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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, toxic train fire. thousands of people forced from their homes as a train car carrying highly flammable and toxic liquid catches fire. >> based on the chemical flume and the direction it was heading, they've had to expand the evacuation area. >> hazmat teams on the scene. at least a dozen first responders rushed to the hospital. we have the latest right now. new overnight, summer slam. powerful storms all across the country in look at that. the whole building. >> a tornado tearing the roof off this home. cars washed away exploding transformers sending sparks flying and the record heat grounding planes on one ofhe biest travel days of the year. shark scare. another attack in the water off north carolina. a man mauled in waist deep water by a seven-foot shark airlifted to the hospital as fears grow about this dangerous cluster.
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calls to close the beaches right now. ♪ holy guacamole. the recipe sparking the great guacamole debate. peas or no peas going so far it crossed the party line even getting president obama and jeb bush to agree. why so many are saying no to this new rec-i-pea. and good morning, america. boy, you'd never know what's going to light up the internet is now the debate over guacamole. where do you stand, peas or no peas? >> something tells me we have a taste test in our future. we will decide right here. but we want to begin with that breaking news that freight train carrying toxic chemicals catching fire in maryville, tennessee, forcing thousands from their homes. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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talking one railcar but fire and officials say this chemical involved has led them to tell 5,000 people they need to evacuate get out of their homes and get away from that area. it is a toxic cloud on the move this morning near a tennessee town. one csx car caught fire in the middle of the night on a trip to georgia. >> i started hearing brakes being pulled. it sounded like brakes a lot of smoke and so i thought maybe something was going on. >> reporter: just one car involved but the chemical burning used to make plastics is toxic. so in a two-mile area firefighters are going door to door telling people to move away. >> based on the chemical flume and the direction it was heading they've had to expand evacuation area and our command post even had to relocate because it was in danger of being exposed. >> reporter: nearly two dozen first responders have been or are being taken to hospitals for decontamination as a precaution. now, this chemical is a
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crylonitrile. so far no serious injuries reported. >> thanks very much. we'll turn to that extreme weather across the country, tornadoes, flooding record heat ahead of the holiday. ginger watching it all. >> no injuries or deaths reported overnight but look at this stunning video. plenty of up close video from this tornado in lee's summit missouri. south and east of kansas city, one of the spots from coast to coast, california to montana to florida with more than 100 severe storm reports. we have to start in missouri. >> check this out. it took the whole building. >> reporter: ripping through a kansas city suburb sirens blaring. a tornado passing right over busy highways. >> look at the vortices. >> reporter: spitting out debris. exploding transformers sending sparks flying. >> as soon as we saw the
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rotation we knew it was time to leave. >> reporter: and for good reason threatening storms looming over busy neighborhoods. floodwater wiping out parked cars. one now parked on top of a tree. ferocious storms whipping through maryland tuesday. look at the boats on this dock. trees yanked from the ground landing on houses and decks. the roof on this gas station collapsing. farther west the sky filled with lightning. no mercy from mother nature ahead of this holiday weekend. the culprit from those storms and now this afternoon and evening will be this stationary front and low pressure system sliding right across it so we have to include amarillo oklahoma city all the way through northern arkansas and up to louisville and nashville all included with the damaging wind of course, we know it can do -- make tornadoes. we just saw that and you could see large hail. so this going into your afternoon and evening tonight when everyone is traveling.
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>> yes and the weather won't slow people down a bit, ginger. busy holiday travel weekend. a record number of americans expected to head out for the long weekend. hitting the highways airports alex perez is at o'hare airport in chicago for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. we are already seeing some big lines here at the airport. that long holiday weekend so many have been waiting for is finally here and it's going to be a busy one. this morning, more than 41 million americans preparing to head out of town for the big weekend. aaa estimating nearly 85% of those travelers are going to be hitting the roads. the big draw after five months of rising gas prices appeared to have peaked for the season. the national average, $2.78, that's nearly an entire buck cheaper than it was on the fourth of july last year. making filling up before your holiday road trip a lot less painful. >> the economy is certainly turning around. people are more secure in their jobs. but also we can't ignore those
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gas prices they're the lowest we've seen in five years. >> reporter: if you're headed to the airport, you won't be alone. air travel also up 3.2 million people expected to get on a plane this weekend. tsa already seein increasing numbers screening about 2 million passengers a day up from the normal 1.7 million. and while it's usually severe storms that create delays out west they're facing a different problem. airport crews coping with record-breaking triple-digit heat. the heat in some cases so intense it's grounding planes. >> extreme heat means that the air is thinner, there are fewer air molecules to power the engine and lift the airplane off the ground to take off in. >> reporter: and travel experts say they haven't seen this many gearing up to take a trip on the fourth of july since 2007. george. >> been a while. thanks very much. law enforcement on high alert this long holiday weekend. the fbi and homeland security concerned about a possible terror attack warning everyone to be vigilant in the wake of those attacks overseas.
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our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tracking it from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. one day after that wave of isis attacks at security checkpoints in egypt killing 53 soldiers we're hours away from a holiday weekend that have u.s. law enforcement locked in. we spoke to officials at a number of police departments across the country who said they were stepping up high security for this independence day. fbi and intelligence officials are working full tilt. authorizes are on edge because recently every day isis is using social media to encourage thousands world much wide to attack wherever they are. last week there were attacks not only in egypt but also kuwait and tunisia and that proves that the followers are listening. no specific threat has been identified but holiday revelers can expect to see armies of police this fourth of july. there will be a lot of s.w.a.t. teams lurking in the shadows that they won't see, george. >> and, pierre we know these social media messages are hitting home here in the u.s. which makes law enforcement's job so difficult. so many people to sift through. >> reporter: yes, they are.
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isis has hundreds if not thousands of followers here in the u.s. imagine trying to figure out who is young and misguided and who is actually dangerous, george. >> such a difficult task. okay, pierre thanks very much. >> it really is. george. thank you. to the latest shark encounter, the seventh in the waters off north carolina in the past month. a 67-year-old man recovering in the hospital this morning after being bitten. now there are some calls to close the beaches there for the busy holiday weekend. and abc's phillip mena is in the outer banks with more. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: robin, good morning. fourth of july weekend is nearly here and the beaches will fill up but after another shark attack this time right here off of this beach, many are wondering if it's even safe to head into the water. this morning yet another victim recovering from a vicious mauling along a north carolina beach. authorities say andrew costello was swimming in waist deep water and attacked by a six or seven-foot shark wednesday.
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>> he bumped into the shark and that's when the shark bit him and pulled him under. >> reporter: the 67-year-old sustaining injuries to his hip, legs and hands. airlifted to a local hospital. this after 12-year-old kiesen weekly attacked in south carolina while wading in knee-deep water tuesday. the shark leaving this bite mark on his leg. >> i felt just a twinge of pain in my leg and i, like looked back and saw the shark swimming away. >> he raised his swimming suit and there was bite marks and starting to bleed down his leg. >> reporter: if you're keeping count, ten attacks off the coast of the carolinas in just the last three weeks. seven of them here in north carolina. >> we've got a perfect storm under way of a variety of environmental, biological and human factors that hav enhanced the opportunity of the two getting together. >> reporter: so far no one has died in an attack but the series
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of life-threatening close calls alarming enough for some to call for communities to consider closing the beaches. so far we haven't heard about any beaches being closed. but the more people who head down here and into the water, the higher the risk of someone else being attacked. robin. >> all right, phillip, thank you. amy with the other top stories starting with a disaster at sea. >> just learning that some americans were on board a ferry that capsized in the philippines in heavy surf this morning with nearly 200 people on board. at least 36 are confirmed dead and dozens more are missing. one picture showing the ferry nearly submerged. three americans are among the survivor some of whom were saved by local fishermen. back here in this country the major airlines are beginning to turn over information to government investigators looking into whether they're colluding to keep airfares high by limping the number of seat as valuable. united, delta, american and southwest control 80% of the
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u.s. market but deny working together insisting they compete to keep seats full. the justice department is demanding all documents on capacity in the last five years. this deadly plane crash, a transasia flight before plugging into the water killing 43 back in february. well, investigators now say the pilot mistakenly shut down the plane's only working engine just seconds before that crash. here at home dramatic video from georgia as two young women jump from the window of a burning apartment, look at that. they are now recovering from their injuries 12 apartments were damaged in the fire. thankfully everyone made it out in time. and turning to politics hillary clinton is in the money. her campaign says she raised a record $45 million in just three months. but her top democratic opponent has some momentum. bernie sanders drawing the largest crowd of the campaign season so far last night.
