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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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chance of severe weather or the big storms now. most of the accident shifted south and east. isolated shower or storm. only 9 it 1 right now at the reagan national airport. mid-to-upper 80's elsewhere. the humidity levels are high. we have a heat insex of 101 in frederick. 99 in the nation's capital. but the heat value is lore than yesterday. the best news of all is the dold front is on the way. heavy showers and the storms move southeast of our area. the cold front itself southeast of pittsburgh may affect the area. the way it looks now on the doppler radar most areas will not see any rain tonight. if they do it will be a brief passing shower or two. later tonight the skies clear. it will become breezy and left humid. 60 to 72. a cool morning tomorrow. we will let you know what the rest of the week and the weekend look like when i join you in the studio in a few minutes. leon: you got it. new develops now. d.c. womaned and a couple from annapolis are among the dead in a wyoming plane crash over the weekend. plane was on the way to billings, montana, when it strayed from the flight path
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and went down. a man from denver was also killed along with joyce bartoo from washington, d.c. diane stubbs from annapolis and her husband gerald bruce also died in the crash. the national transportation safety board is investigating. maureen: happening right now a hearing on capitol hill about safety on metro. lawmakers are reviewing the future of la mata. they are investigating the l'enfant plaza earlier this year. there was testimony today from the engineer on the train as it filled with smoke. they are looking at the safety flaws to see how they can be fixed. we are at the meeting and we will bring you developments at 11:00. leon: also an emotional day as families who had members killed by illegal immigrants.
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scott thuman joins us live with the controversial debate. scott? scott: leon, this hearing today is striking a chord with members on the hill. one is suggesting a five-year minimum prison sentence for anyone who supported and re-enters the country. others are saying they should cut the funding to cities that protect illegal immigrants. a hearing full of tempers and theer the -- and tears. >> suddenly a shot rang out. she looked at me and said, "help me dad." those are the last words i'll hear from my daughter. scott: demanding congress to pass new laws to alert custom officials when someone is done serving the jail time and ready for deportation rather than releasing them. >> it's a pathetic mischaracter of justice. >> you are for americans or you're not.
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>> the law is tangled with technicalities. >> these are the regulations the folks have to deal with every day. scott: ice released 66000 criminal aliens many with violent convictions and since their release they have killed 123 u.s. citizens. like dominic. >> a second d.u.i. while on probation and given another probation. three weeks later he killed my son. >> when immigration officials attempt to deport someone the cities say no we welcome you and we want the illegal aliens here. we will in effect obstruct justice. scott: supporters of the sanctuary laws say it helps the law enforcement. they claim illegal immigrants no longer have to worry about being deported and as a result they are more cooperative with police to report and solve
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crime. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, scott. developing now a d.c. school worker is accused of throwing gasoline on her boyfriend and setting his house on fire. lisa finley charged with attempted murder and arson. the d.c. public schools say finley is an educational aide at anacostia high school but was a ten-month employee and is not working this summer. leon: a woman's body was found in a herndon parking garage and the investigators are trying to figure out what happened. the body was found this morning in the 2300 block of the dulles station boulevard. the death is called suspicious as they try to determine whether the woman fell jumped or was pushed. the victim's name has not been released. stay with abc7. we will update you on the case as soon as we get it here. an odd finding in a storm drain in fairfax county. police found ammunition used for bazookas.
