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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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eltered in place. then this massive police response. a search of that building number one. the building i showed you floor by floor, room by room. after the search was concluded we heard what was found. take a listen. >> at this time, there has been so injuries reported. no indication no evidence of any kind except for the initial call that there was a shooting here. stephen: now investigators are talking about the individual who did make that phone call from walter reed to determine what may have prompted the perceived sound of a gunshot. a spokesperson from walter reed came out to tell us while medical appointments were canceled those in the most critical need of care at walter reed their care was not interrupted. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. a huge facility.
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thousands of employees of walter reed medical center certainly relieved at this hour. but they had to shelter-in-place for hours while the police were searching the grounds. rebecca cooper continues our live team coverage from bethesda. what was one of the days where it was a waste of time for them and scary at the same time. rebecca: that is right. people were calm throughout this ordeal inside. when were outside show you where we are. at the gate of the entrance of walter reed and we are able to see the police coming and going and feel the calm. for the people inside they only knew that there was a search ongoing for an active shooter. then they waited for several hours. we spoke to two of the people inside. they were patient. one was a woman whose husband is in the military and works at walter reed. the other after his tours of duty in iraq is now retired from the army. she took solace in the help of a stranger. he took solace in following military protocol.
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>> the subway manager, i don't know her name was she was outstanding. allowed all of us to take cover behind the counter. we also had an off-duty cop which made you feel a lot better. >> you have to plan accordingly, the way you do that is through practice, training, and making sure that everybody from the top all the way to the lowest private the lowest seaman at the hospital to have the newest surveillance hired and make sure everybody knows what they are supposed to do and make sure that they understand the complacency is their number one enemy. rebecca: the employees say they were getting updates via e-mail throughout the day. the patients said everything was handled well inside. this is the huge campus you talk about. both walter reed, n.i.i. and several other facilities. these are people that went through a lot.
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first the ebola treatments were here taking place at this facility and now this today at walter reed. everyone saying they feel like it was handled well and they were glad that the police were following protocol as well going floor to floor before they gave the all-clear. reporting live in rockville, rebecca cooper, abc7 news. kimberly: walter reed national military medical center is known as the world's largest. it is located on 243 acres, provides and care and services to more than 1 million people every year. about 7000 people work at that center. stay with abc7 and throughout the evening as we follow this massive police response at walter reed medical center. at 4:30, a look at what we posted on social media in the scare. jonathan: we have breaking news now to tell you from prince george's county where the police confirm a maryland state trooper has been arrested. brian tucker is accused of trying to hire a prostitute. then investigators say that during the exchange, the woman said that tucker used a gun and forced her to engage in
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additional sex acts against her will. tucker is charged with a first-degree sex offense and suspended without pay. more breaking news we are following at this hour teenager under arrest charged with stabbing a man to death on a train at the noma-gallaudet metro station in broad daylight on the fourth of july. this comes as a relief for a lot of folk i'm sure, brianne carter. brianne: that is what we heard from the metro riders jonathan. 18-year-old jasper spires who is now in police custody tonight. this comes just two days after that fatal stabbing that happened here. just aboard a train near the metronome noma-gallaudet northeast. taken in custody on georgia avenue in northwest. this is two days after 24-year-old kevin sutherland was fatally stabbed on a metro train. sutherland originally from connecticut, graduated from american university in 2013. was now going to be working at the new blue interactive.
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the ceo of that company issuing a statement today saying in part, "his murder was a tragedy and senseless. it robs us all of his amazing talents and future." we are learning more about his alleged attacker's background. i have a cording to court residents -- according to court residents, jasper spires was arrested last week on unrelated violence charge. according to the court record spires grabbed the victim there along wisconsin avenue and said, "what do you have in your pocket?" spires allegedly pushed the victim up against a wall and search the victim's pockets. we understand he was released friday after the charges against him were reduced from robbery to simple assault and assaulting a police officer. tonight, metro riders are relievedded to hear of the arrest. >> that is good to hear that they got the guy. sad to hear someone lost their life. brianne: coming up tonight at 5:00, why the charges were changed and also what police
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are also looking into at this hour. possibly in connection with all of this. reporting live, brianne carter abc7 news. kimberly: thanks. you can see the sun shining in her live shot. we are on storm watch tonight. you will want to keep the umbrella handy. jonathan: if you don't like the weather stick around. it will change. chief meteorologist doug hill monitoring the potential for pop-up storms and a lot going on. doug: a warm front making its way through the area. that set the stage for isolated showers and an isolated rumble of thunder. get to it now to show what we have on the doppler radar. only one lightning strike in the past 15 minutes. scattered showers. more will form. a few more over the next few hours. heavy shower lifting northward through fairfax county. isolated to a scattered showers. along the warm front, area of low pressure across western maryland and we were pennsylvania. most of the activity is west of the metro. we have chances area wide for a few showers. 88 right now. hagerstown in washington and richmond.
