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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news and noon on your time -- on your side. >> eight businesses damaged, for buildings destroyed, and dozens of commuters stranded. firefighters are still on the scene after a very large fire in historic harpers ferry, west virginia. it started around 3:15 this morning, and our john gonzalez is first on that scene. it is still causing problems even at this hour. john: you are absolutely right
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because there are still a number of road closures at this hour including shenandoah, potomac and high feet. you're right up against the yellow caution tape and up close and personal, you can see the extent of the damage. a number of firefighters on the scene as the buildings continue to smolder. during the comment of the night in an already quiet town of harpers ferry, flames ripped through a historic section of building. for buildings, at least one of them 200 years old, or destroyed. eight businesses are a total loss including the private quinn pub on potomac street. >> i could not believe it. i did not think it would be this bad but it just cap burning. jois still unknown. fire crews from several different jurisdictions around the area.
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more than seven hours later crews were still battling hotspot. >> i think everything is pretty much under control now, just a lot of extra work going through the debris. john: livelihoods are going almost as quickly as the brick and mortar but fortunately, no injuries are reported. >> it was part of a builder -- a bigger building. john: with belongings covered insight, martha is trying to literally look at the bright side. >> put the sign out in the water, i have gotten some photographs of rainbows. you can just hope that we can rebuild. john: from the rainbow to flames, take a look at this video we have just obtained shot by a resident who lives right here. he was awakened by the flames and he quickly called 911.
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if you come back out to us live, you can see inside one of the businesses. this is the village shop, one of eight businesses destroyed this afternoon. a lot of folks will have a lot of cleanup ahead. in the meantime, just across the street the market station in harpers ferry is off-limits to commuters, and it will remain that way perhaps through today and maybe even the rest of the week. reporting live, john gonzalez. jummy: such a tough site to see. make sure you stay with us for continuing coverage and be the first to know when there is breaking news. good at to sign up for our breaking news alert. firefighters quickly put out his fire at a ups distribution center in laurel. this was around 7:30 this morning. it started on the top of an elevator car. no one was hurt.
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addressing safety concerns, the federal transit administration just wrapped up an eye-opening meeting with leaders. sam sweeney is covering the three major issues and how they impact writer safety. sam: the leader of the federal transit administration made three can turning remarks to the board members today, and they should affect everyone who rides the rails. she said in scathing remarks wmata is not complying with its own safety plan, metro employees are not trained well enough, and are not trained well enough to do their daily job. she points out that metro staff members are not trained well enough to deal with emergency situations like we saw in january. her third major point out with maintenance. she says me -- metro need to do major track work and the only way to get that done is by reducing service.
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>> our intent is to continue to make wmata a staple. working with the team and very importantly, working with the board to support us in whatever corrective actions. sam: metro says they are dealing with these problems, tackling them one by one and they are dealing with the most serious first. it will take several months before they can get them all taking care of. to be fair, the head of the federal transportation administration takes metro every day. she says it is safe but needs to be a little safer. jummy: the debate underway right now about the iran nuclear deal. three members of president obama's cabinet trying to ease concerns before a senate foreign relations hearing. stephanie ramos reports.
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stephanie: republicans quickly made it clear they were not happy with the iran nuclear deal. >> i believe you have been fleeced. you have turned iran from being a pariah do now congress congress being a pariah. stephanie: secretary of state john kerry with treasury secretary and energy secretary testified before lawmakers. >> from the day that those talks began, we will crystal clear that we would not accept anything less than a good deal. stephanie: even democrats have questions. >> are these robust enough to deter iran from cheating? if they do, will we discover and the able to take action? >> we set out to dismantle their ability to build a nuclear weapon and we have achieved that. stephanie: many say no deal is better than the current deal kerry and his team just struck.
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>> the choice we face is between an agreement that will ensure iran's nuclear program is limited, scrutinized, and wholly peaceful, or no deal at all. stephanie: the clock is ticking on the0 days congress has to review the deal. it is clear kerry and the obama administration faced a real challenge trying to get support on capitol hill. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. jummy: for a closer look at this deal and its impact, make sure you watch a national town hall tonight on our news channel 8. it will also stream live on we turn our eyes to the skies now. a beautiful day with low humidity. doug hill is here with the first look at the forecast. doug: it is the kind of weather pattern i can get used to. clear skies, warm temperatures
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but comfortable humidity. on the campus of montgomery college, just a few clouds but no rainfall. 82 in washington, fredericksburg, 78 degrees. 79 in winchester and frederick and the air is very dry so it is very comfortable. our average high today is 89. wind will be light out of the northwest at about three to six miles per hour. as long as high pressure is positioned to our north and west, we will be in good shape. the system will move off to the east by the weekend, turning the wind back to the south bringing more heat and humidity and maybe thunderstorms as early as sunday evening. jummy: thank you. now we want to take a look at the roadways. >> we are starting out with 66 delays.
