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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 14, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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oppressive along the gulf coast. >> 90s cover the map from kansas city and dallas to memphis and atlanta. 80s in portland chicago and washington, d.c. 70s in los angeles, detroit and new york. >> and rain put last night's baseball all-star home run derby in jeopardy but it went off just fine in cincinnati. hometown fans went home happy. todd frizzer pounded 15 home runs in the final round. chris berman did this thing. i didn't get a chance to see it. frazier is the first player to win an all-star home run derby on his home field since 1990 congrats. >> uh-huh. >> a couple of police officers in oklahoma city are being lauded for help agelderly woman. >> yeah they bought her a birthday cake after picking her up from the middle of an intersection and driving her home in the bhilths of that intersection is where her electric wheelchair failed. >> she had been on the way to buy the cake for her own 75th
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birthday. that's heart breaking teej. the officers say that they both gave her the hug she requested, as well. >> that's fine. >> that's really the best story of the morning. i have to say. chocolate or vanilla, i'm just curious? >> see, we couldn't just leave it as a good story. >> details are important. >> coming up the biggest names in retail declaring war in the middle of july. >> also ahead, enhancing outdoor fun with innovative gadgets. the technology to keep your six packs colder and make barbecues and picnics colder. >> the long and short of a wiener dog competition. who is keeping an eye on this race? you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you febreze. d in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff]
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november. but with a weakening demand for tablets the taiwanese blog digit times says apple is being cautious and ordering fewer than analysts expected. they've been wrong before. don't put aside your cash just yet. other reports say the ipad pro will have a 12.9 inch screen. >> i want a new price point. my whole screen just shattered with the kids. i'm not going to get the kids a fancy new one. the money's burning a hole in your pocket wait till tomorrow's cybersmackdown between walmart and amazon. amazon has been promoting prime day, a huge number of items on sale. subscribers to the prime service only on wednesday, so walmart is countering with big discounts of its own and pointing out no subscription is required. >> everybody trying to save money. got to be tough during the summertime with your energy bill. air conditioning can cost you a lot. >> small changes can make a big difference from ac to the water
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heater. mara schiavocampo has the details. >> like so many of us the merrick family is trying to beat the heat by cranking up the ac but their power bill so not cool. >> i wish i could say that we had consistent energy saving habits in our house. >> they say they pay a scorching $3700 a year in electric bills. enter energy expert ben bixby to find them some hidden cash. >> let's do it. >> first way to put money back in your wallet replace your old thermostat with a smart one like this crowed through your phone. general manager of energy services says it monitors the family's heating and cooling habits and turns off when not needed giving them an estimated $173 back this year. >> this is perfect. >> and that's not all. their old 65 watt light bulbs were not only making the house
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hotter. >> t-is over 170 degrees. >> but they were also zapping a lot of electricity. switching to new energy saving 9.5 leads nets them an extra 288 bucks a year. >> wow. >> and finally, the hot water heater just watch. to a sizzling 145 degrees. >> it's much hotter than it needs to be. that's costing you on your energy bills. >> turning it down just 20 dgs nets them that extra 40 bucks. plugging an extra 600 bucks back into the merrick family budget this year. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> the one advice that always drives me nuts. >> i'm listening. >> the shower head. about the flowen ot shower head. you shut put a special shower head that makes the flow less. i like that flow. >> you like. >> you no he? >> need a certain pressure in the shower. >> save a couple bucks, huh-uh. >> i'll turn off a couple more lights. sorry, in irk.
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>> we want you to have a good shower. >> do you. >> i got to sit next to you these hours. i want you to have the best shower possible. coming up here having fun outdoors with technology. >> our giz whis is here next to keep your six pack colder and make your barbecue easier. the damage jetts that won't break your budget, they're pretty good on "world news now." >> "wo
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ready for vacation in the great outdoors camping, hiking or maybe enjoying your backyard. there are many great damage jets that can make that experience even more enjoyable. dick debartolo is here to help us gear up for those adventures. welcome, dick. >> thank you very much. we're going to have some fun outdoors. this is cam a ron's portable grill. a nonstick surface. a little more than 12 inches across. and then in here is the little fire bed. and so it just takes about 12 to 15 brickettes to get this going. and then what's neat about this is when you're done and it's cooled off, you fold the handle down. you fold the legs in the legs push the fire pit on up.
