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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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0 years old 5'10" 5'11" anyone with information asked to contact police. reporting live brianne carter abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. police say shots were fired in an early morning pursuit near the university. the police were called to attempted carjacking to 23rd northwest around 3:00 in the morning. according to an alert officer fired shots in the direction of the suspect as they were running off. police tell us the gun went off accidently. and no one was hurt. two people were arrested but two others are still out there. kimberly: add virginia to the growing list of state increasing security around military recruiting centers following the shooting in chattanooga. the f.b.i. says it is treating this man the suspected chattanooga gunman has a homegrown violent extremist. abc's stephanie ramos has more. stephanie: officials released a rough timeline of the day that 24-year-old mohammad abdulazeez opened fire and
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left five dead. military official says at the second facility after the attack several troops ran into the building to alert people to the shooter. >> they reacted as you would expect to get fellow marines to safety. stephanie: two weapons at the scene belonged to service members. if military is investigating whether the service members were authorized to have the weapons. in the wake of the shooting, governors across the country asked for increase patrols by the state police around military recruiting centers. some have ordered armed national guardsman to protect military installation. >> they are not allowed to arm themselves or protect themselves. we will do it for them. stephanie: volunteers around the country, some current and foreign veterans made their own decision to stand guard
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outside recruitment centers like this in pennsylvania. >> we are not going to back down. this is our country. we are not going to allow crazed people just to go around randomly shooting men and women for no reason. stephanie: representatives in congress trust the pentagon to allow military personnel to carry weapons in the wake of the shooting, military officials say it's working to update security at recruiting stations and reserve centers. in northwest stephanie ramos, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at 5:00 chris papst will have more on the effort to keep the recruiting centers safety including those in the d.c. region. kimberly: if you can't be outside, we want to give you a live look outside. it is so beautiful today. just picture-perfect. jonathan: leave the picture up for a second. there is no humidity out there. it felt nice. blue skies. kimberly: even the picture is crisp. jonathan: a great summer day. the cooler weather did come in. welcome after a stretch of brutal heat. this is a welcome relief. how long will it stick around?
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chief meteorologist doug hill. this was a great day. doug: are you acting surprised it turned into a beautiful day? >> not at all. you said it would. doug: you watch abc7 news at 4:00 yesterday. i'm going to tell you this is as good as it ever gets in july. that is not hyperbole. that is true. i have been here a lot of julies trust me. gosh, temperatures in the 80's. dew point in the 50's. clear sky. gorgeous. take a look at the pictures here. they speak volumes here. fair weather clouds in fairfax. 84 degrees there. light northwesterly breeze. it is comfortable everywhere. 88 is the hot spot at reagan. with that said the heat index is like 87. a degree lower. we are in good shape. 86 in frederick. 85 in quantico. 84 at andrews air force base. the dew points are important because sometimes this time of the year the temperatures in the upper 80's we have dew point in 70's. that is the to from esive stuff. temperatures in the 80s and the dew points in the 50's that is gorgeous as it gets. so for this evening we will
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drop down a few degrees 80 in the early evening hours with a light breeze. as we head overnight, temperatures will drop over clear skies of 67 to 69. waking up on july 23. 57 degrees degrees in the suburbs. pretty sweet. when we look beyond, it's a matter of how long the high pressure will hang in and keep us dry. keep us dry by sunday. sunday the humidity levels will return. we'll have more about the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. jonathan: thanks. a bizarre story out of silver spring that involves a man that neighbors say is far from friendly. our maryland bureau chief brad bell explained the dispute that landed the neighbor in jail. brad: according to one side this picture shows him knocking down his neighbor's fence and this shows him blocking the neighbor's driveway. this one well it's not exactly offering a friendly wave. >> he has hurled stones at mr. buckway. he has threatened to shoot
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him. brad: the buckland's lawyer says a five-year saga now coming to ahead. the buckman's out of town sued for harassment and won. a judge ordered anger management classes. then he lied in court about taking them and got convicted of perjury. then according to the montgomery county sheriff he tried to avoid arrest. >> he made it a nightmare. brad: tonight he is in jail and his wife claims the law has it all wrong. >> this is ridiculous. brad: this is the kondilis family backyard. this is where the bachman's live and have a pool. according to >> plaza kond -- mrs. kondilis this started with a property line. we talk to the other neighbors who say they are good neighbors. but tonight, mr. kondilis faces two years in prison for perjury and the county prosecutor says he deserves it.
