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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the men we talked to that worked in the nearby building called 911 and had emergency crews come to the scene. when just received this photograph minutes ago from a local news agency in northwest. you can see one of these employees with an oxygen mask to his face. the four men were suffering smole inhalation. some had serious burns to their face and their backs. firefighters told us one of the men actually was inside the utility room below the stairwell when the explosion, what they are calling a transformer explosion occurred. firefighters then had to go downstairs using thermal cameras to actually rescue the gentleman. they transcribed the conditions as a smoky, hazy maze. we spoke with the eyewitness who called 911 and got the ball rolling earlier today. here is what he saw. >> there was a roof over the top of the fence. so there was no way for them
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to get away from the fire and the smoke that was coming. one of the guys back there had burns all over his face. kevin: so in total four men that were trapped inside the stairwell of the utility room below three taken to the hospital. two critical injuries. one with serious injuries. we have since learned all four men work for the d.c. department of general services. unclear why they were out at this former school that is now under deep renovations. for now we are live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis abc7 news. kimberly: happening now in montgomery county clean-up from a crash involving adults and children. news chopper 7 over the scene this afternoon on spencerville road in burtonsville. a vehicle flipped over knocking down power lines. no details on the extent of the injury there but spencerville road is closed between old columbia pike. jonathan: developing near charleston, south carolina the investigation into how an
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f-16 fighter jet and a small plane collided in mid-air sending plane parts and debris to the ground. a spokesperson for the shaw air force base in columbia said the pilot of the f-16 ejected safely. he was taken to the base for observation. we're not sure if anyone was hurt on the ground. right now we are learning about trouble off the field for former nfl quarter donovan mcnabb. he is facing d.u.i. charge in arizona after police say he rear-ended a car at a traffic light. this happened last month. mcnabb was taken to a holding facility before being cited an released. this marks the second time in less than two years that mcnabb has been arrested on d.u.i. charges. kimberly: now to a big story depping right now outside of indianapolis -- developing right now outside of indianapolis. i was police not the pop razzy swarming the home of subway spokesman jared fogle. the raid believed to be linked to a link at the fogle foundation charged with child
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porn. jennifer donelan is in the satellite center with more. what did you find out? jennifer: jared is known for losing a ton of weight by eating subway sandwiches. today's development is not the attention he is used to. as part of an expensive f.b.i. investigation into child porn. f.b.i. teams escorted jared the subway guy out of his loam this morning. they took him inside what looked to be a command post vehicle. he was escorted back to his home but we later saw him leave his house outside of indianapolis on his own accord. he did not speak with reporters. jared the face of the subway restaurant chain whose full name is jared fogle as you mentioned has not been formally charged in any way. despite the fact the f.b.i. was really interested in his house today. they brought in a search dog. they carried out electronics. now saying that this investigation is tied to the arrest of the executive director of jared's foundation which helps raise awareness
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about child obesity is subway. subway is speaking out about four hours ago. they are saying that the foundation executive director russell tailor was charged back in may on child pornography charges. subway restaurant releasing that short statement. saying that jared has been cooperating with law enforcement and he is looking forward to the investigation concluding. reporting live, i'm jennifer donelan. back to you. jonathan: thanks. the man accused in a deadly stabbing in a metro train appeared in court again. jasper spires was arrested yesterday for charges of the weekend murder at the noma-gallaudet metro station. brianne carter just got out of court and has the latest for us. brianne: jasper spires in court and a judge ordering he will be held without bond until a next court appearance set for july 17. spires as you mentioned is accused of fatally stapping 24-year-old kevin sutherland