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let me push that all the way up. then this leg goes up and then it slips into this bag. >> do the things taste good? >> you know what i just got it for the show. we'll barbecue after the show. >> i'm with you. >> did you bring steaks. >> i brought tofu. >> oh my gosh. okay. this is great for kids. so you don't want them using your action cam your go pro whatever. this is the kiddie zoom action cam from v tech. now, what i love about this kit, i'm going to open the box here it comes with every kind of mount that you can use. there's a little underwater case for it. kids can do video and stills down to six feet. this is the helmet cam. it can go on a skate board. the black and yellow is like the guy version. this is the girl version. >> go pro camera? >> exactly. let me just click it on. so it's a little video camera. >> ah. >> with a little lead color screen. and they can shoot their own
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videos and download it to the computer. and there's software in there. they can do special effects. the whole kit is under 60 bucks. >> that's fantastic. >> this is from stryker. their dome light. you're going to go camping. what's nice about this it's a 360 degree light so it shines all the way around. but if you are using it inside a tent and you want to hang it there's a built-in hanger. okay? three lights, three levels of light. and then in case an emergency blinker. >> i love it. that's great. >> that's about $25 from stryker. these little guys are called chill puck. >> okay. >> chill puck you freeze these before you go on a trip. >> okay. >> okay? >> that's very cold. >> so there's gel in there that freezes. when you take a soda out of the ice chest, take this out of the ice chest with it and click it onto the bottom of the can. >> that's enough? >> well, it will give you about another hour of keeping the soda chilled. >> wow.
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got it. >> it's a clever. >> it has to be in the fridge though first. >> yes actually you freeze it first so that the gel is frozen and then put it on the can. >> the drink has to be cold is what i'm saying. >> yes it won't make the drink colder but it will keep a cold drink cold. okay? this is really neat. you've heard of winnebago the trayer. this is the vinnebago, the wine carrier from cork sickle. triple stainless steel. i didn't believe it. they said it chills things for up to 25 hours. i put cold water in there last night. the cold water is now the 24 hours old. tell me if you think it's still chilled. just. >> wow, it's like a very ice cold river. >> it's pretty neat. >> it is yeah. >> i couldn't believe it. >> you didn't put this in the fridge or anything. >> no, you just put something very cold in it and the triple stainless steel walls just retain it. >> that's awesome. >> they told me 12 hours to keep
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something really hot it, 25 hours keeping something really cold. >> could be great for a road trip, too. water, not wine. >> well, we're cheap here. it's water. it should be wine. they make all kinds of carry cases that way. and finally this little guy is called the.camo. this is a way to carry six packs of anything with you, beer or soda. guys have a six pack. it goes up to a 52 inch waist. >> fraternity brothers everywhere thank you, dick. this is pretty remarkable. i'm not so sure it suits me. >> no, it doesn't. it's not your style. >> these are great, great ideas for the backyard and for the summer. dick thanks so much. thanks to our gis wiz dick debar debartowlo for joining us. you're watching "world news now." i really like this one. >> the camera is clever. isn't it. >> the fact they can come back and edit their own thing.
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♪ >> well, about a hundred dachshunds are getting ready for a big weekend, competing to be top dog and they'll race around a track where horses normally run. >> this is not necessarily westminster dog show material. leeann souter of our l.a.
2:56 am
station was there for the prelims. >> ready, set, go. >> off and running, ready to claim the title of the fastest wiener in the west. >> you know when you get a group of wienie dogs that can run, it's pretty exciting. they just are three, they're low to the ground. very aerodynamic so they pick up speed as they go. >> these dachshunds getting a day of practice before the big race saturday at the racecourse. the horse track going to the dogs for the 20th annual wienerschnitzel wiener nationals. >> i have no idea what he's doing. he doesn't like being in the box. he turns around tries to get out. >> nick colo? >> 100 dachshunds will be competing for the title. whether seasoned pros or first time competitors, the long and short of it is, these wieners are ready to run, crossing the finish line by a nose. >> he's always been fast for a dachshund at least. but i don't know. i just wanted to get hip out and
2:57 am
compete. >> i let him out the gate every morning. he races with the dalmation and he rides with us with the horses and he just practices like that. he's done some swimming the last few weeks too. >> the annual fun a fund-raiser for s.e.a.l. beech animal care center dedicated to finding homes for stray animals in orange county. >> good boy. >> when it comes to the competition, only one canine will be crowned so-cal's top dog, going from a wiener to a winner. leeann souter for abc news. >> wiener's a winner. >> you like that line? >> you like that one? >> oh lookme. wow, i look so posh with my dachshund. >> i knew they couldn't find a picture of me with a dog. >> we're going to convert you to becoming a dog lover. that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," terror arrest. the son of a veteran police captain who responded to the boston marathon bombing busted. his alleged plot and connections to isis. >> new developments in the california case involving a woman who said she was kidnapped and held for ransom. police called her a liar at the time and now, she may be in for an apolage i. >> conservative candidate scott walker announces had his presidential bid. his campaign promises and our exclusive interview with wisconsin republican and his family. >> and later addressing addiction to technology. when the youngest members of your family can't put down the smartphone or tablet. >> def the more we use it, the more we crave it. >> the young people going without food or sleep to stay connected. it's tuesday, july 14th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
