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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 26, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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kellye: the race against time continues in the waters off of florida, trying to save two young sailors. the only trace of them so far, the ship that they set off in. reporter: the desperate search for the two teenaged boys, their boat capsized, damaged, empty. >> there was a life jacket located near the boat. we are not sure if it was with the boat or not. reporter: for the parents, it is cold comfort. >> it's devastating to know they found the boat capsized. but it's a relief. >> it is a relief, because we know the concentration will be so much stronger now. in a specific area. reporter: the best friends set out friday morning to go fishing. by midday they were text
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messaging friends in posting on snapshot, saying they were bound for the bahamas at least 75 miles away. they had no gps. their boat was found more than 150 miles north of where they worked, consistent with the currents. nfl hall of famer joe namath is a friend. the coast guard is searching within 25,000 square miles. in florida, a vigil for their safe return. this will be a long, dark night for their families. kellye: former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is once again appealing his conviction on corruption charges. earlier this month, a three-judge panel upheld the conviction of bob mcdonnell and his wife, exchanging favors for more than $165,000 of gifts and loans. the lawyers are arguing
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the judges did not draw the line between bribery and favors. 33 federal charges including hate crime counts, obstructing religious freedom. roof admitted that he attended the bible study for about an hour, then shot the nine church members. he faces nine counts of murder in state court. a city in mississippi refusing to fly the state flag. columbus city council is rejecting the confederate design in the flag. members agreed to remove state flags from state buildings. for now, they will continue to fly over columbus city school property. a 7 on your side consumer alert, ikea is giving away anchoring k its after two children died from drawers falling on them.
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it involves 20 million ikea chests and dressers. after the deaths, the companies wanted to give out free kits to prevent further tragedies. the u.s. department of transportation is investigating five airlines for allegedly hiking prices after the deadly amtrak derailment last spring. eight people were killed in that on may 12. real service along the busy northeast corridor was suspended for five days. they sent letters to delta, american economy united, southwest, and jetblue asking for information on their prices before and after the crash. delta airlines said that it lowered its highest shuttle prices after the crash and honored amtrak tickets between d.c., boston, and new york. the rest of the airlines are cooperating. later, behind the menu at nats
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park. what we uncovered about the food that you eat. and straight ahead, a woman over warmed by bees inside her home. exterminators are refusing to help. devon: thunderstorms closing in on hagerstown in frederick. another round of potential rain for the morning commute.
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kellye: swarmed by bees inside
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of her own a home in arlington it is an expensive problem. horace holmes explains. horace: alex has run into a hornets nest full of trouble. >> they staying in they hurt. horace: they are honeybees hundreds, perhaps thousands have made their home at the top of the 65 foot chimney on the side of her arlington home. >> they started coming downstairs. horace: and they have not stopped ever sense, scores everyday. >> i come in very carefully and i sweep them up with a broom. horace: she has a nine-year-old niece who is allergic to insect bites come a cap, and small dogs were terrified. one of the dogs last week was attacked.
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>> he had three b'ees stuck to his hind leg. horace: the chimney does not lead to a fireplace, it is the exhaust for the hvac. the bees come through here. she would have to dismantle the hvac to get to the nest and pest-control companies said -- >> there is nothing they could do, because they are protective. you have to call a beekeeper. horace: she called three beekeepers and they cannot do the job. three of them were saying it was too high. because they are honeybees, it is against the law to kill the colony. >> the bees have more right to live in my home than i do. horace: for the past year, she has been stuck having to live with the growing colony of bees. >> i understand they're very
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important to our environment but i hate them. kellye: still ahead -- a trend taking the country by storms and what doctors say you need to watch out for.
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kellye: a fairfax county public schools graduate this week made his dream come true. he is on board the international space station.
