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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage all of taylor swift's music videos interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. leon: gunfire on a carotid playground in the middle of the day. angry parents speak out as the police search for a shooter. plus, a famous chef backs out of donald trump's d.c. hotel. 'strump's scathing response and the protest planned. plus, the forecast next. >> now abc 7 news, on your side.
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leon: bullet holes in cars, the evidence of a shootout and a playground. the gunfire happened before noon yesterday and columbia heights. kids were forced to duck and cover. thankfully, nobody was hit. tonight, the parents are making loud calls for safety. they wrapped up a meeting moments ago, and tom roussey has the investigation as it is happening. tom? tom: in the meeting, the police said when this yesterday morning, when shooter was roughly here with the other shooter firing back at him. he was inside the gerard street park. along with him, 60 to 80 children. so thankful, these parents are nobody was hit. in the community center, they had a meeting with the police as well as the ward one councilmember.
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there were a lot of parents very concerned about what happened yesterday. we found video today of a honda civic with bullet holes in it from what happened. a number of folks say there are kids there every day, a parents co-opt where they watch each other's kids, kids from the community center. some felt like at least initially they do not think the police were taking this seriously enough. >> i feel like if somebody gets an item snatched, we have an alert, we have a lookout. there were no alerts. this felt like you were trying to hide what happened. >> there were shots. just because it is not happening in the park does not mean it is not happening in the area a lot. i have not heard much about what is changing. tom: making the point that although yesterday was scary there has been more gunfire than
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just that. one of the bullet holes from yesterday in this vehicle. the police say there is a surveillance camera here and there are hoping to capture an image and study the image to identify a suspect. they believe come in their words, this was two crewmembers who saw each other and decided to open fire. the police say they are taking this seriously. live and columbia heights, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: breaking now, a maryland state trooper is recovering after being hit by a car during a traffic stop. the car was registered to the police department department driven by civilian employee. this happened this afternoon on i-95 southbound in howard county. for wing tong -- trooper wing tong was hospitalized. the driver of the car and a third person were hurt. no charges filed, but the investigation is ongoing. we are on storm watch with heavy rain creating flood conditions
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tonight. this is fairfax county. more than 4400 people were without power at the height of the storms. some people had to be rescued from the high water. >> when it started flooding, everybody was going through, all kinds of cars. sometimes two would pass and they were putting big waves of water over each other. leon: there is the potential of severe storms tomorrow. brian van de graaff is with us. what time does the party start early or late? robert:brian: it's kind of catchy, but turn around, don't drown. you never want to drive through water on a roadway. outside, belfort furniture weather center, a flood warning in fairfax because of the rain. rain early this evening. it was a narrow band, but look at these tallies.
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chantilly, three inches, over two inches camp springs. alexandria 1.5 inches. pretty impressive rainfall, but it was isolated. tomorrow morning a sprinkle could linger, but tomorrow a storm potential. the latest timing when i join you with full forecast. leon: right now in prince george's county, searching for an inmate who left his job detail. he was working in a park this afternoon when he disappeared. he was serving a 15-year sentence for drug possession in a deadly weapon. if you see this man, call 911 immediately. after a bloody urine baltimore the police commissioner is out. anthony batts was fired by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she did not give specifics, but all of this after massive rioting grabbed national headlines. also the city has seen 155 homicides in 2015 so far 38%
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higher than last year. developing now, celebrity chef jose andres says he is backing out of a deal to open a restaurant in donald trump's new hotel, this after trump's comments about immigration. andres says he can know no longer do business with the presidential hopeful. the hotel has a future home on pennsylvania avenue. stephen: we are at the base of the neutral international. the big banner advertising the new hotel all down the block. when you come to this stretch, jose andres' signature restaurant, this is likely in for a change. two men, two empires, now a war of warts. chef jose andres is backing out of a well-publicized deal to open a deal in donald trump's downtown hotel. >> i would do the same thing if
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somebody offends me. stephen: trump continue today linking illegal immigrants to a number of problems. donald trump: in terms of crime and murder and rape. stephen: he has drawn criticism from people including his fellow republicans. andres e-mailed us saying that donald trump's recent statements make it impossible for my company and me to move forward with opening a successful spanish restaurant in the international hotel in washington, d.c. >> i think that is the right thing to do. stephen: we received an e-mail from donald trump jr. saying jose has no right to terminate. in the case that he do. we will not hesitate to take legal action to recover all unpaid rent for the entire 10-year term. >> if i could afford it morally