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on a metro trean. the documents reveal a brutal attack on board a train filled with people saturday. sutherland was stabbed in the abdomen, back, both arms and punched until he fell to the ground. according to a court affidavit, witnesses saw spires reach for something in sutherland's waist area and that is believed to be a cell phone. the two began to struggle according to court railroads and spires started punching sutherland until he fell to the ground. sutherland was then stabbed repeatedly. the court documents reveal after he stabbed sutherland he approached another man and said "what do y'all got?" he ran through the pockets and took $65 in cash. the court records show spires then got off the train at the noma-gallaudet station. the affidavit claims when he was leaving the station, witnesses claim to have seen him drop a backpack near the
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turnstiles. according to the court records the detectives found the backpack near the turnstiles at the same station with a health card with the name jasper spires on the card. court records show the detectives found a knife in the trash can outside of the noma-gallaudet station. in court we heard from spires attorney saying there wasn't enough probable cause in the case. the drug said according to this there was enough probable cause in this case. he was held without bond and is expected to be back in court on july 17. now coming up right here on "abc7 news at 5:00" hear there a family friend of spires and also hear from a friend of that victim. reporting live brianne carter, abc7 news. kimberly: a construction worker is recovering right now after suffering a medical emergency while 60 felt down in a hole. this happened this morning on new jersey avenue in southeast washington. we are told the man was
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working in that hole when he suffered some kind of medical emergency. a big crane had to be used to lift him out. he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. jonathan: look outside today. what an absolutely spectacular day it was. it wasn't too hot or too cold or too humid. kimberly: the district is under a key emergency. jonathan: how does that happen? kimberly: meteorologist brian van de graaff has how hot it is factoring in the humidity. brianne: i thought you were going to get into porridge. jonathan: no. goldilocks. brian: there is a heat index. that is what we'll talk about. chief meteorologist doug hill has the night off and we are looking at things that are calm looking but it feels warm. 91 downtown. haze out there. despite the bit of a breeze out of the southwest at 10 we still feel like 96.
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but the suburbs are not as warm as downtown. frederick is 88. 88 in andrews. 89 in kwap tyco. 91 in frederick. i saw a rogue shower earlier east of annapolis. i popped up and moved across the bay. that was it. we are good to go in the evening. nats home again tonight. didn't get the w but tonight is our chance. i think the showers are back in the mix tomorrow. i'll let you know of the timing and how much in the full forecast. jonathan: thanks. kimberly: now to a story you first saw on 7. an absolute senseless tragedy after he was severely beaten for taking a piece of birthday cake. the boyfriend of the child's mother charged in the child's death. maryland bureau chief brad bell reports from hagerstown with the investigation. jonathan: we'll get that for
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you in a second. we are having an issue with the story. meantime, the fall-out does continue for the stunning admission of bill cosby. newly discovered unsealed documents from court reveal something about cosby i'm sure the lawyers didn't want revealed at all. comedian admitted he give women drugs with the admission of having sex with them. abc marci gonzalez is following this. marci: after repeatedly side-stepping questions about sexual assault allegations -- >> i can't speak. marci: now a possible admission from bill cosby revealed. a court document unsealed yesterday says the comedian said yes when asked under oath if he purchased prescription sedative quaaludes. the attorney asking "when you got the quaaludes was it in your mind you would give them to the young women you wanted to have sex with? " he said yes. now he is elaborating on an
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encounter of las vegas and says she meets me backstage, i give her quaaludes and we have sex. according to a document filed by another woman these statements were part of a deposition given in the 2005 sexual abuse lawsuit. >> she had said that cosby drugged and sexual assaulted her at his home in philadelphia. when she met with him for career advice. >> cosby settled the case for an undisclosed amount. according to a source close to cosby the only reason he settled is because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all the women on the stand and his family had no clue. that would have been very hurtful. attorney gloria allred who represents several of cosby accusers today applauding the judge's decision to make the statements in the court documents public. gloria: they are an admission. make no mistake about it. marci: cosby was never criminally charged and in many