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nearly 10,000 supporters in wisconsin. and finally, i don't want to burst your bubble but it looks like bubble wrap -- i am -- is losing its pop. the maker of the notoriously fun packaging material oh i remember that oh yeah rolling out a new version that isn't going to burst when you press it or stomp on it. >> why? >> exactly, i know. "the wall street journal" reporting it's all in a move to save space so bubble wrap can be sold in sheets to reduce shipping costs. bubble wrap in its popable form been around since 1957 but say its popularity has fallen flat recently not in my house. >> no. >> every time. >> i know. it's the best part of the package. >> of all the things you could fix. >> yeah. >> they are just a fun -- >> you looked stricken when you heard that. >> i was upset. >> it is upsetting. >> a lull in the studio. >> how do you feel at home? >> never too old. >> we'll all find out now. we move on because we have this woman who took down the
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confederate flag from the capitol grounds with her own hands climbing the flagpole before being hauled off in handcuffs. this morning she's speaking out for the first time to our linsey davis. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. bree newsome is an activist and filmmaker but most recently regarded as a hero. some revering her as a modern day rosa parks. still others say she's a criminal and charged with a crime punishable by up to three years in jail. >> ma'am, ma'am, get off the pole. >> reporter: this morning, the woman who made headlines for climbing a 30-foot pole and removing the controversial confederate flag from south carolina's statehouse is speaking out calling it a defiant act of civil disobedience. >> i'm coming down. i'm prepared to be arrested. >> i felt strongly we needed that moment to say enough is enough. we want an end to the hate. >> reporter: 30-year-old brittany "bree" newsome was arrested with james tyson both charged with defacing a
7:14 am
monument. the flag's presence becoming a hotly contested issue in the wake of the mass shooting in charleston after photos surfaced of the gunman would killed nine posing with a confederate flag. how much longer do we want to go forward like this? isn't it time to reconciles ourselves with the past and move forward into a better future where everyone has reall rights. >> reporter: she descended the pole quoting scripture. >> the lord is my shepherd i shall not want. >> reporter: online the #freebree trending and michael moore saying he would pay her legal fees. ava duvernay saying she is a superhero. jesse jackson saying we thank god she had the courage to take the flag down. raising more than $122,000 for her legal expenses. are you surprised how big this has gotten. >> the majority of people in this nation are good and want peace. we want to eliminate racism. we want to have more equality.
7:15 am
>> reporter: within an hour of you taking the flag down two black workers were ordered to put it back up. so were you able to accomplish what you set out to do? >> absolutely. because you have seen a lot of people have been inspired by that moment. >> reporter: newsome and dyson both maintain their innocence saying they did not deface the monument. south carolina house minority leader tomorrow rutherford says he plans to vote for the flag to come down also now representing newsome. a vote on the flag is expected next week guys. >> could come at the beginning of the week. thanks. move on. what a game last night. >> indeed george this morning you can call team usa the avengers because well they have a score to settle. we now know they'll be playing japan in the world cup final, the team that beat them for that title four years ago. abc's paula faris is here with more on the story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, lara. you know we are going to see something that has never before
7:16 am
happened in women's world cup history. a championship game repeat rematch. the u.s. team learning they will have a chance to avenge their heartbreak from four years ago. >> goal. >> reporter: they're back in the finals and this time with a score to settle. >> that's it. the usa is going in the finds. >> reporter: after shutting out the mighty german ss, team usa touching down in vancouver learning they've earned a rematch and a chance at revenge four years in the making. >> japan has done it again. >> reporter: they'll be facing the reigning champ, japan, the country that dealt them that devastating times loss in the last world cup. the japanese cinderella squad winning in penalty kicks earning its place in this finals however against a tough england club on
7:17 am
wednesday. >> she played it and did it go in the goal? >> reporter: after england devastatingly kicked the ball into their own goal in the final moments of extra time. >> absolute depression for england. >> reporter: they'll face a dominant u.s. team in the finals. and this time around the entire nation believing the u.s. will win. >> all: usa, usa. >> reporter: and the oddsmakers are favoring the u.s. by as much as 67% but want to say if you have english friends today you might want to give them a hug. photos have gone viral of that stunning moment when english player laura bassett scored on her own goal with less than two minutes to play you guys. so many tweeting sympathy for her, in fact almost 200,000 about game time spiking right at the moment of that goal. you know it's okay to lose but to lose on an own goal with less than two minutes to play it's
7:18 am
heartbreaking. >> yeah. >> i can't believe that picture -- >> i know. you feel so bad. >> you do. but we all -- party at my place on sunday. big screen. >> i'll bring the guacamole. >> no peas. >> don't bring the guacamole. going to show us fresno. >> you can see it behind me. our friends at abc 30 in fresno sent this video that said lightning also coming along with all that heat but a lot comes with a dry thunderstorm so that doesn't necessarily mean a good thing, just sparks wildfires and heat is on. and the excessive heat warning, sacramento valley and seattle could get close to a record at 91.
7:19 am
ryan: g good morning fromhe weather cent. i am meteorologist ryan miller. we are going to have shower and thundersrstorm activity on and off today. it is going to be a muggy morning, ande will be at 8 degrees this afternoon, with the wind out of the eaeast and southeast at 10 miles per hou he is the holiday weekendd forecast. 80 degrees tomorrow, 60% chance of showers. a 30% chance of showersn saturd. sunday lks to be the driest of the next sever >> it is not just our west coast with that super ridge of heat these pictures out of london where it's been in the mid to upper 90s. some of the hottest temps in a decade. >> wow. >> we're not alone. >> no never are.
7:20 am
>> it does look bad. >> thank you, ginger. much more ahead. the former cnn anchor lynne russell and her husband caught in a deadly shoot-out. what she says happened at their motel. terrifying home invasion. two teenage girls hiding in the cabinet calling 911. the intruder just inches away. "gma investigates." can you really win at those arcade games? david beckham is right. that is confusing. the other portion carries over but you have to use the whole portion of data from the current month before you use the rollover portion from the previous month. and that portion resets after one month. it's $15 for any additional gig over your data limit. that is not a good deal. it's a wireless revolution. what can i do for you? all i want is something unlimited and the phone that i want. all-in for one price. sure. anything for you david beckham. oh, and i want it for all my friends. okay.
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>> we want to get an update on the weather right now. ryan, we have showers in the picture. brian: we are taking a look at stormwatch radar. we have showers near falls church. heavier showers east of washington and the anne arundel county, all trending from southwest to northeast. we will continue to watch the
7:27 am
shower threat throughout the day. high temperatures for thursday as we wrap the work week up -- 85 degrees, wind out of the east, southeast, at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the next seven days -- 60% chance of showers tomorrow, and that threat continues in the fourth of july. angela: we have congestion westbound 395 as you head to 14 street rates. delays from the 11 three bridge -- the 11th street bridge toward the freeway. a collision blocks your right lane on south capitol street inbound at the bridge. high standing water he's bound as you approach the beltway, the gainesville crash near 66 on u.s. 15. a problem on georgia avenue. southbound lanes closed for water mean -- water main repairs at shorefield road. melanie, we send it back to you. melanie: top stories now. the man charged in the quadruple murder at a northwest d.c.
