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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. dramatic new video this morning. what really happened at the routine traffic stop that ended with sandra bland dying in jail? >> i will light you up. get out now. >> wow. >> get out of the car. >> the 52-minute tape raises disturbing new questions and why some suspect the authorities may have edited it before its release. breaking news massive warehouse fire. this building full of cars going up in flames. forcing apartments nearby to be evacuated and snarling traffic in a major city right now. the front runner for the republican nomination gives out the personal cell phone number of a rival on national television. has donald trump's new offensive gone too far? ♪ and lion on the loose? the cell phone video that has a city on edge this morning. police on the hunt.
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is this big cat prowling the streets outside homes? it's a big hit on social media but not everyone is laughing. and we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning and we're following that breaking news. we have some live aerials of that massive warehouse fire. it's in new jersey but smoke could be seen for miles. even as far away as here in new york city. the fire broke out overnight and much more on that in a moment. >> that is coming up. we begin with the stunning dash cam video that shows the confrontation in texas between a trooper and sandra bland, the woman arrested found dead three days later in her cell and it shows a relatively normal traffic top that escalated so quickly answering some questions raising new ones. abc's ryan smith is tracking the case. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: the full story of why sandra bland was arrested after a routine traffic stop was a mystery until now. this new dash cam video shows a
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tense situation that escalated quickly. this morning, newly released dash cam video shows how this routine traffic stop of sandra bland escalated into this. >> get out of the car. i will light you up. >> reporter: the 52-minute tape showing an officer as he approaches bland's car. >> the reason for your stop you failed to signal a lane change. >> reporter: the interaction quickly growing tense. >> you seem very irritated. >> i am. i really am. >> reporter: then the trooper takes issue with her smoking. >> do you mind putting out your cigarette please? >> i'm in my car. why do i have to put out my cigarette. >> reporter: when she refuses. >> you can step out now. >> i don't have to -- >> step out of car. >> why am i -- >> step out of the car. >> no you don't have the right -- >> i do have the right. step out or i will remove you. >> reporter: these pictures of bland's car provided exclusively to abc news showing that extinguished cigarette.
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the trooper calls for backup. >> i will light you up. get out. >> wow. >> now! >> wow. >> get out of the car. >> failure to signal. you doing all this for fail our to signal. >> recording it on your phone. >> put your phone down. >> reporter: the trooper arrests her. >> you just slam me and knock me. i got epilepsy. >> good good. >> reporter: moments later this cell phone video from a bystander. >> you just slammed my head into the ground. do you not even care about that? >> reporter: in arrest affidavit obtained by abc news the trooper saying even in handcuffs bland began swinging her elbows at me and then kicked my right leg in the shin. the dash cam video fueling controversy online some asking if portions were edited. take a look. this tow truck driver gets out of the truck and walks off screen. he then reappears moments later walking out of the truck again with the same cars passing as before. this morning, abc news also obtaining this footage inside the cell where she would be
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found dead three days later on her mattress a bible and a book "101 ways to find god's purpose for your life." her three-day tay in jail ended in her death a garbage bag around her neck. this available cam showing what happened when police found her. during that dash cam video bland complains that police are breaking her wrist to which a female officer yells stop and the male officer later adds she's resisting arrest. as for the police investigation into her death once complete authorities tell us they'll present the findings to a grand jury in august. >> and the family commissioned this independent autopsy. what more do we know about that? >> the family's lawyer telling us there are preliminary indications of deep tissue bruising over a large surface area of her back consistent with the officer planting his knees there. now, this autopsy could come this autopsy report could come as early as today. >> okay ryan thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to damaging storms from coast to coast, powerful winds,
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hail and flash floods from california to the carolinas. and more storms are on the way. isn't that right, ginger? >> you dr. to see this picture from north carolina. moores mooresboro where the house was and where it was blown. we also have video from wsoc aerials of that home. thankfully the people inside got to a residence close by and they survived. so we did not see anyone injured or hurt by that in the southeast. lots of damaging wind. almost 80 reports but flash flooding was the other piece of this and the wichita pictures are stunning. look at some of this. up to 4 inches in 24 hour the streets were full again, so fortunate that nouns with injured in these but the flash flood watches move east. arkansas to memphis with the flash flood watch until tomorrow. for now back to george. >> thank you. the race for president now your voice, your vote and the candidate dominating the campaign trail right now, donald trump, unleashing on fellow republicans even calling out the private cell phone number of
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rival lindsey graham at a rally in the senator's home state. abc'sarl reporting on all the fireworks. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. trump certainly isn't toning anything down. he is calling his fellow republicans lightweight, losers idiot, dummy, desperate and those are fellow republicans he's talking about. now even president obama is weighing in on donald trump. >> i'm sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's current dominance of their primary. >> anything that makes them look less crazy. [ laughter ] orter: trump has become a one-man wrecking crew in the republican primary hurling insult after insult at his republican rivals. not just john mccain, rick perry. >> he put glasses on so people little think he's smart. >> reporter: and lindsey graham. >> then you have this guy lindsey graham. a total lightweight. here's a guy in the private sector he couldn't get a job, believe me. >> reporter: he said graham had called him a few years ago asking for help and gave out
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graham's number on national television. >> let's try it 202 -- >> reporter: graham got bombarded with calls and went on twitter saying he's getting a new phone as for war hero john mccain he's trying to stay above the fray. he says you've been a disaster for set rans. >> well i mean i think my record speaks for itself jon. >> reporter: trump has nothing on his schedule today, george. maybe just maybe giving some of the other candidates a chance to get a little attention. >> we will see, okay jon, thanks very much. trump's rally did steal some of the spotlight from the newest candidate, ohio governor john kasich he launched his campaign in columbus tuesday becoming the 16th republican in the race and right after the speech i asked him to explain what sets him apart from the rest of the pack. >> i don't think i want to get into how i'm better. i'm just going to say that my record is unique in the field, you know national security experience, you remember the days of the balancing the budget in washington which hasn't been done since we walked on the moon
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and hasn't been done since and turing around a really really big and important state from you know just almost disaster to where we're prospering. second george you've known me for a long time. you think i got to work hard to distinguish myself? i just stay who i am. i have fun and i'm running for president of the united states. so are you kidding me? it's great. >> i have decided to run for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: inaugurated day one what are the -- >> we move towards balancing the budget we know that and put down a credible plan that can s there over time. secondly look we have to rebuild the defense department so those would be the first two things then there's one other message. if you're poor, if you're black, if you're brown, if you're struggling we care about you and we're going to work to make sure you're included in the american dream. unity is such a big part now. >> you think your party is ready to accept that message? >> i guess that doesn't matter does it. it's my message.
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>> a new poll out today shows you're at 2%. >> i kind of went up. >> donald trump at 24%. how do you explain that? >> i don't think about it george. look i have paid no attention to that whole business. i just don't. i paid a -- >> don't you have to? >> no no i paid a lot of attention to the british open glad to see that guy from iowa won. that was good in if he gets the nomination could you support him? >> that's such a hypothetical that i'm not going there. >> reporter: hillary clinton the big front runner on the democratic side. >> i ran into one of their big campaign managers. he said we do worry about you. i said why don't you say that publicly. he said are you crazy? we're not going to give you publicity. the battle against her who has the biggest and largest vision for the country. she sometimes is too narrow. >> you can be tough sometimes. to someone who questions whether you have the temperament to be president. >> look we have a lot of fun but i got to tell you i'm not some marshmallow.
