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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 7, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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three subway stations and a bus. >> the man convicted of the boston marathon bombing is demanding a new trial in the interests of justice. he was sentenced to death two weeks ago. 'pol yized to the victims of the attack. the bombing killed three people and 260 were injured. >> first responders took no chances after a scare at one of the country's best known military medical centers. s.w.a.t. teams and tactical officers swarmed the walter reed hospital outside of washington, d.c. abc's david kerley was there. >> police military and civilian, flooding the walter reed military medical center heavily armed tactical officers entering the building from the ground and the roof. campus on lockdown. patients and workers trapped after a 911 call reported the sound of gunfire at 10:4 made from the campus's tower building. loud speakers blaring the warning to the up to 7,000
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workers. all personnel are directed to healther. >> the report active shooter. just about an hour after that initial call s.w.a.t. teams started arriving here at the main entrance to the facility and donning their gear. law enforcement going floor by floor in the 20-story building clearing out workers, some leaving the buildings with their hands up. it was just last thursday when the navy yard eight miles to the south was also locked down. here at walter reed after clearing each floor looking for signs of a shot officers is then used bomb-sniffing dogs. >> there is no evidence or any indication of a firearm being discharged. >> even though this was a false alarm, police say with the heightened terror alert, they're taking no chances and will check out every threat. david kerley abc news bethesda maryland. >> there's encouraging news on the boy that was struck by a plane that crashed on a beach in san diego on the fourth of july. nicolas baer was treated for a gash to his head concussion and skull damage. he had surgery and admitted to
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intensive care. doctors say he will make a full recovery. his mother calls him a "miracle dude." >> and travelers can expect to pay the cheapest airfares in four years. good news right? starting this fall the average airfare is predicted to be $248. that's according to the airfare prediction app called hopper. also this fall airfares are expected to be 4% lower than this time last year. and in december just in time for the holidays the fares are expected to fall more than 12% over last year. get those tickets early. >> falling 12% for december tickets? >> love that. >> we're going to take that to the bank. >> the beloved pet dog of a north carolina family has earned the nickname. just call him mr. mom. >> willie the 7-year-old boston terrier willingly stepped in as a substitute mother when the family adopted two orphan kittens. take a look. the boston terrier showers the 3 weeks old with lots of love.
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a little cleaning. the family says he does everything for the kittens except give hem milk. >> how did they know they would get along so well. >> i don't know. cats and dogs do get along. >> look at those tiny little kittens. >> he knows the milk is in the fridge but thinks the filling of the bottles is too much work. >> maybe the cats prefer almond milk. >> waiting for that to show up. >> coming up the celebrity real estate deal worth $28 million. take a look inside the home of the rich and famous. >>lso ahead, the simple summer footwear that could cause great pain. what you need to know before you slip on flip-flops. >> first the doctor accused of telling patients they have cancer when they didn't how the case is heading to a critical phase today. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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train station in sydney australia. a baby stroller rolls down the platform and plummets into the tracks just as a train is barreling down the line. that child's 62-year-old grandfather jumped down onto the tracks, lifting the stroller and the baby back to the platform. then he races down the tracks as the train pulls into the station. look at that just seconds later. seconds to spare. he escaped.
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thankfully except for a few cuts and bruises he's fine and the baby is okay. >> that is incredible video to watch. >> whoo. quick thinking. thank goodness. >> today from our held headlines, the increased use of mammograms play not do much to reduce cancer deaths. the screenings do find smaller tumors that may have been harmless if left alone. instead the tests may lead to widespread overdiagnosis. no drop in the death rate but cancer specialists say that doesn't mean women should stop having mammograms. >> a most unusual sentencing hearing sets for today. patients who were falsely told they had cancer will speak out against their doctor in michigan. >> many had uncomfortable, expensive and dangerous treatment. >> a cancer doctor who ruined hundreds of lives to get rich set to face his victims in court. >> i walked in that hospital a wife on the 22nd and i walked out a widow.
