested. the flag which is protected by state law is expected to be raised again in time for a rally by flag supporters scheduled for later today. and finally a family on vacation a trip to yellowstone national park nearly picked up an unusual hitchhiker. you see him there, a curious grizzly bear fascinated with the peters' family car latching on to it at one point creeping up to the driver's side? oh my gosh. >> for a face-to-face meeting. man against grizzly. you can hear the family giggling. >> that's not giggling. they're screaming. >> giggling or screaming. >> that's terror. >> apparently enjoying or horrified by the close-up. a little girl saying that he
7:35 am
smells like beef jerky which everybody has been close to a grizzly bear knows eventually that bear did walk away leaving everybody -- >> beef jerky. >> teriyaki or hickory smoked? >> closer to hickory smoked actually. >> anyway we know you're a fan. >> of course. and quickest way to get a grizzly bear on your car is cover it in honey. that's why the kids were laughing. they did that this morning. another tangent. >> yeah. >> light rain 69. the current temperature and you're not going to climb much higher than that and it's going to be an ugly day across our nation's capital. pretty strong like a spring or fall one. strong winds behind it. a big rain shield encompassing the lower great lakes getting into pennsylvania and flooding in some of these spots especially across pittsburgh you're already seeing a tremendous amount of rainfall. cool and windy behind this tool too. gale warnings up for parts of the great lakes. decent amount of rain with this. a pocket of three to four inches and areas have been soaked could
7:36 am
see isolated pockets of flooding. some of the northeast could use some of this rain. a pattern change once this goes through we will be cool. milwaukee, chicago, pittsburgh 70s. you'll hang out right there, maybe hitting 81 by the middle of the week in through indianapolis. the heat is on across the pacific northwest. incredibly warm 100. want to cdave: good mornining. a flash flood watch for everybody until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow with 1-2 inches of rain and strong storms th >> this weather report is brought to you by walgreens. dan, paula. ronald. sara. >> robert. >> thank you, sir. coming up here i just wanted to see where that was going. coming up the winner of the annual world's ugliest dog competition live after just taking the crown. there's nick watt. he was one of our judges.
7:37 am
he seems reluctant to get too close to that dog, however. >> he's being very friendly. >> he's kind of pretty. >> show hawk. >> we got some more coming up. kaitlyn jenner takes you on her personal journey. a look at her new series coming up in "pop news." what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button. all without missing a beat. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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♪ girl you don't want i want to want me ♪ ♪ and if you want girl you got me ♪ >> time for a big abc news exclusive this morning. freshly crowned winner of the world's ugliest dog competition. >> our nick watt or should i say simon cowell is with the winner. you look highly unimpressed. >> look who i woke up with this morning. it's important to note that quasi-is happy and healthy just kind of funny looking, sort of half a dog and as you said as the mean british judge it was my job to tell her that. ♪ for 27 years now the sonoma
7:42 am
marin fair has hosted the world's anti-westminster kennel club show. >> ugly, ugly, ugly. this year an exceptionally ugly lineup. this dog has attitude as well. ugly on the inside. and then came quasi. a rescue from florida born with a spinal condition. >> i've never seen anything like that. ever. ever, ever. >> i know. >> i mean when you finally get used to the way she looks, you then see her walk and it's even worse. >> all right, third place, froet to hideous. second place, sweepy rambo. nightmarish but in the judge's chambers no cameras allowed. unanimity. >> quasi-moto is the world's
7:43 am
ugliest dog. facially she's quite attractive. >> she's cute. she is. >> reporter: but then that view. tasmanian devil he's uglier cousin. world champion ugliness. i've spent a bit of time with qua quasi. every time i look away and look back i double take half a dog. these coming to new york today. >> look at the legs. >> oh. >> she's really gotten used to you there. >> is she stretching out. >> she's stretching. >> friends, friends now. >> despite the verbal abuse you heaped upon her she seems to like nick watt nonetheless. i love -- i love this annual tradition because even dogs that don't look great or logs who are older need forever homes and should be adopted. >> they should and i think nick had a lot more fun than he let on. >> he's nicer than he looked. >> i'm not so sure about that. lease thank you anyway. >> keep quasimoto.
7:44 am
>> ruby and kevin. >> right. >> coming up on "good morning america," more dogs in the news. are you looking for a mate? why you may want to get a pooch first. that's straight ahead in "pop news" and sara would know because she has a thousand dogs. >> dogs not cats. >> here we go. >> no cats. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me abouout stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a
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♪ time for "pop news." hainesy, what you got? >> good tough. ron, ready for the grade at the end? kaitlyn jenner explaining why she's decided to publicly tell her story about living as a transgendered woman. a sneak peek from "i am cait" shows her bonding with her family and going shopping for the first time as a woman. >> i'm telling my story.
