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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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departments from all around the country and the world as they show their solidarity with a department in brazil after they lost an officer who will be clearly missed. >> a good father, a good friend. jeff: that is how 48-year-old carlos silva is remembered by his brazilian teammates. >> everybody on the team is sad. unbelievable. jeff: silva a police inspector 25-year veteran of the brazilian police force and father of a 13-year-old daughter. yesterday afternoon he was competing in a cycling vent for the world police and fire game near quantico when the authorities say a cyclist blew a tire while riding dorn this steep hill leading to a chain reaction crash. 43-year-old ryan levins the chief park ranger at harper's ferry national park in west virginia was critically injured as was a 44-year-old rider from canada. galvaltrarianed with silva for
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the triathlon that happened this morning. many teammates were too distraught to compete but they did. phillip is an experienced cyclist who was not surprised after hearing about the severity of the track. >> that big of a group and going that fast. you can get in a pileup right then and there. jeff: as the brazilians walked through the town center joseph stood up to offer support. >> you come here to compete and have a good time. to lose your life is tragic. jeff: no question. you -- tonight at 8:00 a memorial service will be held in honor of carlos silva. as for mr. levins ryan levins from west virginia friends of mr. levins tell our jay korff that he suffered traumatic brain injury, broken collarbones and broken ribs
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and he has endured two surgeries but they are optimistic he will survive. live in reston, jeff goldberg abc7 news. kimberly: thank you for the update, jet. new tonight, ush gent alert. a missing teenager and a convicted sex offender she ran off with may be in the area right now. "7 on your side" fighting back investigator jennifer dolan is tracking down the new developments. what are police looking for here? jennifer: the united states marshal service is looking for our help. federal authorities say 41-year-old benjamin shook was released from a georgia prison in september of last year after serving ten years for host of convictions, including child exploitation and child sex abuse. now he is accused of meeting 14-year-old wilson on a popular chat app and luring her away from home. >> he is a dangerous sexual
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predator. we are concerned for her welfare. jenniferjennifer: she left her home on her own account. then they were spotted a it a wal-mart and later in virginia. on june 24 there were two sightings in sugar grove, virginia. that was a week ago. no one has seen them since. abc7 spoke by phone with a deputy u.s. marshal leading the search in southwest virginia. >> we have received tips from far away as richmond. the videos i have seen on the calls that have come in are very close. jennifer: the tips received turned out not to be this pair. but they know they hitchhiked at least once. the fever searched remains focused four hours south of the area the u.s. marshals ask the residents in d.c., maryland and virginia to keep the eyes open and phones ready
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>> a possibility someone unknowingly gave them a ride. if you see something, say something. jennifer: back here life. the office of exploited and missing children are also looking for the pair. if you see the phone, pick up and call 911. jennifer donelan, abc7 news. jonathan: there may be hiccups to keep an eye out for. in the mall, thousands of people will come together to enjoy the fireworks. hopefully the fireworks are the only one raining down on us. brian: perfect forecast. might i add the last holiday in town, memorial day was amazing. so when it comes to if fourth of july i have a little to
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talk about. the clouds are picking up a bit. the temperatures range out there 77 at dulles. andrews is 77. 77 in annapolis. 79 in manzan. scattered clouds and sprinkles to the south and west. we have a few sprinkles through faquier county. nats are in town tonight. we might see a sprinkle or two but the bulk will stay dry. i'll join you with an update to look at the weekend in complete details. kimberly: look for you then. right now security experts in major cities across the country preparing for anything. they have latched on to a flood of terror threats for the fourth of july weekend.
