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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> how do you know something as awful as that can happen? leon: a trusted nanny charged with sex abuse. plus, a devastated family seeking help. >> we have not found him. leon: one man still missing after a boating accident. and please from the family of a child with autism. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. leon: a trusted member of a household, a live-in nanny is charged with sexually abusing two children. the police say that he worked in several homes in the region and they are looking for more information.
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richard reeve spoke with a housemate. richard joins us live from the takoma park police department with the investigation. what is the latest? richard: the list of charges is long. as you said, he was a live-in nanny. he lived with the victim, and the police believe this activity occurred over eight years. the police say as a live-in nanny, the 46-year-old was in a position of trust. >> how do you know something as awful as that can happen? richard: his neighbors come even his housemate, had no idea he was accused of sexually abusing two children. one in his care, the other a neighbor. records show the alleged abuse of parnecio's former takoma park neighborhood between 2002 and
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2010. it's not clear how many times the victims were victimized. nobody answered the front door at his current address. his housemate expressed shock at the charges. >> formate, he cannot do that -- for me, he cannot do that to the kids. richard: the detectives will say the victims are 15 years old or younger. >> you have to do whatever you can to make sure that you are leaving children in the right hands. that is something unspeakable. richard: tonight parnecio faces multiple child sex abuse charges, being held in jail on $175,000 bond. if you know this man or he has worked from you, especially in tacoma or bethesda, the police
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want to hear from you. leon: an unsettled weather pattern brought showers and storms into the region, with flash flooding and storm warnings and no effect for parts of the area. steve rudin, looking at a tough night? steve: things are beginning to improve a little bit, leon. doppler radar, the doppler in montgomery county has canceled out with the severe thunderstorm warning. things are improving. further to the south and west, front royal, chester gap, shenandoah farms middleburg, looking at stronger storms. as we expand the view, the capital beltway is dry, but we will have the potential of showers and thunderstorms during the overnight. tomorrow morning, plus the upcoming holiday weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. leon: only on abc 7 a
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disturbing arrest in montgomery county. the police say that a man that a camera on a poll to spy on his neighbor. he is facing charges in the case. officer cedi he that he set the camera to record and hoisted it over his balcony to watch the woman who lives a floor above. he also kept in audio journal of the daily activities of the victim. tonight, a family a struggling as their loved one remains missing after a boating accident. the man from silver spring disappeared when his boat capsized off kent island sunday. four others were rescued and taken to the hospital. tom roussey spoke with his family. tom has what the family is saying. they are going through a tough time, tom. tom: they really are, leon. tomorrow, maryland natural resources police planned to be out north of the chesapeake bay, searching for a fourth day for the man. his family says they desperately want to know what happened to him. >> i would not wish this on
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anybody. tom: relatives gather to console the family bearing unthinkable grief. >> we just lost my mother, and now my brother? it's too much. tom: weeks ago, their mother died from cancer. javier was in their native mexico when he learned their brother had likely drowned. sunday they were with alex on the chesapeake fishing when the boat on water. >> really fast, and started turning over. tom: alex could not swim, and he hung on to the overturned boat as his brother swam for help. >> i knew i had to make it to the beach. i could hear him saying, "help help!" tom: eventually, the police rescued everyone except alex. >> i could not do anything
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anymore. tom: family members say that alex was a talented singer who has been there rock after their mother passed away. >> we got careless. you think because you have the vastness to you that you will have time to grab them, but it happened so quick. tom: ryan says that his family could use some things -- prayer and also hoping that somebody in kent island will help them use a boat so they can be out there with the police, who will be searching again tomorrow near the bay bridge. reporting live on kent island, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: we hope for the best. searching d.c. foreign important device. a child with autism uses an ipad for therapy, but he left in a d.c. cab. as jay korff reports, the family is holding out hope that it will be returned. ♪
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jay: as one of the world's great destination cities, washington d.c., attracts travelers from around the globe. like this family from australia. but their month-long to the u.s. was derailed tuesday when they arrived at union station. their 11-year-old son jasper left his backpack in a taxi that them up. inside is aces ipad, which he uses for therapy. >> it calms him down. to go for the next four weeks in a foreign country without it will be difficult. jay: jasper has autism. his parents say without the comforting pictures and apps on the device, they fear that he could soon unravel in a foreign place. >> all the things that he loves all the little games that he uses for therapy, they are lost. we cannot get them until we get back home. jay: 7 on your side has reached