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90 in fayetteville. we'll stay on the hot and the humid side. through the evening most shower and the storm chances should diminish after 7:00. partly cloudy and muggy overnight with temperatures in the 70's. we look ahead to the rest of the week and the weekend coming up in a few minutes. kimberly? kimberly: thank you doug. new information tonight about the horrific story involving a young boy severely beaten for taking a piece of birthday cake. jonathan: today authorities tell us the little boy has died. kellye lynn joining us live in the newsroom with this story. this is absolutely heartbreaking. kellye: it is. thank you jonathan. hagerstown police now confirming that 9-year-old jack kirby garcia did die on sunday. police say the incident happened at this apartment building on lynne haven drive june 30. after the boy was allegedly handcuffed by a relative for taking the birthday cake he reportedly went in the room with his mother's boyfriend where he was beaten. the suspect is identified as robert leroy wilson charged
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with first degree child abuse resulting in severe physical injury. first-degree assault and reckless endangerment. he is held on $1 million pond and could face additional charges. the boy was left unconscious in room for several hours and when an ambulance arrived his mother allegedly told the paramedics they were not needed. when an ambulance was called to the apartment for a second time, the paramedics showed up with police. that is when the officers found the child unresponsive with extensive bruising and abrasions on his face and his body. he was transported to the children national medical center in d.c. where he later died. reporting from the live desk i'm kellye lynn abc7 news. kimberly: senseless tragedy. all right. new developments in the case against a mother in anne arundel county charged with abandoning her infant daughter on the side of the road in pasadena. a neighbor found the baby late saturday night. diane cho is live with new information. what have you found out?
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diane: the 6-week-old girl found on the side of the road with a diaper bag and formula found next to her when they discovered her. initially police weren't sure exactly what the circumstances were in the case now they charged the baby's mother. 26-year-old sandra mccleary with child neglect after leaving her on the side of the road in a carrier. there may have been a domestic abuse and investigators believe the baby was out there for an hour before she was discovered 11:45 saturday night. the mother said the father was supposed to have her but the investigators were able to prove she was in the neighborhood where the child was found. through a partial tag number. >> we are fortunate we didn't have a tragedy on the hands with the death of a child.
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weather cooperated as well. diane: we will hear from the concerned neighbors in the community after making the shocking discovery. we're live in pasadena diane cho, abc7 news. kimberly: we have learned the name of the man shot and killed while trying to break in his ex's home in upper marlboro. this happened this morning on blue stage lane. sources tell abc7 the man killed craig corbin junior was the homeowner's ex, who called the night before and threatened to come to the house and "kill everybody inside." the homeowner is cooperating with police. the maryland bureau chief brad bell will have more on the case coming up tonight at 5:00. jonathan: ahead for us on the "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a terrifying ending to a nascar race. all of it caught on camera. [screaming] how the crash now is raising new concerns about crowd
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safety. kimberly: plus way to save more than time on your next trip in express lanes. how you can get some money back. jonathan: abc7 has you covered when news breaks. sign up for breaking news, weather, traffic. they will be sent to your phone. go to stay with us. more news at 4:00. coming back i
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jonathan: this is happening now. president obama is speaking during a rare visit to the pentagon today. he received update on military leaders on the fight against the terrorist group isil. the president insisted he will not send u.s. troops in combat to fight isil but he has acknowledged that the u.s. does lack a complete strategy for training iraqi troops to carry out ground missions against the terrorist group. our senior political reporter scott thuman is monitoring the president's speech and bring us any and all major developments as they happen. kimberly: a few weeks ago we showed you inspectors showing us boards falling apart and what a risk it could be. a new deck collapse in north carolina. jonathan: the authorities blame the deteriorating nails. the deck gave way while family members were posing for a
