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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: another big announcement expected in a cold case that has captivated the dce region for decades. authorities announced yesterday that they charged lloyd lee welch junior in the deaths of sheila lyon and katherine lyon. we joined the news conference in
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progress. >> they frequented a shopping center that even i frequented regularly, but within the context of the police, i believe we are proud in montgomery county -- the men and women you will hear from in a moment -- we have never forgotten the lyon family or the lyon girls. two years ago an additional renewed efforts again by the montgomery county police and that investigation by a group of men and women who formed a cold case unit brought a new investigation into this matter. that ultimately brought us to bedford where we have met with wonderful colleagues, friends, and people who have done immeasurable work to make sure that that case that began 41 years ago came to its conclusion
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with the indictment of the people being held accountable. i will tell you for the people of montgomery county, i can never thank enough randy krantz the commonwealth attorney for this county, for the work he has done and the partnership he has given to us in the gummy county over the past year. likewise as i turned to my new friend mike brown, thank you for the extraordinary efforts of your department. the people should be extraordinary proud of their commonwealth attorney and their sheriff for helping to bring justice to a case we have been struggling with for 41 years. this is a difficult case. and no one is going to stand before you and tell you it is not read no one could ever look you in the eye and tell you a case that is 40 years old, and it first the -- in its 41st year
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of investigation was not going to be a tough row to hope. in the gummy county, we delve into the investigation -- in montgomery county, we dug into the investigation. when you're trying to find the person responsible for the abduction of a 10 and 12-year-old child, this is truly a worthy cause we have all embarked on and every person i know involved in this investigation of of above all else is wanted to see some closure come to the lyon family, who were with us yesterday for the press event in montgomery county. we pledge to continue to level cooperation to the prosecution down here, and you will have collegiality from us and we are happy to be at your side as we try to bring justice to this matter.
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thank you very much. captain frank: good afternoon. i am captain frank. i am honored to work with the detectives of the cold case section, to of whom are here today. i want to add a couple things to what the chief major said so well yesterday. we want to thank the tennessee euro of investigations and the calvert county sheriff's as well as the delaware state police. we have talked about how many states we have been into with this investigation. we continue to go across the country and across our border the state of virginia, to find the information we need to give randy krantz and john mccarthy b product they need to make sure the persons responsible for
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harming sheila and kathy lyon are held responsible. the bedford county sheriffs -- we literally dropped in on them a year ago and i got a call from sheriff brown and within minutes he had opened his doors, opened his resources to us. we have not seen a joint task force of this nature probably since the sniper investigation in montgomery county. they have been fantastic, true law enforcement professionals and it is a model what we have done here with sheriff brown and the minimum and of the but for -- bedford county sheriffs, getting to this point, which is just the beginning of indictment. we remain focused on obtaining all of the information there is that we have in this case. we remain focused on investigating not only lloyd welch, but dick welch, pat
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welch, and henry parker among just a few. there are others we are focused on. that is also why these investigators are here today and continue to be here in bedford county working with the great folks down here, including the virginia state police. jummy: all right, that was a press conference from that for county. we want to get to breaking news tennessee where an active shooter investigation is happening at a naval refers -- reserve base. jeanette? reporter: we are getting reports from our sister station in tennessee that there has been a shooting incident confirmed and one officer has been injured. take a look at these images from social media, a lot of people tweeting this out here. officers had been injured near
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riverside park. the local highway has been shut down and traffic is being redirected. witnesses say there are numerous officers with rifles and guns drawn. this is obviously an ongoing situation there. that police officer, we have not been told the details, the extent of his injuries. so far, it is one officer who has been injured. this is developing right now. we know the mayor they are just sent out a tweet saying, horrific incident in our community. we will release details as they are confirmed. prayers to all of those affected. certainly a a lot of reporters there from our sister station. we will work to confirm the very latest of what is going on. as soon as we get more information we will pass it right along to you. jeannette reyes, back to you. jummy: also developing now, a
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manhunt for a man police say drag a police officer down the street. the officer's arm was stuck inside the car when that suspect took off and crashed. john gonzales has more on what we know about the suspect. reporter: these suspect's car struck this tree and landed right here. you can see the tire marks and the broken glass in the grass. the woman who lived here actually ran after the suspect. we want to show you something. way down the street we placed an orange cone about 100 feet. that is how far this police officer was dragged. this happened at about 5:40 yesterday afternoon. the reason for the traffic stop is unknown.
