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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> on your side. ijumi: police are searching for the gunman who targeted two security guards and apartment complex in capitol heights. they were shot outside last night. when the guards died in the other is in stable condition. john gonzalez is in capitol heights with the latest. john: police are not saying what the motive was early this morning. they believe security guards
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were targeted. both were at the apartments. both vehicles were towed as evidence. >> i was asleep and i heard a lot of boom boom boom boom boom. john: one bag of evidence contained a bullet-proof vest. shots rang out. some of the residents tell us a few of the guards are armed while they patrol the area. it's unclear if these guards were and if they were returning fire. >> the train station is right there. i just see cop cars flying. john: one security guard was announced dead at the hospital. police have a look out. they think it's a car with bullet holes. >> we are trying to download all the vehicles.
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john: this is where they were parked, right next to each other inside their vehicles when this gunman approached and opened fire. they were doing paperwork at the time. there is still plenty of glass and blood it. >> we are encouraging anybody to call. jumi: a private school teacher is behind bars, charged with sexually abusing two students. 40 rolled justin gordon was a robotics teacher. police say he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with two girls. the school says he was terminated immediately after they learned of the charges. there may be more victims. a traveling nurse is charged with sexually abusing female patients.
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she is accused of preying on women at four different hospitals in the region. she rejected a plea deal that would have convicted him on a lesser charges. firefighters are looking into what caused a two alarm fire at an apartment building this morning. it's on the 5400 block of around 930. authorities tell us the fire caused extensive damage but luckily no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the people who were displaced. we want to talk about the forecast. we have a cloudy start to the weekend. the heat and humidity are making a return today. it 79 degrees out there. doug? doug: the temperature is going to slowly rise. you can see the effects with the low-level cloudiness. this weekend, we are going to feel the combination of heat and humidity. that was a view from fairfax
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virginia. it's a degrees with the clouds at reagan national. it 75 at andrews air force base. the dew point temperature is creeping up this morning. that's how we have the moisture in the air. a close of the get to 70 in the close 80's, the more uncomfortable it will feel. that's a good way to describe the weekend weather. we look for some sunshine and temperatures will climb to about 86. we have a very warm and humid air flowing in from the southwest. most of this will miss the area, but we will track it. the beach forecast is coming up. jumi: authorities are poring over the computer of the suspected gunman in the deadly attack in tennessee. the 24-year-old killed four marines in a shooting in
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chattanooga before he was killed by police. the motive behind the shooting is a mystery. we have the latest as officials try to figure out if this was an act of terrorism a. >> after the horrific shooting rampage in chattanooga, we are more about the victims. he served to towards of duty in iraq. he received a purple heart. a second victim has been identified as -- >> it is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who have served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion. >> they were shot and killed at this navy reserve support center. others were injured in the firefight. just minutes before, that same
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shooter had pulled up to this stripmall recruiting center in a rented convertible shooting one officer in the leg and taking off before anyone could respond. we have new details about the accused killer. he is described as an all-american kid. >> it really hit me in the gut. he was just as scared as the rest of us. that was a sad day for everybody. >> many questions remain. he was a recent college graduate from an affluent family. he was not on the fbi watchlist. jumi: the pentagon is warning military installations to be vigilant. the heavy attack is under investigation. there is a campaign by isis urging followers to attack police and military installations. the fbi has made arrests in five
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plots. >> what we are seeing are individuals who may be motivated i the ideology of a terrorist group or inspired by the social media campaign. they are independent of those organizations. jumi: military recruiting centers are considered soft targets. they have less security. make sure you stay with us for continuing a coverage. be the first to know when there is breaking news. go to to sign up for our text alert. we are following new developments in the federal data breach. the federal government is still vulnerable to hackers. as according to a report by the washington post. jeannette reyes takes a look at that audit. what it means for millions of employees. jeannette reyes: this comes on the heels of some other massive hacks we have reported on.
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according to the washington post, the audit found 3000 critical in high risk older abilities at the interior department. this is the same agency that holds personnel fires four 4 million employees. they had not implemented overlapping security measures to prevent the network from being hacked. the vulnerabilities had then known for some time. they are working to make solutions. a two-step process will allow two sets of identifiers. there are several departments with different budgets. it does not complicate the process. it makes it a longer one. the report is expected to be released later today. we will pass that information along. jeannette reyes, abc news.
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jumi: police have released the photo of a woman they believe injured a officer. the officer was not seriously hurt. they believe the car was stolen. it was the second officer assault in a eight hour. you are asked to call police. we have a traffic alert on the beltway. some restriping work is being done. purple stripes will be added to select lanes that will lead to the express line entries on i 495 and i-95. it will help reduce confusion leading into those toll lanes. the work begins at 90 tonight and goes until 4:00 in the morning. how are the roadways right now? let's head over to jamie sullivan. jamie: we are going to sit -- started that area. this is blocking our left lane. you have to scoot over.
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right now, you only have those lanes over to the right hand side to use. it's not causing much of a backup. let's focus on it he see. we are ok right now in the d.c. area. let's talk 395. if you are heading in, you average in the 20's. outbound you are still ok. so far, so good. this is the area where you can get by. this will take you about 15 minutes. this is our heaviest stretch so far. we have delays working your way toward morton. that is where we do have an accident. we had an earlier one.