7:28 am
mansion has a preliminary hearing today. police say daron wint held his victims captive in may before he was paid a $40,000 ransom. prince george's county police are searching for two bank robbers. a surveillance camera captured images of the suspects. police say they robbed a bank on allentown road in camp springs. if you recognize these men contact police. more news, traffic, and whether update on newschannel 8. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
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good morning, america. right now, hazmat teams on the scene in tennessee after a freight train carrying toxic chemicals catches fire. 5,000 people forced to flee their homes. nearly two dozen first responders treated. also right now, we're tracking that extreme weather heading into the holiday weekend. six reported tornadoes touching down in the midwest. and the record heat grounding some planes. a record number of americans expected to travel this july 4th weekend. nearly 42 million people planning to hit the highways and airports. >> we do say good morning, america, on this thursday morning and we're going to take a look at this. ♪ rob marciano new york harbor near the statue of liberty trying something called flyboarding. >> whoa. >> well it's a type of jetpack that helps you get major air. we didn't see it there but he's going to show us how it's done
7:31 am
ahead. >> a little more practice coming up. >> good job, rob. >> nice try, rob. are we going to look again? there you go. >> he got a little air. >> and a belly flop. >> keep practicing. >> better than most of us. >> indeed. >> that is coming up. we begin with the wild story involving former cnn anchor lynne russell. you remember her. she and her husband involved in a firefight in a motel in new mexico shooting and killing a man who they say were holding her at gunpoint in her room. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: this morning a former news anchor is telling her own tale of survival. >> it's something that i'll really never forget. >> reporter: after she says she and her husband got into a gunfight with an alleged robber in that hotel room. lynne russell a former anchor for cnn headline news says she and her husband. >> this is chuck de caro -- >> reporter: a former investigative reporter green beret and consultant to the pentagon stopped at this motel six in albuquerque with their dog tuesday night during a cross
7:32 am
country road trip. russell says she left their room to get something from her car and that when she came back there was an armed man waiting near the door. >> he gave me a good shove and i was airborne and into the room. about that time my husband came out of the shower and found his wife being held at gunpoint. the guy was standing there with this big.40-caliber weapon and so we engaged in some conversation to try to get him to at least not level the gun at us. >> reporter: russell says as she and her husband who both dr. conceal carry licenses were trying to calm the gunman she managed to slip her personal handbegun to de caro. the suspect grabbed her husband's briefcase and started shooting. de caro fired back. the alleged robber killed in the parking lot. de caro was hit three times. this morning he's recovering in a hospital with non nonlife-threatening injuries. police still investigateing. >> we don't know what's the motive was. we'll trying to piece everything
7:33 am
together and find out what happened. >> reporter: this morning russell grateful for her husband's quick actions. >> he's my hero. he saved my life. he placed his in jeopardy and he saved my life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news san francisco. >> that's quite a story. >> something tells me we haven't heard the last of this one. >> i think we may hear more. we may. to a ter nying home invasion. two teenage sisters home alone when two men broke in. they hid in a cabinet. their fear captured on their 911 call. ryan owens has their story. >> they're in the house. please hurry. >> reporter: if they are frantic voice is a little muffled here's a look at why. >> we're in the very back in my parents' bedroom bathroom. please hurry. >> reporter: the 16-year-old girl is calling 911 from inside her parents' bathroom linen closet closet. her 13-year-old sister stuffedt next to her. >> they're in the house? are they in the >> yes, yes they are in the house. >> reporter: the two sisters were home alone monday morning when they looked out this
7:34 am
kitchen window and noticed two men trying to break into their nashville, tennessee, house. >> i want you to be very quiet, okay? i'm on the line with you. i have help on the way. >> they're getting closer. >> they're getting closer to the bathroom. yes. >> reporter: they arrested these two men both with lengthy criminal records. one of them locked himself in the same bathroom inches away from the girls cops slapped the handcuffs on him. >> that's when i thought he's going to open this cabinet and something is going to happen. >> reporter: this morning the teenagers still afraid to show their faces. >> i'm most glad that i could help capture two guys that could have done worse. >> okay we're here we're back here. back here. >> reporter: a tiny bathroom closet barely big enough to hold these two teen crime fighters. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> wow, such quick thinking by those young girls. >> sure was. we move on to the dramatic rescue of a california woman missing for two days. she disappeared on her way home
7:35 am
from a run finally found trapped in her car after driving over the side of a cliff. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: this morning an incredible story of survival. >> her first words were i didn't think anybody was going to find me. >> reporter: watch as they lift jenifer duron up the steep embankment bringing to an end her terrifying 48-hour ordeal. duron vanishing on the way home from a run. her family reported her missing un unaware her vehicle was sitting 70 feet down at the bottom of this canyon stuck for two days and two long nights in her damaged suv with no food or water. >> i think from the time she was down there was wondering if anybody would see her. >> reporter: you could see why she went two days without being discovered. so quiet and her vehicle was at the bottom of this canyon. her rescue coming wednesday morning as a woman walking her dog hears screams coming from below and alerts the authorizes. rescuers shocked to find duron
7:36 am
alert and talking as they raised her to the surface. >> luckily a bystander notifyied. us. >> reporter: she's recovering from minor injuries. >> we're very happy that the patient we brought up was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: her family grateful she's found. >> the family has been through an ordeal looking for her searching. we're relieved that we found her and that she's in good condition. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. >> so glad she was gotten there. we move on to ginger right now and got a lot of flooding in missouri. >> just wasn't the severe weather and tornadoes that we showed you at the top of the show but you had two inches of rain in just 40 minutes in parts of missouri and now the southern half of missouri all the way through kentucky we've got flash flood watches there in kentucky including bowling green and back here cape girardeau, springfield in those flood warnings or advisories and there will be a considerable amount of rain going through the next several days. through the start of the holiday weekend. remember we have that
7:37 am
stationary front just kind of sits there storms roll over it and rain from little rock over through huntsville alabama, knoxville, tennessee. you could see more than 4 inches so watch out for that flash flooding. just got to turn around, don't drow ryan: good morning from the weweather center. i am meteteorologist ryan miller. we have the threaof shower d thunderstorm activity throrougho the entire data today. on and off showersnd clouds asas well. >> all that weather brought to you by liberty mutual and look at this. it's called the buck moon or the thunder moon. it was seen there -- lots of places missouri then you had idaho and right there in lyle. >> beautiful. >> really pretty. >> what is it called. >> a buck moon because the bucks just start to get antlers and thunder moon because of all the thunderstorms. >> thank goodness i looked that up before i came here. >> you're always prepared ginger. never worry about that. ahead, nick jonas taking on
7:38 am
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welcome back. 7:42 and "gma investigates" arcade games at amuse many parks and on the boardwalk. so much fun to play in the summer but when you lose and i inevitably do it leaves you wondering did you ever really have a shot. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> get a prize every time. >> reporter: arcade games, part of family fun in the sun. one classic game of chance the claw with players posting on youtube the thrill of victory. >> oh look at this. got two of them. >> reporter: but more often the agony of defeat. >> maybe, maybe. oh. last try.
7:43 am
he's going to slip. oh really. come on baby. ha should get them. slips right lew. >> somehow you don't win. >> reporter: is it possible the game's paters aren't playing fair? to make sure new jersey's division of consumer affairs inspects every single game in the state at least once a year. "gma investigates" tagging along with their team for surprise inspections. first up the balloon game. >> what are the things that would make it unfair. >> make sure the tip is pointed and sharp. >> reporter: though the inspector identifies one issue immediately. >> i see a couple of balloons that aren't up to par that need to be inflated. >> reporter: overall this game checks out. next up hoops. >> let's see if a basketball will fit through the rim. >> plenty of room around it. >> check that rim. she if it's level. >> reporter: this game also getting the seal of approval. >> yeah this is a good game. >> reporter: last up the claw game which can be the most frustrating of all trapping that coveted prize even after the player grabs it.
7:44 am
the inspector tests the tension on this game and it's fine. but the claw right next to it not so much. the inspector telling us the claw's grip is too weak to hold the prize. >> is there a way to increase the claw strength on this? >> i don't know how to do it. >> reporter: so the game is shut down on the spot. this employee telling abc news when prizes are changed they may sometimes forget to adjust the tension. the arcade company casino pier telling us, we were surprised of this violation and are immediately correcting the issue caused by the crane in question. still, new jersey's attorney general says his office doesn't play when it comes to game violations. what are you trying to ensure for the consumer? >> fairness. of course everybody can't win every time but don't want them to unfairly lose. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new jersey. >> and the owner of that claw game tells us they have fixed the problem. inspectors are expected to
7:45 am
return there today to determine if the game can be re-opened and we'll waiting to find out. i long for that pink teddy bear. >> i remember once elliott actually got something out of the claw after spending -- never seen it. we were all surprised we couldn't believe it. >> yeah. >> shocking. >> so worth the -- >> a lot more than 50. >> i like to see those tickets come out and get a spider ring. >> i like whack-a-mole because even when you lose you win. >> yes. >> learning so much about you all. >> yes. >> hopefully you're interested in this america. we do have a lot more coming up. the dishwashing wars. so many cups battling over how to do it right and we'll have your answer definitive answer ahead. and in "the speed feed," the guacamole recipe rocking the nation. should we really give peas a chance? just give peas a chance. >> that's beautiful. >> thank you. ♪ all we are saying give peas a chance ♪ so this is the... "celebrity section"...
