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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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severe weather on the left of the screen from a system that to rignateed in the moneyer midwest this morning. a good thing we have had 15.5. is of rain in washington since june 1. we saw what the downpours did. we will keep an eye on things. that is what we do now. temperatures are cooler. clouds and showers are 80 in the capitol. heading through the monday evening, we have the scattered showers. maybe isolated thunderstorm south and east of washington. kellye: this morning flash flooding warnings in west virginia. floodwaters washed out a road out the hospital. and the hospital basement also flooded. we have not heard about the need for evacuations or injuries from the weather. you can always stay connected connected with a storm watch throughout
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wjla at you can get the latest information on the weather through the facebook and the twitter pages or downloading the storm watch 7 app for the smart phone or tablet. leon: moving on now to a developing story in district where the police search for the people who shot a man inside his apartment. brianne carter is live on the scene with the latest on the investigation. what is happening there right now? >> still a lot of questions at this hour. including how the two vims got in the apartment building. take a look behind me. you can see one security resident tell us you have to use a key fob to get in here and another to get up the elevator. somehow tonight the police saying two men ended up in an apartment on the sixth floor. >> scary for sure. it makes you wonder how you will be safe.
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>> fingerprint dust outside the door of the noma apartment building where a 26-year-old man was shot not once but twice. >> i came out sunday for work and saw the police outside. reporter: according to the police report he came home around 1:30 to find two men rummaging through his apartment. police say the suspects noticed the man one opened fire striking a man in the stomach. the man began to run toward the elevators but was again shot by a suspect this time in his buttocks. the pictures obtained by abc7 shows the scene of the apartment hallway after the shooting. scott kendall lives in the building. >> very surprising. like i said, we pickled the place because the building is so secure. brianne: witnesses tell the police the man ran out. the victim taken to the hospital is expected to be okay. the apartment complex sent a letter to residents expressing concern over an unfortunate situation. it goes on to say the management was notified of a reported altercation that reported in a male being shot
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at the property. >> it's scary. the people aren't aware of what is going on. hold the door for people behind them assuming they live in the building. that is how a lot of the things happen. brianne: i'm back live. take a look to the side and you see another key fob to use to open that door. tonight, still a lot of questions. the suspect's description two adult men. that is a vague description that has been given of the look-out of the two individuals. the investigation is on going. reporting live brianne carter abc7 news. leon: thank you. new information now on a deadly stabbing friday morning. police tell us that a man was killed he was a burglar who died after a confrontation with a teenager inside a home he was trying to rob. 19-year-old jesse was stabbed inside of a home. his body was found a mile from the seen. police say his accomplish johnson was also hurt and he
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survived. he is charmed with bar, theft and assault. kellye: now getting back to the morning's rain that brought about four. is to part of shenandoah county in two hours. the up to of woodstock bore the brunt. people were posting video of high water and rushing river on social media. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is there and live with a look at the damage. jeff: if you take a look at the situation near wood parc lane trailer park, it looks like the water is bad and the flooding looks significant. i really was a whole lot worse not that long ago. you could see to where the jeep is. if we can take a look at it here. water was coming up to this area. it's receded considerably in the past several hours. now it's a sunny, beautiful day. this day an hour ago this sign was put up here at the trailer park saying that the structure was unsafe. the occupancy prohibited by the building code official. obviously, this is a situation
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where the rescue crews and the fire officials are taking seriously. they have to evacuate 60 or so residents who live in the trailer park earlier today. the pets also getting out safely. shenandoah county declared a state of emergency here for this part of shenandoah county. in the town of woodstock because of all the different types of flooding that happened throughout the morning. declaring the state of emergency allows the point for funds to come in and help us deal with the damages. you can look at the size of some of the trailers. i don't know how far we can push in but we have seen the waters pushed up higher. it's much higher earlier today. it's done some damage to foundation and the insulation in some of the trailers. so coming back in not going to be an easy situation. of course the rescue and the rescue crews are going to make sure that the twellings are safe for people to move back in before that does happen.