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family on fourth of july. five people are still in the hospital. the family members at the rental home are from northern virginia. he does say at this point the rental company is cooperating with authorities. kimberly: that is how they say it happens. everybody goes to the edge of the deck for the picture and it gives way. a 12-year-old recovering a after plane crash on to a crowded beach in southern california. jonathan: holy cow. >> kimberly: look at this. a plane was towing an advertising banner. you see these all the time. i lost power, hit the water, landed upside down. a boy was body surfing in the water when he was hit. he suffered a gash to the head but he is expected to be okay. the pilot walked away uninsured. jonathan: you know you say that to your son girls like the scars. that kid will go to school say yeah, i was hit by a plane. it's all good. it wasn't the finale that the nascar fans were hoping for. maybe you have seen this. more than a dozen spectators hurt after a horrible crash at the end of the race at the
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daytona speedway. kimberly: robert burton joining us. the nascar driver lucky to make it out alive and the fans too. robert: it's one thing to be at the track but it's another to watch the car goes around. any day above ground is a good day and fla applies to austin dillon this morning. coke zero 400. dale earnhardt junior took the flag but watch here. the number three car goes flying in the catch bin. austin dillon is inside the car. you think thes who when you see it happen. another look at it. the car is completely out of the game. you can see the debris in the grand stand. eight were evaluated. denied treatment. four treated on site and one taken to the hospital in stable condition. miraculously dillon walks away without a scratch. you can see here. some of his fellow drivers reacted to the wreck.
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>> racing has always been very dangerous. fortunately for us we got better and safer in the last hundred years. it's changed tremendously. >> i don't know how you keep a 3,500-pound car at 200 miles per hour staying in the racetrack like that. the fence held up. it did function well but the debris field going off in the stands is something i don't know how you control. keep the cars on the ground slow us down is the only way to do that. jonathan: he has a good point. robert: what do you do? slow the cars down? that's dangerous stuff. jonathan: the catch fence did its job. robert: maybe move the fans back a little further. jonathan: that might work. might be a good idea. kimberly: death defying. robert: exactly. kimberly: see you later, robert. a truly patriotic finish to the fourth of july weekend with a victory for team usa. the fans still celebrating last night's women's world cup win. captain carli lloyd was a
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beast. she pulled off the first hat-trick in women world cup history. scoring three goals in 16 minutes. that often doesn't happen in the entire game. that helped the u.s. beat japan 5-2. the highest scoring final in world cup history. >> the energy and the atmosphere was unbelievable. >> after the final whistle blue, finally we did it. kimberly: yes they did. lloyd was honored with the golden ball as the best player at the tournament. stars abby wambach and christine played their last world cup. 20 million people tuned in to sunday final on fox making it highest rating ever for a soccer game in the u.s. on a single network. way to go! jonathan: you have to be so happy about that. kimberly: the soccer coach, the soccer players. awesome to see that. a moment in history. yesterday, you know we were talking to kids, the little boys, the little girls knew all the stats. they are into it. fun. jonathan: fantastic. fun to watch. all right.
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crews are now continuing to work on the memorial bridge. the parking spaces closed the bridge on the d.c. side. they will be impacted for that. the crews are making repairs after inspectors found core rose on part of the 8 -- corrosion on part of the 83-year-old sidewalk. a new ten-ton weight limit that began last week looks like it will be permanent. kimberly: all right. drivers, you know how the express lanes can cost you a boatload of money. here is how you can save time and money. e-z pass is testing a customer loyalty program. four montes only you can turn express lane trips to cash. you have to travel ten or more times a month on the express lane. e-z pass will give you 4% cash back on the trip. if you sign up for the program today you will find out if you are eligible. spaces are limited. jonathan: while we talk about moving traffic let's check in on the roads outside. jamie sullivan has the traffic. jamie: jonathan, some areas not moving. some areas in pretty good
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shape. start with the bad one. 95 heading southbound. we are in the teens. very slow working your way to the triangle. to get into stafford county a crash. sticking with virginia. outbound 66. the crash activity to the right and of course as you can see to the left. this is at route 28 in centreville. near sully road. because of this, you see the traffic getting through. just in the center lane. thissed is an issue because usually you -- this is an issue. usually you use a shoulder. you have three lanes, 66 really going to start to see traffic back up a bit.
