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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 14, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, several breaking stories. the historic deal with iran. the backlash here at home. the president saying it will make the world safer. tonight, israel calling it a stunning historic mistake. what does it mean for american security? martha raddatz in iran. also breaking at this hour new video of el chapo, from inside his cell just a short time before he escaped into that mile-long tunnel. authorities set to release it. swept away. multiple homes gone in seconds. the search for the missing at this hour. the deadly system not moving east. the miracle survivor tonight. the daughter walking out of the woods, two days after a plane crash. and the other plane tonight landing in the middle of traffic. and we're just hours away tonight. christmas in july? it's amazon versus walmart. and our reporter tonight with the list of mega-deals.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with that historic deal with iran sparking some semibragss in iran but there has been backlash here at home. it is a major victory for president obama, saying the deal is, quote, not built on trust, it is built on verification. tonight, vowing to veto any efforts by congress to derail the deal. to millions of americans, it's an agreement few could have imagined. those images from more than 30 years ago, americaning blindfolded, held hostage at the u.s. embassy in tehran. tonight, decades later, iranians watching president obama. abc's martha raddatz is the only network reporter on the ground in tehran but we begin tonight with abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in vienna, where the deal was struck. >> reporter: here they are -- those jubilant negotiators, in their moment of triumph. you can see it on john kerry's face.
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>> this moment has been a long time coming, and we have worked very hard to get here. >> reporter: 18 days in vienna. two years of high-stakes diplomacy. six years since president obama first reached out directly to iran's supreme leader. and 36 years since this -- the 1979 hostage crisis. iran holding 52 american diplomats and citizens hostage. for 444 long, terrifying and humiliating days. today, mr. obama is charting a new course. >> this deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction. we should seize it. >> reporter: iran now day agrees to sharp lip cut back its nuclear program that has alarmed the world by -- dismantling two-thirds of all its key nuclear machinery for ten years. and reducing its uranium stockpile by 98% for 15 years. and submitting to continuous international monitoring and inspections. and the u.s. agrees to help iran thrive, by ending those crippling economic sanctions.
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recognizing iran's right to even keep a peaceful nuclear program and allowing iran over time to buy weapons, even ballistic missiles. >> this deal demonstrates that american diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change. >> reporter: critics pounced on the deal. among the first and fiercest israeli prime minister netanyahu, who called it a stunning, historic mistake. but secretary kerry shot back in a spirited interview with us today. >> the alternative is to what, go to war immediately? bomb them? sanction them further? well wait no you can't sack shun them further. >> reporter: for decades, the united states and iran have been sworn enemies, but you got the sense here today that a new era has begun for better or worse. david? >> terry moran in vienna again tonight for us. and abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz, the only american network reporter in iran reporting tonight from one of those celebrations when word broke that the crippling u.s.-led economic sanctions will be
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lifted. >> reporter: good evening, david, coming to you from the very noisy streets of tehran where celebrations have been breaking out tonight. celebrating the historic deal between america, its partners and iran. all of these people know that those punishing sanctions will be lifted within the next couple months and many civilians, many of these people have suffered under those sanctions. what is even more remarkable is we're about two miles from the former american embassy where in 1979, 52 americans were held hostage for 444 days. that event changed the relationship between iran and america for 35 years, but here we are tonight. david? >> martha raddatz in tehran where some are calling this a victory tonight. martha, thank you. it is also a major political victory for president obama, but tonight, the fierce opposition already on capitol hill.
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some members of congress vowing to fight it determined to knock down the deal. so, we sent jon karl straight to capitol hill, where he heard an eerlgful tonight about what they planned to do. >> reporter: walking the halls of congress we found republicans unified in opposing the iran deal. leading the charge freshman senator tom cotton. so what do you think of the deal? >> it's a bad, terrible tragic mistake. >> reporter: cotton tried to derail the negotiations back in march, by writing a letter signed by 47 republican senators and send to iran's supreme leader. it warned the next president could undo any agreement with the stroke of a pen. now, he says he wants congress to kill the deal. what's the bottom line how bad do you think this plan is? >> it may be the worst diplomatic agreement in the history of the united states. >> reporter: really? why? >> because it's putting an outlaw terrorist sponsors regime on the path to a nuclear weapon. >> jon, congress now has 60 days to vote on this deal?