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50 people were evacuated from assisted living home. not too far away from here, also in woodstock after what has been a difficult monday morning. >> this trailer park last week. now he is on the move again. evacuated after a frightening morning. >> i looked outside and all i could see was the flood wears. water rushing through there. it was unbelievable. we were trapped. woodstock fire and rescue with the swift water crews from strasburg. pets made it out okay too. power lines submerged plus fuel and sewage in the floodwaters. >> it's a mess. >> the first responders wasting no time taking action. >> this is the lowest part of
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town. it drains in this location. this showed what main street looked like. a creek turned into a raging river. the water was rising faster and faster. >> mark got out of bed to wake the neighbors and tell them to move cars to higher ground. he is helping with the clean-up. >> stuck cars and trash to move so people can get out. this is not a good location but they hope to be back in the next 24 hours. >> we are keeping a close eye on the developing story. escape of a mexican druglord
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from maximum security prison. the man known as el chapo used a mile-long tunnel to escape a prison 55 miles west on mexico city. >> the mexican druglord exit strategy involving a mile-long tunnel connected to a hole in his cell shower. it worked joaquin "el chapo" guzman disappeared. leaving behind only the reputation. it is based on complete terror. >> much of the marijuana, cocaine and the heroin on the u.s. street come from the drug ring that he heads. his influence is so strong "forbes" magazine named the billionaire cartel leader one of the world's most powerful people for several years. even though guzman was on the run at the time. he escaped from prison in a laundry cart in 2001. he was finally caught 19 years
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later. >> people fear for their lives and the lives of their family which results in great cooperation with the drug king pip -- kingpins. >> the u.s. is angry he got out. they wanted and tried the and failed to extradite him to get him moved to america. when guzman was caught last year the u.s. attorney general holder called at it landmark achieven't. a victory for mexican and americans. now the search for guzman begins all over again. emily schmidt. kellye: president obama made a move today that hasn't happened since the 1960's. he commuted sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders saying that the punishment did not fit the crime. this move impacts norman brown. he was serving a life sentence for distributing crack cocaine.
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now brown he and 40 other inmates will see the inmates expire no. 10 this year. leon: tonight members of the council are trying to figure out how to budget a shortfall to keep a promise to serve veterans. kevin lewis is here to explain the situation. that is the story? kevin: officials are blaming income tax return declining plus the supreme court ruling for the financial turmoil. so it will likely impact every county department including schools. >> we are going to review the proposal that they sent us. we will agree of them. we will not agree with all of them. >> george leventhal concerned with the proposed $51 million budget reduction off of the county executive's desk. under the plan the public schools would lose $10 million
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in funding while the police fire correction would be out $7 million. there are hundreds of smaller cuts like eliminating housing vouchers for veterans and training the takoma park swimming pool. they need to get a payroll reality check. >> we hired two department heads at $200,000. we are an outlier. we can get high level of excellent service out of a reasonable range of complications. kevin: today we contacted the executive leggett office to get his opinion on excessive salaries but we never heard back. >> if the budget forecast is as dire as the executive branch is suggesting i don't think we can afford to as generous as we have been. kevin: the council will vote on a final budget reduction on tuesday july 28. if you would like to show what you would like to say or go go to the website
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click on the story. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: virginia state law employees get a pay raise thanks to a surprise surplus. the governor announced the state's revenue for $550 million higher than projected. jonathan: breaking news from "maryland, my maryland." rock state park. normally a beautiful place but there is a technical rescuedway. show you live pictures from the chopper. you can see the chopper is going over rocks. this is a dense area. difficult to get a helicopter in here for a rescue. we understand a 16-year-old went off one of the rocks. we're not sure how far he fell. one of the popular rock is 190-foot fall if you went off the top of that.
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we are hoping he didn't go off that, maybe off the side of something else. we have seen technical rescuers who have repelled down. it looks from the video we have been watching to his position. we don't have his condition of yet but we understand the technical rescue is underway to get this 16-year-old from the bottom of this area. deer creek runs through the park. it's beautiful. but going out on the edge of the rocks is not a great idea because there are slippery spots. muslim vehicles parked on the road as they try to get from the bottom. we have seen the teams repel down from the top of the rock to get to them. he is in a real precarious position at the bottom of the rock. it is difficult to see with the trees. we will stay on top of this and especially if we get condition of the grown man. that is it -- that is the latest. kellye: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- roadwork ahead. leon: left alone.
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what parents of an 8-month-old told police when the infant was found alone. kellye: the role a local laboratory is playing in an interstellar encounter. suzanne: this is a place to be if you are a teenage girl. behind me is taylor time at national park. live report when we return.
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kellye: good news for janet jackson fans. she announced she is coming to the verizon center on march 1 on the second leg of the unbreakable world tour. she is also performing at baltimore on february 29. she plans to release her latest album this fall. tonight, plenty of ears will be getting down to this sick beat. leon: can you sing the song? kellye: i can do that. leon: let me hear it. [laughter] kellye: never mind! leon: the gates open about 15 minutes ago for the taylor swift concert at nats park. suzanne kennedy is there with the latest. what is' happening?