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♪ i like the music. >> are you craving -- >> it looks good. >> watermelon. >> maybe some cottage cheese. >> ali had a lot of watermelon. >> but we digress.
7:50 am
amy. >> yeah, you know you guys just talk amongst yourselves and i'll be talking about the talk of twitter. more than 63,000 the great guacamole debate. "the new york times" posted a recipe suggesting makers add green peas for sweetness and color. well the internet cried sacrilege as the world quickly wound its way around the web. this mom post inging go offline for three hours to take your kids to the dentist and return to a pea guacamole world. someone hold me because i'm scared. she wasn't alone. even the president chiming in not buying peas in guacamole, the president said onion, garlic hot peppers, classic. in a rare moment of partisan unity, we asked gop candidate jeb bush who found common ground e-mailing abc news about the added new ingredient saying "i have not nor will i start now." and this i think sups it up. leave guacamole alone, new york. we're going to test it out now. you have the classic guacamole and the peas added version so
7:51 am
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savings for this 4th of july, like 4 bags of sta-green garden soil for only $10. plus get 20% off neverkink hoses. don't miss out on summers best savings at lowe's. ormation at this point that has been confirminged by official. you can see the massive police response that is there outside of the navy yard. again 7:52. these are live breaking pictures just coming into our newsroom. photographers getting there on the scene. you can see the police response. the roads shut down there as this police en route and they are on the scene outside of the navy yard. we are continuing to follow the breaking news. we've crews headed there. as soon as we know more information we'll pass that along but at this hour, reports of a shooting at the navy yard. these images will bring back those memories of what happened there previously. that tragic incident happening there at the navy yard. all we have confirmed reports of a shooting, no other information, no information on any possible injuries but we're following the breaking
7:53 am
news live pictures just coming into and we'll continue to follow it. stay with us on news channel 8. we do want to get a check of the traffic. this likely to impact roads around the area. >> absolutely. as we move to our maps police activity at the navy yard blocked off a portion of m. street between south capital and 11th street in southeast. this is bringing back horrible memories from not so long ago, 295 remains open as a work around. if you are travelling inbound headed for the freeway 395, that is going to be your best all all the -- alternate. but m. street will be closed between south capital and over to 11th street in southeast. we also had the problem on the-free -- freeway. northbound lanes of a crash back out in virginia. that is a check of your
7:54 am
traffic watch. >> we want to get you back to the live pictures there outside of the navy yard. we continue to follow developments happening there. dave is standing by. what do we learn have far about what is possibly maybe happening? we can see a large response there? >> >> reporter: there is a huge police sponges you can hear helicopters overhead. all of this a frightening remind of something that happened not all that long ago, what we know is park police confirmed that they are at the navy yard for reports of a shooter and that is about as definitive as we can get on all this. i kale your attention to all the police that are there on the scene right now and the sounds of other police vehicles on the way.
7:55 am
all this harkens back starting to see fire and e. m. s. also on the scene. navy yard shooting happened september 16th of 2013 when aaron alexis the loan gunman shot 12 and injured three others in the mass shooting inside the navy yard. all of this going on in southeast. the attack there happened in what they used to call building 197. and started about 8:15 or so in the in the morning. and ended ended when aexis was killed by police about an-hour later. we don't want to make any parallels here other than to say a huge police presence that seems to be growing now almost by the minute. and we continue to watch as
7:56 am
you do to try to see for additional clues what may be going on from what our eyes are telling us. and the hope is that we'll get more information from the authorities on what is going on. have not heard about inter agency cooperation here which we did notice when the navy yard shooting happened. everybody went to the thing, police from just about every agency you could come up with, there were early reports that the metropolitan police department did get involved and may have actually sent a tactical team that cannot be confirmed. >> dave, you know, seeing this huge huge response and this huge police presence down there we only hav confirmed here on news channel 8 that police are responding to reports of a shooting. no actual confirmation that
7:57 am
there is an active shooter situation there. but looking at the amount of police officers that have already swarmed the area, it makes you think that they have very credible information leading them to believe that there is a serious threat there at the navy yard. >> i think that is the in's escapable conclusion and note please there are officers with weapons drown in some cases, semi automatic weapons and there, we can get confirmation, the number of different police agencies involved including the metropolitan police department. park police. navy yard police as well. it's again more units arriving at the scene. >> right. >> seeing all of these police does bring back terrible memory from 2013. >> it does. >> when so many people lost their live there is when the gunman stormed the building 197. we're going to let you take a
7:58 am
break, gather more information, once you have anything new please get back to us and we want to bring in the mans who has been responsible for getting live images to us, our photographer joe, who is there on the scene. looking at what you are looking at. what can you tell us? >> well hundreds of officers -- [inaudible] as you saw a swat vehicle. [inaudible] some type of information then went on to the actual base. the road blocks i can tell you back to nats stadium. on this end 7th street m. and more and more vehicles are arriving from interest what looks to be undercover officers tactical officers and swat teams.
7:59 am
>> if you can, paint the picture for you, we can hear the number of sirens behind you. i believe you were saying that the road block down to nationals park, d.c.police saying there are a number of street closure south capital from m. to i. southeast. 11th from m. to virginia so a number of road closures there. paint the scene if you can of the number, the response and the scope of all of this? >> i can barely hear you. could you repeat that please? >> joe ball is down there on the scene. in the midst of this mass confusion that is unholding right now. we're having a little bit of connectivity issue with them and we'll try to get him back on the phone and get a clearer line and get more information but as you can hear him say he is saying he is seeing hundreds of police officers, members of the swat
8:00 am
team. you have u.s. marshals down there. a lot of different agencies responding to the reports of an active shooter at the navy yard r now. joe was also talking about the lane closures and you've been pulling up the d.c.police department's twitter on the street closures. >> they were' talking about the scope ofathathathath
8:01 am
>> for those headed inbound to the anacostia bridge, 295 is open there, is a portion of south capital blocked out between m. and i. also a portion of 11th blocked off as you approach virginia avenue. in the is what we're dealing with. the closures are in place, south capital street from m. to i. street in southeast and 11th street from m. to virginia remains closed off at this point. we're told traffic is able to get across the 11th street bridge but we are keeping a close eye on that. this is going to impact the commute and tie up the drive especially with all of the activity there. folks can see what is going on and that is going to cause those slowdowns. you may want to stick with kennelworth avenue. if you are coming inbound you may want to bail off early. use new york avenue as a work around but the area in
8:02 am
southeast washington, you want to avoid the bridges until further notice. if you recall unfortunately last time around there was a huge closure point that was effect the drive so if you have to travel into d.c., start thinking about this alternative routes and avoid southeast washington if you can. >> stay with us for that. we'll continue to get updates from you. and we want to get over to sam sweeney. describe for us what you are seeing. >> reporter: this is a massive police presence i'm talking hundreds if not thousands of law enforcement officers right now descending on the naval yard. take a look. you can see these officers are showing up in their personal vehicles, in their work vehicles, mark and unmarked they're going in with tacticical gear wearing their vest their helmets and they swarmed the area. there is also staging areas around the naval yard right now. back along m. street. we've fire trucks,
8:03 am
ambulances. swat vehicles, motorcycles, s.u.v.s, you name it. all hand on deck right here at the naval yard. national park police do believe that there is an active shooter inside the building, they do have the helicopter up but this area is surrounded and shout down. we're going to stay out hoar and we'll have an update in the next ten minutes. reporting live i'm sam sweepy, news channel 8. >> i know that you just got down there. great job getting there so fast. people on social media have been reporting other journalists have been reporting that the gate to the navy yard have been shut and locked. do you know anything about that? is this come on lockdown? any case on that? >> we're hold at 5th street and n. and this is just completely blocked off. they're not letting us go anywhere and there are people
8:04 am
out of the office. the streets here are filled with people but we cannot get close enough to the naval yard to see exactly what is happening right in front of it so we're working to found out new details but again very active scene down here and it's going to continue to develop over the next hour and day. >> quick question for you. this would be a time where people would be coming into work there. a number of not only the navy yard but federal buildings down there in the area along m. street. are you seeing people trying to adrive seeing hearing this, when can you tell us about the number of people trying to get where they may need to go and this being blocked off as a result? >> reporter: from what i can see nobody is trying to go anywhere. we are watching what is going on as dozens and dodds are -- dozens of emergency vehicles continue to come down. our photographer is going to pan over and you can see as they come down m. street it's