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out to multiple cap companies, but still no word on the ipad. jasper has been told, and it has served as a source of comfort that everybody in america is looking for it. >> it might come back. jay: we want to share critical information. it is a blue backpack, with the ipad in a green baseball cap left in a red d.c. cab, in suv your minivan, accessible to people with disabilities. folks with a cab like this, we are asking that you look under the seat for the backpack. if you find it, please contact us at 7 on your side abc 7 news. jay korff, abc 7 news. ♪ leon: the national at the j-roll
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posted a service celebrating a landmark supreme court ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry. the reverend called it a moment to step forward. the national cathedral started performing weddings for same-sex couples in 2013. celebration stateside for the u.s. women's soccer team, which defeated germany, advancing to the world cup final. the final score tonight, 2-1 and there was a big party tonight at the national harbor where the screen was shown on the big screen. -- were the game was shown on the big screen. robert: a lot of folks were calling this world cup finals. the semi final with the world's top team, usa the underdog for the first time in a long time. did not look that way. 84th minute, the u.s. up 1-0. carli lloyd, nice dribbling through the defender. usa wins 2-0.
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they advanced to the world cup finals for the second straight time. they play the winner of japan-england. we will have reaction coming up later in sports. leon: happening now, a girl scout camp out of a lifetime spending the night on the lawn of the white house. the girl scouts worked on badges and outdoor activities. they got a bit of a break, the commander in chief stopping by to visit. they had a good time. still ahead -- awaiting a major announcement from the white house. an embassy coming to d.c. and where will be located. and the weather for the fourth of july holidays.
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leon: developing now, body
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cameras in the district. the d.c. council needs 1200 body cameras come in addition to the 400 they are ready have, but changes need to be made. they need to be prepared to release the public -- release the video to the public under the freedom of information act. mayor muriel bowser is trying to find the money. 14 candidates are running for the republican nomination, chris christie making his announcement at his old high school today. tonight, he held a town hall meeting in new hampshire. christie felt that he feels the voters approval. the u.s. and cuba have finalized an agreement to open in embassy in washington and havana. president obama will make the announcement tomorrow morning in the rose garden. it is one of the steps in
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restoring full diplomatic relations after more than 50 years. the former u.s. embassy in havana has been renovated for months. the pope's visit to the u.s. is three months away, and today we got a clear picture of his plans. his gaze was released, including a stop at the cathedral -- his agenda was released, including a stop at the cathedral in washington. will be an open air mass on the grounds of the basilica at the national shrine. for a full list of the stops on the visit in september, go to here are a few things, campus police departments will have 48 hours to notify local prosecutors when they are starting investigation of sexual assault, and it will also be a legal to ask employees for
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usernames and passwords for social media accounts. -- it will be illegal to ask employees for usernames and passwords for social media accounts. the were couples are going into effect in maryland -- ,l lower tolls are going into effect in maryland. aaa says more than a million people in the d.c. metro region will travel 50 miles or more for a holiday. gas prices are expected to be at their lowest level in five years. aaa says that more people are traveling by car they share. just need the weather to cooperate with those plans. steve: tomorrow was looking a lot better. when you see the seven-day, it will look like a lot of thunderstorms, but does not mean a washout. we have a few storms right now mainly to the north of d.c. and the west, but nothing inside a
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capital beltway. earlier, a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of frederick county that has canceled out. the little box around frederick county in the panhandle of west virginia, this is a flash flood warning until 1:45 probably going to cancel out before that because the heaviest of the storm has moved north of the mason-dixon line. watching storms across the blue ridge, shenandoah, tracking to the north and northeast. you may hear some rumbles of thunder overnight. not expecting anything else severe. 78 degrees the current temperature at reagan national the daytime high made it up to 89 degrees, one degree above average this time of year. another warm day tomorrow, but not as humid. 75 gaithersburg, 76 dulles lorraine winchester, in the 60's petersburg. in the mountains in elkins, 60's. duplicate levels are rising into the upper 60's, lower 70's. that is why it feels sticky.
