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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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jeannette: tonight, the dangerous heat ramping up. plus -- mike: i'm mike kidding -- mike conneen at a protest. jeannette: terror in tennessee, a fifth victim has died. new details on the suspected gunman. >> now abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. jeannette: right now we are watching the mercury rise, and the heat is here. d.c. has an emergency plan. we start with meteorologist devon lucie in the weather center. devon: it will get really hot, potentially dangerous tonight.
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storms and left over cloud cover a better part of the day, held it under 90. a chance of widely scattered storms, but the heat advisory goes into effect at 1 p.m. sunday until 8 p.m., generally east of the blue ridge. the further east, excessive heat warning. we are expecting air temperatures in the mid to upper 90's, the heat index making it feel like 105. the 88 degree high today. these are real-time temperatures, near 90 winchester. the dewpoint temperatures, the measure of the humidity, the visible water locked in the air. mid-70's, muggy, stifling, just gross, feels like 96. 98 temperature tomorrow, feeling
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even hotter. we will talk about heat safety and complete forecast from the belfort furniture weather center coming up. jeannette: we look forward to that, thanks. speaking of heat, nats fans are enduring the brutal heat. the stadium is making concessions to make people say. linda hernandez has how people are keeping cool. lots of water? linda: absolutely, and the nats are bending the rules a little bit, allowing people to bring in two two liter water bottles. there is also air-conditioning inside of the stadium. nats fanned jacob is used to camping out for hours to get player signatures, so he is prepared for the double-header in the heat. >> i bring 12 bottles of water and we try to stay hydrated. its long days. linda: some stuck to the water
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for relief bible vote, paddleboard. -- by boat and paddleboard. we found some kids taking a break from vacation bible school. >> the only reason i am not in is i have a cell phone in my pocket. as you can see, they are soaking wet. >> definitely sunscreen and water. linda: on the mall, visitors fanned themselves and hydrated with extra water. this pedicab driver says this is a typical d.c. summer. >> i don't even check the weather anymore because i have to work. linda: how does he stay cool? >> i dressed very skimpy, biker gear. i'm practically naked after that. linda: i think bobby is onto
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something with the light clothing. plenty of water and access to air-conditioning are key today. linda hernandez, abc 7 news. [no audio] reporter: randall smith became the fifth victim of the shooting rampage in tennessee. smith survived the initial attack when a gunman opened fire at the marine center and recruiting office thursday. he rushed in injured sailor to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. the damage was too much. he now joins for other fallen heroes killed in the chaos. skip wells, who had only recently joined the marine reserve. >> he died doing what he loved.
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reporter: thomas sullivan, who served two tours of duty in iraq. a 27-year-old who served two tours in afghanistan. and david wyatt with multiple deployments overseas, remembered as a loving father and husband. >> i'm sad, and the guys who died are all cornerstones of america. reporter: new details are emerging about the man who killed them. abdulaziz, last year he spent seven months in the middle east. still, friends saw nothing out of the ordinary. >> i just saw him maybe two weeks ago, 100% normal. reporter: this memorial at the stripmall continues to grow. so do the crowds, so many coming to pay their respects. stephanie ramos, abc news,
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chattanooga, tennessee. jeannette: a violent night in the district has communities on edge. three people were killed and several other injured. there were separate shootings overnight. in northeast d.c., four men were shot friday night on edgewood streets. one victim died at the hospital. he was 18-year-old brian perkins. three other victims were taken to the hospital. no word on any suspects or what led up to the shooting. in southeast, the plea seven in a fight man who shot and killed overnight asked 25-year-old wesley west of southeast. the police were called to 13th place for reports of a gunshot. west was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries. there is a 25,000 other reward for information leading to the arrest in the case. in northwest, and investigation underway into an early morning homicide. the shooting happened at 13th
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street. one man was shot and killed in that incident. he has been identified as 33-year-old charles douglas of district heights. the police are looking for a dark-colored vehicle in connection with the shooting lysine heading toward -- last seen heading towards 14th street. in the district, the police are investigating a suspicious fire. firefighters quickly extenders the flames just before 8:00 this morning. investigators say the car appeared to be stolen. they think that was parked in the alley and set on fire. the flames damaged a nearby garage. nobody was injured. meanwhile, fairfax county police are trying to figure out who set seven cars on fire in a neighborhood in fairfax county. they all happened between 3:50 and 4:40 in the morning. the police are asking anyone with information to call. coming up -- how to honor civil
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war soldiers. the question gets tricky in loudoun county with the debate over the confederate flag heating up. and -- >> he is a war hero because he was captured. jeannette: more fallout for donald trump. the backlash he is facing. and later dozens of cars burned after a wildfire in california.