8:05 am
coming and coming nonstop. they keep filling the area but only the streets here at 5th and m. are blocked off from our vantage point as they make the per imter. helicopter flies over but again a nonstop stream of emergency vehicles headed into the navy yard. i mean if i had to estimate i can see from my vantage point 2 to 300 law enforcement vehicles. a massive presence and the people as you said coming in to work not going into their offices. they're staying on the corner trying to figure out what is going on. just as we are. this is unfolding by the minute her and you know, a lot of the law enforcement officers on the scene they don't know what is going on. so it's developing and we're going to stay on top of that. >> thank you so much. continue to stay there and gather more. we'll chem back in with you. if you are just joining us 8:05. we're following this breaking news right now here on news channel 8 with reports of a
8:06 am
shooting at the navy yard. this as we're seeing live pictures of hundreds of police. you can hear the sirens in the background. responding there outside of the navy yard. we understand d.c.application capital application park police all there on the scene responding to this. this brings back the memories of what happened there back in september of 2013. >> when aaron alexis stormed the navy yard and killed 12 people. injured three others, we're talking about the scene. it gives you chills because we watched the exact same thing unfold in 2013. we want to get over to dave lucas in the news room. he has been on top of this since the reports first started coming in and dare; it safe to say we still are following with the, you know confirmation that police are responding to reports of a shooting? we don't have confirmation of an active shooter and also, dave, have you heard anything about the compound is on
8:07 am
lockedown? >> very difficult to get definitive word because the focus is whatever is going on inside those gates. we do understand that the area is at the very least tightly secured whether it's locked down, can't say officially. just because we have no official word on all this. we know the first call came in about 7:40 and at that point everything else started to become very difficult to pin down. i think it's important for us to put some context on all that as we watch these arriving officers starting to put on their gear here. all of this comes in the wake of a nationwide alert that went out from the justice department. 18,000 plenty were warned be object high alert for times around the fourth of july. not for any specific credible threat we were told but because there was the rise in chatter, a rise in chatter
8:08 am
that mirrored what happened in tunisia after that deadly isis attack there. again we can't make any definitive link it's worth noting that all this comes against that backdrop. this isery alarming very worrisome situation that we're confronting because as sam sweeney told us the number of emergency units and arriving officers just continues to multiply. they're marshaling tremendous resources in that area just that horrible reminder of what happened back in september of 2013 when aaron alexis went in the n.a.c.c.building, what they used to call building 197 and killed 12 people and injured 3 others. don't have any confirmation
8:09 am
of anything only the park police saying in fact they do they've confirmed the reports of an active shooter. >> we're seeing the u.s. navy is beating out that the naval district in washington is on lockedown. shelter in place order has been issued. but they still cannot confirm an incident as of yet. just getting that from the u.s. navy directly. employees that are already there on the premises have been ordered to shelter in place. you can only imagine what is going through the minds of these employees. >> it has to be this horrible nightmare. this dejavu of the horrible ins accident because it is following in exactly the same trajectory. as we watch military helicopters now these are not park police, these are not m.p.d.helicopters that. is a military helicopters that is orbiting now above the scene. again watching the arriving
8:10 am
officers strapping on their tactical gear. as you can hear in the backbeyond more sirens more arriving officers, it's a tremendous police response and of course it all comes because they have history here if you will. >> some of the employees i guess that are there on the ground that were trying to make their way into work just as they do every morning around this time some of those employees are telling our other news partners that they are hearing arainstorms sounding inside the building, not only are they dealing with the sirens of itself police responding but hearing alarms sounding inside the building and that they're onlockdown. dave we're going to let you catch our breath and sam swone who just got there is in the middle of all this where he is seeing hundreds of police officers flooding the navy yard. what can you tell us have you been able to gather new
8:11 am
information? >> reporter: right now the police and different agencies continue to show up. they've put this blocking tape up to bring manufacture and more police cars in. they're coming in from every angle. we're over a police headquarters before we arrived before this story broke. as we made our way over here it was just a flood of emergency vehicles. ambulances, fire trucks police cars, marked and unmarked making their way down to the navy this is what it looks like, a sea of flashing lights. they've cordoned off the whole area on n. street at 5th street southeast and people are making their way into work but nobody is going into their office building because they're staying outside to see if what is going on here. we are waiting for offices from the police department who are authorized to speak to the media to brief us, but right know there is a lot of unconfirmed information. we're not going to report anything that is not
8:12 am
confirmed. the police are keeping a barrier and not releasing much information but if you work in the area it would be a best bet to avoid it. do not come down here along n. street. traffic is a nightmare back to 395. they're moving us back. you can see this is a live picture. the police are moving us back as we speak. media continues to show up hoar along with other spectators here. there is construction working on a nearby school. they're not working anymore. they have come out to a very active scene. they're bringing in canine police dogs as the hospital flies over head i should say. >> we've been trying to take inventory of all the different agencies that are responding this. we see d.c.police capital police, what can you see as
8:13 am
far as all of the ditch jurisdictions that have swarmed the navy yard as they investigate reports of an active shooter there? >> reporter: from my vandage point i can see park police c. federal protection service then there is a sea of unmarked cars. you can see in front of us there is officers showing up in plain clothes. they're coming from their homes presumably in tee shorts and pants not even in even form but they're strapping up their gear putting on helmets and their bullet proof vests making their way down m. street closer to the naval yard. -- >> sam looking at i think the shot from your photographer there. it looks like you guys are down near the gates, the entrance to the navy yard? is that your correct location? >> reporter: we're a little shaky, we're at 5th street and m. street but police are
8:14 am
moving us back. i'm going to grab some of our equipment. this is live tv here, we're grabbing our equipment here being pushed back as this situation develops, you can see these officers, we can go over here and see the viewers. the type of guns that are out here. you have a machine gun strapped to his chest right here. >> it is such an erie scene to see this unfolding right there at the navy yard which back in september of 2013, it was the second deadliest murder on a military police when the lone gunman shot and killed 12 people. he stormed building 197 about the same time of the morning just as people were arriving to work like they defusingle day. -- they do every single day. if your commute takes you to the area you are going to want to avoid the area. we are gating tweets from metro saying this incident has not impacted metro travel
8:15 am
yet this morning. but julie wright, we want to bring you in because road closures are expansive and it would seem they keep moving sam sweeney pack -- back expanding the perimeter the road clothessures might only grow. >> it's kind of concerning how far are you going to be able to get on foot over to where it is that you think that you need to go? because as sam was showing us he is being push aid way from the scene? thank you. he is being push aid way from the scene at this point. so even if you do take the metro and you are allowed off at this stop we're not sure how far it is you are going to be allowed to walk and where you are going to be forced to go in a different direction. traffic weiss you are going to find there is a portion here of the navy yard a good portion of south capital street that is blocked between m. and i. street and we still have a portion of 295 that remains open.
8:16 am
it's going to be difficult for folks to get through southeast washington. again if you are heading to and from northeast your better bet is stick with kenilworth. use that as the work around. maw want to commit to new york avenue but you do not want to commit to southeast corridors at this time because this is a fluid situation. the closures are going to continue to come in and we don't want to get you stuck. what police want is for everybody to stay away from the area. back to you. >> thank you. we're going to stay with you as you continue to learn more about these road closures. it's 8:16. thursday morning, if you are just joining us, it is a busy thursday morning here on news channel 8. multiple agencies and the plenty respond to this reporting of an active shooter the a the navy yard. dave lucas is in the newsroom with new information for us, it's 8:16. it was 8:15 on september 16 of 2013, when we saw the same image unfolding on our
8:17 am
television screens i. >> i want to el it you one news organization is reporting, wnew is saying again building 197 is involved in here. that is what was the navc systems command. the police in which the 12 people were kill and three others were injured when aaron alexis went in there on that shooting rampage. as far as it is they can tell right now, this is their reporting one shot apparently was fired. no gun has been seen. but of course it won't take much to trigger this full on response, this is the folks over wnew are reporting that building 1 97 is the center of this investigation. one shot fired. no guns seen.