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cases the statute of limitations has expired. marci gonzalez, abc news. jonathan: the south carolina senate gave final approval this morning to remove the confederate flag and the pole that it flies on. the legislation now goes to the house but its fate is far from certain. calls to remove the flag intensified after nine black church-goers were killed in charleston last month. the suspect in the killings posed with the flag in photos he posted online. kimberly: state of maryland is going to appeal the federal government denial of the disaster aid to baltimore. that money would have been used to help baltimore and the state of maryland recover millions of dollars in riot-related costs. that rioting, looting and arson broke out in april following the death of freddie gray who was injured in police custody. the six baltimore police officers have been charged in gray's death and are awaiting trial. jonathan: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- there is new information about a nurse who accidentally dropped a newborn fracturing a
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baby's skull. will she face discipline? kimberly: cooking up new controversy. the tweet from paula deen that is drawing a new round of criticism about race. >> for the first time we are hearing from the grand mother of the baby found abandoned on the side of the road. come up
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jonathan: we are now hearing of the mother of a woman accused of abeen a -- aban donning her -- aban donning her infant daughter. diane cho has more. what on earth is the grand mother saying? diane: for the first time we are hearing from the child's grabbed mother today speaking out on -- grandmother today speaking out of the on behalf of her daughter. we got the charging documents from the state attorney office regarding the case that says the mother sandra mcclary, the child's mother and the child's father were on their way to a party saturday night. when she got lost it started an argument between the two of them that led to a physical altercation. the court documents say at some point she got out of the van and placed the baby carrier on the ground next to the van and says they continued to argue. eventually she drove away. mcclary's mother tells us that her daughter left because she
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was in fear for her life. >> my daughter would never just leave her baby on the side of the road if there hadn't been some type of serious circumstances surrounding the whole situation. it would not have happened at all. diane: now we also asked the state attorney's office today if anyone else could face potential charges in the case. we are told they could not except on that at this time. we'll have more and hear more from her coming up at 5:00. for now live in annapolis, diane cho abc7 news. jonathan: want to update you on stories from around the nation. denver prosecutors declined to file charges against a couple of t.s.a. workers who are accused of fondling or groping passengers. prosecutors say they weren't able to cob rate the victim's -- corroborate the victim's claims. they fired two screeners a man and a woman in april after they were accused of conspiring to fondle male passengers as they came
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through a checkpoint at the denver international airport. a pennsylvania hospital says a nurse that dropped a newborn fracturing his skull will be disciplined but not fired. a spokesperson for union town hospital says an internal review determined that the nurse dropped the 1-day-old baby by accident on june 30. the nurse was burping the newborn when she slipped from her grasp. the baby is in intensive care but expected to make a full recovery. kimberly: maryland governor larry hogan is laying out the 43 potential cut to the punnal line that will reduce cost by $210 million. the proposed cuts include fewer maryland transit administration field offices. and shorter platforms. hogan also proposed replacing the track bed with the conventional crushed stone. the light rail project estimated to cost $2.5 billion. a traffic alert for beltway drivers. additional lane is opening up on a section of the inner loop
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in virginia for the morning and the evening rush hour. the new left shoulder lane goes for a mile and a half from the end of the express lanes to the parkway. drivers can use the lanes from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon until 6:00 p.m. overhead signs with a green arrow and red x will let the drivers know when the lanes are open and when they are closed. jonathan: while we talk about traffic let's find out how it's rolling out there. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the road. jamie: we probably won't see it in many areas. i want to start to the traffic that is slow on the inner loop. we heard kimberly mention between this point at the inner loop from braddock to the g.w. parkway you can use the shoulder. it's typical working to the american legion bridge. what is not typical is the 66 delays. you have this heading in at 18 miles per hour.
