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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ew place. thank you. we used a designer from havertys to help blend all of my stuff with dave's one good chair. i love it. that reminds me of when we blended our furniture. yeah. ryan helped me get all my stuff just the way i like it. and emily helped me get all of my stuff right toto the curb. that was a great day. yeah. refresh your space at havertys with savings in every room! plus enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. leon: tragedy at the world police and fire ga a deadly accident during a cycling race. >> they arehe never imagined when he was preparing and training to come to the games that it would end to tragic aally. leon: plus, keeping you safe this weekend. >> there it so much security around the city. leon: what you can expect for the fourth of july. and who is the worst in the nation when handling your
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luggage? reportedly it is one of our airports. winwhich one? next. leon: first at 11:00 tonight shock and grief as the competitive cycling race ends in tragedy. a pan dead and two -- a man dead and two others have critical injuries. it happened at the world police and fire games in prince william county. jay korff with new information about the victims and investigation into how this happened. what can can you tell us at this point? jay: sources familiar with crash told me it was horrific and high speed. the athletes who are also first spends and officers and in some cases detectives not only hit the road at a high rate of speed and each other but hit a wooden railing off to one side of the road. the two who are fighting for their lives that the hour, one from canada andom the states. police say the crash happened
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while male cyclists competing in the world police and fire games were traveling at a high rate of speed down the descent in the hilly confines of prince william forest park in triangle, virginia. a rider's tire blew, causing him to lose control of the bike leadingleading to a chain reaction crash. 48-year-old police inspector carlos silva of brazil died as a result of his injuries. his roommate during the games and his coworker in bra brazil -- >> he loved to be here and loved to train and loved his career and his daughter. jay: sources tell abc 7 news that ryan levins was also critically injured in the crash. he has been working as the chief ranger at harper's ferry national historic park. the third injured rider is from canada. >> we are all police. it so hard. i'm sorry.
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reporter: a canadian cyclist understands the inherent dangers of cycling but the news leaves him devastated. >> when it is one of yours it is hard. reporter: as police from around the area can gathered odd the hospital, political law enforcement and hospital leaders gathered with some of silva's teammates in a show of support. we know that local law enforcement leaders are trying to original mize a local memorial for inspector silva in the refon area tomorrow. organizers of the games say events will go on tomorrow. live in fairfax, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: hank youthank you, jay. showers and storms dotted the radar every day this week and that will be linkerring into the holiday weekend as well. when is the best time to travel and outdoor activities?
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stephensteve is here. steve: for those traveling by car to the delmarva beaches on out-of-town by the local airports look at doppler radar. hog going on as we scan -- nothing going on as we scan the skies. temperature now 65 at dulles. 72 at reagan national airport. tomorrow morning a few showers and of 68 degrees. mid day middle to upper 70's and top off around 80 degrees and may are a rumble or two of thunder. the process may repeat on saturday. a about for the fireworks saturday night? more coming up in a few minutes. leon: a heightened awareness as we head to the fourth of july and thousands descending on the national mall. lawen forcement agencies placed on alert about the threat of terrorism but top u.s. officials insist there are no specific threats they are face. tom roussey live with the
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preparations happening right how to. tom? tomlinson youtom: seeing the security increase. behind me a lot of those barricades like that one and these outside the capitol where the concert will be before the fireworks. the concern centers around whether or not supporters of the terrorist group isil will try anything in the u.s. this fourth of july the f.b.i. and homeland security have told police nationwide to be extra alert. signs of heavy security can already be found around the mall. the chairman of the house counter terrorism subcommittee says the threat is very real. >> i would say this is the most intense level of concern i have seen maybe since 9/11. >> we will be here come rain or shine. steve: we found folks who say they will not let warnings of terrorism keep them from watching the fireworks. >> worse thing is to let that goat in the way of what would
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are trying to sell penetrate. celebrate. steve: dario was injure the fighting for the israeli military and there is no way he will miss being here saturday. he will be among hundreds of thousands who won't let threats of terror stop them from sell bracelet thecelebrating the land of the free. and police are encouraging folks to come down here and enjoy the fourth. they ask that if you do see anything suspicious, report it. reporting live near the u.s. capital, tom roussey abc 7 news. leon: scary moments but ended about the best possible news. someone reported hearing gunshots at the navy yard where a gunman killed 12 people nearly two years ago. responders rushed to the scene but nothing was found and no one was harmed. police say a worker heyed the call and that is what anyone should do, be aware and report
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anything of concern. >> the person heard ha what she thought may have been gunshots and made a call. we have no concerns this was a hoax whatsoever. leon: police say communication among agencies improved significantly since that deadly attack in 2013. >> police identified a teenager whose body was found burning in a trash can. police say he died of gunshot wounds before he was set on fire. no arrests have been made this the case. a 9-year-old haig arestown boy is in cratecondition after was beaten because he took a piece of birthday cake. was handcuffed as punishment according to his mother. she says her boyfriend robert wilson beat the boy unconscious. investigators found other evidence of long-term abuse. wilson is being held on bond.
