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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v jeannette: a scorching saturday wrapping up, but dangerous heat is on the way. plus, up in flames, the investigation into who set seven cars on fire. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. jeannette: donald trump takes on a new target.
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his comets and what veterans have to say about it. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. jeannette: getting ready for extreme heat, the district has activated its emergency plan with dangerous temperatures on the way tomorrow. devon lucie is in the abc 7 weather center. devon: finding a way to stay cool is tops. belfort furniture weather center the stormwatch radar, watching closely as this cluster of storms from the midwest to the great lakes, there is southward movement. rule watch that overnight come early morning. heat advisory issued, going into effect from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m., with the heat index expected to 105. the heat index is the combination of the temperature taken in the shade plus the humidity and what it feels like.
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it was humid saturday, 83 real-time temperature, 75 dew point, feels like 91. it will be hotter and more humid tour. the heat index could 110 at the high end. most of us, the heat index 105 106, which is why we have the heat advisory. we will let you know some areas that you can get to with the complete forecast in just a few minutes. jeannette: speaking of heat, nats fans braved the heat for a doubleheader today. stadium officials allowed guests to bring in two two liter water bottles. they also set up cooling stations. others opted to spend the day on or in the water. >> the only reason i am not in
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there is i have a cell phone in my pocket. i think they are completely soaking wet. keeping them with sunscreen and water. jeannette: residents in the district without air conditioning can find a place to seek shelter by calling 311. for a list of cooling centers in the area, go to stay connected with abc 7 the weather team as we stay on top of the heat wave. look for updates on and our social media platforms, and download the stormwatch app to receive alerts. a scary flight for some passengers an airplane heading to reagan national airport had to make an emergency landing after a lightning strike. the alaska airlines flight was carrying 159 passengers this afternoon when the lightning hit about an hour into the flight. it was forced to land in los angeles. a spokesman said that nobody was injured in the plane is now being inspected.
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a crime alert and fairfax county, the police trying to figure out who set seven cars on fire in the rocky run neighborhood in fairfax county. it happened within an hour of each other. roz plater is live in centerville, virginia, with the latest on the investigation. roz: some of those cars have not been towed. honestly, you can still smell the odor from the bar to metal and rubber. because there is an arsonist on the loose, the police are promising extra patrols. the cars are burned down to the very frames. gutted, tires gone, what is left is resting on rims. seven vehicles to pitched in the little rocky run neighbor for fairfax county. >> i cannot believe it happened, especially here. we've never had any crime here. jeannette:roz: this victim woke up
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and found her jeep on fire outside of her home. >> it was scary. this is my home. it's an invasion of privacy. roz: all the vehicles worked on the streets. >> it appeared that they smashed out the headlight and somehow ignited it. roz: the police are asking anyone who saw anything or anything suspicious to call. this neighborhood is saying they are happy things were not worse. >> just very grateful nobody was hurt. it's a machine. it's replaceable. i'm just really hoping it was a random, one-time thing, nobody was being targeted. roz: the cars are a total loss. there is an e-mail chain of neighbors urging each other to their cars in the driveway until
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the police catch weber is responsible. roz plater, abc 7 news. jeannette: quite a mystery thanks, roz. the police are investigating three separate homicides in the district. the violence was spread out in northeast d.c., foreman shot late friday night. 18-year-old ryan perkins died at the hospital. in southeast d.c., a 25-year-old died after a shooting on 13th place. in northwest, a shooting at 13th and riggs street killed charles douglas of district heights. no arrests have been made in any shootings. today, the police were canvassing a neighborhood where he fits security guard was fatally shot early yesterday. guards were sitting in their personal cars at the central north apartments with some of the open fire. 26-year-old adrian canard of northwest washington died at the
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hospital. the other guard is recovering. the police believe the men were targeted and are searching for the gunman. from in the terror rampage in tennessee. the suspected gunman and was arrested earlier this year. according to the arrest report, mohammed yusuf abdullah was stopped for a traffic violation in april. the officer said he smelled of the hall and part marijuana and had a white substance under his nostril. he said that he had snorted a caffeine pill. navy petty officer randall smith survived the initial attack, suffering multiple gunshots wounds, and died this money. coming up at 11:30, what we have learned about the victims and where investigators say the gun man visited last year. the police say that five people have been found dead in a
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california home. this happened in a residential neighborhood in modesto in the central valley. the police are calling this a crime scene but have not released information on the victims or how they died. a battle is raging over a statue of a confederate soldier outside of the lot in county courthouse in leesburg. the local naacp held a rally today calling for the statue to be removed. a counter protest also took place, people who want the statue removed suggest taking it to the nearby civil war cemetery. >> this county is all most 40% minority. that statue no longer represents this county. >> we have roots and ancestors and history and we want to keep that. >> why is it an issue now? jeannette: the lot in county chairman what the statue to stay where it is. others want it relocated somewhere else.
