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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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reporter: at the start of a new year hundreds of thousands of rail riders in the region could at the hop back into cars if congress does not act. >> it would be a terrible thing. reporter: verare and marc officials could shut down service if they do not meet a deadline to install the safety technology. >> it puts me on 95 which is not a quality way of life. reporter: the technology called positive train control would detect the book of motive location and speed and adjust to prevent collision. transportation experts say keeping -- they could likely have prevented the deadly derailment outside of philadelphia back in may. vre an d marc officials say will be on the train by year end but not all the tracks. neither company owns the tracks. they are on by amtrak or csx. cxs says they will need more
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time.'s book person tells abc seven they have more than $1 billion developing technology but they do not what to put it on the tracks before it is ready. riders are hopeful lawmakers will step in. >> i don't is for congress to do nothing quickly but i think they will eventually. reporter: that is certainly the hope by many that say they move further away because they knew they could rely on the service like vre and marc. we will have to see what happens with congress before that december 31 deadline. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: a similar story on metro. it needs time to make safety upgrades which likely will mean service cuts. that involves maintenance as well as safety upgrades. the final decision has not been made yet. they are looking at single tracking is released 8:00 p.m. along with more today and we can work. >> very upsetting because i'm in
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a rush right now turning it back to my job and i know waiting for another train is counterproductive. >> it's going to be in the middle of the day. i am glad they're worried about achy but i will have to find a different way to get to work. leon: single tracking is largely off the table during rush-hour as well as closing lines for long periods of time. maureen: a man pleads guilty of breaking away from police s under chase a captivated the region. it happened in fairfax county in the spring. he faces 32 years in prison. he was in police custody in fairfax hospital when police say he overpowered a guard, led police on a manhunt, and carjacked two people. he was captured in the district and there were no injuries involved. leon: new protections for millions of federal workers following a massive data breach at the office of personnel management according to "roll call." the senate agreed to 10 years of
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credit monitoring service and some liability protection. some senators opted not to give extra money to the opm. more than 22 million federal workers were impacted by the breach. kimberly: wonderful to be a this pleasant stretch of weather and we hope it will last a while longer. enjoy the comfortable temperatures and clear skies because perhaps some things will change as they always will. doug hill is here with the outlook for us. doug: humidity levels will rise sle next few days. in the meantime it is absolutely gorgeous. just down the potomac from here in arlington, this is alexandria and the belle haven country club. a few high-level clouds overhead. 86 know at reagan national. winchester and 82. 84 degrees it baltimore and low humidity is very comfortable. clear to partly cloudy skies and a slow jog to the 70's this evening. by early
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tomorrow morning 59 to 69 degrees. high-pressure overhead extending out into the midwest will hang tough for a few more days giving is delightful sunshine while the nasty weather and rain and storms in clouds to the south. -- clouds to the south. we will talk about the weekend in the next seven details -- days in detail coming up. leon: details about the iran nuclear deal. citizen standing up as well. that led to some dueling protests outside the white house. a candidate also got involved. reporter: what started as a small, quiet demonstration outside of lafayette park sponsored by the concern them in of america group took an unexpected turn when republican presidential candidate ted cruz came up to the microphone. >> reporter: counterdemonstrators,
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one of them on a bullhorn began shouting his crews try to address the crowd -- cruz trying to address the crowd. he invited a coping devastated to come up and engagement debate. >>. let's move on >> sir,, not. -- come on out. >> let's make it work. >> i will respond to you now and this is how civilized able have discourses. i heard you out in no way will respond. you said why should we discuss history. those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. reporter: the senator said he would go lobby fellow members of congress to do whatever they can to derail this nuclear deal with iran. that was hit by big cheers from this crowd. outside the white house, horace holmes, abc 7 news. leon: the nuclear deal is the subject of a national town hall tonight at 7:00. its impact on