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earlier crash gone. heading outbound on 66 bumper to butcher delays in some -- bumper to bumper delays in some spot. but a crash. take a live look on the area at 66 to nuttily street. they are moving the camera around but you can see activity over there. this is bumper to butcher in both directions. let's go ahead and move to the maps. i want to focus in maryland. the one issue we have been working is an accident involving an overturned vehicle. spencerville road in burtonsville is closed off. near old columbia pike. briggs chaner road is the alternate. this is west of columbia pike. we did have a tweet that we can show you picture of this overturned vehicle. we did have that. but it is pretty bad situation in the area. of course poles and wires are down. keep in mind it will be a while. briggs chaney road is the best
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option. back to you. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: i know you are in disbelief there is a heat advisory. >> i'm shocked. brian: i have to do more research. i could just be for the city. we usually get alerts and my phone didn't beep. if my phone doesn't beep there are no problems out there. jonathan: i'm a barometer. if i get to worse and i'm a sweaty mess it's hot. it's not that bad today. brian: we will look into that. this is the one day we don't have showers and storms. the rest of the week we have them. the best chance is tomorrow. be prepared for tomorrow for scattered showers and storms. for the remainder of the week it's hot. for the most part dry. a call for good pool weather. we like that. look at the weather bug camera from the friends in damascus at ridge road. in the last couple of hours we have seen a good share of sunshine. a nice feel out there across the area. nothing too extreme. it's warm but no showers.
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we saw a shower pop up a while ago. but one of the warm spots is 92 degrees. southbound wind at 4. manassas 87. 87 at indian queen in port washington. most of the winds from the south/southwest. most of us are in 90's. 89 in quantico. 85 in annapolis. we're all in the same spot. the dew point from 70's to 80. upper 60's to near 70's in the metro. if we get that much air you can feel it. the way to check things out one storm eastern virginia to western maryland. you can check out the weather app. check out or doppler online. click on the weather tab. he are always streaming the radar. this is the bigger picture. this is the system tomorrow will drop across the area. that will bring us our
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greatest shot for showers and storms. that is tomorrow through the midday and the afternoon. no risk for severe weather at this point. it's something to watch carefully. notice by thursday the storm chances go back to only 30%. friday and saturday we'll go with a dry pattern. the last two weekends have been wet. it has not been good because it's been pouring rain. kimberly: we have a few days out from the july 4th holiday but your forecast was right on. you were scared. you had a right to be scared. rain intermittently all day. brian: i was on the rooftop that afternoon and they were looking at me. we're going to be okay. we're going to be okay. jonathan: meteorologists don't get scared. brian: we don't get scared? i had a couple of glasses of wine to calm me down. kimberly: thank you for sharing that. thanks. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an amazing feat by a 15-year-old student from northern virginia and how he uncovered an error in a decade-old museum exhibit.
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jonathan: this is a great story. wait until you see it. dramatic moments caught on camera. a stroller with a baby inside falls on the train tracks as the train is approaching. who is being called a h
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kimberly: "7 on your side" to help with legal questions you may have. these are attorneys. they are waiting for you to call them between 4:30 and
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6:30. so in five minutes call this number. 703-236-9220. and ask the attorney. they are there in the "7 on your side" help center. ask the attorney phone bank and they will be there until 6:30 tonight. jonathan: it's free. there is no putting them on the clock. it's free advice. there you go. how about this one? 15-year-old high school student in winchester is making national headlines and it's all for a visit to a boston museum of science. kimberly: joseph rosenfeld uncovered a math error in the golden ratio of a 34-year-old exhibit. joseph is joining us live via skype. joseph, describe to us how this happened. you are walking in the museum and you had a pand paper and you start doing your own calculations or was this in your head? joseph: no. there wasn't any call cluelations being done -- calculations being done. it's a famous equation. it's pretty recognizable if it's incorrect. kimberly: so talk to us about the equation.
4:27 pm
joseph: it's called the golden ratio. it's probably one of the more famous equations in math. i appears everywhere in nature from flowers to trees to well anything. to humans, too. jonathan: the funny part about this is this museum is in the backyard of m.i.t. harvard, b.c. and i can go on and on with the schools there and there are a lot of gifted minds. nobody that set up the exhibit or walked through the exhibit didn't double check the math and it takes a kid from virginia to go there and say geniuses you got this wrong. that must have feld pretty good. joseph: it did. jonathan: it was simple. you looked down and they had a minus in the equation as opposed to a plus. is that right? joseph: that is correct. jonathan: walk us through it. when you found the problem who did you tell and what was their reaction? joseph: well, first when i found the problem, the error i double checked my cell phone and internet and checked with wikipedia to make sure.