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the anger, the frustration, that i hope will finally be gone once he is sentenced. >> scores of dr. farid fata's victims and their relatives slowing up in court for his sentencing hearing many we'ring black. dr. fatah who bleeded guilty to fraud and other charges could face live in prison. he deliberately misdiagnosed patients have having cancer to justify unnecessary cancer treatment. all together prosecutors say more than 500 patients got unnecessary treatment and fatah diagnosed steve scrip jack with nonhodgkin's lymphoma ordering chemotherapy. he didn't even have the disease. later today one member of each family in court will be allowed ten minutes to let the doctor and the court note what he did to their families. tom llamas abc news new york. >> prosecutors are asking he be sentences to 175 years. his counsel is asking for 25
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years. when you think about the impact of this someone getting chemotherapy when they did not have cancer the danger that these people went through in this, i would not be surprised to get this guy to have the book thrown at this guy. i wouldn't be surprised if he spent his life in jail. >> the families and the people who the didn't have this diagnosis. >> it's the very conduct that judges want to prevent against in this kind of fraud. they do not want something where the public is going to be in danger like this. >> so you believe the court will side likely with the families. >> i would not be surprised to see him spend the rest of his life in jail. >> all right. coming up a health alert for your feet. >> summer footwear that looks comfortable but it could cause you a world of pain down the road the warnings about flip-flops coming up next on "world news now." "world news now"
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♪ part of summer's uniform, flip-flops the go-to footwear
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choice for the season. i wear them almost every day on the weekends. >> they're easy. cheap, and means less sock on laundry day. they could put you at risk for serious injury. abby boudreau has more details. >> it's a summer fashion staple but this kind of footwear may be more damaging than you think. >> oh. >> trips and falls and even worse. funny flip-flop fails are all over youtube but experts say it's no laughing matter. are flip-flops a little bit dangerous to wear. >> they certainly can be. >> podiatrist dr. braxton little says they he can cause serious injuries. >> you're exposed. people can step on your toes drop something on your toe ooze. >> you could trip. >> trip and fall exactly. >> but a lot of people would say they're so comfortable. >> exactly. they're comfortable but for a short period of time. when you break your toe, they're not so comfortable.
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>> beyond tripping and falling, arch and heel novocaine common, as well. look at this spray, one food snug inside a cushioned tennis shoe while this one wearing a flimsy flip-flop. nothing supportive or holding it up. >> without the extra support in the arch what can happen to the rest of your body. >> right off the bat, we can have plantar fash shytis. we can have heel pain. the lack of support can create muscle fatigue in the lower part of the leg. that can work its way up to the knee and low back. >> you're still flipping for your flops, experts say never wear them while you drive or walk upstairs but instead, stick to wearing them at the beach. abby boo drew abc news los angeles. >> why can't you wear them when you drive? >> they get caught in the brake pedal. that happened to me when i drove my car in atlanta. don't do it. i hope it's -- if it's not legal, i never did it. i just made all that up. >> some states apparently it is. >> yikes.
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okay. just ignore what i just said the and we'll be right back.
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♪ finally this half hour we take you inside joan rivers' former penthouse. just recently purchased for $28 million. >> $28 million. when it comes to celebrity real estate it was snapped up at a relatively quickly. others not so much. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's byron pitts. >> this is my apartment and it's very grand. >> grand is one way to put it. joan rivers wasn't the only piece of work on display in her documentary. her ornate apartment also in the spotlight. >> this is how marie antoine net would have lived if she had
2:56 am
money. >> lavish digs fit for the queen of comedy. with four bedrooms over 5,000 square feet 23 foot ceilings it's no wonder this apartment just sold for an astounding $28 million. we visited joan at her home back in 2009. >> i usually don't let people come over. i must have been very sad or very drunk. >> she gave david muir a tour and showed him some of her most prized possessions. her photographs. >> my life most of it is is on the piano. >> homage to the names that have passed through these doors. >> it's more than you were looking to pay. >> how much more. >> more. >> carrie bradshaw may have gotten her dream home in sex and the city but real life access sarah jessica parker struggled to sell hers. she first listed the greenwich village townhouse but reportedly never in 2012. >> to sell the massive home
2:57 am
parker enlisted the help of million dollar listing star fredrik eklund. house spanning 6,800 square feet over five floors boasts a closet that would impress even parker's aller ego carrie bradshaw. parker's townhouse finally sod last week for $18.25 million. a big loss for parker and broderick but don't cry for them yet. even a competitive real estate market can't drive these celebrity homeowners from the city. byron pitts abc news new york. >> do you have any extra sofa change or instinct. >> $18.5 million one, that's not a bad buy. reena is going to sell it to me. >> i'm happy to sell it to you. >> look at you with this insomniac reality tee. i love that. >> 10% cut right here.
