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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news deadly shooting. tragedy at the movies. a gunman opening fire in a crowded theater overnight. >> we heard a gunshot. it was so loud it had my ears ringing. >> at least two moviegoers killed. nine others shot some in critical condition this morning. >> and it was like people jumping over seats running and everything like that. >> panicked people racing to the exits. victims carried out of the theater by terrified moviegoers. the hero teachers who helped save live one taking a bullet for a friend and one wounded pulling a fire alarm to help and police on the scene in less tan a minute the shooter taking his own life. >> an awful night for louisiana and the united states in our team on the ground with the latest on the shooter the
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heroes and another american city reeling this morning. and we do say good morning, america. we want to get right to that breaking news this morning. you're looking live at the multiplex in louisiana where the gunman opened fire. here's a look at the scene. a massive police response. moviegoers overcome after the attack. stories of heroism, the two teachers credited with saving so many live amy. >> yes and, david, this is what we know. it began around 7:30 last night, about 0 minutes into a screening of the movie "trainwreck." two people and the gunman are dead. nine others injured. authorizes say the killer was a 58-year-old white man. >> we do have team coverage and hear from some of the witnesses on the scene and investigators asking who was this suspect in his 50s. abc's ryan owens starts us off from the scene this morning. ryan, good morning.
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>> reporter: david, good morning to you. still a very active scene here. take a look behind me. see all the cars in the parking lot. that's because people ran out of the theaters quite understandably quite literally running for their lives. the real-life horror began just 20 minutes into the 7:00 p.m. showing of the comedy "trainwreck" at this lafayette, louisiana, movie theater. a 58-year-old man seated in the theater pulls out a semiautomatic weapon and begins firing into the crowd. >> you heard a gunshot, pow. it was so loud it had my ears ringing. >> reporter: witnesses telling police the gunman whose name has not been released first shot two people directly in front of him. >> i looked and he just very calmly standing there aiming his pistol and shooting. once the second shot happened people started to really panic and it was like people jumping over seats running and everything like that. >> reporter: confusion and chaos as two were killed and at least
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nine others injured. their ages ranging from teenagers to their 60s. >> the whole group of people teenagers mainly running out telling everybody to run for their life and then we saw a lady with blood all over her leg. i just grabbed my child and i mean we just all ran. >> reporter: two of the injured, teachers both cited for their bravery and quick thinking one taking the bullet for the other, both thinking of others. >> one of the teachers took a bullet that could have hit the second teacher in the head. despite injured the teacher was able to pull a fire alarm. >> reporter: all the movies go to plaque and screams echoing throughout the lobby. >> the teacher is injured, she's bleeding on the grass, we come to the realization that the ambulance is not going to come so we pick her up and we begin escorting her over there. probably about 80 yards away. >> reporter: police responding in less than a hint after that first 911 call entering the theater just as the gunman kills
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himself. authorities say he had a criminal record but there is no motive for the killing. the neighborhood around the theater in lockdown this morning. this is an awful night for lafayette. awful night for louisiana, awful night for the united states. we will get through it. >> reporter: 9 star of the movie "trainwreck" amy schumer tweeting "my heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in louisiana." this monk the biggest question remains unanswered and that is what in the world was this man's motive? was he targeting someone? was he trying to send some sort of sick message or did he just want to kill himself and kill some other people as he did it? still unanswered this morning. amy. >> something certainly police will be investigating, ryan thank you. the president was briefed on that shooting on his overseas trip. it came hours after he spoke out forcefully about gun control. the atf is on the scene there in louisiana and pierre thomas has the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. fbi and homeland security officials are closely watching this case the shooter as you said is described as a 58-year-old white male. they believe they have his identity but his motive as we said is not known. no known ties to terrorism identified but it's early in the investigation. everything is on the table including whether the man has mental illness or whether this could be domestic related. given the scale of the shooting as you said the president himself was briefed overnight while in flight to africa amy. >> we know there have been this rash of mass shootings. just how concerned are law enforcement agents? >> reporter: clearly this is something way on the radar. you're seeing papers like "the new york daily news" highlight this concern and the last six weeks we've had horrific case nine people murdered in that church in charleston. last week five military personnel killed in chattanooga, tennessee. so we're appearing to be in the midst of a spike of devastating mass shootings whether terrorism related or not. >> pierre thomas our thanks to
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you. david. >> all right, amy. thanks so much. we want to turn to brooks david of the louisiana state police. our thoughts and prayers are with that entire community. what more do we know about how this started? they were 20 minutes into that movie? >> yes, sir, we do know about 20 minutes into the movie lafayette police department received a call of an active shooter inside the grand theater. within 30 to 45 seconds, lafayette police officers entered that building to neutralize the threat of the active shooter. >> we know when the shooter stood up early reporting indicating that the shooter began firing at two people right in front of him? >> we do know that the shooter was sitting in the rear of the theater and started opening fire. >> we've learned a lot this morning about the hero teachers. we've been told that one of the teachers actually threw herself in front of another one? >> yes, sir, we did hear that
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from governor jindal, governor gin daal did go to the hospital and speak with the injured over there. >> so she threw herself in front of her saving her and another teacher pulling the fire alarm. is that how they were able to alert everyone to get out? >> yes, they have 16 different theaters in here. obviously the ones that were in the single theater where the active shooter took place had -- they had begun to run, however, that teacher did take the time to pull the fire alarm. so everybody else in that theater can exit the building. >> the quick thinking of that teacher and in the meantime, you talked about authorities rushing in to neutralize the situation, as you said. it's believed that that's when the suspect then turned the gun on himself? >> we do believe that the suspect, when he saw lafayette police officers enter that theater, we believed he turned around and the police officers said they heard one gun the shot
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and we believe that's the shot that the suspect took to take his own life. >> this suspect was a grown man in his 50s. what more do we know about him? >> we don't know much. we do know his identity but as of right now we are not releasing that. we have police officers that are going to go to his residence, speak to his family and his friends. obviously we do not want the family and friends to find out through the media and we don't want our police officers injured if anything else should take place near his residence. >> all right, well we know you have important and difficult work ahead of you and, again, our thoughts and prayers are with that entire community. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, sir. >> amy. we are joined now by eyewitness jordan broussard and, jordan good morning to you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. you're welcome. no problem. >> i know that you were in a different theater but in the same building watching a movie when you heard something. tell me what you heard. >> we were across the hall from
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the theater that had gotten -- that the gunman was in and we were about five minutes into our showing and we heard a couple of loud noises. we couldn't tell if it was a part of the movie or the theater -- seconds after, we -- the alarms were set off and evacuation protocol began, everybody got out easy and safe. about half our theater was full. when we walked around the back we came out the back of the theater and we didn't realize that it was a gunman. we didn't realize it was a serious -- as we come around the front of the theater, we notice cop cars coming in about 15 officers busting through the front door with assault rifles and we noticed a woman lying on the ground about 25 yards from the theater with the gunshot wound in her leg. a man had helped her and she was helped into an ambulance.