4:28 pm
then i talked to my aunt and my uncle and told them there was an error in the museum. they told me that i should see the front desk about the error. then i told them. they said that they would take a look at it. and i left my name and my number. but then later on we e-mailed the museum and they e-mailed us back about the error and how they were going to try to get it fixed. kimberly: joseph, how often are you finding yourself in the classroom correcting your teachers also? joseph: we have had discussions in my class about that. kimberly: really? joseph: yeah. kimberly: you have a tendency to do that huh? joseph: not often. they're usually correct. jonathan: you are the matt damon character from "good will hunting" but you're not an orphan. you are just a genius with math. are you going to college and go to m.i.t. or virginia tech? where are you going? joseph: if i could go to m.i.t. that's where i will be going. jonathan: a little advice. put this moment in history on the resume that you corrected
4:29 pm
the golden ratio at the museum. kimberly: absolutely! jonathan: it's been a pleasure. joseph, it's been a pleasure. thank you for taking the time. joseph: thank you. kimberly: good job, buddy. jonathan: all right. coming up for us here -- he's great, isn't he? a great museum. kimberly: if i'm teaching i don't want him in my class. jonathan: coming up at 4:00 see if the revenue has increased or dropped. >> immigrant workers at donald trump's hotel in downtown d.c. react to his comments. i'm sam ford. that is comi ♪
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." jonathan: new fall-out from donald trump's comments about mexican immigrants. there are reports that some immigrants who are there the u.s. illegally are working on a new trump hotel that is being built in d.c. kimberly: d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest with the story. sam? sam: kimberly i did not find any immigrants today that were telling me they were here illegally. although the "washington post" has been reporting that some of the immigrants said they came in this country initially illegally and that some said that they were still here illegally. today we asked immigrant workers their reaction to donald trump saying that immigrants coming from mexico were drug dealers and rapists. he assumes some are good people. the few who would speak to us today said it's a big topic of
4:33 pm
discussion here but few want to be seen discussing it on television. trump was here last july when he broke ground for the luxury hotel projected to bring $100 million to d.c. over ten years. immigrant workers admit to being hurt by what trump has said. while hispanic activists say they are planning protests. >> what goes around comes armed. >> yeah. >> how do the latinnos feel about it? >> they are disturbed by it but one bad apple can't make up for the rest. not everybody feels the same way. >> it's not on offensive you could get throughout and extremists that think immigrants are rapists and criminals. that's not right. sam: that was d.c. shadow representative. he is planning a protest here
4:34 pm
at this site on thursday afternoon. we'll have more on the story and we'll talk to a d.c. delegate standing next to touch with a shovel last year for -- next to trump with a shovel last year for the ground breaking and see what others say about the situation. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford abc7 news. jonathan: jury deliberations underway in the trial of brian mahew. he and two other men charged with first-degree murder. acaused of killing the uncle mico who was set to testify against him in a double murder trial. they believe that mayhew ordered his uncle's killing from jail. he was convicted of double murder and sentenced to life in prison. kimberly: a construction worker is recovering from burns to his face and arms after an accident in mont gomry county. news chopper 7 flew over the scene at a home in bethesda. investigators believe a gas furnace started the fire in the home basement. damage is estimated to cost more than $500,000.