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\30300300 this morning on "world news now," did bill cosby confess to drug and sexually abusing women? documents just released. >> the military air strike taking aim at a key isis kingpin who called for july fourth attacks on america as the president warns the threat to the u.s. is not over. >> safety demands for nascar after a spinout and smashup that made even the most seasoned drivers think twice. >> that was real frightening. just on the verge of tears to be honest with you. >> new calls to hit the brakes. >> and what's up? the guy who took off on a lawn chair with hundreds of balloons taking them into the air and into trouble. it's tuesday, july 7th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm ryan smith. t.j. holmes is on assignment. >> i'm reena ninan. we are going to begin with a bombshell admission from bill cosby in the form of newly unseed court documents from it enyears ago. >> the deposition from a case settled with an aaccuser he admitted to obtaining quaaludes for women he wanted sex with and the documents show he gain them to at least two accusers. the details from abc's lana zak. >> it could be the smoking gun in the he said she said between cosby and the more than two dozen women who accuse him of sexual abuse or drugging them. the "associated press" went to court to obtain documents showing he testified in 2005 that he obtained quaaludes. the papers quote cosby answering yes when asked if he was using quaaludes for young women that he wanted to have sex with. his lawyers claimed two of his accusers knew they were taking
3:02 am
quaaludes from the comedian. it was part of a lawsuit from a former temple university employee. lis la lawyers objected saying it would embarrass him. another accuser beverly johnson told abc news he drugged her. >> i took a couple of since of the cappuccino and from the first sip and then the second sip, i knew i had been drugged. >> she says i'm not at all surprised, truth does not have an expiration date. in may, abc's linsey davis interviewed the comedian exclusively about the allegations. >> i have been in this business 52 years, and i will -- i've never seen in ig like this. >> attorney gloria allred who represents several of big cosby's accusers says she hopes to use his muly revealed admission in court cases against him. lana zak, abc news new york. >> abc news has learned from
3:03 am
cosby cosby's representatives the only reason he settled is because it would have been embarrassing to put all those women on stand and his family had no clue. >> the united nations documented immigrant who admitted shooting a san francisco woman to death will be arraigned today. francisco sanchez was charged with the murder of catherine steinle. he was depored to mexico five times. sheriffs said federal immigration officers had issued an arrest warrant, sanchez would not have been released from jail. >> the defense's star witness back on stand at the colorado theater shooting trial. the attorneys for james holmes says he's not guilty by reason of insanity. the doctor is an expert on schizophrenia, one of four psychiatrists to examine holmes. all of those doctors say he was legally insane on the night he killed 12 people in a movie theater and wounded dozens more. >> the man convicted for the
3:04 am
boston marathon bombing demanding a new trial. attorneys for tsarnaev say a new trial is required in the interests of justice. he was formally sentenced to death two weeks ago. he apologized to the victims during the sentencing. three people died in the bombing and 260 were injured. >> there are reports an isis leader who called for attacks on the u.s. on the fourth of july was killed that very day by a u.s. drone strike. he was a native of britain. abc's brian ross has the story. >> until now, u.s. officials considered this british born isis recruiter abu rahin aziz a key figure in online calls for attacks on america. >> look to your own actions. look to your own deeds. have you done enough. >> his most recent message this posting last friday about friday fourth. a day to remember amongst other days. it was quite a fourth of july but not as aziz expected. his fellow jihadists said he was
3:05 am
killed as the u.s. launched a series of air strikes on the terror group's hope base in syria. the u.s. would not confirm his death but president obama announced the u.s. su stepping up its attacks on isis leaders and recruiters in syria, taking off the gloves. >> we're going after the isil leadership and infrastructure in syria. the heart of isil that pumps funds and propaganda to people around the world. >> reporter: the president cited the attack on a muhammad cartoon contest in texas as the sort of threat the u.s. now faces. the men behind the attack were inspired by among others the recruiter aziz believed to have been killed on the fourth of july. in addition to the increased coalition air strikes, there could be expanded special operations forces going after isis sanctuaries and leaders including its military commanders and recruiters and propagandists. brian ross abc news new york.
3:06 am
>> thank you, brian. a solemn occasion in london today as mourners mark the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 terror attack. security beefed up at today's ceremony at the official site in london's hooitd park and a national minute of silence is also being observed. four suicide bombers attacked a bus and three subway trains during rush hour a decade ago. the attack killed 50 people. >> hours before the deadline for a nuclear deal iran has another demand. it wants the international sanctions lifted including amps embargo that iran says that's not a condition for concluding the nuclear negotiations. but now would be a good time to lift the sanctions. the u.s. and several other world powers oppose that. negotiators are meeting today in vienna. >> up to a million people greeted the pope at his mass in ecuador, the first stop of three south american countries. he's being treated like a rock star. >> as the popemobile made its way into the stadium here in
3:07 am
ecuador's largest city the crowd stretched back as far as the eye could see. >> this open air mass is the first big public event of the pope's trip. as you can see, a huge turnout, more than a million people turning out despite sweltering heat. the first latin american pope is on his first papal visit to spanish speaking peoples on his home continent. the mood electric. during the mass he told a story from his childhood when he asked his mom which of her five kids she really loved. she held up five fingers losing any one of them would hurt her just the same. the message we're all equal in god's eyes. the people here embracing pope francis. as one of their own. david wright abc news ecuador. >> thank you, david. there's an emergency summit today of european economic officials because of the financial crisis in greece. germany is holding firm on
3:08 am
demands for reforms in greece but other countries may be more lean lenient. greece's new financemanster appears more ready to compromise than his predecessor. most banks there remain closed and could run out of cash tomorrow. >> the uncertainty about greece and iran is unsettling the financial markets but that could be good news. crude oil prices are low, which means we may see very low gas prices later this year. the stock market fell slightly yesterday after the rejection of the greek vote but financial institutions have had years to distance themselves from the greek economy. >> south carolina's one step closer to removing the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol. state senators voted 367-3 to take down the flag. some of them saying they didn't realize how offensive it was till the church massacre that left nine people dead including colleague clement a pinckney whose desk is draped in black. the pill must be signed by the governor before the flag comes
3:09 am
down. freshman quarterback d'andre johnson has been dismissed from the florida state university football team after prosecutors released video of a violent confrontation at a tallahassee bar from june 24th it shows johnson arguing with a woman who then swings at him. he responds by punching her in the face and her nose begins to bleed. johnson's 19 years old charged with battery. he had been on suspension since the incident. >> and it's williams versus williams. little sister versus big sister at wimbledon. the number one ranked serena quickly dispatched the elder venus beating her 6-4, 6 oil 3 in 68 minutes. the pair had not played each other in a grand slam tournament since the 2009 wimbledon final. serena now leads their match-ups 15-11. >> i love watching them. >> it is the greatest thing at any tournament when they face off. >> just the energy and makes me want to take up tennis again.
