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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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announcer: from abc 7 news. leon: two people are dead and six are wounded after a shooting in a movie theater in louisiana. the gunman is among the dead. reporter: if 58-year-old man walked into a theater showing
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"train wreck." about 20 minutes into the movie, he opened fire. one person was killed. the gunman turned the gun on himself. no idea this point for a motive. police are not identifying the gunman other than to say he is 58 years old. they will not give his identity or it -- identity. the governor has traveled to lafayette, louisiana to be among the first was honors. -- first responders. there could be more than six wounded. trying to get some more information coming in from lafayette. that's the very latest from the breaking news desk. leon: stay with us here on abc
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seven for continuing coverage of that breaking situation. we will bring you more information as soon as we learn it. a security guard was shot to death last week. her killer is still out there somewhere. he and a fellow guard were shot. reporter: the family who organized this vigil and gathered here tonight have been through more than anyone can imagine. they have not only lost one loved one, that to now to gun violence. -- but two now to gun violence. family and friends came together thursday night to remember adrian kinard who was gunned down while working in this very parking lot last week. >> this is very upsetting. adrian did not deserve this.
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he was such a lovable person. reporter: loved ones say he was an aspiring hip-hop artist and great father. he was planning to take the entrance exam to become a police officer. >> he loved people. reporter: he was filling out paperwork in his car while working security when he and another guard were shot ambush style. his 17 or older was shot and killed five years ago. -- 17-year-old brother was shot and killed five years ago. the authorities are working diligently to try to track down the person or persons responsible for these shootings. no arrests at this hour.
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leon: a historic district damaged by fire in harper's ferry, west virginia. they are trying to track down the cause now. the building was deemed eight total loss including eight businesses. -- deemed a total loss, including eight businesses. reporter: irreplaceable damage to these historical buildings. you can see the path of destruction. this is where they think this fire may have started but they are still looking for a cause. this historic town -- >> abraham lincoln, stonewall jackson. reporter: a historic destination is reeling from a destructive three alarm fire. grexit of the fire was down here. -- sex -- >> the fire was down
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here. reporter: witnesses say the fire suddenly appeared in this alley. fire leaping higher and higher caught on cell phone video. no one knows yet what caused all this. as workers field off these irreplaceable buildings, there is a sense of loss. >> for something like this to hit the town is just devastating. reporter: but also determination. >> we will come back strong. >> it's a tragedy for sure, but there was no loss of life so we are grateful for that. reporter: this is quinn's pub. tourism is the lifeblood of this town. they have some 500,000 visitors
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each year. the national park the road will remain opened. many of the streets are untouched. the loss of the buildings is really tough. leon: police have arrested a man accused of dragging an officer stuck in the man's car door. danny harvell is charged with attempted second-degree murder. an officer managed to get his hand tangled inside that car and harvell took off, dragging the officer for more than 100 yards. the officer is recovering from his injuries. public transit cuts could put thousands of commuters back into their own vehicles because of a safety issue. officials tell abc seven that they may have to stop service if congress does not extend a deadline to install new safety technology. the deadline is december 31. if that deadline stays in place,
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service could be shut down. the decision rests on lawmakers. we're also following a similar story. the federal transit and in the -- administration says it needs time to make safety upgrades on the system which will likely mean service cuts. it may also mean more midday and weekend work. cameras installed on a fairfax county trail after a possible they are attack -- bear attack. they will be helping to monitor the wildlife in that area. this coming after police say a dog was seriously injured by a bear or some other wildlife there. the dog does seem to be doing better tonight. weather is doing better tonight
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as well. enjoy it while it lasts. steve: one more really nice day tomorrow so get out thereit if you have the opportunity. 71 in fredericksburg. upper 60's waking up tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine around 85 degrees at noon. we should top off around 90 by the dinnertime hour. humidity is on the increase along with a better chance of some thunderstorms. i will tell you when in a few minutes. leon: an accidental shooting outside of a military recruiting center in ohio. the gunshots came from an armed civilian there guarding that facility. the bullets strpavement and the man holding the gun was charged with a misdemeanor. we have seen several armed
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citizens showing up at these facilities after military personnel were killed in chattanooga, tennessee. reporter: just minutes into president obama's speech at the dsw convention in pittsburgh on tuesday, an elderly veteran climbed onto a chair and held up a large protest sign. commander john johnson was sitting behind him. he says the man was also yelling. >> what about benghazi? reporter: johnson grabbed his sign. he says they acted because this was about disrespect on two fronts. >> it's disrespecting the commander-in-chief. reporter: and to the commanders
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sitting in that section. >> if you want to do that, stay in your own area. reporter: critics lit up twitte "veterans have no free speech i guess in the dsw's eyes. " "elderly veteran of protesting president obama's speech gets manhandled. outrageous." >> freedom of speech? yes, we do, in appropriate circumstances. reporter: the commander says one of these veterans involved is a 70-year-old retired police officer. the commander says he stands by their actions. leon: still ahead, donald trump is in familiar territory.