4:35 pm
jonathan: all right. go to the weather. the hot and the humid day. but earlier i said for some who got out there it wasn't that hot. but apparently i was wrong. kimberly: check in with brian van de graaff. what did you find out about the heat advisory? brian: other than the city center there is nothing else in the metro i can find out there. maybe you're a cool cucumber jon. tracking mainly clear skies. heat and the humidity is up. numbers from the upper 80 to the low 90's. i would like to talk about a chance of a schooling shower and we just don't have it out there now. there could be a stray shower later tonight in the mountains. i'll widen out if view. you can see a line of showers that is affecting the ohio valley. that is what we will be watching move flu here tomorrow. no watch boxes up for the area now. tomorrow, even with a risk of a few showers and storms that don't see much in the way of severe. i want to show you how it's set up. frontal system drapes across the area.
4:36 pm
if you have a front nearby it's a catalyst for the showers and the storms. we can see the threat for showers and storms and something to keep a close eye on. right now the radar is sweeping clean. i want to show you the future cast. by the bedtime tomorrow morning, showers are possible north and northwest. but through the day, showers become more like. it will around the metro area, .2 of an inch of rain. heavier amounts are possible off forth and northwest for tomorrow. that is what we will be watching carefully. tomorrow, the best chance for showers and storms throughout the week. by thursday they are isolated. the temperatures in the upper 80's to near 70. right where we should be. most of friday and saturday will be dry. good pool day. good outdoor sports activity. but make sure to keep yourself hydrated. back to the same old same sold sunday, monday tuesday. that is the latest. more in a bit. kimberly: thanks. for problems for condo building in silver springs. for the second time in days firefighters are responding to
4:37 pm
a fire. jonathan: a building on university boulevard. tom roussey is there. we are told the tower is out as we speak. tom: that is correct. if you look behind me here at the building you can see several fire crews on scene. i still got off the phone with petco a few minutes ago and they said they had to cut power for safety reasons. the information inside the building building is resolved the giant apartment complex won't have power. this is the second time in a few days. this is frustrating for folks. this is 14 stories tall. 1111 university building west part of the university towers complex. an electrical fire over the weekend and that caused power to be lost for the residents for a time. then it happened again today around 1:15. another fire so the power was cut as of 1:30. i talked to residents who were getting frustrated twice in a few days. they told me they were getting out of here because it's starting to get hot inside the building.
4:38 pm
it's not a cool day. so without air conditioning that thing is going to heat up pretty quickly. i got off the phone again moments ago and they say the building itself is working on the situation. there is no estimate at this point for when power should be back. nobody was hurt in either of the two fires. reporting live in silver spring, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. state officials say maryland's five casinos generated more than $91 million in revenue last month. that is an increase by 27% compared to the revenue from june of last year. in a year-to-year comparison excluding the newest casino horseshoe casino baltimore revenue decreased from june 2014 by nearly $4 million. kimberly: is the president's plan in iraq and syria working? his advisers gave bad news on capitol hill today. that is where senior political reporter scott thuman is live to explain. scott? scott: well, kimberly this is
4:39 pm
a hearing we have before the senate armed forces committee today. a pretty tough admission from the pentagon. we are talking about a key program to train and equip fires inside of syria. now the reason that we need to keep this in mind here is this the plan so the u.s. soldiers don't need to be on the ground. however, defense secretary carter today said while it's pack of 7000 volunteers to be part of the program only 60 are part of that. >> looking at your faces you have the same reaction i do. that is an awfully small number. >> we need a strategy on this problem. i'm deeply disappointed. i don't see the confidence in your testimony or general dempsey's testimony. scott: so why is that number so small? we will talk about the problems within syria and also what the pentagon's plan is to fix it. also coming up in 90 minutes,
4:40 pm
on "abc7 news at 6:00" we will hear directly from senator john mccain. he is the chairman of the committee. tough words from him. we'll have that for you in the next report. live on the hill tonight scott thuman abc7 news. kimberly: all right. we will look for you then scott. coming up at 4:00 -- a college football quarterback in big-time trouble after caught on camera punching a woman. how he is now responding to this video. jonathan: our "7 on your side" help center is taking your calls right now. that is a panel of attorneys downstairs taking your questions. call the number, 703-236-9220. until 6:30. free legal advice. back after this.