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suzanne: there are tons of cute teenager girls. some of the others at the regular festival here. take a look behind me. you can see the gates are open now. they open at 5:00. this is the first of two concerts here for swift in washington d.c. taylor swift fans showed up to the national park box office as it was opening this morning. these tickets were on their phones. >> we are waiting for update on tonight's show. >> with the hope to get lucky. eventually they did. >> we saw her four years ago at massachusetts. one of the best concerts i have been to. >> she relates to the young females.
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>> chicago. this is d.c. suzanne: starting with tonight's concert. >> this is really exciting. twice is when i bought the tickets it didn't realize it was the same week. i can't believe it's here. >> this will be the fourth taylor swift concert for the fairfax teens. they tricked out the outfit with twinkle lights and hope to be given vited to post-concert -- be invited to post-concert area with taylor. >> we l you. we look forward to seeing you. [cheering] suzanne: what do you need to know if you are attending the concert? you have to be young and cute. that is what even is here. wear a tutu and bright colors. practical things to note. all the streets surrounding
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nationals park are closed. they are really encouraging people not to try to drive up and drop their children off. they are saying if you must do that do it a block away. make a plan. so your children will have a safe way to get back to you. they absolutely do not want people dropping children off on south capitol street which is open. go a block away and make a plan. reporting live from nats park suzanne kennedy abc7 news. leon: thank you. doug: the weather looks okay. leon: i know. you care about this. kellye: we know you want a ticket. we'll work on it. doug: i can do the weather live from there, but it's just too late. we will keep an eye on it. a couple of showers around. it is looking pretty good. start with a time lapse. from this is from spotsylvania, virginia from spotsylvania county. during the day they have had a lot of clouds. showers this morning.
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we are keeping an eye on the shower and the storm activity to the southeast of spotsylvania. it's cloudy. the jackpot winner 1.61 inches in culpeper. remington. rainfall amounts that led to the flash flooding. middle pennsylvania, that will lift. light showers elsewhere. i don't think anything to cause an immediate threat or concern in the metro area or area of the city near national park. temperatures are comfortable enough. 70's. warmup in the temperature tomorrow. same story on wednesday. the heat and the humidity come back in a big way.
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back to the west is moving east and the northeast. that is one area we are watching. watching a much larger area of storms. that originated to the top of the mississippi river. there were tornado warnings predawn hours. now this has held together. a severe thunderstorm watch posted for portion of northern carolina and southwest virginia. overnight hours some of the energy, outflow from the system could bring showers and a rumble of thunder. across part of the area. at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. we show you there in the future cast. when you stop at 2:00 analyze area of shower and thunder. it will quickly move out of the way. the next event is a cold front. here come the front through later tomorrow night. we will have a better chance in late evening of storms. the weather will calm down as we head through thursday and friday. this is a third cop central
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storm of the season. claudette. i started off the north carolina coast. got out over the warm water and blew up in a tropical storm. top winds. 50 miles per hour. located 445 miles east of ocean city. moving northeast and is expected to diminish quickly at the center of the circulation that moves over colder and colder water temperatures surface temperatures. warm and humid in the next couple of days. showers and storms are a good bet. later today tomorrow and wednesday. 30% chance of a few showers. thursday and friday, cooler and less sunshine. mid-80's. saturday sunday, monday the heat and the humidity. lower chances of showers and thunderstorms. leon: summer pattern. doug: pretty much. kellye: what you would expect. leon: thanks. kellye: there is no place like home but still ahead find out why clicking your heels three times and repeating the mantra hasn't been enough to help get the ruby slippers back where
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they belong. leon: first, we are monitoring breaking news out of maryland. rescuers trying to reach climbers stuck on a cliff. we have an update up next right here. kellye: a look at what is coming up tonight on a
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jonathan: breaking news. i'm jonathan elias. we are following a situation in hartford county maryland,
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at the rock state park. beautiful park. a lot of folks like to go out there. great trails along deer creek. apparently a 16-year-old boy out on one of the rocks and fell off one of the rocks. right now as we speak a technical rescue is underway. we saw teens that -- teams that looked like they pelled to the position where the young man hay have fallen and teams trying to come up. it's a precarious spot. not easy to get to at this point. don't have a position on the 16-year-old. this is going on rocks state park in hartford county maryland. the highest cropping of rocks is a popular spot. 190 feet off the river. with those outcroppings about those heights, very dangerous situation. technical rescue underway. jonathan elias abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" --
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shutting down. a look at where interstate 66 is closing down and when you should plan to take another round to get around. kellye: plus -- >> what do you think when the parents are acting like children? >> that's sad. kellye: from parents to out-of-control coaches. we are taking a closer look at the sideline instability. >> a baby
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. kellye: tonight the parents of an 8-month-old are facing some charges. they are accused of leaving the baby alone. diane cho is live in brooklyn park maryland, now where the little boy was found. diane: we went to the home off bell grove road behind me where the police say this happened last night. but we knocked, no one answered the door. without anybody there. >> natalie says she couldn't believe what she was wearing after learning an 8-month-old baby left alone in apartment. according to police. >> i was shocked. surprised. that make metion sad. diane: making matters worse the door was unlocked while the baby was inside. >> it's crazy. if i would have known that i would have help 27 baby.
