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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> remembering a life lost at the world police and fire games. this as two injured fight for their lives. plus, cars trapped. >> trying to get my car out of the garage. and the doors are closed. can you help me with that? >> why dozens of cars are stranded and how 7 on your side
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stepped in. >> showers even possible overnight thunderstorms will lead us into the 4th of july morning. how that affects your outdoor plans and fireworks displays coming up >> patriotic preparations. >> very patriotic. >> getting ready for massive crowds on the national mall all next. and happening right now putting the final touches on a 4th of july celebration. an estimated 700,000 people will be on the national mall to celebrate the patriotic holiday tomorrow. while many are excited about the music and f is a lot going on behind the scenes to get things ready and that includes a lot of extra security. rich you had a front row seat for the big rehearsal. that has to be one of the better shows because you don't have the crowds to deal with. >> yeah. it was pretty cool. a lot of folks were dealing with security. you'll see concrete barriers here a lot of temporary fencing. there is the capitol over there. a lot of security tonight.
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those who got through the security gauntlet got to see something very special. ♪ o beautiful ♪ richard: on this 4th of july eve -- >> it makes one very patriotic. richard: the capitol rehearsal is more than just a dry run. >> this is 10 or 12 years. richard: it's a family tradition. a holiday concert without the crowds. >> there is nothing like it here in d.c. to be able to do this. we look forward to this every year. richard: red white, and blue is everywhere. >> for us it is truly amazing. richard: so is ramped up security. >> it definitely seems like they're trying to do their job to protect us. richard: with heavily armed police -- >> as far as security, we are confident we are ready. richard: -- and added fencing concrete barriers, and lane closures.
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concert goers must go through bag checks and metal detectors. >> to be aware and be cautious. but don't let it affect what you really want to do. richard: for those feeling the patriotic spirit, it's all worth it. >> sometimes it brings tears to my eyes knowing that we live right here in the nation's capital. >> sadly, it did rain once again. they got the rehearsal in and shot off some fireworks. important information though. the concert begins at 8:00 and the fireworks at 9:00. gates open about 3:00 in the afternoon. i'm told you need to get down here early after all there will be several hundred thousand people down here. live from capitol hill richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you. finalizing your plans for tomorrow's festivities. we'll help. go to we put a list of all the places you can watch tomorrow night's
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fireworks and a list of street closings. the big question on everybody's mind tonight is how will tomorrow's weather be? will you still need the umbrella? good news, bad news? let's find out. this thing seems to be changing but in our favor. >> it may just be. for the safest take a small umbrella if heading to the capitol 4th early afternoon/evening. night time hours, the driest part of our 4th of july. we'll go to close-in radar with a little wave of rain that's come to washington. heavier storms. we'll start, a little more sunshine. the system moved a little later in the day. still 74 washington. a little bit of light rain activity still lingers, parts of washington around old town into southeast southwest. annapolis getting showers, too. what's here is just rain. hasn't been heavy rain or thunderstorms. that could be possible later on
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tonight. overnight hours in toward 4th of july, there's a look at your 4th of july weekend warming up second half. specific fireworks. widely isolated showers. we have a capitol forecast coming in and more in our complete outlook with you jonathan. jonathan: we'll see you then. new at 11:00 heart break at the world police and fire games. a cyclist from brazil killed during the game. carlos silva was 48 years old, a police inspector and father of two. our tom roussey is live with how he is being remembered tonight. tom? tom: and behind me here police and firefighters from all over the world have left items to honor the memory of carlos silva. also tonight at a pavilion here at reston town center just a short distance over here it was a standing room only crowd remembering silva. he was described as a devout christian passionate about cycling.
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tonight a moving tribute. carlos, geno silva died thursday after crashing in a world police and fire games men's bike race. roommate and fellow cyclist alexandra monson remembered silva in por. >> a father, co-worker best friend, and human being and i can't explain -- >> it's horrible news. breaks my heart. >> the fairfax county police chief said sill have's death hit hard. it is important to honor him. while the vigil went on two others involved in the crash were still in the hospital. a canadian cyclist and american from our area. brian levin is a chief ranger for the park service in harper's ferry. a source close to his family says he has severe swelling of the brain and the next day will
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be critical. while silva lived in brazil he had local relatives in fairfax. alex says he has received unbelievable support since his cousin's death. >> thank you very, very much for all of your support. >> silva is survived by a girlfriend, a 13-year-old daughter, and other family members in brazil. he was scheduled this morning to compete in a triathlon. a gold medal was presented in honor of his memory at that event today. reporting live in reston tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: tom thank you. teaching a 6-year-old how to smoke marijuana. police say a southern maryland woman did just that and now is behind bars. police arrested this woman tabitha cassidy and officers say she admitted giving the drug to three teens at her home at a birthday party in lexington park and investigators say she also tried to teach a 6-year-old how
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to inhale marijuana smoke. cassidy is now held without bond charged with child abuse. right now police are looking for the public's help as they search for a missing teen they believe ran away with a man she met online. federal authorities say 41-year-old benjamin shook served 10 years for child exploitation and child sexual abuse. agents say he met 14-year-old hale wilson on a chat and lured her from her home on june 22. the next day the pair was spotted in north carolina and then later in grason county, virginia. then sugar grove virginia. her mother now is pleading for help. >> i cry daily. and then it's almost like you become numb. kind of like just a nightmare that you're going to wake up from. jonathan: two different vehicles were found abandoned. u.s. marshals want residents in
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d.c., maryland and virginia to report any possible sighting. 7 is on your side to resolve a parking dilemma in the district with lots of us now hitting the road for holiday festivities. dozens found out they just now can't get their cars. the garage they parked in was unexpectedly closed for the long weekend. roz slater has been digging for answers on this one trying to resolve the problem and is live with what she found out. roz? roz: well, there are a lot of frustrated folks looking for answers here including a man who flew in a couple days ago for his daughter's wedding in middleberg tomorrow. his rental car is locked inside here. he is supposed to fly home on sunday. alan honch has been trying to get his car out of this downtown d.c. parking garage since early friday morning. >> i guess we have to take metro out. roz: he and his family are visiting from nashville. he says he was told erl whier in the week he could pick up his car any day but sunday.