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the police kept neighbors in the area at a distance. someone figured out exactly what was going on there. it turns out the round they found was inert. police don't know how it ended up in the storm drain or how long it had been there. maureen: a car is destroyed by fire caused by a fallen power line. in was the scene on larkham lane in arlington this afternoon. a car next to it was damaged by fire. i took responders extra time to put out the blaze because of the live pyres nearby. hazmat teams were also called to clean up a full spill. no one was injured. an appeals court tossed out convictions against former illinois governor rod blagojevich. in 2011 blagojevich a democrat was sentenced to 14 years for corruption. suzanne kennedy is live with why the convictions were overturned and what happens next. suzanne: this decision comes late this afternoon. out of chicago. the seventh u.s. court of appeals ruling that the prosecutors did not prove rod
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blagojevich broke the law when he tried to get a cabinet position in the obama administration. the court dismissed five of the 18 counts of which the former governor was convicted. it means the 58-year-old could serve less than his original 14-year sentence. prosecutors coeal the ruling to the u.s. supreme court. or could choose to retry blagojevich on the dropped count. blagojevich is currently serving time in a colorado prison. we are awaiting a press conference from his wife patty and his daughter amy. we will bring you the details on abc7. for now reporting live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy. back to you. leon: you got it. still ahead here on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new revelations after deadly shooting in chattanooga. what we are learning about the alleged shooter by the investigation is now spanning the globe. maureen: plus maryland affordable care act website was plagued by glitches when it launched. how much the contractor is being forced to pay up. leon: do you have a question
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for an attorney? group of them are standing by in newsroom taking your calls. the number on the screen 703-236-9220. you can call anytime before 6:30.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: terrorism may have been the motive for the deadly shooting from chattanooga last week. that is what the investigators are now saying looking at the evidence and writings by accused gunman mohammad abdulazeez. his uncle is in custody in jordan. several other relatives are questioned in the country. no word now on charges at this time. abdulazeez spent several months in jordan. family friends said the goal was to escape drugs and alcohol and other bad influences in tennessee. maureen: there is another entry in the 2016 republican presidential race. it's ohio governor john kasich. he made the announcement today at the ohio state university. he told the crowd he has experience it was the state government along with the federal budget and the national security. kasich is the 16th republican to join the crowd in the contest for the nomination. leon: the meridian healthcare
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solution repay $45 million to avoid legal action abou the poor performance. it crashed in 2013 after the launch of the affordable care act. they rebuilt it with the different technology. maureen: you might know lifelock incorporated as identity theft company but tonight the government says the company is misleading the customers about the protection. they say lifelock did not set up a comprehensive program to protect customers data. it accuses the company of making false claims in the add. lifelock says it will defend itself in court. leon: we will tell you the surprising thing that could be behind this in the consumer alert. >> plus firefighters say extreme heat played a role in the house fire on sunday.
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robert: the laidest on the timeline for braid -- latest for the timeline for the brady verdict. and why bryce harper loves the staff so much.
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maureen: "7 on your side" with legal matters. we are helping get your questions answered. nine attorneys from the neighborhood legal services program in the newsroom to hear your concerns. you can call the number on your screen at any time before 6:30 tonight. leon: all right. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and a new way for truck drivers to broadcast the adventure. every takoma truck will come with a camera mount ready for a gopro camera device. the camera is not included. the first time that a car-maker put a gopro mount to a vehicle. maureen: apple is investigating problems with the service today. that includes the app store, apple tv music, itunes and more. the issue started after 10:00 this morning.
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the techie blog apple insider said it was likely caused by excess traffic due to the announcement of the mtv 2015 video music awards nominees that was made exclusively on apple beat one music service. leon: the heat and the humidity outside takes a toll on people. doing whatever it takes to stay cool. there is a house fire in bringfield. >> this can cause serious damage and that is what happened at this home over the weekend. >> i went out this morning. i took the dog for a walk. if you walk into a wall, it was stifling. >> as the crowds linger for much of the day for many it was a welcome sight. >> i'm glad that the sun is not out because it would be so much worse.
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>> as the temperatures climb in the upper 90's the past couple of days the heat has been a topic of conversation for many. >> they have oil rags left out and the camera was left open popeably on the outside form -- possibly on the outside porch deck area of the structure. >> the oil within the product has a tendency to spontaneously combust especially with warmer temperatures like now. >> no one was home when neighbors called 911. >> this time of year we can have the gas can or the protein tank. that nature. think about where you are storing them and how much of the sun is heating them up throughout the day.