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the boy is not expect to the survive. >> new developments as darren windt fires his attorney. the victims were pound in their burning home in northwest washington in may. at preliminary hearing he dismissed the lawyer hired for him by his family. he will now be represented by a public defender's office. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert for travelers. one of our airports is among the worst for handling baggage. dulles leads the nation in capitolclaims of damaged baggage. richard reid live with the details. we are number one. hate to say it. rich: july 4 approaching quickly. the new published report says that the t.s.a. has put out $3 million for damaged or lost luggage.
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on this crowded busy travel weekend. >> in a hurry and lot of people shoving lieu richard: sometimes is luggage has the hardest journey. >> it is frustrating. it is expensive. richard: an investigation found t.s.a. is taking a hit for banged up bag, paying out $3 million in claims for lost, broken or stole pen items. >> i would only be pretty upset. that is a lost money. richard: the report says dulles ties with orlando for the largest percentage of successful t.s.a. claims. anotherly $68,000 at dulles. $60,000 at b.w.i. and more than $32,000 at reagan. >> a blurry screen and an ink blot across it. >> she remembers when her laptop fell off a t.s.a. conveyor belt and smashed on the floor. >> just because they are are responsible for the safety of the flight does the give them
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the right to destroy other people's property richard: some experts say bags are generally in t.s.a. custody for a shot period of tile and it is more likely the airline would damage luggage. >> it is the frustration and usually at the worst time. richard: now t.s.a. tonight says look, it screened 137 million bags from dulles d.w.i. and ray and out of that 2300 claims. they say that is a tiny number and that this he do have a claims procedure. but after all you have to admit when this happens to you it is just no fun. live from dulles, richard reeve abc 7 nows. leon: the office of personnel management is resuming background checks for certain levels of clearance but using an interim procedure. o.p.m. says it is a precaution because an additional weakness was discovered. the system will be offline for
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possibly up to six weeks. investigators in south carolina have concluded that a fire at a church there was caused by weather. the pie destroyed mount zion african american church in greenville. that structure had been set on fire by the kkk 20 years ago. the fire this week was triggered by lightning. coming up, a little lovity levity about the race for the white house. president obama: that is an interesting bunch. leon: the president got off a couple of good lines today. new face in the crowd, too. the latest in the growing field just ahead. andorra hattic moments as wild weather -- andorra pattic moments as weather spans the nation. and butting a tax on
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♪ ♪ leon: about 5,000 people can't go home in tennessee after train derailment spilled a toxic chemical. it happened overnight south of knoxville. authorities told residents to not drink the water for now. the train was carrying a hazardous material used to make
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plastics and it is dangerous if inhaled. a new democrat joins the race for the white house. it is former virginia senator jim webb. he served a term in the senate in 2006. he is a vietnam veteran and former sectionary under president reagan. that pales in comparison to the other side. this are now some 14 people running for the presidency in the republican party. latest being chris christie. today the president had something to say about this. president obama: i have lost count how many republicans are running for the job. [laughter] president obama: they will have enough for an actual hunger games. [laughter] presidentpresident obama: that is an interesting bunch. leon: and that bunch is expected to grow on july 13 when scott walker is expected to
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that he is going to be running for president. >> c.e.o. of whole foods is apologizing for pricing at the company stores. a new york o city investigation found regular orcharging for prepackaged, fruits, vegetablesnd deli meats. the c.e.o. says the issues were mistakes and they plan to increase training around country to solve the problem. the highest was $15 extra on a package of coconut shrimp. chicago added a 9% tax on netflix and spotify. the tax a applies to anyone with a chicago billing address. more than two dozen states already charge sales tax on digital services so they are not alone. wild weather heading into the holiday weekend across the country. destructive tornadoes ranging from missouri toucans. weto kentucky. images like this and cars toss
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the around and washed away by severe flooding in missouri. and heavy damage. >> check that out. just shook the whole building in front of us yo. leon: in the west, tire crews on high alert for wildfires. the extreme heat and lightning is creating a hazard. and a holiday coming up that involves if. steve: everything green for us around here. i notice that when i was walking my dog. what a difference a year can make. a few showers out there tonight. and tomorrow another round of showers. fingers crossed for saturday night for the fireworks. we are ready to go. 77 degrees the high earlier today. felt great out there considering the average high for this time of year in the upper 80's. 101 is the record back in 1966. temperatures now cooled to 73 degrees at the airport. winds out of the authority at 3 miles per hour.