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now the one in dale city is there. everyone is pushed to the side. there are a lot of people looking to see what is going on. that's look at traffic. jumi: a suspicious death in a texas jail cell. what the woman said it before her alleged suicide. the bird flu impact and your wallet. how the disease is affecting a breakfast staple. turning the heat up accurate home, doug is back with how hot it will get this weekend and went to expect storms.
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>> you are watching abc news at noon. on your side. jumi: people around the world of ever the victims of malaysia flight 17. it was shot down over eastern ukraine. a report finds that russian back rebels used a missile provided by moscow to destroy the plane. everybody on board died. memorials are taking place in the netherlands and australia. the fbi is investigating a death after she hanged herself in a texas jail cell. there is a video of the 28-year-old saying she was suffering from a a little bit of depression. she gave no indication she would ever contemplate suicide. officials say they checked in on her just an hour before her death. searchers at washington state have found the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the cascades.
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the only survivor is speaking out. she is being called a miracle after she was found alive days after the plane crashed in the wilderness. she was on the plane flying from montana to washington with her step grandparents. >> we lost complete visibility. it took no time for fire to come out of the front. that's when i made my way out. jumi: she burned her hand. we have a one from police after an armored truck spilled cash in a baltimore harbor tunnel. anyone who meds to grab some of that cash to return it by 5:00 tomorrow or face charges. the truck door malfunctioned. there is no estimate of how much of that cash leak out. you've got to return it.
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we are on your side with a consumer alert. aspen food is pulling chicken for salmonella. there is a link between the three people in minnesota getting sick. the chicken was shipped nationwide and has a number people -- 1358. brands include safeway and spartan. the price of eggs continues to skyrocket. the department of labor says the price of eggs climbed 84%. that's the biggest month increase ever recorded. prices are blamed on avian flu. that has led to the dax -- deaths of 60 million chickens. there is a state of emergency after a 20 rip through cameron
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last night. search and rescue operations are under way. the twister cause significant damage. no major injuries have been reported. storm catchers captured this video of a huge twister last night. it is seen picking up debris in a field. it brought down power lines and caused gas leaks. i assume that is a big system of storms. doug: it was southwest of chicago. we are looking at pictures right now. we have a couple of waterspouts over the chesapeake bay. it's nothing that dramatic. it's just air moving off the land over to the water. it's quite up there. it's cloudy. we are to start with ocean city. while we were having some sunshine, they had heavy clouds. now the winds have turned to the south. it is going to be a nice weekend
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the beach. this is what we see. mid-80's for high temperatures. seawater temperatures are good. there could be a late day shower or storm. it's good beach weather indeed. but we have in store for our area today is a partly cloudy day. we will see some sunshine right through. it has become more humid. take a look at temperatures right now. yesterday, we were in the low 70's. now the heat and humidity is spreading from the south and west. even though we will be in the mid-80's, we will make this a three category jump in temperatures. there may be spots stronger than that. we've seen a lot of these. it looks like any of the stuff that survives will affect the
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mountainous areas. there is a slight chance of thunderstorms, it may be farther to the west. let's check the futurecast. we have clouds and breaks. any showers and storms look like it could be to the west. we will burn off the low clouds. showers and thunderstorms could pop. it looks as though most of the activity should remain pretty far away from our areas. the shower and storm chances will hold off until monday. it will be 94 tomorrow but it will feel like 98. it started feel like 100 degrees. the best chance for showers and storms will be on saturday afternoon it. we put the probability of to 40%
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for the day on monday. when the cold front comes through, numbers are coming down it. humidity levels will drop. that's our average high this time of year. i can't do any better than that. jumi: average is average. we will take it. coming up, the cities were you can find the most handsome man in america. how a group still $1 million of diamonds.
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jumi: and let's gang stole $1 million of diamonds.
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the suspects fell the salesman from a jewelry store as he headed back to the airport. they intentionally bumped the man's car and when he got out, they took the bag of jewels and drove off. these target thefts are becoming more common. a new survey found seattle at the top of the nations most handsome cities less. men have a reason to brag. san francisco is second and d.c. third. boston and denver round out the top five. in fact did things like money spent on a personal care products and fitness. it's not a bird and it's not a lizard. a newly discovered dinosaur falls in between the two. this is a new species of raptor. a fiber -- farmer in china found this fossil on his land. it shows feathers on the arms and tail. it's the latest evidence of an
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already established link between dinosaurs and modern birds. wow. the heating humidity are moving back in. doug is back with our final look forecast when we come back.
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jumi: this bus shelter has jazz music type in courtesy of a group of local musicians. bus riders have taken to calling the shelter pittsburgh's
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smallest jazz club. music will continue through next month. that's cool. i think that's actually a good idea. doug: let's talk about the weekend. it is upon us. for others, it's a longer. we have some sunshine later today. we may have a late day storm and it will be hot in humid this weekend. there may be a storm on sunday. it's going to be fine at the ocean. it's a great week -- beach weekend. it will be making. temperatures are in the middle 90's. we will talk about that more at 4:00. thank you for joining us. jumi: have a great weeken
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