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maureen: a little bit of heat. doug: we had a tough stretch but today is the best so far. it's still humid. maureen: but going to go down. doug: overnight. beautiful next few days. look at the numbers. for the 25th time this year we hit 90 higher. 92 is the reagan national. 84 for the low. that is the summertime in the city. 89 and 71 are the averages. at this hour we are hanging at 91 degrees. 81 in annapolis. factor in moisture. feels like 91.
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all of this will change because of an approaching cold front. the doppler radar is clear. most of the action and most of the heavier cells develop south of washington. a second line north and west of the cold front is breaking up in the action. this area is weakening. so now and 9:00 there is a slight chance of brief passing shower. then they will improve because the front will pass through and push hot and the humid air out of the way. but the front will come through and only goes so far away. less humid tomorrow. it will move eastward the next
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few days. tomorrow and thursday and friday will be warm. once we get to saturday and sunday, high pressure moves offshore and we are back into it with hot and hazy weather. but not today. we'll have warm weather through friday and more humid on saturday close to 90. back to the 90's for sunday monday, tuesday with the higher humidity and the afternoon thunderstorms. maureen: thank you. leon: nats have a big one. robert: can the nats jump all over degrome like matt harvey last night? the latest from the nfl commission on the tom brady verdict next in sports. 2
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. robert: a great start to a big series. the nats defeated the mets 7-2 to create space in the n.l. east race. they beat up on the mets ace matt harvey last night. however, tonight another challenge for the nats on the mound. the mets all-star pitcher jacob de grome. he is hot right now. he struck out the side with six pitches in the sixth
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inning in all-star game. he will be the third all-star pitcher in the last four games. >> i think it's fine. best division in baseball. if you want to be the best you have to face the best and be known to get in the stretch of facing good guys. without some of the best players. we have to see how mentally tough we are. robert: cubs-mets. look it at phillips. the scoop with the no-look to shortstop. wondering why a four-time golden glover that is the answer. reds won the final 5-4. yes. the latest on the tom brady situation. according to the commissioner goodell said today there is still no timeline on brady ice appeal verdict -- brady's appeal verdict. whether he will receive a four-game suspension after the attorney wells said brady more than likely knew about the balls deflated in the title game.
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the patriots have to prepare for brady not to be back. get their backup q.b. ready for the first four games. congratulations is in order. becky haman made history to become the first head coach in the nba summer league but she led spurs to the championship to defeat the suns last night to take the title. so that is another first. celebration in the locker room. that had to be a crazy scene. the washington mystics beat the tulsa shock 76-69 this afternoon. the mystics now head to the all-star break with a three-game winning streak. good stuff there. congrats to becky. leon: it's very cool. good deal. maureen: what is the latest? doug: isolated shower tonight but most areas probably not. we see the pattern improve quickly with a cold front coming through. overnight will drop. the temperatures and the skies will clear 60 to 72 degrees by
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morning. warm and low humidity for few days. that is not bad at all. we will start to bring humidity levels back up. we head through sunday and early next week. temperatures are back in 90's. chance of showers and the thunderstorms each afternoon. 90 is the high but we have lower humidity levels. we will have a look at what is coming up at 11:00 by steve rudin. people wonder if it's unusual to get a heatwave. no. we get them. but when you are lot and then you add in humidity it affects you. get they have tonight and then relax . >> it's a humidity wave. we understand. david muir is next with
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tonight, the dangerous heat. power lines e rumts into flames. two separate cases saving children smashing through windows to get them out. the highway buckling, the trains faulted. and a hospital plunged into darkness. tonight, the new outrage. donald trump in front of cameras giving out a rival's phone number. breaking news the new video inside the jail. the moment a woman is discovered dead. she had been pulled over for a routine traffic stop. a drone with a semiautomatic gun in an american park. the investigation. and made in america. we take you inside the


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