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>> reporter: yes, and president obama has said point-blank today, he will veto any plan by congress to derail this agreement. republicans would need a lot of help from democrats to override that veto. i would be surprised to see that happen david. but i've got to tell you, there is a lot of democratic concern tonight about this agreement. >> all right, jon karl. martha raddatz. terry moran, our thanks to you all. we are also following new developments in the international manhunt for el chapo. on the run after that brazen prison break. not the first time either. here he is here hauled back in after his first prison break. that time on the run for 13 years. tonight, authorities studying that hole at the end of a mile-long tunnel where el chapo emerged to freedom. there is word coming in tonight, they are preparing to release video of el chapo in his prison cell a short time before the escape. abc's gio benitez, on the ground in mexico for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, mexican officials issuing a bounty offering nearly $4 million for information leading to the
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capture of one of the most notorious men in the world, joaquin "el chapo" guzman. this is the most recent photo of el chapo, now bald and would that famous mustache and gone without a trace. three top officials at this prison now fired. authorities telling us someone on the inside must have helped him escape to this house, which remains under tight security. the house is set just a mile away from the prison where el chapo escaped from. that escape route, starting beneath his shower. a ladder dropping him 30 feet into a well-lit vent lated tunnel custom built to his height, just 56'6". also inside, a modified motorcycle to help carve the passage way. el chapo climbing out of this tunnel undetected and vanishing. >> given its sophistication it pros cost $5 million, but to chapo guzman that would be $5. >> reporter: tunnels like el chapo's escape route dot the u.s./mexico border. this elaborate one opening right
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underneath a san diego warehouse. sources telling us el chap poem pope's escape means more violence in mexico. david? >> gio, thank you. now, to the severe weather in this country tonight. 60 million americans in the storm zone at this hour. from cincinnati to d.c., memphis to atlanta. flash flood watches in nine states now, that line of storming marching east. it is the same system wreaking havoc in kentucky. in flat gap, johnson county homes washed away. incredible scenes there. not the only home washed away. tonight, two are dead. they are searching for six missing at this hour. abc's kendis gibson in the flood zone with the pictures of those homes being washed away. >> reporter: tonight, severe weather turning deadly. >> they can't get out. oh you know they're scared to death. oh, my god. >> reporter: in johnson county, kentucky four inches of rain in a flash, wiping out dozens of homes. many with people still inside.
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>> jesus, pray for those people and us! >> reporter: those floating homes slamming right into this bridge. this is your brother's place? paul stapleton's family washing away with their home. he managed to rescue them with the boat. the family clinging to a tree downriver. >> it wasn't pretty. nothing pretty about this. >> reporter: at least they've alive. >> reporter: they're alive. >> reporter: washed out roads and debris everywhere making the search for survivors even harder. in the last 24 hours, nearly 500 reports of severe weather. a tornado touching down in hutchinson, kansas. the twister packing 165 165-mile-an-hour winds, captured by a drone. tonight, residents throughout this area are bracing for more storms and the possibility of more flash flooding. it is the last thing they need. david? >> just incredible scene. kendis, thank you. and as kendis points out, racing for more. and you've got it jing erpginger. >> reporter: the pink of the map
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is the important part. severe thunderstorm warnings popping right now just west of washington, d.c. there have been tornadoes reported. more than 130 severe storm reports at this point. that number will go very quickly. overnight and after midnight is when the storms start to dial out a bit. but we still have a severe weather threat tonight in the regions you can see here from west kansas that little pocket from nashville up to d.c. richmond and raleigh, you're in it and up get it again tomorrow. so we put on the wednesday severe weather threat. savannah, georgia, has it back in nebraska and the northern plains. finally, really quickly, david, the heat has been intense in the plains. wichita, tulsa, oklahoma excessive heat warning. >> the heat of summer. ginger thank you. now to rhode island investigators now saying tonight that mystery beach explosion was not a criminal act. the blast throwing a woman four feet into the air on saturday onto the rocks. the governor today insisting the beach is safe saying authorities found no explosive device. an electrical cable found buries in the sand right there on monday, has been removed,
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though for inspection. we have new details tonight in the case of that miracle survivor. the young woman, the plane carrying her and her step-grandparents, crashing over the weekend. her grandparents did not survive. she did. emerging from the woods after more than two days and tonight, for the first time here her 911 call and the unlikely thing she says taught her how to stay alive. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: a selfie in her hospital room. she's 16, after all. autumn veatch continues to recover, even watching news coverage of her survival story. tonight, we hear the young woman's voice for the first time, as she tells a 911 operator how she lived through a plane crash. >> yeah, the only one that survived. >> okay. are you injured at all? >> yeah i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm, like kind of covered in bruises and scratches and stuff. >> reporter: they were flying from montana to washington state saturday afternoon when she says the small plane hit bad weather
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and slammed into the side of a mountain. >> kind of like a super hero. >> reporter: with no sign of help she started hiking down the mountain following a creek that led to a river. she kept walking the water's edge until finally, on monday she found a road and flaked down a car. her dad says she learned how to stay alive in this rugged wilderness by watching survival shows with him, including discovery's "survivorman." >> he should be very proud of her. >> reporter: tonight, autumn is undergoing tests here at the hospital to see if she'll have to spend a second night. meanwhile, searchers still haven't found any sign oaff that downed plane. evidence of just how rugged this wilderness is. david? >> ryan thank you. we have new developments from boston tonight. the son of that boston police captain, the veteran officer, one of the heroes during the boston bombings, turning in his own son. 23-year-old alexander ciccolo under arrest in court today.