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from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> and hello to you all. we start in boston the son of a police captain there due in court today being held on terror charges. prosecutors say alexander ciccolo wanted to support isis by setting off pressure cooker bombs at an unidentified university into they also say he intended to show the execution of university students live online. court documents also indicate he has a long history of mental illness. with more on the case here's abc's brian ross. >> among the police officers responding to the boston marathon bombing and its deadly pressure cooker bombs was veteran captain robert ciccolo, but the fbi says his own son, a one-time peace activist seen here sought to build his own pressure cooker bombs and become an isis killer. 23-year-old alexander ciccolo was arrested by the fbi on july
3:02 am
4th after a long investigation triggered officials say, by a tip from his father the police captain. the son's plan the fbi says, was to set off his bombs at the crowded cafeteria of a major college campus and at a nearby gay bar. and then the fbi says execute non-muslim students live via the internet. he lived in the tiny massachusetts hamlet of adams where he was arrested on morning of july 4th after buying four high powered weapons from an undercover fbi operative. in a search of his apartments agents say they found a pressure cooker he had bought just the day before. the fbi says the attack was imminent that ciccolo had set his own deadline of july 31st. in a statement, his family says it was saddened and to learn of his intentions but grateful that no one was hurt. brian ross abc news, new york. >> final details of a nuclear deal with iran still being
3:03 am
worked out this morning by diplomats. one of the issues still to be under consideration is often how often u.n. inspectors can visit iran military sites. any deal would still have to be approved by lawmakers in washington. >> new details now on the search for that mexican drug lord. officials released this had photograph the most recent image of joaquin" guzman on the run since saturday night after escaping through an underground tunnel. newspapers calculating his team of engineers dug out 379 truckloads of earth to create that tunnel. >> well, a settlement in the death of a black man placed in a choky a white nypd officer. new york city agreed to pay the family of eric garn area nearly $6 million. a grand jury declined to indict the officer who was trying to arrest garner last summer for selling loose cigarettes. garner saying i can't breathe 11 times before losing
3:04 am
consciousness. the case sparked nationwide protests and renews the relations between police and minority communities. >> an amazing story of survival happened in north central washington state. a teen girl survived a small plane crash, then walked for days to a nearby highway. there she flagged down a motorist. her mother posted on facebook two other passengers the girl's step grandparents did not survive. the area she was found is probably some of the harshest country in the cascades. >> now to a stunning development in the kidnapping case compared to the movie "gone girl." four months after police dismissed the bizarre story of a northern california woman as a hoax the fbi has now charged a plan with her abduction. more from abc's brandi hitt. >> dennis huskins and her boyfriend aaron quinn appeared at a news conference after 38-year-old matthew muller was arrested for a crime local police first said never really
3:05 am
happened. >> my daughter was kidnapped. when she was released the police thought she was a hoax. >> dennis huskins told police inextruders broke into the home she shared with her boyfriend, she said they kidnapped her and demanded ran some. the alleged victim says she was released two days later near her mother's home. >> if you knew my daughter, you would not she was not involved in any kind of hoax. can you imagine being rescued from a kidnapping and people are on you for committing the crime? >> muller is a harvard trained lawyer who was disbarred in california in january. he was l. in custody for another home invasion. >> i'm glad we caught him because who knows what he could have done later on. again, who knows what he's done in the past that we don't note about. >> reporter: lawyers for couple says there is a long road to justice ahead. >> the injury was not only inflicted by the kidnappers but by the agency who's responded.
3:06 am
>> brandi hitt abc news los angeles. >> there's a deal to bail out the greek economy but the strings attached are hefty. greece must make severe cuts in pensions, large tax ins and privatization of most government assets. the terms are tougher than the plan voters rejected this month. it's not certain they'll go along with the plan. the deadline is tomorrow. still, just the fact that a deal was reach after 17 hours of negotiations was enough to send sharks sharply higher in the u.s. yesterday. so far overseas markets are also in positive territory this morning. investors worldwide have been worried that greece woes stop using the euro as its currency and continuing to be cautious this morning. >> severe thunderstorms from the midwest to the carolinas. one person dead and 11 may be missing in flash flooding in kentucky. a tornado touched down in central kansas last evening destroying a couple homes, knocked down trees and power lines. hail was there. some areas had as much as 3
3:07 am
inches of rain from that storm. in the appalachians a danger of more flooding overnight as a second round of storms moves into the area. flooding from yesterday's downpours closed roads. couldn't handle all that water. another round of severe downpour downpours taking aim at the east. justin pavek at accuweather. >> thanks and good morning to you. we are tracking another complex dangerous thunderstorms on this tuesday. this one here i think has the potential to produce widespread damaging swathes of winds covering hundreds of miles in addition to that large hail and a couple of tornadoes possible, as well. lots of heavy rain on the way for the northeast. especially toward the i-95 corridor in the afternoon. t.j. and reena let's turn it back over 0 to you. >> autopsy reports show that blues legend b. b. king was not poisoned before his death last may. two of his children claimed their father was murdered. the autopsy found he decide of
3:08 am
alzheimer's disease. >> a huge recall of frozen chicken products more than 1.7 million pounds. barber foods says it knows what caused the salmonella contamination at its plant. the recall includes chicken tenders and stuffed chicken breasts. at least three people have gotten sick. get the details from us at >> it was a hopping good time in the streets of fargo, north dakota. don't you know? >> really? is that how they talk. >> have you ever been out there? >> i have not. if i do, that's how i should expect them to talk. >> don't you know. >> don't you know you see 400 people here hopping around at the same time on sunday. this is a street festival. they were trying to set some kind of a world record for the most people bunny hopping at the same time. it was a record for this. >> unfortunately, we must report they did not set that record. >> sorry. any needed about 4,000 more people. not 400.