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humidity, dew point levels in check. doesn't feel that bad out there but the humidity is coming back and really going to tart to feel it toward the end of the upcoming weekend and into early next week. 73 degrees at reagan national. head out to mountains, cooler but not tremendously cooler. middle 60's and drop to lower 60's overnight. quiet and dry across the mid atlantic. action well to the south but this all moved off the coast for those who may have travel plans to head to the delmarva beaches no real problems. may be dodging a few raindrops but nothing is that is going to cause significant delays. night time lows, 63-70. tomorrow grab an umbrella. you door plans pore than likely not going to need it the whole day. garrett and allegheny counties
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you will see the showers and maybe even hear a few rumbles of thunder. a better chance through the later day hours and by saturday porch the moisture to the west hopefully will bet far enough to the east by saturday night we will get the fireworks in with no problems. i'm growing more and more optimistic this will happen. good news if you have plans to head down to the national mall. beach forecast, temperatures, ocean city and bethany, upper 70's to 820 diagnose. warmer toward the south tort outer banks of north carolina. 79 for the high tomorrow. the fourth of july talking 81 degrees for the high and then the fireworks forecast for saturday night at the national mallion upper 70's to around 80 degrees. and the next seven days we will show the heat and humidity returns as would move to sunday dry things out. monday, tuesday, wednesdayion middle to upper 80's with night time lows around 70 degrees. leon: okay. good.
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and hopefully good for baseball we got coming in this weekend. >> the world champs are in. before we got some braves news to take care of. the natasha motterring towards the holidays and a matchup with the reigning world champ giants. before they do, max scherzer and company finishing off the set with the braves. highlights of an interesting endingending to their series coming up. >> countdown to fourth of july brought to you
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>> the nationals bullpen is loving when max scherzer pitches. why? they can be almost assured a day off. tonight in the atl, mad max becomes the first nationals pitcher to toss at least 8 things in four straight starts. scherzer was strong. nine strikeouts, only gave up five hits going the entire game.
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scherzer did give up a run in the fifth. wilson ramos singles to right field and a harper from second to store and game is toyed and stay tied to the bottom of the ninth. cameron maybin with a bouncer down the line. escobar can't get it. ump p calls it fair and the winning run comes around. n aats upset at the call. they still lead the east by 2 1/2 games over the mets. orioles trying to get a split against the rangers. scoreless to the non. odor with the base knock. run scores. orioles lose 2-0 is the final. paul pierce has moved on to l.a. the wizards have moved on as well. according to multiple reports the wizards acquired jade dudley
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milwaukee bucks for a second round draft pick. averaged 8 1/2 points per game. should help as the wizards try to fill the void left by the truth. cavs making move is. right winger t.j -- caps making moves. oshie coming in exchange for braugher and copley and a third-round pick in the 2016 draft. and contrary to what you have heard, el tigre can can shoot some golf. four under, 66. right down i--81 in west virginia. tighe are tees off tomorrow afternoon at 1:10. and check this out. the newest nationals racing president. calvin coolidge paying the abc 7 newsroom a visit. joining george, tom, teddy and bill. the first race tomorrow night. the day before the 143rd birthday. looks good for 143.
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leon: looks good for somebody who keeps knocking his led this the lights here. leon: we have to replace -- got to replace the lighting fixtures now. >> send the nationals is bill. leon: exactly. coming upion the wall of courage has a new home. how you can participate in the unique are experiment which started here and has gone viral coming up next.
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leon: tense moments but everybody cleared after reports of gun fire at the navy yard this morning. the top trending story tonight on increasing security ahead of the fourth of july holiday and lingering chances for snow. wishful thinking. showers and storms. and there is no snow snow. what do you wish you had the courage to do and do you have courage to share that with the entire world? they are the theme of a special wall on display in boston that lets you write in hawk what you wish you -- in chalk what you wish you had the courage to do. this was previously displayed in alexandria. it generated a lot of buzz and has been featured on "good morning america." it will be in boston across from
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the metro station there for the rest of the month. go check it out and make your addition but keep it clean. all right. a final look at the forecast when we come back.
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leon: tell us about the snow. >> the snow on way is not happen. i promise you on that front. the seven day outlook. 79 degrees for the high tomorrow. july 4 holiday, temperatures around 80 degrees. a better chance that we will get rid of the showers and storms in time for the fireworks. clear things out and dry things out nicely on sunday. back to the middle to upper 80's come monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. leon: i was going on vacation in my mind. i was in the alps or some where. that is it for us here
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♪ ♪ i love the new place. thank you. we used a designer from havertys to help blend all of my stuff with dave's one good chair. i love it. that reminds me of when we blended our furniture. yeah. ryan helped me get all my stuff just the way i like it. and emily helped me get all of my stuff right to the curb. that was a great day. yeah. refresh your space at havertys with savings in every room! plus enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, andy samberg. from the seattle seahawks, russell wilson. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from butch walker. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if that's not enough, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy:


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