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jonathan: they are calling this the most credible threats they've had since 9/11. they want to nail down what the threats are and if they are serious. >> this time tomorrow america will be 239 years old and half a million people will be stretched from the capitol to the lincoln memorial celebrating the birthday of their country. not everybody here tomorrow is going to be focused on having a good time. the stage has been set. security is in place. >> now we wait. >> we have confidence in the law enforcement agencies handling security here. >> tomorrow, upwards over 600,000 people will crowd this strip of land in the nation's capitol. due to terror threats, security has been tightened. the national mall will have nine security checkpoints and
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increased police presence. if you plan to attend your bag will be checked. weapons such as guns and knives are not allowed with drone, alcohol, glass containers and fireworks. new technologies will be used as the federal and the local authorities team up. >> we are confident we're ready. >> this year 40 people with ties to isis have been arrested in the u.s. seven in the last two weeks. >> people are ready for it. >> you can't live your life around the worries all the time. >> life has to go on. keep moving forward. can't run and hide from this. >> they don't have a specific threat but they want everybody on the mall tomorrow to be aware. chris papst, abc7 news. kimberly: if you see something, say something.
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before you celebrate the fourth head to we are keeping you up to date on the latest security developments and we put a list of the places to watch the fireworks. jonathan: people in anne arundel are suffering from loss of water after a water main crack that broke. 30,000 customers without running water. we checked with the water crews and they tell us the high levels of rain wash the soil out underneath the pipe. the pipe just broke. the pyre -- repair is not expected to wrap up until 7:00. kimberly: another case on déjà vu this morning. on train tracks county officials tell us a csx train hit a garbage truck. the train stayed on the track and no one was hubert. you remember this crash in 2013? just down the road from today's incident. this derailment and explosion prompted the ntsb to call for safety improvements at both crossings, as well as two
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others. tonight, baltimore police running damage control. jonathan: photos surface appearing to show appalling messages on the inside of the police van. we have the latest. reporter: pictures circulating on facebook call attention to the baltimore police transport van. one shows this phrase. "enjoy your ride because we sure will." posted for those in custody inside the van to see. >> people have been arrested. put in a van. transport van. to read something as trite as that, which we heard about is disconcerting. it is. reporter: we captured video of a van in the riots april 25 ords "you call we haul" on the back. >> those comments that are painted on the official government vehicles is if they are a moving and hauling company is not good at all. >> when questioned thursday a spoke penn called it concerning an unacceptable.
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adding the department was recently made aware of the writing. they are looking at how they got there and who put them there. >> now light is shine on the issue. >> i feel like it was never questioned before. it won't hurt anybody to take it down. why not? >> a final wish in the form of two simple words. odd ball obituary turning heads and why a family says it would be wrong not to print it. jonathan: historically black
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church up in flames. what investigators now zeroed in on. >> the fundraising effort that is raising some eyebrows. i'm suzanne kennedy at the live desk. i'll have the story when "abc7
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jonathan: you know when you think about it online crowd funding a popular way to raise money. kimberly: but the effort in south carolina is a source of controversy. suzanne kennedy is at the live desk with the details. what is the problem? suzanne: amber roof is the 27-year-old sister of the charleston church shooter. she was supposed to be married inump but they canceled the nuptials after her brother amountedly shot and killed nine people. so she and her husband launched go fund me page to cover lost wedding costs, pay bill to send them on their dream honeymoon. they were to be married june 21, four days after the mass shooting. afternoon much debate on social media criticism of the couple's effort the go fund me page has been taken down. they raised less than $2000. they say they will give 10% of that money to the emanuel a.m.e. church. at the news desk suzanne
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kennedy, abc7 news. kimberly: investigators say the recent fire that gutted a predominantly african-american church was caused by weather. there were roberts of lightning the time of tuesday's blaze and no evidence of arson. the blaze drew attention because five other black church fires have occurred in the south since the charleston church shooting. jonathan: talk about severe weather causing heavy damage. this time in tennessee. look at the video. storms in the nashville area brought down trees, crushing trucks barns. even information booth at the wilson county fairgrounds. gone. the national weather service is looking into whether it was a tornado or straight line winds that touched down there. either way the damage has to be cleaned up. it's a mess. we have seen these storms. kimberly: i was just going to say we have a lot of severe weather in the midwestern portion of the country. brian: for the last two weekends strong weather around here. the good news is we don't have severe weather on the doorstep for the holiday. wet weather for earl tomorrow morning to midday.