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i'm no pushover. couldn't get these things done if you were. takes toughness, humor, a lot of different thing. >> what's the single most important thing you want someone who's never seen you before to know about john kasich? >> that i care about them. i want them to have a good life. i want their kids to have a good life. the people who get up in the morning, play by the rules, go home love their family and say their prayers for their neighbors, for their family and for our country. >> governor kasich thank you. >> you know he says he's really driven by his faith. he had a dramatic transformation after his parents with killed in a car accident back in 1987 and that's fueled him ever since. >> that seems that and he has a great sense of humor. >> he does. >> see if he can get in the debates. >> he's up to 2% what he said. now to the growing safety concern about airplanes colliding with birds which can potentially cause catastrophic accidents. the threats from birds increasing and now the faa is
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considering new steps to make planes stronger. abc's david kerley is at reagan national with all the details. good morning, david. >> good morning, robin. it's a big question and a serious one. did jetmakers in the future need to redesign their jets to make us safer to survive a bird strike. we see what they can do. a passenger videotaping a landing and a flock of birds and at least one of them ingested into an engine. that plane landed safely but that's not always the case. we do remember the miracle on the hudson the plane landing after both engines were hit. there was a deadly crash in oklahoma a small plane went down after being hit by birds. five killed there. and large birds can do plenty of damage to a jetliner's nose engine wings and tail. so the faa wants to know if it is time to require strengthening those area basically redesigning parts for future jets. why raise this question? that's because the number of bird hits is up six times over the past three decades.
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why is that? because the bird population is going up robin. it's up for american geese and canadian geese 40% in the past three decades so the faa says maybe it's time to strengthen these jetliners. >> perhaps it is. all right david, thank you. >> thank you. woo he'll move on to an alarming new video that raises questions about car safety from and shows us how someone could hack in your car while on the road and disable it by remote control and tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: the hackers who did this is a there are more than 470,000 vehicles out on the road that are vulnerable right now. they say the threat is real an now congress is getting involved. this morning, u.s. senators hitting the hazard button trying to put the brakes on what you're about to see. >> i can't see anything because of the [ bleep ] windshield wiper fluid. >> reporter: hackers taking over this driver's jeep cherokee gaining complete control on a st. louis highway and shutting the vehicle down. >> so we're killing the engine. >> actually can't accelerate.
7:13 am
>> reporter: this is not science fiction. "wired" magazine posting the video and report on their site exposing the terrifying new danger some drivers now face. >> it's very unnerving to lose control of your car on the highway. >> reporter: the hackers able to get into the driver's seat through the car's wi-fi system called you connect and if that's not scary enough watch what they do here. >> okay hold on tight. hold on. oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: they remotely disable the brakes. the cherokee sliding uncontrollably into a ditch. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: fiat chrysler automobiles which maybes the jeep cherokee tells abc news they're aware of the problem and released a software update that offers customers improved vehicle security and communications enhancements. u.s. senators ed markey and richard blumenthal introducing ledge haitian that would create a rating system for consumers letting them know how protected their cars are from hackers. >> in the wrong hands this tool could be used by malicious hackers to hijack a vehicle.
7:14 am
>> reporter: but there is some reassuring news here wired reports the hackers shared their information with the manufacturers of the jeep cherokee to improve security so hopefully that works but, robin, get this, the wired writer tell us the hackers gave him few instructions before taking over his car including don't panic. yeah right. >> he didn't say. you dot that right. to that wild animal apparently on the loose in milwaukee. a lion or some kind of big cat caught on camera roaming the streets and abc's phillip mena has the story. >> reporter: could what you're looking at right here be a lioness prowling the streets of milwaukee? bill nolan and his wife annie in shock after seeing this creature roaming outside their home. >> i was afraid to move. i was sitting there and i couldn't move. i thought, what am i looking at? >> reporter: their daughter catching this terrifying glimpse on her cell phone. >> that bush and those trees. >> reporter: authorities receiving a flood of 911 calls reporting the large cat. the department of natural
7:15 am
resources believed by the look of it, it may be a lioness and while there have been no other confirmed sightings of the alleged feline police are not taking the threat lightly. >> we're treating it seriously. we've got a number of people out there looking. >> reporter: and while many around milwaukee are concerned, others on social media are having a bit more fun. the milwaukee bucks putting their mascot on the front line don't worry, milwaukee, we are dispatching our best guy to investigate the #mkelion and the roaming lion has its own twitter account tweeting "out for a stroll" the fun being had but to those rest dents this is no laughing matter. the milwaukee zoo says all of its animals are accounted for and they believe it may be a mountain lion tracking it closely. >> amy now has the other top stories starting with that big warehouse fire that's not far from here. >> that's right. dramatic video, robin. this morning a massive fire burning at this car repair
7:16 am
warehouse in new jersey. the warehouse complex is the size of a city block and it's engulfed in flames the smoke so thick it's forced nearby residents to evacuate. it's closed local roads and delayed commuter trains. so far one firefighter injured. more lasers targeting passenger planes. this time at least four flights were targeted over new york and newark new jersey. the faa is already investigates a dozen similar incidents just last week. so far no arrests have been made. and the pentagon says the top terrorist leader has been killed in a u.s. air strike in syria. a $7 million reward had been offered for muhsin al fadhli's capture believed to be among a handful of people with advance warning of the 9/11 attacks. and new video of building collapsing during flash floods in northern iran. look at that. at least a dozen reported dead and that number could rise. dozens of cars were washed away. some reportedly with people inside them.
7:17 am
an ohio prosecutor is promising a full investigation into the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in cincinnati after a traffic stop for a missing front license plate. dozens gathered at the scene last night demanding answers. police say university of cincinnati officer ray tensing shot sam devoe in the head during a struggle after he refused to exit his car. his family insisting he was too frail from an illness to put up any struggle. well caught on camera in massachusetts a speeding truck crashes into this car dealership flipping over and damaging several cars. the driver struck a pole and now faces drunk driving charges. and finally, with all the recent shark scares in north carolina one couple opted for a do-it-yourself approach to protect themselves. they made their own shark cages. and tried to taking them into the water but the lifeguard was having none it of it and called them back to the beach. the couple said it was all for laughs and the internet went
7:18 am
wild with this creates memes including this unique tourism poster. i mean i don't know. is it that crazy to get into the waters off there with so many attacks? better than a flotation device. >> i guess. >> you saw that video too. this is great video online of this woman -- >> don't go into the shark's house. it's the shark's house. >> now we got to go find it. >> prettyfunny. to ginger and look at all that hail behind you. >> in the sierra so in california, right, this is close to donner lake. that video making it look like it's snow but, no that would be thunderstorm required hail and so not just the hail there but we thought this was interesting. made a hailman not a snowman just a hailman. this one in cali and that picture with the snow shovel up there. that's how much. this actually shut down i-80 for a time.