3:10 am
the williams sisters are fairly old for pro tennis. 30? come on who wrote that copy. john liver berg at 101, it's believed he's the oldest competitor at the national senior games under way in minnesota. we're not talking shuffle board either. >> they're making it happen. the retired rancher is competing in diskursk shot put, javelin and softball throwing. but silverburg is a little disappointed at the lack of competition. you see, there are only two other competitors in his age group. still, he runs that 100 in overcompetition. >> his 30th year competing in the senior games. >> the senior games do have a category of shuffle board in case you were wondering. >> that's good to no he. >> i'm ready for it. can i compete it? can i weigh in? you'll still beat me. i just want to play. >> why not bingo? >> i'll do that two. bingo. >> coming up in the mix,"
3:11 am
something special from a gourmet chef on this national strawberry sunday. >> like my favorite day of the year. also ahead, an attempt to repeat a scene from the movie "up" looked like a fun stunt but then it led to trouble. >> trouble on racetrack and demands for nascar safety after a major smashup. >> don't forget to check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now" is. now." is.
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. terrifying moments at the tour de france. one rider falls and causes a chain reaction. take a look. 37 miles to go in the third is taken at that point. about 20 other riders were toppled in the pile-up. action was stopped for about 20 minutes to allow those who fell behind to catch up. at least four riders forced to quit. the rest expected to be okay. >> nearly everyone at the daytona international speedway was sure that driver austin dillon would not be okay of after that fiery crash yesterday. >> he's fine. only a couple bumps an bruises. the accident is raising questions about safety. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> and the big one happens behind them. >> a nascar driver and several fans recovering after this massive crash. one car hitting another at almost 200 miles per hour. sending it sailing through the air and into the catch fence, pieces of debris flying into the
3:16 am
stands. driver austin dillon miraculously suffering only a bruised tailbone and forearm. other drivers also shaken up including winner dale earnhardt jr. who lost his dad in a racing accident at the same course in 2001. >> that was real frightening. you're just on the verge of tears to be honest with you. >> several fans also injured. four treated on the scene, one taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> i this i our speeds are too high. i do. i think everybody can get good racing with lower speeds. >> still officials say the fence worked and after that accident they'll work to improblem them even more. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> it's interesting because of the crash itself and the fact that fans were injured nascar has to push forward with additional reviews to try to see what they can do to keep fans even safer. as mara said in the piece, the fences work because the point is to keep the car out of the
3:17 am
stands and it did just that. it couldn't keep all the debris from flying. >> there were 30 people injured and they were luckily released quickly but you're right. it is heart breaking when you see it. wow, when that slams up against that fence like that. >> it is the quandary of nascar. there is excitement around the crashes but also that rick that something terrible could happen. thank goodness everybody seems to be okay in this one. >> coming up a high flying publicity stunt. why this man decided it was a good idea to drift off on a chair. grab some balloons and how he got down when it was over. >> ahead in our next half hour honoring a hollywood legend. our tribute to moviemaker jerry weintraub. his famous films and "a" listers and presidents are remembering him. watching "world news now." "wor
3:18 am
3:19 am
>> this next story problems exactly why it's called a publicity stunt. a guy trying to sell a product in a daring way. >> yeah daring almost understates it because you're tying balloons to a deck chair and floating over a large crowd in canada. sounds easy. it didn't turn out like he planned. ctv's riley karlsson has the story. >> all right my dear. >> are we ready? >> these are the final moments before daniel began his high flying publicity stunt. >> four three, two, one. >> 120 six-foot balloons tied on to a plastic lawn chair. the banner on the back was his advertisement. >> there's bigger cleaning product companies that have bigger marketing budgets. they had a bigger stake in this
3:20 am
industry. we decided we had to do something different to stand out. >> he wanted to sky dive into the grounds but apparently no pilot would take him. he figured this was his next best option. >> supposed to land in the chuck weighing bon rays. when i got to a certain altitude the winds in were insane. >> when he got too high he bailed parachuteing down to a field south of the grounds. ems responded. so did police. >> he was take be care of and taken into our cuss odd and eventually taken to our court services center whereby he was charged with mischief to endangering life. >> his chair, however, kept going. >> all of a sudden i saw this colorful thing in the sky and i was curious what it was. >> 65 kilometers away 13-year-old quinn leslie was riding her horse when boria's chair started to come down nearby. >> i thought it was closer than it actually was and it looked
3:21 am
really small. as we drove closer to it it got bigger and bigger. >> they tracked to this field where quinn dragged it back to the road. >> this is like the rope that all the balloons were tied to. >> for now, it sits in her family's driveway two balloons still inflated remnants from the rest tangled in the makeshift harness. even a small oxygen tank was still taped. >> it was weird it came so close to here from calgary. >> police say while these acs are rare they can also be ry dangerous. >> the consequences that have is somebody could be very hurt if not killed. >> okay. >> he just forgot the little mug to put his beer in. >> that's right. riley karlsson reporting. thank you, riley. how many kids under 10 do you think looked up and said "up" is real, mommy. >> but an oxygen tank. >> i went full on. the guy says his phone's been ringing off the hook.