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later in the day it will improve. jonathan: we just need a patch tomorrow. brian: i have a place on the roof. believe me. jonathan: he is the barometer. if he brings an umbrella everybody brings the umbrella. >> i'm going incognito tomorrow. we had sunshine that came through time to time this morning and midday but we had more clouds moving in. a batch of moisture. the best chance for showers is tonight and tomorrow morning and rumble of thunder are possible through the first half of tomorrow. as the system get of here we should see improving conditions. hopeful. we may even get a touch of clearing. temperatures outside across the area. 77 in martinsburg. 77 in winchester. quantico is 79. all of us in the upper 70's to
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low 80's. big picture showing blips on the radar. light moisture to lift in from the south and west. deep to west virginia. in central virginia we have seen sprinkles. a good way to check this out with the storm watch 7 doppler radar. head to the website click on the weather tab. click on the radar tab to watch the radar streaming all the time. so a couple sprinkles. if you are heading out 66 showers out to strasburg. winner chester. -- winner chester. this may try to rush in here overtime. but as far as the showers are concerned the best chance is tomorrow morning. 80 degrees. that is the high tomorrow. right around either side at 80 degrees. 88 is typical. we are cooler than average because of the showers that will be lifting across to keep a close eye on. this is the future cast.
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that looks forward for the next 26 to 34 hours. spotty sprinkles here and there. later tonight, bedtime through tomorrow morning there could be heavier rain. we could have a wet start tomorrow. by the middle of the afternoon the showers are pushing south. could linger down to central virginia. by the evening tomorrow 9:00 most of us should be dry. which key for fireworks. the forecast for the weekend if you look at that for saturday and sunday. for the day on sunday, the mid-80's or. so partly sunny day. isolated isolated storm chance. fireworks viewing does -- listen to the sound effect too. it looks like we should be good. although i'm showing a stary
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night out there. cloudy night in there. if you are heading to beaches near 80 for ocean city atlantic city. mid-to-upper 80's for the outer bank. temperatures in the water water temperature pushing 80 degrees. the seven-day forecast not beautiful for tomorrow. but i have high hopes by the evening there will be better weather. kimberly: we hear reluctance in your voice. brian: there is so much fear. kimberly: straight out fear. jonathan: the grief he gets. brian: exactly. that is why doug is off tonight. he couldn't handle it. jonathan: you didn't know we have the sound effects. all the bells and whistles. brian: i appreciate it. kimberly: this is the very last thing you want to happen on a fishing trip. jonathan: shark seeing red. what happens after he flips a man out of a kayak. kimberly: plus. "doug died."
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the simple words making waves and getting a town talking about it next. >> the treasure of belonging to a world war ii vet comes full circle on the fourth of july weekend. "7 on your side" works to a myselfry. the story coming -- a mystery. the story up next.
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discovery tonight kicking off an inspiring search. it starts with the simple thing. a collection of silverware. but horace holmes finds out it's not where the story starts but where it leads that is more remarkable. horace: for gene bunker it was unexpected and unbelievable find. sitting in the trash can of the building where she works. >> n there was a blue bin with tarnished, corroded silver. horace: she took the bin home and her husband spent the night tarnishing the silver pieces. he wiped away the dark stains and schiaping at him was -- shining at him was number. >> entered the social security number. horace: he pulled out his ipad and went online. horde lane, world war i -- harold lane world war ii army
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vet. search revealed he grew up in virginia. he later worked at a government printing office in d.c. and died in 1993. july 1 he would have been 89. >> the power of the internet. trying to sol tv mystery. >> they tried to find relatives of howard lane but came one nothing. so they contacted "7 on your side." >> i feel like we were meant to find this and find the family. horace: our research led to us a neighborhood in prince george's county and a step closer to get the silver back to the rightful owner. so the story is not over. the silver is just part of it. today we spoke with the family of lane and arrange to have them reunited with the silver on monday. join out abc7 "abc7 news at 5:00" on monday. we'll tell how you story ends. jonathan: hort and sweet. a obituary showing an sense of
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humor of a man. midwest humor. it had two words. "doug died." he wrote it himself. his daughters say he was charismatic and funny, making people laugh. even after he left. >> he wanted it short and sweet. he felt he hadn't accomplished enough or something. i don't know. he came up with and said all i want is "doug died." jonathan: mission accomplished. she said she was fulfilling her father's wishes and had no idea how much attention it would get. it created quite the buzz. kimberly: something humbling about that. jonathan: but more importantly they made him talk. how many obituaries where nobody talks about the guy. kimberly: first come first serve. the rush going on ahead of a concert in d.c. and the unexpected move that started
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it all. jonathan: high alert. the fourth of july security concerns and how the police are working to keep you safe in the face of what they call credible
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: the nation's capitol on high alert. kimberly: law enforcement gearing up for the fourth of july holiday in the face of what is called credible terror threats. rebecca cooper is live in northwest.