7:19 am
jacqui: good morning, shington. a beautiful day to look forward to. refreshing changes in the air. humidity is much lower. grab the sglasses.s. temperatures feasible, into the uppeper 80's. lowe's draft -- lows dropping back down into thehe 60's once again. mostly sunny, mid to upper 80's, dry weather lasting g until the early part of the weekend >> much more ahead this wednesday morning, the firefighter heading to court accused of murder. was he caught in a love
7:20 am
triangle? an abc news exclusive, bill cosby fights back. his team speaks out for the first time about those allegations and the new documents they're trying to keep private. caught on camera. a danger on the side of the road. important information on how to stay safe if your car breaks down. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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jummy: good morning. we want to get an update on the weather right now with meteorologist jacqui jeras. jacqui: the cold front to the south, high-pressure settling in for the rest of the day lots of sunshine and comfortable conditions with lower humidity. by lunch we are still only going to be in the lower 80 us.
7:27 am
a great day to pack a picnic and have lunch out doors. high temperatures in the upper 80's, feeling good overall. highs in the upper 80's, staying drive through the weekend. angela: we have got accident activity on 395, a live look at the capital beltway where traffic is merging from 95 into heavy delays with lanes blocked at the crash scene. pockets of slow traffic making it towards the 14th street bridge. heading into capitol heights, a live look here at richie road. eastern avenue with one lane closed in each direction standing water on oliver street northeast, volume delays traveling through silver spring on the outer loop with delays eastbound 66 headed towards the beltway. jummy: investigators are trying to find out what caused an early morning fire at an abandoned house in northeast d.c..
7:28 am
the fire broke out this morning at 40 six st and hunt place. attempted murder and arson after an alleged attack on her boyfriend, lisa finley through gasoline on her boyfriend and threatened to set him on fire at his home and allegedly set the house on iron. she is an educational aid at anacostia high school in will be placed on leave. head over
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. and right now, newly released dash cam video of that traffic stop. sandra bland's death is raising new questions, many are asking if it was edited that video, by authorities. the results of her private autopsy could come later today. also right now, we're tracking that massive fire at a car warehouse in new jersey. it went up in flames overnight and it's snarling traffic into new york city this morning. more concerns about laser attacks aimed at passenger planes. at least for flights in the new york area targeted overnight the investigation under way, so again, in the newark airport, another attack. good morning america. a lot to get to this morning including more dramatic video. take a look at this. a utah highway patrol officer getting hit by an out-of-control car. he is okay. >> whoa. >> but look at that car sfloom into him. these accidents can turn deadly and this morning police hav a warning about what to do to keep yourself and everyone in the car
7:31 am
safe when something goes wrong. >> especially the summer season you're out on vacation. you need to know that. we begin with an apparent love triangle in california that turned deadly. a firefighter accused of killing the husband of his alleged lover. he is scheduled to appear in court today and abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: this morning, california firefighter jonathan hearn is accused of killing his lover's husband in a love trieningle turned deadly. at the center sabrina limon. but just two days before their anniversary, robert found shot to death at this california rail yard. police first believing robert's death was a botched robbery attempt. but after three months of investigating police arrested sabrina and jonathan in november alleging the two were having an affair and conspired to kill robert together. court documents alleging hearn
7:32 am
and sabrina exchanged thousands of conversations and text messages with one saying "if robert was out of the picture they could live their lives together." documents also suggesting sabrina had hearn where robert would be working and his hours the day of the murder. the charges against sabrina dropped two days after the arrest. >> miss limon was not because of insufficient evidence. >> reporter: they maintain it was her firefighter lover who pulled the trigger, this surveillance video capturing the moments after robert's murder. police believe that's jonathan fleeing the scene. the firefighter's lawyer says it's not the case. >> it's not clear enough to really make out who the person is. you can't even tell what race or whether it's a male or female. it's a person with a limp crossing the yard. >> reporter: jonathan hearn has pled not guilty. kayna whitworth. the latest on bill cosby. his lawyer as attacking the
7:33 am
bombshell release of that deposition asking them to keep the legal settlement secret. monique pressley standing by after this from abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this morning, bill cosby's legal team is fighting back against the release of a thousand-page deposition from 20050 where cosby described sexual encounters with at least five women and fighting to keep details of a settlement with a temple university employee private. he talks specifically about what he said was a consensual romantic relationship with andrea constand who claimed he drugged and sexually assaulted her. his lawyers argued it should have remained sealed. according to the deposition the once beloved comedian says constand was special to him saying he didn't want to have intercourse with her because andrea i don't want to fall in love with me. cosby saying he had access to phones not in his name to call constand telling his wife he was sending constand payments to
7:34 am
help her and cosby describes the quaaludes in his testimony as the drug young people were using to party, saying i wanted to have them just in case. >> this is incredibly damning in the court of public opinion. but as a legal matter it may not make much of a difference. >> reporter: never charged with sexual assault, cosby settled the constand case out of court. a source previsly telling abc news he only did so to save his family embarrassment. constand is one of more than two dozen women he's been accused of assaulting and/or drugging. something cosby's team has always denied. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news new york. >> thanks linsey. we are joined by one of mr. cosby's attorney monique pressley. thanks for joining us this morning, miss pressley. >> thanks for having me. >> why is it so important to keep this settlement secret? >> the entire reason that parties into confidential agreements for settlement the entire reason that parties settle is because they come
7:35 am
together and agree on mutual terms and once those terps are violated then it's the entire agreement that loses its purpose. >> is there anything more you can do now that the deposition is out there? >> there are a thousand plus pages that are available of mr. cosby in his own words and what we're seeing so far are headlines that are grabbing one excerpt or two and then misinterpreting them when the deposition said that there was use of quaaludes, which was quaaludes which was done often in the '70s, it was considered a party drug called disco biscuits and it was something that was used frequently not just by mr. cosby, but other entertainers. >> let me ask you about that. more than two dozen women have come forward to say they were sexually assaulted by him. some claimed they were drugged. is it your position mr. cosby never gave a woman drugs without her knowledge? >> in fact what we're looking at now is a situation where we started with a man who had not been charged with a crime who has not been convicted of a
7:36 am
crime but instead has been accused of criminal activity. >> in fact miss pressley at one point in the deposition when asked, when bill cosby is asked if theresa was in a position to concept to sexual intercourse after being given quaaludes in 1976 he said i don't know. >> what he was speaking to in the deposition is her state of mind which no person as you know can testify to i can't say whether someone else feels a certain way or thinks a certain way. >> all of these women, more than two dozen women, all of these women are liars? i'm not making conclusions and you know that i can't about whether someone is lying or not. what i am saying is that mr. cosby has denied the accusations that have been lodged thus far. the sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true. >> this is happening in the court of public opinion.
7:37 am
if mr. cosby believes that all of these charges are untrue and he believes it so strongly why not come out publicly now and say so? >> it's not a question of belief. as i said previously mr. cosby has through his attorneys from the beginning denied the accusations against him. if anyone is being defamed right now through media, through celebrity onlookers, through others it's mr. cosby. >> so we won't be seeing any more public statements on this matter from mr. cosby? >> i would anticipate that in the cases that are still ongoing that you will see statements because when there are filings by the attorneys those are statements on mr. cosby's behalf and i do hope that as those things are filed, that those who are responsible for putting out information will take a good hard look at them and then report on what's actually being filed in court. because that's the only place where we can actually see some measure of justice. >> miss pressley thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> they are fighting back hard
7:38 am
right now. to ginger for the weather. will you look at that funnel cloud in arkansas. >> lots of reports of funnel clouds. these are a different tape than we usually see. a cold air funnel cloud. not associated with severe storms usually. you just got heat and low level winds and they don't jacqui: good morning, washinington. a gorous day. ththe weather we have e been waiting fofor, that cold front moves through. lots of susunshine today, make sure thayou ab your sunglasses >> all that weather brought to you by target. a new wildfire in glacier national park over 1,000 acres and do have some roads closed. >> thank you. more ahead. an officer hit by an out-of-control car. how to stay safe if you break down on the side of the road. taking aim at target.