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>> we hope that today is the day of beginning to give people back peace in their community and normally will return to the lives. brad: in silver spring brad bell abc7 news. kimberly: the penalty phase of james holmes colorado movie theater shooting trial is underway. he was convicted of murder attempted murder and other crimes stemming from the 2012 shootings. jurors rejected his claim he was insane at the time. that same jury must now decide whether holmes gets life in prison or the death penalty. the sentencing trial is expected to last a month. jonathan: bill cosby's legal team is fighting back against the release of a 1000-page deposition from the year 2005. it describes sexual encounters that cosby had with at least five women. in it he talks about what he calls a consensual romantic relationship with andrea who has filed a lawsuit claiming that cosby drug and sexually assaulted her. the lawyer argued that the deposition should never have been unsealed. after the case was settled out
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of court. >> once the terms are violated, then it's the entire agreement that loses its purpose. jonathan: but according to the deposition, cosby told his wife he was sending payments to help her. and cosby describes the quaaludes in the testimony as a drug that young people were using to party and saying, "i wanted to have them just in case." kimberly: a tough time of year to lose your air conditioning. finally power has been restored to 2000 customers in north bethesda. they were affected when a metro train hit wires. news chopper 7 was over the scene this afternoon between grosvenor and medical center metro station. they say a state employee working on the lawn cut a wire on the pole, causing the fires to simply hang too low. then the metro train ran right over them. normal service resumed on the redline a short time laters. the downed wires were removed and permanent repairs will be made after rush hour. probably a good decision. jonathan: not a bad idea at
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all. metro, marked the latest string of problems regarding the red line. county leaders are holding a open forum to talk about the challenges going forward. kimberly: sam sweeney is in rockville with three things that the county leaders hope to find out. sam: as you mentioned, metro has been plagued with problems over the last couple of months. now officials here in montgomery county are taking note. they are calling for a meeting with the leaders and regional leaders from across the state of maryland. the forum will discuss three fundamental questions. what are the challenges for metro today? what are the short-term improvements that metro is making right now? and what is the long-term vision? they will talk about people with technical backgrounds. the meeting is open to the public. they want to here concerns and your suggestions on how metro
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can improve. reporting in rockville, sam sweeney. jonathan: coming up at 4:00 new question about the dash cam video showing the arrest of a woman in texas. still ahead for us how the investigators respond to accusations that that video was edited. kimberly: a warehouse fire so huge the smoke could be seen from out of space. how it's wreaking health concerns for a neighborhood now. jonathan: a strange case involving singer chris brown. the issue that left him from leaving the philippines for
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will i light you up. now! >> wow! kimberly: strong words. the texas department of public safety shows the dashcam video showing the arrest that sandra brand was not edited or manipulated. it's drawing criticism for having gaps. jonathan: d.p.s. now since requested the video but the questions remain about what happened during bland's arrest. and the moments before she was found dead in her jail cell. i want to watch and let people know. watch the video and watch the tow truck driver because there is a blip there. abc's marci gonzalez has more.
