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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of an earn to this case. according to today's indictment, police and the prosecutors believe lloyd lee welch abducted kate and sheila lyon march 25, 1975. and murdered them within three weeks. they say searches of the mountain top near bedford virginia once owned by the welch family and a 100 interviews. brad: they are not releasing the link they have to crime or the proof they have that it happened in virginia and not maryland but they say they have enough. >> based on the totality of the evidence revealed by the evidence of the law enforcement and the warn witness testimony.
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brad: sheila and kate's mom and dad attended the press conference and they decline the comment. they have been briefed on the investigation, an investigation which the police say is far from over. >> it is our intent and our duty to bring justice not only to this community. but also and most impantly to the lyon family. brad: the lyon family we talked to them said they didn't want to talk about it. the investigation is continuing. so far only lloyd lee welch charged. but the investigators are saying it's possible others could be tied in. this is the beginning of the end as they described it today. in wheaton, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. as police narrow the focus on the prime suspect, many people are curious about his life story. which includes a troubling criminal record. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis continues the team coverage as we learn just who is lloyd lee welch.
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kevin: there is no denying the composite sketch of the lang-haired man last seen with the lyon sisters looks eerily similar to 18-year-old lloyd lee welch jr. >> the investigation continues. kevin: today, top investigators in the 240-year-old case made it clear -- in the 40-year-old case made it clear that is no coincidence as he kidnapped the girls and later killed them. now 58 welch jr. lives at a delaware prison serving time for sexually assaulting a young girl in the 1990's he is scheduled to walk free come 2026. but following today's indictment that could all change. the indictment the first formal step of extraditing welch jr. to bedford county virginia, where prosecutors are building a double murder case. in his late teens lloyd lee welch traveled the nation working as a carnival ride operator. investigators long said he
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used that job to prey on children. in 2008 the "washington post" obtained a jailhouse letter that welch wrote to his stepmother where he scribbled, "i did a lot of bad things in my life. i guess paying for it." the big question this evening could a virginia jury decide the child sex offender should pay in the commonwealth? >> his criminal record includes a break-in maryland. possible robbery in iowa. molestation of a 10-year-old girl in south carolina. but until now never a charge of murder. live in wheaton, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: right now, metro is in the tenth hour of being delays on the red line. trains at the twinbrook, grosvenor station running on a single track since 8:30 this morning because one -- that is by the way one of the busiest stretches of the entire
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system. there was some sort of slime on the track. no word when the clean-up will wrap but not until after the evening rush. kellye: a maryland state delegate gearing up to fight charges of decent exposure. police say ariana kelly went to her ex-husband's home and saw his new fiancee inside. kelly is accused of ringing the doorbell many times, banging on the door and flashing her bare breasts. we got in touch with kelly's attorney who told us "divorces are painful and punishing and the children's wounds are still very raw. ariana reacted like a mother not a polit leon: new developments tonight and early report places blame for the cash of malaysian airline flight. cnn reporting that the missile that shot down the flight was russian. sources with information about that report say it includes the exact type of missile used and it even pinpoint where they fired the weapon. i places blame on malaysia
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airline were not avoiding the conflict zone. the final report is expected to be published in october. kellye: president obama wasting no time to win support for the historic deal to curb iran's nuclear program. he took it to the public. at a white house press conference he said the deal with iran would make the world safer. president obama: i can say with confidence but more importantly nuclear experts can say with confidence that iran will not be in a position to develop a nuclear bomb. we will have met the number one priority. maureen: the agreement would limit iran nuclear capabilities and lift economic sancts imposed nine years ago. congress has 6 of 0 days to review the document before voting. leon: the nuclear deal already playing in the 2016 race for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker drumming up support days into his campaign pledging he will scrap the deal if elected.