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the time is now 7:43. we are back with "gma on the lookout." important information this morning as you hit the road. this traumatic video shows how dangerous it can be to pull over on the side of the road. a car slamming into a state trooper. he is speaking out. he's fine lucky to be alive and clayton sandell has what you need to know to stay safe. >> reporter: it's hard to believe david sheer survived this. >> i should be dead. >> reporter: but this morning the utah highway patrol trooper is out of the hospital two weeks after this bmw hydroplaned out of control crashing right into sheer as he helped another driver pinning him underneath the wreckage. >> i remember watching him
7:44 am
thinking man, you know, where did this guy come from and why is he going so fast. >> reporter: in the last decade at least 134 officers have been struck by cars and killed. but a simple breakdown on the side of a busy highway can turn deadly for anyone. this recent accident near philly killed a 58-year-old man. >> the man had his thrashers on examining his disabled vehicle when struck by a passing dump truck. >> reporter: in just one year nearly 400 people hit and killed. the danger appearing in an instant. >> for example, on this stretch of highway by the time that driver sees my car on the side of the road going 65 miles an hour, takes only 8 seconds. >> reporter: it is stressful. nate reed says the stress of a breakdown or crash makes it hard tore drivers to remember some important tips. get as far out of traffic as you can. even with a flat tire try to drive off the highway before putting on the spare. what is the worst thing drivers
7:45 am
can do? >> the worst thing a driver can do is to get out immediately and assess the damage. stay in your car. >> reporter: trooper schiers says as soon as his injuries heal he'll be back out on the highway. >> i have a few more good years left in me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news denver. >> so glad trooper schiers is okay. much more to get to. the new research that could change the way companies use sex to sell their products. pets are the best friends to have by your side when you want to get out and explore the paths less traveled! before fleas and ticks join in the action petsmart can help protect your pet from infestations with a variety of flea & tick products. we make it easy to treat your pet monthly and all year round and to kill fleas and ticks which may carry diseases. right now, save up to $15 on select flea & tick products. petsmart®. inspired by pets.
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7:49 am
you have a heard that old saying in advertising, sex sells. well, maybe not so fast. here's abc's t.j. holmes. i thought -- sorry about that, amy. here's t.j. holmes with the story. >> yeah all right, guys. i need you to pay attention. let's try this out. let's say just for today i decide to do my segment shirtless. an attempt to get the ratings up. what we do here is you start to get distracted by what's going on here and you don't even listen to what i have to say in the case of advertisers, you don't even remember the products they're trying to sell. companies spend billions trying to catch our attention with almost too hot for tv ads like this.
7:50 am
from babes with burgers. >> how zesty do it? >> to hunks with salad dressing. but ohio state university researchers poring over four decades of data finds sex may not always sell. >> it just makes me feel better. >> reporter: like that carl's jr. ad 10 million people watched it during this year's super bowl but one firm suggests only 27% of viewers they asked plan to visit the fast food chain. >> steamy. >> reporter: and after some objected to kraft's shirtless pitchman their zest ty italian salad started featuring radishes. >> having sexy ads is backfiring. not only people are becoming more immune to it it rubs viewers the wrong way. >> reporter: viewers fouf they don't turn people off, others on so much so they forget what product the commercial is even for.
7:51 am
>> i have no idea what that ad is for. i just noticed that there was somebody provocatively dressed or gyrating. >> clouds my judgment of what the product is definitely. >> that's it not even take off the top. >> distracted. >> abc execs got involved. >> the perfect way to vaca when we get back. >> taking off for vacation but keep your plants watered and healthy, try upcycling glass bottles. it's so easy to see more go to on yahoo! to pre-treat and help get stains out. >>how about this? the samsung washing machine with activewash. get 10% off select major appliances at lowe's softer, smoother skin after just one shower? dove body wash with a breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer, smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower.
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7:56 am
jummy: good morning. we want to get an update on the weather for you. jacqui: cold front to the south high-pressure settling in for the rest of the day. lots of sunshine and comfortable conditions with lower humidity. a great day to pack a picnic and have lunch outdoors. high temperatures reaching the upper 80's. feeling pretty good overall. staying drive to the weekend. angela: we are looking live at interstate 66 before you reach the capital beltway. reports of some type of accident
7:57 am
activity. in the meantime northbound on 395 we have reopened the lanes from edsall. interstate 95, moore north --, northbound delays off and on past umphrey, passing a couple of lanes. traveling through fairfax county, inner loop delays from the springfield interchange. once again as you get through tysons corner. that is the update on the drive. jummy: a section of 23rd street northwest is closed near 8th street as police investigated the situation there from around the office morning. police told over a car the a believed was stolen. two suspects were arrest, two more were on the loose. shots were fired in officer's gun that went off act that emily. no one was hurt. the man who landed a gyro copter on the u.s. capitol lawn has this that is hearing district court.