3:09 am
>> 4,000 more. >> they came up with 400. they needed 4,000. >> they were confused. >> maybe enough people didn't show up. >> this is great. >> they hope to try it again next year. >> what town is this in? >> this is in fargo, north dakota. >> it's the summer teej. >> i'm going to challenge you all. our team here we need to find a guinness world record we can set on this show. there's a record for everything. bunny hopping? i want you and i to at the time a world record. >> could you heat hot dogs. >> we're not going to eat anything. >> no, anything obscure, something weird. >> we're going to find something. tweet us folks, and let us know. >> we've got "the mix" coming your way here. the world's longest slider where do you find this splashy attraction. >> also ahead, young people who can't disconnect themselves from technology. who is calling this addiction and what can be done about it.
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all right. look at this here. an officer in as you tip, texas, he takes off after a driver. he saw this driver on the phone. turns out the woman behind the wheel was actually choking on something and was trying to call 911. the officer gets her out,
3:14 am
s the heimlich maneuver saves her life. woman fants. he lays her down on the road. calls for an ambulance. she was treated at the hospital. she's fine now. >> glad to know she's okay. >> wisconsin governor scott walker made it official. >> what are we up to now. >> 15. he's joined the already crowded reena ninan presidential field. >> presenting himself as a washington outsider who would cut taxes, heard that before and shrink the federal government. this sounding familiar here? and he's already spoken with us. we're up all night live with abc's david muir. >> wisconsin governor scott walker is now officially running for president. and he's aware how many have announced before him. >> you are the 15th republican now to fight for this nomination. what do the american voters not know about you that helps seal the deal. >> if republicans are going to take on a name from the past in hillary clinton, they need a name from the future. >> is jeb bush a name from the
3:15 am
past or a name from the future. >> jeb's a good guy. >> donald trump is now leading in some plos. jeb bush has said he believes what trump said about mexicans is meant to inflame and incite. do you agree with that. >> i think donald trump and any of the others can speak for themselves. i'm going to lay out what i'm for. >> if you could be on the debate stage with trump. if he said on that stage what he said about mexicans what would you say. >> i respectfully disagree with him. i have a policy when it comes to immigration. secure the border enforce the law. >> for the first time his family sits down with us at the governor's mansion in madison. >> with your dad running for president, with your husband running for president, how does the family feel about this. >> we've been telling our dad we think he should. >> i think we're ready for it. we can never be ready for this i guess. we've had quite a few campaigns in the last four years. >> when he first met tonette she
3:16 am
was from a democratic family. >> you got married on ronald reagan's birthday. i don't know if i knew that. >> he counts on her for guidance but they don't always agree after the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage they were all on one side dad on the other. >> you called it a great mistake. i know you heard from the family that not everybody agreed with you. >> her cousin married her partner, one of the sons a witness at the ceremony. >> when he says it was a great mistake, what do you say? >> well, i was more concerned that i got calls from both the boys of being upset about what scott had said. so my advice to them was don't come to me. go to him ep said it. >> but you haven't changed your stance? >> no, we love them. for us love is going to be the focus of everything we do with our family. >> are you ready for this race? >> yeah i'm excited. >> i'm david muir for "nightline" in madison. >> we got the count right, 15?