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he stopped at a harvey dealership today. walker is not explaining how the sanctions would differ from sanctions that are currently in place. maryland governor stumping for his new jersey counterpart today. maureen: larry hogan endorsed chris christie's run for the presidency. we break it down. >> it has become a familiar campaign venue for larry hogan and chris christie. the new jersey governor visited the maryland diners numerous time stumping for hogan at the time who was a heavy underdog. hogan says if it wasn't for christie he would not have become governor. >> trying our best. working hard. reporter: this time it's christie who is the candidate in the quest to become the g.o.p. nominee for president, he is formally endorsed by hogan. >> nobody has the strength of character, the strength of leadership, the guy who is
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honest, who tells it like it is. which is what i love about him. reporter: national polls shows christie trailing many of the g.o.p. rivals. today the new jersey governor didn't hold back taking aim at president obamas iran nuclear agreement. >> the president's announcement yesterday is nothing more than another one of his lies. >> he is clarifying how to jumpstart the economy. >> reform. tax and regulatory reform to get to 4% growth to grow the economy and grow the jobs. >> governor christie is expected to be on the many g.o.p. hopefuls to take part in the first nationally televised debate in three weeks. in anabc7 news. maureen: toll lines in maryland the subject of debate across state lines. leon: why a vdot proposal is focused on unclogging roads in
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the state. plus -- maureen: unforgettable flyover. what happened after a blue angel buzzed a beach. everyone is talking about it. leon: but first, plus captain's son loyal to isil. the chilly on camera confession and the alleged plans to carry out homegrown terror attacks. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture center.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". "7 on your side." maureen: tonight we hear for the first time from the son of a boston police captain charged with plotting terror attacks. alexander ciccolo accused of planning to detonate pressure cooker bombs at a mayor university and his court appearance today prosecutors played ciccolo's interrogation tape which he made. >> the people that you see being executed are criminals. lowest of the low. maureen: ciccolo will remain behind bars urial. his father was the first to alert the f.b.i. of the attempted plot by his son telling them his son had gone off the deep end as he put it. leon: tonight it's back to normal on the historic uss midway. the aircraft carrier turned museum evacuated this morning
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because of a fire below deck. crews think that a welder's torch may have started the fire underneath the flight deck. everyone was rushed off as a precaution, no one was hurt. now the must-see video. the blue angels giving hundreds of people a show they will never forget. maureen: that low flyover is thrilling enough on its own. went by quickly didn't it? the wake from the jet however, picked up tents and umbrellas and flew them over the beach. no one was hurt. people were shocked. maureen: pennsylvania cola florida. >> every boy on the beach is do it again! do it again! maureen: i want to do it too! every little girl too. leon: exactly! look at that. awesome. maureen: coming up on "abc7
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news at 6:00". a push in two statesto clear up your commute. why virginia is focusing on the roads across maryland state lines. leon: we have some changes in the forecast to talk about tonight. the cooler weather is sticking around. what you can expect for the weekend as well. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports cowboys fans can breathe easy. dez bryant back on board. somee haven't seen in a long time tiger smiling on the golf course. that and more as "abc7 news at
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leon: a vdot proposal looking to clear up roads across the river in maryland. maureen: northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has more on the push they hope will mean a less congested commute. jeff: maureen if you cross the american legion bridge you know how bad rush hour traffic can be. here it is heading north to maryland by the g.w. parkway like it is every night gridlocked. but drivers say the worst part is south of here by tyson's, where the hot lanes end and reconvene with 495. but transportation leaders --
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[loss of audio] there are plenty of ways to describe the american legion ridge at rush hour. >> awful. >> parking lot. >> none of them good. >> misery. >> casey works in tyson corner 245 to an hour commute each way and the bridge is the worst part. >> i wish it wasn't this bad. i wish there was another solution. >> vdot thinks it might have the answer. widening the american legion bridge and extepiding the hot lane from tyson to the 270 spur in bethesda. >> that would be proponent of that. i would use it daily. >> more then 220000 vehicles cross the legion bridge every day and that number is only growing. with no plans for another bridge vdot argues the paid to drive hot lane on 4295,395 and 95 makes this a natural solution. jim corkrin is the ceo of the fairfax county chamber of commerce and says the project
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will benefit fairfax and montgomery county. >> i would have more time with my family and less time in the car. who wouldn't want that? maureen: that was jeff goldberg reporting. if we would get great weather for folks stuck on the beltway. doug: happy with great weather tomorrow and friday? maureen: that will do. doug: decent weather over the weekend, too. like to start the weather cast sometimes with the time lapses. beautiful summary of the day looking to the clouds. this is courtesy of the weather bug camera in virginia. a beautiful sky. sprinkles here and there. this is a great cloud watching day because of the colder air that comes in overhead to help form interesting looking clouds.
