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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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west, more showers and storms, but continues to appear the heaviest storms now and the next few hours will be confined to pennsyon, west virginia, head of the cold front, we are watching where that tracks, but for the short term scattered showers. tornado watch in the area shaded in yellow. the pink is a severe thunderstorm warning, frederick county, carroll county. locally, a flash flood watch until midnight for the d.c. metro area up through baltimore, in the anticipation if we have heavy downpours, that could cause urban and small stream flooding. we will check back in a few minutes with more. leon: no doubt there will be more. the storm watch weather team is spread out across the area with the most up-to-date information on severe weather. we will bring you new information as soon as we learn it. jonathan: breaking news in the newsroom the data beach for government employees.
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it is worse than first reported. there estimates between the one million and 25 million employees , their information has been hacked, sensitive information that relates to criminal, credit, and families and acquaintances. a lot of people asking how this could have happened. there is a house oversight and government reform committee that is grilling the omb, asking for the director to resign. the director of that group is now saying she will not resign. catherine archuleta said she will not resign, said she is committed to doing the work she wants to do. she and her top yet deputies are being asked to resign because of this huge grief. they are saying china's responsible, china says they are not. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. montgomery county also developing, the fbi says it what
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it plans to attack americans over the july for holiday. -- the fbi says they thwarted plans to attack americans over the fourth of july holiday. first, brianne carter is on the national mall with what we know about the foiled plots. brianne: maureen, 10 people were arrested within the weeks leading up to the fourth of july holiday. that holiday where lots of people were on high alert. many talking about the possibility of a threat. we know that 10 arrested. this news coming from the f ei director earlier today -- the fbi director james cody earlier today. he would not give additional information about possible attacks or targets. he said some of those who were arrested, it was believed perhaps they had been planning something, but others were arrested in connection with other things beyond terrorism charges. that is what we know as a result
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of all this. nothing was mentioned in terms of specific locations. the identities were not released when the announcement was made earlier today by the fbi director. this comes one day after telling so many about the thwarted attacks that they continue to monitor and continue to stop in the u.s. he said this is a growing problem with isil's continued outreach online. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: over the last month, we have seen the prince william county teenager pleaded guilty of trying to help isil. and a story that you will see only on 7 jeff goldberg examines how isil is coming into america so fast. jeff: the online propaganda is slick, professional, and well produced, and it is working. >> people need to open their eyes. jeff: he is the assistant
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director in charge of the washington field office. he said isil is using social media of all kinds to recruit muslims of all ages. particularly vulnerable teens. >> alienated folks, isolated. jeff: promising religious glory or a better life. they said isil is focused on drawing fighters to the battlefield in syria. the message now, carry out attacks in the u.s. and western europe. >> the propaganda has been very effective getting their attention and roping in them into that dialogue, which is ultimately a dialogue of hate and destruction. jeff: last month a man from and assess pled guilty of providing material support to the islamic state, including coordinating -- a man from manassas pled guilty of writing material support to isis. 50 people have been charged with similar crimes, and the fbi says 200 americans have succeeded or try to join the fight. >> our goal is to disengage and
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de-radicalized before they cross the line. jeff: this mosque in sterling as part of adam. >> they are trying to recruit. we have to counter. jeff: they have delivered sermons and seminars denouncing isil to young people, the vast majority of whom have no interest. >> we are obviously very concerned because one person is one too many. we have a responsibility also to protect our country and communities. jeff: that is the message from the fbi as well family and community members need to watch the online activities of young people and get involved if and when a problem turns up because the problem is not going away. we covered a lot of ground at the fbi today. watch the entire interview at jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. maureen: thanks, jeff. a tragic end to the search for
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two missing boaters in the potomac river. they vanished after leaving from the yacht club in stafford county last night. a helicopter spotted their 19 foot boat today anchor just off of a quiet creek. recovery teams discovered a body 1000 yards south of the boat. the other was found a few hours later. leon: the man behind a deadly crash in prince george's county has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with all but 12 years suspended. ronald hayes was fleeing police when he had a minivan in 2013, killing two women. four children were also injured for stop the victims family watched police video of the chase before he was sentenced. >> i lost my breath when i seen it. i had no words. because it's ridiculous how somebody could drive that fast to hit a car like that. leon: the county state's
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attorney says hayes' action has a breathtaking disregard for human life. a maryland state trooper remains hospitalized in serious condition after he was struck while making a traffic stop. news chopper 7 was over the scene on high 95 near route 175 in jessup stop trooper first class wing tong that stop a vehicle and was walking on the passenger side when another car veered off the road into the shoulder, hitting the cruiser and he stopped vehicle. the trooper was hit and pushed over the guardrail. maureen: what is to blame for yesterday's computer glitch that shut down the nyse? leon: also -- tests -- protests against donald trump. maureen: next, opposing views on the confederate flag. what a local bakery is saying.