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israel and america and whether congress should approve the deal. it airs in our sister station, news channel eight at 7:00 p.m. and online at . maureen: the republican-controlled senate panel has bowed -- voted to lift the travel ban for americans to cuba. this year president obama issued new rules that allow regularly scheduled flights to cuba for the first time. the cuban him as he reopened last week in northwest washington. leon: president obama will make history as the first sitting u.s. president t visit kenya and ethiopia. this is a four-day trip. the president will talk with leaders about how to combat islamic extremism in the region. another focus will be on human rights. he will also address the global entrepreneurs summit. kenya is a special place for him because that is where his late father was from. maureen: still ahead, a
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devastating fire at harpers ferry. business owners comes to rebuild and investigators are trying to find the cause. leon: and accused serial killer in court. what happens next for trial severance and the question he asked the judge today. maureen: donald trump on the campaign trail near the mexican border.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. leon: a shooting survivor testified today the murder case against charles severance. he is accused of shooting three people to death over more than a 10 year period. the woman who testified today was a caregiver to ludato's mother. >> the family is deeply and forever grateful to her. what she did was heroic, courageous. i think we're all deeply in debt to her because she gave a desk discussion to the police. leon: defense lawyers questioned the validity of the photo lineup that the woman was shown. the judge ruled it is admissible. maureen: investigators are trying to buy what caused an early morning fire the devastated the a story business district of harpers ferry. it
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broke out a little after 3:00 this morning. a bystander shot this cell phone video shortly after the names started. and heavily damaged a block of four historic building several day businesses. most of them lost everything. >> no one was hurt and as bad as this is because of what the entire town. maureen: the buildings were very valuable and historic. that were built in the early 19th century and they are up the street from harpers ferry national park. leon: donald trump spanning some historical flames in the mix can border today. he says he is confident that he can get the republican nomination for president but he also spent time talking about his signature issue, immigration and border security. he made headlines in recent weeks after making controversial comments about illegal mexican immigrants were all criminals. >> i took a lot of heat the first week in the second week everyone realized i was right. i
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employ thousands of hispanics. i love the people. i love the people. they are fantastic people. they want legal immigration. leon: he was set to be with a border union in texas but at the last minute the union pulled the plug in the meeting. maureen: still ahead >> you think your kid is on k2 and you cannot make them stop. the story of a mother, next. maureen: can we keep the nice weather for the weekend? doug hill has the answer is complete forecast next/ lou: tom brady gets silent treatment from the nfl. a pregame routine you have got to see to believe. this is just the tip of the iceberg. details when abc 7 news news at 6:00
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leon: synthetic drug use link to
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a series of overdoses in the district has gotten so bad the mayor has signed emergency legislation to fight against the. maureen: a young man was in court after several weeks of binging on one of the trucks called k2. reporter: 14 years old. he disappeared for five weeks and his mother says she has a missing persons report. no word from him until he committed a crime by trying to get on a metro train without paying and arrested but transit police. she can do here debate the judge not to let him go. they left d.c. court relieved as she kept her 14-year-old son in juvenile custody. she said he is on the synthetic drug k2 and was missing for five weeks. >> if they release them to me he is going to run again. there is no telling how long for the last on the streets before i get a
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phone call at him laying in an alley or floating in the river. reporter: they are worried about synthetic drugs they go by the names like scooby snacks or bizarro. l2 has even taken over some parks. >> he went for being a catholic honor roll student to now trying to be a bad boy and very rude and disrespectful to everybody. reporter: they admit they cannot control the boy. he is already cut off to ankle bracelets and he was only caught when he walked into a metro train without paying at a metro transit officer grabbed. >> he had a card in money. >> i see my son crying out for help and i were given the help. i'm asking completing and begging the court to help me with this child to keep them off the street. reporter: she complained that he
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put pictures of himself smoking on instagram. the mother says she wants to get him drug treatment while he is in custody. they are scheduled back in court early next month. live from d.c. superior court sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: scientists say via found another earth-like planet that could actually sustain life. they came from the kepler space telescope. is called kepler 452b. it is the closest thing to have found to an earth 20. it orbits a star about the same distance as earth orbits our son. but it is any -- it is in a solar system 1400 light years away from here. no visiting anytime soon. maureen: no metro trains going there. [laughter] doug: the weather has been perfect and we are getting