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>> i took a lot of heat that first week and then the second week everybody realized i was right. leon: what he is saying about the race or the white house. we continue to follow breaking news in louisiana where the death toll is climbing after a shooting
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leon: the death toll has increased in a movie theater shooting in lafayette, the louisiana. three people are now dead. at least six people are injured. the gunman turned the gun on himself in that theater and he is dead as well. this happened during a showing of the movie "train wreck." >> it makes us both furious and sad at the same time. i think guys speak for every mom and dad out there who wants to go hug their kids. this seemingly random act of violence again, they are doing their investigation. they will get to the bottom of this. these kinds of acts of violence happen in movie theaters when there is no good reason why this
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kind of evil should intrude on the lives of families who are just out for a night of entertainment. a lot of us are horrified and shocked. leon: police say they know who the shooter is, but they are not publicly identifying him yet. we will keep you updated. donald trump is near the mexican border tonight. there, he says he is confident he will get the republican nomination for president. he also spent some time speaking about his signature issue immigration and border security. waving to the crowd, republican presidential candidate donald trump flew to laredo texas to talk about immigration and border security. >> i'm the one who brought up the problem. leon: his controversial comments about mexican immigrants stirred up the campaign in recent weeks. trump says his trip to the border town comes as support
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grows for his position on immigration. >> we have big crowds outside and they are all screaming in favor of trump. leon: in the latest washington post poll, about half of potential gop voters say they oppose a legal path to immigration -- citizenship or immigrants. when asked, jeh johnson didn't have any advice for trump, but said this. >> the end document a population in this country has stopped growing. >> i am voice thousands and thousands of hispanics. i love these people. they are great. these are people that want legal immigration. leon: according to a new study, the number of mexican immigrants has dropped more than 50%. despite the criticism that trump
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has faced, he says he is sta in the race and is seriously considering running as an independent if the gop doesn't treat him correctly. members of congress gave john kerry a harsh grilling on the capital hill about the iran deal. iran would curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief. it was the subject of a townhall meeting on news channel 8 this evening. ask -- >> facilities where we think there may be activity going on, our ability to -- our ability for perspective will be zero. leon: congress has 30 days to approve or deny the plan. some incredible new video coming out where to sharks were caught.
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the family who caught them has been going to ocean city for years and they say they have never caught a shark before. these are believed to be sandbar sharks. the family is staying at a place called the shark. i wonder. steve: what would you do with them? leon: i would put them back. today was a good day to be out there on the beach though, right? steve: it was. and the weekend will cooperate with a lack of thunderstorms. monday and tuesday will bring us another chance for showers and storms. thursday night, one day until the weekend. some of you already started your weekend. we are looking at a temperature of 79 degrees at reagan national airport. the winds are nonexistent. it feels great out there right now.
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heat index is around 80 degrees. the high this afternoon made it up to 88, right on target. remember that summer in 2011 where we had a stretch of days with heat indexes ranging from 110 to 115? nothing like that this summer. 66 in winchester. dew point levels, upper 50's to lower middle 60's. that's why it will continue to feel wonderful outside for the day tomorrow. we are really going to start to feel a difference, a change in humidity levels for the upcoming weekend. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms as we move into the day on monday. here is our futurecast as we move through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning.
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you will need sunglasses all day long. tomorrow evening, baseball games , soccer games, it looks perfect for that. mostly sunny warm, winds will be out of the north. lower 90's on saturday and sunday. a chance for storms on monday and tuesday. click look at the beach forecast -- a quick look at the beach forecast. leon: looks good. i will take it. what is going on with you? >> a 10 game roadie reaching a milestone. a
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>> the nats are definitely not getting any cupcakes to start the second half of the season. the dodgers are nipping at their heels. a 10 day roadie begins with the pittsburgh crew that has the second-best team record in all of the national leg. they got roughed up in pittsburgh. pedro alvarez, home run. pirates, 2-0 lead. pittsburgh up 4-1, andrew mccutchen is a former m.v.p.. the pirates won 7-3. ryan zimmerman up the road in harrisburg. not a good night at first base.
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three at-bats, zero for three. he got to run and test out back foot. the senators lost 6-2. this one was over before it began. bases loaded, bottom of the first. over the head of adam jones clears the bases, 3-0 yankees. they cruise to a 9-3 win and sweep the series. the shot of the day from the canadian open. jason day, second shot on 10 from the rough. look at this. oh my goodness. look at the celebration. look how he celebrates. that is how you celebrate an eagle. four under 68, terrific whole. -- hole.
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video of this japanese highschooler with this crazy elaborate pregame routine had me in tears. jumping, twisting, using the bat as a sword. i still do not understand. i would be hitting that kid every time. leon: you can talk about hitting kids on this show. >> i'm sorry. [laughter] leon
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leon: at least seven others have been into it -- injured in the louisiana movie theater shooting. this investigation will continue to unfold in the coming hours. governor bobby jindal is in lafayette and he spoke moments ago, asking for the nation to pray for the families. we will have the latest information for you here and on our website as we get it.
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steve: a nice night tonight, a beautiful morning tomorrow, and a beautiful day. on the wormer side, 90 degrees for washington. we will take it. at least not as humid we -- as we have seen. the next best chance for showers and thunderstorms after the weekend, monday and tuesday. lower 80's on saturday and sunday. those sharks that we showed you earlier were released here it -- released. leon: so it was not a sharknado? [laughter] jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. we will see you tomorrow night. [c
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