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diane: police say a man called police after learning the parents with nowhere to be found. >> wearing a deeper in a playpen. he was concerned and he did the right thing contacting authorities. >> 23-year-old cody wolford and 22-year-old christina justice were staying at the apartment and returned while officers were still there. authorities say the two told police they put the baby down the police and walked to a royal farm store a mile away thinking the baby would be okay because they were only gone 20 minutes. >> somebody could have came in and snatched the baby. could have done something to it. you know? you can't take any chances. you can't take any risks. >> the parents are facing charges of child neglect and confinement of an unintended child. the baby is okay and in the care of his grandparents. diane cho, abc7 news. kellye: the first person ever
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murdered on board a metro train has been laid to rest. services held this morning in connecticut for american university graduate kevin sutherland. police say he was stabbed to death in a robbery on board a metro train on july 4. the man accused in the murder jasper spires is in custody charged with first-degree murder. leon: we have a warning for anyone who has to use i-66 overnight. vdot will shut down all the lanes of the highway on and off for the next four nights or so for up to 20 minutes at a tame. crews will be working on the bridge over old carolina road east of route 15 and hay market. tonight and tomorrow, the westbound lanes are affected with the work. then it will move to the eastbound lanes. kellye: an anonymous donor is offering $1 million reward for credible information for a pair of ruby red slippers that judy garland wore in "wizard of oz." it was stolen. three others exist including one at display on the
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smithsonian national museum of american history in d.c. leon: conference on aging, president obama said you don't have to look far to see the profound impact that older americans have on the world. check this out. president obama: arguably the toughest justice on the supreme court is the oldest. rut bader ginsberg. [applause] also known as the notorious r.b.g. too tough. leon: they all dress in black. tough posse. today president obama pointed out increased urgency of the u.s. to prepare for what is called the silver. the transition of baby-boomers from the workforce to retire program like social security and medicare. right now a vote getting underway in wisconsin. governor scott walker prepares to announce his bid to be the
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next president of the united states. he is bringing the total number of republican candidates now in the race to 15. we will have more on his announcement coming up tonight. kellye: comedian michelle collins has been confirmed as the co-host of abc's "the view." the network says she will start in september when the daily talk show returns for the 19th season. but she will make regular appearances until the show breaks for a hiatus next month. leon: coming up ahead on "abc7 news at 5 the big moment still to come tomorrow morning but find out what signtists are already learning about -- signs are learning about pluto. >> m coming up "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. can you help bring peace for the victims of the crimes? next. kellye: later combating dangerous synthetic drugs. the new
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leon: abc7 fighting bab with the wall of justice. his across d.c. and maryland need your help to find tunneltives. kellye: every monday we add a new case to the wall to bring comfort to victims of the crimes. fighting bab -- fighting back jennifer donelan has the latest. jennifer: we are adding a new face to the fighting back wall of justice.
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>> they are adding page for malicious discharge of a firearm. he joins jesse kim wanted for assault and battery. acevedos wanted for grand larceny. and this deadbeat dad that is wanted for forgery and fraud. finally this man accused of rape. let's set the wall of justice in motion. tonight, spotlight on omar acevedos. they don't want anyone to mistakenly hire him. detectives say the 33-year-old is a contract elick trician doing electrical work inside an arlington home when he stole jewelry out of the master bedroom. police say they have surveillance video of him selling the jewelry the same day at a pawnshop in alexandria. >> he stooped to the level of going through the personnel belongings. stealing their jewelry other
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valuables that are sometimes irreplaceable. >> police say he is 5'6" and weighs 150 pounds. he has black hair brown eyes and is wanted for grand larceny. police want to get him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you have information on omar acevedos whereabouts you are asked to call arlington county police. we will see you next week with a wall of justice. fighting back against crime investigator, jennifer donelan. kellye: it's enough to make some kids walk away from the sports they love. >> go home if you don't know how to play the game. leon: still ahead, "7 on your side" investigate sideline incivility and the impact it has on your kids. kellye: log on to to sign up for breaking news text alerts from the abc7 newsroom.