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cops were securing the parking lot. they pushed us in a back corner of a parking lot. secured all the witnesses and all the people who were still there not had left with their vehicles left. >> jordan you were there with your brother and your friends. what was that like standing there in the parking lot seeing something that i'm sure seemed surreal but certainly terrifying. >> yes, very surreal. first thing i did was call my family made sure they knew i was okay. just very worried about all the people inside. afterwards we heard that a teacher had pulled the fire alarm and after talking with my brother and friends, we realized that that teacher had really saved everybody in the theater's life. we thank god for everything she did. really a true hero for everybody in that theater. >> well we are certainly glad that you are okay and your brother and your friends, as well and certainly thanks to those teachers for that heroic act. jordan broussard, we appreciate your time this morning.
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>> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> it is remarkable when you think about how many lives those teachers saved, the quick police response everything that happened because they were able to do what they did even wounded. >> yeah i'm always struck that it's the bravery that triumphs over these horrible things that play out. when that teacher pulled that alarm, everyone is thinking about her. we'll be joined governor bobby jindal who visited the heroes in the hospital. >> but we turn now to the other big story this morning, those wildfires burning out of control in the west 20 in all. seven states the two biggest are in california's napa valley and montana's glacier national park. hundreds of firefighters battling those flames which have forced people from their homes. abc's kayna whitworth is in montana this morning with the very latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the reynolds creek fire here in montana is so dangerous and so complex they've had to bring in a new incident command team overnight and they don't have reported containment and expecting another day of high wind of course weather is a factor in all of the fires
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across the west. this morning unpredictable wildfires ravaging the west. the flames in california's rag fire zone reaching the 7,000-acre range this morning with just 15% containment. more than 500 firefighters wrestling extremely steep terrain and raging winds. three tankers and ten helicopters also launching an aggressive aerial assault. 45 minutes east of california's famed napa valley residents st flames shooting up as high as 100 feet in the air. >> it's growing big real fast and it's getting close. >> reporter: hundreds of people forced out of their homes. >> we need to completely mitigate any hazards before we can let them in. >> reporter: amid the chaos multiple evacuations and roadblocks in place as 20 wildfires burn across seven states. 16-year-old lacoda duncan and
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his family making a swift escape. as this wall of fire bulldozed the popular glacier national park. >> it was very humbling how mother nature can do that. it was very very scary too. >> with that kind of wind in this fire it grew very rapidly. >> reporter: dry, windy conditions putting a strain on firefighters and resources. with no end in sight. glacier national park is known for grizzly bears and police are saying they're being pushed out of the wilderness. for firefighters that means they can't keep anything with a scent inside their tent so, amy, that means things like chapstick, lotion even deodorant. >> oh all right. tough conditions out there. kayna whitworth, thanks so much and ginger speaking of those condition, it is making it really tough on these firefighters to put these fires out. >> right, that's the thing. maybe the weather didn't start it probably didn't but it definitely is keeping the fires going. look alaska, nevada, oregon also in there with -- where the fires are burning but red flag
7:14 am
warnings are east of glacier. i think the fire conditions are going to get kind of better by the weekend but also kind of worse. listen to this. so the relative humidity is always a huge variable. it's pretty low. low 20s. that's not good. as the cold frontcoulds through, the green, moisture. by sunday look at napa. up to 93% so you say that's great but that could come along with that dry lightning and certainly going to have gusty winds. we're going in the 20s to near 30 in glacier and a little better toward the end of the weekend in northern california. still fire conditions not great, david, we will have much more coming up. severe weather, tornadoes to talk about next. >> all right, see you shortly, ginger. we turn in the meantime, to new trouble for hillary clinton this morning. more questions about that private e-mail account for the democratic presidential hopeful and a possible criminal investigation now. abc's jon karl is live at the white house this morning with the latest. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. the department of justice tells abc news this morning, they have been asked to investigate whether sensitive and possibly classified information was mishandled because of hillary
7:15 am
clinton's use of that private e-mail account. and abc news has been given -- obtained a memo from the inspectors general for the state department and intelligence community that says "hundreds of potentially classified e-mails were included within the collection of mrs. clinton's e-mails on that private server." now, there is a very important point here david, that is there's no evidence to suggest that any of the information on her e-mails was marked classified at the time or that mrs. clinton ever knowingly handled classified information on those private e-mails. >> which would be an important distinction, how is the clinton camp responding? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is sticking to what has been their line from the start, a statement from her spokesperson said that she followed appropriate practice in dealing with classified materials at all times and they are reiterating that point, that nobody is saying that anything was marked classified at the time she either sent or received it with those private e-mails but this is a new investigation. >> certainly is.
7:16 am
our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with us. jon, thanks. right over to paula in for amy with the other top stories beginning with the latest in the fight against al qaeda. >> good morning, david and amy. a senior al qaeda commander has been killed in a u.s. air strike. overnight defense secretary ash carter announced the drone strike in afghanistan killed al qaeda's head of explosive operations who's also a close associate of ayman al zawahiri. turkey is now allowing the united states to use two of its air bases to launch attacks against isis in neighboring area. here at home it is official health insurer anthem has reached a deal to buy cigna for $54 billion becoming the latest mega megamerger in the insurance industry. the combined company would insure 53 million americans. and in texas, an autopsy has
7:17 am
determined that sandra bland, the woman found dead in her jail cell took her own life. the autopsy finding no sign of a struggle. a woman in a nearby cell says that bland was distraught. and from indiana now terrifying moments during a 16th birthday celebration. look at this stuck on the tracks that limo carrying teenagers, the train was unable to stop slams into the limo. however, everyone inside of that limo had enough time to get out safely before that horrible collision. it is tough to watch, isn't it. dramatic video from canada. a pod of killer whales was hunting seals when one took a wrong turn got stuck on these rocks. she could be heard crying in pain because of the pressure on her lungs but then life-saving volunteers came to the rescue. they doused her with seawater for the next eight hours once the tide rose the whale then freed herself and rejoined her pod and everyone was happy, right, lara? >> yes. >> lara is very happy. finally one man's valiant effort to stop the flying umbrellas on a beach in
7:18 am
maryland. he's the guy in the blue shorts. watch when the wind picks up the umbrellas make the move the battle is on. he'll throw one embrel la at another. it's not going to work moments it's all out of hands. they're just rolling down the beach. he doesn't know what to do. it does look like a crazy little scene but you can hear the guy filming this -- really enjoying it from his balcony. >> from his balcony? can you imagine if you were in that path. >> umbrellas, 1, humans 0, the score there. >> thank you. turn now to ginger talking about winds. a tornado touching down in south dakota causing a lot of damage. >> the picture we have is of a tornado north and west of sioux falls, south dakota just to show it to you here and the video but pictures from here is where we're starting. in huron, south dakota almost 100 severe storm reports and it goes from kansas to western wisconsin. to the friday cities brought to you by dr. scholl's.
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alex: happy friday, beautiful commissions, mostly sunny 90 degrees, it will be hot. this weekend, plty of peoplele. storms nowhere in sight. the beaches this weekendbeautiful and t the outer bks low to mid 80's acrosshe
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melanie: it is a sunny start out there. alex: high temperatures today back around the 90 degree mark low humidity across the region as dew points are back in the 50's and 60's. very comfortable.