8:18 am
beyond that we're continuing to work our sources as hard as they are but again the parallels here are just so frightening for the navy yard shooting. it was building 1 the 7 at navc systems command building in which -- >> it was building 197 where woe saw this all unfold. the building that alexis burst no and shot and killed, murdered and -- >> building 197 was just reopened not too long ago there was a ceremony to do it. >> reporter: extensive renovations went on inside. it was a huge crime scene. it would have been a very difficult place to go back into if you were one of the folks assigned there. i've got a little information that i can add to what we're reporting right now. the associated press said
8:19 am
shots have been reported in the building, navy spokesman petty officer first class rodriguez confirmed there is a lockedown under way. the nation's naval situation it's also the scenes -- scene of the send deadliest mass murder behind fort hood. confirmation the lockdown but sam was telling us he could see it from there. and again the police response continues to get bigger and more robust and much more inclusive. sam, have you got something? >> i'm not sure if sam can hear you. he is being pushed back. sam sweeney was one of the
8:20 am
first ones down there. as you can look at what is unfolding right now you can see these police officers. these swat teams, u.s. marshals all of them suiting up in a hurry strapping on their bullest proof vests to try to get to the skin. dave lucas reporting that building 197 once again involved in this. there have been reports of shots fired of the our news partner at wnew reporting shots have been fired inside building 197. we heir are working to confirm that independently but we know the police presence is in response to an active shooter there at the navy yard. we know from the navy themselves offices telling us that thatted building has been placed on lockdown. the gates to the navy yard have been closed. no one being allowed in or out so any employees that may be expected to report for
8:21 am
duty there today, it's safe to say you should probably stay away right now as they continue to investigate. it was just reopened not too lock ago after there were extensive renovations. they had a lot of work to do to try to get the building back in working order after the lone gunman aaron alexis stormed the base in 2013. killing 12 people and injuring 3 others. it was the second deadliest murder on a military base. let's get back to sam sweeney live in the middle of all this. we see more officers arrive and strap on the bullet proof vests. >> reporter: about seven more undercover police arrived. you see them getting out of their vehicles we've more ambulances coming into the scene. so anything you see from your
8:22 am
vantage point is law enforcement vehicle. they just continue to pour in here. this perimeter line lab pulled backs, it's now at 4th and m. we don't we know what happened but we're going to the july 4th holiday. yesterday we received reports of suspected terrorist activity that could happen over the july 4th holiday. nobody is using the word "terrorism" yet but again we're entering the july 4th holiday. this is a military installation. this is a massive police presence and they're going in with tactical gear right now and more and more law enforcement by the minute continue to pour into the area of southeast d. c. >> we're going to let you go and get more information. we have a team of reporters headed to the scene. sam sweeney has been there holding it down until other folks could get on the scene. now sam ford our d.c.bure row chief arrived. you've covering this when it
8:23 am
unfolded in 2013. it's eerily system lars what have you heard? >> it's dejavu. we've seen this before here on m. street in front of the navy yard. it's a situation where i think they're moving us over. joe, let's move over this way. but it's the same building, same situation here, different, it's a little later in the, earlier in the year. but p. i. o. told us that building 197 they heard something, they had to go into the building to lock around. they're searching the building and here it's one of those scenes where everybody is out hoar and from vary jowers jurisdiction as well as various police and overhead we have the helicopters here. it's one of those situations where everybody is hoping
8:24 am
this is not going to be a repeat. because there was a terrible thing. alex i the shooter numerous victims i think 12 victims last time so. as you look down m. street, it is a sea of lights probably bigger than last time because the police were on alert and last time it came out of the blue. lights down at m. street. all wait to south capital street it's quite a sight. they're going in there to find out what happened. we still don't know a lot of things. we're waiting to find out. obviously, we're waiting and you are waiting that is it for here, back to you. >>, you got down there on the scene quick. thank you very much for that. 8:24 is your time. being looking at the scene unfolding outside the navy yard right now as a myriad of police agencies are responsing to reports of an
8:25 am
active shooter and once again, building 197 at the certainty of it all. that is -- center of it all. that is where we're hearing shots were fired inside. jennifer done len is joining us if there is sib are anybody here with abc. connected to the police department it's you. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: everything is very fluid and? situation like this it's difficult to make contact with folks because obviously they're in an emergency situation trying to respond. here is what i can tell you so far. sam reported the same so this is all at this point sounds of gunshots is what the initial report was. sounds of gunshots is different from the report that coming out back in 2013 of someone shooting and people were being shot. >> jennifer, we want, sorry to cut you off. we want to get to a live interview going on with an
8:26 am
employee. >> so everybody is locked down in place. >> correct. >> it's building 197? >> i can't confirm there is a potential incident on the base being investigated by security forces. >> i see. >> has anybody been transported to the hospital at this point? >> i couldn't safety i'm sorry. >> what time did the call come in. >> i can't say. i don't have much more information. >> just a recap of what you do know? it. >> the bases is on locke lockdown, security forces are vetting. everything else has been unconfirmed. >> this early on the morning how many people were already in place -- >> it's not possible to say, i'm sorry. >> your title. >> chris johnson public affairs officer. >> what -- >> naval command. >> is that the u.s. navy yard -- >> it's a command on the navy yard. >> so the apparently as we understand this is chris
8:27 am
johnson, he is public information officer for one of the units here at the navy base and obviously he is telling us very basic information. essentially that the whole navy base here perhaps thousands of people is on lockedown and until they figure out exactly what this is. earlier he told us he thought that the incident was taking place at building 197. he said he is not sure where it's taking place. however something happened to set all of this off. earlier he said he thought it was a shot pu something happened to set all of this off and fitch this time of year, the fact that it's the fourth of july time of year their threats coming from overseas people are particularly jumpy. as i was noting earlier if you dock lown the street -- look down street you can see they must been ready because there is a sea of vehicles. more than the last incident in 2013. so the that is the information that we have at this point. back to you. >> sam, thank you for
8:28 am
bringing us the live interview. that was the p.i.o.for the naval c. systems command which we know is head quartered in building 197. dave, the building just reopening in february of 2015 after undergoing a lot of renovations because of the murders that took place there back in 2013. so we know now that the base is on lockedown. a shelter in police order has been given for all of the employees that had already gotten to work there at the navy yard. some of our other news partners are reporting that is thousands of people that would have been there at work at the navy yard at about 8:15. >> couple of things to think about. took the date first of all couple of days tomorrow is the observed holiday for the fourth of july. so it's possible that there may have been fewer people there. that is depend something that is one of those afteraction things that we'll know b. you mentioned buildings 197.
8:29 am
the extensive row hab that went on. almost $6.5 million worth of renovation in the headquarters to the naval c. systems command. they moved back in 17 months after the horrible shooting there. now offices window, door carpet and paint even the entrance war the security guard was killed to make this in effect a different place. it's not a different place. test a the same place and it may also be implicated again. i can also tell you that metro transit police have just said they've completed a stem to tern sweep of the navy yard metro stop there and looked of where they can and they've pronounced it clear. so that may be julie was talking about the fact metro doesn't seem to be affected by what is going on above ground, underground apparently things are okay there. so a couple of -- maybe a
8:30 am
little review right now would be helpful about what we know. what woe think we know and what we're trying to nail down. in the luge police presence the result of a call that came in at 7:40. these are some of the gaps that perhaps we can fill in. that is a gentleman from the navy yard who was unable to officially confirm to us. about not quite an hour ago, you can see the remarkable police presence. officers in body armor officers with their automatic weapons at the ready. tremendous number of police on scene, also emergency workers i see a number of fire trucks also e. m. s. units. the response is rebust. our. partners at wnew have reported that had there was one shot heard but no reports of a gunman seen.