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jeannette: after the tragedy in charleston, many communities are debating when and where confederate battle flag should be on display. that debate arrived in leesburg, and as mike conneen reports, the naacp held a rally calling for
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changes. mike: outside the lot in county courthouse, a remembrance ceremony remembering union soldiers, slaves, and abolitionists. they said they want those stories honored and told. right now, the only monument honors confederate soldiers. >> it has been 150 years at that site. mike: dozens of demonstrators from across leesburg and the d.c. metro gathered for the naacp rally. at the other end of the courthouse ground, a counter protest with 77 demonstrators holding the confederate battle flag. >> i'm here to protect this monument and our heritage. >> i feel sorry for them. they cannot move forward like the rest of the country. mike: these protesters say that history should not be rewritten or torn down. >> why is it an issue now? mike: they say that they would
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not object to other monuments here. >> we are christian people just want to get along. we just want to honor our ancestors and they can do the same. mike: naacp demonstrators acknowledge they want the confederate monument gone, may be moved to a nearby monument or cemetery. >> barack obama carried this county twice. this county is a most 40% minority. that statue no longer represents this county. >> we have roots in history and we want to keep that. jeannette: turning to vote the 16 republican presidential hopefuls are courting voters at the leadership summit in iowa. 10 candidates will speak to caucus voters, including donald trump and wisconsin governor scott walker. it would not be a campaign event without trump causing
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controversy. he is in hot water after criticizing arizona senator john mccain's military record. he drew boos from the ground after telling the moderator that mccain was not a war hero. mr. trump: he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured, ok, hate to say it. jeannette: mccain served as a navy pilot during the vietnam war, captured after his plane was shot down, held more than five years as a prisoner of war. after the appearance trump did not apologize but said mccain needs to do more to help veterans. up next, a highway inferno, the damage caused by a california wildfire. and the weather forecast also.
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jeannette: rain is coming a california inferno that destroyed 20 cars. that fire is burning in an area 55 miles northeast of los angeles. the fire has blackened 5.5 miles industry three houses. about 2800 people have been evacuated. and time is up, the deadline for motorists to turning cash for the baltimore tunnel wednesday expired an hour ago. maryland state police said that people do stop to get the money had until 5 p.m. to turn it in
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without facing charges. the money fell when a door malfunction, leading to the southbound lanes of the time of being closed. the police have not said how much money is still missing. i have a feeling -- i might be wrong, but most people -- maybe people from baltimore will return it? devon: the rate of return, probably not very high. jeannette: it has been hot out. devon: great excuse, want to stay indoors and stay safe. the sunday forecast, not looking for cash, looking to keep cool. heat advisory tomorrow. it will be a potentially dangerously hot day. if you have outdoor activities if you are in town, sporting events find some time in the shade as much as possible. stay well hydrated. take breaks come even if you're
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in a soccer match with the clock running, take breaks. the heat visor he in effect from the blue ridge east from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m., the hottest part of the day sunday. the washington region, the heat index is forecast at 105 above actual air temperature, taken in the shade. taken to affect -- take into account the heat index, it is much harder to cool off with the water in the air. we will have more tips coming up. first, doppler radar, isolated storms hagerstown, widely isolated. the sunset tonight, mostly wider scatter storm should go away. the temperature comparison, the true heat and humidity to the west. it will be moving our way. it will feel well above 100 and many spots. warm and humid today, very hot and humid tomorrow, extending into monday.