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on the inner loop of the beltway, we are still okay and getting closer to sarah barton, brake lights to maryland. you get closer to bethesda and we are in the teens. bethesda, heads up. if you heard about everything happening earlier near walter reed medical center. we had the closure. now everything is open on 355. just normal congestion. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: a humid day. the sun came out and it got nicer. doug: a warm front through the area. heat and humidity will be with us for the next few days. let's get to it to tell you a weather story. this is douglas elementary school. look at the clouds. classic summertime cumulus clouds. during the day, the warm front made its move. a few showers develop. low-based clouds. a couple of showers move
4:22 pm
through leedsberg. a few more farther west. we are watching one shower now. a heavy shower forming as we speak south and west of the district through the fairfax and move up to the west side of the beltway. the warm front area of low pressure spinning west as well. most west. but for the next couple of hours anybody could see a brief pop-up shower. nothing severe. everybody is warm and muggy. 88at reagan national. get used to it. the heat and the humidity is back. we could have showers in the mountains. this front is in the neighborhood for a few more days so more fronts on the way except for tomorrow. 90 every day.
4:23 pm
shower chances 60% tomorrow. heading of the weekend, alexandria has a birthday fireworks saturday evening around sunset. temperatures for the weekend will stay at the system norm. a cool stretch for a bit. make no mistake that the heat and humidity is back to stay. kimberly: out of the triple digits we'll take it. jonathan: feels like in july we should be hotter and more humid, you would think. so this is good. doug: warming up to it slowly but surely. kimberly: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new details on a murder at a pier in san francisco. why the accused killer shouldn't have been in this country in the first place. jonathan: debating the future of the confederate flag on statehouse grounds in south carolina. what is happening today? we'll show you.
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jonathan: the man arrested on the san francisco pier now is talking from behind bars. kimberly: at the same time the shooting is reigniting the fiery debate over immigration. abc's brandi hitt explains why. >> remember all the good she did. brandi: flowers and prayers in the spot where kay was shot and killed on this san francisco pier. wile ad mitted gunman francisco sanchez in the u.s. illegally and deported
4:27 pm
five times speaks exclusively to kgo tv. >> did you shoot the lady down on pier 14? >> yes. brandi: the bright and energetic 32-year-old was gunned down wisconsin in front of her father -- down wednesday in front of her father. >> she turns and says "help me dad." brandi: he said it was an accident and he came to san francisco where he wouldn't be pursued by law enforcement. an now finger-pointing. federal officials blame san francisco authorities saying they handed sanchez over to them to face a local drug charge. but when the drug charges were dropped, the local officials say they couldn't legally hold him. >> they bring in drugs they bring in crime. brandi: presidential hopeful donald trump is doubling down on the immigration debate posting on twitter what do you say to the family of kathryn steinly, killed because we can't secure our own border.
4:28 pm
her family is focusing on her memory. >> she lived 20 lives combined in the short 32 years. brandi: it's unclear where the gun came from. sanchez says he found it under a bench wrapped in a t-shirt. in los angeles, brandi hitt. jonathan: still ahead for us at 4:00. we'll explain how alexandria police are trying to ease community concerns as they search for the killer behind the city's first homicide of the year. as the city was unfolding at walter reed, social media was busy. we'll show you what people were saying
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. kimberly: it was a chaotic morning. things are getting back to nar mall at the walter reed medical center. report of a gunshot fired on the ground which turned up nothing. jonathan: montgomery county police got a 9/11 -- a 911 call saying a single gunshot was fired in the building, one on the campus in bethesda. employees were ordered to search in place. police searched the ground and went room to room. three hours later nothing was found and police did give the all-clear. kimberly: as does happen in the situation, people who work at walter reed and nearby posted pictures and words on social media. jonathan: social media goes
4:32 pm
crazy. jeff goldberg has more with what he found online. jeff: social media writing up in this incident. this is the map locator of walter reed. just under the 495/270 for inside the beltway. in bethesda. this sortly after the situation started just at 10:48. this person jungle cat is the twitter handle tweeting out, "i'm about to cry. i love everyone if anything happens." fear and concern. heightened pitch at that moment. another tweet about the same time scary stuff, man. at walter reed at the wrong time. this is 11:00 when it was in full swing. news chopper brad you saw his images all morning on newschannel 8. he posted photos. gunfire heard at walter reed medical center. a strong law enforcement presence as we saw all morning there. then this is a driver. eddie, we saw this saying that walter reed medical center