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marci: today, new questions in the case of sandra bland, the woman found dead in the texas jail cell last week. the dash cam video showing the tense moments leading to the arrest three days earlier, when she was pulled over for changing lanes without signaling. >> do you mind putting our your cigarette? >> i'm in my car. why do i have to put/my great? kimberly: the trooper ordering her to get out of the car. >> get out of the car. >> she repeatedly refuses. >> don't touch me. i'm not under arrest. >> you are under arrest. i will light you up. get out. now. >> wow! >> get out of the car. >> failure to signal. you are doing this for that? kimberly: moments later the cell phone video from a bystander. >> knocked my head in ground. i have epilepsy. kimberly: explaining in the arrest affidavit and to the responding officer what he claimed happened off-camera. >> she started getting away and kicked me. kimberly: the full video made
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public today after the allegations of the texas department of public safety released an edited version. it comes one day after this video came to light showing the moment police realized she was dead in her cell with a garbage bag around her neck. officials ruling it a suicide. but the family denies that claim and ordered an independent autopsy. the case is still under investigation. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: we have breaking news to tell you about. it's coming to us from los angeles. a man was detained outside of an event for vice president joe biden. our sister station in los angeles reports that the man did have a gun. the los angeles times reporting that a gun was loaded and found inside the man's car. he has not been arrested. but stay with abc7 for updates on this developing story. kimberly: ferguson missouri has a new interim police chief. andre anderson will take over
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tomorrow. he is focused on bringing peace to the community after last year's fatal shooting by an officer. >> i am asking the city of ferguson, community members mainly community members and leaders if we can set a course in the history books that clearly proves that peace prevails. kimberly: jackson's resignation came days after they cited racial bias and profiling in ferguson policing. jonathan: serious cancers after a massive fire in new jersey. it broke out at 2:30 a.m. five alarm means it's huge. this is automotive complex in north brunswick. they are setting it burn out. several businesses use the warehouse for storage. some contain cars. some have plastics.
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others had carpeting. >> there are plastics that are inside the building that is burning. and so we are aware and very cautious with regard to any kind of toxics there can be. jonathan: smoke looks nasty. major highway was closed for a while. several apartment complex nearby evacuated as a precaution. the mayor jumped in and said listen if you folks are going to stay home, stay inside and turn off your air conditioning if possible. kimberly: chris brown has left the philippines. that is interesting because he almost didn't. he was detained there this morning. the philippine department of justice ordered he could not leave the country because some concert promoter said he owed them money after not showing for a concert last new year's eve. he apparently sorted out the issue, according to tmz. now to his next problem. he is flying to hong kong right now but because of the delay, he may miss yet another concert. that is supposed to be underway right now. >> well, next week is your chance to get a free ride on a
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silver line express bus providing service from the east metro station to dulles international airport. july 26 and 27 dulles international airport will offer free rides on the silver line express bus to celebrate one year since silver line opened. a normal bus ride is $5. time to check out the traffic situation. jamie sullivan joining us. it is slow today but that is okay because the weather is beautiful. jamie: i know! one of those days you just get to roll the windows down and enjoy the ride. speaking of metro, actually, traveling on the rail. no problems right now to report. that is good news. because we had issues on the redline. take a live look. this is 395. working your way southbound out of the city. we have stop-and-grow traffic. the reason for this delay is because of a crash. this accident 395 southbound near seminary road. we pull out a little bit. commute from the 14th street bridge continuing south getting closer to the capital
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beltway. it will take 18 to 20 minutes. the commute as far as the beltway goes, bottom stretch getting from van dorn to the wilson bridge in the teens. then the normal congestion. you see this passing by tyson's corner getting closer to the g.w. parkway on the inter -- b.w. parkway. we are on the brakes to average 15 miles per hour. we have closures near nats park. these will last until 6:00 this evening. they do it three hours before the game and two hours after on the half street and the m. street southeast. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. we have been bragging about it all newscast. it's sensational day! kimberly: i hope you had a chance to get outside. because the humidity just evaporates. doug: people say the forecast weather is sometimes boring. no it's not. there are always the changes and it's fun. this time worked out the timing wise just right. we are in good shape here. take a deep breath for a bit here. it's cooler drier and best