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tuesday, the front starts to ease. scattered storms. probably the hottest heat wave yet of the season. widely scattered storms tomorrow morning, very warm and humid. the best time for activities outdoors is sunrise, sunset. extremely hot tomorrow, the actual air temperature forecast as high as 98. i want to give the extremes. he could be 100, feel near 105. there is a chance of overnight storms, monday's forecast temperatures could feel like 105 with the heat index. again, stay indoors as much as you can, cooling centers will be open. mall's, good places to keep cool. think of your neighbors as well, people who may not have air conditioning. studies have shown you need to
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get temperatures under 80 degrees around you to cool off site you do not have heat exhaustion. -- to cool off so you do not have heat exhaustion. jeannette: people sitting on your couch, hey, it's really hot. speaking of sitting out in the heat fans? robert: last night and today, it's just hot. lights out at nats park last night, the lights actually went out. the cell phones did not work.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: nats-dodger suspended last nikon issues with the stadium lights going out. unhappy fans left the stadium with no refund, by the way. this afternoon the game was
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delayed one hour, 22 minutes last night. take a look what happens during the warm-ups. the power goes out again, same spot. the fans tried to do their part. after another 40-minute delay the nets take the lead. this time the umpire says, that's it, enough. play was suspended for the night. they resumed this afternoon. here is manager matt williams. coach: the conditions to me were inappropriate and we are not going to run our guys out there donnie's not going to run his guys out there. major league baseball would not let us do it either. it's not a situation where we let guys out there in dim light trying to see the baseball. robert: of course not. the nationals issued this statement -- "the initial investigation indicated the player failure last night at nats park was caused by faulty circuit breaker. it was replay shortly after
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midnight and the lights were tested throughout the night with no additional outage." the nationals organization apologize to the fans for any inconvenience the incident may have caused. the nats continue today with the dodgers. bottom of the yet, tied at 3-3. decker to deep right. that is into the second deck. nice catch by that kid up there. nats win 5-3. game two, this one is still in progress. top of the fifth 3-0 yasiel puig with a single to left. justin turner rounds third, the play at the plate come esa. the dodgers lead right now 4-0. the lights go out at nats park. meanwhile, a rain delay at the british open yesterday. play suspended due to darkness. today, they resumed second round play. windy.
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almost knocked over. then when he tries to putt, the ball starts rolling by itself. would gusts over 40 must brouwer, the play delayed over eight hours. when play resumed, jordan spieth , struggled a little bit finishing at even par five strokes behind the leader. as for this guy, tiger woods mrs. his second straight cut at a major, finishing 3 over 75, finished tied for 143rd. tiger: i felt like i was playing well enough to win this event. the very first hole, very first day, just one thing after another. i had my opportunities to stay close, and when i did, i did not make it. robert: ok. d.c. united in action tonight come on the road. tiger said he thought he was playing well enough to win.
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jeannette: those fans with the cameras, " i thought i lit up the whole place."
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jeannette: one final look at the forecast. devon: cloud cover this morning and morning storms held the temperature down but heat advisory tomorrow east of the blue ridge. 1 p.m. until 8 p.m., 98, but it could feel like 105 when you factor in the heat index. he did visor he -- heat advisor y. stay well hydrated. if you are at the beach, you don't to burn your feet. jeannette: thanks a much for
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welcome to "world news tonight." a political free-for-all. donald trump at it again, this time going after vietnam p.o.w. john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. >> tonight republicans firing back. did he go too far. the rush hour highway inferno, forcing drivers to run for their lives. dozens of cars and trucks torched. now firefighters blaming drones for delaying their response. tonight from new york to chicago armed guards on alert at military recruiting centers. across the country governors authorizing the national guard to take up arms to protect themselves from attacks like the one chattanooga. the teen at home alone when two men break in. her desperate call fofor help. >> she heard two male voices. >> kicking in the door to the room where she's hiding.


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