4:33 pm
helicopters press, police, everywhere, no confirmation. for a long time so many questions about what was going on. later the situation was wrapping up. another tweet from inside the facility. thanks everyone i'm okay at walter reed. secure and safe. many people feeling that way. a few hours after the incident began. it was wrapped up. the authorities finding no threat whatsoever to the great relief of anybody who was inside or near walter reed. live in the newsroom jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks for that. stay with abc7 and throughout the evening as we follow the reaction to the scare at walter reed. again, this is the second one in four days. kimberly: a reminder that social media is a snapshot not necessarily the truth. jonathan: absolutely. sometimes it's not accurate. people overreact. kimberly: keep that in mind. jonathan: perspective. kimberly: we are keeping a close eye on the weather tonight and the potential for pop-up storms. jonathan: and chief
4:34 pm
meteorologist doug hill is tracking all of it. doug: right now just showers popping up. we had one. view from a rooftop camera in arlington. take a look upstairs. we look to the west. that is the rain falling. it's between boston and just a little bit to the west toward falls church. that is the area. look at the showers popping. they pop up clearly on doppler radar. look at the left-hand corner. zero lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. there could be isolated rumble of thunder, mostly small splash and dash showers. that pattern is repeating itself west of the potomac. this is a warm front so for the next few hours there will be scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms. that is it. it will stay hot and humid. temperatures in the upper 80's and it will feel warmer than that. more on the doppler radar, we will look ahead to weekend in
4:35 pm
a few minutes. jonathan: thanks. two and a half hours the alexandria police will hold a community meeting in light of the first homicide. kimberly: a man was shot thursday night in old town. not far from stores and restaurants on king street. abc7's sam sweeney has been on the story since it first broke and has the latest details. sam: four days after the city's first homicide, a killer is still on the run. now residents here have lots of questions. so tonight, alexandria police will hold a town hal meeting blocks from where 22-year-old elliott-tibs was gunned down. the goal is to address safety concerns and update even on the investigation. there are still no suspects in custody and they are asking for the public's help. when the shooting happened there was a lot of people around and someone must have seen something or heard something. if so they want to hear from you. this meeting is for all local residents. starts at 7:00.
4:36 pm
kimberly: there will be a crew tonight at the community meeting. look for the story tonight at abc7 news at 11:00. jonathan: it's pretty easy to find out the ingreediants in the food. up -- ingredients in the food. finding out what is in the medicine is harder. kimberly: joce sterman is here to explain that puts your health at risk. joce: those labels are the allergin in the food you think. milk and soy. they are on the packages required by law. when it comes to medicine it's more complicated. that has a man dealing with the same problem he has. celiac disease. they can't consume gluten. but michael webber claims he got sick from gluten he never knew was in the medication he says he was taking.
4:37 pm
it took seven years to get the agency to respond. >> it would be a simple solution if they could know and the f.d.a. could tell you yes, they contain fluten or no they don't. >> it's very scary to think that the drug you are going to take is going to make you sick. >> coming up at 5:00 we show you what happened when we called the nation's biggest drug manufacturers to ask plane and simple what is in some of the most commonly prescribed pills. joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: south carolina senators are meeting today to debate whether to keep the confederate flag on statehouse grounds. dozens of protesters gathering outside the statehouse in columbia. many holding up signs. the issue comes after last month deadly shooting at a historically black church in
4:38 pm
charleston. several amendments are expected on the flag issue with options, keeping the flag pole and putting a different flag on it. kimberly: the pope is visiting south america for week-long tour. thousands of people are cheering and waiting for flags and pope francis arrived at in the ecuadorian port. he rode in the pope mobile and he stopped to shake hands and take pictures. this is the pontiff's first visit to the native copty innocent since 201 -- continue innocent since 2013. drivers, you eyes are not fooling you. a disappears act. gas stations going away. you might be surprised why it's happening. jonathan: obviously santa claus makes it look easy but find out why a man decided to go down a chimney only to get himself stuck.