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in columbia, south carolina, supporters and opponents of the confederate flag making their voices heard. demonstrators on both sides rallied this afternoon and or confrontations between the sides. some testers included members of the black panthers and the kkk. two men involved in a scuffle were led away by the police. coming up, not backing down, donald trump comments about john mccain's military record. plus more than two months after the parking garage collapse at the watergate complex, we are learning the cause. and a leaked video of queen elizabeth as a child.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jeannette: he is leading the republican presidential polls, but donald trump is now in hot water for criticizing
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arizona senator john mccain's military record. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom with the latest controversy. rebecca: this time it seems that even donald trump realizes he may have gone too far. he changed his comments, but still has not apologized and continues to criticize john mccain. tonight we asked voters their reaction to the latest controversy. they come here to remember and pay tribute. a stark reminder of the sacrifices made. after showing his fifth-grade son this grave marker, this man was adamant that donald trump owes john mccain an apology. >> anybody who sacrificed and risk their lives, whether or not you agree, they are a hero. for him to say that kind of stuff, it's really disgusting. rebecca: it started with donald trump today mocking john mccain
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for losing his presidential campaign. >> i don't like losers. he is not a war hero. >> he is a war hero. >> he was a war hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured. rebecca: back at some boos from the audience, and not an apology, but later he admitted his criticism of mccain. >> you have to do other things also. i don't like the job john mccain is doing in the senate because he is not taking care of our veterans. rebecca: gary served in vietnam and today says that he disagrees with donald trump's assessment of john mccain, he still admires him as a candidate. >> i like his business acumen. he speaks his mind, which sometimes that is what we need to hear. rebecca: this is not a new feud
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between donald and john mccain. earlier this week, the mccain comments calling those who turned out for donald trump at a rally "the crazies." thursday trump said that rick perry should have to take an iq test you for running for president. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. jeannette: thanks, rebecca. front-runner hillary clinton was in iowa for a fundraiser. the candidates have been avoiding attacks on each other instead targeting republicans. clinton wasn attacked wisconsin governor scott walker. shock waves the soccer world, a former fifa vice president pled not guilty to racketeering and
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bribery charges. he was among several officials detained. today, his arraignment in federal court in brooklyn. an update on the garage collapse at the watergate complex that injured two people in may. officials say that too much dirt is to blame and two companies caused it. the district of columbia's department of consumer regulatory affairs said a construction company and a landscaping firm dumped too much dirt on top of the three-story garage, with the collapse leading to several businesses the close and flooding. the hotel is undergoing a $125 million renovation. buckingham palace says that a video showing queen elizabeth ii giving the nazi salute is being exploited. a london paper published the footage. the queen was only seven years old at the time with her sister, mother, and uncle.