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i would not want to do business with the man. stephen: the trumps will also require andres to stick to the contract, which stipulates that he open no new restaurants in d.c. leon: more high-priced drama today, new developments after a shut down because of computer problems. several questions remain at this late hour. at the 9:30 opening bell, traders noticing computer problems. an hour later, reassurance from the stock exchange, saying the problems are mostly resolved. then at 11: 32, trading suspended completely, no buying or selling. traders looking at nothing on their terminal screens. >> it's a bit unnerving in the sense it reminds us of the vulnerability of this interlinked system. leon: the exchange to leading
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they aren't with an internal technical issue. the white house weighing in singh and is not terrorism or a cyber attack. >> there is no indication these are involved. leon: trading resume just after 3:00 this afternoon. today's lapses the longest time a computer problem has ever shut down trading on the new york stock exchange. things also back to normal in the air, united flights experienced a complete round stoppage across the country and around the world. the airline said it happened because of a network connectivity issue. united did not say what caused the glitch. they said it was not a hack or cyber attack the stop for travelers, the result was the same, hundreds of delays lasting several hours. ed issued an apology. another lawsuit over a cyber attack at the office of personnel management. the national treasury employees union filed suit, saying opium violated a privacy rights
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agreement in june. millions of employees were impacted. this is the second lawsuit in the wake of the event. last month, the amerco federation of government employees sued as well. an iconic food franchise, ben's chili bowl, a new location today. bill cosby's photo hangs in the old restaurant, but the new owner said they will not remove a mural of him at the original location. cosby is back in the headlines afternoon domitian surfaced -- after an admission that he got drugs to give two women. walt disney world officials say that a bronze statue of cosby was removed from the hollywood studio theme park. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. as of a nationwide egg shortage
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they will soon be out of custard. rita's says they get the creamy texture for the custard from real eggs. until they get enough, they will substitute softserve ice cream. no word on when the custard will come back. beer sales approved for umd sporting events. prince george's county board of licensing made the decision paving the way for alcohol at byrd stadium and the xfinity center. a trial begins in the fall. still ahead everyone hates robo calls, but how about 150? that happen to one woman. time warner cable has to pay big time. plus -- richard: the washington redskins may be pondering what is in a name.
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leon: a judge has ordered time warner cable to pay more than $400 million to a texas woman.
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she received more than 150 robo calls from the cup and, even after she complained. the judge decided to tripoli penalty for each call, calling the actions egregious. time warner has not said if they would appeal. a new decision in the long-standing name battle of the washington redskins. the name can no longer be trademarked. richard reeve has what this does for the team and how it will impact next season. rich, the issue will not go away. richard: that's true, leon. anative american activists are calling this a major victory, the first time a court calling the name disparaging. this could have wide range in, including millions of merchandise. what is in a name? for the washington redskins, it
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is a question worth millions. >> it has often been the only way of getting the message across. richard: a federal judge has ordered the cancellation of their trademark registration. >> may be a legal victory right now. richard: a victory nonetheless for native american activist. >> this is the first time that any professional football team mark has been labeled disparaging to a group of people. richard: the name and logos have not lost trademark protection. a legal fight like this debate could go on for years. >> they have had the name, what, 80 years now? >> so many people find it offensive. richard: some experts say the name is worth $200 million. not the logo or items marked
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with the letter "r". >> if they start losing money, maybe that will force them to make the change. : richard team president bruce allen vowing to appeal. he said the law and the facts are on the side of our franchise, which has probably use the name washington redskins for more than 80 years. the judge said they cannot order a name change, and dan snyder has vowed not to do so. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: it is dry tonight. brian: for now, but we had heavy rain earlier today. it was intense. there was some flooding, as we saw in fairfax county. we have one more chance of storms tomorrow, probably late afternoon, early evening. after that, we dry out. we have not had a dry weekend in a wild. 92 today before the showers came down.