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4:42 pm
>> there was one at 29th and m, one at 30th and m. sam: commissioner is recalling all the gas stations georgetown used to have. this one has been bought by developer for $4 million to build apparents and will be closing soon -- apartments and will be closing soon. also govern will be this exxon. there will be only one gas station left. the shell. why? here in georgetown where every rowhouse sells for at least $1 million, some people think that the land is too valuable for something like a gas station. but the city council says the city needs gas stations and is trying to put a stop to this. the council passed a bill to sagas stations can only be sold to others to keep it as a gas station. >> it will save the remaining gas stations for their use as a gas station. sam: the counsel
4:43 pm
transportation chairman is mary. >> people need a place to gas up the cars and have cars repaired. as we are down to diminishing number we want to make sure people have the opportunity. sam: in georgetown some were upset about losing three of the four gas stations but not tom birch. >> i don't own a car. sam: but in terms of represent -- >> but in terms of representing my con stitch wents it's not a great concern about the gas station going. kimberly: virginia and maryland will benefit. jonathan: you think? they love to have the business here. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a robber gets away by $75000 by walking in a store and not displaying any weapons. how he did it and what police are saying about the search going on for him. kimberly: we heard stories about the financial crisis in greece. how it affects your money in the u.s. and any future vacations you might want
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kimberly: a man in stable condition after falling 20 feet at a grateful dead concert in chicago. police say the 41-year-old man fell from a railing inside
4:47 pm
soldier field last night and was rushed to the hospital where critical energy. the band played three shows over the holiday weekend and they said sunday would be their very last. a man walked into a wal-mart in oklahoma and walked out with $75000 in cash. police say he didn't even have to threaten anyone. jonathan: this guy was create. officers say the man said he worked for loomis, a armored truck company. witnesses say he was dressed to what appeared to be a loomis uniform but it didn't have the loomis logo on it. the search continues now for the robber. kimberly: firefighters in phoenix, arizona, had to free a man who got stuck in a chimney. the 23-year-old man was locked out of the house and figured he could get in by crawling down the chimney. covered in soot he was able to walk on his own after being freed and taken to the hospital. jonathan: didn't darwin say
4:48 pm
something about that? kimberly: santa is magic. jonathan: magic! unless you have flying reindeer you can't pull the stunt off. financial world on edge in the wake of greece's resection of the economic bail-out and it does appear that the country's debt crisis has no immediate end in sight. kimberly: how will it affect your money and should you hold off on the european vacation? stacey cohen has more. reporter: in a referendum sunday, overwhelming 60% of the voters said no to a deal that would have bailed out the bankrupt nation. the plan also would have slashed pensions and raised taxes. >> altogether, modern european history. so it is proof it can look like a democracy. reporter: greece's outspoken finance minister called the vote majestic before quitting his post. a new finance minister has
4:49 pm
already been named. what does this economic uncertainty mean for the future? if you check the 401k you may see a temporary dip. don't panic. greece makes up 0.3% of the global economy. for travelers greece could be a great bargain but remember the country is out of money. bring cash with you ooze the greek atm's may be empty. the white house is urging greece to remain part of the euro zone. >> achieving that goal will require a package of financing and reform that will put greece back on the path of becoming growth. reporter: leaders of the 19 euro zone countries will hold an emergency meeting on tuesday while the world holds it breath. jonathan: a few hours left to enter for a chance for you and your guest to go to los angeles for the espy awards. kimberly: the winner would receive air fare, accommodation and tickets to
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the espys. go to the facebook page and click on the left side of the page. the contest ends at midnight. hurry up and enter. good luck. jonathan: i hope you can win that contest. kimberly: i don't think you are allowed. jonathan: the weather, a nice day today. not as hot as it should be. great. kimberly: humid but who is complaining. chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest on the storms that could be headed our way. doug: summertime here. it gets hot and humid every summer. but no big deal right now. heavy rain showers. rain all the same. look at the doppler radar. the iest downpours and that is just what they are. heavy little downpours moving from the bottom of the screen, the top from south to north. it will be with us a time or two before night. news looking ahead to the weekend is more of the same. partly cloudy. warm and humid. highs near 90 saturday and sunday. for outdoor activities i think through the early afternoon you will be fine. you get 3:00 to 7:00, that is
4:51 pm
the best window for the thunderstorms. saturday evening is the big birthday celebration for alexandria. old town on madison street. the firework display. even if they have a shower or storm now we believe most will taper off. the weather should be fine for the firework display and a warm summer evening. altogether, the next seven days tomorrow you notice no shower or storm probability. we have much better chance of a cold front on wednesday. 20 to 30% chance for rest of the week and the weekend specifically. 30% chance of isolated an/evening showers around storms. more tracking of the showers for you coming up in 15 minutes. back to you. jonathan: thanks. kimberly: time for a traffic check. jamie has the details. jamie: we have a few problem spots. begin with 66. the commute heading outbound through centreville. rough one. this is near route 28. we have lanes just behind the digital board blocked off. two lanes to the left of course, they have the cones up. barrels there. letting everyone get by using
4:52 pm
three lanes to the right. this is causing a big backup for us. move to the map to focus on how heavy the traffic is. we are almost in the single digits. that is from fairfax working your way out. getting ready for big delays. more than what you are used to heading outbound on 66. we have heavy traffic on the outer loop of the beltway approaching arlington road. that is south from the toll road. so it is very heavy. we have the traffic that is typically slow. not too bad approaching the american legion bridge. once you get past the point to maryland we are on the brakes. closer to bethesda. you get a little break. heads up do you live in bethesda everything is reopened on 35 between cedar lane and jones bridge road. you can get through here but you may see afternoon congestion. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: we have breaking news. it follows up with something in the newscast, that is what is happening in south carolina.