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thing of all no rain chances. we have had enough rain. this is a time lapse to share with you from the congressional country club in bethesda. we are seeing a few fair weather clouds but that is it. it's comfortable, delightful. cloudiness out there now to get to the sunset. heat of the day is finished. clear night ahead. look at this on the 22nd of july. afternoon temperatures in full sunshine. 70's. low to mid-80's. a hot spot at reagan national. 88 degrees. all surrounding the area, most temperatures in the mid-80's 84 86. the biggest numbers, the dew point numbers. we use this to figure out how much moisture in the air to let us know if we're uncomfortable, comfortable. this is absolutely delightful. for summertime here. through the evening, no major changes. we see clearing skies. dissipating cloud cover. temperatures will slowly and steadily drop 70's to the 60's. outlying areas from the city
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could be 57 degrees by tomorrow morning. 69 inside the beltway. it will be fine. so here is the way it goes on the future cast for the next couple of days. thanks to high pressure anchored over lake erie to move east and southeast. what that does is keep the wind generally out of the north. that funnels in the drier air. cooler air. the sun is high in the sky. it will be warm. but what is most important is pushing the cloud cover and the rain all to the south. keep it south as long as we are under control of the high pressure. that will deal tonight, tomorrow friday saturday and sunday. by late saturday night and sunday the surface to the south. that will bring humidity levels back up a little bit. here is how it looks for the seven-day. 87 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 89 degrees. still comfortable as we get through friday. over the weekend. a slight increase in the humidity levels with the mostly sunny skies on saturday. near 90. back to hot and the humid stuff sunday and monday with the showers and the thunderstorms. hot and humid. tuesday, wednesday outlook.
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kimberly: i will enjoy it while we can. jonathan: everyone's best fremd on a day like today. doug: funny how that works. jonathan: thanks. kimberly: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- hundreds of capitol workers taking the day off to protest. learn what they are demanding from their bosses. jonathan: stay on top of any breaking news by signing up for the text alerts. go to enter your cell phone number and you will get the text alerts. we'll be right back.
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jonathan: hundreds of contract workers at the capitol on strike provoting what they call poverty wages. john: good afternoon. hundreds of the u.s. capitol employees, federal contractors are making sure their message is loud and clear here on capitol hill. look at the large rally going on now. they are not working today. off the job. instead, on strike. marching down constitution avenue moments ago and holding a rally in the shadow of the capitol building with the support of the lawmakers like senator bernie sanders who is running for president. black and latino workers calling for better wages. cooks, janitors, landscapers who say $10 an hour they are
4:25 pm
currently making is poverty wages. we spoke with one man who says he has no choice but to live in what he calls the ghetto. >> you better come. i have teenage kids. we need more money and more benefits. john: senator sanders is introducing a $15 marble minimum wage bill. he is calling on president obama to sign union executive order. potentially rewarding the federal companies that pay the employees at least $15 an hour. on capitol hill john gonzalez, abc7 news. kimberly: "7 on your side" with a health alert now. the number of teenage girls using the morning after pill has significantly jumped. a new c.d.c. survey suggests more than one in five sexually active teen girls has used that pill. ten years ago it was one in 12. there used to be restrictions on the purchase of the pill. now all teens can buy it
4:26 pm
without a prescription. ever feel rushed when you are visiting the doctor? well, now there is a program that gives you extra one-on-one time with your physician. it's called walk with the doc. patients can walk outside with the doctor and get answers to the medical questions they might have in a more natural setting. >> you can elaborate more. if you are in the doctor office and you have a time constraint and you have to get the patient out in 15 minutes there is just so much you can do in the 15-minute time to educate your patient and expand on what to do beyond medications. kimberly: it's good for their health to walk. to find a program with you go to walk with a jonathan: still ahead at 4:00 new worries for the local students trying to pay for college. proposed changes to a federal program that could lead them scrambling. kimberly: learn how a photo that went viral saved the lives of the precious pups
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jonathan: preparing for college comes with its own set of worries but imagine if you had a grant and you depend on that money to pay for the classes and then it was takeen away. kimberly: that is what some d.c. families fear could happen with issues with funding for d.c. tag. a tuition assistance program. our d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains.