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a bit uncomfortable. not quite as humid tomorrow. 66 to 72, chance of showers and thunderstorms through the overnight. early tomorrow morning the way the umbrella and grabbed sunglasses. 11:00 tonight, showers scattered showers and thunderstorms. they all move outcomes 7:00 tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. the district, montgomery county, loudoun county, fairfax, a good deal of sunshine, and the sunshine six around a good part of the day. through the afternoon, clouds but nothing that will amount to a whole lot. may have a sprinkle, but another round of showers and thunderstorms thursday, friday at a chance of storms during the day saturday. daytime highs around 85, 87 degrees both saturday and sunday. just a chance of a few showers and thunderstorms. those were planning ahead for
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the fourth of july fireworks on the national mall, we are talking temperatures upper 70's, near 80 degrees, showers and storms coming to an end. leon: we had some excitement north of the border. robert: exactly, the fun still continues for team usa. a packed house in québec for whatke the world cup finals, but it was only the semifinals. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the matchup everyone was waiting for, second ranked team usa and number one germany. team usa dominated. 59th minute, germany has a penalty kick. the kick goes wide of the goal.
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we stay scoreless. 69th minute, usa has a penalty kick. carli lloyd makes it happen, she scores, 1-0 u.s. over germany. the 84th minute, they take it home. lloyd points on a clinic, gets the goal. the u.s. wins 2-0 advancing to the world cup final sunday. >> we are delighted to be moving on. our focus is we will enjoy this tonight and immediately turn to our next opponent and find out who that is tomorrow. >> it has been a total team performance. we do not come here just to make the final, we came here to win it. robert: d.c. united and the philadelphia union, 27th minute. this ball movement is ridiculous. in front of the goal, 1-0 united. the union scores two straight and win 2-1.
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atlanta, braves-nationals. jordan zimmermann, six strikeouts. the nats did most of their damage in the first. the shot into the centerfield gap. denard span hustles around and scores from first. the nats take the 1-0 lead. later, clint robinson drives one deep to write. that's not coming back, to run shot. the nats score four in the first and go on to win 6-1. o's-rangers, texas with the 6-5 lead. which roland, -- mitch moreland, his second home run of the game, his fourth in two games. the rangers go on to win 8-6. the guys from dude perfect are added again, this time teaming up to throw away lacrosse ball
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over the press box into the parking lot. the spot shadow. the ball goes from the field to the parking lot, and they got it. how may times did it take to make that happen is the question. i cannot tell you. and maryland head football coach randy edsall has been rewarded with a three have in your contract extension. well-deserved. -- has been rewarded with a three-year contract extension. well-deserved. leon: next time, guys, do that with a great. comialert for flyers.
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leon: a girl scout camp out on the white house lawn is the top turning story on and the vatican releases the itinerary for the popes september visit to the u.s., along with the forecast, all on 7 on your side with a consumer alert. jetblue passengers with the lowest tickets will have to add $25 to check a bag at the ticket counter. it is $20 if you play online or at a kiosk. the policy win in fact -- went into effect today.
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leon: don't tell us not to play attention to the symbols and everything. steve: no, it will not be a washout. tomorrow will be a nice day. sunshine upper 80's. 85 thursday, better chance of storms. same friday. saturday, 20% chance of showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon. then clearing up next week. leon: you heard it here first, th
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♪ ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kathy griffin. from "ballers", rob corddry. and music from everclear. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]


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