3:17 am
>> i this i it's 15. >> i'm having difficulty keeping up. >> soon there's going to be more republican candidates than voters. not republican voters. voters in the whole country. >> but you know what it is going to make this primary season a blast on the republican side. >> very exsighing on the republican side. more than you love your beauty pageants just a smidge more you love presidential debates. >> this is must see television. 15 guys trying to go and one lady trying to go at it on the republican side. >> they're going to limit it to ten i believe. somehow five people are going to get the ax. >> i bet those other five find a way to get up on stage. >> you can offer to do one here backstage streaming live. >> coming up can screen time be an addiction? a new documentary portrays children who would be on their computers than eat, sleep, or pretty much do anything. a mental health alert now. >> ahead in their next half hour. they're back. gas prices spiking at $5 a
3:18 am
gallon again. where did this happen? we'll tell you when and where. you're
3:19 am
all right. how much technology is too much technology? you may be addicted to you're electronic gadgets and your kids might be, as well. see, reena. >> sorry. a new documentary that prepared on bbc last night reveals how one country has declared screen addiction a national health crisis and what they're doing to fight it. abc's jesse palmer has the story. >> phones tablets, tvs, video games. we are glued to digital screens like never before. but now the ever increasing number of hours we spend plugged into our devices is being identified as a growing problem around the world. some experts even labelling it a screen addiction. in china, these vivid images
3:20 am
caught on camera of teens stuck to their computer screens going hours without food and sleep so they don't miss a moment playing video games. >> in the new documentary "web junkie" airing on pbs, these young addicts struggle through inpatient rehab to treat an internet addiction now considered in china to be a clinical disorder. >> these kids are disconnected from reality. they stop functioning in their own lives. this is for the parents maybe the last chance to cure them. >> in russia an addiction hot line is now extending its services to selfie addicts and in north america, this is one of only three rehabilitation centers that treats internet and video game dependencies with inpatient care. >> the more we use it, the more we crave it. >> this family in michigan says they unplug periodically to keep the family healthy. >> put the ipad away. >> it's a lesson kids don't
3:21 am
always love. >> the kids were kind of reluctant. we still heard can we do electronics but it really never was that bad. >> a 2010 study found the average 11 to 1-year-old consumes more than 11 hour of media per day leading many to fear this overindulgence of screen time negatively affects school work health and social interaction. >> early childhood is when children learn about others and learn these very important social skills that will take them through life. >> hmm. >> thanks to gma's jesse palmer. it's interesting because also people say when you don't use technology as much your children mimic what you do. when you limit your technology it helps them not focus on, reading a book for instance. >> there's another study that will tell you these devices help them learn at the same time. >> it's true. >> so. >> moderation into good and confused now? we've got a couple of wild rides to tell you about caught on
3:22 am
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oh remember back if our childhood, slip and slide was really popular, right. >> oh yeah. >> out in the front yard. get some water and lay that thing out. you're good to go into let me show you the equivalent of today's slip n slide. this is the world's longest inflatable water slide. it comes to us it was confirmed to be the world's longest by the guinness world records. it was made in new zealand and now in action park in vernon new jersey. it was created by jim hunt, a founder of live more awesome and a new zealander. >> how long is this thing. >> pretty long. >> yeah. it's about 1900 feet. a little more than 1900 feet and goes 35 to 40 miles an hour teej. >> how do you stop? is he going to stop. >> once you're down that's it. you go all the way. >> i'm kind of curious to see how this ends. does it end badly? how do you stop. >> you keep going.
3:26 am
it's not open to the public just just yet. but it will be. admission $42 for people over 48 inches. if you're under 4 inches it's $29.99. it's not open to the public because they haven't figured out how to stop you. as we go to the next story actually here's a guy, third wheel. it's not fun to be a third wheel. a guy is documenting his life as his friends third wheel. look at this. you can post all this stuff. he has all these funny pictures of his best friend there and being the third wheel. you no p know how it ends? it ends with the shot of those two at the end getting married. his friend gets married and he's the third wheel at the wedding, as well. >> there it is. >> he looks so sad. >> we need to find him someone special. can you help us with that? >> third wheel. ever been the third wheel. >> no, i tried to avoid that situation. >> oh you always had a date.
3:27 am
>> excuse us. >> you didn't have a problem. >> i didn't say that. well moving right along to the minions. >> yes. >> they're pretty popular. >> record setting popular over the weekend. >> that's right. big blockbuster film this weekend. talk about someone being dubbed possibly the best dad ever took his on to see the minions dressed up as the mignons. this was posted on reddit over the weekend. one of the people said when the tag reads father of the year award goes to this is gentleman who was take a very excited boy to the movies. >> someone else wrote son of the year goes to the trooper letting daddy. >> i'm laughing because sabine and i, my little one went to see this movie over the weekend. we did not dress up. we left the movie early. >> you might have to dress up next time you go back to finish the rest. >> maybe that was the problem. sorry,
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," crowded race. republican number 15 now enters the presidential race. what sets wisconsin's scott walker apart from the rest. >> international manhunt. new details and a new picture of the drug king el chapo who broke out of a mexican prison. who was tipped about his plot months ago. >> killer storms from the frightening twister in tornado alley to the flood and deadly storms in kentucky. today's extreme weather threat from accuweather. >> and later in "the skinny," rapper 50 cent and his financial crisis. why would one of the wealthiest performers in the country be forced to file for bankruptcy? it's tuesday, july 14th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> i can't. >> come on. >> you can't. >> you misheard it. i said 50 cent.