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66 headed westbound, right before you get to the connector road blocking the lane. this is where we actually have the accident activity so everybody is squeezing by using only the right lane. you can see the yellow line, a solid red line approaching the accident activity. it will take you about 20 minutes from the roosevelt ridge continuing out to the capital beltway. approaching the beltway, 20 miles per hour. as you get closer to fairfax, we are only at about 10 miles per hour. i do want to focus in on the area of chevy chase, bethesda, heading southbound on connecticut avenue at jones bridge road. accident locking the left lane. stay to the right and follow police direction. jummy: we have another traffic story, some sobering numbers. the greater washington, d.c. number is seeing a great jump in
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drunk driving related deaths. they have been found on the decline around the country. newly released numbers from 2013 show 81 the ui deaths. arrests went up with police booking 17,700 drunk drivers. the accused of murdering three alexandria reverend -- residents is in a courtroom right now. he is in fairfax county circuit court for a pre-sentence trial. we will have more on what comes out of this hearing tonight on abc seven news starting at 4:00. you can find the latest on our website, two teenagers are in jail accused in a gruesome attack. a 16-year-old an 18-year-old stabbed five people to death inside a home in oklahoma. found five people inside as well is a child who
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was still alive. both teenagers are related to the victims. an american base jumper has died in a parachute accident in eastern turkey. 37-year-old ian flanders was participating in a nation sport -- when his parachute wrapped around his leg. we are hearing a newly released recording of sandra land, the 28-year-old leaving this message for a friend after her arrest. >> i am at a loss for words about this whole process, how switching lanes with no signal turned into all of this. jummy: that call wins just hours after bland was arrested. her family is speaking out about the dash cam footage, about the
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officer berating her. >> i do believe that she intended to be cooperative. as the officer asked her what was wrong with her, she answered appropriately. jummy: police deny claims they edited the dash cam tape. they released a full copy to abc 7 news, claiming the hiccup on a computer glitch. fast-moving wildfires burning out west this noon, visitors forced to flee from their cars. the must-see video of one family's close call. mission complete, the big project in wrapped up in the district. doug is looking ahead to that all-important weekend. will this beautiful weather
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you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: bc elections officials have cleared the way for a $15 minimum wage to be added to the ballot. the district's minimum wage is now $10.50 an hour and will go up to $11.50 an hour under a law approved by the d. the push for higher wages is gaining momentum on both sides of the country. in new york, the state wage board has endorsed the proposals for a $15 minimum wage. the university of california system says it will do the same for employees at its 10 campuses. presidential candidate donald trump makes his long-awaited trip to the u.s.-mexico border where he will meet with the union that represents u.s. customs and border patrol agents.
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he drew wide criticism when he called all illegal aliens -- immigrants criminals and rate this. -- rapists. nearly two dozen fires are burning out west and they are scorching thousands of acres forcing people to leave their homes. at lakeshore national park visitors were -- glacier national park, visitors were forced to evacuate. another fire has burned thousands of acres in napa california, forcing hundreds to evacuate. you can call it mission complete, the ladybird boring machine has completed the journey under d.c.. i know ray has is in southeast -- a net reyes. anette: the lady or machine -- bird is slowly emerging from the ground as we week.
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you are probably wondering, what is it and why should you care? it is all about cleaning up the pollution and that potomac and anacostia rivers. it is 100 feet underground, at least it used to be, and it has been cutting its way through creating a tunnel for the past two years. this is to avoid pouring sewag and -- into the water when it rains. >> the anacostia flows into the potomac which flows into the chesapeake, and we are all interested in the viability of the chesapeake. it is in the bad -- it is in bad shape right now. annette: what this means is eventually the potomac river will be slow mobile and fissionable. both of the rivers will be completed by 2018.
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jummy: you never know what is going on. doug: i have been driving past that every day. i figured out what they are doing there, and i think it is a great idea. the weather is perfect. how many more days like this can we squeeze out? jummy: 10. doug: i wish. at least until saturday. this is our weatherbug camera at oakdale high school, and a few clouds this morning but generally, mostly sunny skies. comfortably warm because dew point levels, humidity levels are so low. 82 at reagan national, 81 in frederick, 79 degrees in annapolis. the good news is, we have the combination of low humidity, bright sunshine, and seasonably
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warm temperatures, making it as comfortable as it gets. we get to about 87, a couple of degrees below average, but we will see a fairly nice cool off into the 70's tonight. we are going to look ahead. the good news, this time it will be a slow change. we will slowly get out of the comfortable weather into the more uncomfortable weather. 75 in raleigh right now, 95 in wilmington. comfortable air coming in from the midwest and the upper great lakes. it is all about this high pressure center. as long as it stays to our north, west, or just to our northeast it will keep us high and dry and pleasant. it will get offshore and eventually turn the wind back to the south, increasing heat and humidity, but it will happen incrementally. more humid on saturday and sunday. 90 degrees tomorrow, 89 degrees
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on saturday, 91 degrees on sunday. maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two or sund evening. saturday and sunday at the beaches, sunny skies straight through, warm ocean temperatures for this time of year, and highs in the mid to low 80's. the next seven days, warm and comfortable tomorrow, 90 degrees, partly to mostly sunny. 89, more humidity in the air on saturday. a 30% chance of late day storms on sunday. jummy: that couple days looks good. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, deep discounts or misleading advertising? the class action lawsuit against a popular retailer. a health alert, the potential danger lurking in your seafood.
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jummy: welcome back. a salmonella outbreak in 11 states including virginia is linked to rob tonight used in sushi. the cdc says at least 62 cases of salmonella have been linked to raw tuna. the osamu corporation issued two voluntary recalls of tuna sold to restaurants and grocery stores between may 9 and july 9. tj maxx in some hot water, sued on some allegations it misled its customers about discounts. two people filed a proposed class action lawsuit. their claims, the store uses
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deceptive comparative prices to trick their customers, making them think they are saving big on brand name items. tj maxx said "we tell our customers what we mean by compare at prices." a reckless driver in massachusetts is facing -- almost hit two police officers. she was texting when she almost plowed into the officer in the crosswalk. no one was hurt. clear and comfortable for your thursday. doug hill back with your final look at the forecast when we come b
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jummy: gorgeous weather today and at least for the next couple doug: it looks that way, and then humidity levels will come back up again. sunny and warm today. sunday, humidity levels increase with a chance of afternoon storms. more storms on monday and plain old-fashioned, hot and humid for the next week. jummy: thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its capt
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