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closer to the weekend. sit back for a couple of minutes. hopefully we have good weather news for you as we start with a time lapse. beautiful sunrise this morning over the city and temperatures slowly climbing into the 80's. the air remained dry and comfortable throughout the day and still is at this hour. 86 at this moment at reagan national air. were 85 at richmond. 81 at ocean city. very comfortable weather for this time of july. high pressure dominating. that is giving clear skies, sunshine, and a nice will breeze with just below seasonal temperatures. it is pushed the cold front will to the south and is stationary now. all the storms of into the south. they will eventually dissipate and our fair weather system will move out of the way and allow more moisture and higher humidity and higher temperatures back in later in the weekend. there is plenty if you do go
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around. 98 in dallas, oklahoma city. mid 90's always far north as rapid city. all the moisture and moist air will make august of the north and we will be right back in the pattern we've had so often the summer. in the meantime we have another beautiful day to enjoy tomorrow with lots of sunshine. a few fairweather clouds. high of about 90 degrees. saturday, back to 90 in an increase in humidity levels as the wines start to beards the southeast. on sunday hot and humid again. a slight chance of showers and storms in the afternoon. the beaches look fine, including the outer banks. let's give you a good look at the next seven days side-by-side. partly to mostly sunny and warm and comfortable. 90 degrees tomorrow and then again on saturday a bit more humid. sunday, 91 degrees. scattered showers and hot humid weather on monday and tuesday.
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it will remain hot as we head through wednesday and thursday of next week. leon:.good deal we want to see this guy in this crazy scene. lou: first, professionals. the nats. a pre-at that routine that looks more like performance art than baseball.
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>> now the toyota sports desk rocky by your local toyota dealers. lou: redskins fans, this is the last thursday you will be without the burgundy and gold. training camp begins when we come today. to the story that will not end. the associated press reporting that nfl players union proposed a settlement on tom brady's four-game suspension last week and the proposal was met with silence by the nfl. brady was suspended for his role in using underinflated footballs at the patriots victory over the colts in the afc title game. the quarterback has denied any involvement. more to come on this. that come from behind win to take two out of three for the mess was huge for the nationals. solid three and three home stand. now at 10 game roadie. the pittsburgh pirates the best
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game of the national league. orioles trying to avoid a sweep in the boogie down bronx this afternoon. this one was over before began. bases-loaded, bottom of the first four chase headley. over the head of adam jones, clears the basis. 3-0 new york. they sweep the green -- three game series. apparently the the japanese does not describe to the same rules we do. this is the most elaborate free at that routine you'll ever see. jumping twisting, using the bat as a sword. i think at a crossing guard back in the day that did the same kind of stuff. wo every pitchw.. all right. an arbitration hearing today. the goaltender is asking for $8
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million. the team's cattery with $5.1 million. we will let you know. leon: back to your dancing batter their. and then he strikes out. [laughter] lou: make contact. doug: you want good weather, i have it here. tomorrow, bright sunshine and warm temperatures. write about average but the air will be fairly dry. it looks as though we will be much the same on saturday. maybe a small increase in humidity levels. sunday, partly cloudy in very hot and humid. temperatures at about 91. than a frontal system will come through give us a better chance for showers and storms. steeple have more on this at 11:00. maureen: "world news
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tonight, two massive fires burning as we come on the air. the family escaping. >> oh my gosh. go. >> the famous national park families, tourists racing. and the other giant wildfire moving in on hundreds of homes, evacuations at this hour. also tonight, the crash-landing. the passenger jet slamming down onto the runway. passengers panicked. that video, and now the new conclusion. what happened seconds before? donald trump touches down and heads right for the mexican border. and just before our cameras capturing this. authorities say two men trying to run across the border into the u.s. the trouble on the acks. he tries to stop the train. the limousine with the sweet 16 party stuck. the train barrelling right into it. the unbelievable ending. and rushing out of the water today in the northeast. multiple shark sightings.


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