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authorities are suggesting people consider alternatives as they celebrate tomorrow? rebecca: that is right. mayor bowser said despite heightened security concerns the show will go on on the national malibu -- on the national mall but she recommended other event going on. and tomorrow mayor bowser will be here for the n d.c. palisades fourth of july parade. the primary precaution here today: girl scout making sure the free ice cream makes it to the park for the afterparty. mom is an annual organizer. >> this is the best small town parade in washington d.c. i draws every local school businesses, families dogs. you name it. rebecca: miles away from the monument, they have nags for flags up and getting ready. rather than raising the alert level they were trying to
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decide the dog float should flowers. this is another member who says he is not concerned. >> the great thing about the palisades this is a small town in a big city. we have a very welcoming positive, fantastic all volunteer experience. rebecca: after hauling the ice cream, the girl scouts want to enjoy the hot dogs the mason grill for the afterparty. their favorite part of the parade? >> my favorite thing is the candy and the picnic afterwards which is a lot of fun. rebecca: like last year there will be plenty of people. but the crowd spread out along the parade route with no bag checks at the fourth of july d.c. festivities. so tomorrow along busy macarthur boulevard the street will be closed and full of
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floats and the side area will be pull of people watching the parade. no bag checks but kids tell you it's important to bring a bag to the parade because of all the candy thrown out to the people watching. reporting live in northwest, rebecca cooper abc7 news. jonathan: it's the best part. thanks. developing now the alexandria police department will be holding a community meeting on monday to address its first hop side of the year. it happened overnight on north fayette street blocks from king street. shakkan elliot-tibbs was shot and later died at the hospital. neighbors are shaken up by this. >> my heart is huberting. i have a 21-year-old that is about to be 22 years old. it could have been him. jonathan: at this point police do not have a suspect. if you have information the alexandria police want to talk to you. kimberly: tonight a wisconsin man held in a mental health facility after they say he threatened to kill president obama. he is accused of posting the
5:32 pm
threat on his facebook page on tuesday. he also allegedly told the threat to a security guard at a library in lacrosse. the president spoke at an event there yesterday. new developments about a convicted killer who broke out of a new york state prison. the buffalo news report richard matt wrote a letter to his daughter prior to the escape and promised his daughter he would see her on the outside. she received the envelope three days after his escape but it with us' -- postmarked earlier. she cooperated with the police while he was on the run. jonathan: according to frederick news post a woman fell 25 feet down a rock base on thursday. fire and rescue crews had to repel to get to her and three hours is how long it took where she was hoisted up to a helicopter and flown to a trauma unit in baltimore. there is no word on her
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condition at this hour. tonight, wildlife officials in fairfax county warn of possible case of rabies. people report a fox ran toward them on a trail. they say it acted strangely. but they got away. the fox got away but then killed. you are asked to keep an eye out and be safe. time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here. you know every time we have gone to you we have seen what we see behind you. traffic is moving. that is great on friday afternoon. james it is. we would typically see gallows road bumper to bumper at this hour. the inner loop and the outer loop barely moving usually. this is a good indication of the pace on all the interstates now. good thing on 66 and 395. the h.o.v. restrictions have beenlifted. today and through the weekend. focus in on how light this is and what we see in the d.c.