3:31 am
i didn't say 50 cents. >> no, you said fitty. >> how? >> no, that's right, fitty. >> how do you think david muir would have said it? >> let's not get into that. >> 50 cents. >> we've got to the start the half hour. something david muir was very much involved in. >> all right. you ready to go that direction? >> wisconsin governor scott walker, yep, we got another republican another day, another republican has joined the race. >> he opens his campaign in important early voting states this week with stops in nevada south carolina, and new hampshire. abc's mary bruce with more. >> the republican race for the white house is getting even more crowded. >> we are running to serve as your president of the united states of america. >> wisconsin governor scott walker, now the 15th republican to jump in, hoping to set himself apart as a harley riding washington outsider. in his first campaign speech casting himself as a proven
3:32 am
leader who can get things done. >> we need new fresh leadership, leadership with big bold ideas from outside of washington. >> but right now, all the momentum is with donald trump. he's surging in the polls, drawing huge crowds. the biggest yet of this campaign season and condemnation for his controversial comments on illegal immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> republicans are worried that trump is hurting the party's outreach to hispanics. but in an exclusive interview with abc's david muir, walker steered clear of that fight. >> i think donald trump and any of the others can speak for themselves. what i'm going to do is say what i'm for. >> he didn't spare other opponents saying it's time for some new blood in the white house. >> i don't think a name from the past beats a name from the past. you need a name from the future. >> hillary clinton wasted no time jabbing her latest competition. >> republican governors like scott walker have made their names stomping on workers' rights. >> make no mistake, scott walker is a top tier candidate and he's
3:33 am
led every major poll in the key state of iowa since february. his challenge now, to emerge as a frontrunner nationally. reena and t.j. >> thank you. >> word that a nuclear deal with iran is reached. iran has apparently agreed to conditionally allow u.n. inspectors at its military sites in return for limiting its nuclear program. economic sanctions will be lifted. high level talks have been going on for days to reach this historic agreement. more details throughout the morning. >> a massachusetts man charged with plotting a pressure cooker bomb attack on a university is due in court later today. alexander ciccolo was arrested july 4th after he took delivery of four guns. ciccolo had been under watch since september after his father a police captain, tipped off authorities. family members say they were saddened and disappointed to learn of ciccolo's arrest. >> this morning we are seeing the latest photograph of mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo
3:34 am
guzman, now the subject of an intense international search. abc's ji joe benitez -- gio benitez has new details of his escape from a prison outside mexico city. >> police searching pipes, cars and buses, searching for joaquin guzman shown as el chapo, the shorty a billion dollar man responsible for a quarter of the drugs in the u.s. and long wanted by u.s. authorities. guzman escaping from this maximum security prison 55 miles outside of mexico city saturday night. he was last seen in the shower area of his cell around 8:50 p.m. authorities say he fled through a dugout hole just 20 inches by 20 inches wide. authorities finding a ladder they believe he used to drop himself 30 feet below ground. winding his way through a mile long labyrinth of tunnels. the passage about as tall as el chapo himself, 5'6” but well lit and fully ventilated with pvc piping. the passage even outif i had
3:35 am
with a motorcycle used to help move earth and dig the tunnel out. this is the hole they believe he escaped from. >> this is a man known for having a team of engineers and miners some of the best in mexico who are there just to build these tunnels. >> we met eric who delivers gas to houses in the neighborhood and says it was built very quickly. >> six or seven months that house was built. >> he's escaped before and was on the run for 13 years. until his capture last year. the government had promised he would never escape again. and now sources tell us u.s. officials knew about possible escape plans from just about the day el chapo was captured. they say they warned mexican authorities and though they're upset, they're not surprised. gio benitez, abc news, mexico. >> closing arguments set to begin today in the trial of james holmes, the gunman behind the colorado movie theater massacre. jury could begin deliberating as early as tomorrow. hoeps has pled not guilty by
3:36 am
reason of insanity. jurors must determine if he knew right from wrong. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. new york city reached a settlement in the police chokehold death that sparked rachelly charged protests across the country. the family of eric garner will receive $5.9 million for the wrongful death claim. a grand jury refused to indict the officer seen on cell phone video with his arm around garner's neck even as garner gasped for air and repeatedly said that he could not breathe. garner was being arrested for selling loose cigarettes. >> we turn now to the wildfires on either coast. lightning may have sparked two brush fires in southern florida. more than 500 acres of grass and trees have burned. heavy smoke is blanketing the area. drivers are being warned to use caution. fire crews had to quit early last night because another lightning storm was moving in. no structures are threatened so far. southeast of los angeles, a brush fire is 50% contained. it scorched 180 acres and destroyed two abandoned buildings.