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jonathan: breaking news from the newsroom. we want to update you on a technical rescue at rocks state park in harper county maryland. a 16-year-old boy went off the rock and fell to the bottom. we have seen a couple of folks the rescue team that repelled
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down the rock and some whacked up from the road. a precarious position. they have taken the 167-year-old out on a stretcher and taken him nearby to a helicopter to get him to a hospital as quick as possible. these are good signs that he is alive. we will try to get a condition of how bad he was hurt in the fall. the king and queens rock is a popular place for folks at the place to go up. it is 190 feet up. hope he didn't get to the top of that. latest on the technical rescue they made quick work of. we will go back to you upstairs. kellye: thank you jonathan. "7 on your side" with a health alert and new information about soccer and concussions. the nine-year study looks specifically at the youth soccer. the majority of the concussions came between contact with players. you ifer of one to three tied to heading the ball. the study suggests that parents shouldn't be overly concerned but should know the symptoms of the concussions. two parents get in an
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argument. one threatens to bring a gun to a fight. leon: can you believe that? "7 on your side" consumer reporter kimberly suiters a youth coach herself, looks at the instability. kellye: someone put a sign to remind everyone these are kids. refs are human. this is not the world cup. it was posted on social media and hit a nerve with more than 300,000 likes. what can be done about the sideline incivility? you have own the crazy coaches. the moms mouthing off. >> go home if you don't know how to play the game. kellye: bad behavior in the bleachers. >> they think think can go to a game and hit somebody. >> one thing when your are a pro, entirely another when you are parent. >> two dads fighting over the daughters striking out because he feels his daughter was a superstar. kellye: for that reason the
5:47 pm
national alliance for youth sports is tackling instability on the sidelines worldwide. director john ang witnessed the near worst. >> two coaches got in confrontation in the middle of the t-ballgame and one coach said he threatened him in the parking lot with a gun. he has a gone in his car and going to use it in a game. i witnessed that. kellye: suffers online parent behavior program. leagues that require it before the kids can may have seen the sidelined settled. >> the change to punish to kids for the actions of a parent. kellye: but that is the main course of action that moth use leagues have to keep adults from crossing a line. >> i understand saying, "referee!" but to walk on the field and confront a young person learning how to ref like the players learn to play is not appropriate. >> if they make a bad call, it's their decision. >> what kind of an example are you showing. kellye: in the last year the
5:48 pm
arlington soccer association says when the coaches report the score, they also score the other players and fans. they offer guidance to first-time offenders and not offering invitation to return for repeat ones. >> what do you think when the parents are acting like the children? >> that's sad. >> according to ferguson, 70% of all kids in all sports will quit between the ages of 12-14. why? >> one is sideline behavior. >> it's not easy. it's hard. y'all get out there. >> kids across the country tell usa youth soccer the top reason to stop sports is the adults over emphasis on winning. the coaches yelling aggressively. the negative feedback there parents. usa football found reason number one. parental pressure. >> they can't believe that the team is losing. >> the players or the parents? >> the parents. >> take it too seriously sometimes? >> yeah.
5:49 pm
>> sports psychology chose kids learn better not from barked ininstructionsinstructions from the sideline but from their own trial and error. when the coach takes a seat on the sideline. i know this is hard to do when the coach is silent. the fans then follow suit. if you want to learn more about the sideline incivility and the parent behavior program for youth sport goes to i'm kimberly suiters, abc7 news. kellye: and robert altman has more on traffic. robert: let's look at the 14th street bridge. traffic continues from the pentagon to south capital street. there but an earlier accident outbound. the slow capital continues. they had to overturn on the
5:50 pm
left side. at one point three left lanes are blocked. delays to branch avenue. that is the latest. back to you. leon: thanks. look at the weather. doug? doug: it's quiet in the metro area now. cloudy skies. we are monitoring showers and storms well south of washington. a blog of the nasty severe stuff from west virginia to kentucky and north carolina. we have a flood warning in effect for shenandoah and warren county. rappahannock and culpeper county until 9:30 tonight. this is from the previous rain in the morning. as far as what is happening in the moment. we have a cluster of storms to middle area of virginia. otherwise light showers and that is it. we watch a larger area.