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leon: and we are tracking storms.
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>> with that, would you say the bill has been signed. these nine pins are going to these nine families. leon: history and south carolina
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, less than two hours ago the state governor signed legislation ordering the confederate flag removed from the capitol grounds. the flag will come down tomorrow in what governor haley calls a dignified manner. the debate iraq to do over the placement of the flag following the shooting death of nine people inside of a charleston church, a shooting incident that was racially motivated. while the flag is coming down in south carolina, virginia bakery is plowed the -- proudly displaying it on its products. they sparked a social media firestorm when they posted their work for a customer order, a cake showing the confederate battle flag. the bakery owner today defended it. >> it's part of our history, especially in this area. leon: he said he was not trying to cause a stir and said they have received orders for designs that included swastikas and the isil flag.
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a have turned down those requests. maureen: marilyn senator barbara -- marilyn senator barbara mikulski is joining calls to put harry at tubman -- harry at tubman on the $10 bill for stop treasury secretary jacob lew said they would put a woman on the bill when it is redesigned in the coming years. sam: the protesters were here with the message "dump trump." maureen: plus, we are on storm watch. lou and out with the old:, in with the new four the wizards. and a dream match at wimbledon.
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maureen: a second shift has backed out of plans to build a restaurant in donald trump's d.c. hotel, joining a growing
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list because of his comments about illegal immigrants. d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports. sam: they rallied in front of the old post office, which trump is renovating. protesters gathered on freedom plaza and march day block to the construction site, carrying signs and announcing donald trump for his statements about mexicans. donald trump: they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime they are rapists. >> he continues to dig a hole that he started. it's him believable. sam: numerous leaders took part in the march. >> we are here and we are not leaving! >> don't go to his restaurants don't go to his hotels, don't go to his casinos. >> this hatred all over the nation is not acceptable. : sam among those in the crowd
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come a father and son from fairfax, virginia. >> as a mexican and mexican-american, my children and myself, i feel really insulted line his words. >> he is racist. sam: trump has yet to apologize for his comets. today, a food network chef announced he is pulling out of the project. yesterday, it was jose andres with the same message. sam ford, abc 7 news. maureen: we are told that donald trump's presidential campaign said today they will not back off the statement. leon: the new york stock exchange said that a software update calls the glitch that halted trading nearly four hours yesterday. the nyse said the update was rolled out tuesday night and through off the system. that was not the only digital disruption yesterday.