8:31 am
so that perhaps is something that is going to be important as we move on for first of all some sort of resolution here then the investigation that follows. can't read too much into that but it could likely be something that we will note later on. ment we're also hearing of course that in the has had tremendous effects on the transportation system there. sam ford was talking about the number of roads blocked, the number of dislocations getting around. again we're close to the holiday here. there are a lot of people in town and the all of this comes against the backdrop of that warning from the justice department earlier this week send out to 18,000 plenty across the country -- police departments across country saying be on gord, a higher level of readiness an vigilance because of the possibility.they said there was the possibility of increase
8:32 am
chatter that internet traffic and that was the same thing they noted prior to the attack on that resort in tunisia. >> you know that all of our intelligence officials here in the united states have been closely monitoring in the days leading up to the fourth celebrations. going to get you go. gather up more information if you can. we do know that the navy yard is on lockdown. employees are being told to shelter in place as just a sea of officers from so many different agencies descend upon that area at the navy yard for the reports of an active shooter situation right now. it all includes and center around building 197 yet again which was the scene of the horrific attack in 2013. it was the deadliest murder on a military base in the u.s. 12 people gunned down by aaron alexis, three others injured. we want to get to jennifer
8:33 am
donleon, apologies for cutting you off we were gating a little bit of information. i know that you are well plugged in with the d.c.police, have you been able to get anything confirmed at this point? >> reporter: at this point everything is going to be source information and it's going to come in bits and pieces because everyone is actively involved in the situation. but the initial information i'm getting is this is the sounds of gunshots. very important to note. we need to be cautious as we move forward. given that the first call out is sounds of gunshots it's not that the first call out was that we have someone shot or that we see someone shooting, this is sounds of gunshots. i've been able to confirm with several source this is is building 19. 7 -- 197.
8:34 am
i would heard from the officer saying he wasn't clear but i've several sources confirming that is 197, the same building two 2013. good news is as he also state and now sam stated earlier is police are inside the building as we speak and they're clearing floor by floor. i'm told given what happened in to 13, given the huge investigation that occurred after that, and concerns about miscommunication between all the different jurisdiction that is you see out there things are going much more shooting -- smoothly right now. communication is going well. i'm told by one source they have evacuated building 197. this is going to be an educated guess. they're doing that meticulously as they search floor by floor but as of right now i would say about 8 minutes ago when i spoke with the source, this was still a
8:35 am
sound of gunshot and you heard the public affairs officer describe this as a potential incident. so right now we're not hearing anyone say we have victims, we have a shooter. so i think as we go along, we are going to need to wait to hear what happened. but that initial report of gunshot and we have police in the building right now. so those people who were inside 197 officers are inside the building getting clearing the floors investigating what i understand is a sound of gunshot. >> jennifer, that was something that we're seeing a lot of agencies are putting out oversocial media is that as they are conducting this room by room sweep they're in building 197 so far no victims have been identified. also no weapons recovered. and but still no shooter found. that is something that you mentioned earlier about the amazing response and coordination among these multiple agencies.
8:36 am
and you are right. it was something that was brought to the light whenever this unfortunately happened in 2013 there wasn't a lot of communication among these agencies. that really seems to have been remedied if you are looking at how quickly all of these different jurisdictions came together to respond to this. >> reporter: yes, that those that is a lesson learned. that is when you see you start that discussion between jurisdictions before god forebid something happens again and we have a possibility something has occurred. the system has now been the kicks have been worked out. things are going smoothly from how they were going in 2013. one swat team arrive and they weren't allowed to go n. the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing.
8:37 am
from what i understand now because i asked the question how are things going? he said much better. >> it seems they've certainly been able to streamline their response. jennifer donleon thank you very much. getting lot of great information for us. a few minutes ago we had the public information officer chris johnson who is with the naval c. systems command come out and the give a very brief statement to our sam ford who is down there on the scene. let's listen to what he had to say. >> the entire base is on lockedown. buildings individually are locked down. everyone has been ordered to shelter in place but there has been no confirmed details. >> so that was chris johnson's public information officer from the naval c. systems command. he answered a couple more questions after that from reporters there. he had very limited information other than there was a potential shooting, active shooter situation there the a the navy yard.
8:38 am
again involving building 197 which as we unfortunately know and remember with the site of the horrific 2013 murder by aaron alexis where 12 people were shot dead as they arrived to work. one september morning. three other people were injured. the gunman alexis was killed in a shoot-out with police. if you are just joining us this has been unfolding for the last 45 minutes when the first calls began coming in for reports of shoots fired at the navy yard. since then a myriad of police agencies including capital police d.c.police, swat teams, just so many different jurisdictions responding to this. we've seen officers running in full body armor with their weapons drown. >> it was pretty much like the first time. you know there was a lot of
8:39 am
people running for the exits. running for shelter. stuff like that. a lot, a little bit of confusion. obviously moy cloth and i -- my colleague and i were just talking and they say what is the chances of lightning striking twice? you know neff thought it would happen again. so a lot of confusion just with the current procedures in place, we really knew what to do. we went right into lockdown, took shelter. so after that, it was that calm where now what is next? >> did you see any sort of a shooter or anybody who they thought was a shooter? >> no, i did not. i sure didn't. >> what was all the concern about? >> we heard someone yelling get out of the building, city away from the cafeteria get out of here. everyone started running to the office. we dove into the office and locked the door. >> our sources are confirmed there were' two armed
8:40 am
shooters one victim. what do you think about that? >> my prayers go out to the family. we've been through this before. it bricks back a lot of -- >> what gave you the clearance? >> police, i'm not sure what agency they were' from one one ever itself police agencies escorted us out of the building. >> we moved back our code moved back in march. and it was surreal being back in there but we figured we could get back to doing our job and building ships and you know and here we are again so -- >> what is it -- [inaudible] >> we've do active shooter drills, fire drills, we just got done doing a set of drills for this and for fire and everything went well.
8:41 am
everything was successful. they've taken great precaution to try to prevent this from happening again so again not knowing what actual went on in there, you know i'm not, can't speck hate on what happened. >> i come from a military family and it used to be that you thought once you were inside the perimeter you were safe. it's not like that anymore. >> no, it's not. i joined the navy in 1995 and the feeling was when you got on a installation and military installation, you were safe. i'm not saying that i don't necessarily don't feel safe. but it's, it's concerning that these things can happen. >> what security do you go in to get into the base? >> we have our cat cards that have our for me it has my rank picture, when i walk in i have to swipe it and it buzzes green if i'm cleared. then there is a guard there,
8:42 am
armed guard that checks to make sure that the picture is mine and that everything matches up. they do random bag searches so i think they're doing they've done everything they can besides making it difficult for even the employees to get in. >> what did police say to you when they got you out of the office? >> they asked us a bunch of question, how many people were in there with you. once we identified ourselves, they asked us to keep our hands up. stay together as a group and they safelyes courted us out -- safely escorted us out. they were on the ball. >> you heard him there he was inside the building at about 7:40 when he heard people telling him to get down stay away from the cafeteria. they went no an office. they looked the door. they got down but they waited for police to come in to clear them out. the police as you heard him
8:43 am
say questioned him. they were able to get out of the building safely. he couldn't confirm an active shooter but lieutenant commander scott williams was also in the billing in 2013 when there was a shooting at building 197 there. >> i wanted to ask you quickly it sound like he was able to confirm what jennifer doneleon was saying that police officers are going room by room doing a sweep of building 197 to give the all clear inside the building, yes? >> reporter: i've -- i lost your oaredio there. can you re-- i lot of your audio. >> he was saying exactly what jennifer had been reporting that they're going room by room to clear the building and get that building out of the lockdown situation. >> reporter:ment that cents what he was saying, he was huddled in the office as people were screaming out in the hallway.