4:30 pm
>> i'm here because i'm concerned about the d.c. tag. sam: anthony moore's son plans to go to the university of alabama at birmingham. nora's daughter, east carolina. she is worried too. >> if we don't get the funding it could mean the students won't get the grant they depend on to help pay the tuition. sam: the committee didn't allow video cameras in markup but both families were inside the save d.c. tag. it pays the difference between in and out of state tuition and provides grants for students at black colleges and helped more than 22000 d.c. students afford college since it started. d.c. delegate was there as well concerned because the house cut funding by a third from $30 million to $20 million. however, when the senate appropriations numbers were released it was still $30 million. >> the money is remaining intact. i know fla miss horton worked hard to do that.
4:31 pm
we enjoy working with her. >> i am on bended knee and saying whatever you do to the district don't take d.c. tag from us. >> wilson high school looking to use d.c. tag in the future. we're there as well. >> without the tag, there would be like a huge population, percentage of the population not going to college. >> a victory of sports at least in the senate for the d.c. tag program. president obama said he plans to veto the entire budget so how it ultimately shapes out for d.c. remains to be seen. reporting from the u.s. capitol, sam ford abc7 news. kimberly: turning to the weather now. it is so gorgeous outside. welcome break from the intense heat. jonathan: a nice break. a huge turn-around too. a great day. how long will cooler temperatures stick around? check in with the chief meteorologist doug hill. you have to be happy. beating your chest on a day like today.
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doug: it's comfortably warm. waves of the appalachians and mostly in the 70's. everybody having the dryer air. the dryer air is making the heat index how it feels comfortable. the dew point or the heat index the air temperature 87 right now. it's feeling a degree cooler than the air temperature at reagan national. comfortable all the way around. tonight, we will stay comfortable. with mostly clear skies we drop to 60's tonight. by morning between 57 and 69 with the clear skies. beautiful sunshine for your wake-up call. we will climb to 87. but again, comfortable with the light northerly winds bringing in the dry air. so we are really in a fine shape weather wise going
4:33 pm
forward. coming up in a little bit we will look at the weekend. concentrate on the weekend forecast as well. >> thank you doug. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused an early morning house fire in northeast washington. the flames engulfed the home at 46 and hunt place around 3:40 in the morning. firefighters say the two-story home was abandoned. that is a good news. the bad news police say the fire is suspicious. >> so it is one of the highlights when you think about it. you go to the nats game. sit at the park. great day. great baseball. then great food. the question is who is watching the kitchen to make sure that the food you are eating is safe? >> you know who is watching the kitchen. "7 on your side"'s iteam investigator joce sterman explains now what she found in inspections done at the stadium. joce: when you come to nats park on any game day, get one of the programs. if you take a look, this provides a list of all the things you can eat while you are here. we are talking about everything from hot dogs to sushi and chili. how do you know if what is on the list being served up in the ballpark is safe?
4:34 pm
well, we know. the "7 on your side" iteam took a look at the inspection report for nats park and looked at what the investigators found in the check of what happens in the kitchens around the ball field. there have been critical violations. we will detail those for you on "abc7 news at 5:00". we can tell you right now there has been nothing found by inspectors that closed down vendors or restaurants in nats park in the last three years. but "7 on your side" did raise questions on how often the inspections are done considering the d.c. health department did not check the ballpark at the start of the season as they have done in years past. >> is it that important? >> of course! >> if you are services the public with food there is a public trust. you have to do it. joce: coming up at 5:00, we tell you what the health department says how safe is it to eat at the nats park and what the vendors and the operators do at the ballpark at a regular basis to cape you safe. at nats park, joce sterman
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abc7 news. kimberly: virginia tech will be closed on labor day. the university president sent out a letter to the community saying it's odd this hasn't always been the case on a national holiday. it just so happens there is a certain game being played that day. the hokies will be taking on the ohio state buckeyes at home. big crowds are expected on the field and not in the classroom. jonathan: oh that! kimberly: oh that. jonathan: more overseas visitors and more money coming to the commonwealth. virginia governor terry mcauliffe says 413,000 overseas visitors took in the sights in 2014. they bring money. that is up 17% from the year before. mcauliffe says the tourism revenues for 2014 are expected to jump by 4.1%. that exceeds $22.4 billion. kimberly: this is a photograph you have got to see. it is credited with saving the lives of two shelter dogs just hours before they were scheduled to be put down.