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4:44 pm
bar. newly released footage shows what happened that night. the woman and johnson argued and things turned physical. there is pushing and grabbing. it built up to this. a strike to the left side of the woman's face. >> i don't know why he would do that. especially the woman it's not acceptable. >> i hope somebody takes action about that. i hate to see a man hitting a female period. i don't like it. reporter: johnson's dismissal from the program was announced the day the video was released. >> it's more prominent with a player than just a guy at the bar but it doesn't decrease he hit a girl and doesn't diminish or make it better he did that action. jonathan: nobody in the bar did anything about it. just walked out. chris rowe reporting for us. johnson facing disme mean nowhere battery -- misdemeanor battery charges and johnson's attorney released a statement saying johnson is participating in programs for
4:45 pm
battered women and substance abuse and says johnson is embarrassed and apologized. makes you mad. sorry. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- frantic moments a at train station. a stroller falling on the track as a train approaches. learn now who is being called a hero. kimberly: "7 on your side" help center is taking your calls now. we have a panel of attorneys taking your questions. call 703-236-9220. be patient. i look like they are very busy. they will be answering calls until 6:30 tonight.
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jonathan: dramatic moments caught on camera there sydney australia. see the stroller. baby inside rolling toward the tracks. a grandfather risking his life to save his granddaughter. after the stroller rolled out on the train tracks. kimberly: this all happened as a train approached the station. now the grandfather who accidently let go of the stroller is being called a hero. reporter: the stroller carrying an 18-month-old girl rolls away toward the emof the platform at a sydney train station.
4:49 pm
i crashes onto the track. and the train is barreling down the line. the baby grandfather said he didn't realize the platform had the tiniest slope. he rushes after it but he is too late. baby and stroller plunge onto the rail line. the child's mother and grandmother rushed to help. 328 feet, a train is racing toward the station. 62-year-old grandfather does not hesitate. jumping on to the track and slinging the child and stroller back on the platform. >> heroic. kimberly: it's then the free train driver sees what is unfolding and blasted a warning horn. >> i didn't think he would pull up in time if he had to. kimberly: the grandfather then runs for his wife. >> run down to the tracks to the end of the platform. climbed up onto the platform. kimberly: the grandfather reaches the end of the platform. scrambles to safety with seconds to spare. the toddler suffered bruising and cuts to her head. the grandfather wasn't injured but badly shaken and released. >> i would be lucky.
4:50 pm
grandfather just as lucky. jonathan: holy cow. >> kimberly: you bet. jonathan: the grandfather is probably shaking still. kimberly: the strollers if they don't have a brake on them, they can take off without you realizing it. jonathan: prepare to pay more for the caffeine fix at starbucks. the chain hiked prices again. by 5-20 cents depending on the drink you love. are you okay with this? kimberly: no. jonathan: no one is okay with this. starbucks is raising prices to cover respect. but a spokesperson confirm the price increase for the past three years. you know every time starbucks raises the prices we do news stories about it. the same reaction from everyone. kimberly: if it means the employees get paid more that's great. but $5 for coffee. brian: it's bad. you don't think about it with the app and you just go beep and let's go. you don't realize. jonathan: it ain't monopoly.
4:51 pm
it's real money. brian: we always like to look toward the weekend. jonathan: we started yesterday. brian: it could be good. the weekend outlook, rain chances are minimal. on sunday is the best chance. looking at one of the updated models european model coming in later than the american model with the time difference. it wants to hang on to the isolated point on saturday. at this point i'm going with a partly sunny saturday. 89 is the average high this time of year. closer to the average. 19 for the day on sunday. we did this yesterday. this is no just 4 but alexandria had the birthday this weekend. if you didn't get the fireworks or if you want more fire woks you can do it. this saturday night. just after dark. alexandria will be in the upper 70's but the fireworks shows between 7:00 and so:00. it ain't too shabby. it could be more clearer skies
4:52 pm
and a better view. 9:30 off of madison street in alexandria. taking to the shore, the isolated storm chances from ocean city to atlantic city. mid-to-upper 80's for the beaches. look at the water temperature. low 80's. water temperature in low 70's in atlantic city. we have some calmer water. we started the beach forecast not long ago and the temperatures were in 50's and 60's. i was thinking wet suit. not anymore. now i'm thinking shark suit. jonathan: if you wear a wet suit the shark will think of you as a seal. avoid that. kimberly: just stay out of the water at 50 degrees. time for check of traffic situation. jamie, how is it looking? jamie: it's not too bad. i say that and this was the scene that happened a couple of hours ago in burtonsville. they are in clean-up stages. this is footage of an earlier overturned truck. keep in mind this area is getting cleaned up now.