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the video was taken at the time that adolf hitler came to power. experts say the extent of this nazi party was not known until the war. >> people will do anything to sell burress. >> she was too young to realize what she was doing, and she was being influenced by others. jeannette: buckingham palace says they are hoping people the film in context. one person is dead and four injured after a plane crash in southeastern alaska. the cessna went down yesterday in rugged terrain. it was operated by wings of alaska that flies scheduled passenger services to small communities. it is still not clear what caused the crash. firefighters continue to battle a wildfire in california that force people to run from their vehicles friday. the fire jumped interstate 15 and destroyed at least 64
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vehicles in san bernardino county. it's burning in an area 55 miles northeast of los angeles. it is only 5% contained, but the rain is helping stop it from spreading. my gosh. devon: that was a crazy situation. that is the main route between vegas and l.a., hundreds of people out there. incredible moment. speaking of heat and flames come and nothing like what is going on there, but it can always be worse. you have the polyester uniform, the body gear for the officers the start, having to deal with that in the heat and humidity, keeping us safe, we salute you. looking at the heat advisory sunday, 1:00 until 8:00 am it will feel like 105, possibly as hot as 109. these advisories show you what
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the heat index means, the air temperature always taken to the shade. you have to combine that with the humidity. the higher humidity is the value of water in the atmosphere. the combined heat and humidity is the heat index, and the more water is in the air, it is harder for our bodies to law. the drier air and a cooler breeze, that kind of let you know the heat index is what it accurately feels to you. i have had a number of people ask, what is the heat index what does it mean. storms to ohio, to the south. fading fast. should not have overnight range hours. high humidity, 90 four street louis -- 94 st. louis. the next two days, very warm and humid. hot and humid sunday, monl hot and humid. sunday, a limited chance of isolated storms, don't count on
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it. monday, slight chance of widely scattered storms. it is most about the heat and humidity, in the morning time frame as well. at work to be on it is probably best in the morning and sunset. actual air temperatures on the top end it's possible we could have 98, 99 could feel as hot as 105 to 109. a chance of overnight storms. a chance of stronger, possibly severe storms. that is more of a because it is about the heat and humidity. monday could feel closer to 105 with the heat index. the seven-day forecast, also think of europe. shady areas, make water available to your pets. you can always go to a mall, the community centers, libraries
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with cooling centers. if you happen to be out, seek the shade. staying hydrated, thinking more water. jeannette: and it is cheaper. devon: exactly. jeannette: not a good day for sports fans? robert: no, because it was hot outside. harsh conditions at the british open. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local to go to dealers. robert: friday, with lights failing, three times. today, no short-circuits, but a long day for the nats. game two top of the fifth
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yasiel puig rips a single to left. the play at the plate, say. 4-0 dodgers. clayton kershaw, eight innings, gives up three hits, struck out 14. he gets pulled in the ninth inning, which was not a good decision for the dodgers because bryce harper would go yard. upper deck, home run number 27, but it was not enough, the nets lose 4-2 here is harper on c kershaw. bryce: he's pretty impressive, so we just have to tip our cap. we get greinke tomorrow. robert: continuation of game one before that, bottom of the eighth, madison decker crushes
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that into the second deck. nice catch by this kid, j.r. nats win the suspended again 5-3. o's-tigers, top of the third, no score. manny machado. deep left. that is way out of here. hangover from the home run derby. chris tillman come he is strong come into the eighth inning. jonathan schoop snags it, showing off the hops,. o's win 3-0. the delays just do not stop at st. andrews. play was suspended because of darkness. when does it stop? today, the wind was ridiculous. knocked over, and then when he tries to putt, the ball just starts rolling.
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play was delayed about eight hours. play resumes, jordan spieth going for his third major of the year. he hadfour bogyes. and then there is this guy tiger. he misses his second straight cut in a major, seven over for the tournament, finishing tied for 143rd. tiger: i felt like i was playing well enough to win this event. the very first hole, first day it it was into the water and it was one thing after another. i had my opportunities. when i did, i did not make them. robert: d.c. united in action tonight. in dallas, this was tight. 92nd minute, game tied at 1-1. castillo puts home the game-winner. then he does his best brady
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chastain impersonation, ripping off his shirt. united would lose 2-1. usa men's team taking on the cuban team. fourth minute, tim chandler passes in front. the beautiful header. the u.s. scores 4 in the first half and they advanced to the semifinals 6-0. in tennis, serena williams was scheduled to play tuesday.that may not happen because it's been reported she will take the next week off to heal a right elbow injury that forced her out of the swedish open. jeannette: she is like superwoman, though. robert: basically. jeannette: what a crazy situation. what are the odds? coming up, a sticky situation for a rhode island farm.
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jeannette: beekeepers are busy removing more than 35,000 honeybees from a rhode island landmark. the owner of the mount farm noted the increase of bees


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