3:22 am
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we are kicking up the morning mix" with a special treat for ryan. your favorite day, national strawberry sundae day. chef david bonham with gourmet sundaes for us. you are our favorite person. >> what's in the sundae david. >> this is a driscoll strawberry sundae with short cake biscuits and a little balsamic. >> ice cream. please finish the interview. >> i was going to take a bite. what is the secret to making the perfect strawberry sundae. >> the secret is your favorite ice cream. this time of year the best fruit possible. i like to use strawberries driscoll. those are the two key leps i think. a twist on this one we put
3:26 am
balsamic vinegar in with the strawberryies. >> do you spring offal it with sugar. >> sugar, a little strawberry jam and a little bit of vinegar. >> what does the balsamic vinegar do. >> a little bit of acid as a could you teller point to the berries and the sugar. >> that's a good little tip. what are you doing over there? balsamic vinegar and strawberries. >> it is fantastic. how do you not eat these every single day. >> i do. that's why i wear baggy pants. >> good to see you my friend. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, speaking of ice cream and if i have it on my face please tell me talk about ice cream sundaes. does everybody remember this whole deal the eating contest that happened on july fourth every single year. matt stony, they call him megatold. take a look at him. this is him before the contest
3:27 am
taking down a colossal sundae. 1100 calories. three different types of ice cream, bananas, m&ms, marshmallows. he dresses it up. look at that. i'm going to eat all this. he takes it down. take a look. >> are you kidding me? >> take it down matt stony. come on man. hurry up. let's see. it's just like at first you see he takes a scoop. i would get brain freeze by scoop number two. look done. 15 minutes done. >> he eta the whole bowl in 15 minutes. >> the whole bowl. >> that's crazy. >> now i'm going to eat. >> it's pretty good. thank the good folks at driscoll berries who always bring the fresh berries. the secret is balsamic vinegar. >> you got to have a cookie. >> we're going to clean him up. that's
3:28 am
3:29 am
is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save $300 to $700 on select mattress sets, plus 36-mth special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number.
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," major developments in the bill cosby case involving accusations of sex and drugs. did court documents newly uncovered reveal a confession? >> breaking overnight, a collapsing ice cave in the pacific northwest. the meltdown and heavy ice that killed one person. how tourists were warned about the danger. >> flag fight. south carolina one step closer to taking down the confederate flag at the state capitol. the heated debate over what many consider a symbol of hate. >> and later in "the skinny," reality tv heartbreak. a kardashian family hit hard. kourtney explains her breakup, tuesday july 7th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. joining us today, ryan smith in for t.j. >> good to be here. those kardashians have it tough sometimes when it comes to love.
3:31 am
but some good, some bad. we'll talk about kourtney today. >> we're going to kick it off with new details about sex and drugs stemming from the allegations against bill cosby. >> it is just shocking. court documents show ten years ago the comedian admitted to giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. here's more from gio benitez. >> after more than 30 women accused cosby of drugging or sexually assaulting them, for the first time cosby reportedly admitting to drugging at least one woman he wanted to have sex with. the "associated press" reporting the 77-year-old makes the stunning admission in a 2005 deposition seen here in an excerpt answering question when asked if he was using quaaludes pore young women that you wanted to have sex with. the depo part of a lawsuit from a former temple university employee. his lawyers objected saying it would embarrass cosby. just this may, abc's linsey davis asked cosby about the allegations.