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also more sunshine on sunday temperatures at the beaches are very comfortable. lower 80's saturday and sunday, and in the low to mid 80's. alex: taking it angela: -- taking a look at the commute, gw parkway, lighter than usual for the friday morning drive. we have a crash on the george washington parkway northbound. jammed from slater's lame -- slater's lane as a result, glebe road through fairfax drive, a crash involving a pedestrian with all human delays traveling southbound on 270 towards the spur. back to you, melanie. melanie: investigators are still trying to find out what caused the devastating fire in harpers
7:28 am
ferry. known was hurt, but eight businesses are destroyed. accused of dragging a bit of police -- a police officer with his car, police say that the officers had was tangled in the car and he was dragged for more than 100 yards. the officer is recovering. more news, traffic, and whether on "good morning washington."
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good morning, america. and right now we are following that deadly shooting in lafayette, louisiana. we have breaking new details coming in at this hour. a gunman opening fire in a crowded movie theater last night. about 20 minutes into the showing of that new movie, "trainwreck." two people and the shooter are dead. nine others injured. some of them critically this morning. >> witnesses say the killer shot the two people in front of him and started shooting other people. police were on the scene inside that theater in less than a minute. the gunman a 58-year-old white male then turned that gun on himself. >> amy, we want to get right to the new details. we are joined by louisiana governor bobby jindal on the scene and governor jindal i know investigators briefed you. what more do we know about the suspect, about a possible motive? >> david, a couple of thing, first of all, an awful night in lafayette, louisiana. one of these nights that makes
7:31 am
you want to go home and hug your kids. you're both infuriated and saddened at the same time. look a couple of thing, one apparently the shooter's intent was to get away. apparently the shooter tried to escape in the crowd. the lafayette city police got here so quickly he actually turned around and went back in the theater and killed himself. he positioned his car near the exit so apparently his original intent was to escape in the crowd and get away. they don't know yet what his plans were after that. heroic efforts by city police state and federal law enforcement to get here so quickly and hopefully we suspect prevent further loss of life. awful tragedy. talked to the families last night in the hospital, one of the local hospitals. a lot of family members scrambling to find out whether it was their loved ones were shot, injured or fatally shot. a lot of folks are in the need of prayers and love from the country. >> our prayers are with them. we can only imagine what it's been like the last 24 hours for
7:32 am
them. you mentioned the shooter appeared to be leaving the theater and turned around and went back in when he saw authorities moving in? >> that is right. he apparently was trying to escape through the crowd. one of the teachers shot in the leg actually had the forethought to pull a fire alarm. this was an amazing story. you'll hear more and more acts of selfless heroism. two teachers the last few of summer break in a movie together. one jumped in front of her fellow teaeacher probably saving her life. that bullet may have hit her in the head. the second teacher was still shot in the leg and was able to pull the fire alarm. as we get more and more details from what happened you'll hear more and more of these acts of hero women. the shooter purposely sat in the back and was able to fire multiple rounds striking as you know there were two that were killed. another -- the shooter himself shot himself and then nine injured but, david, you know, look this is a resilient city. there will be tears and we'll have to explain the existence of
7:33 am
evil. you had family members in the last few days of summer break just going out on a thursday night to a summer movie. we're not that far from the local university. this is just a very normal part of town and these families were just looking for a night to escape. they were leer to see a comedy a movie. never imagined -- can you imagine the horror -- we talked to family members coming back from family vacations rushing back to lafayette to find out if their loved ones were involved if they were injured, if they'll recover or tragically in a couple of cases whether their love ones were shot and killed last night. >> that is the case governor you know families should be able to go to a movie without having to worry about something as dark as this. you mentioned the pulling of the fire alarm, governor have investigators told you what could have happened had that teacher not thought in those moments to act so bravely? >> well look again, they processed and continuing to process the scene inside. in 45 minutes we along with law enforcement will be briefing more about what they found inside. a lot of tragedy, a lot of
7:34 am
unnecessary death and injuries. obviously it could always have been a lot worse. who knows what this deranged man's intentions were. if he had gotten out who knows what he would have done. fortunately that didn't happen. unfortunately, he caused a lot of damage for a lot of families. look when something like this happens we are both angry at senseless evil but we're also just -- we're incredibly satined when one family is hurt we're all hurt and the great thing about this country we do come together and these families need love they need prayers. the owner of the theater is already setting up a fund to help benefit the families and heard from folks all across america. this is a great country. a time for us to pull together. we will get through this. it won't be easy. there will be funerals there will prayer vigils. there will be folks that are having to explain to their loved ones why bad things happen to good people but we are going to get through this. >> plenty of time to investigate what the suspect was up to but in the meantime, the families come first and please send them our best as you make your rounds this morning, governor. >> thank you, david.
7:35 am
>> amy. >> all right, david, we turn to an abc news exclusive on those convicted killers who made that spectacular escape from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. we're getting our first look inside that cabin where richard matt and david sweat evaded police for three weeks. >> reporter: the field commander in charge of tracking down those killers is giving us an exclusive blow-by-blow account of the manhunt and unprecedented access to the places where it all went down taking us to that first cabin where police found matt and sweat's dna, a huge break in the case. really rocky. it happened here at a location so remote we had to travel by atv to reach it. there it is. at the end of the trail, a hunting cabin. one of the many that dots the adirondacks. these cabins are often left unlocked and stocked with food supplies even booze.
7:36 am
man that from heaven for an escaped con on the lam. sure enough on that fateful saturday cabin owner john stockwell and his black lab dolly drop by for a visit and immediately see signs of activity. >> whoever was on the back deck fled down the back. he could tell that because he could hear the cracking through the brush. >> reporter: inside stockwell fines more signs of activity. a misplaced coffee pot. a missing shotgun that had been hidden between two mattresses. a map ripped off the wall. stockwell quickly alerts authorities who find more evidence that sweat is the careful criminal and matt the wild card. >> sweat had wanted to leave. matt's position was, no sense in leaving just yet and if somebody intrudes upon our occupancy of the cabin, you know frankly, we're ready to deal with them. >> reporter: we now have a shotgun? we could kill them. we could take them hostage. >> reporter: in their mad rush to leave the scene matt acts more like a bumbling amateur
7:37 am
leaving even more vital clues behind. >> they're getting out of dodge as fast as they can. items of interest that we recovered fall out of matt's pack toothbrush toothpaste. razor, those personal grooming items which immediately were a hit on dna within the next 24 hours. >> reporter: that must have been a good feeling. >> it was. it helped us sharpen our focus and certainly boosted the morale of everyone involved. >> reporter: it would take another eight days for the manhunt to end. a lot of fascinating details from the major. >> we can't wait for that. you can watch so much more tonight on "20/20." 10:00 eastern 9:00 central on abc. >> you spent weeks up there in the woods covering that. that dramatic rescue caught on camera. police and firefighters coming together to save a life. you have to see how it p out. a woman trapped under that car and abc's t.j. holmes has more. >> reporter: surveillance video capturing the moment dallas
7:38 am
rescue workers and a few good samaritans use brute strength to rescue a woman pinned beneath a car. first, watch as this car makes its way down the road. it appears to slow down and turn right then suddenly a motorcycle plows into it. the rider, a 46-year-old female trapped underneath. >> all we saw was like an arm so we tried to make sure that she was still alive, still breathing. >> reporter: police and firefighters quickly arrive on the scene. first attempting to use a carjack. it doesn't work. then they realize they don't have enough time to wait for equipment to help lift the car. >> she basically didn't look like she was responsive at all so we knew we didn't have time to wait any longer. >> reporter: bystanders rushed to aid the officers as they lift the vehicle finally pulling the woman to safety. >> i told the firefighter there's enough of us let's just lift it up. like let's go. everybody just rushed up and it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. >> reporter: miraculously she survived suffering severe but not fatal injuries. >> it was pretty easy when all
7:39 am
the civilians jumped in. when they see something that needs to be done most jump in. >> reporter: t.j. holmes abc news new york. >> pulling for her full recovery. latest on flooding and weekend weather. she moved uptown in central park a big concert this morning? a nuj concert and beautiful morning here but it was not that way for the last three days in atlantic beach, florida. look at this video out of just east of jacksonville. more flash flooding and, yes, more general thunderstorms in florida today but the other headline we wanted to let you know about, heat advisories mississippi to western iowa excessive heat warning from alex: continuee to o beautiful weather this fray, highs around the 90 degree mark. on sarday, , 91 sunday. >> all that weather brought to you by target. amy, we will sue you for nicki
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on "gma" soon. >> looks beautiful out there. we have a lot ahead this morning. is this the greatest vacation selfie fail ever? you have to see what happens after these women snap the photo. can you guess. >> the smile is gone in a moment. let me tell you what it's all about. ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3. as simple as do-re-mi, a-b-c, ♪ ♪ 1-2-3 baby you and me, girl. ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3, ♪ ♪ as simple... ♪ ♪ oh, 1-2-3 baby you and me, yeah. ♪ it's easy to be your favorite character with target. i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help.