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78 was the morning low. typically this time of year, 89 71, so a little above where we typically are. sunset at 8:49 tonight, back up tomorrow morning at 5:51. the rainfall totals, impressive. the wedge of moisture, dulles, winchester just shy of two inches, over an inch at reagan national, two inches at andrews. baltimore, nothing. was a little band, but it was intense that pushed through, wreaking havoc. there is one lingering flood concern for rivers, creeks streams through midnight for central fairfax. those are some of the areas that got hit the worst. sporadic light moisture in the valley, towards dawn some lingering sprinkles.
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some of these clouds could linger and it could hold temperatures back a bit tomorrow, also cutting back on the risk of severe weather. the stormwatch doppler radar pockets of rain dale city, stafford, towards la plata dunkirk, charles county, southwestern loudoun county. much later showers than earlier. 11:00, 79 downtown, manassas, 77 hagerstown. the futurecast, overnight into the morning, sporadic showers. tomorrow morning, just lingering sprinkles. clouds tomorrow, but a little sunshine. by midday, afternoon, showers and storms, and some of those could be strong, severe. the forecast, through the overnight, lingering showers the next couple days. tomorrow, showers and storms. if we get some of that sunshine, we could get into the 90's. but a touch less humidity friday
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and sunday -- saturday and sunday. we cannot looking bad. -- not looking bad. leon: cannot count when the nats tonight. robert: the nats rained out tonight, and that might have been a good thing. meanwhile, another addition to the disabled list?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the nats lost tonight to the rain, the game canceled because of the weather, no makeup date announced. injuries we will not see the nard after the all-star break. the nationals will sit him out this weekend because of a back
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injury. they are still waiting for denard span to see a back specialist, the examination tomorrow. until then, just marvel at the amount of injuries. o's third baseman manny machado will participate in the home run derby in kansas city, facing joc pederson. earlier today, his career-high 19th home run. o's lost to the twins. giants, san francisco. i have never seen this before, two guys dressed up in umpire uniforms. yeah, that happen. we are not sure if they are giants fans or mets fans. we know they are having way too much fun. that is how you trend on twitter, by the way. looks like the giants' jason
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pierre-paul had his finger amputated today following a fireworks incident. good news, losing the finger will not affect his career. espn said that he will play sooner than people think. we wish him the best of luck with his return. the defending british open champ will not be defending his title this year, rory mcilroy was on instagram posting it to of his elevated ankle. a few days ago he posted a picture on crutches, turned his ankle while playing soccer with friends in northern ireland. this is the first time in 51 years the defending champ will not play the british open. in case you were wondering rory will be subject to -- rory was watching roger federer in his
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straight sets victory. now it is murray against federer in the semi final battle. leon: exactly what everyone wanted to see. robert: deandre jordan, sounds like he may go back to the l.a. clippers. between dallas and l.a., word is they were both outside his home tonight. leon: he will have all his fingers. coming up, and incredible video.
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leon: the stock exchange brought to a screeching halt because of a technical problem is the top turning story on chef jose andres is backing it of a deal at donald trump snood d.c. -- donald trump's new d.c. hotel. and brian van de graaff's forecast. ible video come a couple celebrating an anniversary on the water. this humpback suddenly came to the surface. a dozen whales surfacing at the
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same time. [people laughing] brian: if i was in a boat that size with whale surfacing? leon: they are laughing now.
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leon: good stuff heading this way? brian: no more heavy rain, but we could have showers in the afternoon. friday and the weekend finally dry. leon: ok, appreciate that. jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- zoe saldana, tyler the creator, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from r5. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more likely than not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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