4:53 pm
it's blocked off. this is not the exact scene we are seeing anymore. this is what did happen. we had four people extricated from the car. i wanted to move to the mapping system and talk about the area that is closed to give you alternates. it's blocked on spencerville road at old columbia pike. best option as an alternate is briggs chaney road. they are trying to get the poles and the wires out of the road to get you through there. i want to talk about the commute in virginia. 66 heading out of the city. not terrible. once you get through falls church. once you get to the beltway it's worse. but the virginia-beltway commute on the inner look is slow approaching the b.w. this is still on n the teens so look on 66 heading out of the city. to show you some of the congestion. this is typical for us. you will see the volume getting closer to centreville and manassas. that is a look at
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
jonathan: "7 on your side" right now taking your calls of legal questions. we have a panel of attorneys. it's free. give them a call at 703-236-9220. they will be there taking your calls until 6:30 this evening. kimberly: this just in. paula deen is now apologizing for a controversial tweet that sent social media absolutely on fire today. two years after she admitted to using racial slurs toward african-americans, her twitter account posted this. a photo mimicking the sitcom "i love lucy" with her son in brown face. presumably in order to look like he is from latino descent. in a statement given to "entertainment weekly" the photo is from a 2011 halloween show and the paula deen social media manager tweeted that
4:58 pm
out. paula had since fired that social media manager. in the statement paula deen also apologized to all who were offended. that is it for us at 4:00. "abc7 news at 5:00" starts now. no regrets. >> crazy stuff. >> a house trashed in a party that go way out of hand. among the enormous crowd police encounter surprise guest. no way out. leon: workers fearing for their life blocked at every turn. and a dead policeman's brother criticizes a study that followed "7 on your side" investigation while the chief promises changes. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." leon: tonight organize eithers of a massive party say they have to regrets but the neighbors are outraged about the noise and the destruction
4:59 pm
in the 47500 of compton circumstancele in sterling. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live on the scene with a look at the party that may have drawn a thousand people at one party? jeff: that is what they are saying. this is a quiet suburban street. this party got loud. it's being compared to project x. a movie from a few years ago about a party that got out of control. word spread on social media drawing people from northern virginia and maryland. the clean-up is far from done. one look around the house and it's clear this was no low-key gathering. >> we had a great time. it did get out of hand. jeff: charlie granger was in town for baltimore at the party at john mcqueen's house. he said it was pretty quiet when it started at 10:00 last night but kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. >> over 800. it was insane. jeff: 800? >> it was insane. i was insane. jeff: as things escalated
5:00 pm
people living on the quiet street made it know they were not happen. >> they were screaming. jeff: close to 2:00 a.m. a loudoun county sheriff deputy showed up and broke up a big fight in the backyard. suffering minor injuries in the process. >> so fearless. clears even out. jeff: one was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. today we spoke with him from jail in loudoun. no regrets. >> the party i had last night, i had my friends and family it was worth going to jail for the night. >> a lot of people going through my yard. jeff: this neighbor hopes it doesn't happen again. >> i think it was a pour choice. they will learn from it. >> it's not like i'm doing it for fame or anything stupid like that. it was just a party. >> he said he took efforts to make sure minors


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