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it has resulted in showers. through fairfax county and headed south to dale city. just moving east of clifton right now. they are about finished. in the next hour out of the area and we'll commence to cloud-clearing and pleasant evening. 82 in hagerstown and fredericks maryland. we would have cleared out a long tile ago except for a system off the coast of new jersey. it will clear out. the result is cool temperatures. comfortable and clear skies, 60's across the area. this is the area of low pressure moving out to sea spinning to the coast to keep the clouds and rain along the coastline. had it moved quickly, it would have allowed the cold front move in quickly. the cold front is back here. so the cool air pouring down on the western side of the mountains but later tonight the front will come through, we get clearing and pleasant weather. this is a way it will look
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tomorrow. light wind out of the southeast. we get to friday the weekend looks good to me. we have thunderstorms. it's summertime. it happens. but only get in 30% chance of the afternoon showers and thunderstorms saturday. sunday we don't put any chances in but there is still a hid chance there of isolated storm. back in the summertime heat and humidity. friday is spectacular. 84 and 86 thursday and friday. hot and humid weather returns for the weekend. low 90's. we get to next week and we will get back to the daily grind of the afternoon showers and the storms with the hot and humid conditions. average high this time of year is 89. if you look at the weekend this is what it's like at it home. hot and humid. if you want to go to the beaches, sweet. good beach weather all weekend long with the warm water
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temperatures as well. leon: all right. leon: you showed pictures of tiger smiling. robert: a foreign sight. it's been so long. yesterday, tiger woods told us he is not old yet. he said he wasn't 40 yesterday. how he proved it today. the band is getting back together. dez bryant and the cowboys agreed to a long-term deal. sports
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robert: it's finally official. cowboys and dez bryant came one a long-term deal. it includes five years up to $70 million. $45 million guarantee and it comes with a $20 million signing bonus. last season dez finished with 88 receptions. 1na 320 yards. and 16 touchdowns. the chiefs resigned houston to six-year $100 million deal. it made him the richest linebacker in the nfl history. the 26-year-old led the league in sacks with 22. for a lot of people this is coming out of nowhere because no one knows who this guy is. including me. but we should know because
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he's rich now. the nats have a few more days until they hit the field. last night's all-star game m.v.p. mike trout. he made history to be the first player ever to win back-to-back all-star m.v.p. awards. he started things off with the lead-off home run off of zack greinke as they defeated the national league. final was 6-3. round one of the british open. tiger woods with a long birdie putt and he fist pumps after that. we haven't seen that in a long time. check this shot out. lowery, the second shot on the par four. looks good from here. he would hold it for eagle. the crowd goes wild. he gives a great celebration himself. but i don't think it over
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shadows tiger woods smiling for the first time in a long time. the washington mystics had a game they would rather for get in chicago. blown out by the chicago sky 85-67. mystics will be back home friday to take on indiana. put band aids on the wounds. leon: yeah. little bit of a stinker there. maureen: nice weather ahead. doug: nice. still showers here. we will look at the doppler radar. west side of town. fairfax county, looking for the clearing skies tonight. beautiful weather ahead. steve rudin will tuck about how low it will go tonight and monitor the heat and the humidity. when we see you at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. leon: see you at 11:00. have a good night. see you then.
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tonight, the debate the firestorm. is america safer after the deal with iran? president obama fights back against his critics here at home. the moment he chastises a recorder on live tv saying you should know better. breaking news tonight. new video of el chapo in his cell moments before disappearing through that hole in the shower. and now, the birds reportedly discovered. did he use them to test the air quality in that mile-long tunnel? the video authorities did not want the public to see. the unarmed man shot and killed. the multimillion dollar settlement. and american taxpayers paying for these moments under growing scrutiny. the mystery baby. her remains found near a major american airport. more than 50 million views. late today, the new plea. and the surprise tonight on pluto. the first pictures coming in now, even nasa w


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