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we are back now at 7:44 with an abc news exclusive. a woman who was charged by a bison while taking a selfie in yellowstone national park. yes, she got the picture but she got a whole lot more and abc's gio benitez is here with her story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, lara. it's a pretty awesome picture, isn't it? she saw those signs that said don't approach wildlife but she did and this morning she has the selfie alert for all of us. it was supposed to be an epic mom and daughter selfie with a bison at yellowstone national park. but what happened next -- >> we were facing to be trampled. >> reporter: in an abc news exclusive brandy telling us the
7:45 am
bison chased them right after this picture. she and her daughter trying to make a run for it but the bison catching up tossing burgess into the air flipping her. >> it happened so fast but seemed like it took forever and was quite painful instantly. >> reporter: burgess rushing to a clinic but surviving with minor injuries. this is all that's left of what burgess was wearing. >> it was the most frightening experience i have been through in my life to date. >> reporter: the burgess family isn't alone. vacationers are taking selfie after selfie with wild animals. this guy too close to a bear and this 17-year-old in maine goes for a smaller animal a squirrel but even he gets attacked. this morning, the wildlife selfie trend has park rangers seeing red? sometimes people confuse it with being in a theme park being in an area where you're driving through, there are places like safari lands and drive-through areas where you can actually feed wildlife.
7:46 am
>> reporter: at yellowstone national park they're telling them to stay 25 yards away. >> give them room use your zoom. >> reporter: brandi burgess saying she he'll think twice about that animal photo-op. >> i thought i had a healthy respect for wildlife but maybe not as healthy as i should have had but i'm very grateful. very blessed to have walked away. >> i bet and zoob she says she won't do that again, so just take that selfie from a distance, you know, just -- >> they will charge you. >> right. >> do not take a selfie with them behind you. >> she'll end up like that squirrel. >> exactly. >> give them room use your zoom. wores to live by. thank you very much. so glad she is okay. all right. so much more coming up on "gma." so many mesmerized by these magicians crashing a tv report. we now have the real story behind it. hi! what happened to your hair?
7:47 am
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7:50 am
time now for "the speed feed" and paula has that. >> quick look over my shoulder. i'll explain in a central. whatting looks like the ultimate photo bomb. a sky news reporter with a serious report in front of parliament and two guys a team of magicians hijacked the shot called young and strange and clearly enjoying their guest appearance but the real story, it is all fake. sky news tweeting this is not a real report. it never aired but it should go a long way for young and strange
7:51 am
who are trying to get their own tv show. you guys i'd watch. is there anybody behind me? just making sure. >> it would be funny if it wasn't. paula, thank so much. we have a lot more ahead including nicki minaj live from the park, stay with us. coming up "gma's" summer concert series provided by the makers of dr. scholl's. ♪ st. instantly, smoother, beautiful skin starts to be revealed. and the mating process begins. the dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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7:56 am
melanie: we want to get an update on the weather right now with leggett alex:. -- alex liggitt. alex: temperatures slowly coming back up to the 90 degree mark. temperatures this weekend still expected to be around 90 degrees. highs later on to the weekend. 90 on saturday, 91 on sunday. temperatures in the lower 80's beautiful weekend at the beach as well. angela, we are experiencing temperatures into the low 80's as well. angela: traffic is moving nicely, a couple of incidents on 295 near the 11th bridge we
7:57 am
continue to block the right lane, but a live look on the capital beltway through prince george's county, we do have a crash or did on the outer loop. having delays on the outer loop, however, interstate 66, headed into marysville on 495. that is the update on the commute. melanie: the man accused of fatally stabbing a metro passenger jasper spires is charged in the murder of kevin sutherland. sutherland was killed on the fourth while attempting to fend off a robbery. lane closures tonight on the beltway through monday morning. they will be closing up to three lanes on the inner loop and
7:58 am
outer loop over richie marlboro road because of a bridge repair project. you hang get more news, traffic and whether up a througho
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the latest right now on the deadly shooting. tragedy at the movies. a gunman opens fire in a crowded movie theater overnight in louisiana. our team there with new details on the heroes who helped save lives. also this morning new beach safety warnings for you. is the sand on the beach safe for your children? we'll put it to the test. sults you should hear about before you head to the beach this weekend. ♪ caught on camera. a neighbor going after the family next door allegedly knocking down fences and throwing stones. now it's landed him behind bars. ♪ the night is still young ♪ and nicki minaj live this morning. what she's saying now about her fight with taylor swift making headlines and the apology from the rock star. nicki taking over central park this morning as we say --
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ the night is still young ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> there she is nicki minaj capturing it all on her iphone there taking center stage in central park. look at that crowd. so many excited to see her perform. fans camping out overnight, nicki one of the top twirt trends all morning and you can see it right there. >> absolutely. and i'm so excited. a special edition of "pop news" ahead. so much to discuss. she's been in a bit of a twitter feud with another huge star all week and she will be clearing the air with us this morning. >> she's actually just talking
8:02 am
to me in her phone there. didn't realize the whole crowd was hanging out. amazing concert this morning. special edition of "pop news." you heard it here. also new warnings about those pet crates. we hadn't even thought about this before but many of us use them when traveling. look at the startling -- yeah that's incredible right. that is not a real pet in there. the test they put it through so eye opening. >> a lot of important news to get to. first let's turn to paula faris with the morning rundown. >> thanks. we do start with break news. that deadly shooting inside a movie theater in louisiana. a gunman killing two people and injuring nine others before taking his own life. we are learning new details about the shooter an the hero schoolteacher who helped to save lives in the theater. abc's ryan owens is is there. ryan. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. let's start with what we know about the gunman the 58-year-old man who killed himself and two other people in the movie needer behind me. police say he does have a criminal record but at this point this morning they still have no idea what his motive is.