5:34 pm
area. light volume. green behind me. nothing red. today and tomorrow saturday schedule. heads up you do plan to get in the d.c. area, the trains tonight open until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow 7:00 to 3:00. more trains tomorrow to accommodate everyone getting downtown. if you are headed to the beach, take a live look. light volume. it's really not bad. it's is nice. back to you. jonathan: thank you. right now you can learn to fly or just walk to the foo fighters pop-up store at union station. the band is in town to play the 20th celebration.
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the concert was up in the air after the front man broke his leg on stage. the grateful dead is playing the final show this weekend in chicago. this is the same place they played the last show 20 years. just before jerry garcia died. the dead heads the actual band inducted in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 1994. these guys have been at it a long time. kimberly: have you ever seen them? jonathan: i haven't. i like their music. kimberly: i saw them at r.f.k. i wonder if this is really the end. really really? jonathan: chock this up to the stuff of nightmares. kimberly: a shark with an attitude sending a kayaker overboard. what happened after the terrifying moment is coming up
5:36 pm
caught on camera a brutal meeting in the mall and new demands of the attack. >> new at 6:00 living on the edge. how a driver ended up perched on a dock and the unusual step that had to be taken to save her life and recover the car.
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brian: the weekend is upon us. saturday we start with showers but through the day, progressively, they will improve. conditions will improve. the showers should taper. the gyrocopter -- "a capitol fourth" at the mall. the potential for the showers could be wrapping up. moisture midday but by the afternoon the skies should clear. it will be near 80. it will be fairly comfortable. by the evening bulk of the metro area should dry for
5:38 pm
all the firework festivities. the bulk should be dry. sunday a better day for the back half of the weekend. a similar setup. low 80's in northern beaches and upper 80's for the southern beaches.
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kimberly: to a shocking incident caught on camera at a mall in georgia. three security guards beating up a teen punching him and throwing him to the ground. jonathan: they have been suspended. i think they have been fired but the boy's mother is demanding they be arrested. steve osusanmi has the story. reporter: this cell phone video burning up the internet that led to the suspension of the three security guards seen repeatedly punching a 15-year-old outside a mall south of atlanta. [screaming ] reporter: witnesses say the guards were trying to get a group of underage kids to leave. the mall policy says you have to be 18 to remain on the property without a parent. the girl who shot the video whether or not is avoiding cameras told police one of the guards swung first. 45-year-old ham is the boy's mother. >> i was horrified. i was scared. reporter: she and her new lawyer are furious. >> i was at a store at the
5:41 pm
mall, across the street from the mall. i got a phone call. it was my son. hysterical. scream "ma, come help me." reporter: they went to court thursday and filed these documents demanding that the police arrest the security guards for battery and the physical harm and granted a hearing next month where they plan to show a judge the video. >> they should not be allowed to continue working at the security offices but even more importantly they should be arrested and prosecuted as criminals. reporter: in a statement the mall says the guards work for a third party company and no matter what happens will no longer work on site. >> what the three men did the whole situation could have turned out even worse. when my baby came home. kimberly: a surge in the number of shark attacks had some calling for beaches to be shut down this holiday weekend. take a look at this video of a shark flipping a fisherman out of a kayak.