3:37 am
other buildings are threatened. a main road through oat area had to be closed. about 50 people including campers and fishermen were evacuated. firefighters blame the drought conditions. >> in between the coast severe storms brought rain and hail. strochk winds from the midwest to the carolinas. at least one tornado touched down in central kansas destroying two homes and damaging others. also tore down power lines and trees. turned up a dust cloud. some areas had as much as 3 inches of rain from the storm. at least one person is dead and as many as 11 may be missing in eastern kentucky after flash flooding. one or two of the missing are children. the man who died got out of his car and tried to walk through the floodwaters. dozens of homes also damaged. there's more bad weather on tap for today. let's check in with accuweather's justin pavek for that. >> thanks and good morning. we're tracking another volatile situation over the southeast later on this afternoon. damaging severe storms with the potential for destructive straight line winds, large hail,
3:38 am
and isolated tornados. now, throughout the northeast, i don't think we'll see so much severe weather but there's going to be a lot of heavy rain coming down which could cause some areas of low lying flooding and also some major travel delays. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thanks so much. you can be sure it's going to be a deathly cold feeling this morning when a nasa spacecraft makes a historic fly by of the the dwarf planet pluto. >> you're seeing what nasa thinks it might look like when the new horizons spacecraft zooms by at a distance of only about 8,000 miles only about -- above that icy surface. the spacecraft has endured a 3 billion mile 9 1/2 year journey. >> that's a long time. it will come closest to pluto just before 8:00 a.m. eastern time, about 13 hours before flight controllers will know if everything went well. >> good luck to them, nasa, i'm kind of a space geek. love that stuff. >> coming up, we've got the skinny. two men left vying for the attention of the bachelorette.
3:39 am
who else but our senior analyst jack is here with his insight before the finale. >> also ahead, hollywood superstars joaquin phoenix and emma stone drop a few hints about the quirky new woody allen film. and why phoenix may not watch the movie. >> but first, what's driving up the cost of gas in one state highway prices are down everywhere else. the paradox at the pump. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by southern new hampshire university.
3:40 am
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3:43 am
unlike humans, it doesn't have to stop while someone is being moved or carried down the stairs. and it doesn't get tired. another added bee bonus, the device takes just seconds to set up. >> but you got to have it with you. >> yeah. i wonder if it's going to be widespread use of this thing. wow. >> okay. you can always do mouth to mouth. >> this could be helpful. >> all right. not knocking it. not knocking it. just saying don't forget. well californians are starving for water because of that epic drought, of course but they're now running out of gas. >> yeah, prices soaring in the golden state even as prices are going down in the rest of the country. why is that? abc's brandy hit reports what's behind it all. >> anger and frustration for california drivers filling up their gas tanks. >> it's killing us. >> it's kind of ridiculous. >> prices at the pump have skyrocketed, some studies show they're up nearly 30 cents just in the past week with several gas stations now topping $5 a gallon. >> now it's almost $5 within
3:44 am
like what, two nights? >> that was one sticker shock. >> while gas prices nationwide are on a downward trend, analysts say this spike in california is thanks to a refinery explosion back in the spring and a shortage of other components needed for the state's unique blend of less pol outing gas. >> for the rest of the refiners they better work perfectly because we don't have exxonmobil right now. and not all of them are working perfectly. >> some drivers don't believe it. >> just greed. people just want money and know they can get it with the gas. everybody's going to be driving. >> for others considering parking their gas guzzling suvs for good. >> i'm looking at how much i just paid. i never pay attention to the gas prices. makes me want to buy an electric car. >> the u.s. department of energy released a report where it shows a gallon of regular is now $3.88 statewide, 45 cents higher than last week. some analysts predict those prices will continue to go up this week before drivers see a significant drop.
3:45 am
reena and t.j. >> brandi hitt for us, thank you so much. "the skinny" coming your way next. fitty is bankrupt? it's a new chapter for the guy who had an album called "get rich or die trying." >> and bieber apologies for that booty shot. that's up next. and the bachelorette update. whoo. >> i missed some news. ette update. whoo. >> i missed some news. >> "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. top thing in "the skinny" this morning, the rapper known as 50 cent. >> he's bankrupt, we're told. is he really? >> you know, forbes magazine listed him as one of the hip-hop's five wealthiest artists partially because of the album that you mentioned earlier, "get rich or die trying." ♪ [ rapping ] >> right. the trouble may have started last week when a jeweler ordered -- when a jury ordered him to pay $5 million. my stash, he's talking about the money? >> just go with the read here. i don't have the time to get into that for you. >> to a woman who said that he posted her private sex tape on the internet.
3:48 am
the jury was supposed to meet this week to consider punitive damages. >> the rapper filed for personal bankruptcy protection. he can go with business as usual, all that gets sorted out which could take a long time. >> that bankruptcy filing lists his assets and libts somewhere between 10 maryland and $50 million. >> he might not be broke. this might be a strategic move related to that. >> he's got advisors. >> a change of heart for justin bieber about his bare butt photo. he posted this on -- i did not know, he posted this on instagram dressed only in tattoos if you will. we can't show you all of it. we put a little "world news now" over his -- did we really just -- >> i was waiting for you. >> are you kidding me? we couldn't find anything else? >> you were on assignment when we reported this last week. >> come on, don't do a disservice to the "world news now" logo by putting it over. come on now. >> that upsets you. >> a lot of controversy over this and a parody. he deleted the photo adding something new to the picture. >> could the biebs be more
3:49 am
covered up? also apologizing say hey, i deleted a photo of my butt on instagram not because i thought it was bad but someone close to me's daughter follows me and she was embarrassed adding to anyone i may have offended i'm so sorry and that's the naked truth. >> thank you. maybe is he growing up. getting down to the nitty gritty "the bachelorette." >> after a week on vacation, he's back. abc's senior bachelorette analyst jack sheehan. >> what you got, jack? >> good to be back. we've got a single rose. >> you got a tan. >> thank you. as we know, joe and jarrett were gone. we started last night with three guys, ben h., nick and shawn b. this all took place in ireland. ro that beautiful bachelorette footage. there's ben h. and kaitlyn on the horses. she calls him a calming presence. he says i'm falling in love with kaitlyn. you know where this ended up. >> no. >> back in the fantasy suite. >> all right. >> uh-oh. you know how these things go.