8:03 am
the governor of this state did tell us that the gunman parked at an emergency exit and tried to escape with other moviegoers and says the lafayette police got here so quickly when he saw them he went back inside and that's when he shot himself. the governor saying he apparently wanted to live through this but was not able to do so. all we do know really about this man is that 20 minutes into this comedy he stood up and started shooting first targeting the two people sitting right in front of him. already this morning. some stories of heroism including one particular teacher who took a bullet for her colleague and then pulled the fire alarm which paula no doubt saved a whole lot of lives. >> all right, ryan, thank you. we do have breaking news overnight in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. two inspectors general have asked justice department to open a criminal investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail account. one inspector general reports hundreds of potentially fied e-mails have been found among those that clinton turned over to the state
8:04 am
department. clinton maintains she has always followed appropriate procedures. and the massive wildfire that scorched nearly 11 square miles in napa county california is calming down a bit this morning. some evacuations have been lifted. still that fire is only 15% contained. meantime an elite firefighting team has arrived in glacier national park in montana where a wildfire is burning dangerously close to campgrounds, as well as a hotel. and a possible breakthrough this morning for people suffering from traumatic brain injury. researchers say that they're about two years away from a pill that could restore normal brain activity in patients like football players that have been hit with severe concussion and hope this treatment could ultimately help those suffering from diseases rather like alzheimer's. in tennessee, it is hard to believe that no one was hurt in this bizarre crash. look at this. police say the driver of the red car got dizzy, crashed off an embankment and landed on top of that subaru. looks like a double decker. tens of thousands of baby
8:05 am
strollers are being recalled this morning. uppababy says the foam crossbar on some of its strollers could pose a choking hazard. some cruise and vista models affected. more on on yahoo! a golfing phenom tearing up the course at the tender age of 7. that's right. mya morgan just 7 years old. hard to believe. she's already won 19 golf tournaments, next week she's going to compete in the u.s. kids golf championship. her dad refuses to play her because she kicked his butt last year and despite her success mya has her priorities and says she wants to be a pro golfer in the spring and summer and when she's on hiatus she wants to be a veterinarian started golfing at 2. her dad recognized that talent? swing can perfect form. >> can do anything she sets her mind to? anything. >> thank you. let's head out to lara in the social square. >> all right, here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu."
8:06 am
first, a nasty neighbor dispute heats up. what one man did that landed him behind bars. is the sand that your kids playing in really safe? what we found when we tested samples at the beach. "gma" alerts. new warnings this morning about dog carriers. which ones topped the safety list. all that and we are talking to nicki minaj just ahead before she importants live right here on "gma" in central park. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. advil fast and tough on strong pain.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
♪ am i wrong ♪ welcome back to "gma." time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button. there it is. a nasty neighbor dispute that
8:11 am
landed one maryland man behind bars accused of terrorizing the family next door for five years accused of knocking down fences even throwing stones. look at that. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: good fences make good neighbor right? not always. not when one of them hops on a bulldozer and brings that fence down. not when he allegedly blocks the driveway or flips the bird. >> i put up the first camera to try to catch him cutting down the fence so then by july of 2013 he's dumping motor oil in the swimming pool. >> he has hurled stones at mr. buckland. he has threatened to shoot him. >> reporter: socrates lives right next door and in an otherwise quiet suburb of washington, d.c. the two have a property dispute going back five years now. one that recently got so ugly socrates is now behind bars.
8:12 am
the dispute upsetting the neighbors too prompting 43 separate calls to 911. >> stop cutting trees. >> reporter: nasty neighborhood disputes have been known to escalate to gunfire. just last year in california michael vilkin was convicted of murder all because of landscaping. >> i pulled over and shot him. >> reporter: as for that washington, d.c. case last fall a court ordered socrates to take anger management and lied about taking the classes and is now convicted of perjury. socrates will be sentenced in september and could face up to two years in prison. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> all right, thanks to david wright for that. we turn to abc news legal analyst ryan smith with more on this nasty neighbor dispute. unfortunately, other people have had similar experiences. what can you do if you're in a situation like this. >> if a situation gets this tense here's my thing, don't
8:13 am
confront call the police and when you think about that you say, well wait a second if i have a problem i'll go next door and tell him my peace of mind much that's the last thing you want to do. you could end up on the wrong end of legal trouble. what you need to do is call the police. had he come out and document the situation and, remember they are the impartial third party in all this. they don't have a stake in this fight so they'll document everything and make sure they have your side of the story. sometimes for people it doesn't feel as effective but it does get you out of a situation and make sure that they handle the problem. >> where do you find the cheapest bulldozer? just kidding. but you can't avoid these altogether. >> what do i do? sometimes you can't control it. you move in. a bad neighbor moves in. it happens that way but what you really do is assess the situation. go into the neighborhood. if you don't like kids or a playground northeastern probably not the right place to live. if it's filled with cars probably not for you.
8:14 am
>> the bulldozer at home depot. talk about documenting, a particular way of not embellishing. >> document what happens but i know how people are, they say well he did this then he did this and then at 4:45 it was that. i got it. i got it. that's not going to work in court. you need to tell the facts. just the facts, ma'am. remember that? >> that video is certainly. >> and the video helps, but, again, the police helps a lot because they are there as officers of the law to say hey, you know what you're in the right. we've taken down your information. even if you have to call them a bunch oftimes. >> it can take years. >> but you got the documented record that courts look at. this is what happens when a civil suit or something more we can see your side. >> they don't have a stake in the fight as you pointed out. >> call your real estate agent. >> it does sound like a nightmare. thanks for the tip. we turn next to the item in the "heat index." a warning for beachgoers as we head into the weekend. we were a little surprised to find out what was actually in
8:15 am
the sand. abc's becky worley putting it to the test. >> sharks riptides we're staying on the beach but vigilance may be needed in the sand too. >> sand is sort of a moist environment so bacteria can thrive there. >> reporter: while most attention goes to water quality a new study from the university of hawaii shows that certain bacteria in sand can live much longer than bacteria in the water and an older study links playing in the sand to getting sick. >> if you swim in water with high levels of bacteria from wastewater treatment plants and urban runoff you're more likely to get sick. >> reporter: ever think about how dirty the sand is? >> no. >> reporter: did she ever eat the sand? >> yes. i can hear it crunching. >> reporter: we went to three popular california beaches and took samples and brought them to stanford where they were analyzed. what did you find? >> well we tested the three sand samples that you brought in and we found different
8:16 am
concentrations in all of them. >> reporter: she found e. coli and enterococcus back tear ya that can cause infections and g.i. issues. does the presence of this type of bacteria in the sand concern you at all? >> when we find it in really high concentrations it does concern me. those were quite high and i'm curious as to why. >> reporter: if you were at that beach, how would you behave differently knowing what you know? >> i definitely wouldn't let any of my kids eat the sand or play in it in any way. >> reporter: she said she found serious bacteria at 15% of beefs she sampled like staffphylococcus and salmonella and says it's a problem across the country. >> it's not unusual. we find these bacteria in sand at beaches all over the country and all over the world. >> reporter: while regulators haven't determined the levels of bacteria in sand that pose a health risk there are steps you can take. she says have kids play in wet sand. it's washed clean while drier sand isn't. stay away from sand exposed to
8:17 am
storm drain runoff and creeks. and if you're going to have a picnic at the beach don't take a vacation from hand hygiene. for "good morning america," becky worley abc news santa cruz california. >> good advice though. >> it is. >> cringing now thinking about how many times my children have been at the beach and taken a handful of sand and put it in their mouth and i thought it was okay. >> bills resistance. >> yeah exactly. that's what a good parent would say, right. also in the "heat index" this morning, new questions about the pet crates and cages used for traveling. just how safe are your pets when inside one? we'll look at that and it doesn't make you feel good. t.j. holmes has more. >> that's not a real pet. >> everybody knows. that's good. some people were concerned. seriously, right but everybody knows, pet owners out there, you do it. you let the intelligence dog get inside the car roam and put his head out the window. you're not sposed to do that and it can hurt the dog and
8:18 am
somebody else in the car. use a crate but some groundbreaking research shows that the crates aren't passing the test. watch this. an exclusive first look video shows how a pet crate would hold up in a 30-mile-per-hour simulated crash. the crash test dummy dog flying out of the carrier. the center for pet safety and subaru teaming up to test 14 pet crates carriers and accessories to see how they all hold up. >> we had some really surprising results. >> reporter: lindsey walco is a founder of a center for safety. >> we could not believe how violent that test turned out to be. >> reporter: of the 14 crates and carriers tested 11 did not provide adequate protection. >>t was just shocking. >> reporter: dog trainer alicia calhoun was traveling with her six dogs when she says she was in a bad car accident. >> all of the dogs just being shot out of the car. >> reporter: tsunami, a 13-week-old puppy along with one other dog did not make it.