5:51 pm
it could bring isolated shower or storm to our area. for the immediate future 81 at reagan national. 77 at winchester. you can see a big area of storms that originated north of minneapolis this morning. most of it will miss us. but the tiny part of the top of the system may come through this morning with a rain or rumble of thunder. 2:00 a.m. depiction of what may happen. isolated storm in the afternoon. more heavy storms in the afternoon. robert burton >> robert: thank you. i have a cool story. if you a pro athlete it takes a toll on your body. two aday practices and not to mention games in the season.
5:52 pm
when went one-on-one with a hometown hero who takes on all of that and then some. >> chris wright has been battle tested from the high school days at st. john to college years at georgetown and even in the nba. but the toughest battle yet going one own one with multiple score row analysis. diagnosed in 2012 while playing in turkey. not knowing what was in store. >> i didn't know what it was. i didn't know. i document have an assumption. once i found out what it was through the internet and sources, it wednesday devastating at the time. a challenge. ready to get back on the court. >> as a proud father and husband he looks to inspire his family. >> i am dedicated to what i do. i work hard for my family and i work hard to be a better basketball player.
5:53 pm
whatever you want to focus on. basketball or outside of sports. continue to work hard and keep pushing. robert: there are no doubts that the obstacles are big but the message is even bigger. >> never give up. continue fighting. i am a living testimony. you can do what have you put your mind to. robert: if you can change anything in your life would it be multiple sclerosis? >> no. give me a purpose. it has given me a way to help people and a way to reach people. way to connect and given back. i love it. >> give him a purpose.
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ket we are about to get -- kellye: we're about to get a glimpse of the most furthest corner. we are focused in on pluto. the flyby is tomorrow. but today the nasa announced pluto is larger than first thought. stephen tschida tells us right
5:57 pm
now the scientists who monitor the decade-long journey are anxiously awaiting the first closeup. >> the fastest spacecraft and the longest journey. billions of miles travel and close to a decade in space. new horizon on the cusp of what scientists expect to be a successful conclusion. >> it will sail past pluto. the rock at the emof the solar system. >> at 7:30, the countdown program to new horizons in the blue toe system. >> at nasa -- pluto system. >> nasa, they put years of lives in the project. their >> exploring the unknown. stephen: right now the real new horizon spacecraft is in
5:58 pm
the solar system traveling toward pluto at 30,000 miles an hour. we launched in 2006. this seemed like a fiction but here it is. >> it's marking the atmosphere and the ice-covered ocean. left over debris from the beginning of the solar system. collapsing cloud. now we are going to get to see it. >> for now scientists and the world wait for data from pluto to start rolling in during the next couple of days. for several months to come. kellye: tonight at 6:00 targeting synthetic drugs. the new action to shut down dangerous drug activity. a care-giver arrested from stealing from an elderly client. the investigation happening now. a big step for the pentagon. is it considering lifting a -- it is considering lifting a ban on transgender individuals in the military.
5:59 pm
"abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: first at 6:00, the storm watch forecast after flooding in woodstock, virginia. 60 people can't get home because of high water that came down after downpours today. maureen: a tavern was declared up safe and a nursing home evacuated. recovery efforts are underway as we turn to chief meteorologist doug hill for a look at the rainfall so far and what is ahead. doug? doug: right now cloudy outside the belfort furniture weather center. heavy rain to the west. i will miss us. a good thing. take a look at the numbers. since june 1 in washington, we have had 15.4 inches. we are more than normal since june 1. 40 had a trace or more of rainfall. this is a good thing that it won't affect us. the line from the west virginia to north carolina, we
6:00 pm
have widespread flooding. as it is we have the flooding concerns stillle in rappahannock county, and clark county and culpeper. but most of the rain passed us by. keep an eye on the virginia area of showers and storms from middle vass and morn hampton road. we may see a sprinkle of shower and a rumble of thunder overnight. but that should be it. isolated shower through the evening hours. don't be surprised if there is a rumble of thunder overnight. cold front will be coming through tonight. leon: sign up for storm cast alerts that we can send to your phone. sign up at jonathan: from the breaking news desk we have been monitoring the situation from maryland and a beautiful rock state park. this an a 16-year-old


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