3:32 am
>> this is a situation that's unprecedented. my family, my friends, i have been in this business 52 years, and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. >> one of cosby's accusers, beverly johnson telling abc news he drugged her. >> i took a couple of sips of the cappuccino and from the first sip and then the second sip, i knew i had been drugged. >> the a.p. saying cosby's lawyers in the case had not immediately returned their calls. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> attorney gloria allred who represents several of his accusers says she hopes to use this newly revealed admission in court cases against him. >> also, at least one person is dead after ice caves collapse in washington state. at least four other people were injured at the big four ice caves, a popular site for hikers.
3:33 am
last night accident follows another collapse on sunday which was captured on video. there were no injuries that time. the u.s. forest service warned conditions at the caves were day, because of unseasonably warm weather. >> the heat wave continues for the next few days at least. that's bad news for firefighters. there are nearly 50 wildfires in eight western states as we speak, including this one in idaho. six homes have been destroyed and dozens of people evacuated about 70 miles northeast of spokane. abc's neal karlinksky is there. >> across the west, relentless wildfires. >> somebody did fireworks. >> this house in sacramento torched by a blaze sparked by fireworks. in bayview, idaho, the dry conditions sent flames rolling over 2,000 acres along this rural lakeside community. >> it was very, very intense. >> 150 people were evacuated for a time and at least six homes burned. firefighters working in dangerous conditions. to save them with the only road
3:34 am
cut off, we took a boat to the front lines. a battle largely fought from the air. >> how bad was it at its worst? >> you could actually see the trees catching on fire and blowing up like a bomb. >> right now 54 wildfires are burning out west, decimating more than 3 million acres, the most since 2006. at least partly because of record heat and prolonged drought and there's no end in sight. the terrain they're dealing with here is steep and rugged. the best way to get at it is with these helicopters. fortunately because the lake is right here, they're able to make repeated runs to get ahead of the fire before conditions can get even hotter. neal karlinksky, bay view, idaho. >> the fires are also burning just over the canadian border. five dozen fires many started by lightning are burning in british columbia. the city of nelson has an evacuate alert because of the flames from two major fires. the fire season began earlier than usual and the firefighting budget is running dry. the u.s. may need to help. >> because of the fires burning
3:35 am
on both sides of the border, the air quality is unhealthy in the seattle area across the northern part of washington state. now, advisories are posted telling anyone with health issues to stay indoors until the smoke is gone. and the dangerous conditions for firefighters in the west continues today. it's hot and dry again in the fire zone with storms in the mountains and then there's heavy rain, as well in new mexico and colorado. it's stormy late in the day in the mid-atlantic and the northeast. cooler fall-like conditions in the upper midwest. >> and 60s and 70s in chicago, minneapolis and kansas city. 80s in boston, albuquerque and atlanta. 90s in portland, dallas and washington, d.c. >> now to the debate over the confederate flag. nearly three weeks after the church massacre, state senators have voted to remove the flag from the grounds of the south carolina capitol. but the legislation still has to be approved by lawmakers in the
3:36 am
other chamber before the flag can come down. more from abc's steve osunsami. >> the culture war at the south carolina state house. legislators for and against keeping the battle flag were pouring their hearts out. >> i'm embarrassed to say that i never actually realized just how offensive the confederate battle flag was. >> lawmakers are clearly moved by the murder of one of their own, his desk covered in black cloth. senator clementa pinckney one of the nine people killed by an alleged gunman who police say meant to shoot black people and took pictures of himself with a gun in one hand and the flag in the other. but the flag's supporters were passionate and moving. >> we're placing the blame of what one deranged lunatic did on people that hold their southern heritage high. and i don't think that's fair. >> a third and final vote is expected to take place across the state legislature later this week. steve osunsami, abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> europe's top economists are dealing with the financial crisis in greece. germany holding firm on demands
3:37 am
for reform in greece. but.other countries may be more lenient. greece's new finance minister appears more ready to cop pro mize than his predecessor. despite sunday's no vote on austerity measures most banks were closed and could run out of cash starting tomorrow. >> the uncertainty of greece and iran is unsettling the financial markets. that could be good news. crude oil prices are low. which means we may actually see very low gas prices later this year. u.s. stock markets fell slightly yed after the rejection of the greek vote. but financial institutions have had years to distance themselves from the greek economy. >> and starting today, your morning latte at starbucks is going to cost a little bit more. i feel your pain, folks. starbucks says the prices will go up by 5 to 20 cents. that means something when you buy it every day. depending on the market and the drink. most drinks will probably increase by 1%. the increase comes as the price for raw coffee has been falling. starbucks is raising prices to