7:58 am
for more of the weather traffic, and news updates, head on over to news channel 8. we will see you back here for another news update 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wake me up ♪ good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and does freezing your eggs really work? the new research revealing women might be banking on false hope when it comes to future fertility. ♪ new lease on life. >> it's a life that i used to wish i had. >> dramatic weight loss transformations that will make your jaw drop. no surgery, no shortcuts. how these women finally succeeded after lifelong struggles to get healthy. ♪ what's the smartest way to take a vacation? new science reveals whether it should be short or long and what's really the perfect number of days off. ♪ and trending huge right now bond is back. our first look at the girls, the gadgets, and one creepy villain. ♪ i'm glad you came ♪ all that and jane krakowski is with us as we say --
8:01 am
>> oh, good morning, america. >> as we say good morning, america, we're kicking off our "gma" summer games called bubble soccer of course sara haines rob marciano as you see, they're testing it out now. oh, boy. >> not much like soccer. >> like bumper cars. >> yeah. also this morning, a lot of people talking about this summer vacation time. we wanted to get to the secrets of a perfect vacation. there's new research out revealing whether its better to take a short vacation or a long one. >> long one. >> long one. oh, sorry. >> no debate on this. >> is that a question? >> just came out. so many of you guys have been talking to us about all of this on twitter. what's your secret to a relaxing vacation. we got one from amy roberts, one
8:02 am
viewers. her secret and i like your style, girl the beach and margaritas. lots of margaritas. >> she looks relaxed. >> she does. we'll get into that ahead. amy with the morning rundown. >> we begin with new images of that massive fire visible for miles in northern new jersey. flames enguffing a car repair warehouse and wabc's john del giorno is over the keen for us. john good morning. >> reporter: it's been burning in an industrial complex for more than five hours. this complex houses an auto repair business and more than 20 other businesses the whole flex about the size of a full city block. the fire location is right next to the very busy northeast corridor train tracks the big story here though is the smoke. it can be seen for miles from new york city more than 30 miles away. that smoke hanging close to the ground covering some neighborhoods and causing some local evacuations. amy. >> all right, thanks for the update. also breaking overnight more
8:03 am
laser attacks. targeting passenger planes. at least four more have been targeted over the new york city area. all landed safely one pilot was temporarily blinded during one of a dozen similar incidents just last week. and now to that new dash cam video showing the arrest of sandra bland three days before she was found dead in a texas jail cell. many who watched the routine traffic stop escalate out of control are now questioning whether the video was edited. a shot of a tow truck driver appears to have been repeated and the passing white caravanishing in the street during the confrontation. the state trooper is seen trying to pull bland from her car and threatening her with his facer. the family insists bland did not commit suicide. they are awaiting results of a new autopsy. a dramatic rescue off the oregon coast. an officer lowered from a helicopter to save four men trapped after their fishing boat slammed into the rocks. he had to swim back and forth leading each man to shore one by
8:04 am
one swimming a total of a mile and saying it was just him and his muscles with a little help from the rip currents. target is accused of missing the mark once again under fire this time for selling a t-shirt stirring up anger with allegations of sexism. more with reena ninan. >> reporter: this morning target facing backlash for a t-shirt bearing the word trophy. >> it's kind of making a woman feel like they're just an object. >> reporter: shoppers taking to twitter slamming target for the:30 calling it demoralizing demeaning and asking under what circumstances should any human being wear a t-shirt that indicates they're a trophy even launching a petition to get it removed. target responding in a statement to abc news saying "it is never our intention to offend anyone. the shirt is part of a collection of engagement and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our
8:05 am
guests." target no stranger to the cotton tee controversy catching heat earlier this year after this small business t-shirt designer spotted one of her designs in target stores. >> it was almost surreal seeing it there in a store i shop at. >> reporter: the retail giant later pulling that shirt from the shelves. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. finally let's end on a fun note. how about heading out to the ballpark and join these guys at the angels game. look at that little boy. he has his hot dog. not so sure about it right there. oh it falls but you know what five-second rule oh yeah, baby he just kept on eating and, yep, you know what who cares? you know we don't know what was on that dirty seat but you know what -- >> does the five-second rule apply? >> when you're less than 5, it's definitely an okay rule. >> much better handle on that. amy, thank you. to lara in the social square. >> thank you very much george. here's what's coming up on our
8:06 am
"gma morning menu." first the truth about freezing your eggs. so many hoping it will start a family for them. but how effective is it really? and these women shedding more than 100 pounds each. the secret to how they did it. plus i love pac-man but i love this woman even more. jane krakowski is with us. we'll talk about "pixels," her new show -- >> the game. >> we're kicking off our "gma" games. coming up. rob in a bubble. bubble soccer. leave me alone. "gma's ught to you by advil. advil, fast and strong on tough pain. ♪ keep our eyes on me ♪ is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. at sprint, we know money doesn't come easy. so bring us your verizon or at&t bill and we'll cut your rate plan in half. we're
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8:11 am
welcome back to "gma." it is time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button new questions about freezing your eggs. is the promise of prolonged fertility too good too be true? that question is examined in the latest issue of "time" magazine and abc's mara schiavocampo has our story. >> reporter: egg freezing one of the fastest growing trends in fertility. multiple 34r50iing tenfold in the last five years for more than 500 in 2009 to just under 5,000 in 2013. the number of eggs being thawed for use quadrupling. big co apple and facebook even announcing they'll start covering the procedure. >> the idea that you kcan solve this unsolvable problem of the biological clock is very appealing to many women. >> reporter: but with a price tag of $10,000 to $15,000, not including egg storage, "time" magazine set out to answer a very simple question in an article and online video.
8:12 am
how effective is freezing your eggs? >> that was really empowering to know that i took fate into my own hands. >> reporter: "time's" extensive research finding while the procedure may give women a sense of security it might not always work that well. reporting of the 414 eggs thawed in 2013 99 babies were born a rate of just under 24%. and with a few eggs lost at each step of the process it's estimated each egg has just a 2% to 12% of resulting in a live birth. is this an effective insurance policy? >> it just isn't an insurance policy. if you have home insurance and your house burns down you get a new house. you don't maybe get a new house. you don't get 24% of a new house. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> our dr. jen ashton is here right now. you'll do a demonstration that shows how big a challenge it is?
8:13 am
>> this is a very safe process. it's very effective but it's not a guarantee. and let me show you what i mean. typically when we do a stimulation cycle we'll get about 15 to 20 eggs ex-fracked from a young woman. now, then those have to be frozen and thawed not all will survive that process. let's say you wind up with this much. then they are fertilized and become embryos and grow to a certain cell division stage and be tested they're healthy enough to implant. not all will survive this stage and then in this country, we typically don't transfer or implant more than one or two fertilized embryos into a woman's uterus. from this you hope to get one or two live births. >> so the chances better if you freeze the embryos rather than the eggs? >> the egg freezing process can a little more challenging, but it is safe. it's effective. the rates are all over the place. some historical context here george remember up until 2012 this was considered an experimental process so while it's happening more and more we're still learning so much
8:14 am
more about the technology and it's only getting better. >> you're an ob/gyn. when a woman says i'm thinking about this what do you tell her? >> i ask why. you have to listen. it depends on several factors. it depends on her age. this conversation will be different for a 25-year-old and a 35-year-old. it depends on medical issues. has she been diagnosed with cancer. does she have severe endometriosis or menopause or social issues have to be balanced with risks, benefits and options. >> for fillet something men have to think about too. >> men often ig noor it throughout the process so i tell both partners they both need to keep certain things in mind. number one, don't get bogged down on stats. so easy to get overwhelmed with percentages. keep yourself healthy. that includes not smoking. that's bad for special and eggs and stay positive. this is a marathon not a sprint. >> all good advice. jen ashton thanks very much. read a lot more about this topic in the current issue of "time"
8:15 am
magazine. now to robin. all right, thank you. next on "heat index." some truly dramatic weight loss stories. women who each lost over 100 pounds. the new issue of "people" magazine hitting stands nationwide friday shares how these inspiring women did it. and jesse palmer is here to tell us all about it. good morning, jess. >> good morning, robin. it was something different that motivated each of these women but they all set out to transform their bodies kicking bad habits embracing exercise hoping to inspire others on a journey. >> i lost pounds within two years. >> i have lost 112 pounds and it took me about three years. >> reporter: 27-year-old judy ann clark and 35-year-old melissa menis are thankful for a new lease on life sharing their struggles and triumphs inside "people" magazine's latest 100-pound weight loss edition. >> it was at night that i wouldget hungry. >> reporter: clark had been overweight most of her life but
8:16 am
a trip to the doctor's office would forever change her. >> he told me that i would need bariatric surgery. it just felt like my world was coming to an end. >> reporter: saying no to surgery clark joined jenny craig shortly after going from 241 pounds to an incredible 136 pounds. >> my weight now is at a place where i feel like i can manage it. >> reporter: at age 25 melissa was at her heaviest eating nearly 8,000 calories a day. >> i cried myself to sleep every night. >> reporter: after discovering lisa lillian's hungry girl site in february 2010 she took the weight off for good going from 2 252 pounds to an amazing 140. >> it's a life that i used to wish i had and today i have it. >> reporter: and for 28-year-old sharday smith-stevens also featured in the spread her transformation is one you have to see to believe. revealed live right now.