4:53 pm
right now the state senate voted to remove the confederate flag off the statehouse ground. it had been in front of state house and the flag was flying there. the proposal still needs approval from the house and the governor. stay with abc7 and for the outcome of the votes. as soon as they are available. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" with a problem that is bugging some homeowners. how to protect your window screen being destroyed by insect
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
kimberly: especially when it's sticky like this homeowners finding mosquitoes get in the home because of strange holes in the window screens. jonathan: john matarese gets to the bottom of how does this happen so you don't waste your money. john: it's a mystery at homes around the country. why are holing popping up in window screens? especially on screened in porches. one woman wants to know after her form was attacked.
4:57 pm
donna spent $2000 to screen in the deck last year. but this summer -- >> there is one of the larger holes. john: she can't enjoy the deck because it has a dozen holes letting the mosquitoes in. >> there is one. another. medium size holes there. john the holes the size of her pinkie finger was a mystery. >> we see one hole and another and another. john: she researched online and stubbed to find video of grasshoppers eating through screens. >> i had no idea i would have issues with holes in the screen. john: a report by iowa university says this is common in the fall. grass hoppers are desperate to survive and will chew through screens. donna called called the contractor and they wouldn't help saying it could have been caused by a b. b. gun. what can you do?
4:58 pm
buy stronger pet-safe screens not thin nylon screens. spray the screens with the insect repellant if you see grass hoppers on them. we called the contractor and they offered to replace some of the costs. the other thing could be birds. they may attack. a fake crow or owl could keep them away so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese abc7 news. leno: right now at 5:00, a feeling of déjà vu as dozens of police officers race to a military facility after report of a possible gunman. >> i believe they're just trying to upset us. >> for the second time in a week the reports were false. >> no evidence of any kind except for the initial call there was a shooting here. >> the search for answers begins now on "abc7 news at 5:00".
4:59 pm
leon: that report sent thousands in lockdown mode but they found nothing. abc7 has team coverage of the search for answers after what happened today and the false report of a gunman at thive in i navy yard last thursday. let's begin with stephen tschida. what is the latest? stephen: this is the focus of much of the attention today at walter reed. this building you see behind me. this tall building is building number one. this is where the call came from. this morning about the possible sound of a gunshot. in this build something many people had to shelter in place. the warning echoed across the grounds at walter reed and prompted thousands of people to huddle together in offices and rooms behind locked doors. police and security at walter reed began a painstaking
5:00 pm
search. >> floor-by-floor, room-by-room. stephen: those who came for appointments encountered something unexpected. >> police everywhere. >> the cause of the response an emergency phone call from walter reed at 10:48 this morning. >> there was a report of sound of gunshot. >> teams of officers scoured every room in building one. as each floor got an all-clear, those inside were escorted out. finally at the conclusion of the exhaustive search an announcement. >> there is no evidence or any indication of a firearm being discharged. there are no injuries. stephen: spokesperson for walter reed stressed while people were inconvenienced those most in need of medical attention did not suffer. >> no critical care or central in-patient care lapsed during this time. stephen: investigators located and talked to the person who made the call about the pos


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