4:36 pm
on monday angels among us pet rescue near atlanta posted the adorable photo of the dog on facebook. i appears that they are hugging each other at the kennel. they were scheduled to be euthanized that afternoon. the touching facebook photo spread quickly within two hours. angels among us had found a home. jonathan: i put it on my facebook. it's adorable. when you rescue a dog, they know it. they love you and they are loyal anyway but that special bobbed you have -- bond with them. kimberly: thank you. thank you. doggie hug. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- alarming news for drivers. hackers taking control of the vehicle. no kidding! the new danger exposed and how an automaker is responding to this. kimberly: a strange health alert in florida. how rising leprosy cases are linked to armadillos of all things.
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jonathan: check this out. amazing video from florida. two sheriff deputies rushing to save a deputy whose car caught fire after collision. he was responding to a call for backup when someone crashed into a car. sending it to a i the. it caught pfeiffer and trapped. authorities pulled him out
4:40 pm
and -- it caught his arm and he was trapped. authorities pulled him out and he is expected to be okay. no word what caused the crash or if the corral charges will be fired as a result. kimberly: imagine driving along and your car stops or accelerates quickly and you didn't intend for that to happen. this is alarming new video that raises real questions about the car safety. jonathan: this is terrifying. from this shows how somebody could hack your car and drive it by remote control on a highway. abc7's thom lamas has the on the schumer -- consumer alert. reporter: u.s. senators hitting the hazard button trying to put the brakes on what you are about to see. >> i can't see anything because of the [bleep] windshield wipers fluid. reporter: hackers taking over the jeep cherokee gains complete control and shutting the vehicle down. this is not science fiction.
4:41 pm
wired magazine posting the video and the report on their site. exposing the terrifying new danger some drivers now face. >> it's very unnerving to lose control of your car. >> they got in through you connect. if that is not scary enough. watch what they do here. >> hold on tight. hold on. >> they remotely disable the brakes. the cherokee sliding uncontrolably into a ditch -- uncontrolably into a ditch. they tell abc news they are aware of the problem and release software update to offer improved vehicle electronic security and communication system enhancements. yesterday u.s. senators markey and blumenthal introduced rating system for consumers to let them know how protected the cars are from hackers. >> in the wrong hands it could be used to hijack a vehicle.
4:42 pm
jonathan: fiat chrysler says it has a software fix to stop hackers or limit the access. you can download the software from the auto-maker website and instill on the vehicle or ask the dealers to instill it for you. kimberly: the more we rely on wire -- wi-fi the more opportunity to be hacked. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- target is under fire for a t-shirt and one word displayed on it. how the store is responding to criticism. kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert for car shoppers and why you want to think twice before taking advantage of the financing deals.
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kimberly: good news for amazon customers. the home services program is expanding to several new cities including washington, d.c. home services is a hub for connecting with the local handymen and women. you can request customized services and seek out estimates from the handyman or order a prepackaged surface like mounting a flat-screen tv. or just call jonathan who is
4:46 pm
super handy. jonathan: i just have to get my tools out of storage. target is accused of missing the mark. they are under fire for selling t-shirts stirring up anger across social media. kimberly: this shirt is ablazed with what some say is sexism. reporter: this morning target facing backlash for a t-shirt with the word "trophy." >> it is making a woman feel like they are just an object. reporter: taking to twitter to slam target for the shirt calling it demoralizing demeaning and asking under what circumstances should any human being be a t-shirt to indicate they are a trophy. launching a petition to get it removed from the shelves. target responded to the criticism in a statement to abc news saying, "it is never our intention to offend anyone. it's part of engagement and wedding shirts. we have received overwhelming positive response from our guests." target no stranger to the
4:47 pm
controversy had heat earlier in year after this small business t-shirt designer spotted one of her designs in target stores. >> it was almost surreal. seeing it there in a store i shop at. reporter: the retail giant later pulling that shirt from the shelves. now more than 8000 people asking them to stop selling the shirt. saying it's far from a prize. kimberly: oh target must be hating this publicity. jonathan: no. target is loving it. there is no such thing as bad publicity. they sold a million shirts by doing that. kimberly: i think it's kind of cute. jonathan: experts in florida now blaming a higher than normal number of leprosy cases on armadillos. cute animals but don't play with them. the c.d.c. say they are the only animal that carry leprosy, bacterial disease affecting the skin and nerves. it's bad. florida typically has ten cases of leprosy per year. this year there are already nine cases reported.