8:19 am
tsunami was the only one in a crate and the right type could have possibly saved her life. many manufacturers claim to test their products, but the industry is unregulated leaving no uniform performance standards for pet travel safety products. but those topping cps' list of approved ones gunner kennel petgo and sleepypod and the appa says they can't comment on a test process conducted about i a third party non-profit organization but says our members are always interested in maximizing the safety of their products. look, people don't even think about it, right? they throw the dog in there and let the dog roam. you would never do your child like that or a loved -- >> a member of your family so -- >> 100%. it's that simple. >> thanks t.j. out to ginger in the park with that huge crowd. >> oh my gosh, more than 5,000 people. so many people arriving here last night and this morning, you
8:20 am
guys are hyped. that's the word that i just learned from my little sister. i'm giving away the glasses. you get the glasses. here is my boa. let's talk about weather. talk about the forecast in florida where three to six inches of flash flood watch in western florida just north of tampa and the heavy rain forecast in the next couple of days, central and even southern florida, check this out too. the next several days from des moines back to eastern nebraska you'll get into some of that heavier rain. already. that is the big picture. y' alex: happfriday, beautiful commissionons, mostly sunny 900 degrees, it will be hot. this weekend, plty of people storms nowhere in sight. the e beaches this w weekend thahat beautiful and the outer banks
8:21 am
low to mid 80's s across the ekend. >> who's the biggest nicki minaj fan here? [ cheers and applause ] you are. are you? are you? i don't know which one but it all spells nicki and we know this is going to be good. this crowd, this energy and now our lara up here live with nicki minaj. >> ginger you just asked who is the biggest nicki minaj fan? i am! hello, my nicki. >> hi honey. how are you? >> great to see you again. >> i want your microphone. it looks fabulous. so much going on with nicki minaj. congratulations on the pinkprint tour the movies, perfumes other business venture, so much to talk about, plus how many songs today? >> we're going to do about three songs today. >> how does that sound? >> three songs from nicki. want to begin, you've been in the press lately. a lot of talk about a bit of a
8:22 am
twitter firestorm over the mtv video music awards. i want to read what you wrote. you said "if i was a different kind of artist anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well." your original intent may have gotten lost in the shuffle. would you say that. >> yeah. >> i would love you to clear the air. what did you mean by that? >> well first of all, i spoke to taylor swift yesterday on the phone. >> i was going to get to part two. that's part because that was the second. >> so she was, you know super, super sweet and she apologized. she said look i didn't understand the big picture of what you were saying but now i get it so we're all good. but, yeah i was just saying i posted something on my instagram and it just showed the stats of other videos that had been nominated previously and it just seemed to be a little funny business going on. [ cheers and applause ] and --
8:23 am
>> and clarify. >> well it just you know -- "anaconda" had such a huge cultural impact and on top of that we broke the vivo record so -- [ cheers and applause ] so this is actually my third time breaking the vivo record and "anaconda" should have been nominated and i therefore think if it was one of the pop girls they would have many nominations for it and -- >> you had three. >> and i got -- i think i got two nominations for "anaconda" for female and hip-hop but should have been for the year and that's all we were saying and it is what it is. >> and the reason that taylor swift came into the fray was you also tweeted "if your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year." she weighed in. she thought you were referring to her. she later apologized writing she tweeted "i thought i was being called out. i missed the point. i misunderstood then misspoke. i'm sorry, nicki."
8:24 am
>> yeah that's super sweet. yeah i just -- i think that we just have to have both images for girls. we can't have only you know one type of body being glorified in the media because it just makes girls even more insecure than we already are. >> right. >> you know and -- >> i mean i got to believe this is the makings of a beautiful collaboration. you guys have worked together in the past. can we make something beautiful come from this with you two? >> i'm sure we can. you know why, because it takes a big person to do what taylor did and everyone sometimes speaks out of turn you know i've been there. sometimes we do things and we don't think right away or we don't investigate, you know and then we just talk. so it was big of her to come out and say that so yes, we soak for a long time. we were cracking up laughing on the phone. it's over you guys and i love you guys for supporting me. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> i am glad you love taylor and i think it is great and i do
8:25 am
hope something -- you both are so talented. >> i would love to see it. of course i would love to work with her. >> can i celebrate nicki's talent for a minute. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> the woman can sing and dance. the acting -- i mean you're acting with one of my favorite people in the world. cedric is a dear friend of mine "bashershop 3." >> you guys are going to love "barbershop 3." i'm not kidding. i'm not kidding. that movie is so freakin' funny and so classic and has an amazing cast and are you guys going to see it? [ cheers and applause ] >> i think they will. also a perfume line another business you're going to talk to us a little bit later an a world tour the pinkprint tour is on so thank you for making time for us today. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll get live singing coming up from nicki minaj in moments. also on the show today, 50 cent is with us -- >> yes. >> with his new project. >> okay, lady who wants a
8:26 am
makeover so to die for fit for a hollywood star? come on now, who doesn't? look you have a party. a wedding, a reunion and want to look just fab we want to give you the full "gma" glam squad treatment so go now to on yahoo! to find out how to enter. "gma's" hot mess express makeover.