8:17 am
and without further ado let's take a look at sharday smith smith-stevens before her weight loss and here's sharday today. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sharday, congratulations. oh my goodness. so amazing. she's here with us along with zoe ruderman. we're so happy for you. how do you feel? >> i feel amazing. i'm still in awe. i have two very good best friends who always say, i have to get to know my new best friend because the time used to be nachos at roberta's and now it's like let's go on a hike and do a new workout. >> zoe, watching at home how can they be inspired by sharday's story ask. >> the lesson here this is just
8:18 am
about hard work. it's about lifetime changes, diet change, all of the women we featured no gimmick, no surgery. it is about finding a wake-up call for sharday it was about her mom passing away from hypertension and realizing she didn't want to have that same fate and making a big change in your life. >> consistent with all the ones -- >> they all had this wake-up call. >> sharday, tell us what was your typical diet. i'm sighing some differences here. >> oh wow. okay so for breakfast it would be a mcgriddle at mcdonald's. lunch, you know mexican pizza, dinner is fried chicken, you see the snacks would be chips, you know cupcakes then i would have a fourth meal so moving over i would have now egg omelet egg whites you know salmon, asparagus asparagus, brown rice protein shake, mixed vegans almond apples and blueberries for snacks. >> portion control is really big, zoe. >> exercise and portion control. >> all right, and so you have three musts three can dos if
8:19 am
you want to lose weight. >> yes. >> what are they. >> in the beginning one water with cinnamon and lemon. it helps the digestive system keep your blood sugar down. pro buy ottics 30 minutes before each meal and whole grain oatmeal. add berries, your body will love you. it speeds up your metabolism. >> you know, it is adopting a new lifestyle. a new way of living. >> it's about hard work. >> yeah all right. >> very hard work. >> i think she's got a new show in her future. >> yes. >> zoe, thank you. >> thank you. >> sharday, thank you. george. >> wow. now, next up in the "heat index," story turning big in "the wall street journal." some advice for your summer vacation. experts say how you relax and for how long can make a big difference. so nick watt lays out strategies for the perfect getaway. >> reporter: the french german
8:20 am
spanish, they take maybe 30 days vacation a year. too many of you take zero. and this isn't just a work showing you a european tour. this is science. vacation is good for your health happiness and productivity. here's how you can be a world beater at ray indication. >> all: usa, usa, usa. >> reporter: tip number one, short vacations are great like sleep regular bursts are restorative but try for longer. day one. day eight. the journal of happiness studies claims holiday happiness peaks day eight. leave friday night, come home a week from sunday just five days off work and you still get that magic eighth day. >> definitely important to unplug however we also want to be realistic about the culture and the time that we live in. >> reporter: tip number two, take a break from the gadgets that rule regular life.
8:21 am
don't set an alarm. limit e-mail to just one burst per day or cold turkey. this boss has a policy. >> go away. you are prohibited from contacting anybody at work. you shouldn't be calling me. shame on you. >> reporter: tip number three, plan well in advance and anticipation is half the fun and plan a happy ending. what we remember most about vacation is how it ends and a memory like this will help the happiness last longer. for "good morning america," nick watt abc news on vacation. >> i would offer to do any extra research on that story. >> ready to surf? >> i heard that the 14th day is even better. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> totally with you. 14 days perfect. hey, good morning. >> all: good morning. >> these folks from tampa are excited probably because it's cooler and nice in new york city compared to what's happening in the southwest. heat advisoryies from louisiana
8:22 am
over through north florida. tallahassee and jacksonville some of the highest today. quick look at what you're in store for in the northeast, jacqui: good morning, washingtgton. a bebeautiful day tlook forward to. refreshing changes in the air. humidity is much ler. grab the sunglasses. temperatures feasible, into the upper 80's. lowe's draft -- lows d dropping back down into the0's once again. mostly sunny, mid to upper 8 80's, dry weatather sting g until the earlpart of thweekend >> it's one of those crowds. i can't wait to see you. you're doing some "pop." >> i am indeed. let's get to it everybody. good morning, time for "pop news" and we begin with -- >> oh yeah. >> bond. the name is bond james bond and he is back.
8:23 am
gorgeous and more deadly than ever. your first look at the full trailer for "spectre" which comes out later this year. daniel craig back for his fourth turn at a role that he seems to relish. take a look. >> this organization do you know what it's called? >> its name is spectre. >> do you know who links them all? >> me. >> oh. >> i love you, daniel. spectre, the heart punching teaser. ominous plot with not one but two bond girls and christoph waltz will leave you shaken as oo 7's latest nemesis. he is so good in everything he does. i think that's genius casting. again, "spectre" hits theaters in november. i'm excited. >> i think these t look like bond girls over here.
8:24 am
>> wait a minute. we could lose george clooney and you could do daniel craig and bond girls. >> i'm going to be so pregnant by then. >> that would be -- >> i love that. oh, yes. >> with a full flotation device. >> here we go again. >> well casted. just a thought, halloween just around the corner but right now a little language lesson. i know you speak french as do i. touch touche. there is a reason i said touche. there is a new french language of scrabble champion. he does not, though speak a word of french. nigel richards is from new zealand and he kicked butt. the federation internationale --
8:25 am
[ speaking french ] >> he memorized almost every word in the french scrabble dictionary even though he cannot speak it and beat out a true french speaker with a triple word score. it was a three-hour showdown. at one point he played a word that most french haven't even heard of a word that mean to remove knots, of course. >> you didn't to that. [ speaking french ] >> merci. >> oui. >> i don't know what you said but oui. >> i don't know how to spell it though. i don't know how to spell any of it. >> he was met with like massive applause when he won. but then when he went up to thank the audience he needed a translator. c'est la vie. and then finally, some say that what you're about to see is the smartest pooch on the planet. this is an internet sensation and figures out exactly how to get what he wants without the
8:26 am
inconvenience of getting wet. why would this guy want to do that? >> whoa! >> who needs to doggie paddle when they can go macgyver and use a kid by pool as a floetation device to get the beloved tennis ball. geneius genius. >> but can he speak french. >> that, everybody, is "pop news" on this hump day! >> we got two stars joining us in our last half hour. jane who is always adorable. she's there in the social square and katie holmes is going to join us too. >> she can't stop playing pac-man.
8:27 am
jummy: good morning to you. we want to get an update on the weather right now. jacqui: comfortable conditions across the region this morning. this afternoon will not feel that either. mid to upper 80's, 84 degrees gave his word. ultraviolet index number nine, very high today make sure the you have spf 30 or better. same as today. the weekend starts to get stormy. on the roads right now, crash cleanup in maryland. angela: before you get to the beltway southbound blocking the right lane. outer loop delays, georgia avenue, inner loop delays, meantime if you were traveling on the baltimore-washington parkway, the ramp eastbound 50.