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>> as long as we are able to get back on saturday because they are closed on sunday. roz: then he discovered the garage was shut down friday for the holiday and he is not alone. we heard from others who say their cars are trapped and they got no warning. >> signs were posted it was closed for a holiday weekend. i can't get a straight answer. roz: he said he called the number posted on the garage repeatedly and eight hours later finally got through to someone. >> okay. i just need my car out. roz: the worker on the other side of the phone told him he could get his car if he handed over an additional $50 in cash an after hours fee. >> am i being taken for a ride? i don't know. i feel like i am. roz: we were there when the worker arrived and after the cash payment hodge was able to get his car. we tried to find out what happened. hodge says he's disappointed. >> it's kind of a once in a lifetime trip to take your
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young family here and you want it to work out well. you feel like you have been taken. roz: i tracked down the name and number of a local manager and he promised to call us back but tonight we are still waiting. live in northwest d.c., roz plater, abc 7 news. jonathan: still ahead enjoy the ride because we sure will. the controversial sticker reportedly placed inside a baltimore police van. how the department is responding. and her brother is accused of killing nine people inside a charleston church. so why is amber roof trying to raise money? the crowd funding effort that's raising some eyebrows,
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jonathan: new controversy about what is inside baltimore police vans. according to reports a traumatic injury inside one of those vans killed freddie gray. now an image is circulating on facebook showing the inside of a door and a picture of words reading, "enjoy your ride because we sure will." >> to read something as trite as that which we've heard about
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is disconcerting. it really is. jonathan: baltimore police say the image is concerning and unacceptable. the department is now investigating how the decals got there in the first place. a controversial fundraising effort for the sister of the accused charleston church shooter amber roof who is the sister of dylann roof accused of shooting and killing nine people in a church just last month. amber and her then fiance canceled their wedding in wake of the tragedy but she and her now husband launched a go fund me page trying to raise money to cover wedding costs and send them on a honeymoon. the couple raised a little less than $2,000 before taking it down. they say 10% of that will go to the church. 7 is on your side with health alert about medicine for kids. the fda is investigating the potential risk of codeine in children's meds. codeine is often found in medicines to treat pains and reduce coughing. earlier this year europe's health agency decided children under the age of 12 should not be taking medicine containing
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it. the fda says it will evaluate it but for now you should continue to follow directions on labels and use caution when giving medicine to children. well, there's been a surge in shark sightings and it is creating a scare along east coast beaches. some people say they should shut the beaches down all together. the fishermen, this one here in a kayak which is probably not the smartest thing to do when going after a shark here, but he got a little too close and it pulled him into the water. he struggled a little bit then decided he was going to high tail it over to the boat. that was the smartest thing this guy did in this 30-second video. the shark didn't hurt him but he did let him know he wasn't happy. >> there was about 10 bull sharks swimming under the boat while we were fishing. and it kind of makes you feel whenever you watch the movie "jaws." jonathan: a lot of people got eaten in that movie. experts say there are three things drawing sharks closer to busy beaches -- saltier water caused by coastal drought, warmer than usual water, and more fish swimming closer to
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shore. the shark was pulled from the water along north carolina's outer banks today and then released. so far there have been 11 shark attacks along the carolina coast line. i got to say, any time you see somebody who kind of borders on being a knucklehead like that and then they get bit by a shark and we're supposed to act surprised? >> exactly. brought it upon yourself, my friend. jonathan: a lot of folks are banking on your forecast. barbecues and fireworks. devon: morning hours more rainy and throughout the day rain chances decrease and the latest information confirms this. now virginia beach, norfolk, this rain activity here off and on. this is live by the way. we'll get a closer view but you can clearly see a cluster of rain west virginia kentucky, and the most western parts of virginia. that cluster could be the finale of the rain in the washington area. maybe we're ending most of the rain. it might be the main rain event. a little lingers back toward
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lexington, kentucky right now. local doppler radar, a few spotty showers still are here. a closer view here. still rain in manassas, fairfax, oldtown, springfield as well. southwest, northeast movement. it is really light rain sprinkles reel eight best in some cases. it may be a steady rain. heavier. there from the vantage point scattered, off and on for the rest of the overnight. morning the cluster pointed out west might spark a thunderstorm. heavier shower. high temperatures for the day on friday. 70's. 83. the rain came in a little later with a little morning sunshine. big plans of a few of us watching on the eastern shore. water temperatures 73. upper 70's. beautiful. outer bank beaches 83 degrees. scattered storms, storms likelier there. northern beaches drier going into sunday. bigger picture a pattern that's been here for weeks and continues. not going to break any time soon. we'll get to the 4th of july.