8:27 am
melanie: we are going to need the sunglasses today? alex: not only here, but at the beaches as well. i have had no complaints about the weather in the last few days and i don't think we will have any this weekend as well. ocean city, temperatures this afternoon approaching 90 degree mark. as far as the weekend conditions, more of the same. highs around 90 degrees. 91 on sunday. next chance for storms appears to be monday and tuesday. temperatures backup to the possibly mid 90's, angela. how is traffic is morning? angela: better than usual. inner loop delays that we normally have at branch avenue, you will run into them but for the most part your travel lanes are open and moving pretty nicely. headed towards the beltway on group four, we are closed in both directions to remove a boat from the roadway near the
8:28 am
westland center and showplace arena. with that we have got delays in both directions. off and on pockets of slow traffic on the bw parkway. clearing the crash north round a look at the beltway through tysons corner, a pretty good pace on the inner loop and outer loop towards the legion bridge. melanie, back to you. melanie: people in harpers ferry arm vowing to rebuild after fire devastated the historic town. it started in an alley yesterday morning and spread to four buildings. no one was hurt, but eight is this is are destroyed. it still not clear what caused the fire. mars day of the smithsonian air and space me see him. the annual tribute to the red planet runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. and visitors will be able to interact with scientists and experts from nasa. more news, tra
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm feeling myself ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> can you tell we're in the mood to have fun? welcome back to "gma." the crowd here in central park so ready for the one, the only nicki minaj. so good to have her with us. got chills. we're not going to make you wait any longer. off her hit album "the pinkprint" here's nicki with feeling myself. ♪ >> let's go. ♪ feeling myself i'm feeling myself i'm feeling my feeling myself ♪ ♪ i'm feeling myself i'm feeling my feeling myself feeling
8:31 am
myself ♪ ♪ i'm with some hood girls looking back at it and a good girl in my tax breakthrough got a black card that let saks have it ♪ sheet nose channel bags is a bad habit i do [ muted ] dal mavericks my maybach [ muted ] never left but i'm back at it and final feeling myself jackrabbit feeling myself back off cause i'm feeling myself [ muted ] he be thinking about me when he [ muted ] ♪ national anthem hats off then i curve that [ muted ] like a bad toss let me get a number two with some mac sauce on the run tour with my mask off ♪ ♪ i'm feeling myself i'm feeling myself i'm feeling myself ♪ ♪ changed the game with that digital drop know where you was when that digital popped ♪
8:32 am
♪ i stopped the world male or female it make no difference i stop the world world stop carry on ♪ ♪ kitty on peak pretty on fleek. [ muted ] ♪ i said teach me i'll learn ♪ ♪ i'm whipping that work he digging that work i got it 36 of that real hanky full of that bounce baby come get you some of that bounce baby ♪ >> sing. ♪ i'm feeling myself feeling myself i'm feeling myself i'm feeling my feeling myself ♪ ♪ i'm feeling myself feeling myself i'm feeling myself i'm feeling ♪ [ muted ] ♪ got punchlines or flow i have both an empire also ♪ ♪ hey hey ♪
8:33 am
[ muted ] ♪ hold up ♪ i can kill your migraine ♪ >> good morning, america. [ muted ] ♪ i have both and an empire also he getting gifts from santa claus at the north pole ♪ ♪ today i'm icy but i'm prayin' for some more snow ♪ let that [ muted ] ♪ ♪ he in love with that why these [ muted ] don't never be learning you never get what i be earning i'm still getting plaques from my records that's urban ain't gotta rely on top 40 i am a rap legend just go ask the kings of rap who is the queen and things of that nature ♪
8:34 am
♪ i'm feeling myself ♪ ♪ taking trips with all them keys car keys got [ muted ] ♪ stinging with the queen b and we be whipping all that [ muted ] ♪ cause we dope girls we flawless we the poster girls for all this ♪ ♪ we run around with them [ muted ] on my call list ♪ i'm the big kahuna let go let them [ muted ] know ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wow, wow, wow. thank you. >> nicki minaj, everybody. look at central park right now. the amount of people here cheering for this woman, we are not only feeling ourselves. we are feeling you, nicki minaj, oh look who else is here.
8:35 am
star power this morning. we're going to be talking about your new project. >> we're going to get it going. a hot morning this morning. >> yeah i need help with the weather so get ready about to do the severe weather forecast. it's more than a 50% chance but look at this. parts of nebraska up to wisconsin. i don't know if you're familiar with those parts. >> yeah i don't get out there much. >> but they're going to have that damaging wind. you know what we are so happy to have you. >> i'm happy to be here. >> that was pretty sweet, wasn't it. >> nicki rocking this morning. >> you look very alex: continue to beautiful weather this frididay, highs around the 90 degree mk. on satuturday, , 91 sununday. >> all that weather brought to you by the all new honda pilot.
8:36 am
lara there's too much going on this morning. this is fun. >> absolutely ginger including this the 2015 special olympics world games kicking off this weekend in los angeles and ourur own robin roberts hosting the opening ceremony tomorrow night. she got the chance to sit down with maria shriver and her brother tim about the woman who made it all possible, their mom. ♪ >> this year it'll be the largest sporting and humanitarian event on the planet. 7,000 extraordinary athletes competing in the 2015 special olympics world games. >> one, two, three. usa. >> reporter: what does that say about your mother's legacy? >> it tells me that this population of people really needed something like the special olympics and they needed a champion like mummy. >> reporter: the year was 1962. maria shriver's mother eunice
8:37 am
kennedy schriever opened a summer camp for children with intellectual disabilities right in her own backyard. as seen in maria's new espn documentary "brave in the attempt." >> mothers came to her and said we have nowhere for our children to go in the summer. no camp will accept our kids. no school will accept our kids and she's like, bring them here. >> reporter: just six years later the very first special olympics world games were held at chicago's soldier field. eunice kennedy shriver center stage at the opening ceremony. >> let me win but if i cannot win let me be brave at the attempt. >> it's great about sports. something about that unifies us and brings us together somehow. >> i think she felt if she showed that people with intellectual disabilityies could compete against you on the playing field they could run better than you, do gymnastics you would have to adjust what you thought people with intellectual disabilities were capable. >> maria's brother tim shriver
8:38 am
says his late mother is never far away. >> being around the athletes withi feel like i'm close to my mom. why she fought so hard. why she trusted sports to be a revolutionary tool. >> a tool for athletes like chevy. at 114 pounds he can dead lift 2 1/2 times his body weight it's that incredible strategy that defines these athletes reminding all of us what it really means to be a competitor in sports and in life. >> and our countdown to the special olympics world games hosted by robin airs tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. on abc and then 8:00 p.m. on espn right before she hosts the opening ceremonies those begin at 9:00. we have so much coming up on "gma." 50 cent is here and nicki minaj live in central park so don't go anywhere.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ will remember me ♪ ♪ remember me ♪ >> curtis "50 crept" jackson hits the screen in "southpaw" manager of billy hope played by jake gyllenhaal and so happy to have curtis with us. before we talk about the movie i
8:42 am
want to talk about headlines you've been making. you've had difficult financial issues and you've testified in court. >> yeah it wasn't that difficult. it's just you know i have to re-adjust -- reorganize my finances and for various -- i have various liabilities in different cases that i have to you know protect? we saw you on instagram. you said in front of this picture of a smart car with the caption "times are hard out here". >> yeah times are hard and need to get a little smart car. >> but times are good professionally because this movie "southpaw" is incredible. you're phenomenal in it as well. we hear the director antoine fuqua wanted you in it because you have ties to the boxing world. >> yeah my involvement with the sport of boxing comes from my relationship with the top fighters in it, floyd is why i was involved in the sport of boxing period. and it gave me some information for this actual character in this project. >> your character is incredible.