5:42 pm
this happened off the coast of stewart, florida, the shark got hooked on the fisherman's line. is he laughing or crying? jonathan: laughing. he thinks it's funny until he is eaten. kimberly: increase in attack could be due to coastal drought which created atier water and ideal conditions for sharks. >> we have lots of people in the water, lots of sharks and a lot of food. bad mix. >> recognize there are certain areas we have these sights but use your common sense if you in or around a fishing abc news. kimberly: he was in a kayak. that is different from a swimmer being bitten. there have been 11 attacks off carolina. seven in the last three weeks. north carolina governor working with the officials on a safety plan. jonathan: when they say "cut bait" that is a time to cut bait. an incredible new look at the great barrier reef courtesy of a go pro on the back of a
5:43 pm
turtle. this is very cool. we'll go slow. i'll read it slow to enjoy the sight. this was off the coast of australia. the teen strapped the camera to the sea turtle. turtles are never in a rush. just cruising around looking for something eat or somebody to play with or swim with. who knows? kimberly: the go pro attach to wildlife and the shots never get old. i have seen one with an eagle and a surfing pig. jonathan: i didn't know they can surf. kimberly: this is a potbelly pig. jonathan: hang hoof. kimberly: they dig in the board. pretty cool. i call fall asleep watching that. jonathan: try not to. we have another 15 minutes to go. moving on now historic flight in the books. more on the world record set hours ago. kimberly: staying safe while you celebrate. what experts wanted you to hear as you get ready to set off the
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5:47 pm
we show you the same video every year. it's a good reminder. as brandi hitt shows us it doesn't take much for things to take a painful toker a tragic turn. brandi: this is what firefighters warn could happen this fourth of july weekend while setting off fireworks. >> injury to their hands arms, facial area. brandi: the -- this 12-year-old is recovering from burns from his face and body from what is believed to be a homemade fireworks. >> it burped his hand and he -- it burned his around and he threw it down. it plexed in front of him. brandi: last year 10000 for injured. one blew a hole in a kayak thursday hurting two people in michigan. even this professional show in southern california two years ago grew dangerous when a
5:48 pm
firework malfunction injured dal people. the best bet is sticking with the legal brands. but even they can pose fire risks. >> the smoke bomb rolling down a hill bounces in the grass. now you have a problem. brandi: in california, bass lake turning in the traditional show to laser lights similar to these. burps account for most firework related injuries. something as simple as a sparkleer can be dangerous. the last fourth of july emergency rooms treated 1400 people injured from sparklers. brandi hitt abc news, los angeles. jonathan: don't forget we have july fourth plans all covered at we have a complete list of all the places you can watch tomorrow fireworks. the pros. let them do it. we are keeping you up to date on the security developments which we are monitoring in the newsroom at abc7 news. we have more coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00". kimberly: meanwhile, an expermittal solar --
5:49 pm
experimental solar powered play had a trip. it landed in honolulu hawaii after a five-day journey. pilots are attempting the world's first solar powered around the world flight. the flight from japan is the longest leg of the voyage. jonathan: impressive. well three incredible things caught in one picture. first, the massive storm in the sky above orlando. but then look up. the two bright spots jupiter and venus. beautiful picture. kimberly: wow! stunning. jonathan: so many people have the great cameras in their phones so they don't miss the opportunities. kimberly: yeah. called an iphone. jonathan: that's a laptop. kimberly: this is a lop top. it's big. it's big but i love it. jonathan: brian wlk about the weather situation. i imagine you see pictures like that and you love those. brian it's not a phone. it's an accessory. i tell you what we've got. jupiter and venus were the closest they will be until
5:50 pm
2023. a cool shot there. they almost look like they are on top of each other. on top of sus pink isals. -- on top of us are sprinkles. you have to notice heavier stuff through the southwestern and southern virginia to move in closer to the evening. look for scattered showers and rumbles of thunder tonight and tomorrow. that is what the forecast call for. shower chances tonight and tomorrow morning. when you wake up, tomorrow outdoor activities. i could be wet through the morning and the midday. i am hopeful the system pulls out. so tomorrow, we should dry out. west tonight with the scattered showers and storms. tomorrow the capital fourth on the mall. the showers will be ending. it looks like peaks of sunshine. hopefully it looks good for the fairworks as long as the moisture moves out in a timely fashion. kimberly: we'll see more of bryce harper?