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just want to show you the pattern. a warm front in. weak front trailing. this low if it should pull away tomorrow that should decrease rain chances. that goes more into sunday and overnight saturday sunday morning. most of sunday looks to be drier. a slight chance of isolated showers and storms. overnight hours put a few more rain showers into the picture there. 68 washington is our low temperature. a bit cool. here's tomorrow. put some rain in and future cast shows mid morning rain. that's pretty good. by afternoon, look at that. we're decreasing rain chances. the storm west, it's a mild day. by evening isolated. that's the driest part of the day. night time hours. now temperatures held back but a mild day. maybe you're not too unhappy with that. sunday, a little bit in the way of a thunderstorm. and warmer. temperatures back up to the upper 80's. gates opening at 3:00. expect the slightest chance of
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isolated storms. temperature 80 degrees by 5:00, 6:00 7:00. more fireworks coming in, temperatures dropping through the 70's. it looks like most of the fireworks should go on without a hitch. morning plans, you might have to look out. jonathan: devon, thanks very much. we'll go out to the ballpark because the nats are taking on the world champions and guess who got the better of the world champs? everybody is getting into the action. it was a big race at the ballpark. we have it all, coming up.
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> max scherzer is to the nationals starting rotation what paul pierce was to the wizards. contagiously. raising the levels of everyone else every time he takes the mound. gio gonzalez an impressive seven innings, six k's five-hit performance tonight. he got his offensive help from
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one of the best stories on this team not named scherzer or harper. clint robinson launches his fourth homer of the year. a two-run jack off jake peavy in the seventh. remember robinson is the 30-year-old nonroster invitee by the nats in spring training. nats win the game, 2-1. stephen strasburg takes the hill tomorrow. o's and white sox from the southside of the chi. bottom of the third. bobby abreu with his stick in his hand. homer to right. only run of the game. back-to-back shutout losses for the o's. first time since 2012. the cops' roster will look different next year. mike green bolting detroit. troy brauer traded to st. louis. now joe ward and his jackie robinson number 42 headed to the san jose sharks. three-year deal worth $9.8 million. 43 goals in the last two seasons for the 34-year-old. sharks will be his fourth nhl
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team. not bad for a guy who came into the league undrafted. second round of the green briar classic. tiger woods. birdie at tenth on the par 5 17th. el tigre. woo. nice. finishes one under for the day. five under for the tournament. four shots back. across the pond, at wimbledon britt heather watson gave serena williams all she could handle winning a set but serena too strong, too good. she wins in three sets, moves on to the round of 16 where she'll face her big sister, venus. also from wimbledon arlington's dennis kudla advances to the round of 16 after winning in five sets. guess he was so happy that he wanted to get rid of everything in his bag. nice. and calvin coolidge making his debut. in the fifth inning look at
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this, guys. he trails and then he knocks over abe. passes george. and then knocks out teddy the 30th president of the united states wins in his debut for the nats. racing presidents. multi reports have indiana pacers all star power forward a free agent, david west mulling overcoming to d.c. or san antonio. that would be huge. if they get david west, i'm good. i'm good. bring him here. david west. bring him here. >> i'm still having a hard time with calvin coolidge. he was such a nice guy in our studio yesterday and all of a sudden the dirtiest guy on the field. but he did win. >> thank you lou. still ahead a futuristic flight all powered by the sun's rays. details on the historic solar impulse plane. we'll have the
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jonathan: it landed safe and sound and set all sorts of record. the plane powered by the sun landed in hawaii today. it was up in the air for five days after taking off from japan. the swiss pilot's 118 hours at the controls made it the world's longest nonstop solo flight. the plane had no fuel onboard. its wings are equipped with 1700 solar cells that charge batteries and allow the plane to fly both day and night.
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the pilot was in there for 118
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devon: nice weather for tomorrow night. jonathan: just repeat after me. devon nice weather for the 4th of july forecast. you can see it here for the capitol 4th forecast. slight chance of isolated storms. 3:00 and 5:00. storm chances going down to near nothing 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. that is the national mall generalized forecast. through the beginning. temperatures mild. how often is it not that humid as well? that is the case. dew points aren't too bad. we see that 80% morning midday. yes. by tomorrow night, you'll have nice weather. >> we're just worried about golf. >> let me check the time. we got to run. have a great weekend.
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>> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jada pinkett smith. from "terminator: genisys," jai courtney. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from nate ruess. with cleto and the cletones. and now, moving on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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