8:43 am
jordan let's -- i want to take a look at a clip. you're trying to convince billy, jake gyllenhaal's character, to get back in the ring after a tragedy. let's watch. >> every time i seen you fight you climb in there alone. every time you bled you bled your blood. when you sat down on that stool and it felt like death and you felt like you couldn't get up you got up. you did that. you need to get back to that. the way you grew up on the streets. it's a big deal. what you doing, man. >> your character jordan starts out with good intentions then he falls into a gray area. is that very similar to what happens in real life? >> yeah because, you know the promoters all have business in mind and at points the fighters financially they get in a cycle of fight, spending money, fight. they want all the money so at the point in their career they started out together jordan and
8:44 am
billy and they finally reach a point where he's getting the largest contract of his career and he doesn't want to sign the contract. >> did you draw from some personal experiences. >> yeah i've worked with fighters at different points like they'll need the money financially and won't take the fight so i understand that. >> yeah well you know what you obviously have shown what a phenomenal acting career you have. you also were the executive producer and star of the hit show "power". >> oh yes. >> and maybe you heard his music. you know a little music career there on the side as well. you recently had your debut single "get low" off your album coming out in the fall. is there anything that you don't do? just curious? >> i'm moving around. i'm trying to figure out other things to try, challenge myself. you know like i -- i have other film projects that i'm working on at the same time so they'll see me put additional television programming together. >> curtis jackson isn't going anywhere. thank you so much. phenomenal work in the film. "southpaw" is in theaters now.
8:45 am
coming up next here on "gma," we have so much more with nicki minaj live in central park.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ back here in central park with the incredible nicki minaj taking over our concert stage this morning. she won the best female hip-hop artist award five years in a row and is the highest digital sales for any female artist in history. here's a closer look of this amazing woman. ♪ boom badoom boom boom badoom boom ♪ >> rap's reigning super queen. ♪ hit him with a jab ♪ >> reporter: selling over 50 million singles and 12 million albums worldwide. ♪ with my man in a g5 my idea of an update ♪ >> reporter: nicki minaj flying to the top of the charts once again with her critically
8:48 am
acclaimed third album "the pinkprint." ♪ the night is still young ♪ >> reporter: this grammy nominated rap ser making her mark not only in the music industry but also in hollywood. >> you need someone with something that's going to keep him business. >> reporter: as a business mogul she has a myx moscato line and fragrances like pink friday and her latest pinkprint, the most anticipated one to hit stores in september. ♪ >> reporter: so hold on tight. "gma's" biggest concert ever rocks on with superstar nicki minaj live right now. ♪ sound the alarm ♪ >> there she is nicki minaj giving us an exclusive first look at pinkprint, the fragrance. may i? >> yes. >> the bottle is beyond. do you have a lot to do with that. >> you guys this is the world premiere of my new fragrance, it's called the pinkprint. >> coming in september and
8:49 am
that's not all. i don't know where you find the time between the acting the singing, the perform fume making and have another business venture. >> i do. i have -- well i have my myx moscato, number one moscato in america and also just introduced a sangria, myx fusion sangria. i can't wait for you to smell like this and -- >> smell good and feel good and listen to great music. what are you going to sing for us now? >> "the night is still young." enjoy your life. embrace your dreams. >> let's do it. may i? >> yes. >> now if you're happy to be alive, scream ♪ i said if you're happy to be alive, scream. ♪ yo ayo tonight is the night that i'ma get twisted myx moscato and vodka i'ma mix it ♪ ♪ roll that spaceship we about to get lifted ♪ ♪ live in the present that gift is for the gifted ♪ ♪ this what you came this what u came for ♪
8:50 am
♪ you get what you buy this what you paid for ♪ so make sure the stars is what you aim for make mistakes though ♪ ♪ i never worry life is a journey i just wanna enjoy the ride ♪ >> sing! ♪ what is the hurry it's pretty early it's okay we'll take our time ♪ ♪ the night is still young sing the night is still young ♪ ♪ the night is still young ♪ ♪ and so are we the night is still young how dare we sit quietly ♪ ♪ the night is still young and watch the world pass us by ♪ ♪ the night is still young how dare we sit quietly so are we ♪ ♪ we're just getting started just getting started ♪
8:51 am
♪ we're just getting started yeah yeah ♪ we're just getting started yeah yeah ♪ ♪ we're just getting started ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ ♪ the night is still young the night is still young ♪ ♪ the night is still young and so are we ♪ ♪ the night is still young how dare we sit quietly ♪ ♪ the night is still young ♪ ♪ the night is still young how dare we sit quietly so are we ♪ >> if uyou went there, make some noise.
8:52 am
all my women on the floor make some noise. ♪ >> listen. ♪ oh # oeshgs #oh #oh ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ the night is still young the night is still young ♪ ♪ the night is still young ♪ ♪ and so are we ♪ >> i want you to go off our dreams. don't you let anybody steal your joy. ♪ the night is still young ♪ >> you're beautiful. ♪ hey. >> and you're worth every ounce of love and attention.
8:53 am
♪ the night is still young ♪ >> promise me you'll stay in school. get your own education, y'all, your own career. don't you ever depend on a man. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
nexxus introduces a new movement in hair. ♪ ♪ a beautiful fluidity. restoring strength and flexibility ♪ ♪ so it moves and responds the way you do. ♪ ♪ new improved nexxus with concentratedd elastin protein and precious ingredients. for hair that lives to move. "gma's" summer concert
8:56 am
series presented by the maker of dr. school's. >> huge thanks to nicki minaj. playing us off with "bonus for life." >> thank you, nicki. >> who knows it? >> who's going to help me? melanie: good morning. we want to get an update on the weather for you now. alex: beautiful friday right now, temperatures in the 70's, eventually her degree mark with low humidity across the region, comfortable with heat across the region, high pressure dominating the
8:57 am
atmosphere shower and thunderstorm activity well south of d.c. over the carolina's. the weekend will see more of the same. 91 on sunday. the next seven days, chances for rush-hour storms, lower 90's wednesday and thursday. how is traffic looking? angela: believe it or not, an easy drive for the most art. a live look here on 60, slowing down designers catches into marysville, you will see it few lights there as well. 95, the drive slows to dumfries, no major delays towards the springfield interchange. in the district we have trashed enough on the southeast southwest freeway. checking maryland, 270 off and on, 95 not had as well as the bw parkway. back to you. jummy: the man accused of
8:58 am
fatally stabbing a metro passenger had to court today. jasper spires is charged with first-degree murder. charged after fighting off a robbery attempt. cameras have been installed in fairfax county after a possible bear attack. there have been bear sightings in that region this week. a dog was series the injured by a bear or a wild animal, but they say that the dog is doing better. head over to good morning washington live on news channel
8:59 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael."
9:00 am
today, from the comedy "vacation," christina applegate. and broadway, film, and tv star josh gad. plus citrus moroccan kebabs are being served as we continue "live"'s "search for america's new grill star." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. hi there. hello. hi up there.


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