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while the officer was talking to the driver of that sports car for some reason they sped off with the officer's arm stuck in the door. we spoke to a neighbor who witnessed the entire thing. >> i was on the phone and i heard -- bank, bank, bank. i thought, oh, my gosh. the car has crashed up over there. when i first came out the lady -- she had a pink blouse. she was walking up the street at the corner after them. john: police are still searching for this driver. the officer, who has not been identified, is expected to make a full recovery. abc 7 news. jummy: a bar and restaurant owner accused of secretly taping women in a restroom goes on trial today. back in may a woman said she was
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in the restroom when a digital camera fell onto the floor. it showed that six women were secretly recorded. he is charged with peeping tom violations. we want to take you outside to the nation's capitol. taking you to a live look. our meteorologist doug hill is here with a first look at that forecast. hey, doug. doug: it's absolutely beautiful out here outside rosslyn outside the belford furniture weather center. a look at the campus and montgomery college. very comfortable conditions. it will be that way across the region. look how cool it is north and west. 73 and gaithersburg, frederick dulles. 77 degrees reported in downtown baltimore. dew point -- that all-important measure of moisture in the air giving us a real idea whether it is comfortable or not -- yes, it
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is comfortable. 73 to 84. zero chance of rain. very comfortable day with a light reason. that all to do with high pressure building across the great lakes. once that moves offshore, hazy, hot, humid weather with more showers and storms. we will talk about that in more detail in a couple minutes. jummy: thanks, doug. a huge relief for drivers. ground just broke on a road expansion project. our jim sweeney is on route 606 with details. reporter: this is a big relief. route 606 or ox road carries six times thc it should, and that will change with this new construction project. it will loosen up traffic on the 60 6, 50, and 28, helping airport traffic for all who live
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and work in this area, and on the economic front, leaders say it unlocks the potential for many new businesses in the community. >> we are the only airport on the east coast that can expand. we can attract a lot of businesses along the corridor. what is holding us back is the fact that there is gridlock every day. from the county point of view, we see real growth around our future metro stations. >> they are asking you to use cautions and drop your speed on until construction wraps up in the fall of 2017. reporting live in loudoun county, i am sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: we want to check on the traffic. our jamie sullivan has a look at the roadways. reporter: we are seeing those
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delays. your commute headed south on 95, definitely some volume. we have that continuing to the trying the. you see you are at an average of about 12 miles per hour. that stretch will take you just under 35 minutes and a live look shows you the traffic through dale city and that gives you an idea of how jammed up we actually are. as we look at the capital beltway, not too bad a ride for you. no problems on 95 in maryland or the baltimore-washington parkway. and headed to the baltimore beltway, we are clear. you have an average of 15 miles per hour on the capital beltway continuing into fairfax will take you just over 20 minutes. i do want to focus on the gw parkway with that midday roadwork. it is headed northbound between the airport to the 14th street bridge. there is one lane locked. this is midday work. they are doing this work
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overnight, too. keep in mind you may see more volume but we are still at a really nice pace right now. that's a look at traffic. back to you. jummy: thank you so much. speaking out, the family of one of the kidnapping victims in california lasting police. why they say that they were wrong. and on the mend. the latest on president h george.w. h.w. bus
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jummy: we want to get back to that breaking news and tennessee were an active shooter investigation -- where there is
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an active shooter investigation at the naval base. we will go back to jeannette reyes. jeanette: you see quite a strong presence there. 30 emergency vehicles are headed there. hamilton county vehicles. witnesses say they heard quite a few gunshots, describing it as half a dozen shots and rapid succession. we have been able to confirm a police officer has in injured. the extent of his injuries have not yet been clarified. we know that the mayor sent out a tweet. "horrific incident in our community. we will release details as they are confirmed." and he sends out prayers to all those affected.
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we have our sister station there covering this very closely. we are also covering this closely as well. we will relate the latest information, especially on the shooter and the police officer, as soon as we get more details on his injuries at this hour. back to you. jummy: ok, thank you so much. in the meantime, the family of one of the victims in that bizarre kidnapping case in california speaking out this noon, angry at police for calling the abduction a hoax. police say that her son and his girlfriend fabricated an elaborate story of being drugged, tied up, and ransomed back in march. >> once they said it was a hoax it had to be a hoax. they dug themselves a whole and they were going to stay in it. jummy: that was until the police arrested 38-year-old matthew mueller as the suspected mastermind. his mother said that he suffered from bipolar disease and they
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might even try to enter and insanity plea in court. former president george h.w. bush is in stable condition at a hospital. the 91-year-old fell and broke a bone in his neck at the family home in kennebunkport. it is too soon to say when he will be released but it is likely he will stay overnight. time for a check of the forecast. perfect way out there. can i say perfect? doug: sure, for the middle of july, just about as perfect as it gets. but all things are temporary. we will enjoy a couple pleasant days and then the heat and humidity will come back. let's enjoy it while we have got it. the numbers will be impressive. this is the time lapse from the boardwalk. rehoboth beach delaware. you notice even with the clouds rolling in off the atlantic
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ocean, still a pretty good crowd off the beach. i think the clouds will become more predominant through the day. definitely on the cool side. i think cool is the operative word. coming up for the weekend, looks pretty good for the atlantic beaches. northern beaches, going to be 83 to 85 over the weekend. warmer and more humid to the south. what are temperatures comfortable's well. our numbers are exceedingly comfortable. lower 70's in the metro, mid to upper 70's, well below average and i think the temperatures will stay well below average. satellite view, not a lot to see around here. all of the action to the east and west. this is the leading edge of energy that will bring the high heat and humidity back here over the weekend. until then, high pressure to the north making things so comfortable. numbers in the 70's for highs all across the great lakes.
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then the hotter and hotter it gets. and this is the air mass that will move into the weekend. it is high pressure overhead blocking you see the high slides off to the east. the wind direction at the surface starts to change and is that changes, it will build up heat and humidity later in the day and then we get to the weekend and we have hot and humid air. we will have energy coming out of the mountains. ditto for sunday. a hot and humid weather return. 93 saturday. 94 sunday. better chance of thunderstorms saturday afternoon. as far as the numbers go beyond the weekend, it is going to stay hot and humid for a while. back into the low 90's through monday. still about 90 on tuesday. and a transfer scattered storms each afternoon. jummy: all right.
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but we will take another couple days. doug: it is gorgeous. jummy: coming up -- the secret to happiness.
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jummy: researchers believe they may have found the secret of happiness. listen up. they suggest living in smaller population centers. slower these of life, lacked of traffic congestion, and pace of life is a reason for increased happiness. this is the most comprehensive study of its kind in australia. when we come back, doug talks about when
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jummy: these are live pictures from that breaking news in chattanooga, tennessee where they are looking for an active shooter. we will have more on abc seven news at 4:00. doug: we will see. jummy:
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