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prosecutors laying out the echd evidence including interviews where he calls the victims be beheaded by isis quote, the criminals. the judge saying he could be a threat to the public. he will be detained until the trial. now, to california tonight, authority tls under fire there in what had been called the real-life "gone girl" case. the young woman and her boyfriend accused by police of staging her kidnapping. that couple now vindicated. the fbi coming forward with a suspect, a harvard law graduate now under arrest. so tonight, abc's cecilia vega tracking down the police who did not believe that couple. >> reporter: tonight, a resounding "we told you so." >> today, there is vindication. today is a fabulous day for denise huskins, for aaron quinn. >> reporter: tears of relief for the couple accused of staging an elaborate kidnapping hoax straight out of the blockbuster "gone girl." the fbi arresting the accused master mind 38-year-old matthew
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muller. a harvard-educated former lawyer. unsealed court documents revealing bizarre new details. it was march 34rd about 3:00 a.m. the intruders wearing wet suits and carrying squirt guns with laser pointers attached. investigators say they tied up, drugged and forced the couple to wear swimming goggles with tape covering the lenses and headsets. a pre-recorded "calm sounding voice" giving orders. huskins telling police they had "protocols" in place as if they had done this before. two days later, huskins emerges, 400 miles away, near her father's southern california home. the fbi says near muller's home agents found goggles with a strand of long blond hair the same color as huskins'. but tonight, the police department that called the whole things a hoax is not apologizing. does the police department owe this couple about apology? >> going to evaluate when the investigation is complete and go from there. >> reporter: did you drop the
6:45 pm
ball? >> i don't believe so no. >> reporter: and now different police departments in the area are looking at other bizarre home invasions involving masked men, david, they are looking for possible ties to muller. >> cecilia, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. we have new video coming in the emergency landing. the plane in the middle of traffic. that plane in trouble. the pilot turning this highway, right here just incredible there, into a makeshift runway. we'll have more. also tonight, the new list of mega-deals now in. christmas in july? and it's just hours away. amazon versus walmart. an hour reporter is standing by with the list. and tonight, they are right here. the all-stars, suftiting up. but there is something you don't know about them that they're about to reveal. any guesses? as we take you right into the locker room tonight. every mom and dad out there with a little leaguer will be very proud. ain begins to change. (ray) i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side.
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tomorrow so tonight, the retail giant walmart apparently saying, game on. abc's mara schiavocampo with a sneak peek. >> reporter: shopping showdown. in just a few hours megaretailers amazon and walmart going head-to-head with virtual doorbusters in what some are hoping will be christmas in july. amazon naming july 15th "prime day," a super sale for members of its $99 per year prime service. on items like bose headphones at their lowest amazon price ever. and a 32-inch l.e.d. tv for $75. walmart following suit announcing more than 2,000 special atomic deems on online purchases the very same day. paragains like $174 off an ipad mini 2, and more than $250 off a toshiba laptop. >> july's a quiet time for them in shopping terms. it's changing now, though. we're shopping mobile. this year's christmas in july
6:49 pm
promotions might do a little better because we can shop while we're sitting in the park. >> reporter: all leading to deals promising to be as hot as the weather. >> we can shop from the beach. and this isn't on online right? >> reporter: that's right. lots of major retailers offering big deals right now, including best buy. >> mara schiavocampo tonight, thank you. when we come back here tonight, new word of a made in america victory a favorite ice cream company saved tonight? also look at this. two close calls coming in. that plane landing in the middle of that highway. you'll see it. and then look at this blown away by the peach. a stunt pilot came whoa very close. everything goes flying. the swimmer ss barely. we'll tell you where this happened. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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6:53 pm
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made in america. before it all begins on the field, there are american workers who are already the all-stars. because it turns out, something you will see in the big game is probably made in america. we drove to easton pennsylvania where long before baseball season a different all-star lineup. inside the majestic factory, where they make the uniforms for the big leagues. that's right. the cardinal the giants the yankees, the astros just to name a few. we asked diane, how long have you been here? >> 60 years. >> reporter: we're saluting diane tonight. when anna maria watches the big game, she knows she made those uniforms. >> not everybody says, i did this. it came out of my hard work today. and there's nothing better than to have something made in the usa. >> it's america's national pastime, baseball and apple pie. >> reporter: they shipped out 20,000 jerseys, even before the season began. they sent us back with a few. the yankees, the giants the
6:58 pm
cardinals, the phillies the cubs the red sox, too. but then again, i never made it past little league. but these guys definitely did. >> made in america! >> reporter: mike trout of the angels. on the field, leading off the american league. and andrew mccutchen from the pirates, getting ready for the big game and getting ready for "world news tonight," too. made in america. >> reporter: don't forget the cap. david freels of thepiece of the angels -- >> made in america. >> reporter: and jonathan lucroy from the brewers. >> made in america. >> reporter: all of their faces, all of the uniforms making the home team at the majestic factory in easton pennsylvania very proud tonight. >> made in america! >> the closest i'll ever get to the major leagues. but we love those workers tonight. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night.
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