8:28 am
fairfax county parkway eastbound , remaining in place toward centreville. virginia, continuing to block to lanes first dumfries. jummy: top stories investigators and howard county trying to figure out what caused the deck to collapse on wind rider way in columbia. five people taken to the hospital, they are expected to be ok. former senior state department officials have a preliminary hearing today. daniel rosen was arrested after allegedly trying to solicit sex from a minor. he had been chatting online with a female detective posing as a 14-year-old girl. for more news you can head over to or news channel 8 right now.
8:29 am
8:30 am
a "gma" summer game. sara rob. it's called bubble soccer. bubble soccer really? >> we stopped playing soccer a while ago. >> they've been going at it all morning long. explain what it is they're actually doing. >> yeah okay we will do just that george. bubble soccer invented a few years ago and since then enthusiasm for the sport has just bubbled over. the national association of bubble soccer yes, that's a thing, says there are leagues in 37 states. abc's rachel smith got in on the action with the chicago soccer ball league. >> we are rolling. >> literally. no you're not witnessing a pod of aliens invading soccer fields. it's actually the hottest new game sweeping the country. called bubble soccer. >> the rules are very simple. it's just like soccer.
8:31 am
>> reporter: joey owns knocker ball chicago and invied me to suit up for a game. >> you're going to go to your knee no fouls. score some goals and have a good time. >> it's on. all right. let's go guys. let's go. we got this. it's modeled after soccer sometimes they use a big ball sometimes a smaller one but you wear a bubble that makes it more like human bumper cars. >> in the moment you step in this ball everything changes. you can become like this superhero and defy gravity and pain and get to bump into people. >> joey says the average game lasts three to five minutes which is just fine because -- this is exhausting. come on come on. i did score a goal although i think maybe they let me being from out of town and all. [ whistle ] >> yeah. my time spent doing this. >> i can't get up.
8:32 am
oh my goodness. >> roll to your belly, rachel. go. >> i can't get up. >> reporter: bubble soccer started in europe and crossed the pond about a year ago. they have 150 suits and are doing a lot a month since. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, chicago. >> all right, so we saw difficult that was. but we got rob and sara trying it. how are you guys doing? >> we can't stop laughing. >> you missed the ball. >> it's not about the ball. >> not about the ball. it's about -- >> be the ball. what have you been doing, bumping into each other. >> you laugh each other. >> it's hard to keep your balance to keep from laughing. you feel indestructible. >> all right. so you guys continue to bounce among yourselves. we have another big ball. >> apparently supersiding it. will you come with me. >> it's called ogo gravity and
8:33 am
chris roberts here is the creator. >> i'm apparently the guinea pig. >> lara is going to get in the ogo ball? we'll get you in here. dive in superman style and zip you up. make you all nice and safe and you can walk around. >> these are used at waterparks. >> an outdoor park. >> filled with water. >> and slide down the hill. >> you can do that as well. >> get in there. what could go wrong? >> all right. woo. >> all right. i'll zip you up. once you get going use your legs and arms and walk forward. >> i hope you're not claustrophobic. >> here we go. >> there you go. >> then i just. >> there you go. use your arms use your legs. there you go. >> there you go. >> so much fun. >> here you go. come back. nice, good work.
8:34 am
>> are you going to let me out? >> she wants to get out >> i can't breathe. >> walk forward. >> how does it feel? >> it feels amazing. >> here you go. >> you have so much control. fantastic. >> i have no control. i just want to get out. >> she wants to get out. sara is trying to bump you. i think she's bigger than you. yeah. >> all right. lara thank you for being such a good sport. >> chris, thank you for bringing the ogo to times square. >> not a problem. >> tune in tomorrow for summer games and, lara come on out, girl. >> whoa. >> whoo! all right. coming up next we've got a big slide, slip and slide at times
8:35 am
square. so that is tomorrow. wait for that ginger. >> i cannot wait. i think lara juice needed more room. she needed more space. you all right? are you bubbled out? not at awe. all right. how about we go ahead and start with a look at the southeast and plains. flash flood warnings still in effect. remember north arkansas going to get it then it goes into the southeast. son-in-law of the heavier totals will show up in north florida and take up the geography in southeastern georgia. back in the west a pocket of rain we wanted to alert you to. that is the big picture f jaui: good morning, washgton. a gorgeous day. e weather we havbeenaitingng for, that co front mov through. lots of sunshine today, ma su that you grgrab your sunglasses >> all that weather brought to you by sprint. i can't get in the bubble but i can roll rob. we rarely get together. >> extreme team. you got pregnant just so you
8:36 am
didn't have to do this segment. >> careful of the light. okay it's working. all right. let's get inside now. whoo. >> all right, so i'm now out of the bubble. thank you for allowing me to be so i can be with my friend jane krakowski, who plays the first lady in "pixels," this movie is so execute. in it the world gets attacked by aliens through classic games like the one behind us that we are both addicted to. the president gets to enjoy a moment of fun, though with his wife in this clip, take a look. >> whoa bigman setting down. >> too much? well you know what you're really not going to like what i do with the rainbow sprinkles. come on you now. >> will! >> mr. president. >> yes, jennifer. >> the next battle is on. it's sundown tomorrow. 5130 latitude. >> where is that? >> kevin james, always fun. >> so adorable and funny. what a graceful exit you made
8:37 am
from your -- it seemed like a disco ball. >> thank you. thank you. you do a beautifully graceful job in a movie filled with very very funny people like yourself but i mean you've got adam sandler, kevin james and chris columbus. >> chris, who has made some of the best movies of our generation. wonderful to work with him. adam is one of the nicest guys to work with and for. kevin james is adorable in every moment that he had was just -- i don't know 50s infection. he's an infect house comedian. >> i had the pleasure to know you when you were on "30 rock." one of my favorite shows and that was a great cast. i wonder what it must be like to work with kevin who is naturally so funny. you know every time he's on our show i never know what he might say next. was it like that for you in scenes. >> yes, all of them were. there was a lot of improv on the set. josh gad is one -- i don't think he ever did the same take twice through all of the scenes we were in together.