4:48 pm
>> so what happened this year is not necessarily concerning but what is interesting is the cases were all of the people who were in direct contact with the armadillos. jonathan: wow! c.d.c. reports it's possible to get the disease from the armadillo. that is le rassy is bad. the risk is low but why would you want to take a chance. people are advised to avoid contact with armadillos if phobe. for possible. i never thought i'd say avoid contact with armadillos. kimberly: a lion wandering the streets? what do you think? jonathan: big cat. kimberly: they received a flood of 911 calls reporting a very large cat. department of the natural resources believe it may be a lionesse but it's not confirmed, though. officers are on the look-out for the cat and some speculate it may have followed deer to the city from upstate. jonathan: they have lions in upstate? lions are from africa. lions? that is not a mountain lion.
4:49 pm
they were talking about regular lions. kimberly: some people have exotic pets. they get loose. jonathan: pretty soon you could be able to order breakfast anytime of the day at mcdonald's. those egg mcmuffins you can get in the afternoon. they told them to prepare for a nationwide roll-out of breakfast menu this fall. the all-day breakfast menues are tested in a number of cities around the country. states like mississippi have it going and are successful. call it the snack that keeps on giving. check out the huge ball of caramel corn created by the cosmos creation in oregon. big piece. it's eight feet tall 20 feet wide and weighs 6700 pounds. do you like caramel? kimberly: love. jonathan: it took 100 hours to make it. it's large enough to fill 17,000 of the company's 6.5 ups bags. kimberly: did you see it? president obama in new york city yesterday where he joined jon stewart for the final time
4:50 pm
on "the daily show." >> are you feeling like seven years in whatever? president obama: i finally know what i'm doing. >> you are figuring it out. i'm figuring this thing out. i saw you -- president obama: there is no doubt that you get better as you go along. it's like any other job. you get more experience. but what i do think has happened is a lot of the work we did early starts bearing fruit later. kimberly: the president joked, "i can't believe i'm leaving -- you're leaving before i am." stewart is leaving as host of "the daily show" next month. president obama appeared on the show seven times. it is a very big day for one of the royal family's smallest members. jonathan: these kids are adorable aren't they? no question. prince george celebrating his second birthday which gives us an opportunity to show you more pick thurs. there he is. the parents, kate is gorgeous and they are expected to hold a small family party today at the country retreat. i can only imagine what the spread looks like.
4:51 pm
earlier today the buckingham palace happy birthday was played at the changing of the guard. when they say that small retreat, that has to be you know 15 miles of rolling country. kimberly: at least. at least. jonathan: pretty good. good to be royal. kimberly: good to royal. good to be doug hill when you are right about the weather all the time. jonathan: we are all getting the royal treatment. doug: this is good stuff. enjoy it. i won't last. squeeze three, three and a half days out of the pattern. for the record this summer that is good. jonathan: really good. doug: talk about the weekend. weekend plans start with the highlight. saturday and sunday outlook. here is the way it is shaping up. a lot of sunshine. i should tell you that the humidity levels will start to creep up just a bit on saturday. a little more. sunday with lower 90's. there could be isolated shower sunday night but most of the weekend is dry. we have a chance, 30% by sunday evening. it feels like summer in the air. saturday evening, there is just down the street here, at crystal drive, the crystal
4:52 pm
city twilighters, 5k. clear skies. a little warm. humidity levels will creep up in the nighttime. but a lot of sunshine all weekend long. water temperature is warm. lower 80's for the daytime highs. the local shores mid-80's. for the next seven days ramp up the heat a little bit. tolerable. the humidity levels stay in check through friday. saturday is up a bit. sunday a bit more at 91 with a chance of storms. cold front on monday. frontal zone. get the temperature 91 with the storms with that. staying the hot and humid. jonathan: days like this everybody is in a good mood. have you noticed? doug: funny how that works. kimberly: unless you are stuck inside all day and then you are bummed. or it's your second traffic. let's check in with jamie to see how it is looking. jamie: we have a lot of people stuck in traffic but it's not what we are used to. starting off with a crash 395 southbound.