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he graduated from robinson secondary school in fairfax and says it has been his lifelong dream to go to space. he will become the sixth fairfax county schools graduate to go to space. the is the first from robinson. good for him. devon: doing pretty well if you count the number of astronauts. we have to get more in the rain bucket totals. june was so wet, july has been dry. we have a cluster of real heavy storms, near gettysburg, hagerstown, frederick. the cluster of storms earlier was him a stationary ever parts of shenandoah county. the flash flood warnings will probably be canceled soon. stormwatch 7 doppler radar
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storms closing in on top of hagerstown, frederick. damascus is next up, mount airy may be as close as gaithersburg, germantown could be the southern extent of the storms. a cluster of storms north of charlottesville come up rain down, orange. from the storm chances to talking about the heat and humidity, back to the rain chances tomorrow afternoon and morning. 91 felt like 97. the heat will love's likely be here -- the heat most likely be here midweek. shower activity to watch and track. more storms possible as the front comes in through the afternoon and evening. tuesday, the beginning of possible excessive heat coming in peaking wednesday and
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thursday. futurecast and tonight, spotty showers likely in the morning time frame. for your commute, have the rain gear a small umbrella. midday, afternoon, evening hours, we could have more scattered showers and storms. have the amber alert and rain gear handy. the temperatures held under 90. the heat and humidity coming tuesday. 92, feel like 99. 95 and 97 actual air temps wednesday and thursday. the high heat breaks thursday but the heat wave by standard definitions, three days of 90-degree plus heat, and we can
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have this for a while. there are some hipsters around this d.c. city. kellye: we just love chuck taylors. for the first time in more than 90 years come you can lace up a brand-new and approved pair of chucks. the iconic sneaker is getting its first update since it debuted in 1917. the company says the goal is to make the shoe more comfortable. i'm really happy about this. that has been my issue. the converse chuck 2 will add arch support, cushioned soles, and a breathable lining. it will hit stores july 28, in red black blue, and white. $75 for the high tops, $70 for the low tops. lots of celebrity showing off their waist to painters on social media, which look like corsets, purposertedly training
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your waist to say slimmer, but some are concerned. reporter: stephanie says the number of women lacing up is on the rise. she has sold a dozen waist trainers like this in two weeks. last year she sold three among. march up aid $275 for this set number after seeing the kardashian sisters and snookie with pictures on instagram. >> i feel sexier with it on. reporter: tummy tuck's where the fourth most requested procedure in 2014, and butt lifts increased 86%. the trainers provide a similar curvy look without the money in the surgery, and some say
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wearing them eight hours per day your waist will shrink. >> it came down from 34 to 26. >>reporter: this doctor says it is likely due to diet and exercise not lingerie. >> i think people ultimately recognize it does not really do anything. reporter: if they are worn to tightly for too long, they can harm the pelvic floor and the digestive track. >> if you have any sort of reflux, if you tightening the stomach, it will add to reflux. reporter: this woman just wants to accentuate her curves. >> you can see the contrast. i love it. reporter:kellye: have a friend who
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had one, she loved hers, too. getting off the dime and going behind the scenes in the kitchen.
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kellye: there is no shortage of food options at nats park, but 7 on your side wanted to know more about who was watching the restaurants and vendors. the i-team went through years of
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investigation records. joce sterman has a look at what happens inside the kitchen. joce: there is a certain rhythm to baseball, outside the park and in. the regularity that you expect from the crack of the bat to that europe the crowd, even the safety of the ballpark food. >> you like to think it's safe, but it's something you think about. joce: the i-team dug through dozens of inspections reports at nats park by the d.c. health department. >> when they open for the season, we do unannounced inspections. joce: that is true in 2013 and 2014, but they did not inspected at the beginning of the season. isn't that important? >> of course it is. joce: health inspectors checked it out to weeks ago after 7 on your side asked why nobody had
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visited the park so far in 2015. they said there was an inspection given months ago. they said that the restaurants and vendors should be hitting home runs the matter when inspections are done. >> compliances around the clock. joce: 7 on your side found no restaurants or vendors with serious issues in the last three seasons. but there have been critical violations here and there including an employee spotted handling food with barehands at a food stand, food thrown out after being stored at the wrong temperature, and in the main kitchen, the inspector observe no handwashing by any employees. should they be alarmed about critical violations? >> we make sure that we work with the business to make sure they are compliant. if they don't maintain compliance and they have several critical violations, they will close them down. joce: that has not happened
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according to inspection records from the last three years. the team says they take food safety and cleanliness seriously. they even hired someone a full-time to scrutinize food and facilities every day. overall, they say nats park is incredibly say. fans agree, saying they have faith not only in the nats but also the inspectors who police the food. >> i don't hear about any people falling over. there are still long lines. i will take my chances. joce: 7 on your side talked with the folks in that's. according to hiring a full-time service sanitation manager, they go into the ballpark and do unannounced inspections, just like the health department. speaking of the health department, they said they will be back in the ballpark again before the boys of summer are done for the season. joce sterman, abc 7 news.
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devon: rain possible in the morning. northwest metro getting storms right now. antown montgomery village, rockville, ashburn as well. devon: thank you for j
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summering in the hamptons. the picture perfect weddings. the superstar connections, the bikini parade. >> our favorite beach, indian wells. >> the beach bums and where you can find your favorites. star real estate revealed. >> it is an enclave to the rich and the famous. >> we're headed to sjp and j.lo's hood. >> multimillion dollar homes. $3 million to $25 million. plus wse "toy story" is this? >> unbelievable. >> the stunning hamptons home that just hit the market. monopoly board floor included. and how you could take a quick break from the beach t to g


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