5:51 pm
jonathan: we did the whole espn magazine. bryce harper naked. >> let the fireworks begin for kimberly with the sexy pick to win the world series. this year hosting the team that has the title. in fact multiple titles this decade. jake peavy versus giongonzales. this should show a lot about the streaking nationals who have been up and down all season long. they are coming off the first series lost june 14. more on the pivotal holiday series matchup in the 6:00 hour. the women's world cup final should be a good one. last time they won the cut chastain hamm have been replaced wi names like wambach
5:52 pm
and rapinoe. they can change the landscape with a win on sunday. thanks to the world cup run women's soccer at a fever pitch. >> it's great. >> it's great. >> the washington spirit is hoping to score after the cup ends. >> it's a country for women soccer but the world cup will hit for kids and up to our level. push us and inspire us at the professional level. lou: the spirit play in the national women's soccer league which was born out of the excitement of the 2011 world cup. what can this world cup do? >> i want to see the little girls like the game. people that document grow up with the game. i'd like to change their mind set to soccer. lou: two players are on the year's world cup team. >> when the girls come back to join the squad we get to feed off of their buzz.
5:53 pm
lou: maybe some new fans. to see them on a big stage to come walk up to an game and watch them play should be exciting for them. >> this should be huge. jonathan: is it that the women's team is more exciting than the men's team was? everybody is glued to this. kimberly: far more successful. lou: right. i think it's a tossup. the men they had a lot of followers from the world cup last year. kimberly: sure but the women record of suck is greater than the men's in soccer. just saying. jonathan: i'm calling a personal foul on you. we'll be right back. kimberly: sorry, lou.
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when the pope visits washington, d.c., he will meet with the president and members of congress. jonathan: he is also checking
5:57 pm
out a program that helps feed the hungry. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne: it's wednesday evening at the catholic charity of the archdiocese of washington. that means it's dinner time. this is the st. maria's meal van. >> we feed 250 people a week. suzanne: it has been around since 2012 operating year-round on g street in downtown d.c. 47-year-old sharnise garnet is a regular. >> you don't think about the day of the week and you don't have any money. but you go wednesday i can go here. suzanne: john ensler says this is about fellow as it is about food. >> it's not food. what would you like to eat? do you want potatos? do you want meat? salad? ask the question. converse. talk. it's not just giving something to eat. suzanne: pope francis will come here in his visit to washington, d.c. in september
5:58 pm
and the hope is he will put on an apron and join the volunteers who will be sevenning the hungry that night. both volunteers and the clients are looking forward to the pope making a stop here. >> this is a great thing. to come and let everyone know that is what he does what is all about. suzanne: mon ensler says it will leave a -- monsignor ensler says it leaves a lasting program on those they serve. >> sometimes if you're homeless you feel like nobody cares about me. suzanne: at dinnertime at catholic charities all are cared for. with things as simple as a handshake and hot food. in northwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for joining us. kimberly: right now at 6:00 what you need to know if you
5:59 pm
are headed to the national mall with a terror alert in place. jonathan: plus, what was written inside of a prisoner transport van in baltimore that has some folks outraged? kimberly: a car stuck on a dock. how it happened and what it took to save this driver. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. maureen: our fourth of july holiday weekend underway under a dark cloud of a national terror alert. across the nation and especially here in washington there is an increase law enforcement presence at and around major events. that includes events on the national mall as well as though in other major cities. despite the alert, americans are told to go out and celebrate. >> there is no threat. people should feel secure coming down. >> in town having a good time myself.
6:00 pm
maureen: those are the words you hear throughout the weekend. be vigilant. we will have more on the terror alert shortly. but first brianne carter tells us what to expect -- but first, brian van de graaff tells us what to expect from mother nature. brian: we have light showers moving in from the southwest. in the belfort furniture weather center we have gray skies over the city. 81 degrees in the district. some 70's to the south and southwest. that is actually where we have been watching showers approaching. sprinkles and the light showers in the region. we could see a few sprinkles. the nationals is getting ready to play. this is nothing heavy. a couple of sprinkles and drizzle out there possible for the next couple of hours, more clouds around. no heavy rain for now. however, later tonight and the start of the fourth of july showers are likely across the region. the question is do they get


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