3:38 am
cover the costs of labor and rent. >> that's a little bit of a hike there for some people. >> not liking it, including me. >> starting next week, oreos for adults. oreo thins are being marketed as a thinner and more sophisticated snack for grown-ups. these cookies aren't for dunking or meant to be pulled apart before eating. >> you know what you do, you eat twice as many. they have the same all important cookie to filling ratio. they promise to be kinder to adult waistlines with fewer calories. the slimmer cookies debuted in china last year and now being introduced here. no word on how much weight the chinese have lost from eating these thin cookies. >> four of the cookies apparently contain 140 calories compare that to rel oreos where 160 for three. you're saving 20 calories. >> you're saving 20 calories. >> but you get one more cookie. >> if you like the creamy filling, are you getting gypped there? >> what happens with double stuff? do you double stuff and then
3:39 am
you're not losing weight or saving calories? no, then you're in trouble. >> then you need to do the triathlon. >> here's the thing, folks, no sugar, no cookies ever. >> oh. you run a tight ship. >> or have them all like i do. >> coming up in "the skinny," the sex and drama, on "the bachelorette" last night including our exclusive kiss cam. >> kiss cam. and also ahead, a tribute to a moviemaker who found success and fame bringing "the karate kid" and "oceans 11" to the big screen. >> later our opportunity to see, oh, so much more of kevin love as espn exposes our favorite athletes. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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a brazen robbery captured on surveillance tape. robbers used a backhoe to smash into a texas gun store. that eventually sent the walls of the store crashing down as you see right there. but after all that effort, the suspects got away with one lone rifle. one of them uses it to try to bust open the glass case, the glass showcase. that fails. all those other guns are locked inside a safe. police are now searching for the suspects. >> now to hollywood and the remembrance coming in for one of the biggest moviemakers in the business. producer jerry weintraub started in a mail room and rose to the top of the showbiz empire. >> talk about rags to riches. he died of a heart ake in santa barbara at the age of 77. but that's not how he's going to be remembered.
3:44 am
kabc's george pennacchio has our tribute. >> jerry weintraub is jerry weintraub is. >> jerry weintraraub is. >> he's a puncher. >> he never gets down and quits. >> it is a rare bird. >> he's a lot of things to a lot of different people. >> he's ringling brothers. he's barnum and bailey. >> houdini. >> forest gump. >> you can't buy him dinner. >> the hbo documentary "his way" gives us a look at his life both personal and professional. his long career included time as a music industry tour promoter and as a music manager who worked with the likes of john denver and led zeppelin. he even briefly ran united artists but producing was his forte. his first film working with robert altman on "nashville" in 1975. two years later he hit big producing "oh, god" with friend john denver and legend george burns. >> god. >> chemicals, all chemicals. turning kids into garbage cans. >> weintraub also produced the al >> he also produced the al
3:45 am
pacino film "cruising" and "diner" and two years after that, the karate kid. he returned to produce the 2010 reboot of "the karate kid" with jaden smith and jackie chan. before that he rebooted the rat pack film "oceans 11" with some big name talent. that film and its two sequels were big moneymakers. george clooney who starred in all three tells us in the coming days there will be tributes about our friend jerry weintraub. we'll laugh at his great stories and applaud his accomplishments and in the years to come, the stories and accomplishments will get better with age just as jerry would have wanted it, but clooney said, not today. today our friend died. to his family and friends, amal and i send our love and to those who didn't know him, we send our deepest sympathy. you would have loved him. this is george pennacchio reporting for abc news. >> i do feel like i missed out not knowing him personally.
3:46 am
the span of our childhood, don't you feel like that? >> he's had so great ones. that documentary is phenomenon ol. he's had recent successes. one movie he did "behind the candelabra," about liberace, wonderful movie with michael douglas and matt damon. and all the studios passed on it. hbo picked it up. it won 11 emmys. it was phenomenal. the guy was a magic maker. >> a weekend of a lot of his shows, movies. coming up in "the skinny," splitsville. the kardashian breakup not exactly shocking the world. >> but love is in the air for some other "a" list couples. hmm. you're watching "world news now." hmm. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:47 am
3:48 am
movies. >> "world news now" continues ♪skinny, so skinny ♪ >> this morning, "the skinny" is all about love or maybe we should say the lack of. kourtney kardashian and scott disick are calling it quits. >> this is kind of like deja vu all over again for these two. last week it was jen and ben and now it's kourt and scott. if you haven't been "keeping up with the kardashians," she is the eldest kardashian sibling and scott disick is portrayed to be a self-centered jerk.