7:48 am
people don't understand looking into the mirror and nothing seems right. >> i know this isn't the part that mattered but she is beautiful. she promises fans she will talk about everything and above all going to do some good and we can't wait to see it. she's a gorgeous woman. >> i wish i had a waist and legs like that. >> i just want her hair. that's all. >> okay. harry potter fans you're about to feel like you took felix felicis. that's liquid luck. chamber of secrets and announced a brand-new play called "harry potter and the cursed child" which hopes in london in 2016. it will be an all new story conceived by her and two collaborators. it will not be a prequel but it will tell an untold part of harry's life. now if only there was a magic potion to get daniel radcliffe to reprise the role. >> he won't do it. >> i don't think so.
7:49 am
he's getting older. >> at a later point in his life. >> i'll put a little lightning bolt and do it. more good news for "game of thrones" fans. if like me -- >> a spoiler -- >> if you're not up to date turn the channel. >> earmuffs. >> let's not turn the channel. earmuff earmuffs. >> yeah thanks. >> like me you might still be grieving the loss of -- >> he's not dead. >> you might want to put a delay on your bulk order. emilia clarke who plays khaleesi on the show says there is a chance that jon snow might not be gone for good. it seems they might have them telling mtv she believes there is a 50/50 chance snow will return. i'm willing to take those odds and keep your fingers crossed. >> i think there's a couple scenarios -- >> there are so many. >> at least 5 1/2. >> you know the red woman is at the wall right now. >> yeah there are -- >> wait stop. you're -- >> earmuffs.
7:50 am
>> got earmuffs on. >> for those of you who have your earmuffs on take them off stat. proof that dogs are superior to cats i'm so sorry, dan, and -- this is not so scientific. >> apologize to the viewers for being wrong. >> well it's -- i'm right but this is like a not so scientific study. an awe sum british survey found getting a dog could be the secret to meeting the man or woman of your dreams. around a third of people surveyed said they believed a dog owner like myself was more likely to be dan, listen up loyal, kind and compassionate. all desirable traits in a partner. >> and to put anything in a bowl and you would be willing to eat it. >> that applies to me too. it's not just about romance, almost half of the people said that walking a dog is one of the easiest ways to make new friends, no mention of walking a cat, dan. >> well i think one of the reasons why cats are superior you don't have to walk them. you don't have to take them outside in the middle of winter. >> a cat owner may be lazy.
7:51 am
>> i will cop to being lazy right here right knew. i have no problem with that. >> we need to get in the middle of this right here. >> why don't they give you other letters. you only ever give me a b plus. >> you've had worse than b plus before. >> nothing wrong with a b plus. nothing wrong with a c plus. >> sara is dropping in her chair. >> he doesn't grade on a curve. back with more "gma." >> dogs are better. >> right there. listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear it's only a half gallon. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. all in 160 calories. ensure. take life in. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by nexgard. from the makers of frontline plus. sara says no pop for ron claiborne but we'll have plenty of "pop news" for you tomorrow. we're all going to be back.
7:56 am
>> i was being nice. >> no, he wasn't. >> see you, everybody. >> now an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. state police lieutenant issued an amber alert for three missing children. police are looking for the 11-year-old, a two-year-old and a 10-year-old, believed to have been adopted by a person six feet tall, 200 pounds and maybe driving a silver honda odyssey.
7:57 am
a national transportation safety board is expected to arrive in alaska. two of the victims are said to be from this area. two of the victims have been tentatively identified. both from north potomac. all nine people were killed when the plane crashed on a cliff. it looks like is going to be a rainy saturday. dave zahren has the weather. dave: a soggy saturday out there. you can see the cloudy skies. we've had some light rain all morning long. more rain coming down this afternoon, could be severe. the heaviest rain down near prince william and stafford counties. everyone is going to see some
7:58 am
rain today. flash flood watch in effect until 2:00 tomorrow. you can see the extent of the flood watch. that is until early tomorrow morning. highs today about 79. thunderstorms could be severe with hail and damaging wind. >> thank you so much for watching. have a w
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." you know, some of the most exotic animals in the world can be found right here in our own backyard. >> i just saw it and i grabbed it. >> that happened quick. and today, i'm counting down some of my favorite american animals. >> he's in full strut and he's really displaying well. >> from purple mountains' majesty... >> this is a syrian grizzly. we've had it ever since it's been two months old. >> and from sea to shining sea. >> 25% of our animals are endemic. that means you'll see them here and only here in hawaii.


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