8:38 am
really brilliant. all of them. and, you know kevin james is the president and i am the first lady. >> yes you are. >> so you know what kind of america we're living in. >> a beautiful one, my friend. >> let's start there. >> when you're not being a movie star you're you know just on this incredible show "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt with your team from "30 rock" led by tina fey. did i hear the word emmy. >> i'm sorry, what? say it again. no we've been so -- we were so lucky that the show has been received so nicely now that it's streaming on netflix and just having the best time. it was like a homecoming because i would say 95% of the crew and all the creative departments were from "30 rock." >> how wonderful to have that sort of comfortability. >> tina is so amazing and everyone wants to stay working with her so everyone came back. >> the show is hilarious and
8:39 am
this movie so great. finally, were you just in a dinner for the movie and martha stewart and you became like new besties. >> martha stewart is so funny in this movie. she's hilarious. yes, and we had a lovely dinner the other i asked her how her stint -- >> how is martha stewart's love life? >> apparently still single. >> we could do a segment on that. that would be fun. >> it was a great pleasure and honor to meet her. she's hilarious in the film. >> so are you. thanks for coming by. >> so good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thanks for letting me get out of the bubble and talk to you. >> i watch you all the time. you seem like you're having so much fun here. >> we are. pac-man, we can get back to that now. we want everyone to know "pixels" opens this friday. we have so much more coming up on "gma." katie holmes is also here. let's go pac-man is next. we're on. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
please welcome back katie holmes here to "good morning america." she is starring in the new season of showtime's hit series ooh, i love this "ray donovan,"sdonovan," s as a chic cut throat sports agent who gets tangled up with liv schreiber. >> about the other day --
8:43 am
>> i think we can both agree that it wasn't the best use of your time. >> and this is. >> well it's my understanding that we bought your company and your services in their entirety. >> i like how uyou -- i do believe that -- what drew you to this role? >> well i've been a fan of the show and i met with the wonderful creator for the season and they told me about this character and i just -- i thought it was really interesting for where the show was and for liev's character and a chance to play someone a little different than i've ever played then they told me about the braces on her character and i'm like i'm in. okay. >> that's the number one thing people wanted me to ask you. is it going to be revealed why
8:44 am
you are wearing braces? i mean here you are this cut throat chic and all -- not that wearing braces means you can't be that but what's the reason behind it? >> i think it's definitely a -- to show that paige while she does look like she has everything sort of in order, she still is flawed and literally the braces are because she has migraine headaches and that helps them and but definitely we wanted to impart right away that you know she's a complicated character and she's not exactly what you see. >> uh-huh and it started this own #. #bracesgate. people wan that. as i was saying. i enjoy following you on instagram and unlike you i like throwback thursdays and you put up the 1998 rolling stones cover "dawen's creek" swinging on the tire like that. >> the tire swing. >> a lot of people when they see
8:45 am
that oh could there be a reunion in the making? do you think that will happen ever. >> i think we'd all have a great time doing it. our final -- our finale was -- took place five years after, anyway so i don't know that -- i don't know. i mean it's a wonderful question to be asked and we had a wonderful time making it so we'll see. >> i know because a lot of people that's how they got to know you. >> and we shot in wilmington north carolina, which was so beautiful. >> yeah. >> so great. >> well hopefully you would be able to fit it in your busy busy schedule. you optioned the book that's going to make its novel debut "all we had." what is it about the story you wanted to bring it to the screen and you're wearing so many hats and being involved with the production. >> yeah well right now i'm in development. i'm bringing that project to screen and i think it's just full of these really rich
8:46 am
characters and it's always fun to look at books to find characters as opposed to just reading scripts and really being proactive. so i'm always doing that so i'm really excited. it's a mother/daughter story filled with a lot of characters that are very colorful and there's a lot of humor but it's very touching without being sentimental. >> okay and are you working with jane. jane rosenthal? >> i am. our friend jane. >> oh my goodness. you to surround yourself with good people like that but you have all these different roles with that and jackie o.? >> yes, i'm going to play jackie o. again this spring which i'm very excited about. it's the later years and, you know when jackie moved to new york and -- >> what's the most challenging aspect of playing an iconic figure like that. >> i think you know so many people have a connection to this icon a and so you really have to honor your interpretation and
8:47 am
not imitate too much but really kind of make it your own and i'm just really flattered and honored to embody her because she was incredible. >> yeah you've done it so well. >> thank you. >> katie, always a pleasure to see you. keep enjoying the summer. eating strawberries flopping in the water. i saw the video and "ray donovan" airs sunday nights on showtime. glad that you're a part of that. next up on "gma," a teenager going above and beyond to help his community. what he says what he did that's helping so many kids succeed. come on back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
and we are back now with "gma's" get out and give. we showcase people making a difference all across the country. part of abc's be inspired initiative. this morning's inspiration a teen who turned his try for a scout badge into a mission to teach young kids. >> pete the cat put on his
8:50 am
favorite shirt. open the door. up the stairs. dinosaur clean and dine schauer slimy. >> ooh. >> reporter: this isn't the way most 16-year-olds would spendr morning. but ryan trainer isn't your average teen. >> put your right arm in and then you shake it all about in get to see the joy on the kids' faces. ♪ do the hokey-pokey ♪ >> reporter: he was 11 when he started volunteering through his local library in redwood city going into schools reading to children to earn a boy scout merit badge. >> he quickly found out one book could speak volumes to kids in need. >> most of the kids in our community don't have access to books on a regular basis. >> you know one of the things that really makes a tremendous difference in developing early reading skills and being able to succeed in school is the presence of books in the home. >> just a kid himself ryan decided to make a difference organizing a book drive. >> what sets ryan apart is that
8:51 am
not only did he read to the children he saw a need in the community which was books for the homes and he did something about it. >> and week after week the boxes of books kept piling up. ryan doesn't like to do sthipgs small. his parents could hardly believe it. >> our entire backyard was full of nothing but books and people. >> reporter: after six months 25,000 books. >> super excited, yeah. >> reporter: all going to 12 charities, 8 schools and 7 literacy programs prompting pages and pages of handwritten thank you notes from a whole new generation of readers. >> it's hard to measure the impact. the number of books that he has placed in hands of people that did not have any books is overwhelming. >> reporter: but, remember ryan doesn't like to do anything small. >> when the book drive was over he took that as an opportunity to continue on. he didn't look at it as, okay i'm done now. >> reporter: he brought others on board. >> now we have nine different
8:52 am
teens from seven different schools who work together to help improve literacy rates in the community. >> reporter: started new programs teaching math and science and financial literacy. >> jump up and down start shaking. >> reporter: new chapters of his youth literacy council is open and it all began with just one boy scout badge. >> ryan is a wonderful kid and i'm just so proud of him. >> i think he's figured out that you get out more than you actually put in as a volunteer. >> when people hear my story i want them to think about how everybody really wants to help. >> the end. [ applause ] >> you know it really only takes one person. >> the truth. >> go ryan. >> i love that smile. i love what he's done. you all can learn a lot more about abc's be inspired. find out how to apply for a youth american service grant by visiting our
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by jimmy dean delights. shine on. >> can't wait for the lifeguards and "shut up and dance."
8:56 am
how a about a last look at rob and sara kicking off our "gma" summer games bubble soccer thanks to knocker ball and outdoor gravity park for the balls. >> i can't top that. have a great day, everyone. >> there's lara. where's lara. melanie: jummy: -- good morning, we want to start with an update on your forecast. jacqui: comfortable conditions this morning, this afternoon will not feel bad. hometown high temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80's. 87 at dulles. 84 degrees in gaithersburg. very high today, sunburn in 15
8:57 am
to 20 minutes. tomorrow is about the same as today. comfortable saturday, the weekend getting stormy. angela: getting better for the folks on 95 in virginia, southbound lanes reopened and umphrey. heading in towards the springfield interchange. travel lanes are open on 395 but it is slow, making your way towards the 14th street bridge approaching southeast, adding to the delays on 395 and 295. crash is coming in from urbana making your way to its hyattstown. that is as you connect with the 270 spur. jummy: contract workers at the u.s. capitol are going on strike today.
8:58 am
with workers receiving poverty wages. they will be joined by bernie sanders who is calling for an increase in the minimum wage. an early morning fire at an abandoned house in northeast ec. it broke out at 3:30 this morning at 45th street. for more weather traffic, and news head over to "good morning washington." have a great day.
8:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the drama, "ray
9:00 am
donovan," katie holmes. and broadway, film and tv star jane krakowski. plus, performing their new hit, "bad girls," mkto. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. hi.


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