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united airlines grounded its flights and the wall street journal website also went dark. each incident we were told was caused by separate computer issues not believed to be cyberattacks. maureen: 7 on your side covering metro, the plan to increase service on the blue line moving forward. metro wants to run blue line trains once every eight minutes. right now they run every 12 minutes. for this to happen, trains on the orange, silver, green, and yellow lines would also run every eight minutes. they currently run every six minutes. the metro board agreed to start public hearings on the matter in september. leon: seems like every night we have had storms. it's crazy. doug: a little busy but fairly quiet, definitely hot and humid even without the sunshine. a live look in rockville, montgomery college, this is the scene across the area. cloudy all afternoon but the temperatures still hanging around 90 degrees even without the sunshine, the humidity very
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high. the latest on doppler radar most of the metro area, just light sparkles and showers. the heavy action further north. he stormed to the northeast of gaithersburg, extending into extreme southeastern frederick county, moving to the east. the heavy action continues to be across pennsylvania, continuing tonight. it will get a watch in effect across northern sections of maryland and pennsylvania. everything else is feathering out and diminishing, scattered showers moving through. we will monitor this during the evening. there could be an additional shower later tonight. the biggest threat has passed to the north and east. we still have the beta watch in effect until 9:00, severe thunderstorm watch -- we still have the tornado watch in effect until 9:00, severe thunderstorm watch until about midnight. there is also a concern about flooding across the area.
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still 93 degrees fredericksburg, 90 degrees reagan national, with no sunshine. cooler to the north and west where they have had rain, 77 martinsburg and hagerstown. feels like a steam bath, 100 degrees is what it feels like at reagan national, 98 manassas and quantico. looking forward through the overnight, any showers or storms end, muggy low 70's in the morning, 88 tomorrow afternoon. the wind out of the northwest will bring drier air. even the what will be warm it will be drier and noticeably less humid. the pleasant day tomorrow, a chance of showers were isolated storm into saturday. brian van de graaff tonight will have a lot more on that chance at 11:00. monday through wednesday next week, the pattern repeats, more showers and storms, high temperatures and high humidity. leon: maria sharapova, bad day
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at the office? lou: we are watching one of the best of all time. serena williams and maria sharapova facing each other at wimbledon. and how will the wizards regroup after losing a locker room leader why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. lou: we always said chairs the time that you would see jordan and woods what put -- but put serena williams on that list. one of the greatest athletes of our generation closing in on the grand slam, a dominating performance, beating maria sharapova to advance to her eighth wimbledon championship. serena served 13 aces and never faced a break point in the match. she goes after grand slam 21 saturday morning. the wizards have yet to make a big-time free agent signing. opting instead to go over smaller moves meant to win prove the team. today, the wizards announcing the signings of guard gary neal and gary deadly. they will also turn to their top pick in hopes that he can pick up the slack from the departure
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of paul pierce to the clippers. head coach randy wittman knows that change is part of life in the nba. coach: you just have to move on. you cannot dwell on it. you have to replace them with a draft pick or a trade, summary and free agency. you have to be ready to move on to the next step and i think we have done a good job of that. lou: lebron james agreeing to a two-year, $46 million contract. simple economics and protection deal, following his plan to keep year-to-year flexibility and take advantage of expected increases in the nba salary cap. the mystics playing in overtime matinee against the new york liberty. the former georgetown star sugar rodgers -- great name -- blocked by stephanie dawson. but the ball goes to tina charles. new york takes the lead and wins the game 79-76.
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and a tickertape parade for the u.s. women's soccer team tomorrow in new york city. that should be fun. leon: lots of fun. maureen: let's give a parade for doug. doug: let's check where the rain is now. heavy rain continues well north of washington, frederick county into carroll county. scattered showers, but a flash flood watch with heavy rain moving in later tonight. tom roussey and the crew in frederick with dark skies, the heaviest rain passing through. they will check to see if there is any left or were facts for -- left over the facts. brian van de graaff will have more at 11:00. maureen: world news tonight is coming up next.
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tonight, the confederate flag will come down. the governor and the moment late today t the flag will be removed within 24 hours, lawmakers receiving death threats. and this evening what the governor now says she will give to the nine families in that bible study. also breaking, the twisters and the hail smashing into windshield. severe storms hitting in the next few hours. baltimore, d.c. philly and new york. the northeast is next. the takeoff aborted, the jet engine on fire. passengers seeing the flames. also breaking late today, the new and important warning about advil and several major painkillers. changing the labels. dr. besser with what every family needs to know. and the controversial plan for planes to save room in coach. do they really want us all facing one another?


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