3:50 am
>> lovely. >> it went pretty well for them. you're thinking ben h., he might whipping it down the stretch here. >> i didn't know where you were going with that. >> you know. he was probably doing pretty good. next up, shawn b. on a golf date with kaitlyn. these two had their outfits on. they were ready, maybe not quite ready for st. andrews later in the week if you know what i mean. >> he can play. did you see that? >> then things got a little crazy. >> what? >> shawn b. taking after justin bieber right there. >> we don't have a "world news now" logo for hip? goodness gracious. >> it wasn't all fun and games though. so they got a little serious later. they wound up back in the fantasy suite. we don't know the too much about what happened. they were talking about the other guy, nick, you know how it goes. nick and shawn just don't like each other. >> he left?
3:51 am
>>, et cetera, et cetera. that was the morning after. we don't know what happened in the interim. >> they both spent the night with her in the suite? they had their night with her, you will? >> yeah, if you will. there have been other nights before. >> hey. >> you know, let's not presume anything but let's presume everything. >> there we go. >> the whole thing's a mess. rose ceremony, kaitlyn said i am in love. we don't know the with who. >> she said that? >> she did say that. we don't know with who. nick got the first rose. shawn b. got the second rose, and that means so much for ben h. he was the loser on the night. he is gone, but he might be the winner. because let's just say he might be the next bachelor. you get the idea. he's a nice guy. it is what it is. she winds up meeting the families. they make it back to utah. and first he met with nick's family. it all went well. nick tells -- nick told his family that --
3:52 am
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♪ pretty much every "a" list actor in hollywood has or will appear in a woody allen film. his latest movie hits theaters this weekend. >> this time allen has tapped emma stone and joaquin phoenix positive his stars. abbie boudreau got the inside story. >> your paper was quite good. >> am i blushing right now. >> emma stone and joaquin phoenix starring in the new romantic comedy with a dark twist, "irrational man." >> i can't write because i can't remember the reason for living. and when i did, it wasn't convincing. >> i loved working with woody. >> were you nervous? >> not as much the second time around. i was more nervous about him. >> i can't blame you there. >> that's what happens whenever you look to your left. >> you suffer from despair. >> how comforting that would be.
3:56 am
>> i really liked working with woody. first of all, i think he's adorable. >> that's number one. >> are you aware of what's going on. >> the on-screen couple with quirky chemistry in real life. even code names. >> ella is such a professional. >> katink. you are one of the finest actors of your or any generation. >> joaquin's character in the film abe lucas a heavy drinking depressed philosophy professor who falls for his student and finds a new lease on life when he makes a decision that changes everything. >> in the batting of an eye, dark clouds part. i can enjoy life again. it's astounding. >> what kind of message are you hoping people will walk away with? >> i found it interesting the creating your own moral code and being above sort of society. don't look at me. just look away. >> joaquin surprisingly admits he may never watch the film. >> a part of me is curious but a big part of me feels like it will be devastating. >> oh, boy, that's just one of his problems.
3:57 am
>> while emma has already seen it twice. >> i feel incredibly lucky to get to like work with people that i've admired for a long time. it's a lucky thing. >> abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. of course, be sure to catch our updates. catch them on facebook anytime always some interesting stuff going on. >> lots going on on that page. >> behind the scenes stuff, as well. seems to be pretty popular. people seem to get a kick out of the foolishness behind the scenes sometimes. >> a lot of stuff happens in commercial break too. >> yeah. >> middle of the night. >> what do you do? stick with us folks, more news coming up from abc. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking news the u.s. and its allies signing a long awaited agreement with iran after marathon nuclear negotiations. we're live with the latest. dangerous flash floods across the midwest. one person killed. others missing. creeks turned into raging rivers sweeping houses away. more storms are expected. a full forecast ahead. a new twist in the so-called gone girl kidnapping originally called a hoax. police now naming a high powered attorney as a suspect. and highway heimlich. an officer gets quite a surprise pulling over this driver on her cell phone. she was calling for help because she was choking and then another surprise when he found out who she is.


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