8:44 am
they waited for the police to come back in and give them the all clear but the police didn't just let them go. they did questioning before they let them go and then they moved on to thes neck rom but they're working to get people out of the building safely. the seen is getting quieter. i'm going to step out of the way and show you the police cars have left the area and gone down some of the side streets but beyond 5th street on m. street completely blocked off with a sea of law enforcement. fire trucks ambulances, and the helicopter flying overhead. >> sam sweeney live there for us this morning with an interview with the lieutenant commander who was inside building 197 this morning. as it was placed on lockdown after there were reports of shots fired. he was' also in building 197 back in september of 2013 when the massacre took place thank you bring you go the interview, chilling to hear you think you would be safe once you get inside the gates
8:45 am
of a military compound. back to our sam ford who is there live. you have an interview with another employee there? >> reporter: yeah, what you see here as you look over there, there are a number of employees who didn't manage to make it into work because of this happened before they got in. they may be happy about that but this is marcia clark who lives in virginia. you were headed in this morning, tell us. >> i was headed into work. had just gotten dropped off because i -- we were about to go through the front gate when all of the police came around and we were tex-mex to say there was a possibility of something going on. >> my thoughts are with the poem that already were inside the navy yard. my thoughts and prayers with with them and having known that, you know this is, won't be the first inciden
8:46 am
fe it is the truth, you know we're praying for everyone that is inside. >> have you talked to anyone by phone? >> i've seen with -- >> what are they saying? what are they feeling? >> well, the folks that i've talked to are okay. so the that is the key. >> on lockdown but okay. >> to hear a loud voice they're okay. >> that is marcia clark, she was in virginia. she told us she wasn't towely here last time pu -- but it's something that goes through your mind as you work in a place like this because you know what happened in 2013. again we're out here, a lot of press employees who couldn't get to work. general public watching waiting to signed out what happened. back to you. >> sam, thank you for the interview. this is a live look now at m. street outside of the navy
8:47 am
yard where the building is on lockdown right now. building 197, the site of the 2013 shootings just reopened back in february of this year. only been open for about five months. that is the focal point of police as they search the billing room by room. they're going through trying to clear each individual room talking with people before they allow them to leave. we know that our john gonzalez is in mobile track 7. we do have him, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. we're in mobile track 7 maneuvering around traffic and we're going to slowly that you can hear people on the streets saying how can this be happening again? we want to give you a shot of the camera from above. this is directly in front. we're at the intersection of new jersey and m. street. on the corner is the transportation department. we're about a block away from the main gate of the navy
8:48 am
yard and from is a tremendous amount of emergency response even here, a block away. i can see federal protective services police, homeland security police, d.c.police blocked off several of the entrances here as you can see they blocked off the new jersey evans off of m. street to get around this street would normally take you to the back side. almost behind the navy yard if you will. so a tremendous amount of activity. i don't know if you can see it but there is a lot of folks on the street right now and you have uniformed police officers blocking the corners as well, trying to copy people away from the area. we're trying to get over to the main metro entrance. the navy yard metro entrance. we're going to make a left on to m. street here so people request get more closer. this gives you a sense of what m. street looks hike. this is second and m. street southeast heading to the navy
8:49 am
yard. it's just beyond you have a police officer standing in the middle of the road trying to direct pedestrian traffic and you can see the sea of flashing lights. this police officer here is, see if he is going to divert us back. we're being told to turn around. going to toss it back to you. >> john, yeah, thank you, those police officers seem to be expanding the perimeter there that they're sectioning off. just to get you back up to speed with what we know, it was just after 8:00 this morning when the initial reports came in of an active shooter situation at the navy yard. within minutes we saw hundreds of police officers from varying agencies descend upon the navy yard. it was a scene eerily reminisce fence of 2013 when the same seen unfolded when aaron alexis shot and killed
8:50 am
12 people there. what we have been able to gather is that police officers from all different jurisdictions have been going room by room floor by floor inside building 197 yet again, the focal points for these police officers, they've been going clearing those rooms and once that has happened they have been letting those employees who had been on lockdown been told to shelter in place been letting them out after questioning them. dave lucas has been on top of this since the news first broke. he has new information for us. >> couple of things to add to our collective knowledge if you will. because again it's very difficult. we're having to since size -- synthesize earlier john gonzales was trying to get to the metro, navy yard metro station there. we have heard not long ago from metro. they retweeted again their
8:51 am
canine and explosive ordnance detection units have completed a number of sweeps of the navy yard. the station is open. has apparently no impact to service there. so folks may be able if you can't get over the streets, the metro station apparently is available. couple of things to talk about, too. about building 197. that is how we knew it before. it does actually have an official name now. it's the humphrey building. s. the humphrey building particularly i've, i want to get your feeling on this because you were listening to this as well. that that lieutenant commander, the navy man talking to reporters there. couple of things that he said one was the training worked. this is something that obviously they have thought about a great deal of planning went into and when they moved the folks back in earlier this year they did it by taking every possible
8:52 am
precaution including what to do if this ever happened again. they did the training and apparently it, woulded today. >> it was chilling to me to hear that lieutenant commander say, you always think that once you get inside the gates once you are inside the perimeter of a military installation you will be safe but we know after what happened both at forthood and also here at the navy yard in 2013, that unfortunately that is not the case. so yes, he was going no great details talking about the impeccable training that those employees have undergone. they have been told what to do. should alarm bells ring out. apparently what we're hearing from those employees inside the building that is exactly happened. these sire sirens rang. they would' told to shelter in play, fortunately, as these officers go room by
8:53 am
room we're hearing that so far no victims have been identified. no weapons have been found but also no gunman yet have been found. so a lot of work there to be done. jennifer donleon is on the phone. she has been working her sources within the d.c.police department. of course a huge response from d.c.police there this morning, jennifer. >> so far the news is god. we have nothing found. i now have several sources telling me nothing found no far. the fact of the matter is police are still in the billing. it's a -- building. it's a massive building so going flor by floor but you have closets bath room, you have to check every square inch of the building before they can say it was a false call standdown. they're not standing down. lock at the pictures of what is unfolding but so far, this
8:54 am
is when i hope this is one of the situations when i hope i'm not -- the situation does not change but so far nothing found. police are still inside building 197. they're calling other officers down to the area. they have to be prepared for anything, they're not going to do a primary search and say nothing found then leave the area and call it. they're going to have to do the search over again. they're inside and the great news for everyone involved, people who have loved ones who work there who they now right now as of this moment we've nothing found. >> that is true. remarkable news, jennifer does point out bring a good point to the forefront is anybody who has been on a military installation knows that it's a labyrinth of hallways and rooms and offshoots. so to completely give this building and the entire military installs the always clear it is going to take
8:55 am
sometime. that is why you see so many police officers responding here to the reports of an active shooter situation. susan kennedy also down there on the scene for us. we have a team of reporters covering this for you from every angle. she joins us live with what she has been able to gather from her vantage point? >> reporter: we're at n. street southeast about a block behind national park. you can see we have the federal protective service. they blocked off we are we're and we've had park police, helicopters and. mpd helicopters over you we've seen people waiting on this corner trying to figure out exactly what the situation s. you can see the protective service, federal protective service are in front of the building as well. employees were waiting kwon the corner trying to -- on the corner trying to figure out what is going on. todd peters is trying to figure out what is going on. what time did you get here? >> it was about 7:45.
8:56 am
when i came into the area there was a lot of police activity out on the street a lot things going on, police directing traffic. i got to the area here. they had shut down new jersey so i wasn't able to get to the garage and found a spot over here and they've had us outside of the building since. >> reporter: what was going through your mind as you were' seeing this massive police presence here? >> i hope i could get no the office. >> any sense of fear or concern or were you more concerned about getting into the business of the day? >> usually seems the authorities and security have it locked down good but not a lot of fear but a little apprehension. you hope not is hurt. >> they told you what you could go home? >> we're instructed by our supervisors to go home. or hang around and in case things opened up which ons to possibly be the case now. i hope to be able to get into
8:57 am
the office and get some work done. >> it brings back a lot of memories for folks of september 2013, when you pulled up and saw all this was there any sense of fear for you that something wrong was happening here? >> not for moe personally but i think of the victims in cases like the navy yard shooter in 2013. nobody likes to see things like that happen. i don't. no once wants to be involved personally but no sense of personal threat for myself. >> 800 cops on the street. it lends an air of safety to the situation. so -- >> todd, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. todd was saying he was initially going to go home but they are evening up the building allowing people to move freely through this area which is a different situation than it was just about ten minutes ago. it doesn't so many as high-stress of a situation.
8:58 am
perhaps things are get back to normal in this sector of the city. backs to you. >> that building they're letting him into now after tell him no, go home that is a part of the navy yard. a part of the military installs they're reopening? >> no, that is the department of transportation. we're directly behind national's park at the corner of n. street in southeast that is the department of transportation. that is the dot building. they're seeing it's clear for people to go back in had. >> good news for those employees arriving there thank you for the update. i want to recap for you everything that is unfolding on your tv screen. reports of an active shooter situation at the navy yard. this has been unfolding for the last 45 minutes. so far as police and officers and the officials continue to go room by room and sweep building 197 once again the focal point of this
8:59 am
active shooter investigation so far no weapons. no active shooter and no victims have been found.
9:00 am
. once we got in there we moved some couches. we started looking around for things to use as weapons in the event we needed that. >> are you trained for this now? >> we're trained as far as evacuating. getting out of the building or in the office yes. >> what made you go into the office in the first place? >> we're at the end of the hallway. our distance to another hallway is kind of long. it's a split second decision. which you have to take your chances on. >> what were you hearing in the hallway? >> no shouts or yelling. people were moving quickly trying to get to the doorway and stairs. i didn't hear any shots or anything. >> what did police tell you? >> i think it's pretty standard


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