3:49 am
>> the e! network that airs the reality program broke the news saying the couple that has three children together including a 6-month-old is now over. their relationship. it's been a rocky romance. the couple never got married. there were rumors of his cheating ways and always tabloid fodder including recent shots of disick cozying up to his ex girlfriend. >> never going to be a relationship continuer. >> i always feels like there's hope for these guys. >> no. although if you're a big star and people are photographing you everywhere, you know if you're with your etch, you're going to get caught. that's just for the media attention. >> what if he did the motel 6? >> don't get me started on that one. meanwhile, it's all about love and commitment for another famous couple. this is a good one. mila kunis and ashton kutcher are newlyweds. you're like wait didn't that already happen? no, no, no. after months of speculation, sources close to the couple leaked they secretly got married finally over the weekend in california at a location reportedly scenic surrounded by
3:50 am
apple orchards and mountain views. sounds beautiful. >> sounds gorgeous. guests revealed the grounds were named kuku as in ku, the first two letters of each of their last names >> wow, we're really reaching for nicknames. >> it included lots of outdoorsy activities including rows of luxury tents. was this glamping? >> i guess so. you might remember their romance began on the set of that '70s show" with the former co-stars back then. me la told w magazine her first real kiss ever was with ashton. they have a 9-month-old daughter together. congrats. >> our senior bachelorette analyst is on vacation this week but didn't want to let you go without a quick recap. kaitlyn finally admitted to the heartthrob shawn that she had sex with nick a couple weeks ago. this seemed to bother shawn a little bit. he fought back a little but did accept the rose from kaitlyn.
3:51 am
>> later shawn decided to go to nick's room, maybe try to bro it out a little bit. no is not for these guys. shawn explaining to nick some of his bros were sent home and they were questioning nick's motives. >> the kiss count. unfortunately, jack took that with him. the fantasy suite now open for business. it tops up seven is the magic number. 11, sorry, 11. >> not a 7-eleven. it's 11 kisses. >> lots of lip locking last night. that's the bottom line. >> a superstar couple running up the kiss count, as well but nothing else. let me explain, russell wilson of the seattle seahawks is revealing when it comes to sex with his singer girlfriend ciara, he's saving it for marriage. >> he told the pastor it was god's will to stay abstinent in order to lead her. he asked the congregation to pray for me since she's 15 out of 10.
3:52 am
>> pray for me, she's so hot. >> wilson is divorced after two years of marriage. ciara is a mom with a toddler. ciara is a mom with a toddler. using a pleasure gel? no we never have. we never tried one. so one product i think you guys would love, ky yours and mine. there is one warming and one tingling. when they combine it creates an intense new sensation. oooh hoo hoo hoo! when you discover something new together it's like falling in love all over again. is this something you'd try to spice things up? tonight. i've been the same shade of red for many years. i think it's time to change it up! goodbye, red. hello, golden blonde. shifting to a new shade is sort of a new beginning but i knew it was going to be natural
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♪ >> you know we're going to show you something risque with that music. espn's body issue is out showing off some fine physiques of our favorite athletes. >> that's right and the body issue gives us a chance to see more of these athletes wearing a lot less. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> espn's body issue, a celebration of the finest physiques in sports. from venus williams to prince fielder to hope solo. and this year, ali krieger, and ali ray smith stripping down for the magazine but getting uncovered on the cover? the cleveland cavaliers kevin love. >> are you really fully nude or are their pasties and strategic underwear or is it like the full monty?
3:56 am
>> it's a little bit of both in a way. when you first take off that robe, you're like here i am. i'm out there. >> the 26-year-old love measuring in at 6 foot ten inches is already in great shape being a professional athlete and all, but when he got the call to shoot the issue, he says he had to prepare, getting a little extra sun and keeping up his victory diet and fitness routine. >> i always say that it's easier to stay in shape than to get back into shape. i always making sure i'm always working out and always working with the right people. >> but the hoops star i want -- wasn't always so fit. this is one of the pictures from the shoot. and this is you in high school. so there's a pretty big difference there. >> a little bit of a change. >> a little bit. tell me about how you got from here to here. what changes did you make in your life? >> so, it was definitely a lifestyle change and you know, learning discipline. you know, deciding what you want now and what you want most and what i wanted most was a body that was going to afford me the opportunity to play at a very
3:57 am
high level. >> these guys know how to play basketball. >> and it has. the three-time all-star just signing a new deal with the cavs, reportedly a $110 million five-year contract and now a new career high, cover model. >> it was really a special moment for me and now, this is my favorite issue that espn does, and it's arguably the most prestigious. i was pretty blown away. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. whoo. >> what do you think? >> oh, boy. what time does that go on sale today? >> you're buying that, huh? it's got to be a quandary for him. he's sitting there saying i got the call from espn. i'm going to be in the body issue. wait a second. i've got to work out ten hours a day. >> i bet he doesn't eat ice cream when he shoots. >> no. >> no strawberry sundaes for him. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, an ice cave collapsing on a group of people. the warning from authorities about the popular tourist site just days ago. stunning admission. in his own words, bill cosby saying he knowing lyly brought drugs to give them to women. the decades old documents unsealed. severe weather, a tornado touching down ripping apart trees and causing damage. a baseball team's ground crew working overtime in the dugout as water rushes down the steps. up up and away. a man in big trouble because of a high-flying stunt involving 100 balloons and a lawn chair. good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm ryan smith


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