4:53 pm
near seminary road. it has you at 19 miles per hour. just behind this activity. we pull out a little bit your stretch on 395 getting from the 14th street bridge continuing closer to the capital beltway. it will take you 22 minutes. this is normal. we don't have anything that is really causing major issues right now. there is an accident fairfax, on fairfax boulevard, heading westbound. right at fairfax lane. all lanes are blocked off right now. the police on the scene. follow the police direction. as we move to the capital beltway virginia getting to maryland on the bottom stretch. basically from van dorn street to the wilson bridge you average 15 miles per hour. then moving to talk about what we have as far as closures in the d.c. area. until 6:00, still on half street and n street because of the nationals game. with the closures in the area. but no big issues as far as the accidents. hope that is good news. that is a look at traffic. we ha
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
kimberly: late summer can be a great time to buy a car as they make way for next year's cars. jonathan: they roll out what looks like great deals but john matarese has a warning for shoppers so you don't waste your money. john: this is a great time for the auto-makers to drum up interest and the families think of the back-to-school shopping. but it's out of reach for most people. businesses from car dealers to realtors to the furniture stores are desperately trying to bring in customers these days. one of the best promotions to make a sale is 0% financing. but aol autos warn there is a catch with many of the latest promotions. as many as half of all shoppers don't qualify for it. aol auto says you may need a 700 credit rating to get 0% on a car. but many people don't find that out until they have fallen in love with a car on the loot and are ready to sign the papers. so from the doesn't that stink
4:58 pm
file the reality of trying to get the low advertised rate. ad for 4% mortgage is same thing. without very good credit you won't qualify. the people who need it most can't get it. doesn't that stink? it's a lot different from five years ago when everyone with a pulse could get a low-interest loan. it's july 2015 the "new york times" saying 10% of the consumers are qualifying for the 0% interest so ask about it before you snowfall in love with something and don't -- before you fall in love with something on the floor and don't waste your money. john matarese. >> dangerous encounter. >> i hope it doesn't happen again. >> bicyclist recovering tonight after an attack that is a particular concern because of where and when. metro riders can't catch a break. and the many choices at nats park demands many inspections. so why were the food
4:59 pm
inspectors late to the game this season? now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: tonight a woman is recovering after being stabbed while riding her bike. >> terrible crime making the attack more disturbing. she is seven months pregnant. brianne carter joining us live. you spoke to that woman not long ago. >> just in the last hour i spoke to that woman over the phone. she said she has only lived in d.c. a month. she is seven months pregnant. and coming here across here to come in southeast when she says she was attacked. >> i definitely had a little fear. >> in my own community. >> the search is on for a man and a pregnant woman riding her bike on the way from work. >> she was riding the bike
5:00 pm
across the pennsylvania avenue bridge approaching 17 street around 5 tuesday evening. out of nowhere, she is was attacked. police say the man armed with a knife stabbed the woman in the shoulder and kept riding for a few blocks before getting off her bicycle for help. woman says she received stitches but tonight is doing okay. >> i did say there was an injury. >> this couple says they were just coming home to their neighborhood in southeast across from congressional cemetery tuesday afternoon when they saw the police. >> from all angles. >> on bikes, cars. >> now she said she ended up here a few blocks away from the originally happened and she looked back to make sure that no one was behind her. tonight they released information that he is 30 to 40 5'10", or 5'11". a busy time along this stretch of the road. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live brianne


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